Eric Gaede and Ethnocentrism: Insanity equals doing the same thing and expecting different results

Big edit: Third place winner: Eric Gaede aka Asalieri says that he does not hide behind anonymity. Given that this article does not list his name at all, he actually told me to go post his name here since only true trolls hide behind anonymity. So to demonstrate that Asalieri is not a true troll (you know the ones that are funny and don’t hurt people) I am showing that he is not anonymous. Also I wrote his name wrong in the original edit. It has been fixed.

Yet for some reason, despite being told the same thing over and over again. Asalieri (and his current account Asalieri 2) doesn’t seem to get the message.

But first a message from my partner Batdanielsucks (who is also undercover).



He just wanted me to post these images just in case Chris Bores decides to block him. I don’t know exactly why he wants to keep talking to them but considering that this is his blog I’m not argue with what he’s doing.

Back to Asalieri:

There’s a fine line between being an activist who supports freedom of speech and then there’s just plain being a douchebag. Asalieri has severe issues with behaving as a source of entertainment, often times mixing up the role of being a caustic critic with that of being an sociopathic jerk.

For those who don’t know Asalieri, he’s a guy who runs a youtube series where he makes fun of reviewers who do poor jobs or lack professionalism. There’s nothing wrong or boring with this concept. The concept may seem to be full of flamebait or as a weak excuse to troll people but that’s only if its done poorly. For an example of this concept being done correctly, take a look at retsupurae, these guys make fun of people who do poor let’s play videos and riff on people who lack gaming skills, editing skills and they try to avoid personal insults. They demonstrate morality and humility as they try to balance their overzealous fanbase with production of episodes; taking care not to encourage flamewars while at the same time minimizing the anger from the people they make fun of. They have gotten both thanks and angry letters from the people they have made fun of and avoid targeting children or obvious trolls. Needless to say their job is hard (especially since some of them run their own LPs) and of course it takes a lot of conscious effort to prevent rampant flamewars. You can see that they do it for fun and to help people and not for petty reasons (

“But laser squad this article is supposed to be about Asalieri!”

The point of above paragraph can be summarized in one line: Asalieri’s placement on the dumbass list isn’t because of his occupation. Asalieri did not end up on this list because he made fun of popular people. Asalieri did not end up on this list because of his negative stance towards Kickstarter projects. I believe that Asalieri could easily do his Job with none of the flame wars and constant trolling that he has become synonymous for.  Archfiend constantly gets compared to Asalieri be he won’t even be on this list because unlike Asalieri there’s something that Archfiend demonstrates that Asalieri doesn’t, RESPONSIBILITY.

Take a look here where Archfiend says he fucked up (paraphrasing of course) but tries to keep his facade. This isn’t the first time Archfiend has done a video like this either. One video even has him calling out his fanbase for sending death threats to a 10 year old. Asalieri has to this date, done nothing to tell his fanbase to not troll people.

The things I look for when deciding the order of this list is three things: Talent, Integrity, Responsibility. Talent is easily the most subjective but I assume that unless he is constantly making mistakes that he has talent. Integrity is how well the person tries to be an amicable person and whether or not they compromise their stated beliefs from video to video (or statement to statement). Responsibility is whether or not this individual puts effort into what they do and take the time to ensure that every action they take has minimal consequences. You can already guess that Chris Bores and Joe Haldnik have failed miserably across the chart but what about Asalieri?

Talent: Asaleri’s RAR show is about reviewing a reviewer and is not to be confused with a compressed file format. But a lot of the time Asalieri just plain fails to review the reviewer. He makes no attempt to understand the standards of which the reviewer is reviewing the content.

At 5:46 he says that since Doug Walker isn’t reviewing a movie he watched as a kid, it violates the premise of his show. I am going to avoid writing the words facepalm here since Asalieri then says that the evidence of this violation is in the quote of the show which is “I remember it so you don’t have to”.  The point of nostalgic critic is to review movies that the audience may have watched and even then its I as in the character, Nostalgic Critic, not Doug Walker. Even then Asalieri’s statement about the show makes no sense since the show always acts as if Nostalgic Critic is surprised by what he sees which wouldn’t be possible if he knew/remembered that they were going to happen. The show has always been about being comedic and Doug Walker has even stated that when asked about the Thomas the tank engine review. Asalieri is essentially taking Doug Walker’s overly apologetic commentary on his past work and using to say “hey look, his work is going downhill”. This is garbage and its clear that Asalieri is lying to you when he says he has nothing against Doug Walker or TGWTG. If that’s the case, then why are you misquoting him and missing the point of the show entirely Asalieri? BONUS POINTS FOR SAYING YOU STOPPED WATCHING HIM. Way to show everyone you wanted to be credible there. It’s no wonder you have 1/5 of Archfiend’s # of subscribers.

