Disposable douches, Eric Gauge Sells out!

Asalieri has asked me to use his real name because he doesn’t want to be known as a troll which is fine by me because trolls are people who do it for fun and don’t want to hurt people. Asalieri has made an E-career out of hurting people so I guess its okay for him to be known as a criminal and as a slanderer than a troll.

Well I’ve decided its time to write about #3 again. I honestly think he should have gotten first place because quite frankly, the damage Asalieri does is a lot more than any one else on the list has.  But before I go on, I would like to point out that operation Cowabunga dog shiet is already over and that it consisted of making this blog, tricking Irate Gamer fans into thinking this was legit and then letting them know exactly why they’ll never have a real intellectual backing them up because they’re idiots.

From here on in I don’t really have any more material planned and I don’t intend to keep this blog going. After all, its important to worry about one’s own career and education before cyber-activism and things that other people can do. The other reason I don’t want to keep this going is because I don’t own this blog and it was started by Batdansucks, who has gone silent. This could mean he has set me up (a triple cross?) or he’s just lazy, either way if  I’m gonna make this a hobby it’ll be by making sure the there’s no way someone could just edit or delete all the work I’ve done via misplaced trust.

If you really want to fight assholes like Asalieri then start your own blog. I’m sure that if you’re dedicated enough, you’ll manage just fine. Heck this is the first time I have ever ran or operated a blog. All it takes is a little innovation , some patience and in no time you’ll be owning trolls faster than Chris Bores or Eric Gauge ruin their own credibility.

That said there’s some worth pointing out in Asalieri’s recent moves against reproduction cartridges. Asalieri is a money grubbing asshole and is willing to promote and be as two-faced as possible to get a cut of the profits. No where is this more prominent then in Asalieri’s current promotion of protitus.


For those who don’t know about reproduction cartridges, imagine if you wanted to play an old NES game that’s not on sale any where, like say ‘HACK ATTACK’. You could download the rom and play it on an emulator but that would suck balls because you’re not using an NES controller nor are you getting an authentic experience (You could just plug in an NES controller but I’ll talk about that later). This is where reproduction cartridges come in, as you can contact a private business of which will be happy to reproduce the game for you and send you a cartridge. The best part about the reproduction cartridge method is that you can get cool custom cases, manuals or other nifty things depending on the business you bought it from. There’s only one slight problem with this, It’s still piracy! It’s very rare for a private business to be licensed to make those cartridges or have rights to the code that goes on that cartridge. But the piracy issue is practically a non-issue now days because quite frankly even if you bought the game legally, the money you spent wouldn’t have gone to the developer and to top it off Companies don’t give a shit about repro cartridges. So the fact of the matter is, if you absolutely want a physical copy of the game, its best to buy from the cheapest, quality assured repro cart seller.

Oh wait, this article is about Asalieri, the guy who is so nice, he constantly wants to screw his fans over. Asalieri is advertising for Protist (a repro cart maker), who on average sells 62% higher than his competitors. Asalieri tries to justify this by saying that Protist’s competitors are incompetent so its worth the cost. Yeah and I guess you breathe air unless you’ve paid extra money to filter it. You might think I’m being mean here but quite frankly his complains about their services just come out of nowhere and none of them make any sense. Asalieri has a huge problem with making shit up, from thinking IMDB is not a wiki to just making up lies about someone’s career. Just take a look at his RAR of linkara, his friend (who is clearly too stupid to write that script) begins by saying that linkara is always getting his facts wrong and has no idea how to review comic book. it only takes a short Google search to see that’s not right. When you criticize or otherwise insult someone, you have to make it clear what evidence you are using. Just saying “Mr.X is a fatass loser who can’t do anything” is just slander and you are clearly trying to incite something by throwing that insult carelessly. Asalieri does this repeatedly throughout part 1 to 3, from stating that the other business’s (NESReproductions.com, TimeWalk and Gamereproductions) don’t sell functioning repro cartridges and don’t sell them on time. Because that’s not insulting or slanderous right?

I just love the description for the first part of his ‘Reviewing A Reviewer Special! Repromakers Part 1: Timewalk’.

“As always, please don’t wage wars on these people in my name, I don’t endorse attacks on anyone, I simply give my perspective and that is all.” – Eric Gauge, Aka guy who asked people to die in a fire and conjectured multipled times that TGWTG is a hell hole. Also guy who says I don’t give him the benefit of the doubt. I really should start a hypocrite counter sometime…

You don’t want people to wage wars in your name Asalieri because you know you will lose. Every single fucking time you try to pretend that you don’t want these flame wars, that you’re the victim here. Uh no… Okay NO. You do not throw your information around so carelessly and so poorly worded and pretend that you are the victim. That is contempt of court quality bullshit. You are blatantly lying about other people and committing sabotage. It makes me wonder substantially too, Protist charges over 62% on average from his competitors. How much of that money is going towards Asalieri. This isn’t the first time Asalieri has tried to make big bucks off of being a slanderous asshole. The first amendment doesn’t cover the consequences of your personal opinion. Every person you ripped off by lying to them Asalieri can legally sue you for your actions but I wouldn’t be surprised if no one sued you, because people tend to smarter than you.

