Are you an Idiot for defending the obviously guilty? Why yes you almost certainly are!

EDIT: There was some stuff that was somewhat deep but I realize people won’t like it that much so I removed it and replaced it with some better (more friendly) stuff. This is probably the last article I’m gonna write so I’m not as serious as I am in previous articles.

This article is probably gonna be very short as there simply isn’t a lot of history with Fwanksajerk and the most he can be accused of is enabling people to be assholes. In the previous article I already explained that people can feel compelled to defend positions that simply cannot be held easily (i.e trying to justify nuclear bombing of japan, trying to justify the holocaust.etc)  and while hard to defend stances can be held, it takes a lot of critical and fact based thinking to not look like an idiot. I’m not saying that defending actions such as the aforementioned is wrong in and out of itself because its the why and the how you are defending it that makes it ethically wrong or morally right. There many tough positions in the world and we generally rate ideals and the positions they hold based on the proponents of that argument and how they justify it. For example, if you are trying to argue that people are allowed to use an adblocker you shouldn’t be happy that creators are losing money because of that unless of course you are aiming to look like an ungrateful jackass. Other tough dilemma are abortion (yay or nay, either is a tough one to defend) or increased security at airports. Today’s tough dilemma is the freedom of expression. Is it wrong to express your beliefs even in the most bigoted and poorly researched fashion? The important part to remember is that a good person forced to accept or defend a position that is extremely difficult due to controversial reasons DOES NOT GLORIFY THE ACTION. Pretending that its okay to do something while doing it yourself demonstrates that your only arguing for petty reasons. They do not act or behave as if the controversial action was acceptable or should be repeated.

Unfortunately it seems that Fwanksajerk aka Batdamn’s white knight doesn’t seem to get the picture. You’d think he realized that he just conversed with the hacked batdanmn account but of course he just wanted ever so much to earn a spot on this list. Let me just list the amount of things that would show how stupid and delusional Fwanksajerk is to be picking the position of defending batdamn’s honor:

1. Batdamns many accounts got fragged. Fwanksajerk has been migrating to defend each and every single one. You know… if ladybuggin sents a comment that says “lol welcome back. You’ve been missed. Jdup has been stalking me like a fiend,. hurt feelings and all. ha ~” and the only one stupid enough to be Irate Gamers while knight for the longest time is batdamn how can you claim he’s not batdamn aka Joe Haldnik?

2. An IP address trace shows that Batdamn is still doing the same fucking thing for years now. Fwanksajerk knows who he is. We’ve caught him talking about Joe Haldnik’s wife… And even if that wasn’t him, he spends enough time commenting on his fucking channels to see the comment that references his wife.

3. Consistently acting like Jdup is deleting his posts…. ON JOE HALDNIK’S CHANNEL… NOT LEAVING BEHIND A SINGLE “This post was deleted by the author”… just getting vaporized. He literally just saw 1984 happen in his face and he’s gonna play along because… that’s what Joe’s doing. I’m sorry man but this is where you cross the line of being responsible and to the part of town known as being an asshole who doesn’t give a shit about his cause but rather inconveniencing the people batdamn decides to harass (even more than they already are).

“Oh look, jdup removed his comments again. *yawn*” – Fwanksajerk demonstrating his wonderful ability to not notice someone else getting censored for their opinion. Pro-tip If someone deletes their own comment… It’ll leave a notification of such a thing occurring….

4. Continuing to support Batdamn even though he’s best attempt to defend himself just involves listing a quote and writing something absurdly stupid and acting like that absolves him.