This isn’t even the first time he fucked up. Take a look at his (currently) front page video. (Look at 3:00 and after)

He even fails to critique Irate Gamer complaining that the line “Some people see it as a cult classic by some and a bad game by others) can be applied to everything. UH NO IT CAN’T be applied to everything, even his later attempt to apply it to puking is pretty far fetched. There are things that are well liked and things that are love it or hate it and some that are always bad. I can’t believe there’s someone who can’t properly point out the flaws in Chris’s work such as the real counterpoint that monster party is not a love it or hate it game. He then says “this is a review, you are supposed to be telling us about how you feel about this product, that’s how a review works”. Wow get a load of Asalieri, watch him not even know what the real definition of a review is, how it works or even demonstrate patience for the medium he is reviewing. I feel the need to point out that he is the guy who has never made a review and demonstrates every sign of not knowing the difficulties involved in making a review but if you haven’t realized that from his comments and failure to properly critique Bores then you’re not actively thinking.

I was actually planning on talking about his mistakes in his linkara RAR but quite frankly I’ve written enough and just letting people know that comic books are a visual medium is enough to debunk his stupid complaints about Linkara. Even though its some other guy named Sam, the fact that Asalieri supports what Sam said shows that it is essentially his own words. Sam’s translation of what Linkara said is just plain dumb. It was pure quote mining for Sam to say linkara was ebegging and it was just plain stupid since Linkara was asking for offers, not handouts. The video is just plain full of fail and none of his complains about Linkara actually worked. Love how Sam tries to say that Linkara’s intro is horrible and… you know what? the RAR failed at every possible level and to avoid making this article even longer than it already is I’m just gonna give Asalieri his grade.


Integerity: Asalieri consistently fails to state why he does his work and when he says something he quickly goes back on his word. For those unfamiliar with how often Asalieri flip flops, I’ll give you one major example that’s relevant to Irate Gamer. Asalieri when he first started his RAR show, he made videos entirely about Irate Gamer. I’m not gonna bother critiquing those because we’ll be here all day. Hell the video I just linked to also makes fun of Chris Bores and at some point during the video Asalieri states that Irate Gamer has always had trouble writing scripts, acting and should try using deodorant (see what I mean about personal insults?). But then a mere 8 months after that video, Chris Bores would make the E-begging spoof. After that Asalieri said that he would never make fun of Chris Bores again, that his writing was perfect and started his spree of deleting comments and blocking people who called him out on his hypocrisy. Then he began his stupid ass crusade on the Irate Gamer sucks Blog (he actually did one before he called Chris a cool guy, but that was for reasons I don’t know about) where he would take the comments that people wrote there and take them completely out of context. Asalieri also stated that Irate Gamer as a topic was off limits and that people should stop talking about him while still uploading RAR videos on him. His justification? It was a job that needed to be done.

I’d also like to point out that has also made friends only to ditch them when it was convenient. He did this to gameboob when gameboob stated that hellsing’s bullshit statement that catwomen, howard the duck and other such movies of that quality are better than big budget films like The darkknight and Superman returns. Asalieri decided to back up hellsing despite the fact that Gameboob has done way more for Asalieri then Hellsing has ever done. This of course meant that Asalieri had to accept the delusional reasoning that movies that no one outside of remote individuals even liked are better than major blockbuster films that were highly liked by both critics and audiences. Bad films didn’t get a sequel for a reason, they had poor production values and people just didn’t want to watch it.

Integrity Grade: COMPLETE FAILURE, Chris Bores has more integrity than you. You can’t spell Asalieri without LIE

Responsibility: Man this article is a doozy. But hey when you’ve talking about a real idiot you can’t be too thorough. But you can already correctly guess that Asalieri fails here too. His fanbase are almost completely trolls. The fact that Asalieri consistently blocks and deletes the comments of people who try to bring logic and understanding to his comment section only shows how pathetic and hate driven he is. Asalieri consistently fails to do the necessary research and often times just twists facts or makes nonsensical statements. He hates that TGWTG banned him from the forums (and there are plenty of people who attest to him attempting to apply for a job there) and makes no attempt to hide that fact. Just take a look at his ED page and the appropriate TGWTG section…

I will say this right here and now. Asalieri would be ranked #1 on this list if this blog wasn’t about exposing Irate Gamer. Asalieri makes absolutely no attempt to avoid starting a flame war and shows no attempt to control his own ego and sadistic tendencies. He surrounds himself with more YES MEN then Irate Gamer has managed to do and gets his facts wrong more often than Chris Bores manages to do. Asalieri consistently rants only about topics that bother him at a personal level and has made no attempts to actually be a nice person. Asalieri fails to be a responsible Cybercitizen, fails to be a critic and FAILS TO CREATE ANYTHING OTHER THAN A PERSONALITY CULT WORSE THAN WHAT IRATE GAMER HAS MADE.