Asalieri’s bullshit rant against Protist’s competitors is a hilarious 60 minute long quote mine fest that boils down to “They wrote someone that sounds vaguely suspicous, let’s not give them the benefit of the doubt and call it embezzling!”. I’d do a recap but I just don’t have the patience to sit through that 60 minute crap again.

My Highlight of the 60 minute rant:

Asalieri and Protist talk about Timewalk’s announcement about becoming a closed community before becoming open again in order to prevent backlog.

“at which point they’ll probably reopen back up to the public because its kinda stupid to run a business where you can’t have new customers” – Idiot 1

“Well they say its not a business” – Idiot 2

“Well if its not a business then why do they have hundreds of orders?” – Idiot 1

Beep boop beep boop google search


  1. A person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade.

Note the word “regular” and on the time walk site it says that the repro business is not their main occupation. It should be noted that Business’s are required to pay money and if Protist is trying to say he’s a business then he’s fucked because he just admitted to breaking several if not hundreds of laws. Gotta love what Idiot 1 says about orders, because orders make a business and so that means if you are a child and are asked by your parents to clean up the house, you are a business and therefore should pay taxes due to your compliance to your parent’s household order queue. Orders  does not equal business. You can provide services, but that does not make you a business!

Special Thanks to Kiki. As per usual, I ‘ll probably make edits and make this long article even longer. So feel free to comment and bring things to my attention.

Edit: It appears that Asalieri is trying to tell everyone that he has anti-social personality disorder since he keeps claiming that his actions have no consequences.  As seen here:

Someone asks him why he feels the need to sabotage people who just want to make money doing what they love. Given that Asalieri has repeatedly attempted to monetize his own work its an important question to ask. Rather then just rub it off using freedom of speech “It’s my opinion” (which fails because freedom of speech means you are RESPONSIBLE for what you say and NOT that you can say whatever you want. Go ahead, try running out onto the streets and saying you’ll stab someone to death, then when you go to court, try claiming freedom of speech. Enjoy your time in jail!) Asalieri decides he wants to prove to everyone just how completely out of touch reality he is.

He writes “who me?” as if to say he doesn’t do that. If asalieri was the person who could read and statement properly without taking it out of context or understand that other people have different tastes then he could probably write that. But no, this is asalieri, the guy who has to quote mine and misrepresent the fuck out of everything. I just don’t get why he hasn’t sent his resume to Fox news, they love sensationalism.  But I digress, Anti-social personality disorder is the disorder in which an individual does things for the sake of doing them and feels no guilt or frustration for the people who got hurt. You may actually be surprised to know that this disorder is very common and in fact a lot of people can exhibit this though unusually not at a universal level. For example, racists will exhibit anti-social personality disorder towards the race they don’t like. Ever hear someone say something like “we should prosecute ________ for _______”? Those kinds of remarks can get you in jail.



And no amount of “That’s my opinion” helped them in court. While these people have it in selective applicability, Asalieri has it at a universal level, which makes it much worse since he feels the need to be vocal as well. So who does Asalieri hate? Practically anyone who earns money from having people willingly convinced to give them money apparently. But this means that he should hate just about every service provider ever, even youtube, since people invest in google stock (and youtube is apart of that stock) even though by Asaloeri’s definitions, they wouldn’t have earned the right. As a result it seems that Asalieri simply can’t keep his goddamn story straight, does he hate a project because its audience is too niche? Or does he hate the project because he thinks they don’t need money to make things happen? Either way reflects poorly on him since if its too niche then he is an asshole for claiming what people can and can’t spend their money on and if he thinks they don’t need money then he’s an idiot for not understanding economics since there is clear difference between a fat moron giving anti-social and bigoted statements in front of a webcam and actual entertainment which people are willing to pay to watch. Regardless, when ever pressed with why he does the stupid poorly thought out “opinions” he simply says “its my opinion” and then some bullshit about how you are butthurt because his opinions don’t have consequences. Which brings me to my favorite excuse he has made:

“I didn’t incite or endorse any bullying of AVGN, all I did was call him a greedy money whore.”

Yeah I’m just gonna let you read that last part several times. Is this statement supposed to be a comedic irony statement? It isn’t because Asalieri doesn’t know how to be funny much less how to critique anything since he has no real standards for reviewing so then why exactly did he add that last part? Greedy and whore have connotations but just for those who don’t know what those are let’s have a look:

Greedy definition: An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth: “Many . . . attach to competition the stigma of selfish greed” ( Henry Fawcett).

So essentially by calling someone greedy you are saying the have things which they do not deserve. AND BY extension you are saying that people should take away the things they do not deserve

Whore definition: A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain.

So not only is Asalieri using a sexist term which is attached to male entitlement (its a long story but I’ll tell you if you really really want) he’s saying that AVGN is untrustworthy and has defiled all the people who trusted him. It should be noted that whore is associated with disease and impurity.

But hey, let’s give Asalieri the benefit of the doubt because I totally have him to give him that in the face of concrete evidence (maybe if you decided to write angry comments and then not send them….)! Let’s see what happens to people who are labeled greedy:


Hmmm  six million dead because someone decided to label people…? I wonder what happens to people labeled as whores:




OH NOES Century of woman abuse and gender disenfranchisement because people don’t like the word whore? Hmmm maybe I’m getting to something important, like how words aren’t just words. They have meanings and the instill emotion. It’s CALLED COMMUNICATION Asalieri, if you don’t understand what the consequences are when you communicate insults and threats towards people knowing damn well that you are leading a group of opportunists then no amount of “Who me?” is gonna save you when someone actually decides to sue you. And you can ignore your guilt as long as you want because it not the guilt you should be afraid of Asalieri, its the people you’ve offended and whose concerns you’ve blown off to the point that you don’t even deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore; because you’ve long since proven that you are just that kind of irredeemable person.