“Mr.Kill Ultra Wrote: “Translation: Lasersquad totally owned me when he said I couldn’t even critique Irate Gamer properly. I’m just gonna say I’m not mad at him or angry. Oh wait that just proves that Lasersquad was right about me making reviews for petty personal reasons. Oh well doublethink AWAY!” Translation: The only way to critique Irate Gamer is to always, always ensure that he’s the only one being criticized and even if AVGN and TGWTG are guilty of such criticisms, double standards will rule the day, so says the IG Blog and the person who continuously edits the IG Wiki. :D”

For those of you who don’t understand what Batdamn did wrong in the above quote… Mr.Kill didn’t write that comment about Irate Gamer… in fact that comment was directed towards asalieri and doesn’t even say anything about Irate Gamer, AVGN or TGWTG. Case in point, bringing up things that have absolutely no reason to be there is just plain stupid and shows that person doing it is very obsessed. Considering that Joe Haldnik feels the need to bring the IG wiki and the fact that Mr.KILL just informed me that Joe attempted to edit the wiki again it’s clear that Joe is VERY VERY BUTTHURT about not being able to write completely autistic descriptions in the wiki. The fact that Mr.Kill’s comment doesn’t even reference Irate Gamer and the manner he should be critiqued shows just how stupid Batdamn is how guilty he is of a double standard himself.

Like wise here’s another attempt to defend himself from Batdamn

“Lasersquad Wrote: “Because I’m sorry but not only is that unbelievable but if you think a sorry from some people who probably didn’t want a feud with him to begin with counts as a free pass then you are completely out of your mind. Sorry doesn’t mean jack shit. A sorry is supposed to mean that you will do something to right your wrong and help the person you wronged.””

There’s something missing from this rebuttal… but I can’t quite put my finger on it…

“Lasersquad Wrote: “Yet here I am seeing his fan (sorry if you are not, and no I’m not really angry at you as much as your lack of seriousness on this issue) giving him the benefit of the doubt on everything. So you are telling me and you honestly expect me to believe this, that Asalieri has been through all the shit I wrote in this article and more, and is not responsible for his behavior in any of those incidents.””

Again there’s generally felling of lacking…. a lacking of wit perhaps… a lacking of an ACTUAL REBUTALL? WHY YES! In Batdamn’s world, simple quoting someone equals being owned while the real world, quoting someone for no reason and not actually proving a rebuttal shows that you are lazy or butthurt about what the other person wrote. Are you trying to take my non-existent ad revenue or something Batdamn? It should be noted that unlike Batdamn I am actually using the word butthurt properly.

And yet despite Batdamn’s complete failure to rebuttal the people who outright defeat his logic on a daily basis or his complete failure to hide: his identity, double standards, poor ethics, pathetic reading comprehension or broken logic Fwanksajerk is right there humping Batdamn’s ass.

Does Fwanksajerk do it well? Unsurprisingly… no

He rarely makes a proper rebuttal and who can blame him? Batdamn’s position is untenable. Batdamn’s position relies way too much on the AVGN TGWTG plagarism fallacy and often just assumes that the opposition hates Irate Gamer just because AVGN and TGWTG exists. His latest statements that IG has never stolen from AVGN is the dumbest I have ever heard and he can repeat it as many times as he wants but his opposition will not be impressed. Batdamn thinks that bringing AVGN or TGWTG to table when ever someone has something negative to say about Irate Gamer is a valid move. The end result is that position has decayed to where it is now to the point that someone who has been mentioned on this blog wayyyy too many times (Mr.KILL) talking about Asalieri will get bashed with AVGN and TGWTG accusations. The fact that Fwanksajerk still tries to hold the dumbest position since fighting natives with our ammo box locked and the key missing (battle of Isandhlwana). Its a battle was lost from the beginning especially since there’s no way to win when batdamn’s only objective is to feed his ego which never seems to be satisfied and refuses to understand humility

There is some hope for Fwanksajerk though. He is right at times especially when he says he’s not Joe Haldnik. The numbers definitely support that fact. He also does live up to his name given that he has no manners and couldn’t be bothered to actually notify me or reply back and instead just clicked the links like an obedient dog and not bother writing anything back. “Manners are their own reward gentlemen!” -Bossk

There’s also the fact that he sometimes demonstrates critical and insightful thinking. Hell I think the reason why he doesn’t write anything is that Fwanksajerk only replies when he is sure that he knows what he’s doing. Unfortunately this tactic may be successful but only when if you get it right all the time and when you fuck up, it becomes very noticeable.

Here’s an article from dynamite ninja’s blog which I made fun of but unless its not obvious yet I didn’t mean for any of the insults to be credible or even proper.