Just to show how much of an irresponsible prick Asalieri is, just take a look at the messages I sent him.

Asalieri2 Yo take a look at this anti-igsucks blog

Hi my name is laser-squad one of the authors of a blog against those no name losers who keep trying and failing to debunk you. Let me know what you think of my blog.Redacted (link to my blog)
Sent to: Asalieri2
Asalieri2 Re:Yo take a look at this anti-igsucks blog

Just wait till you see this blogRedacted (link to AVGN SUCKS BLOG)
Sent to: Asalieri2

And take a look at his response.

Asalieri2 Re:Yo take a look at this anti-igsucks blog

the blog thing is getting pretty meta these days, lol.
Sent to: BatDaniel sux
Asalieri2 Re:Yo take a look at this anti-igsucks blog

I like the colors used in that blog more. Also, hot damn, It makes me wanna read it.
Sent to: BatDaniel sux

Yup, Asalieri doesn’t give a shit about people writing random hate about people, just as long as its about people he doesn’t like. Also note that he doesn’t actually bother reading things because it takes too much effort for him to cause E-drama. Do note that the material I sent him was the kinda stuff he used in his “A fanboy’s world” video. But of course he won’t do a video on that stuff because it didn’t affect him at a personal level.

Agh I need asprin.

Edit After taking my asprin I noticed that I made several grammar and possibly spelling mistakes. Please point them out in comment box if I haven’t fixed them already

Also I found this:

The problem with writing an article on Asalieri is that all his fans practice doublethink and Asalieri is no stranger to the delete button. He consistently plays the victim card even when he’s the one who got himself into trouble to begin with. Just because you are losing does not make you the victim. This is doubly hypocritical since Asalieri and his fanbase’s arguments always boil down to ‘I’m better than you, therefore you’re wrong’. You can always tell if they’re subscribed to Asa’s dogma if they’re argument consists of stating that their opposition is a loser who doesn’t fit into society.

This is mob mentality. The reason why Asalieri lost his account was because he inspired this mentality because of his poor and irresponsible antics. Batdamn is also very close friends with Asalieri which explains a lot.

For those of you who couldn’t be bothered to click the link here’s a quoted summary

“I made one video that had absolutely nothing to do with Asalieri that disagreed with Roo of 16 Bit Gems on a matter that is important for the future of videogame journalism. Asalieri is supposedly the best friend in the world with Roo, so Asalieri decided to not just make five videos intended to slander and harass me, but encouraged his subscribers to do so as well.

For a month!

Asalieri then lost his account when, after ignoring my warnings to stop, he lost his account due to multiple DMCA and community guideline violations.

I didn’t take your account Asa. Youtube took your account because they looked at the reports and agreed you were breaking the site’s user agreement.

You believed you could say and do whatever you liked and nothing would happen. You were wrong. At this point, that’s really what it’s about, isn’t it?

You can’t handle being wrong. You have to blame me, Youtube, TGWTG and anyone else who tells you that you can’t say and do whatever you like without any negative consequences.

You broke the rules of the websites you joined. That is on you and nobody else.

You picked a fight you couldn’t win. That is what is actually ticking you off.”

Things that are notable but I’m not gonna go into in detail:

1. Asalieri constantly states that his opposition has social disorders such as unhealthy obsessions. This is the man who went down to TGWTG member Spoony’s home address to dig up dirt on him by asking his neighbors if they know anything bad about him.

2. Is consistently angry that TGWTG got nominated for every category in an awards contest which is decided by fans anyway. So they have a bigger and more active fanbase, good luck trying to dispute that fact. Twilight won craptons of awards but again this is a contest about crowds and not about quality.

3. Asalieri is the one who came up with youtube whoring. On the website I posted he is the guy who came up with the copyright infringement idea of posting other people’s videos so that people will watch those with the ad money going to someone else rather than to the rightful owner. He later complained when he got his account pwned for being an asshole

4. Asalieri’s constant complaints about people having internet jobs and that people should provide their content for free. This is the guy who constantly attempts to apply to money earning websites such as reviewtopia and TGWTG because he wants to make money doing online reviews.

5. All of his vocal fans are crazy. Many of them practice (inadvertently, which makes it even scarier) double think and fail to properly reflect on their own actions before its too late. Just take a look at unfortunate’s comments here

Right off the bat he decides that he will call everyone on the Irate Gamer Sucks blog (using a top 5 list because you know mimicking what someone else just said doesn’t make you look unskilled and talentless)

5. Obsessed with Irate Gamer (oh wow big shock, I can’t even believe people complain about people talking about the subject of the blog when that IS the subject of the blog. What’s next people gonna complain about firestations having firetrucks and firemen in it? I’m sorry were you expecting people to talk about the economic crisis in Greece?)

