Grandiose delusions Eric Gaede, the guy who wants attention at any cost

Nothing is posted here I’m still doing the necessary research…. But just for fun take a look at this image Edit: I am now done with the research, and the article is now visible. The password was the same as last time. Edit 2: For some reason despite me putting spaces in the article, they didn’t show up in the actually article. Walls of text can be confusing to read especially when they’re aren’t spaces between paragraphs. I have no idea what causes this but I am gonna fix it.


I find it funny how he constantly claims to be a family man and yet seems to want everything to do with making his family a target; even going so far as to pretend that other people’s families aren’t worth anything.

In addition I got this post here from the ED forums which I thought was pretty useful

“Even more hilariously saddening is that Eric bawwwwwwwwwws non-stop because others supposedly don’t give him a chance to explain himself. And honestly? He doesn’t deserve any. Eric is too much of a defective to actually write something coherent + that isn’t chock-full of emoism and excuses. Watching paint dry is a more worthwhile activity than trying to interact with the blob.” -rotteh

I wonder if those guys are aware of the war Eric Gaede tried to bring to the comment section of his first article? I gave him plenty of time to explain himself and when finally forced to, Eric decided to fake me editing him and then run the fuck away.

Now for the real article.

We already know that Asalieri aka Eric Gaede has a lot of problems when it comes to actually doing research or even properly critiquing even to the point that his reviewing a reviewer of Chris Bores isn’t even proper (that’s like failing the literacy test).

Even reviewtopia didn’t want anything to do with him

“I will burn your house down” – Asalieri

The owners of the website actually state that it was a mistake to actually attempt to talk to Asalieri. Hell I admit it was a mistake to not block him right away, the conversation didn’t accomplish anything!


Do note that there’s over 243 comments there and so you’ll need to click older comments to see Eric Gaede’s wonderful attempt to diplomacy. As per usual, comments not from me are separated using a dashed line


I will never understand why you hate me so much you’re willing to completely skew everything I do and say in a negative light. Your determination to make me look like a bad guy is astonishing. Yet I have the fortitude to show my face and back my opinion up, and you’ll forever be hiding behind anonymity and dupe accounts. You are the true trolls, guys.
I hope you grow out of it eventually. I like how you accuse me of lying and deception, but you have no problem deceiving people to get a reaction out of them, and even have the gall to brag about how well you did it in the same breath! Pray tell how you are any better than me?

Take care, guys.


“I will never understand why you hate me so much you’re willing to completely skew everything I do and say in a negative light”

Wow that’s a good start, start using a logical fallacy that someone who doesn’t like you must have spent years of effort hating you. For the record I didn’t even know how bad it was with Asalieri until I found out that Irate Gamer was friends with him and so I figured, heh might as well include him in operation cowabungadogsheit (the operation as detailed at the beginning of this blogs run involving pretending to a batshit insane loser and getting hired by Irate Gamer and his ‘friends’).  At first I figured that Eric Gaede was just being an idiot and assuming that I am a large group of people. This is of course wrong since its fairly obvious that it doesn’t really take more than one person to write and research an opinionated article. I don’t think the people at TGWTG is convinced that Asalieri2 is run by more than one person (if they even bothered to notice he exists since every attempt he has made to sabotage them has failed epically). Yet asalieri feels convinced that anyone who hates him must be organized and connected to other people who hate him. This is Chris Weston Chandler levels of anti-social. Hell I should note that this the exact kind of behaviour that Asalieri tries to make fun of even going so far as to paint Mr.Killultra  
(ha! you’re on this blog again Mr.KILL!) as an AVGN fanboy in his a ‘Fanboy’s world’ video.

“Your determination to make me look like a bad guy is astonishing” -Eric Gaede
Anyone who was there when I first wrote the article would know that I spelt Eric Gaede’s name wrong and instead spelt it as Eric Gauge since I didn’t really know anything about him. That’s how unfamiliar I am with him and his works at the given moment. It doesn’t take a lot of determination to report something Eric. You win 1st place for paranoid loser of the month.

