Ben Wagner: The Real Story

:Well It turns out the original information about Ben Wagner is incorrect. To be fair this is the internet and quite frankly unless you have the tools to track someone, the best you’ve got is leaked information. Leaked information can be controlled and the previous article was based on an image of a guy holding a drink on a blog Ben Wagner ran with the words ‘my alcohol problem’ on it. It seems that while Ben Wagner was trying to scam the Irate Gamer sucks blog by doing absolutely no worthwhile damage, Ben Wagner was also trying to scam the Toho Kingdom forum, which also did absolutely no worthwhile damage.

Special thanks to POPSJNR for providing the information. Its a shame he didn’t provide a link and I had to search myself, but I wouldn’t have found out if not for him.

I’ll finish up this article when I have the time, but in the meantime I’ll just leave this link here for the people who want to find out immediately.

Edit: and this quote too because writing out everything Ben’s done would be way too hard

“Re: Has TohoKingdom Forum Ever Experience Any Trolls?

Postby Jomei » Fri Jun 07, 2013 1:31 pm

o.supreme wrote:So… who wrote the “Toho in America” articles? (my apologies for sounding ignorant just requesting clarification)…

Good question. I can’t say for certain, but it’s clear by now that stealing other people’s work is this guy’s modus operandi.

If you look back at benthemanner’s old posts, you can find him getting called out on stealing images and claiming they are items from his collection. He promptly edits the images out and never replies. On his fake wife’s profile, there is no picture, but I am told he previously had an image of a popular model/actress on the page–before getting called out and removing it.


And yes, this is one for the books for sure. I have to thank Masonwerx for getting me and yaburu on the trail of the whole thing, and the “ben wagner troll” as we’ve called him has also been helpful today in providing confirmation on some info.”

Alrighty then I now have time to actually write things that aren’t related to a highly compressed work schedule. So without further mystery I will now reveal all the information I have uncovered.

Little is known about the real Ben Wagner. He may be a 12 year old kid as evidenced by his behavior and his shutdown facebook page (with a picture of a really chubby kid). He’s definitely not any of the adults in the pictures Ben has used to fake his ID as those people have actually called and said that they aren’t Ben. Regardless it doesn’t matter who Ben Wagner is in Real life, he’ll always be a loser and psychopath on the internet. Now what I said isn’t even slanderous because its true. Ben Wagner has repeated attempted to infiltrate sites by faking his credentials and showing someone else’s work and claiming that he did it. He tried this on a fansubbing (Hi no Tori Fansub) group then the toho forums (which is another subbing group) before finally deciding that he hadn’t failed enough and decided to troll the Irate Gamer sucks blog.

We already know what happened with the Irate Gamer sucks blog (recap: Idiot says he hates IG, Says he owns cheetahman reboot, says he loves the cheetahman reboot, gets pressed for a video and then shows up as David Sams writing stupid shit and forgot to note that his avatar is the same picture as the one his ‘main’ account has on his photobucket. Decides to say that he loves Irate Gamer before making a very juvenile exit. As a commentary, I do believe that Ben and Irate Gamer should really trade notes, after all they both love plagiarism and being an asshole with very loose morals.) but what about the other websites that got buzzed by Ben Wagner. On average Ben Wagner lasted about two weeks before getting owned or ousted which to be fair isn’t a long time since he spent all his effort towards making authoritative statements and then stalling for time when pressed to put your money where your mouth is. Banks give people at least 3 or so weeks before they disclose on them so it reflects on how poor Ben Wagner is at maintaining his cover or at the very least, not excessively taking risks.

To begin with (and I do hope this is the first time Ben Wagner was caught red handed) he tried to gain access to Hi No Tori fansubs. They gave him the job (despite being warned earlier not to by POPSJNR, though to be fair, I have no Idea what message Hi No Tori  received and they’re pretty hush about it on their forums.. i.e I can’t find any information on the incident besides what they told Toho.) and tasked him with the first episode of Robot Detective. Since Ben Wagner has issues understanding exactly what the job of Translator involves, the sub looked like shit and it wasn’t long before he was fired.

