LdayBuggin777 Interview

1. What was the reason you joined youtube?
LB.) I original joined YouTube to view my sons work.
2. How did you find out about your son making videos?
LB.) I found out my son makes video’s because he told me he did. LOL go figure ~
3. Do you have any hobbies?
LB.) My favorite pass time is playing cards, mainly pinochle.
4. Will you make an appearance in any of your sons future videos?
LB.) So far I’ve made 2 appearances in my son’s video’s. Someday I plan to make a return appearance 😀
5. What is your favorite episode of the Irategamer show?
LB.) One of the most amusing Irate Gamer video’s is his “Aflac Auditions” video. No matter how many times i watch it I still laugh out loud. Other than that, I love so many of Christopher’s video’s, I can’t make just one be my all time favorite.
6. What is your opinion of other  reviewers such as Mrweenieproductions or Asalieri?
LB.) Asalieri and Mr.Weenie are the ultimate gentlemen and I consider them both to be good friends of mine. I wish them both the very best in all they do 😀

3 thoughts on “LdayBuggin777 Interview

  1. Asalieri is a gentleman. The fact he can bury the hatchet with Gamedude, Chris Bores and Jfreedan says a lot. Simply cause he can be a loudmouthed douchebag with an opinion gives them no excuse to attack his daughter because it instantly makes them look immature. “Can’t win an argument against Asalieri? Attack and insult his daughter.” typical AVGN fanboy.

  2. Reading anything that this ‘woman’ writes causes brain AIDS. It’s obvious that she’s a cretin.

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