Dissocial personality disorder

The World Health Organization‘s International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, tenth edition (ICD-10), defines a conceptually similar disorder to ASPD called (F60.2) Dissocial personality disorder, “usually coming to attention because of a gross disparity between behaviour and the prevailing social norms”.[16][1]

It is characterized by at least 3 of the following:
  1. Callous unconcern for the feelings of others;
  2. Gross and persistent attitude of irresponsibility and disregard for social norms, rules, and obligations;
  3. Incapacity to maintain enduring relationships, though having no difficulty in establishing them;
  4. Very low tolerance to frustration and a low threshold for discharge of aggression, including violence;
  5. Incapacity to experience guilt or to profit from experience, particularly punishment;
  6. Marked readiness to blame others or to offer plausible rationalizations for the behavior that has brought the person into conflict with society.

You score 6 out of 6 Asalieri, and no I’m not exaggerating.

114 thoughts on “Disposable douches, Eric Gauge Sells out!

  1. Right now i will like to direct you to an article i posted at DigitPress


    Unfortunely it seem that it was turned off track and become inactive, but you can see some posts about it, oh an my evidence.

    As i mentioned before, i exchanged a couple of Mails with Leon from NESreproductions and even sent him a nice custom label i made myself btw.



    And BTW Leon mentioned that he has actually appeared in publication from people satisfied with his work, he even sent me this:


    Leon was actually really nice and if you look at the times stamps, he was pretty fast on repsonding and very resourceful contrary to what the 3rd guy in part 3 of Asa video said about the 3 groups.

    Leon even mentioned he appeared in an MTV artcile, that he didnt have any link anymore, but google is our savior:


    THis pretty much proofs how easy one can debunk Asalieri and his goons claims if they even overcome the “Oh, Asa said this and showed that, so i am not gonna compare back to back and go only for his words”.

    1. i noticed at reading the comments on the 3 parts, there isn’t any negative comments towards them, my guess is that Asalieri guess and deletes the comments that aren’t “positive”.

      however it should still show a message like, Comment removed, or something.

      i showed the full screen-cap to demonstrate that the negative comments weren’t fake nor photo-shopped.

      So i am not sure if YT’s management had anything to do with it, Or is just Asa.

      1. It will only show comment removed if the poster removes it, otherwise if the uploader (in this case Asa) removes the comment its as if it never existed. Too bad for him you took that S.C.
        Anyways just want to say great job Laser and Kiki. You guys got him again committing slander.

  2. Damn it, I Knew it!, I Knew that YT’s management only made things worse, now you bet Asalieri (or in defect, people like him) will use the excuse of “What negative comments” and “Those screen-caps are Easy to Fake” to cover his own ass.

    This should be let known widespread to let people know that THIS is a problem.

    Not anyone has the patience nor the timing to take screen-caps of any comments, specially since they can be removed and it will look like they were never there.

    And of course Asalieri is taking advantage of this.

  3. Oh, now he’s going after Doug Walker’s indiegogo campaign. What is his problem with people having jobs on the internet? Is it because they actually make money on their work?

    If that is the case, then I have to tell both him and anyone who believes in that – YOU ARE A FREAKING IDIOT!!

    In real life, money makes the world go round. It’s all well and good to be talking about how a hobby should be for fun, and not something that evolves into a full-time job, but in the real world, you need money. You know all that camera equipment, lighting, editing software, and of course, computers used to make one’s videos? You need to keep all of those in good shape, you need to replace anything if it goes faulty, you need to purchase copies of the material you are reviewing, you need food so you don’t die of starvation, etc.

    That being said, of course I’m not saying one should only be about the money. But what gives Asa the idea that all these video producers and people who do online fundraisers are only in it for the money? I hate to agree with the villain, but the Joker is right – “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”. Many musicians, writers and filmmakers are doing jobs that started as a hobby, so is he against them too? You need money to survive in the real world!

    Yeah, it’d be nice if such things were absolutely free, but how the hell do you think they’d pay for simple things such as, oh, I don’t know, standard maintenance and upkeep of their studio and equipment?

  4. Honestly tough, i might need to make a blog myself, just in case people forget about this blog, and i know lasersquad doesnt really look at this blog like before, but i will try to do my best to provide evidence and anything that can be proven as veridical

    So until then:

    1. I’m just a guest here, but I’ve been waiting for someone to call out this prick. However his latest video’s attacking TGWTG is about someone who donated 65000 to the Indiegogo campaign and will be receiving a cameo spot on a future episode. He immediately assumes the guy is obese (although I have feeling that majority of Asalieri’s fanbase probably fall into the morbidly obese category). He’s even asked his fans to send in there own artwork on what the donator looks like (he even refers to him as Clarence).