How Bad would Lasersquad (me) and Batdansucks have to have fucked up to reach Ben Wagner’s level: In order to reach this level of fuck-up-ness Batdansucks would have to have promised Ladybuggin777 and interview and then post the interview on the blog in windings3. It would have to be so obvious that we hated them that the posted interview would look like this:



Oh yes that’s right Wingdings doesn’t display in word press, my bad! We’re still butt buddies right Chris? Look on the bright side Chris, I HATE YOU but at least I’m not delusional enough to submit a video with subtitles that don’t form coherent english sentences… you know that language I’m supposed to be fluent in? in addition to my false claim of being proficient in Japanese?”

Ben Wagner is one hell of translator folks, he’s so good at communication that he can’t write a proper English sentence. Could be worse… I mean Hi No Tori could have asked Ben Wagner to translate English to English… since its clear that only language that Ben Wagner is actually proficient in is moron. Maybe they should tasked Ben Wagner with Translating Japanese to Moron, because that more accurately describe Ben Wagner’s subbing of Robot Detective. Someone should totally upload that on youtube just to show how bad Ben is at translating.

But I must digress about Ben’s poor translation skills for I must now talk about his attempt to ‘pwn’ Toho Kingdoms. He decided to make an account called benthemanner since if it wasn’t already apparent that Ben Wagner has severe insecurities, Ben wants to form the illusion that he is a man and that he is capable of having manners

“You can suck a bag of dicks, at this point. Go fuck yourself. I bet your just a troll who lives in his mother’s basement, and watches tons of Gay Porn.” – Ben Wagner

“Please delete those posts I made, about you, my apologies.”- Ben Wagner shortly after…

Of course Ben Wagner managed to completely destroy his credibility at the forums in record time by insulting well known translators at the site, submitting Hi No Tori’s work and claiming it was his. That was obviously a smart move since you know, they people you pissed off aren’t gonna have an incentive to report you right? Ben then claimed he was subbing whatever series someone was interested in and at one point promised he would sub the third seasons of show that didn’t have a third season. Ben Wagner then made multiple accounts and attempted to nominate himself as the mod. I seriously wonder what Ben Wagner would do if he had executive admin privileges but if its anything like Chris Bore’s power fantasies then it would out right murder. Of course people who can understand the English language are rather intelligent and his ruse (if you even want to call it ruse, I call it stupidity) was exposed and he was promptly banned. There was apparently two Ben Wagners, the one mentioned on this site and a ‘fake’ one which was trying to warn everyone that the real Ben Wagner was a complete loser with no life trying to ruin everyone else’s life.

“How bad lasersquad (me) and Batdansucks would have had to have fucked up to reach Ben’s level of incompetence: We’d have to tell Batdamn who we were well in advance and then attempt to scam Irate Gamer with a screen-capped conversation with Batdamn saying “He’s cool”. We’d then try to force Irate Gamer into letting us onto his show using over 12 fake accounts that appeared to support us out of nowhere. For our to plan to succeed, Irate Gamer would have to never talk to Batdamn about us, never bother to check if the fake accounts were actually fans and then let us onto the show despite the fact that we don’t live near his location and… fuck it, Irate Gamer is incompetent enough that it would succeed even if we were as dumb as Ben Wagner.”

I would just like to remind you that Ben Wagner has been stupid enough to repeatedly give me his IP address and so its to no surprise that he started groveling and asking me to ‘forgive him’ for absolutely no reason. No you do not get forgiven for being a total asshole. What were you trying to do? Play undercover cop? How many business and private forums were you trying to dismantle and ruin for everyone? Is the subbing community really happy to know that you’ve slowed their progress and wasted their time because they thought they could depend on you to translate a full length episode? You claim to love godzilla and other kaiju movies but you had no trouble ripping off an entire fansub group that is one of few reasons why the franchise even has influence in English cultures by claiming their subtitles were yours. You wanted to play God but in the end you only showed that you’re not even qualified to use a keyboard!

And the worst part of all this is that:

Ben Wagner has no real reason or motivation for doing what he does. There’s no reason why he would lie his way into a fansub group (its not like screwing over the fansub group helps anyone). He does it because he’s a psychopath who loves lying and loves hurting people with his lies.