4.  Being AVGN fanboys (yeah good luck trying to get anyone on the IG sucks blog to say that AVGN is perfect. THEY HAVE LAUGHED AT PEOPLE WHO SAY AVGN’S WORK IS PERFECT)

3. Are butthurt and will prove it by replying back (because that’s how you start a conversation or solidify your argument right? just say that anyone who knows more than you is jealous and stupid. Democracy and free speech are joke when its applied to anyone other than yourself right?)

2. Repeat of 3 but this time just adding more ducttape to the already sinking argument unfortunate is trying to bring to the table

1. A really stupid complaint that the IG sucks blog are still angry at something for 5 years. (Yeah what a correlation buddy! Something existing for 5 years and going and someone hating it for 5 years and going) Also Unfortunate proves he’s been eating too much Asalieri propaganda by saying that the Ig sucks blog guys spend too much time defending AVGN, TGWTG and other people Asalieri has targeted.

The speech goes on for quite sometime with Mr.KILL ultra introducing counter-arguements such as the fact that you can’t immediately demand changes to people you don’t even know unless you’re an ethnocentric asshole who can’t stand people doing things that didn’t bother you until you heard about from some fat guy two hours ago. Unfortunate does the heroic thing of repeating his argument and then stating that Mr.KILL did not use the word ethnocentric correctly and then goes on to prove that Mr.Kill did in fact use the word ethnocentric correctly.

Now let’s take a look at the Asalieri Fanboy philosophy:

“Let me educate you on how the real world works:

In many cases, yes, being respectful can get you change. Being respectful is wonderful and people may listen to you.

However, in many other places voicing your concern respectfully will get you ignored because of the many people who will tell the person you are trying to criticize that you are wrong and everything they do is roses, for an example look at the Forums of TGWTG or TV Tropes where being respectful will get you ignored. Therefore, sometimes more drastic and harsher measures are used when you want your voice heard. Do you think that Upton Sinclair was Respectful when he described disgusting work conditions of meat packing plats in the Early 20th Century? No, he was trying to make a point and get people to listen. In many cases that is how people like me feel. We have tried to be respectful and are constantly ignored. Now we are loud.” -unfortunate

Except he didn’t point that being loud does not equal jackcrap in terms of getting things done and in the end, things only change when people agree to make changes. I shouldn’t even have to mention the current crisis that is going in Arab nations right now because of the war on terror most of which have ensured that radical violent groups will dominate the culture for years to come. Being loud causes panic, panic forces change, but not necessarily good ones. Be patient, think things through and things will solve themselves. I did not manage to get the IP address of Irate Gamer and his biggest thugs by being a loud obnoxious fool. I had to play my part and do the real work quietly.

So great you’re loud, obnoxious, probably violent and almost have certainly offended lots of people. SO WHEN DOES THE CHANGE HAPPEN? The slaves in U.S didn’t get to become free people because they pushed and shoved and rioted. They had peaceful picket signs and quietly convinced people that they needed to fight the bigotry. The KKK were loud brash and violent, they tried to hang as many of them as they could. They got police to try and run down the peaceful protests, they tried to bribe officials and tried to kill important political figures. The KKK LOST, MISERABLY.

When you commit violence, when you harass someone in the name of an ideal. You show to everyone that you suck and not just that but that your ideals suck too

To Asalieri’s Fans: You ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING GOOD. By harassing people you are only showing that anonymity hurts the internet more than it protects it. You are not activists, you have not made any important changes and you gladly accept lies over the truth. You are the very reason that corporate America is winning its bid to remove anonymity from the internet. And just to remind you Mr.  anonymity does not mean freedom to harass. It is not a shield to protect your criminal actions. You will lose your account, and when you make it a new one, its only a matter of time till you lose that one too.

The other thing I didn’t mention

6. Asalieri really has it out for AVGN. Given that all the things Asalieri rants about are either targets he thinks are easy or have affected him at a personal level. I can only wonder why he hates AVGN so much. Its probably because AVGN actually has (MANY) fans who are willing to trust him with money (however small the amount may be) to fund his own personal dream (AVGN has mentioned that he has always aspired to make a movie). This obsessive hatred for the movie got to the point that he leaps at any chance to insult AVGN. This blew up in his face massively when he decided that IMDB listing the budget for the movie as 200k as definite proof for embezzlement. IMDB is the wikipedia of movies. Now this creates two theories:

A) Asalieri created that bit of evidence showing just how totally desperate and how much of a loser he really is to the point that he has to make stuff up to insult an enemy leagues above his talent.

B) Asalieri is that Irresponsible to accept information that was easily faked from a website that has the edit button in clear view.

