Whoops look like the bosconian spy ship got away!

Ah Bosconian. You fly a wonderful ship that shoots four ways and every so often a little yellow ship flys by while the announcer screams “SPY SPY SPY SPY” and if the little ship gets away… well bad things happen. Of course no IG fan would know that since they’re too busy being obnoxious assholes

A lot of people who have been following this blog are smart and notice that half of what I write is complete garbage. And yet everything I’ve done is completely supported and praised by the good man himself Irate Gamer and Ladybuggin. Irate Gamer is truly a very lazy asshole since he can’t bother using the Irate Gamer account most of the time and instead browses it mostly using his ladybuggin account.

“But lasersquad? There’s no empirically proven evidence that Irate Gamer is Ladybuggin”

Oh but there is, you see since Irate Gamer fans are too fucking desperate for support for their totally empty lives they completely accepted me as a legit member. I got thumbs up from every dude across the irate gamer cult and coincidentally I could sent ip logging materials to each of them which they would stupidly activate. Imagine how desperate you would have to be that your trojan horse would be a pretender who posed as a lunatic. I MEAN I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE THE JOKE SHOULD START AND WHERE IT SHOULD END.



So without further adieu I’m gonna begin kicking some ass with my top 5 you’re a fucking idiot list:

1. Ladybuggin and Irate Gamer. YEAH THEY’RE THE SAME PERSON. BIG SHOCK! Its been speculated for years as to whether or no they’re the same person. Well thanks to blasze it is now a proven fact.

EVIDENCE: So I sent LB and IG this message in a private youtube message

LadyBuggin777 There’s a funny news story about your son

link redacted (link to colonial marines news article)The headline is just plain hilarious. Maybe you should tell your son to sue for misuse of the irate gamer franchise lol.
Sent to: LadyBuggin777
Irategamer There’s a funny news story about you

link redacted (link to colonial marines news article)The headline made me lol!
Sent to: Irategamer
Now the IP software works by having you click it and then it logs who clicked it.
So let’s a take a look here http://blasze.tk/track/EYH3DY/. As you can see it there are four ip addresses there. Well here’s the tricky investigation part… you have to make sure they’re not bots. The first two and the fourth are bots but what’s with the third?
What’s this, LB clicked my link? Let’s check my youtube account.
LadyBuggin777 Re:There’s a funny news story about your son

LOL that was funny but I think the title is referencing that the guy was an ANGRY gamer hence the word Irate in the title. lol
I’m sure Christopher will think it’s funny also. Thanks for sharing that, it gave me a good chuckle 😀
Sent to: BatDaniel sux
Hmm the date says it happened on the sixteenth, the exact time that IP was logged.
I also got this from Irate Gamer
Irategamer Re:There’s a funny news story about you

Sent to: BatDaniel sux
I sent them both the same link so obviously there should be two distinct IP addresses being logged as accessing that link. BUT THERE’S ONLY ONE! Not only that but it came a day after Ladybuggin’s reply. WHY? There’s no reason for Irate Gamer to be late in replying to me and be a day late no less! I sent the same link to both of them and the only possible outcome in which this is not a definitive case would be if LB sent a link to Irate Gamer. But that raises even more questions as why would IG reply back if his mom sent a ip-logged link?
Its clear that this is misdirection.
Irategamer Re:Update on blog

Hey Thanks. I heard about your blog from my mom!
Sent to: BatDaniel sux
It should be noted that I sent Irate Gamer and Ladybuggin another link both of which were the same. Why is it necessary for me to know that IG’s mom told him about the blog?  This time none of them clicked it (because the subject was about an update on this blog which of course meant they wouldn’t click since they had obviously bookmarked the blog).
LadyBuggin777 Re:Update on blog

Yep, you did it right and thanks for the heads up!!!
Sent to: BatDaniel sux
A DAY APART? AGAIN? This is clear and definitive proof that not only is Irate Gamer lazy but he even has to lie to his white knights about who his mom is. LET ME SPELL IT OUT IT SINCE YOU’RE TOO LAZY CHRIS. YEAH ITS YOU CHRIS YOU ARE YOUR MOM AND IT IS DESPICABLE YOU WOULD USE THE PICTURE OF YOUR COWORKER FOR A TROLLING ACCOUNT. Being consistently one day late with your replies is easily predictable and highly noticeable. Have fun LB AND IG cause your real name is
That was the top 1 for this list. Stay tuned for no 2 on the dumbass list.
Edit: Apparently someone decided to tell me some information on the ground they’d stay anonymous and that they had a score to settle. The source appears completely legit as its genology.com (though my computer keeps warning about running a sensitive app the website wants me to use.
 Name Redacted Info about Bores