Well I’ve got one last question to be asked. Does anyone think that the Irate Gamer culture may be against Kaiju franchises in general? Irate Gamer seems to be very anti-Japanese to begin with. He refuses to talk about Anime and constantly thinks that being kiddy = bad. He loves Skylanders despite the fact that its made for kids but hates Nintendo for being kiddy. Irate Gamer has never talked about Godzilla which is surprising considering that AVGN talks about it A LOT. I’ll leave this up to you readers!

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  1. Updated the paste. be sure to send this asshole pizza. It’d be a shame if your parents found out you ran up their credit card bills.

      1. Well my faggot friend, that’s not my address. Investigative Journalism there!! Oh and send my pizza, thus making me fatter!

    1. Scott, I love how you criticize Ben for making numerous accounts on here (And accuse Brick Road and I as being him), yet you make just as many…

      1. Maxwell Bresee

        Ben “Dunkass” Wagner’s dupe Steve Douglas is trolling me and my mother. I need your help in giving him the trolling of his lifetime.


        Hay jackass, I mean Ben clone. This is the email you sent me. When I realized you are the prick known as MAXREBO I blocked your sorry ass. Funny how you found me through other channels. Ones that only Douche Ben ‘dover’ Wagner knows.

        GO fuck yourself and your multiple accounts.

        Oh hey, I still have a job! HAHHAHHAA.


        One thing that this thread proved. Ben Wagner never was an adult who is a Chief Translator for Pioneer Entertainment.

        You confirmed everything for us.


      1. I have accomplished proving that you are a douche. Much worse then Ben too.

        Keep it up. I am sure you are enjoying looking like the ass you are.

      1. Yes, I got extensive surgery to take that picture, and have the ability to change my IP address whenever I want. How did you know?

  2. >Has access to the phone number, home address, IP address and name of Ben Wagner’s family members
    >Doesn’t do anything, but make empty threats on the internet.

    1. Nah, you are still as douchey as Ben is. Probably more actually. Ben told me who he is and where he is. You are hiding behind a keyboard, like Max is too.

      What cowards.

      If you grew any balls you would meet me. But you will not.

      I will come find you someday when you least expect it. You have given me enough ammo with your childless posts.

      All is good, I am patient.

      1. “If you grew any balls you would meet me. But you will not.”

        My balls are still in the process of growing, so I’ll let you know when they’re done! It’s not that I don’t have the balls to meet you, it’s that I don’t WANT to meet you. Who would? If you’re a quarter as obnoxious and paranoid in real life as you are online, I imagine nobody would want to. I imagine you’re socially awkward, self righteous and extremely paranoid in real life, with no real friends, and spend most of your time bitching on the internet about some dumb kid who messed with you online, and making stupid, pointless death threats. There’s no way in Hell someone with an actual life and friends would spend this much time and effort attacking some stupid kid who lied on the internet. Christ, I thought I was a loser.

      2. “If you’re a quarter as obnoxious and paranoid in real life as you are online, I imagine nobody would want to. I imagine you’re socially awkward, self righteous and extremely paranoid in real life, with no real friends, and spend most of your time bitching on the internet about some dumb kid who messed with you online, and making stupid, pointless death threats”

        I’m sure the same thing could be said about you, especially since you’re just playing off the fact that there’s a guy who is targeting subbing groups (you know those extremely valuable but fragile collection of translators?) in an attempt to break them up? Heck, how long was this feud between you and PopJNR? A week? Two weeks? You’ve gotta be really self-rightous to be arguing with someone in a conflict you don’t give a shit about for that long. I love how you claim to be right despite only doing this for the lulz. The ‘I imagine’ sentence just goes so far to explain how completely insecure you are and how you felt you needed to target someone who was displaying actual passion for the subbing groups in order to prove you were better than him. The reason why you wouldn’t want to be meet him is because you don’t want to know the truth, because you were in this for cheap laughs and couldn’t care less if people got hurt.

