Alcholic PSA: Ben Wagner

The following information is outdated. See the bottom of the article. Ben Wagner is not the misguided person he was made out to be.

Yeah I said I would update this on a weekly basis, but it took me a week and two days…

Before I begin I would like to note that Ladybuggin777 is now saying her name is not linda despite the fact that she has been saying that he name is linda and linda is the name of Chris Bore’s mother so if she’s saying that she’s not Linda then that means she’s admitting being a fraud.

I’d also like to add that people ranked below olympic medal winning positions (i.e 1st, 2nd, 3rd) are actually capable of recovery unassisted as opposed to unlikely recovery even with assistance. The problem with people ranked below 3rd is that they seem to be very misguided and while capable of actually being responsible people, just seem to ditch logic when aggravated. But the problem is what they get aggravated over, namely Chris Bore’s work. Now you might be wondering… well that’s not to bad right? Well the problem comes from the fact that Chris Bore’s work is flamebait in and out itself and unlike the debate on extremely controversial topics, the evidence is extremely onesided (against bores) to the point of being unrealistic. But imagine if this is debate class and you got stuck defending Bores? You might be thinking “No way that’s gonna happen” but yes it will happen since people can’t decide what they’ll like or hate until they try it. I’m not necessarily saying that liking Chris Bore’s work is as random as being born gay but I am saying that the internet is a open and stupid place and there’s no guarantee that someone will see Chris Bore’s work in the same light as more contextually versed people (In layman terms: if you knew that Chris Bores work was a deliberate troll attempt to insult people and be a cheap cash grab for a douchebag to throw people off of youtube by fake DMCA charges then you probably wouldn’t like him. Now imagine if you are new to the internet and did not know that)

So let’s play a hypothetical game, try to defend Chris Bore’s shitty work. The task is already slanted against you (and the phrasing of your task is an indication of this) and not only that but there’s plenty of people with fully researched arguments ready to kick you ass in a proper discussion. Now imagine if you are the casual internet goer who just wants some guilt-free entertainment… how are you gonna defend yourself? You don’t wanna stop watching a show that you can happily say you liked now do you? So you need to do research but quite frankly the evidence shows you are completely in the wrong (Big shock! you’re the minority here!). This is where psychology comes in to fuck up your personality! Cue Negative Reinforcement! Humans will do anything to escape painful and traumatizing experiences (not counting altruism here) so as long as you can mentally justify your actions, you don’t need to give a shit. Hey look there’s that one genius (who’s actually chris Bores) named irategamerfan345 who said AVGN copied IG, hacked his account to have a different start date and they’re actually good friends who don’t hate each other (These are all real arguments from the Irate Gamer fanbase). Its brilliant because you escape the feelings of guilt and assholery by just telling people that. Even if you have to lie to yourself its okay right? Right? WRONG! The subconsious listens to every fucking thing you believe, hear and do shaping itself up to expect more of the same. The more and more you repeat to yourself that AVGN started after Irate Gamer the more you’ll believe that and similar things. Naturally this results in a lot of the stupid arguments we get from IG fans, who honestly think that they have credible information. This is also the reason why Chris Bores, Joe Haldnik and Eric Gauge are ranked in medal standings because its lies and mispresented bullshit that enables people to fall into this mentality. Believing things just to escape the truth… there’s nothing worse that can happen to a human being and there’s no worse person than someone who strives to do this to other people. This is how cults start ladies and gentlemen, it begins by lessening the evaluative threshold of the human mind on basic information.

And so it is with great regret that I announce 4th place dumbass list winner: Ben Wagner. For those who don’t know who Ben Wagner is, he’s a fairly recent figure who began by starting a youtube channel that shows short clips of Godzilla monster movies. He decided that he would join the Irate Gamer Sucks blog to share things like Photoshopped pictures of Irate Gamer’s statements about his story and tried to get people to go to his channel and watch his youtube videos (because you know that works when you decide to piss them all off right?). Ben decides to make a multi-account called David Sams to troll the blog. His first post was an attempt to get the blog trolled by Asalieri posting a video saying that Eric Gauge rapes his daughter and that he’s a horrible parent (Asalieri can say what ever he wants about how I misrepresent him but until I get evidence that he does in fact harm his family, I will not say anything about his parenting skills and assume they are adequate). But the idiot decided to take a picture of books and use it as his avatar and of course it wasn’t long before someone (Geez Mr.Kill ultra you show up a lot on this blog) by the name Mr.Kill Ultra figured out that it was Ben because duh you put a stack of books as your avatar and their in the same order as what you have as one of your photobucket pictures. Before Ben fully admitted that he was trolling he also stated that he loved buying the Cheetahmen kickstarter game and said that AVGN is totally clear of the charges leveled at him (A surprisingly nice statement but also irresponsible since Greg Pabich totally made a killing at the bank and all at Jame’s Rolfe’s expense too).