It should be noted that he called all the people who pointed this out as butthurt AVGN fanboys. In either case, Asalieri shows severe anti-social and Obsessive compulsive need to show hatred at a public level. I really feel sorry for his family since he is constantly showing them (his baby was in his avatar and his daughter has been filmed several times) and the timing and manner at which he presents his family is almost as if he wants to endanger them and make them a target. This seems likely since if his family gets hurt, Asalieri can almost certainly sue and this manner of irresponsible endangerment is commonly used in hate groups such as the WestBoro Baptist Church. Its highly likely that Asalieri is being irresponsible on purpose to make money off of civil lawsuits. I don’t his plan has succeeded though since most people he offends forget him about after two months (or two weeks) and his attention deficit disorder concerning targets leaves him unable to properly insult or garner the full attention of the people he attacks.

Even Linkara originally thought Archfiend was the real person attacking him and not Asalieri since Asalieri is just not a credible threat (moronic double thinking fans only get you so far). This might explain why Asalieri has been stepping up his irresponsible behavior and making more and more personal and un-researched arguments against people.

Edit 2: After a brief comment conversation in this article to someone who knew what the first attack on the Irate Gamer sucks blog was about. It appears that it is once again, Asalieri faking evidence and creating his own reasons to attack individuals who have nothing to do with him. Heck given how he completely fails to make fun of Irate Gamer (he even makes the mistake of thinking that people only talk about his plagarism, because you know, the Irate Gamer sucks blog hasn’t been mentioning other things for years now) its almost as if he always secretly liked the Irate Gamer. Its probably because he sees Chris Bores as role model since he is talentless but has a lot of subscribers (yet almost no where near the amount of views). Asalieri has very little subscribers and is also talentless. So they’re probably exchanging tips here and there.

Edit it appears that either Asalieri is using a different computer or has called a sockpuppet here as Eric Gaede has an IP address of
Yes eric, do continue to use strawman arguments and show your complete lack of debate skills.

Edit: I also have found this webpage
Again I don’t really accept anecdotal evidence but some of it is backed up with actual evidence and appears to be an accurate recap of the cruxification situation. Though I like Kiki’s summary in the comments below much more.

One final note: Asalieri has came to comment on the post and is viewable below. If you ever wish to argue like Asalieri then do the following.

1. Insult people and pretend to leave

2. Get caught insulting authors and blog readers and say you are the victim of all this. Insinuate that Author has personal vendetta against him despite being ranked 3rd on this list

3. Insinuate that evidence in article is wrong by not posting any counter evidence. Focus on very small details in the article and not the overall theme or the major evidence presented.

4. Say you have a story to tell and that the author is being unfair by not letting you say it. When prompted to tell your damn story already you don’t tell one and ask the author to prompt you so you can tell a story. Demonstrate that the only reason you came to blog was to gloat about being better than the author and to say that they misrepresented you because the picture given of you actually points out your irresponsible antics and questionable ethics. Still continue to not provide evidence that you are being misrepresented and lie blatantly several times just to make sure the author can’t trust you at all.

5. Make typos to look like author is editing your comments and insinuate that the author is editing your comments

6. Insinuate that you are innocent and did not insult anyone. Claim freedom of speech (which claims that you can be held liable for what you say and what it results in) despite it not covering important actions such as libel and slander. Say you leave and then make another jab at your lack of anonymity because you are not aware that the author is laughing at your pathetic ability to keep your internet life away from your regular life and that the point of his operation was to take away your anonymity. You are now even more screwed since you gave away your IP address.

Bonus objective: Change the subject as often as possible even if you only have like 3 things to talk about. Talk about how you are the victim and have been unfairly misrepresented (because you know, you’ve done a lot of good things like targeting honest hard working people at TGWTG and not actually managing to make fun of Irate Gamer), switch to your feud about TGWTG, then to the Death threats and sabotage and then back to being a victim despite having your argument thoroughly picked apart in each topic. To win a debate you must come prepared and not overly confident or loaded with arguments that a filled with bigotry and self-importance. Demonstrate that you are above the art of debate by not showing you have done any research and that you don’t even know the various things that people documented you doing. Conform to the very things the author said you would do and still act like you are innocent proving that you are the very irresponsible, talentless and morally loose character he said you were.

Also to end this on a non-offensive joke. Here’s the views we got from countries today:

United states 472

Poland 52

UK 51

Mexico 49

Finland 34

Portugal 22

Canada 19

Australia 16

Japan 4

Germany 4

Philippines 4

Italy 4

Brazil 3

Malaysia 3

Netherlands 4

Significance: The trolling antics of individuals have far reaching effects. Also, a lot of people can read English despite not being in a predominately English culture.

248 thoughts on “Eric Gaede and Ethnocentrism: Insanity equals doing the same thing and expecting different results

  1. “I love how in their opinion, it’s impossible for me to do the right thing. When I’m cool with people and try to talk it out, it’s cause i’m manipulating them. When I criticize people on my channel, i’m apparently trolling them. It’s a lose lose. Yet they want me to ‘apologize’ to god knows who, they never specify. And if I WERE to apologize to this person or people, they’d say i’m being insincere. I’m not exactly sure what it is they want from me, so since it’s impossible to please them, it’s best to ignore them.”