        “There’s no way in Hell someone with an actual life and friends would spend this much time and effort attacking some stupid kid who lied on the internet”
        You would, you spent over 100 comments doing that.

        “Christ, I thought I was a loser.”
        You are one! Name anything that was accomplished by your childish attempt to resolve this incredibly simple situation? Idiots like you are mind boggling, why would you continue to try to ‘help’ someone by childishly insulting them!? How does that help them!? If anything being childish shows that you have no real stake in the situation and are just here to waste people’s time. And that’s exactly what you did, I’m not even sure if I can shame someone as insecure and childish as you are. I’m just gonna leave you with two questions: HOW DOES PISSING SOMEONE OFF RESOLVE ANYTHING? HOW DOES GETTING POPJNR TO STOP CHASING AFTER BEN WAGNER SOLVE ANYTHING?

      3. Let’s not forget, I did first comment as a neutral party, but you pulled the “You’re Ben Wagner” card on me.

        C’mon man, we get it, Ben (who is a lousy, disgusting, fatass of a child who loves to lie and needs some serious discipline in his life) really pisses you off and understandably so. It’s been (Ben?) fun, but I’m getting bored of this. If my childish comments really made you that mad, then I guess I’m…sorry? (although to play Devil’s Advocate, getting mad over some spammy blog posts and then getting steamed enough to threaten to kick our asses/kill us seems juvenile, at least from my perspective). I guess take this message however you want, whether it be just more fuel to your fire, confirmation that you “won” or if you’ll ignore this. Sorry that a faceless goon over the internet has upset you this badly to the point where you want to commit assault. I’ll leave you alone for the future, sound good?

        -Brick Road

      4. I also want to play devil’s advoacate (your version of it) by asking why you would continue to post spammy comments most of which cross the line of freedom of speech when you are well aware that it invokes negative reactions. That’s like saying ‘hey dude, you should take harassment and be A-OKAY with it because its just harassment’ even though harassment illicit negative emotions from the victim. I also would like to note that you are not playing devil’s advocate since you are not advocating anything unless you meant to advocate victimization at which point I believe you should carefully considering what devil’s advocate means.

      5. Oh I’m sorry I missed this part:

        “Let’s not forget, I did first comment as a neutral party, but you pulled the “You’re Ben Wagner” card on me.”
        Oh so the “You’re Ben Wagner” card just excuses everything!? So you freely admit that you done no good and nothing but damage but its okay because PopJNR had the audacity to call you a puppet account? Let me ask you this: did you do anything to prove that you weren’t Ben Wagner? I had to drop your IP address before he found out that you weren’t a liar. But I don’t blame PopJNR for thinking you are Ben Wagner, because your stupidity and complete immaturity demonstrates just how similar you two are.

        “getting mad over some spammy blog posts and then getting steamed enough to threaten to kick our asses/kill us seems juvenile”
        See this is what I’m talking about. Its not your fault that you repeatedly did things you knew was pissing POPJNR off, its his fault he got pissed because you kept doing it. I can’t wait to see what excuse you make to a law enforcement officer when you get pulled over for speeding “Officer I was just driving 50 miles over the speed limit, its not my fault the speed limit sign was 50 miles per hour lower than the speed I was going at”. This ‘feud‘ between you and POPJNR is entirely your fault and at no point did you make any attempt to prove to POPJNR that you weren’t Ben Wagner and your ignorance of the fact that Ben Wagner makes extensive use of Puppet accounts does not excuse you from that. Ben Wagner does the exact same thing when he gets exposed, but oh wait you apparent know this but don’t seem to want to bring that up.

        “Sorry that a faceless goon over the internet has upset you this badly to the point where you want to commit assault”
        Yes your stupidity is very aggravating. I believe that many of your comments are in fact criminal too. I mean just look at all your comments? Do any one of them distinguish you from Ben Wagner!? Nope all of them reach the same level of immaturity that we have already seen from the Ben Wagner. You’re not teaching anyone to be less paranoid BrickRoad, you only taught POPJNR that he was right and in more ways than one.

  3. Remember, I work for a newspaper. we have access to things not privy to the public. I will have your home addresses in no time.

