Taking back the stage

For anyone wondering, the password for the incompleted article was ‘yaba’ without the apostrophes. There was literally nothing written though but just for gags I included an easter egg message congratulating you on your leet hacking skillz should you manage to hack into the system.  The only reason I password protect articles is because they literally don’t have anything in them, that said the title still represents the content I am about to write.

Now let’s see here, #3 is having a temper tantrum over his friend leaving him? Comments from here will he seperated from Eric Gaede’s comments (or anyone elses) using a dashed line.


But wait let’s take a look at the comments Eric Gaede is making here on this video


Asalieri2                                  4 days ago             

I will live. Needless to say, i’ve had worse. It kinda hurts that I wasn’t ever afforded a chance to talk out whatever differences this friend of mine had with me, but no biggie. I would have preferred he not kick the hornets nest online with this petty video and just told me in private to go fuck myself, but he clearly wanted the attention.


Now for those wondering about the purpose of this article, I’m just gonna say it right here and now. Information literacy is key in world that allows even the most remote and unjust of opinions to be expressed. Part of the reason why Asalieri has one or two stupid fanboys who take his word seriously is because … well we all know that humanity is inherently lazy. There are people in the world who are content with not knowing how to wipe their own ass and that says alot about the diversity of people in the world. Without information literacy, you’ll just be forced to take information at its face value. What’s right and what’s wrong is based on emotion and not a logical system of verification and standards. For alot of people this article may be boring, after all if you’re here, odds are you already know what information literacy is (but there’s no guarantee you know you’re actually practicing it). Eric Gaede here is content with being one of those people who don’t know how to be information literate and is more than estatic to judge the world based on his own logic that even contradicts itself.

‘no biggie’ Eric Gaede describes his current situation. ‘he clearly wanted the attention’ Eric Gaede believes. But Eric Gaede does not know how reality works. He does not know the average statistical behaviour of youtube subsribers. Youtube viewers are not going to subscribe to someone because they hate them. They may subscribe if they find the persons content ‘so bad its good‘ but not if they hate them. I mean just look at Irate Gamer, he’s been stuck at the subscriber count he’s had since he started one year ago. Meanwhile people like Pewdiepie who have massive crowds of people who don’t like them (understatement of the article) still get skyrocketing amounts of subscribers. People subscribe because they like entertainment (Sorry guys but that must mean Pewdiepie appeals to alot of people, though to be fair I find him boring). Getting pissed off is not entertaining, watching someone get pissed off is entertaining. Eric is trying to make it look as if Tyler is trying to steal 6k subscribers from him but in reality how would that even work? Why doesn’t Tyler feud with someone else? Like oh I don’t know, Pewdiepie. Even if his plan has 5% success rate Tyler will have 1000’s of subsribers gain but no, Tyler decided to fued with the guy with 6k subscribers. What I have demonstrated here isn’t just known as ‘doing the research’ its known as information literacy and it is important to understand what a statment means so you don’t make the wrong conclusions.

The United States National Forum on Information Literacy defines information literacy as ” … the ability to know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use that information for the issue or problem at hand.” – wikipedia

Oh and just to let everyone know, Eric Gaede can keep acting as if his feud is no biggie but everyone will know better because in reality Eric’s first response was making an incrediably aggressive action including a very hostile phone call and stalking. HEY ERIC, if you didn’t care then why are threatening to hurt this guy?


Yeah that’s you Eric Gaede… OR SHOULD I GIVE YOU THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT? Because I’m sure whatever doubt that existed was removed the second you started stalking kyle (the man receiving the call in the video)

                                              Asalieri2                                  4 days ago             

Well, we all have our frustrations. My reactions were not at all ever uncalled for, and if you want to continue to see the worst in me and never give me any credit, that’s your prerogative. Three years +. You’re still desperately trying to discredit me. That’s gotta be the saddest thing ever.


