Batdan, what can we say about him?

Note: This entire blog is a trap designed to get the ip addresses of prominent IG fans and the author Chris Bore’s himself. It should be noted that IP addresses are not private and are easily found. There is no invasion of privacy by revealing what an IP address is and in order for their ip addresses to be logged they would have to have copy and pasted a link into their address bar. There plenty of time to avoid that and nothing illegal was done in the conduction of operation cowbunga dog sheeit

Well its a free country and there’s something known as freedom of speech, there’s nothing in the constitution about your freedom to be a fucking idiot. For 7 long years Batdan has raged against Irate Gamer (he deleted his blog for like two years in  well planned smart move but fixed his genius and started blog again).   Batdan thinks that he can simply lie to everyone and expects people pay attention to him even on topics that are so pointless to rant about.

Seriously Batdan? You have to rant on Irate Gamer? What is he more talented then you? In fact this is the reason Batdan is ranting on Irate Gamer. Batdan is only capable of making shitty powerpoint bullshit about video games.  Sorry Batdan but anything you have to say is immediately rendered moot when you’re best effort is a less than 10 minutes piece of shit that couldn’t entertain retards or men that are gay for you. His blog is just literally there to satisfy his ego. Irate Gamer has 140k subscribers, after 7 fucking years, Batdan only has 200. Notice that there isn’t a k after 200. His blog is so poorly fucking run he doesn’t check ips or goddamn chattango widget. Batdan is such a pisspoor blogger that literally 90% of the articles he’s written lately are just there to provide a new article for his mindless idiots to post comments on.  Comments like “Good point…” demonstrating the clear mental capacity his followers have.  Batdan may not be good at formatting his bullshit but he sure is capable of finding the ‘delete comment that’s too intelligent for me’ button.

Batdan… I’ve got nothing against you, but you’re a fucking attention whore. For all those that follow his blog, grow up. Thank you.

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