    One step closer on finding you.

  4. This guy is a douche. So much of a douche he mentions Ben Wagner is subtitling for Toei!!!

    1:30 in the video he actually mentions Ben Wagner by name!


    Ben cannot translate himself out of a paper bag. And he even admits it here on this thread!!!

    I am surrounded by douchness.

    1. Yeah quite frankly this goes beyond mere slander and cyberharassment. This is blatant fraud and misinformation that could seriously hurt people and damage the franchise for those in English speaking countries. My Hats off to you POPJNR I don’t have the time or the resources to go after people. Heck that’s why this isn’t even my real account and just the one I made so I could do a quick operation and get things over with. Good luck POPJNR I hope you manage to keep Ben Wagner from pissing off anyone interested in Japanese live action shows. Here’s hoping that your work will go a long way to preventing Ben Wagner from defrauding another subbing group. Don’t worry about the craptons of comments on the blog, its no problem for me.

      1. You rock Lasersquad. Thank you.

        Max, Brick Road and the others are too dense to see the BS in front of them and think its fun slandering someone. You think this is harmless fun going after me dont you. I could really care less what you say.

        However I will say this.

        Karma is a bitch. And you will meet her someday.

    2. How am I douche for posting a video? Did I respect anyone, no, did I do any wrong, no, so what makes me douche worthy material?

      1. Note to others: TylerPreston20 has a unique IP address. And besides he showed his face in the video, so no Ben Wagner fake account accusations please.

        I believe the problem is that you stated that Ben Wagner translated several anime projects when in reality he did not do anything except lie and sabotage subbing groups with fake credentials. Ben Wagner has no capability of translating anything outside of google translate. You’ve been lied to and this blog was made to prevent more victims like you. Suffice to say, unless you read an outside source that Toei was making a subbing channel I don’t think anything is happening (especially when you say that Ben Wagner is on the case, just ask Hi no Tori Subs or Toho Kingdoms on how well that went for them).

        As for whether or not you’re a douche, well PopJnr is quite reasonably sick with keeping up with the year long egotistical rampage of a spoiled brat who wants to ruin his favorite japanese franchises for everyone else in North America. PopJnr has to consistently put up with people who think that defending Ben Wagner is the right thing to do and that its okay to resort to harassment because that makes them the better person. That doesn’t make you a douche though I’m just merely explaining why PopJnr would be so quick to call you a douche. S/He’s just assuming that you are either dumb enough to be a douche or in it for the lulz (thereby making you a douche) to be advertising Ben Wagner as if he’s a real translator. To be fair, now that you know that Ben Wagner is a fake (I’m assuming you are taking the time to look up who Ben Wagner really is) continuing to advertise him as the real deal would be really irresponsible.

        As for whether you are truly a douche, that depends on your next actions. Will you continue to support a mad man who’s goes out of his way to assert power over other people? Or will you come out with the truth, regardless of how much of disappointment it is?

  5. With all due respect lasersquad, I did get the information about Toei Licencing Tokusatsu from Anime News Network, I find most of their information helpful. Ever since I’ve posted my Ultra Q, I’ve been a subject of Mr. Scott McNutt’s (POPSJNR) harassment. Not sure if you guys know, but has many different Facebook and Youtube accounts. One occasion, he used his many accounts on Youtube to get me 14 dislikes and on many occasions, he called me a “nigger”. I’m trying to suggest that McNutt has you guys fooled. He probably made many Ben Wagner accounts after the whole Ultra Q debacle and spread rumors. Have you guys considered that a possibility? I have been talking to Ben for 4 months and there’s no signs of him being a 12 year old like most posts suggested and has shown me emails of him emailing companies like Discotek. You guys should really consider McNutt (POPSJNR) as a troll, not Ben.

    1. Ben Wagner is a peculiar kind of jackass. He doesn’t behave like a 12 year old until he gets exposed. Not only that but there’s no evidence that POPJNR made 14 accounts to get 14 dislikes on your video. That could have been 14 different people or even Ben Wagner himself. I have two entire forums full of people willing to agree with my assessment of Ben Wagner’s conduct. Just talk to the guys on Irate Gamer sucks blog and Toho Kingdoms. They’ll happily tell you that Ben Wagner behaves normally until someone questions his tall lies.