The problem with what Ben Wagner did is obvious. Irate Gamer sucks blog operates on what they can see and what information is available. They don’t make things up and if some member decides to contribute information then it’ll be accepted especially since they have no reason to believe you photo-shopped said evidence. Batdan’s no stranger to the edit button either so its no surprise that Ben Wagner’s contributions get fragged as soon as he got found out. It also didn’t help Ben Wagner since the evidence he gave came in the form of a picture with Irate Gamer supposedly saying that he was not gonna continue his stupid story. Two Irate Gamer episodes later and hey still no story. But I guess I can give Ben some slack here since I said I sent Mr.Kill ultra a virus (while undercover) and suddenly for a week or so Mr.Kill went inactive. Regardless Ben Wagner wanted to hurt the people on the Irate Gamer Sucks blog, for no reason other than the fact that they didn’t like Irate Gamer. I know I might not be one to talk considering I pretended to be an Irate Gamer fan but unlike Ben Wagner, I attempted to see if the people I was pretending to like were reasonable people. Considering that the Irate Gamer crowd didn’t give a shit that I fired people, send viruses to people and maybe even kill people, I showed a lot more of a conscience then Ben did by at least giving them a chance to show humanity (as opposed to Ben Wagner’s wonderful lying skills of saying that they constantly hate people and are AVGN motivated despite them rarely talking about AVGN and telling him off for making fun of ADHD patients).

But its the way that Ben Wagner did his undercover style trolling that really makes him worthy of being on the dumbass list. He pretended to be friends with people and as nice and amicable as possible. For those of you wondering if I’m a hypocrite, I did not ever state that I was friend to anyone and merely that I “hated” the same things they did (namely batdan and his blog) so I intentionally minimized the emotional damage I would cause and thus make the people on this list understand just how much of a dumbass they had been to not notice what I was doing (And while Asalieri may think sharing one common value equals friend in reality everyone likes living or sex, or breathing, etc. so if that was the case then everyone should be friends). Ben on the other hand wanted to cause as much emotional and psychological damage as possible. It should be noted that the tactic of pretending to be someone’s best friend and sharing hobbies and then betraying and telling them they all suck has resulted in several suicides. It also doesn’t help Ben Wager’s case that immediately afterwards he started lying and pretending as if he knew intimate secrets about members of the Irate Gamer sucks blog (because lying is fun!). Wonderful examples include saying that Mr.Kill ultra has been divorced and lives in Colorado (seriously Mr.Kill should sue for that) oh and if you want to see the rest they’re also on this blog.  Now you might be thinking that I entrapped him into saying these things but quite frankly I did not ask him to say those things but rather tell me things he knew.

“Feel free to share” was my exact words. I did tell him to say negative things about people he knows are sensitive and understanding about issues such as ADHD and moral integrity.

“Kill Ultra lives in Colorado. Sovereign64 dropped out of high school. Micharion is a brony.”

Says ben wagner, adding 2 more people  to the list of people who can sue him. Ben pretends that he is a completely legit source tricking people into accepting complete lies because quite frankly he’s a sociopath and unlike me he wasn’t acting. It should also be noted that I said I would fire two people and Ben didn’t even flitch and actually seemed amused to know that his irresponsible antics Got two people (all of which are fictional thankfully) removed from their jobs and thrown to the currently hostile job market. Those of you who read the original page of “Mr.Killultra Aka the biggest idiot” (which will be renamed… probably) would have noticed that Ben Wagner was originally listed as a Batdansucks fanboy. This was intentional and meant to get Ben Wagner to comment on the blog. Commenting on this blog will reveal your Ip address and so it came to be that commented on the blog to show that he truly was a vain arrogant asshole.

Now here comes the sad part. Its clear that on the short-lived blog that Ben Wagner had, he’s very interested in Japanese culture. Now the Irate Gamer fanbase looks extremely poorly on Japanese animation and to no one’s surprise they are very much bigots in this manner. How can you claim to be a Irate Gamer fan when you love something that they think is uber childish? Likewise with the Cheetahmen example. He claimed he had and loved the kickstarter Cheetahmen game. No one asked him to… and no one on the blog even wanted someone to admit to liking it… which makes me wonder… is Ben Wagner some sort of self-loathing Anti-IG person? One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that Ben is an alcoholic and that one of his blog posts was that he had a severe problem with alcohol consumption. None of his actions after admitting that he loves Irate Gamer make any sense to being with.

“I said I was a double agent, so that explained why I left Positive comments on Chris’ videos.