      1. Ok, there is no way Asalieri can take this as a Joke right now, him slandering James Rolfe, the Entire Channel Awesome Staff and others is bad enough, but now him targetting someone just for supporting the people that Asa Hates (loves to hate)

  5. What keeps bugging me is that, while there has been slowly been people opening their eyes and getting over the fear to criticize asalieri, he is still gets away with what he does, and keeps doing so, and despite the fact taht he does flat out malicious behavior, as well as malicious trolling and flamming, most people dont threath him like a troll or an internet douche, most people actually threath him as an actual celebrity, despite of what he has done.

    Then again he has on his side people like Emer (hellsing920, look at the comment he made BTW on my last screencap) and RandomDCE (who jumped in to the “James Rolfe is the devil” because of Asa, and he supports his “work)

    1. The sad thing is (although it’s hard to feel sorry for Asalieri) is that Doug Walker and James Rolf probably don’t even know who he is or care about the videos he’s posted about them. I seen his twitter feed and one string is basically him wondering why anyone from TGWTG hasn’t responded to his videos. The thing is TGWTG is basically a business, they produce videos to entertain and educate, if they dropped everything just to respond to one man who has no life outside of a one-sided grudge, that only exists because Doug has managed to accomplish more in few short years, than Eric has in his entire life than membership to that site or viewership would drop fast and the fact that several video producers have actual lives aside from their jobs at TGWTG.

      1. though even if they ignore him, that didn’t stop eric in his shenanigans, because the whole thing of ignoring an asshole sadly doesn’t work if the asshole is insane, because he is more of a problem, and you don’t ignore problems, they don’t go away.

  6. Oh Dear God, he actually DID IT

    He actually make a video asking his goons (because quite honestly, there is no other way i can describe Asa’s followers since they dont even have actual human standarts of questioning acts) to draw pictures of someone that donated money to Doug.

    Asa, you sociopathic turd.

    1. oh and btw, for some reason when i try to use the option of sorting comments by thread, it doesn’t respond, and it has happened to me again with other video that asa did.

    2. It’s pathetic when you celebrate your birthday by having your henchmen send in drawings, just so you can your jollies by laughing at someone you don’t even know. Also what’s his deal if the guys fat? Asa probably (or will) weight more then the guy he’s making fun of in question.

      Also found a viewer on the video who called Asa on his bullshit and even mentioned this blog. Here is his response:

      “they never presented a single fact, they back their ‘claims’ up with pictures that don’t support their actual claims and take screenshots out of context and present this as ‘fact’. Then when confronted, they completely ignore what is being presented to them and proceed to alter what I write. That’s just cowardly and it’s obvious the guy isn’t interested in actual discourse. Like I said, you can believe what you like. People with a brain know the real score.” -Asalieri

      1. I think you guys are taking this way to seriously. It is really no different than stereotyping(which is an old stereotype but a stereotype nonetheless) fat acned star wars or star trek nerds. I’m sorry but in all honesty, I think Doug and James would see the humour in this. It really is just a joke(even you think it is a poor one.) But the only thing I still get from this is “He doesn’t like what I like! I hate him!”

      2. And I do believe you are missing the fact that Asalieri is asking people to demonize someone who’s only crime would be giving money to someone Asalieri doesn’t like.

      3. No. Tis the same person. I’m outta of a job again and decided to come back to wherever my boredom takes me. I didn’t know what hell has been happening until I decided to check youtube, sniffed around a bit and find some good old edrama.

      4. Well okay then. No idea why you would change your email address though but I guess that would be private. You’re entitled to your opinion as long as you take the steps to show that you are responsible for your opinion.

      5. “And I do believe you are missing the fact that Asalieri is asking people to demonize someone who’s only crime would be giving money to someone Asalieri doesn’t like.” Yeah that is true, but at the same time way give this any attention? I bet the guy/gal who payed for this isn’t aware of any of this. S/he isn’t hurt or forced into suicide so why bother to fight over something so petty? I mean. I personally think this person maybe a small business owner or something.

      6. All it takes is one rabid fan of Asalieri’s to send the dude a link or something and he’ll be aware of it. Besides what do you suggest? Ignore it until something bad happens? That might be a good idea but on the other hand the point of this blog is show the character behind the people that support Irate Gamer. The fact that Asalieri would go as far to target people who choose to spend their cash is still something worth reporting. There’s a big difference between targeting people who propagate actions and targeting people who haven’t honestly done anything.

      7. Ouch, no I have never had that happen to me. You didn’t even have to tell me that either. For what its worth, I hope that everything works out well for you.

  7. Oh Fuck, ASa really is quick

    and here is the viewo he’s mocking, (Watch this one first, and then TRY to watch Asa’s “mockery”)

    I know a lot of people dont like moviebob and he has done some screw-ups here and there for what i can understand, but what?, as if that makes Eric a better of a person to make fun of him?.

  8. I just wanted to see if I could stop you entering an endless cycle that will never stop. I’ve been to many blogs such as this in the paste and all it is(and still is) an endless cycle. You’re more talented than the Lasersquad, I don’t think you should be wasting you’re energy on this. (Besides Asa can continue to isolate himself with the people and fanboys he knows. I think that a punishment in itself.)

    1. Can i ask, what exactly make’s what we are doing an Endless Cycle?, all we do is inform people to have better understanding.