“Yet I have the fortitude to show my face and back my opinion up, and you’ll forever be hiding behind anonymity and dupe accounts”
Uh Eric? Showing your face and letting the enemy know you’re an idiot is not brave or smart. In fact its stupid and quite frankly its about as brave as deciding not to eat because plants and animals deserve life. In fact its a rule on the internet that you do not have to give out your personal and private details unless the website asks you too in your membership agreement. Dupe accounts and anonymity are perfectly acceptable but who am I kidding? You’re the guy who got thrown off website repeatedly because you co-conspired with a no talent hack called Batdamn and followed his example of trying to steal ad revenue by posting fake videos; of course it would be a stretch to ask Eric Gaede to comprehend reality. You know what was considered noble back in old days? Not paying your taxes and living in the wilderness (aka to be your own master). Revealing your own identity and personal details when not required to by law is personal preference not something to boast about. Again I would like to note that I’m not hiding behind anonymity since you all know my one and only account and it is the only account I will be using to post on this blog so the issue of anonymity and puppet accounts (dupe accounts… what an idiot, a dupe account is something that has the same name ERIC) is moot since everyone will know me as Lasersquad and I don’t pretend to be anyone other than Lasersquad. But I can take a very accurate inference as to what Asalieri is implying here. Let’s name out what Asalieri is trying to imply that I am; Anonymous, Multiple, dedicated for no personal reason, a troll, immature and misrepresentative. Now what has Asalieri prescribed those traits to ever since he got an Encyclopedia Dramatica page? If you guess encyclopedia Dramatica then you’d be right!
The reason why I’m writing this article is because I just realized why Eric Gaede is so freaking paranoid. He thinks the world is literally out there to get him. Heck if anything Asalieri’s temperament and behavior repeatedly demonstrates that he doesn’t give a shit about his family going into wonderful pastimes such as telling people who hate him that his family is the reason why he will be better than them. But why the heck would he? Well its pretty clear that Asalieri wants a bodyshield since anyone who’s read a comic book would know not to disclose the location of people you love. But let’s take a look at that in more detail. Asalieri doesn’t bother to do research as long as he can say something bad about another person that will piss people off. He’s targeted children, TGWTG and AVGN over incredibly insignificant evidence. But whenever an argument pops up, his family is usually the first to be mentioned. Asalieri makes no attempt to keep his daughter out of the line of fire and seems almost ecstatic to delete criticism and prevent people from expressing their opinions vocally.  Its fairly clear that Asalieri is going for a lawsuit scheme as Asalieri is doing everything possible to make him a target of bad part of the internet. But the problem is he’s pissed off the tamer parts of internet that would rather have him shut up as opposed to harassed. The AVGN, TGWTG and many others may be filled with people who are ignorant or stupid but they’re not criminally violent and Asalieri’s recent attempts to keep his lawsuit scheme afloat has failed miserably.
Take a look at the prank that happened to him.
For those who don’t want to see something ridiculously ugly, Eric Gaede claims that someone put a fake ad about him saying that his son died and he’s giving away free games.
I don’t know about you but this looks incredibly staged. First off the bat, there’s no reason for anyone to position themselves near moving cars and attempt to talk to their occupants. Eric Gaede could defeat the prank in ten seconds by getting a marker, tape and paper and putting on his front door that he has been pranked and that the craigadlist is a lie. But let’s take a look at the other things that have happened… nothing. Note that if anyone hated Eric Gaede enough to fake a craigadlist about him then why hasn’t another occurred? Where’s the spiteful prank part 2? I know people who get prank calls every day at 12:00 am because they dared to speak out against Irate Gamer. But Eric Gaede only gets this one prank? Where’s the police? You can’t fake a death and get away with it? The police have to keep track of that and people have gotten into trouble before for faking or writing about someone as if they’re dead when they’re not. Secondly why not call the police? He’s had months now to catch the guy who did it and there’s not a single reason why the police wouldn’t act. The craigslist ad deliberately encourages the disruption of peace, it involves selling the property of someone else and it says a male child has died in a family that doesn’t have a son. But that last part raises even more questions, what person who hates Asalieri enough to physically prank him using an illegal method would talk about his Son dying and not about his Daughter of whom is repeatedly rubbed into their face? Asalieri has put out several videos worth of content talking about his daughter. There’s not many people who don’t like Asalieri who haven’t gotten the ‘I have a daughter’ argument shoved into their face (in a proud Eric Gaede moment of chewbacca defense).  I’m not saying people who don’t like Asalieri like to fantasize about his daughter being dead but I am saying that anyone who hates him wouldn’t make the mistake of mentioning a son he doesn’t he doesn’t have. Not only that but why even mention a family member dying? Why not just say “I’m giving away games for free because I’m getting a PS4 soon?”, people have flocked to signs that just say “free chicken” or “free food” and they don’t bother to want to know the catch until they get there.
This leads me to believe that Asalieri made the ad since there’s so many things he could have done to not be the center of attention. No Asalieri hater even wants his family dead and of the extremists that do? They would know that he has a daughter not a son. Why greet every person who comes to the craigslist ad? Are you that desperate for social interaction Eric? Well its not like you have anything else to do considering that RAR has no set schedule or even defined targets. Why even post a video about it? That lets the troll know that the plan worked and Asalieri should know since he keeps claiming that everyone else is an attention whore. This leads me to believe that only Eric Gaede could have done it, since Eric seems to have a portable camera ready, a speech and a seemingly lack of interest in actually getting the perpetrator.
So who does Eric Gaede blame for this? Why its Encyclopedia Dramatica because you know, those guys do organized attacks on people right? right?
Oh and bonus points Eric for helping me with the lawsuit scheme research since it wasn’t long before one of your lackeys (who you claim to not know of even though its clear you support him) stated that he was gonna sue Encyclopedia Dramatica.
Name: Lcdo. Jose R Cordero
Phone: 7874233511
Comments: Hi , My Name is Jose Ramon Cordero, and I am a lawyer in Puerto Rico. You are hosting a page (i trust you have no knowledge of this), which is breaking a lot of laws, defamation, child abuse, and is also using images without consent for Ad-revenue, I please ask this page be shut down to avoid further complications. Images of myself are there as well, without my permission, he is also using false information. I have discovered his true identity by my own means.
Please solve this ASAP as me and my client are getting pretty bothered with it thank you very, very much!!!