    Well, given the slander he’s thrown around, of course we won’t believe him. He’s spread so much slander that anything sincere he does at this point will be taken as crying wolf by those who aren’t his yes-men.

    In addition, there’s also the concept of someone committing a sin so horrible that it leaves a permanent black mark in their history, which means they cannot ever be forgiven for it. In my opinion, that black mark is his unfounded claim that Channel Awesome has poor occupational health and safety standards, using a rumour that he supposedly received from Apollo Z. Hack about an incident that was blown out of proportion, a myth that was later debunked by Lewis Lovhaug and Rob Walker. Hey, maybe whoever sent you that rumour LIED to you so you would look like a fool, you ever considered that?

    1. Sad part is that he had plenty of time to fix that mistake. In my opinion his black mark would just have to be his pathetic definition of opinions and inability to understand anything properly. He has no idea how to use word definitions and context is never taken into account with him. The fact that he has no positive accomplishments under his belt also gives no leniency. Then there’s the fact that he is stupid enough to think that I want him killed or want him painted as a devil is just icing on the cake.

      I’m Just gonna put out this next part for Asalieri here
      HEY STUPID, YOU’RE ON THIS LIST BECAUSE YOU ARE IRRESPONSIBLE AND YOUR CYBER-BEHAVIOR LEAVES A LOT TO BE DESIRED! FIX YOUR MISTAKES AND STOP BEGIN A LOUD MOUTH JACKASS. There’s no double standards here and you are despicable for not only once again, misapplying a concept but also not getting the message that you need to make changes to your life.

      1. Y’know, I may be wrong, but I get the impression that the guy seems to think that people’s perception of him comes from a lack of context, as if we only think that he’s a gargantuan asshole because we don’t have the whole story. The thing is though, even if we setting aside the fact that the dude’s entire schtick comes off as the work of a self-important man-child who may be compensating for crippling self-worth issues by dragging other, more popular Youtube personalities through the mud, what truly makes him a world-class ass-munch is that he won’t hesitate to set his fans loose to carry out acts of cyber-bullying and what amounts to a form of financial sabotage against people whom he doesn’t like. There is nothing defensible about that, and that he not only doesn’t understand the severity of what he has done, but that he continues to demonstrate that he’s all too willing to use his fans as tools to further his own ends lends credence to the notion that we may in fact be dealing with a sociopath in Mr. Asalieri.

        In fact, while I’m on that subject, another trait of the sociopath is that they are incapable of acknowledging that their actions have consequences. They tend to see the consequences of their actions, not as something they did to themselves, but as something that was done TO them. Look at the quote that Tolchok shared at the top of the page. It’s very telling. In it, Asa whines about how he’s in a lose-lose situation, never stopping to consider that if he is, it would be because he has conducted himself so poorly over the years that there is no reason whatsoever for anyone to give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s playing the victim card because to his mind he hasn’t done anything wrong, which is trademark sociopath behavior.

        It’s also telling that when put on the spot, the dude didn’t bother to defend himself. Again, since the sociopath is incapable of acknowledging that they’ve done anything wrong, they tend to try to spin evidence of wrongdoing like Asa did, opting to either diminish its severity or excuse it away altogether. Asa piled lie on top of lie to avoid acknowledging that he did anything wrong, and spun what few lies he did acknowledge to make them seem like they were justified. When those tactics failed, he took to turning the spotlight on you, which is yet another tool the sociopath will use to avoid taking responsibility for his actions.

        None of that excuses the dude, but it may explain why he is the way that he is. That having been said, I applaud you for exposing him, if for no other reason than that cyber-bullies such as himself need to be taken down a peg or several, because Lord knows that the world at large doesn’t seem to take the internet seriously enough to jail shit-stains like him.

    1. End of this week I promise. I just have a business project to finish and I’m still considering who (out of two people) is more deserving to be #4. But Just to let you guys in on the process… do you guys think being drunk excuses someone’s repeated behaviour? Is trying to defend someone who is clearly guilty count as heroism?

      1. Its the list you’re reading right now. I’m gonna assume you don’t know the rather short history of this blog? This is a blog designed to expose Irate Gamer and several of his cronies. It originally appeared as an anti-batdan blog with none of the tell tale signs of being a trap (except for my extremely sociopathic writing style). The dumbass list is the list of people who are the most involved in Irate Gamer’s attempt to harass the internet community. People in Olympic medal standings are the worst and show no signs of recovery or even a chance of recovery from their irresponsible behavior while people in 4th or 5th place aren’t as volatile but their conduct still leaves much to be desired.