    2. The point of this blog is not to get Asalieri to recognize it… he already did that! But to get the people who can be roped into his schemes to know better. Asalieri can rant till the end of time, the important thing is that we raise awareness and prevent Asalieri from starting flame wars.

      “Besides Asa can continue to isolate himself with the people and fanboys he knows.”
      Exactly, but it takes effort to contain and stop Asalieri from hurt people who aren’t his fanboys. I don’t even need to begin on the many countless people who have been tricked into believing things that are easily rebuked. Asalieri can have his fanboys, I don’t want them but he can’t have the influence to hurt people. No one is worthy of that ability.

  9. Goodbye for another long while. I think I need to find something else to do than post on something that doesn’t really involve me. (lol sad for me though.) Anyhoo for what it is worth, best of luck Lasersquad.

      1. lol you aren’t the only one to notice that. I guess that is just who I am. sorry. good bye and etc etc.

  10. “Can i ask, what exactly make’s what we are doing an Endless Cycle?, all we do is inform people to have better understanding.” You guys comment on something Asa made, = flame wars of he simply ignores it. rinse and repeat. You could find something damning on him and he’ll ignore it. I just think you could some more productive than do what some many of blogs like this have done in the past. Anyhoo goodbye and best of luck! for whatever that is worth (probably a bag of wooden nickles.)

  11. You could turn you blog writing into maybe writing articles for TGWTG if you work hard enough. And who knows? Maybe you could even become video maker for them. anyhoo what I previously said. Good bye and best of luck.

    1. lol Nice one Kiki. I really liked the 4th S.C. You guys know that one video Moe Lester did with Eric “trying” to mock the IGSB. Take that thumbnail image of Eric crying and post that response he said. Fits perfectly. Looks like the kid just helped us out there.

  12. What if the reason that Asa has been continuing to target Channel Awesome and Cinemassacre is because he knows they have no time to respond to his videos. Although he’ll never admit it, he knows that Channel Awesome is a business and the video producers on that site have a schedule to keep and lives outside of their jobs. Asa probably knows that if he were to take them on directly he would lose (after all he ran away from this site after failing to convince readers that he was victim without any facts to back them up). By targeting a business, he knows that he can say whatever he wants without any fear of reprisal, because they would take a hit by dropping everything just to respond to one guy.

  13. He continues to target people who’ve donated to the Indiegogo campagain

    The guy’s like Fox News, continue to report about the same story over and over again, thinking that it will some how slander his enemies.

    1. you know guys, i know if the asshole see this posts, he will of course use it in his favour to point fingers like usual, but, why hasn’t the “What the donator looks like” video been flagged for harrasment?.

      1. Due to Youtube guidelines, they have to review every complaint. Unless you’re the target of said video, they won’t respond to third party complaints unless it has to due to racism/hate speech or obscene/offensive/pornographic content. We’re also talking about a guy who had his account terminated once before and then came back doing the same shit over again, by basically added a 2 at the end of his account name. Also he tried to point fingers when the first article about him came out, and it ended with him tucking his junk between his legs and making for a hasty retreat.

        Also based on some of his actions mainly playing the victim card, lies/slander against a person for no reason what so ever, expecting to become a celebrity by putting as little effort as possible into your work, and by using his work to target individuals who he believes shouldn’t have the glory (and who have done nothing to him). Depending on who became known first on internet due to their antics, Eric Gaede is quickly becoming Chris-chan 2.0 (someone else has had the title bequeathed onto them, but hell, Eric has worked hard to deserve it.) or Chris-chan is Asalieri 2.0.

      2. Yeah it seems like Asalieri is doing everything possible to be chris chan version 2.0.

        Also: Any Ideas about the next article? what should I write?

      1. i could probably be wrong but, either way, with people like these, (specially Asa) ill say something in-between, not ignoring the problem, but without having to deal with suing.

        Yeah i really don’t have much right now, but seriously, is pretty obvious that ignoring the problem will only gave gateway to him to go even far beyond.

        What i would like also is that the people that stumble upon information from first hand from him or people that support hims (being Hellsing920, InvisibleCrane & RandomDCE among others) don’t just jump on the bandwaggon and actually have standards and values to properly question what these guys are doing, the way they are doing it, and look at their real intentions, and don’t become puppets of his and his people, so that they don’t end hurting and spreading ignorance and lies all over innocent people.

        I know people still think that James Rolfe is the devil and of course many of them not only don’t know that Asa was behind the majority of all, but they also either in the best case scenario, they just “don’t care” or “just want to be friends with him” or just blindly worships him.

      2. Oh, i remember, and that Before the people who don’t know any better and stumble upon their information, don’t act like we are the trolls, the evil sneaky people, the manchildren, etc.

  14. I think some of Eric’s circle jerk members should also have an article. I’d like to see an article of TOGProfessor and Razorfist.

  15. Ben has been harassing me for months. He opens new accounts here and there then tries to friend me with them. He sent me a message from the above channel the day it was opened. Here he is talking to himself on this video. From Timewalk to MrBenWagner. Here he even uses the Timewalk acct to claim he translated and created fansubs for a couple of old Japanese series. Sadly he could not translate himself out of a paper bag.

    He even mentions the Ultra Q subs he created is on this official release yet he actually (and finally) admitted he took the ones I supplied him and claimed he translated and created them. Well, the owner of the channel believes Ben did some of the subtitles on that Ultra Q release. Ben feeds off of that.