Oh my god. I just found this video. I can’t honestly believe that there is someone who is stupid enough to believe that science doesn’t exist.

Well at least I know what I’ll be writing about later. I didn’t think you could get worse Eric. I honestly didn’t

29 thoughts on “Grandiose delusions Eric Gaede, the guy who wants attention at any cost

  1. BTW the ED article is back, but if you ask me i think it needs a SERIOUS update, because, i have been saying this for quite awhile, but ED doesnt know about certain stuff that happened during Asa’s schemes.

    Examples, The Death Threats being used during his 1st attack at Irate Gamer Sucks Blog in 2011 and then again used against Hardcore Kid, or the crucification accusations against TGWTG.

  2. I know that the ad sounds a bit fishy, but Asa actually didn’t stage it. In fact, the person who put up that fake ad was a member of the Encyclopedia Dramatica Forums who goes by the name as Starwind3437. He posted a picture of himself with a piece of paper in his hand that says, “I pranked Asa, ED4LIFE”. Look it up, it’s on his ED article:

    1. And Asalieri isn’t taking him to court because?

      Edit: also many people have ‘pranked’ asa before and even then there’s no definitive evidence aside from confession. There have been people who claimed that they’re responsible for shutting down armake21 when it turned out that the guy himself did it. I’m not mad or anything, but I do want to post the truth and not an anecdote. As per usual this article is subject to change in the face of definitive evidence. Good find though.

      1. Right, I wasn’t thinking about that for a sec ^^;

        Next time, I’ll be sure to find something legit that doesn’t seem anecdote. BTW keep up the good work on spreading the truth about Asa. He’s a frickin’ douchebag.

      2. There are some other stuff as well, that leads to me to follow your theory that he posted the Craigslist himself:

        First he mentions he alleges one visitor who got upset with him for the fake ad and not the poster, yet he conveniently doesn’t film her. If you wanted to show how out of hand a prank against you becomes it would come to reason that you would film people who would be more likely to get into some sort of altercation with someone regardless of who posted it.

        Second, during his speech at the end he never condemns the alleged poster for using a dead child in the ad. As a man with two kids you think he would be more indignant for even mentioning the fact that a dead child was used as a means to prank him.

