Sorry Batdan, though in all honesty I don’t think you were hurt by any the things I said.

While it should be noted that I am NOT a member of the IGsucksblog I am probably gonna get lumped with them though I did end up getting some emails from some of their members.

But that will come up later in this article. For you see, I did write a very nasty and mean article towards Batdan. It was very snide and personal but the reason why I did that was because I guessed (rather correctly) that you were well over and completely pass the point where you gave shit about being yelled at for those shitty powerpoints you made for freaking homework. But just to be fair and square I’ll deconstruct my own article.

“Well its a free country and there’s something known as freedom of speech, there’s nothing in the constitution about your freedom to be a fucking idiot”

Actually there is. The constitution treats all members equally regardless of their intelligence, sex, occupation and weight. Perhaps Texas is the only country to treat retards poorly but then again that retard did kill someone.

“For 7 long years Batdan has raged against Irate Gamer (he deleted his blog for like two years in  well planned smart move but fixed his genius and started blog again)”

I actually just pulled this one out of my ass. I don’t even know if it was correct.

“Batdan thinks that he can simply lie to everyone and expects people pay attention to him even on topics that are so pointless to rant about.”

This is so hypocritical that you’d be surprised to know it was intentional. My co-partner actually asked me to tone it down because it was too sarcastic. The fact that this operation has succeeded says otherwise.

“Seriously Batdan? You have to rant on Irate Gamer? What is he more talented then you? In fact this is the reason Batdan is ranting on Irate Gamer.”

Fallacious argument is fallacious. It should be noted that “What is he more talented then you?” is so poorly written that it doesn’t keep Batdan as a predicate (this is where you would lose 5 marks for vague in a post-secondary education).

“Batdan is only capable of making shitty powerpoint bullshit about video games.”

Considering that several if not a decade has passed, I’m pretty sure that Batdan can top his powerpoint homework. Even if he couldn’t, its clear that Batdan has written a blog that is funny to read, informative and follows the random antics of a madman. AND THAT would beat his powerpoint homework any day.

“Sorry Batdan but anything you have to say is immediately rendered moot when you’re best effort is a less than 10 minutes piece of shit that couldn’t entertain retards or men that are gay for you.”

Notice that this article is composed entirely of sterotypes and the overused ones at that. These are sorts of insults that should bother Call of Duty fanboys not someone used to trolls like Batdan.

“His blog is just literally there to satisfy his ego.”

I also pulled this one out of my ass since its clear that Batdan writes it for his readers some of whom (SUCH AS ME!) are activists.

“Irate Gamer has 140k subscribers, after 7 fucking years, Batdan only has 200.”

It should be noted that Irate Gamer’s 140k subscribers don’t even watch his videos since the views on his videos are nowhere near 140k on average. Also notice that once again I’m resorting to stereotypical fallacy. I mean if having more of anything = Better than how about having more of cancer or HIV? This is the day and age where big juggernaut companies such as EA and square enix are getting their asses handed to them by low budget indie games. Personally I blame the multimillion dollar advertising campaigns which are entirely pointless as people will know what the big budget games are and will be looking for them themselves (who is gonna skip deadspace 3 if they’re already hooked on the franchise?). Low budget advertising has the same effectiveness with a hundredth of the cost. No one spent a million dollars advertising for Planetary annhilation but there’s over a thousand people waiting for it.

“Batdan is such a pisspoor blogger that literally 90% of the articles he’s written lately are just there to provide a new article for his mindless idiots to post comments on”

Isn’t this what all bloggers do? How did anyone take me seriously? All bloggers should strive to create articles that promote healthy discussion and activism. There is no good blogger out there that doesn’t write articles specifically to let people comment on them.

“Comments like “Good point…” demonstrating the clear mental capacity his followers have.”

I had to pick someone to quote mine so I figured

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Catch a tiger by the toe.
If he hollers, let him go,
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

and there was andrew schroy. Sorry about that andrew.

“Batdan may not be good at formatting his bullshit but he sure is capable of finding the ‘delete comment that’s too intelligent for me’ button.”

It should be noted that Batdan rarely invokes his delete comment privilege.

“Batdan… I’ve got nothing against you”

I LAUGHED ALL THE WAY THROUGH WRITING THIS ARTICLE. YEAH RIGHT! This the punch line right here! After all that shit, and pure hatred I write nothing against you bro!  This is comedy gold!

“but you’re a fucking attention whore”

Our highest amount of views in a day was 344 mostly from the united states. Either Irate Gamer has a lot of fans in the united states or the united states is full of people who know about irate gamer.

“For all those that follow his blog, grow up.”

I actually wrote evolve you simians even though your already human but my copartner denied me because he thought it would be too obvious. Considering what I did next and the fact that the operation was a success, we probably could have left it in since IG and his fans are too fucking desperate for friends.

There was another line where stated that I knew batdan’s name and then proceeded to write out some really random name. I also wrote a line that said I saw batdan’s stupid highschool dropout face but those both got redacted by my co-partner. We probably could have left that in anyway because IG cultists are too socially isolated to give up a free friend.

Isolation (Photo credit: Avard Woolaver) They also don’t spend enough time outside, unless your constantine in which case you end up as # 2 on the dumbass list and spent the last two weeks moving to the Philippines to escape the fact that everyone knows your ip address and home address. EVER CONSIDER DROPPING YOUR DUMBASS ANTICS AND FIX THE PROBLEM ONCE AND FOR ALL!? -Lasersquad

3 thoughts on “Sorry Batdan, though in all honesty I don’t think you were hurt by any the things I said.

    1. OK, let me start with a round of applause. Well done good sir! You not only fooled both sides of the infernal argument regarding Mr. Bores, but also gave us proof he really is Buggin, and it really made my day. I look forward to the next few articles and insight you’ll be providing. Again, well done!

  1. I would like to apologize to you as well, thinking that you are another idiotic IG fanboy but it turns out you aren’t, which I’m glad. Thank you for proving to everyone that Buggin IS Bores and you have my respect for it. Well done. 🙂

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