      2. Drunkeness really shouldn’t be excused. I am indeed aware of how much of a problem it can be (I have a family member who deals with it), but any person who lets themselves fall victim to alcoholism also have the ability to stop themselves from doing so. It’s hard, difficult, and you can’t just snap your fingers and be done, but only the person in question has the power to say “I want to stop this” and start taking steps towards that.

        As for “defending a guilty person”, I’m going to hazard a guess that said guilty person is the Bores? If you don’t know that said person is in fact a jerk, that’s one thing. But when there are mountains of obvious evidence that prove he or she is as bad as people say, you don’t have much of an excuse there.

        Take as much time as you need, and I’ll be looking forward to the next article Lasersquad.

  2. I’d like to inform you that DrCualder has uploaded on Dailymotion a MUCH better put out version of his video

    It’s an update.

  3. Hey laser, i noticed that you mention something about Asa actually going to Spoony’s address (in Real life) ans asking his neighbors about rumors and bad stuff, you know to make it look bad, (i guess this was because of the infamous “Rape Joke” Spoony made?).

    If you have more on that, that should be know too, since it’s kinda messed up, you know, because of Stalking? (aside from him actually “lurking Spoony in his twitter with beer offering”, hey in fact, is these 2 are also connected, then it will make more sense that Asa actually tried to slander someone in real life.).

    I know you probably don’t look at the comments of this article anymore, but it let me thinking this and another thing.

    I know people Flamed Sour Apple because of Asalieri targeting him, heck look at this horse shit from RandomDCE (if you can stomach someone who doesn’t really give a shit about spreading hatred over people even if they are harmless, oh and DCE is in Asa’s Best Buddies BTW, and i hated the fact that DCE jumped on the hate band-waggon for someone who also usually spews “think for yourself”)

    I remmeber watching a review of Sour-apple, (the Game of Death one) and it was ok in my opinion, sure, it had Movie Maker levels of production value which i REALLY don’t like, but i liked what he actually said in that review, but i saw a comment of someone saying that he had potential, and he needed encouragement to get good and support and good advice and REAL constructive criticism (you know, the one that DOESN’T have insults or any level of snide-ness or snarky-ness, nor it is preceded or followed by it?), but just because Mr. Gaede said “this guy is a piece of shit” everyone, EVEN people who otherwise would may actually like the stuff of the targeted individual, and people who normally should have better ethics and standards to make better judgements, they tend to jump on the band-waggon.

    Oh and one more thing….

    Do you know the source of THAT picture on ED?, you know, the one with that clown wig holding that sign?

    Who was he making fun of, because is that were to be the case, then it’s not a joke anymore,

      1. “My point was by the way, Has Asa Really tried to do harm OUTSIDE of The internet?”

        “And speaking of Asalieri, No Hay Nick Libre, he and another poster actually paid a visit to Spoony’s hometown of Mesa, and asked some people on the street who he was. As a demonstration of the “myth” of internet popularity. It’s on the blog’s own YouTube channel if you’re interested.” –

        Even if he hasn’t tried to do harm physically it doesn’t change the fact that he is essentially harassing people for no good reason. Cyberbullying and cyberharassment are problems because although all the work is being done on the internet, it radiates to real life. psychological harassment is just as bad as physical harassment even though it leaves no physical scars.

    1. Well, it wasnt an RAR, but a series called “One View Wonders”

      Oh, and i guess THIS is the original video i am talking about

      (Note: if you wish to download that video for consult, Downloadhelper doesnt work right now)

  4. OH NOES!!1! Someone DARED to flag one of Eric’s shitty kickstarter rants, and oh boy poor mr. Gaede is crying 😦 How could this happen? According to mr. AsaLIEri it’s work of trolls who have no argument against our lord and savior.

    1. TheEWOcommentaries said it best:

      “The only troll here is you, Mr. Gaede. You can feign outrage and pretend to be a victim all you want, but you have no one else to blame other than yourself for pulling pseudo-trolling videos out of your fat ass, and crying like a spoiled brat after they rightfully get flagged down for guideline violations, so there is no ‘false flagging’ to speak of. And you don’t have any authority to brag about others not having arguments, given your lengthy history of dismissing them with cop-outs and downright reacting with passive-aggressive tantrums.”

      1. EWO made a reply in Asalieri’s comment box who started whining that his video got “false-flagged”. EWO showed this picture as a proof of his douchebaggery and said his video got rightfully taken down.
        How did Asa fans reply? “Ow you dipshit. You’re quote mining etc. etc.”
        Eric then removed his comments and BLOCKED him for “trolling”.

      2. One of Asa’s Quote’s

        “If any of you have a problem with my blocking an absolute dick like EWO, you are free to voice your concerns in an educated and collected manner. ”

        Translation: Please do not complain, they are EVIL because i said so.

        Also voice your concerns in an educated and collected manner?, wow, Eric Really thinks the world spins around him.