I mean just look here. Its like he doesn’t care if people bother to keep track of his previous statements. Just the same old boring retoric that to anyone who knows the context, would prove his guilt. But the problem here is people who are lazy or ignorant of the circumstances of Eric’s comment. Eric is trying to make it look to the public audience as if everyone who has legitmate greivances with him are like tabloid papparazi deliberately misrepresenting him to make lulz. Uh no Eric, the only people you’re fooling are the people who aren’t information literate. Pay attention to how Eric doesn’t actually disprove any of the statements against him. Last time I checked, pretending that your accusations don’t exist in court still ends in the guilty verdict.

Asalieri2                                  4 days ago             

Amen, my friend. You just continue listening to your music in peace. It doesn’t matter what other people hate, after all


Shall I talk about your feud with the Irate Gamer sucks blog and you copious misuse of the word irrelevant? Or should I talk about how completely insane you get when someone so much as ‘dislikes’ you? Or how hostile you are towards people who so much as criticize you? How about that forced confession you are trying to force out of Kyle?
Still out of internet but I’m going to try and get this done anyway. Speaking of Asalieri, an excrept from one of my articles has been featured in the video by DrCaulder. S/he also points out that Asalieri has e-begged for a laptop….

Edit: It appears that Asa had the video taken down for bullying… it should be noted that everything in the video is based on actual events unlike Asa’s videos which get taken down for bullying because they didn’t contain actual truth. It should also be noted that youtube only helps people make money as evidenced by Ladybuggin777 never getting a warning for bullying but Batdamn consistently getting shutdown for his bullshit. As such it’s rather obvious that Asalieri did it because youtube only helps people who are partners.

Its a sad day when the most evil villain ever in the Battalion wars (advanced wars) franchise has one hell of point (But I’m more saddened by how ridiculous his boss fight was). Before I start talking about information literacy I would also like to point out that Asalieri’s defense strategy appears to be an attempt to paint all legitimate critics as creepy stalkers. I noticed this trend as he labels anyone regardless of their history with him as his biggest haters. Dr.Caulder has only existed for a handful of months and has made only 4 videos and yet Asalieri calls him the biggest hater (and loser, but its clear that Asalieri doesn’t know what the word means). Practically everyone has been labeled his biggest hater and long-term rival even when they just started criticizing him for about 2 days. As noted before, this isn’t an attempt to frustrate critics and test their resolve and commitment its to trick the average person who is not involved into thinking that the criticism is undeserved because ‘Asalieri isn’t about lulz’. Its a trick to make ‘fans’ and gullible people into doing Asalieri’s work for him as opposed to he himself doing the work. In fact it appears that a lot of Asalieri’s crap appears to be ‘fan’ inspired. Mr.Kill Ultra’s comment which got featured (and taken totally out of context) in his video was relayed by a ‘fan’. Likewise I’m sure that some ‘fan’ deliberately gave Asalieri information on TGWTG’s apparent ‘actor safety problem’s’ and AVGN’s apparent “budget mismanagement”. Of course this still makes Asalieri a giant douche since under the guidelines of freedom of speech, its everyone’s job to ensure that their opinion are justified (or justifiable) and avoid slander and inflammatory statements. And as of another note, deliberately lying to someone or a group of people so that they was stay loyal to you is an act of treachery and symptom of the formation of a personality cult. Playing every critic up as the ‘biggest hater ever’ and stalking Kyle for trying to cut tries with Asalieri kind of makes me uneasy about what Asalieri is trying to do here.


I’m uneasy, especially with the parts after ‘* paranoia’

Turning cult members into watched objects who have no privacy in their solitary behavior or relationships with others… Orwellian system of informers who convey information to leaders about persons behind their back. Machiavellian techniques of setting members against each other or against outsiders.