      1. Heck this article is just filled with examples of Ben Wagner going nuts on these people. I can quote quite a few comments where Ben Wagner has insulted the people on the Irate Gamer sucks blog. I have even provided a link to the toho kingdom forums. I know you feel the need to give him the benefit of the doubt but I’m pretty sure that POPJNR is the translator Ben Wagner stole from and there’s way too much evidence against Ben Wagner.

    2. There’s also this quote from a moderator of Toho Kingdoms (Jomei)

      “I matched his IP to several accounts that showed up to nominate him for moderator (is that the action of a sane, logical adult?). The evidence against this guy is pretty convincing, and if he wanted to convince anyone that he is indeed an adult and who he claims to be, he could simply take a photo of himself holding a sheet of paper with the date and a “Hello TK!” greeting–the standard of internet “proof” of identity (writing “Hi /b/ and the current date/time on one’s breasts is generally proof of woman-hood on 4chan, for example). Presumably the face pictured would match the photo given for his profile on the staff page. When challenged, he offers no evidence whatsoever.

      Moreover, I contacted him in Japanese to test his claim to have translation abilities. He could not respond coherently to what I said nor respond to my follow up questions, and of course none of his promised subtitling projects have shown up.

      As for videos on YoutTube… do we have any way of knowing where they came from? The vast majority of the videos on his channel are clearly not his work, so we know he knows how to rip vids from other sources and upload them on his channel (including the hilarious Japanese political videos that correspond with the child Ben’s Facebook page, which has existed since long before this controversy began but was deleted as soon as he was found out).

      Don’t be fooled.”

      And as a quick aside, if you got the information from a reputable source like Anime News Network then yeah I guess its true. But don’t believe the shit Ben’s telling you since its obvious he doesn’t work as a translator.

      1. Argh posting for a fourth time because there’s a lot of information against Ben proving that his guilt doesn’t just come from inferences. Here was his behaviour on the Irate Gamer Sucks blog. The following are email notifications of what Ben Wagner has posted.

        Ben Wagner has left a new comment on the post “Cobra’s Newest Weapon: A Smear Campaign Against a …”:

        Here is my screen cap, I got a different comment. That must have been deleted, here it is.

        Post a comment.

        Unsubscribe to comments on this post.

        Posted by Ben Wagner to Irate Gamer Sucks at April 8, 2013 at 11:17 PM

        Contrast his first post here to an actual member of the blog. The image Ben Wagner posted (which he deleted upon being exposed as a fraud) showed Irate Gamer giving a comment that said “I’m ending my story” which is both out of character for the always overly confident Chris Bores and also contrary to what was actually written by Chris Bores

        “tpcooldevelopment has left a new comment on the post “Cobra’s Newest Weapon: A Smear Campaign Against a …”:

        So when I heard he deleted his comment and posted another one (about the story being “open-ended”), I checked Facebook to see if it was still there. The one that I screencapped is still there, not the one Ben posted. That’s really weird, maybe I have to clear my cache or something to update it? I don’t know.

        Post a comment.

        Unsubscribe to comments on this post.

        Posted by tpcooldevelopment to Irate Gamer Sucks at April 9, 2013 at 1:33 PM ”

        Ben Wagner gets defensive here and claims that Chris Bores did something that makes no sense. This is a lame excuse to hide the fact that Ben Wagner knows how to photoshop a picture.

        “Ben Wagner has left a new comment on the post “Cobra’s Newest Weapon: A Smear Campaign Against a …”:

        He deleted the comment I screencapped, and replaced it with the one you got. Which is still up.

        Post a comment.

        Unsubscribe to comments on this post.

        Posted by Ben Wagner to Irate Gamer Sucks at April 9, 2013 at 2:34 PM ”

        Ben Wagner admits he faked it here after his cover was blown because people kept asking for cheetahmen reviews

        Ben Wagner has left a new comment on the post “Bores’ First Interview in Nearly Four Years!”:

        All those screen caps where faked. Ever heard of the Java script tool.