As for that, goes back to me being a Double Agent. I said Chris was putting the heat on me, they believed that. I had to tell them that it was a lie, and that I was a fan of Chris. I learned alot of secrets about how they work, details and secrets.” – Ben Wagner

When did Ben say Irate Gamer put the heat on him? I have a very good list of Ben Wagner’s comments (supplied by Mr.Kill’s subscription to blog comments) and none of them say that Chris was harassing or intimidating him. That came out of nowhere! Likewise the last part sounds like he wants to solicit sex or that he really thinks I don’t know how a blog works or how criticism works. His attempt to get back at me also failed miserably because after I revealed that I am not a fan of Chris and that he’s a jackass for lying to me he tried to make an account that had a name similar to mine (it was called lazersquad) and post comments pretending to me. Now how stupid do you have to be to go to a blogging service that is well known for being troll proof and attempt to troll it. The comment system automatically renamed him back to the first name he had and he owned himself. But his childish antics make me wonder… Is Ben Wagner Drunk when he goes his stupidity rampages? It would make sense too, since he acts like a complete narcissist thinking he ‘owns’ someone by just saying “fail” and likewise his attempt to act as if he is a wise and powerful defector sounds like someone out of a poorly written spy movie. Ben didn’t collect any useful data, he didn’t even manage to get anyone to contact him personally and aside from being a complete jackass he didn’t manage to do anything that hindered the operation of the blog. Complete drunk or utter moron?

You decide

Edit: It turns out that Ben Wagner’s obsession with Godzilla lead to him to have a clash with the Toho kingdom forum. Those people actually have the tools to trace trolls and so was only a matter of time until they found out who Ben Wagner actually was… a 12 year old kid who attempt to assume authority figures on website as a hobby. More on this later!

15 thoughts on “Alcholic PSA: Ben Wagner

  1. Another interesting article. I can see why Mr. Wagner’s at number 4 as opposed to be higher up now. Of course, assuming alcohol does have some affect on his silly comments, I can’t help but wonder if #5 will have such an excuse… and if you don’t mind my asking, do you have anything else planned for this blog after #5?

  2. Hi! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog. Is it difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about making my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any tips or suggestions? With thanks

  3. Ben’s response to the blog on Ladybuggin’s channel:
    “Wow! Laser Squad is calling me an alcoholic, he never ceases to amaze.”
    Chris replied:
    “That’s because lasersquad is a mental case with hundreds of delusional stories. He believes all his own paranoid, alternate universe, supercalafragalistic, fairytales. The guy is bonko’s ~ lmao”
    Yes because even though you show evidence and actual facts about the people you write about, you’re against the IG and Asalieri, and that makes you crazy.
    I give up on trying to understand Chris’s logic anymore.

    1. Yup just keep lying guys, anything so you can sleep at night pretending not to know the doublethink and the inconveniences you inflict on people on a daily basis. So Ben… if alcohol is not the reason for your childish failures, then what is?

      1. He’ll say pretty much anything to keep his fans in the dark on his and his allies’ dark secrets… which really aren’t secret anymore. And as his fans grow older, they’ll start to realize these things and drop him completely. Boy, when that day comes…

  4. I remember when Ben Wagner actually came out on the blog and he seemed like a nice guy, we were discussing to someone who was wondering what the misconception about the Cheetaman 2 kickstarter was, and Ben Wagner said that he had a copy of the game and that the game was playable.

    And when he seemed to flip-flopped for the 1st time, we actually tough it was one troll using a clone account impersonating him to make him look bad (it has happened to some of us, including Dan himself).

  5. Ben is a 12 year old Troll from Mechanicsburg PA. Look in the Toho Kingdoms forums in the TROLL thread. He made #1 Troll there. Pics of the real Ben are also posted there!!!

    1. Yeah but we have proof that he’s not a 12 year old. But if he is… then I guess he’s been drinking illegally. I refuse to believe that Chris Bores has indoctrinated another child.

      “I matched his IP to several accounts that showed up to nominate him for moderator (is that the action of a sane, logical adult?). The evidence against this guy is pretty convincing, and if he wanted to convince anyone that he is indeed an adult and who he claims to be, he could simply take a photo of himself holding a sheet of paper with the date and a “Hello TK!” greeting–the standard of internet “proof” of identity (writing “Hi /b/ and the current date/time on one’s breasts is generally proof of woman-hood on 4chan, for example). Presumably the face pictured would match the photo given for his profile on the staff page. When challenged, he offers no evidence whatsoever.

      Moreover, I contacted him in Japanese to test his claim to have translation abilities. He could not respond coherently to what I said nor respond to my follow up questions, and of course none of his promised subtitling projects have shown up.

      As for videos on YoutTube… do we have any way of knowing where they came from? The vast majority of the videos on his channel are clearly not his work, so we know he knows how to rip vids from other sources and upload them on his channel (including the hilarious Japanese political videos that correspond with the child Ben’s Facebook page, which has existed since long before this controversy began but was deleted as soon as he was found out).

      Don’t be fooled.”

      So it turns out that Ben Wagner doesn’t have a job as a translator… he really is a pathological liar. Well at least I know what my next article will probably be about.

      1. Disregard our proof about the not 12 years of age crap. Having looked at the forum in question, I’m convinced that their depiction of him is more accurate.

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