      3. And Hold over again 😛

        Did the EWO commentaries flout out stated that they were the ones Flaggin the video anyways?

        I noticed HeavyBassX (another arrogant Douchebag) pointed fingers at them in one of his comments.

        Great, so that means Tarosan just pointed fingers at certain individuals he wanted to fuck with and furthermore they got blamed.

        though i could be wrong on that one.

  5. “as you can see, EWO and others of his ilk don’t know how to live and let live. I don’t go to your channels to bug you about your opinion, why does mine bother you so much? Also, I didn’t have to resort to insulting you, your poor attitude does a good job of that all on its’ own. ”

    *clap clap* Nice job, Eric. So you’re a victim again. I especially love that “live and let live” part. You totally showed how it works. Of course you don’t go to other channels to bug someone about someone’s opinion, no, you totally don’t do that. Never happened. Why should someone bother about your channel, right? Why do you bother about AVGN? Or IG Sucks blog? Or some 10 years old kids? Oh i know, they “don’t see the light”.

    1. Edited for clarity
      “I don’t go to your channels to bug you about your opinion, why does mine bother you so much?”
      So its okay for Asalieri to have opinions but if someone disagrees with him and his manner of expression its wrong? You Asalieri are such a jackass that I am considering making this blog entirely about you (though time constraints prevent me from doing so)

      1. Asalieri sucks Blog? Gathering all the bullshit Asa did and responding to his flawed arguments like in The Chronicles of Joe Hladnik blog would be interesting to read.

      2. Is it Wrong if i say that i kinda like the idea?

        But only for the right reasons, i honestly don’t want this article (or for that matter, the entire blog) to been ignored.

  6. By the Way, reading trough the comment box of his followers, i found this quote:

    “Asa himself has a video titled “Douchebags in the air and on the ground” where he demonstrates an adobe flash trick that allows you to edit anything on any site temporarily in Google Chrome.”

    Basically Him Wanting An Excuse to claim that the comments and screencaps of him are pretty much fake,

    Yeah because you know, i bet most people knew about that supposed trick, right?.

    1. They seem to have this mindset of its only quote mining and/or editing when the we do it but when Eric does it, its not quote mining and/or editing when he does it. Case in point the fanboy’s world video. That was clear quote mine taken from Mr Kill Ultra and he never showed what the other person had said but it doesn’t matter to them because they don’t use the same standards to judge Eric as they do for anyone who doesn’t agree with Eric. I also don’t see them cry video editing when he finally did a video on feministfrequency. I may not like her videos but there’s ways to attack her views and what he did with editing to make her say she hates men and then showing what the lioness do to the water buffalo isn’t the way to go. In fact she can now take his video and use it to get more sympathy from the media and she can get more advertising and maybe get more money if she wants to do another kickstarter.

      1. I Honestly did not watch his video on Anita Sarkisean (but did he really edited the video?, then i am sorry, that is quite douchey, and i don’t think is meant to be a parody video, i mean hell not even the Amazing Atheist does shit like that.

        But so many people see Anita as a “stupid Bitch” and anyone who evens comes to something that is barely closer to defend her or just brought up a more neutral position, is labelled as an idiot, as if you know, the people gloating about it are any good.

        I honestly think that Anita’s is mostly Misguided, but i do not see her as a bad person, BUT SO MANY PEOPLE I KNOW JUST PREFER TO HATE IT BECAUSE THAT MAKES THEM “THE HEROES”.

  7. Oh and i love this:

    @ Asalieri

    “I didn’t incite or endorse any bullying of AVGN, all I did was call him a greedy money whore.”

    Oh Boy. “I didn’t incite or endorse any bullying of AVGN”, Yeah sure, and that’s why you were liying and twisting facts about the movie fund and the Cheetahman Kickstarter, oh and specially that one when you brainwashed your drones with propaganda videos making it seem that James pocketed money from the kickstarter, EVEN WHEN Mike Matei and James showed proof that wasn’t true, and how funny is that you just happened to only targeted James, yet you didn’t give a shit about Greg Pabbich, the guy who was really behind that kickstarter, nor the game chasers or Pat Condri.

    Not to mention the fact that you trolled from Passive agressive to just flat out agressive ways people who defended James Rolfe with evidence or decent argumnets against your bullshit.

    Oh and Let’s not forget the propaganda video when you make a “parody” of James, as “Rames Jolfe” and insinuating that he tricked his fans.

    And yet you keep acting like you aren’t a bad person, nor did anything wrong.

    What do you even have against James Rolfe?, What does HE Ever done to you, for you to attempt to destroy his reputation?, if you just are just only doing so for amusement, then you are even more fucked up, since you managed to brainwashed and duped at the very least 70% of the Youtube community with your lies.

    And you dont even feel a bit of remorse?

    This is why i think you are a Sociopath.

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