Ganging up on individual members to criticize or humiliate or coerce them; “working on them” to violate their own sense of conscience or autonomy. Brainwashing or mind-control techniques or high-pressure group dynamics coercing members to conform to a worldview, agenda, or code of conduct. Physical or psychological violence

Preventing contact with outsiders, ex-members, and even certain fellow members of the dysfunctional cult. Breaking up couples and families to gain power over individuals and prevent coalitions that could more effectively criticize unsound, corrupt leadership. Rigid isolating of cult members in an exclusive “family” away from their relatives and friends outside the cult so that the cult becomes the sole source for support, self-esteem and interpersonal connection. Isolating cult members from other members

Blind obedience to harmful or unwise directives from on high. Abusive, domineering top-dog leadership. In healthy groups, the leader(s) functions more as an advisor and inspirer rather than as “control freak” dictating how members should think and act. Members are never threatened or subordinated in ruthless, bullying manner.

Hoarding of money, power or prestige by anyone— corruption and intrigue are not far behind. Beware lavish accommodations and lifestyle for leader and close assistants, while everyone else is reduced to inferior living standards. Beware the presence of sycophantic subordinates who inauthentically emulate and slavishly propitiate the leader and act as the leader’s agents of control and punishment of cult members.


Uh why are all of Asalieri’s friends doing the same thing….?


Double standard of behavior for leader(s) and members. Spiritual leaders should maintain high moral standards and exemplary virtuous behavior. Beware any rationalizations given to excuse the leader’s unvirtuous behavior as well as self-aggrandizing, vanity and excessive self-referencing by the leader (


Uh this is too uncomfortable. I think I’ll stop now and talk about information literacy.

Information Literacy (aka you should know this already)

The key to information literacy is evaluating the information you are given. This should probably come in 3 steps

1. Check if the information is true

Well no shit Sherlock but for a lot of things it not always easy. The hottest news tends to get covered very slowly since media knows that if they fuck up they’ll have a lot of cleaning up to do. Therefore slowly and accurately getting the news out is best for them. Generally though, always assume that information is biased and thus check more than one source. A forum is usually a good place for information since you can get both sides of the issue as there rarely is a one sided forum. Last but not least, always remember that information can be misrepresented and as a result, its always best to go to the source whenever possible.

2. Check the information source’s integrity.

Try to guess why the person or new source is giving you this information. Not everything is free even when it doesn’t cost money. It takes time and bandwidth to relay information and write articles. Try and guess why the person wrote the information and see if this alters the context of the information. If some Oil baron writes about how global warming is a myth and about how certain areas of the earth are in fact, not heating up, you can probably guess why he’s trying to brush off fears of ecological impact on the Earth (Oil tends not to sell if people seek greener alternatives). Too be fair, step 1 is way more important this than this one. It doesn’t matter what person relays the information, if it is true then it will always be true regardless if person saying it is a liar. But if the person is shady and clearly not trustworthy, it might be best to check if the information is misrepresented or if you are looking at the right information websites. For example, Sea Shepherd has almost unanimous control over western media, to the point that it appears that they could fart and the media will talk about how awesome that was the for the environment. Meanwhile on closer inspection, certain blogs and non-western news sites will show evidence that Sea Shepherd has cheated in certain departments especially when it came to crashing their small skimmer ady gil (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OAe-V0z2DU notice that ady gil speeds up to make the collision possible) and getting shot (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7Sz8uH0k-Q). The issue regarding Sea Shepherd is very emotional and filled with people who want to protect the environment at all costs and several who just appear to be in it for the personality cult. It should also be noted that IWR (the whaling group that Sea Shepherd is trying to shut down) is definitely insidious but the it doesn’t help when the group who has come to fix the problem is just as muddled with controversy as the group that is clearly operating in violation of international law. Step 2 is to ask why the information was written and expressed in this manner and to understand the motives of the information source. In this case it might actually be a good idea to abstain.

3. What do you have to gain from knowing this information?

There’s an old adage that knowledge is useless if you don’t do anything with it. After having assessed whether the information is true, what the information is trying to get you to do and whether or not the information is misrepresented; its now time to decide what conclusions you yourself can make with the information. Do you ignore what you now know? Do you choose to make changes to your life? Its up to you and if you have mastered information literacy, there’s little chance for you get involved in someone else’s personality cult.