Since Joe got his CC account fragged the only saved comment that fwanksajerk made happens to be on the blog about him.

fwanksabitch posted ignorance:

“Kill Ultra thinks someone (Asalieri) changing their views on someone (IG) is being “two-faced.” LOL, okay. :)”

Yeah GOOD JOB THERE FWANKSAJERK! YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO USE A DICTIONARY! You definitely gave Asalieri the free pass on the Irate Gamer RAR that he desperately wanted me to give him. Want to know why you are on this list? You made me mention Mr.Kill AGAIN (oh and you’re a massive idiot).

Mr.KILL I am so sorry that your name has ended way more than it should have on a blog about dumb people. I don’t know if you are dumb and personally don’t think you are given your work and your occupation but for goodness sakes stupid people won’t stop trying to troll or misrepresent you. I haven’t mentioned any of the other members of the Irate Gamer sucks blog more than I have you and I am ashamed to write your name here even though I am not making fun of you especially since I managed to make it look like I had sent you a real virus.

Since Fwanksajerk posts very irregularly, screw ups like not knowing the definition of two-faced when used to describe a person (hint: its the same as hypocrisy) even more noticable and devastating to his credibility.

Going back to the first paragraph we can see that Fwanksajerk doesn’t really contribute anything to the discussion about freedom of speech. He clearly only supports batdamn because he likes writing very stupid and insulting crap that has every indication of being completely wrong. You can’t argue that someone else is right when you make it clear that you’re being biased or hypocritical. People are just gonna laugh at you and when its the internet acting like you like someone without any evidence or reasons for that makes you look like a puppet account. Why does fwanksajerk like Batdamn so much? Why does he think what Batdamn likes is acceptable and that its okay to make fun of people without any real evidence?

Before I end this article I would like to note that Fwanksajerk can actually write some pretty smart shit. Take a look at his top comment here


fwanksajerk 3 months ago

-give up on men

-because a fucking 12 year old troll

By that reasoning, it’s acceptable to say white people “give up” on black people because of thug culture.

Really, you and other autistic hypersensitive tools are contributing to the decline.

· 8 in reply to Hannah Sefton
His attempt to call Hannah Sefton an autistic hypersensitive tool is actually surprisingly accurate given what Sefton has subscribed to and good majority of her conspiracy theorist comments. I’m pretty sure that constantly spouting ridiculously paranoid statements in a casual conversation counts as rather autistic and incase Sefton is reading this… if someone sends you something disgusting in a private inbox message… you should report them to the admin and pretend nothing happened. I think it was a smart comment but in all honesty given Fwanksajerk’s nature of poor conversational awareness… It’s up to you to decide if his comment was smart or utterly stupid but appears intelligent at a rough glance
Fwanksajerk is an idiot when to comes to defending Batdamn. But considering the odds and who he’s trying to defend… who can blame him?

9 thoughts on “Are you an Idiot for defending the obviously guilty? Why yes you almost certainly are!

    1. I would love too. But I’m afraid that I’ve used all the information I have gathered and due to the my current heavy workload, I am ill-equiped for the job. Hopefully my partner will have something to say.

      1. Well the latest hijinks of Asa is targeting the Repro Makers (the guys behind NES reproduction carts)

        he targeted the biggest 3, NESreproductions, Gamereproductions, and Timewalk Games.

        He was accompanied by another guy called Protitus, who suposedly makes cheaper Repros too.

        And the whole thing was just them throwing dirt and cherry-picking on their FAQs, all while throwing some points that may be valid, (such as Timewalk offering repros of Re-translated games that were licensed officialy like the FInal Fantasy SNES trilogy).

        Look at the 3 videos when you have time, He’s whole jist was just to promote this other guy Protitus, by discrediting and difamating the other guys, with his attitude of, give a better service to your costumes, he did bring up a guy in the 3rd video, but knowing Asalieri, i am not sure if his testimony is veridical.

        And i contacted this protitus guy for asking for a repro for Sweet Home, on his facebook and he told me.


    1. And if you need material, i exchange dialog with both Protitus and Leon (, and here is some evidence that Asa was just attempting to “promote” his people, by discrediting others.



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