        Post a comment.

        Unsubscribe to comments on this post.

        Posted by Ben Wagner to Irate Gamer Sucks at April 25, 2013 at 8:32 AM

        And finally, this is Ben Wagner demonstrating how narrow minded and how much of a jackass he really is. He pretended to be friends with people to cause emotional damage because he won a T-Shirt

        Ben Wagner has left a new comment on the post “Bores’ First Interview in Nearly Four Years!”:

        I am proud to say I won his contest! I got a nifty DVD and Shirt, Chris is a really nice person. I think you guys are butt hurt, from the fact that King Rolfe never holds contests.

        Post a comment.

        Unsubscribe to comments on this post.

        Posted by Ben Wagner to Irate Gamer Sucks at April 24, 2013 at 8:18 PM

        For added hilarity, Ben Wagner deleted all his comments but tries to say Batdan did that even though his comments are marked as ‘deleted by author’. It’s also worth noting that all Ben Wagner does is throw childish insults at people and pretend he is superior to everyone. I just love his attempt to call the blog a blog of hate. Only in your narrow minded eyes kid, especially considering you did this to win a T-shirt and that Ladybugin777 is your only friend now

        Ben Wagner has left a new comment on the post “Bores’ First Interview in Nearly Four Years!”:

        You guys are so dense, fuckers. Of course, I am aligned with Chris. The man is quite funny. You shit heads were dumb enough to think I was one of you. Daniel will delete all my comments, and act like I never existed. It is so sad this is all you have in life, a blog of hate. I hope you all get what is coming to you in life.

        Post a comment.

        Unsubscribe to comments on this post.

        Posted by Ben Wagner to Irate Gamer Sucks at April 24, 2013 at 3:52 PM

        I then started this blog (after being contacted by my soon to be partner in this operation) and guess who came scampering to join the blog? That’s right Ben Wagner… who then tried to pretend that he was my best informant… =(

        Ben Wagner x
        Submitted on 2013/04/30 at 12:07 am

        Hi There,

        Me and him are cool. I was proving that they are the most gullible jackasses on the internet, and they Hate Chris so much they will believe anything. I am a huge fan of Chris, like all his videos/

        This is Ben Wagner trying to say he knows stuff and trying to become my information source. In case you don’t know this is how Ben Wagner tries to make himself feel big, by trying to force people to depend on him. It should be noted that he never said Chris was putting heat on him

        Ben Wagner x
        Submitted on 2013/04/30 at 12:29 am | In reply to lasersquad.

        I said I was a double agent, so that explained why I left Positive comments on Chris’ videos.

        As for that, goes back to me being a Double Agent. I said Chris was putting the heat on me, they believed that. I had to tell them that it was a lie, and that I was a fan of Chris. I learned alot of secrets about how they work, details and secrets.

        The Following is what he had to say about members of the IrateGamersucks blog, none of whom he personally knows and all of which are actually pretty tame people.

        Ben Wagner x
        Submitted on 2013/04/30 at 12:48 am

        Well, Bat Dan is his own informant. Kill Ultra has been divorced 4 times.

        Ben Wagner x
        Submitted on 2013/04/30 at 1:09 am | In reply to lasersquad.

        Wow you pay them.

        Anyway, Kill Ultra lives in Colorado. Sovereign64 dropped out of high school. Micharion is a brony.

        Why does Mr.Kill Ultra keep ending up on this blog? I just don’t understand why people like to target him. Either way that was a summarized version of Ben Wagner’s mood swings on the Irate Gamer Sucks blog

  6. Wow, Ben has been impersonating me. FYI, my step dad is black. I would never call someone the N word.

    See, you proved your douchness.

  7. Ben also doctored a photoshop image of a fake email he claims I sent him. He deleted it too shortly afterwards. I have it saved.

    1. Sorry about that, for some reason the system forces me to manually approve comments despite the fact that I approve all of them anyway. The new post will be about information literacy and how to avoid falling into the conundrums that people like Asalieri and Ben Wagner drag their fans into.