I think I might write more but I think this enough.

Final edit: fixed formating. For some reason the spaces weren’t showing up and the text became a blob. I believe it has been fixed

55 thoughts on “Taking back the stage

  1. Great article as always Lasersquad.

    Oh btw, Asa made another RAR, wow, that didn’t took so long.

    the RaR is done on a guy called Rowdy C.

    How much you wanna bet that he is gonna take him out of context and quote mine him like with teh Angry Joe Magicka review, or Linkara’s ad video, or Hardcore Kid Video.

    00:30 Welcome to my daily voodoo ritual, were i beg ancient spirits to please get rid of AVGN, TGWTG and anybody else that people may think i hate.

    Nothing He Learned, the whole thing at the beginning is basically

    Please Find this Funny, please find this funny, laugh at me for how hypocritical i am so i can make you think and delude myself that you are actually agreeing with me.

    and that’s another thing, people may think that because they laugh, they thing he is actually funny, and he will take advantage of that.

  2. As for now i am watching Rowdy C for myself for some context, starting with his dinosaucers video, and i will say some stuff.

    Yes, his character voice is annoying and quite whiny, and honestly at times makes him as annoying as Phelous (I don’t like Phelous), but here’s is my advice.

    You need to tone it down so it doesn’t come off as forced.

    Then ill move out to his Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain videos, and after that ill move to his Zelda retrospectives, but i also gonna do something that has come to Asalieri’s brain cells.

    Watch his out of character videos (If there’s any), and then gave my opinion about it.

  3. Encyclopedia Dramatica is back up incase anyone was wondering. They even updated Asalieri’s article about him leaving threatening voice mails and waiting outside of Kyle’s house for an undetermined amount of time. They did remove his address, although you can use the history section to find it.

    1. I don’t know if youtube is just acting up or not but if you didn’t see my response to your question here it is: Not that I’m aware of. When I did look at the AVGN movie I didn’t see any way you could look at the history. You can edit the page when you have an account so when people say its the Wikipedia of movies its pretty accurate to state that.

      1. Sign in on my account. You can edit anything on there. I’ve looked and there’s no way you can see who edited the page. Maybe only the person who made the page could but other people can’t.

  4. Sadly, Dr. Caulder’s latest video has been taken down. Apparently, it was because of harassment, bullying or threats, but I’m guessing it’s more likely Asa’s fans flagged it.

    1. Another fanboy competing for the title of the biggest kiss ass huh? This guy even came on my channel to argue with me. This guy just troll failing.

  5. You know guys, maybe i made a little mistake, since the way those comments were arranged make it look like Alvin Boone was a sockpuppet account of Asa, so i was propably wrong on that one, but it wasnt my fault.

    Youtube comment arrangement (among a huge amount of other things) is a complete messed.

    1. What the hell is going on over there did he actually get a lawyer to take down his page on ED. Isn’t this a violation of the 1st amendment anyways.

    1. yeah I remember some humanitarian group tried to sue ED and it failed. If a real organization who has real lawyers couldn’t stop ED what makes anyone think this wannabe lawyer can do it.

  6. Based on ED’s forum, the page will be back up with guns blazing (aimed at Asalieri and Joeysixone). It’s odd however that they took it down in the first place based on this passage from Asalieri’s page from Joeysixone’s section:

    “Even if this musical reject somehow managed to actually be a lawyer, which is a no, it still wouldn’t matter, because it falls under American jurisdiction, a place he does not live.”

    1. You know with more and more people turning on Asa you’d think he’d take a hint.
      My two cents worth guys I don’t think anyone has to try to argue with Asa on his channel. He won’t listen (thinks the screencap with the full conversation I took of Louisedecaro was taken out of context prove it Eric) and more and more people are turning on Eric by his own doing. Just sit back and enjoy the pwnage Eric’s getting.