I have some info about Bores. I’m reluctant to bring it up because Bores and his friends have criminally harassed me for so long, and I couldn’t get the police to do anything about it. I might be willing to share it with you, but I have to be 100% sure that you won’t let anyone know you heard it from me.
Sent to: BatDaniel sux
So yeah this guy has been harassed by Chris Bores. This is textbook cult behavior and its this very Join or Die behavior that motivated me to do this blog in the first place. Even if it turns out that the guy exaggerated or simply lied, internet goers have become adjusted to irate gamer culture and automatically assume the worst when dealing with anything that’s irate gamer. I repeat this a lot but I wrote several articles that were full of nonsensical retorts and data and I was immediately accepted as an Irate Gamer fan and not as a radical or as a pretender.  Irate Gamer and his group have launched attacks at even the most minor of competitors and this practically common knowledge to anyone browsing youtube during 2008. Y2B studios was essentially a face for the harassment of competitors. Then again Crywolfstudios would also do the same damn thing. For some reason or another, Irate Gamer fans believe that Chris Bores is entitled to be the only reviewer allowed on youtube and to me its no surprise that a talentless hack would have to resort to harassment to accomplish anything.
Either way, this information has already been posted on the Irate Gamer sucks blog by my partner relaying the information to one of its members.
 Name Redacted Re:Info about Bores

Okay you probably knew that Bores used to date his ‘Haunted Investigators’ co-star, Jennifer Schippel.
What you probably didn’t know is that they’re cousins. They have the same great-grandfather.http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/b/u/r/Anastasia-Burns/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-0663.htmlWilson Frederick Schippel — Roger Lawerence Schippel — Roger Dale Schippel — Jennifer Marie Schippel
Wilson Frederick Schippel — Virginia Lucille Schippel — Kenneth Gordon Bores — Chris Michael Bores
Sent to: BatDaniel sux
Wow chris, your quest for sex is disturbing . You see this is why you shouldn’t prioritize sex over important things like humility, intelligence and career. You make a lot of bad decisions and for what? Your genes go on to make a miserable child? Planet Earth is well past its carrying capacity. If you have babies before you’re ready, you’ll just end up making people like Chris Bores…

5 thoughts on “Whoops look like the bosconian spy ship got away!

  1. I love the attempted damage control by Chris. This part made me laugh.

    “the one thing I really love is that I gave you an interview knowing full well my message would get out there for all to see and you played right into my little hands! thanks for your trust, i used it well …. ha ~”

    Let me quote the Cracked Internet Argument Techniques Guide, entry number one, called “Winning by Losing”:
    “However badly you have been disproven or embarrassed this person, it turns out it was all a part of their master plan to get that reaction out of you, to prove some kind of point they can’t seem to explain. They honestly seem to think that despite flailing uselessly in making their original argument, they are smooth enough to convince people they are a master puppeteer pulling everyone’s strings.”

    “btw I clikced on the links to prove to myself that you indeed were checking for ip addresses, like I suspected. I could care less if you saw mine or not as it is no big secret since long before you cam on the scene. don’t take credit when credit is not due you 🙂 ”

    So in other words, Chris, you clicked on the IP-tracking links BECAUSE you knew that’s what they were. You KNEW they’d show people you were being all Norman Bates, so you clicked on them to confirm your suspicion, rather than… I dunno… NOT clicking on them, thereby causing lasersquad’s plan to fail.

    Yeah Chris, you sure showed us.

    1. You’d think he’d realize that I’m an obscure blog and that ignoring me would be proof that I didn’t strike a nerve. But its way too late now because the “Master of planning” has planned his own humiliation.

      To everyone apologizing:
      Also there’s no reason to apologize. Your reactions were an essential component of this operation. If people took me seriously and treated me like I was an Irate Gamer fan, then its clear that people see my actions not as a radical idealist but as those representing the group. We know it is wrong to say that every muslim is a terrorist yet when we write that every Irate Gamer activist is an insane hypocritical lying bastard… for some reason it is not incorrect or even wrong.

    1. Oh but of course, people can do what they want as long as people don’t have to suffer for it. Sure its unhealthy to have cousin give birth to your child (higher chance of defect) but unless you are just gonna ditch the baby I don’t see anything wrong with that. Heck Albert Einstein courted his cousin, its scandalous sure but its not like people get hurt because two blood-related people love each other.

      I’m just saying that Chris Bores acts as if having a girlfriend and having sex is what makes him better than everyone else. Pretending like having a blood-related person as your girlfriend makes you better than other people (in comment such as, “they’ll never get laid, lol ~”) is all the more disturbing considering that it takes little to no effort to court your cousin especially in comparison to other women.

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