Mr.KIllUltra Aka the biggest liar yet!

I have made edits to this page. They are bolded -Lasersquad

I hear some people call me a sociopath… it takes one to know one. Translation: I want to demonstrate to the IG community that I have a unique talent of silencing people they don’t like.

Perhaps the worst part about Batdan isn’t that he himself is a dumb fuck but rather that his stupidty is contagious. Like the dumb rabid AVGN fans who are insane enough to fill a entire mental ward, Batdan’s supporters are anything less than sane. Translation: While I am doing that I was also be pushing sociopathic themes to the max to see just how amoral the IG crowd is. Findings: The IG crowd does not give a shit how threatening and slanderous you are. The only important things is that you hate the same things they hate. I really wish this was not the case yet it clearly is.

Take for example Martin Tesa. He has three posts all of them suck up to AVGN. I don’t even know why I picked him, just cause I guess

How about Andrew Schroy A Yes man if you ever saw one. Literally all his comments can summarized as “GOOD POINT…” which he did at one point even write. Barely half of his comments are pro-avgn and he demonstrates more logic than most people. I just picked him because of the aforementioned pick a tiger by the toe.

My second favorite has to be DynamiteNinja He’s so stupid that even Batdan doesn’t want to acknowledge he exists 😀 Batdan has not acknowledged a crapton of people. Just because someone doesn’t recognize doesn’t mean anything other than ‘he didn’t recognize you’.

“I am canadian” says Mr.Kill Ultra. He joined the blog in 2012 has been humping Batdan’s ass ever since. But he’s not even Canadian, How do I know? Batdan’s too fucking stupid to do an IP track on his own website so I did for him.  Oh there’s plenty of other IP addresses out there but Mr.KillUltra comments the most. And just guess what IP pops up the most. If you said then you’d be right! Hell Mr.Killultra you’re such a nice guy I’ll give you a nice present. It’ll be so fun you’ll enjoy it for 3 or 4 days guaranteed! As you can see I have totally passed the moral event horizon and have literally just said I am gonna send a virus to an individual who has done nothing wrong. is just some random Chinese IP address I pulled out of my ass. It hasn’t even been in use for 3 years according to the website I stole it from. It is right after this article that IG and LB actually start talking to me properly. LB even starts recommending articles for me to ‘deconstruct’.

26 thoughts on “Mr.KIllUltra Aka the biggest liar yet!

    1. I don’t see anything that would show he’s a against them. There’s a lot of deleted comments though but no mention of any fucking losers doing it. He’ll have to clear that one up. Till then it stays there because its totally fucking lame to make screencap a comment when its like 2 minutes from post time. How much of loser do you have to be to camp someone’s facebook or youtube page? Enough to be on this list of losers.

  1. Hi There,

    Me and him are cool. I was proving that they are the most gullible jackasses on the internet, and they Hate Chris so much they will believe anything. I am a huge fan of Chris, like all his videos/

    1. hmmm makes sense to me. Care to explain how you did it? My informants are scratching their heads over that.

      Next time though you’d make them look stupider if you let their daddy batdan delete your comments. ‘Deleted by author’ does not inspire confidence.

      1. I said I was a double agent, so that explained why I left Positive comments on Chris’ videos.

        As for that, goes back to me being a Double Agent. I said Chris was putting the heat on me, they believed that. I had to tell them that it was a lie, and that I was a fan of Chris. I learned alot of secrets about how they work, details and secrets.

    1. You truly are a moron. Since when does a winner require help? That’s like saying a genius needs a 20 mark boost maintain his GPA. Winners earn what they get, but you wouldn’t know that since you are a loser and get your pleasure in life by completely and utterly lying. I just love how you overlook the socio-pathy I demonstrated while undercover. THAT’S NORMAL TO YOU. Allow me to repeat that: YOU ARE USED TO LYING AND HURTING PEOPLE AND GLADLY ACCEPT PEOPLE WHO LIE AND AND COMMIT RESOURCES TO HURTING PEOPLE.

      P.S thanks for the IP ADDRESS
      P.S.S IP hiders don’t work at all

      1. Wow ben wagner you really do have trouble putting two and two together. No wonder your conclusions always suck. It was like watching satan drown puppies reading your posts. You can’t even lie and say it was a parody statement. I asked you for information and you bald-faced lied to me. You’ve earned what’s gonna happen to you.

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