Reasoning seems impossible with Batdan. Sensors overflowing with stupidity

I have made commentary to this page. They are bolded

Take a look at the newest bullshit. EDIT DO NOT TAKE A LOOK AT THE NEWEST BULLSHIT. Its old and its also ip logged link. To fair though I cannot put a name to the ip address. Still though I got like 20 clicks even from people I knew were from the Ig sucks blog. WHY WOULD YOU CLICK A LINK THAT YOU KNOW LINKS TO A BLOG YOU’VE PROBABLY ALREADY READ? That’s About the only insult I’m gonna throw at the IG sucks blog community

“Wow, another retro review? That’s three this year, If he gets out one more, then he’ll have made more retro reviews this year than he did in 2011 and 2012. Year of the Irate Gamer? As if!”

Well wouldn’t it be the year of the irate gamer if he made more content that usual? Definitions man, you gotta use em. I am surprised that no one noticed that I just insulted Irate Gamer. 3 videos a year = More content then any other year? It’s a shame no one got the joke because Irate Gamer fans have contradicted themselves so much that people are used to that and therefore take it seriously

“As by the title, he’s going to look at Star Trek. If you’re questioning whether this has anything to do with the latest movie, don’t worry, Bores once again puts the title of the latest movie at the end of the video’s title in all lower-case, just like GI Joe. Cause YouTube whoring is awesome!”

Say guy who has named his blog Irate Gamer sucks. And considering the name of this blog (which may be changed so just in case it is the blog’s name used to be Batdan sucks) that is extremely hypocritical. Again people took this one seriously, showing that it is EXPECTED that irate Gamer fans be hypocritical. Considering that Chris Bore’s himself is a major hypocrite maybe the expectation that people would laugh my work off is a bit too far fetched.

“1:42 – 2:35: He heads into the swamp and finds the “beast”, he fires at it and is informed that he merely stunned it. IG doesn’t like that and sets his phaser to Full (no mention on why it’s not kill?) and kills another beast, but Spock informs him that it’s unwise to kill the life forms. IG gets pissed because they’re attacking him, and the game wants him to leave them alone.”

So Irate Gamer can’t kill things at will in an escapist fantasy game? Double standards ho! This is perhaps the only legitimate criticism I could get. The fact of the matter is, games are meant to accommodate gamers. Gamers have many different playstyles and so its not unfair for a combat thirsty gamer to be penalized for attacking creatures that would clearly want to kill him. The stun setting on the phaser makes no sense anyway. What’s it calibrated to stun? A lot of red shirts have DIED because they’re phaser was a piece of shit. For all the gamer knows the kill setting might just have enough energy to stun.

“Consistent acting? Never heard of it!”

Consistent writing? never read it! This writing is consistently hypocritical and stupid. I’ve also noticed that I am not the first person to make a pro-irate gamer blog or Anti-AVGN blog. Unlike this one, the one’s I am talking about were ego driven and even stupider in content and barely lasted a year. Both started in 2010 and both only talked about reviews that AVGN did that Irate Gamer later did… One can only wonder why…

“When it doesn’t work (I think he needs Spock to repair it first), he… grabs his Legend of Zelda cartridge, claims “Time to Zelda this bitch”, places it on his NES controller, somehow summons the menu from the game, and plants a bomb to destroy it. WHAT? Wha… what? I… don’t… I… What the hell was all that about? Nothing about that made sense! Ow, my head hurts.”

Its called comedy batdamn…. Because random access humor can be funny… if you are a immature loser who came for lame jokes and references to things you probably didn’t play

“5:37 – 6:16: The landing party reaches a door that Spock informs will require a phaser fire to destroy. “Alright, about time we get to blow some shit up” Because that’s exactly what Star Trek was about. I think the Abrams movies have tainted your mind.”

What? Sci-fi genre without futuristic weapons and explosions? Surely you must be an idiot batdamn Note that I’m still calling Batdamn the idiot. This is my way of not making fun of the rather innocent Batdan anymore. YES I AM VERY WELL AWARE OF THE PERSON WHO WILL BE # 2 ON THIS LIST.

“Next you’ll tell me there’s too many puzzles in Monkey Island or Sam & Max.”

There are way too many puzzles in monkey island and sam and max. See what I did there? I pretended to be the very idiot you expect me to be! No wonder I became good friends with the Irate Gamer and his cultists

“Wait, you think that looks suggestive? He’s nodding his head! He’s also standing! How can he do something suggestive when… fuck you. Just, fuck you”

Humor, another thing batdamn can’t do right IT is true though, Joe Haldnik really sucks are humor. I’m also surprised that Batdan didn’t point out that Chris Bores is still trying to market his work to children but includes sexual innuendos.

And there we have it another dumbass recap made by batdamn Considering that Mr.KILLULTRA found Batdamn’s wiki edits, I am entirely convinced that Batdamn, were he to attempt to rebuttal Batdan, would write in the parody manner I wrote by slamming the keyboard with my ass.

Family Guy: It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Ma...
A show that is hilarious and clever so much that batdamn is too stupid to understand it. EDIT: I am refering to the actual batdamn aka Joe Hladnik. Also do keep in mind that hilarious and clever are relative terms.


24 thoughts on “Reasoning seems impossible with Batdan. Sensors overflowing with stupidity

  1. This is god awful. You took everything batdan wrote and just made it the opposite. Just wanted to leave a comment about how awful this blog is. Damn

      1. Nope not gonna send a virus to him. You may have noticed that I’m deliberately playing dumb and have actually insulted Irate Gamer several times in my articles. Internet goers must be really used to Irate Gamer and his fan’s insanity if I can write completely nonsensical bullshit and be taken seriously. Yeah I just said that, please piece together what just happened and look forward to the end of this blog.

        P.S I do not even know the ip address of Mr.Killultra.

      1. Because it’s hard to properly counter Batdan’s points and I want to see just how utterly insane and out of touch of reality I can act while still being accepted by Irate Gamer’s cult.

        The answer was an unsurprising: You can go as balls to the walls insane as you want to, the most you’ll get is a ‘please send don’t viruses’ which will be totally forgotten the next time you PM them.

  2. Hard to figure out if the guy who wrote this garbage is made more of fail or made more of AIDS..

    In any case, the guy who wrote this is made of fail and AIDS.

  3. “A show that is hilarious and clever so much that batdamn is too stupid to understand it.”
    You this Family Guy is funny and clever..? Oh my god, you hilarious! I just lost it when I read that part!

  4. -On the 1:42 to 2:35 bit: What “double standard?” There was no complaint about the scene in that paragraph. He was just explaining the scene for those who didn’t watch it. That’s what a summary does.

      1. Not when the game itself is telling you that you shouldn’t. If the game is telling you not to do it, then there’s a reason for it.

      2. I’m surprised you’re not laughing at the fact that I just literally said Irate Gamer can be judge jury and executioner. That sentiment must be surprisingly common amongst Irate Gamer’s fanatics.

      1. All shall be answered in the protected article. (I’ll make it public, I promise). I’m just waiting for my buddy to take a look at it and give me the okay

  5. Ho dovuto aggiornare la pagina tre volte per riuscire a leggere l’articolo. Per valso la pena aspettare, ho trovato le informazioni che cercavo.

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