    1. Got all the data in a screencap. Haven’t watched the review (for obvious reasons) but I have a good feeling its plagiarized. This is the dude who took another companies work and tried to say he made those subs even when the match up word for word, font for font.

  16. I think that was Daigoro vs. Goliath that Ben Wagner claimed he translated. You do know he used the Ultra Q subtitles I supplied him to pass off on his own to get in the fansubbing group Hi no Tori Fansubbs. I warned HnT about Ben when they announced Ben was a new translator. HnT ignored my warnings. A week later HnT emailes me telling me I was right and Ben lied to them about everything. He submitted a horrible translation for Robot Detective Ep 1. HnT then emailed me telling me I was correct about Ben. They kicked Ben out of the fansubbing group. HnT also chimed in on the Troll thread on Toho Kingdoms forums. Ben then continued to claim the Ultra Q subs I gave him was his own and was being a dick about it. I tild him I would crush his world. Shortly after I told him that, Toho Kingdom looked closed at his ways and outed him. Ben is now harassing me and others from TK’s forums. It was brought to my attention he was doing the same crap here. I felt compelled to smear Bens name here too since he never admitted (till now actually) his lies about the Ultra Q subs. Sadlt he is a slow learner as he is still up to his games. I will be a stick in his side until he goes away forever.

  17. Wow. I actually challenged the guy to block me, and he didn’t. Fail.

    I don’t block people just for leaving negative comments. I block people for leaving rude comments.

    tolchok, you mean like the rude comments you leave here? Should I block you then, for being a total douchebag?

    Go right ahead, it will be one less person giving you the attention you so desperately want. But can I ask you this – what gave you the motivation to spread slander about people on the internet making money? Or does your disdain for earning money online stem from your dislike of the people in question? Do you hate them so much that you want them to starve in poverty? And if you believe that because it’s their job, it becomes work and thus stops being fun…who is to say that one’s job can’t be fun? Were any actors describing being on a film set as fun just lying? Oh, and BTW, the Walkers DID hear of your little accusation of poor OHS on the set of Suburban Knights. They thought it was hilarious (this comes from their commentary on the DVD).

    tolchok: Huh, they found it so hilarious, they didn’t answer the question posed to them on their forums regarding the rumor, instead they banned me instantly. That usually means you have something to hide. It was handled poorly by their end. As for the whole slandering thing, that’s bs. Criticism is not slander, get it through your thick skull already bro. It’s ridiculous to assume that I want these people to starve or live in poverty, what i’d like is some transparency with their fans, and less abuse of their dwindling status. I’d certainly never dream of charging a fan 3500 bucks to have dinner with me + demanding that they pay for airfare and lodging, that’s just plain dickish. But this is merely an opinion, and you should respect that there are people who possess one that runs contrary to your own visions of what is right and honest in this world. You’re the hatemonger here, bro. I hope you realize that you’re no better than what you claim I am, considering your rhetoric.

    They DID explain the full story. Elisa Hansen was merely getting fatigued from a long shoot, but she didn’t want to quit. Also, according to them, you failed to get the gender right, and you came across less as concerned for the wellbeing of their producers, and more “I’m going to take this company down with this horrible story”. They wouldn’t have had to explain the full story if you hadn’t sent any spies there to find out. Don’t start nothing won’t be nothing. And yes, I know all about opinions. However, there’s a line between having one’s opinion and being a complete self-righteous asshat about them. You can have your opinion, but you shouldn’t act like yours is the only one that matters. I’m positive most sane people who dislike Channel Awesome just choose to ignore it and not let it runs their lives.

    1. @Tolchok

      I was wondering which video you left these comments, I’d like to see the full conversation (unless it ends just as you posted) mainly I wanted if who he weasels he way out of explaining the truth.


      For some reason he decides to record the entire incident instead of just posting it as a written article on facebook or something else. In the video description he also plays the victim card:

      “Folks, if you find this acceptable, I suggest you get your heads examined. Like my videos or hate them, I don’t believe anyone deserves this kind of treatment. I certainly hope you can agree for once with me on an issue, detractors. I never would resort to something of this nature under any circumstance. If you would, then congratulations, haters. I am officially a better human being than you, way to go.”

      This coming from the guy how claimed that AVGN was taking money from his detonators to make a film that would never be made, reporting the “crucifixion incident” that never happened during a Channel Awesome taping, and has continued to go after the guy who made a 6500 donation to the Channel Awesome Indiegogo campaign.

      1. This is also the guy who went down to Spoony’s personal address to try and dig up dirt on him. Quite frankly this isn’t new behavior. Asalieri is rather unpopular, with only 6k subscribers which makes sense since he hasn’t really done anything that people want to see. What people want to see are people who deserve it getting what’s coming to them. Poor research and demonization akin to a tabloid magazine is just asking for trouble.

      2. I wrote this on the comments section

        “So, are you really one to talk when you spread rumours about James Rolfe pocketing money and Channel Awesome crucifying one of their crew simply because YOU don’t like THEIR videos?”

        This is a funny comment I got in response.

        “asa doesn’t do what he does out of spite, and nothing he has or will ever do put people in danger. also i just love how you’re pretty much supporting doc-dropping all because this guy had the gull to show negatively toward people you drool over. this is why people look at you as a fanboy.”