      1. Wow that was extremely nice of him. Now if he starts complaining that any evidence used against him is photoshopped he’ll be screwed because he deleted the comments and still continues to delete comments and thus he has no way of proving anyone wrong now. Good luck trying to prove your a nice person now Eric!

      2. Maybe Ben Wagner isn’t so bad after all. I know that he left a couple of comments that basically call Asa out. and then Chris Bores says this:

        “BEN Why are you treating Asa with disrespect and harrassing him on his channel? I’m really disappointed in you and expected you to have more sense than that. What, you following all the other hater trolls now? Shameful! I consider Asa as a friend and I find your actions offencive and utterly cruel. You need to stop this childish and hurtful pass time and find something more productive and logical to do! I am now starting to doubt your so called kind intentions as why you frequent my channel page?!!”

        ITT: so calling someone out is offensive, utterly cruel, childish and hurtful now? whatever you say Norman Bores 😀

  7. I’ve had me transgressions, on this blog, and in general. However, when I saw that with Asa, I could not stand by. And I told LadyBuggin just that. To think I was once a fan of Eric’s.

      1. At this point, I could care less. It’s a cult like environment with Asa, LadyBuggin and The Irate Gamer.

  8. Oh boy, Norman Bores has this to say:

    “Ben: Rather you feel he is in the wrong or not does not justify you harrassing and leaving your insensitive opinions on his channel. How can anyone come between two people that were originally good friends and choose sides? That is between Asa and Kyle and not any UTube sycophants to decide who is in the right and who is in the wrong. Bottom line it’s none of your business! Let them work this out themselves. Most likely they will come to some kind of friendly terms and you will be out in the cold. Never come between friends, brothers, sisters, and yep, even husbands and wives as it’s none of anyones concern but theirs. This is a personal situation not a UTube fanbase situation. You are being totally ill-logical and cruel with your continued harrassment of Asa. Think about it?”

    Asa left threatening voice mails on Kyle’s answering machine you dumb bastard. You said this:

    “How can anyone come between two people that were originally good friends and choose sides?”

    which contradicts this:

    “BEN Why are you treating Asa with disrespect and harrassing him on his channel? I’m really disappointed in you and expected you to have more sense than that. What, you following all the other hater trolls now? Shameful! I consider Asa as a friend and I find your actions offencive and utterly cruel.”

    Sounds like you’re on Asa’s side you fucking hypocrite.

      1. I know right? like you said, it’s a cult like environment with those three. (well rather two seeing how Chris Bores is posing as his mother)

    1. Please post this on Irate Gamer Sucks.

      As for Bores, at first i tough that his repulsive “spoof” was an idea of him, by being a scum opportunist, but, i started to think he did this out of Asalieri request.

    1. I wish there was some proof in Asa’s comments that he was in favor of SOPA. I don’t think this is a decisive evidence.

      1. There’s also the fact that (assuming this is true) Asalieri removed his Anti-SOPA video. Now who in their right mind would do that? Asalieri’s strategy has always been, the enemy of my enemy is my friend with no attempt to discriminate between people who are opportunistic and people have legitimate ideals and values. Assuming that he’s still following this philosophy, it would only make sense for him to think SOPA would be his friend, since it would screw over AVGN and TGWTG more than he will.

  9. Asa will always be in this negative condition as ling as he continues carrying out his April Fools scheme with Bores. Heck Asa’s hypocritical to his fans about his reasons for following Bores in the first place! Like, I asked Asa if he wouldn’t recommend Bores because of his obsession with Skylanders (which is even causing Bores’ own fans to unsub); Asa basically said “it’s obvious that he loves Skylanders, just let him continue his obsession).

    I have no problems with Asa not liking anyone affiliated with James or Doug or the IGSucks blog, but if he doesn’t want to destroy his reputation, he should just shut up about them. I have someone on DeviantART that I dislike, but I don’t take at every opportunity to make jabs at him/her, playful or not.

  10. Hey Laser I see a new article is in the works. Anytime time frame you can give us as to when it will be completed?

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