Daniel makes a post about an interview! Doesn’t he have anything better to do?

Yay. More insanity spewing from Batdans mouth.
“Well well, my Facebook informant just linked me something interesting. Bores actually did an interview, his first since 2009 (that being for a French gaming site).”
You have a Facebook informant Daniel? I’m pretty sure you mean yourself.
“The bad news? It’s all about Skylanders. Everything he says in the video is related to what he likes or dislikes about the franchise. … What? Expecting him to actually talk about his own show or his opinion on the gaming industry? HA!”
So what? He obviously enjoys the games he has a right to talk to them.
Maybe someone’s jealous his show never got off the ground. 
“The interview was done for “thetitaniumdrago”, a YouTube channel that focuses on Skylanders. Not much to say really.”
I bet right now you are telling all your minions to start reporting the channel for having the nerve of having a video with Chris Bores in it.
“However, this shows that Bores still hasn’t recovered from the UNN incident. He only agreed to do an interview if he talked about his favorite new toy and nothing else.”
Oh the UNN incident where two assholes just grilled Bores as they are so talentless that is the only thing their pitiful minds can do?
” I look forward to when Skylanders finally ends and Bores will have all these toys lying around.”
Finally some proof Daniel wants to make thousands of kids who love playing the game be sad.
Sick fucker.
“It will happen, especially with Disney throwing their hat into the ring with Disney Infinity, and Nintendo showcasing the Wii U’s NFC Reader with Pokemon Rumble U. Market saturation will strike again, much like Guitar Hero (remember that Activision? How you released 4-5 games a year and burnt the entire genre out?)”
Yeah I’m sure it will end soon especially with all the tie ins like apps, McDonald happy meals and countless toys for it.
“As for what’s next… fuck if I know. This has been such a non-active year that it’s anyone’s guess to what’s next.”
The real one who is non-active this year is you Daniel, where’s a new episode of Video Game Gurus?!   Oh right you aren’t popular. Sucks right?
Well that’s it for today everyone.
I’m sure the menacing Batdan fanboys will come after me.

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