        Really? I attempt to call the guy out on his hypocrisy, and someone rushes to his defence by denying his actions (or at the very least, denying that they were done out of spite), and I’M the fanboy?

        Also, no, I don’t support doc-dropping. I’m just saying that the guy probably deserves it. I think he should just move house, and then stop putting out videos that give some people a reason to give out his address or stalk him.

      3. “Also, no, I don’t support doc-dropping”

        I also do not support doc-dropping, hypocritical I know, but I believe that dropping someone’s dox is a necessary action to remind people that their actions have consequences. I believe that while it is not right to reveal personal data on an individual, it still depends on the individual and someone like Asalieri who is constantly harassing people and pretending that he’s better because his victim wouldn’t dignify him should be met with dox dropping.

        “also i just love how you’re pretty much supporting doc-dropping all because this guy had the gull to show negatively toward people you drool over”

        This is the thing that has me the most scared about the internet. Sure there are dumbasses on the internet. But its when people just start believing they can just start indiscriminately labeling people without a second thought that has me scared. I mean how do most genocides start? How does racism and abuse start? This person just essentially said that because you have the reasonable viewpoint of demanding responsible and ethical presentation and work from Asalieri, you’re viewpoint is biased and you have no reason to be allowed to talk. It doesn’t matter if Asalieri completely lied about Jame’s Rolfe or about channel Awesome; this person wants to and has every intention of, living a delusion for the sake of rationalizing their hate. That scares me and is the motivational factor for me starting this blog.

  18. @lasersquad

    Take note of his final thought starting at 10:28. What he basically describes at the end is what he has been doing for years to other people. Also would the police really get involved in this, it seems like they would have better things to do than investigate a fake craigslist ad, that only resulted in a minor annoyance rather then any form of criminal activity.

    1. I had this to say when I was accused of having crap defences of CA…

      “Here’s what’s wrong with Asa’s arguments against TGWTG earning money. You know all that camera equipment, lighting, editing software, and of course, computers used to make one’s videos? You need to keep all of those in good shape, you need to replace anything if it goes faulty, you need food so you don’t die of starvation, etc. With their new studio and equipment, their maintenance and upkeep costs would have likely gone up.”

      Asa replied thusly…

      “and this is his fans’ responsibility..why?”

      Maybe because they’re decent people who want to support a company that puts out material they like? It’s not so different from buying albums to support artists you like.

      I had this to say too…

      “Also, Asa fails to note that maybe the people who donated were not doing so just to get the prizes, but because they are nice, decent people who want to support their favourite shows, a concept that I’m sure is beyond him. He’s trying to prove that deep down, everyone is a sociopathic asshole like him, and he’s failing.”

      And here’s what Asa said in response…

      “I never said they weren’t. In fact, I don’t even focus on their motivation. I DO, however, find it greedy to charge people 6500 to have people hang out with them. Wow, what a sociopath I am! Tolchok, go back to your rule 34 Doug porn, bro.”

      Well that’s a pretty low blow – when you insult a male fan of TGWTG with an ad hominem suggestion that they have a fetish for Doug (not that there’s anything wrong with that, and no, that’s not my kind of porn), you’re proving nothing except your own homophobia.

  19. for now, i am a bit confused, but this caught my attention/

    Thanks IMGUR, it’s nice to knew an image uploader that don’t screw the image quality.

  20. @ misterrileysideas

    It’s seems that there is no point arguing with him, since he’ll never listen or learn for that matter and if you confront him with the bullshit he’s pulled over the years he’ll just try to weasel his way out of it or claim he never made a big deal out of it in the first place.

    I tried to confront him on why this happened to him (bringing up the AVGN movie, and CA crucifixion incident), for the AVGN movie he responds with “That was a matter of opinion. I never actually accused him of this.”

    As for the crucifixion incident he claims that Channel Awesome is denying it or hiding facts. Also his goon squad will vote down your comment so the casual viewer will glance over it without actually checking it out. I know it’s a problem to let him continue to slander and bully people, but with incidents like this and according to ED’s article about his wife, I feel it’s best to let nature take it’s course with Eric.

      1. It’s a Facebook post and because you have to have an account to view his posts here’s an image instead that describes what I’m saying:

  21. BTW on IGSucksblogs, Shaolin Dave said something that caught my attention

    “Hey speaking of the flame war against his critics, why did he blame this prank on someone who hates his YouTube videos? Didn’t he say he has no idea who did it?”

    1. He really put TOG in his place. 13:24-17:08 in the video sums up everything I felt about TOG video on Iwatecommentary’s video. If wearing a cape is distracting and takes away your points then I guess using stock images of naked anime girls (trying to appease the lowest common denominator) must make him distracting and take away his points as well. There’s a common theme between Eric and his circlejerk members: they don’t want to follow their own logic.

      1. well you still owe us that post about encouring people to not let themselves get destroyed nor demoralized by Asalieri and people like him.

        i bet is the right choice, also remember the suggestions i gave for that threadh?

      2. Either I don’t remember or it was something along the lines of teaching people to stop taking the information at face value. Either way I guess I’ll get off my ass, make the next post and include this video in as a bonus.

      3. The current page is password protected because its not finished. I haven’t really written anything yet but you can expect something at the end of this week.

