Losers trying to own Constantine Chernobyl can’t refute the truth

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So get this everybody, in the last article I wrote Mr.KIllUltra Aka the biggest liar yet!  (in which Mr.Killultra is obviously too fucking butthurt to stop downloading computer viruses and hump my ass like everyone on his blog I Just literally asked people to hump me. How could LB and IG congratulate me for this? That’s the like the most depraved thing you could ask society to do!). Ben Wagner posted some interesting fake information about members of the blog who can probably sue him. Now I did have some problems with the information because I knew it was totally fucking wrong given that I traced Mr.Killultra’s IP address and it goes to china because I stole a chinese IP address but I’m gonna give him a chance Aka maintain my cover so I get the IP address of every person who’s deeply involved since unlike the people on the blog who fap to Chris Bores, he’s not a fucking loser. It should be noted that I wasn’t initially sure if I send the virus to right Ip address but now I’m pretty sure that since Mr.Kill has taken a whole week off that he really some fucking loser in china. This was actually embarrassing the timing was just freakin ridiculous. Mr.KILL would have his computer taken by his brother for a week just as I wrote this article too. My partner told me LB said to not send viruses but since I am in direct fucking contact with LB why didn’t she just tell it to my face? It appears she didn’t want to piss of her miracle silencer. Then I proved that she was a he but that’s another story.

Now where was I going again? Oh yes that’s right, some idiot decided to make a good blog about Constantine Chernobyl where he attempts to refute what he’s posted. The article ‘Some bullshit info from a bullshit blog.‘ tries so very hard to refute the information given by Ben Wagner but doesn’t put up any counter facts and just calls the article bullshit Everyone accepted the hypocrisy I just spewed here. My favorite part is where he says the fifth point is true resulting in another member of the blog to have to go down there and kick his ass for lying Yeah that was dumb, you really shouldn’t speak for someone you don’t know enough to represent. Look if you can’t be intelligent and tell the truth, or learn it, why bother Note that I am talking to you, as in the IG cultists who would be reading this while I was playing the part? This is a world based on hard facts and if you don’t understand that freedom of speech is a way of life then you’re doing it wrong.

Now on to Constantine Chernobyl, I don’t see anything wrong with this character HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hell I don’t even know what he does except all the things that would merit him for # 2 on this list. Part of the reason I fired two people yesterday Logic and sanity was the fact they don’t seem to do anything. Yet here Dyanamite Ninja is, targeting some guy that’s totally fucking not innocent in all this. Yo if you’re Constantine Chernobyl feel free to give me post about what you think of this all bullshit. I bet they’re just mad because you tell the truth note I wrote you which would be refering to dynamite in this case. Am I right or am I right?

P.S It appears that Dynamite ninja is attempting to get more authors… he has not gotten a single offer XD Except for those one’s he got.

5 thoughts on “Losers trying to own Constantine Chernobyl can’t refute the truth

  1. Something tells me that Xi Jinping (China) would not allow Kill Ultra to do this on the internet.

      1. Maybe that’s why he can’t stop talking about North Korea. In China, they love North Korea. One has to wonder.

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