Justice? Not while Batdan is allowed to talk!

I have made edits to this page, they are bolded.

Batdan is not an idiot, we know this. So let’s take a good look at something he recently wrote. I will now begin slamming the keyboard with my ass.

The title of the article is ‘Will There Be No Justice for Injustice? It’s IG, What Do You Expect?’ Because you know, fair unbiased empiricism is obviously Batdan’s intent to fuck up. Empircism is never biased all experiments are made based on proving one given fact. It’s called a hypothesis for a reason. Note that I did not say its okay to influence the experiment so the given fact is always true.

His first paragraph is a dozy:

“You know, after watching a 2 and a half hour video of DarkSydePhil painfully fumble his way through Metal Gear Solid 3, I realized something. This is exactly how Bores would do a blind Let’s Play. He’d blame the game for his own faults, he’d crack jokes non-stop, and he would act like a child. Good thing Bores hasn’t discovered Let’s Plays, otherwise we’d get a crap-ton of Minecraft videos, or whatever the big popular game is right now.”

Wow, I have like no words to begin with how stupid this is. If you don’t like DarkSydePhil why the fuck did you watch him for two and half hours!? Are you dense? Are you retarded or something? But of course you would do something this stupid because this is the goddamn Batdan and logic is not his specialty.  How would Batdan even know how Chris Bores would make a let’s play? There are people who completely suck at certain things but excel at others. Take for example Batdan, he sucks at blogging but is good at making an ass out of himself. Take complete and utter note of the fact that I quoted batman all stars and am now just insulting instead of actually doing anything.

“Injustice: Gods Among Us. Huh, funny how we all predicted he’d do this one. I thought it wouldn’t be for another few months considering how long he takes. But he managed to get it out within a fortnight of release. Let’s see how much of the game he actually played.”

Really, you and your idiots predicted that Chris Bores a video game reviewer would do a review on a popular game that’s new and release on time like he usually does? Wow, its almost like you know what cause and effect means! It should be noted that Irate Gamer is consistently late and never reviews anything properly and on time. I quite literally playing cognitive dissonance (Aka doublethink) for laughs here

“IG begins the video claiming he got a lot of requests to review it. Uh huh, yeah I’m sure. It’s not like you’re predictable considering how often you gush about Mortal Kombat and that you’re a self-proclaimed DC fanboy, and this a DC fighting game from Netherrealm Studios, the people behind the latest MK. No no, it was the fans.”

And here we find the major problem with batdan’s writing, assuming the worst when it is not apparent. Before I cap this off with a direct rebuttal let’s see all the things Batdan has claimed Irate Gamer does so far.

1. Irate Gamer is lazy and does not regularly release reviews

2. Irate Gamer does not listen to his fans

3. Irate Gamer is predictable in his choice of games

What Batdan doesn’t realize is:

1. If Irate Gamer was lazy why is this review made within a ‘fortnight’ of the game’s release? I just contradicted myself by saying that Irate Gamer releases reviews on time. A good reviewer gets advance copies and releases the review well before the game comes out

2. Why would Irate Gamer review a popular game instead of an obscure one? Obviously injustice gods among us is a popular game and so its only natural fans would want him to review it Yeah Irate Gamer should review games that AVGN already did. Because he loves associating himself with AVGN. It’s practically a hobby for him now.

3. How many AAA releases have there been this month? Just one, this one!! Sanity has left the building

So Batdan has deluded himself into being right just because of an obvious (to everyone but him) coincidence. Sanity is now at the nightclub.

Literally we’re just two paragraphs in and Batdan has literally tripped over his own knee. I don’t even think I need to do the rest of his shitty article. If he isn’t gonna try on his introduction what gonna make me thing he’s gonna try on his middle and ending? Sanity is now visiting his cousin.

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