  22. It is disgusting and it doesn’t surprise me either Gloin. Game Boob did a lot for Eric and look how he treated him siding with Hellsing (he should be lucky David buried the hatchet). Heck even some of his fans get berated by him. On Razorfist video of new Metal gear Rising review unfortunatewill, (I’ll even add one of the few smart Asa fans) disagreed with Razorfist and Eric berated him by calling him a fanboy to the game. It just goes to show if you’re not popular and/or kiss his ass he has no respect towards people.

    1. You are the real “Thats Doable” from YT Right?

      (sorry for asking but we have a stupid kid called Ben Wagner using so many fake accounts and giving us crap in other topic)

      Oh no, i just noticed, Benny Wagner (asumming its him) is commenting on that video, that cant be good.

      1. Eh what could Ben Wagner do? We hate him so if anything the best Ben Wagner could do is just lie about what he’s gonna do to Asalieri (which appears to be taking pictures of his wife… because that’s what stupid people do I guess). Meanwhile the real detractors of Asalieri will be pointing out the parts that count, the fact that Asalieri is just literally getting off on the lulz and the reason why he can’t keep a story straight or represent a case properly would be because that doing those things would prevent unnecessary drama.

    1. You beat me to the punch lol. Yeah that is pathetic. He’s taking this way too far. I don’t know if that was him in the car or not but that phone call alone is proof enough that he threatens violence on people.

    2. Sweet Jesus, i am noticing how many MANY people are switching the blame to Kyle just because he uploaded the video and because Eric showed his ugly account on teh comments, like the creepy stalker he is.

      “Oh yeah, how dare you Kyle to show that Asa is a creepy stalker, this was lauuuwww of you, hhow deeeeeeeeeerrrr uuuuuuuuuu”

      “Let’s ignore what Asa did”.

      This people have no morals or brain cells.

      1. I Mean Asa Stalking on Spoony and triying to dig up dirt on him wasnt a good enough of a red alert to show us Asa is a twisted fuck?

        Oh noes, we haet Spoony because of what happened to him, TGWTG, JesuOtaku and Lupa, even if he apologized and has become better, Asa is our hero, so we are ok to what he does.”

      2. Don’t worry about them. His circlejerk members and one fanboy as of right now are the only ones that think Kyle is at fault other people aren’t shifting the blame to Kyle. The sad truth is Eric will always have his loyal followers there’s no way of getting around this. There’s something that I’ve learned in debating and giving speeches. If only one person sees your point of view and decides to agree with you, that’s all that counts because in this case that’s one less person that’s listening to Eric.

      3. If this is how they act when someone shows he’s a stalker, imagine what they’ll do when he actually physically hurts someone! It’s really pathetic how the regular fans have started questioning Mr. Gaede’s behavior while the fanboys are still completely brainwashed. The only way they’ll actually wake up is if 1. Asa manages to hurt them in some way, or 2. he finally comes clean, both of which he’ll probably never do at all at this point.

  23. What’s even more pathetic is that the fanbase will still probably try to claim that Asa is right. These people seriously need to take off the blindfolds and actually look at what’s being presented to them.

  24. Oh boy………So he has to remember teh good times you had with him, EVEN AFTER YOU PRETTY MUCH BACK STABBED HIM?

    that would be like someone you used to be friends tried to hurt a love one of a close person to you with something really horrible, and after sometimes, you kinda want to forgive him, because you remember the good times you had with that person.

    No, if that person really did try some malice and Harm to you or that love one, you stop him and TAKE PRECAUTIONS from him hurting you again,m since he is a dangerous bad person!.

      1. Cable outage with teksavvy still ongoing. Artilce will not require password and will be unlocked when finished… assuming I get internet back because I refuse to work on public computers that constantly freaking lag when I so much as type 5 letters a second.

  25. By the way, i probably should keep this for later but, i am actually in the process of buying a Repro from Nesreproductions, and i will posts my toughts in a blog which i will create sooner and here if you guys wish.

    1. WOW! I thought SkyBlueMonty held the title for kiss asses but this kid, I think he’s just dethroned him. This video pretty much can be summed up as: “I’m jealous that you were in Asa videos, upset that you’re not friends with him anymore, and look at me Asa I want to be in your videos.” Honestly did he not watch the video that he’s attacking? This kid just ignored Asa leaving a threating phone call, and stalking his house. Would any rational person go up to Asa and try to talk to him? NO!

  26. Well TrenchcoatPayne just took a S.C. of Asa claiming he’s going to stop doing RAR and only do it if people ask him to do one. I wonder how long this will last.
    Prove us wrong Eric. Keep your word.

    1. So he’ll stop doing RAR, but will he keep doing his own personal attack videos against his common targets without them being having RAR attached to them? He’s been making videos about the donor for awhile, but they have not had RAR precede it. So while he may not do RAR, he’ll probably continue to make videos attacking Channel Awesome, AVGN, etc.. because lets face it, he apparently has nothing better to do than to harp on these for very trivial matters.

      1. Yeah you’re right Jason. He will continue to do that.
        Looking at some images and I can across this picture. I think this sums up Eric in a nutshell:

      1. Lol yeah I can see how that fits Razorfist as well.
        Our boy DrCaulder just made another video check it out guys:

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