        If he did indeed post the ad himself, it might have been a means to garner sympathy for himself, but backfired due to his reputation.

  3. The more I read this, the more I’d like to see this guy get kicked off of YouTube and the Internet in general. I mean… geez… do I even need to say anything? This guy is a complete monster. Just watch, one of these days he’s going to anger someone more psychopathic than he is and he’ll end up getting his loved ones hurt or put in danger… assuming Eric himself doesn’t snap first and do something he’ll really regret… I seriously feel sorry for his family…

    1. What’s worst is that Asa’s home address is on his ED article. So if anyone was crazy enough to want to hurt him and his family, they could just go to his ED page and do whatever that is beyond anyone else’s minds. Asa really needs to take responsibilities and grow up (which he won’t) otherwise it’s gonna bite him in the ass in the future.

      As much as I don’t care what happens to Asa, I do care what happens to his family. His family doesn’t deserve to have their lives in danger because of his stupid tactics. If he loves his family a lot more than life itself, then he needs to get off the internet and start acting like a father and a husband, but that will never happen. After watching his videos and learning about the shit he has done, the guy is narcissistic.

      He will take anyone off the internet and treat them like they are the biggest pieces of shits in the world especially if one of Asa’s friends decides to cut ties with him because of his behavior, but hey, he doesn’t give a flyin’ fuck. As long as people are supporting his “reviews” and “parodies”, then he won’t leave the internet. His fans are so delusional, they can’t see the truth about him or that they are either in denial that they won’t believe that their idol would do stupid stuff like that. If I learn that James Rolfe or Doug Walker did this stuff, I would no longer be their fans. It’s bullshit that other people have to suffer through Asa’s crap because either he doesn’t like them or they don’t like him.

      I know I’m rambling off here, but Asa really pisses me off because he’s a 35 year old man who can’t take responsibilities like an adult. But I’m more worried about his wife and his kids. I know the chances of them being in danger is like 1%, but it could happen someday. The internet is filled with people that are sane or not right in the head. I just hope that things don’t turn out worst for his family.

      1. You should check out Daddy Gaede’s comments on the original video:

        Wow, resorting to calling people “fag boy”.

  4. How can people take him seriously? His father is like the greatest example of logical fallacy ever! I don’t even know what argument to pursue now. Should I focus on how Asalieri is clearly a saboteur? An Ebegging hypocrite? Anti-American pro-sopa anti-constitution asshole? Should I talk about (the originally planned) cognitive dissonance theory? There’s too many possibilities now and I’m amazed that Asalieri has even managed to fool anyone at all.

      1. I certainly hope it isn’t his father. who would want this fucking traitor as their father? oh wait, Asa would.

    1. listen at 9:23

      Asalieri does and has indeed practice quote mine, taking people out of context, and the fucking swine has gotten away with it.

      He did it with Angry Joe.

      He did it with Hardcore Kid and his companions.

      He did it to us at IGSUCKS many times (specially the last time he made a video mocking us, and claimed that we only did it because of his opinions, when it really was about him targeting jew-wario in his “kickstarter Nightmares”, which he of course, deleted it.

      He did it with James with him dismissing the facts about the AVGN movie trailer and the cheetahman 2 kickstarter.

      And He has done it with Doable back then, heck, we wont even know if it wasn’t for this video.

      How the fuck is Asalieri any different then those conspiracy theorist and naysaying morons like the 911 ones, or the douchebags that advocate for hatred, since he does indeed takes things out of context, i know it would sound stupid for me to ask this question again, but why the hell this fucking swine with & puss for blood manage to get away with slandering and flat out defamation of character without having the cops just wince once, i mean

      Him attempting to sabotage channel awesome

      Him Committing threat and stalking

      Him wanting to get JFreedan in legal problem (and making Pedo jokes in his parody video, “Dipshit Samurai J Caesar”.)

      Him liying and trying to make James rolfe look like the worst person ever on the internet.

      How is that this monster has gotten away with stuff.

      Is people really that oblivious or they i say, malicious?

      1. I’m definitely not reporting that and quite frankly I don’t see the relations ship to Ben Wagner especially since I don’t know Ben Wagner’s family.

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