  8. The Douche and the Douche fanboy are at it again.

    Ben Wagner is using another fake YT Channel to con/dupe the fanboy Tyler!

    This is hilarious watching on how stupid Tyler is and what an asshole Ben Wagner is!

    1. Yeah I’m wondering when Tyler is gonna learn. Hopefully Ben Wagner won’t screw him over and make a ruckus like he did at translator forums or at Irategamersucks blog. Here’s hoping Tyler won’t let Ben’s misinformation get out of hand.


    Was copied by Ben Wagner and posted here on his fake Facebook page…

    Who then tried to friend me from this fake FB page.

    Ben Wagner is a pathetic loser who has to con people into being his friend. Tyler is being used by Ben who is laffing his ass off at how stupid Tyler really is.

    And here I am laffing my ass off at a pathetic Douchebag named Ben Wagner.

  10. What a pathetic loser someone has to be to make a fake persona built off of lies to garner friends.

    And then to be one of those ‘friends’ who was duped by the lies thinking that person was genuine and sincere only to find out he was being played from day one.

  11. Ben Wagner sure worships me. The pathetic piece of shit opens a new Facebook acct daily for the last few weeks now so he can email me gay porn. Didnt think he enjoys doing such things.But to each is his own. I just hope he isnt sending me those hardcore pics that were from his personal collection.

    Let me quote someone who personally slammed me in this thread who seemed to have sided with Ben but then played the victim role when I told him he is now in my sights…

    “It saddens me that people like you exist on this very planet.”

    This is comes from the ones who cast stones. And is for you Ben.

  12. Piece of Shit Ben Wagner was caught trolling a FaceBook group he has been kicked out of before from this now hidden FaceBook account of Bens…

    Before Ben hid this profile he sent me this nice email. (he had already sent gay prom from it so he felt the need to email me)

    Ricky Bomboya

    hay scott.

    So what’s new my 5 foot midget?

    Cool cover phot.


    -Ben (The Man of Steal).

    It’s sad, you could have washed your hands of me, long after our dispute.

    I mean, you destroyed me on TK.

    Yet continue to harass me.

    You sure are a piece of shit. Shame that you work for a newspaper.

    That job is wayyyy to regal for a piece of shit like you.

    Welp. Bye bye!

    1. Scott, can you say “porn”. Not Pron, or Prom. P O R N.

      Also, you should publish the messages you sent me before that. Which are equally as obscene.


    Here is one of Ben Wagners You Tube Channels. This one he ripped off Hi no Tori’s fansubbed videos and then claimed he did the translations and subtitles.

    Its so sad he uses his time to steal others work instead of actually learning how to speak Japanese, learn how to create subtitles and learn how to make friends.

    What a true coward. And a piece of shit.

  14. Ben Wagner is feeding his Schil (fellow douche Tyler Preston) bogus info. Now that is exactly how I would use my only friend…

    1. Only friend? Ben Wager is totally freaking alone. I sincerely doubt that Tyler is his friend, no friend would be so stupid to the point of not bothering to actually figure what kind of person Ben is.

  15. HAHHAHAA! I bet you are right as TP20 (Tyler Preston) just posted this on his FB fanpage. (however, I am not thinking he is really sincere as he made 2 videos private and the 3rd unlisted. He didnt actually remove them)

    Dear fans of Tokusatsu, after a few days of thinking about it, the information on my last videos for Ultra Q being VCD’s and Criterion owning Godzilla may in fact have been false, and for that reason, I’ve removed the videos. I do apologize for any misinformation and learnt heavily from this situation.

  16. Sadly another chapter just opened. Ben Wagner is now trolling Tyler Preston is a very malicious way.

    TP20 is clueless that the Santos is Ben. He needs to take note of Santos’s FB URL to notice a different name and reverse search the profile pic. However Ben hid that FB page for now.

    Love the irony.

    1. Have you tried telling Tyler that its Ben? Especially considering that its fairly obvious that there’s only one person still willing to lie on the subject he covers? Regardless I hope tyler manages to make a recovery since in all actuality he’s really just a patsy in all this.

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