Insecurity Ho! Asalieri wants to be a critic! Update: Ben Wagner wants in too!

I’ve covered quite a bit of what Asalieri has done but I have not directly covered what Asalieri has done to other people. We’ve already established that Asalieri has tried to paint himself as the medium of expression and the paragon of research and truth. But the reality is that Asalieri is the opposite since expression requires thought and its obvious he’s not expressing his real emotions since if he was doing that he would be childishly begging the viewer to not notice his research failure and blatant lying. But it should come to no surprise that Asalieri is anti-science, its not like he actually knows how to make a logical argument.

Lo and Behold The greatest losers ever and while I would like to note that I tend to avoid labeling people as losers when the evidence should do that itself quite frankly there’s absolutely no reason to give Asalieri here the benefit of the doubt
. He can’t even claim this is a joke or a parody, he is quite literally advertising his own personality cult by saying that science (applied science, you know computers and shit?) is a religion and that people are better off worshiping him because ‘society listens to scientists and not movies‘.

there’s absolutely no reason to give Asalieri here the benefit of the doubt

I could go into detail about his family and I guess I really should considering that Asalieri feels the need to lie about everyone else’s family in order to trick his (hopefully no longer gullible) fans that everyone who is lower than him is scum (which obviously includes his fans since Asalieri has spent no time in actually being entertaining and instead wasting his fans activism potential on attacking people who are actual supporters of free speech). His dad is a communist spy and was caught trying to steal computer components and sell them to Russia. He later came back and said he wanted to work for the CIA but actually just used it as an excuse to steal more computer components and give state of the art technology to China, and Iran (which I have no doubt is responsible for the military crisis’s we are having today). I mean I don’t even know where to begin, like I didn’t think this could get worse. Asalieri is already a gigantic (in more ways than one) prick, his attitude is clearly against free speech since he’s against looking things up or even doing basic research; both of which are key functions of free speech (its not there for you to shout gibberish, there are noise pollution laws). To know that his dad is also anti-american just explains so much and yet so little at the same time. Asalieri is like the epitome of American stereotypes: he’s loud, unreliable, uncouth, obnoxious, fat and constantly looking for ways to show he’s better than other people (even when he’s not). To think that Asalieri may be doing this on purpose to harm America’s reputation is actually a important idea to discuss. Youtube is an American company, TGWTG is American, Asalieri has done as much as he can to manipulate the youtube community to destroy both these things. What’s the first thing that Asalieri slaves do when they see someone featured in a video? They down-vote and spam the person, almost as if they want that person to stop making videos. Capitalism is the ideal that people can spend their money how they want, when they want (assuming its not banned). What’s Asalieri doing? Oh just making sure that no one can spend money on TGWTG or kickstarter projects without being stalked and harassed. Why steal technology to cripple American when you can use the freedom it gives to its people to topple the system for you? Of course Asalieri is really just an idiot but I can’t help but imagine that Bill Gaede is proud of his deadbeat anti-american american sterotype of a son. Its not like Bill Gaede hates abusing the freedom of speech clause in whatever country he’s spewing his crackpot theories from.

What is quite hilarious about the freedom of speech act is that Asalieri keeps talking about how its legal to talk the way he is. NO its not if anything the freedom of speech act simply declares that the person must be justified in their expressions and will not allow negative forms of expression to harm and hurt people. Lying is a crime, telling the truth is not a crime but of course Asalieri doesn’t understand that since he thinks making fun of science based on incredibly illogical propositions most of which come from Hollywood itself is a totall valid move. And now a list of complains:

  • the big bang isn’t an explosion you idiot! It was an expansion!
  • Explosions are violent and the universe is still growing bigger!
  • Use fucking google!
  • Stop making shit up!
  • Properly represent your opponents!
  • What the fuck does hollywood have to do with science.
  • Are you an IDIOT?
  • How can you be atheist and yet decide there has to be explanation for the universe without science?
  • Nice job being talentless, seriously only loser rock bands need to have their music so loud it distorts into noise.

Of course to Asalieri, telling the truth is a crime considering that every comment that actually shows the truth either gets misrepresented or simply blocked. With Asalieri, you have the conundrum of having your criticisms disregarded because ‘it was a long time ago’ even though that’s a chewbacca defense since there’s no evidence that the situation was solved and he will never explain it. To Asalieri a fair representation is to call a phone interview and have 8 cronies there to completely talk over another person, why the guys are reviewtopia can attest to how ‘wonderful’ and ‘totally fair’ Asalieri’s interviews are.

his attitude is clearly against free speech since he’s against looking things up or even doing basic research; both of which are key functions of free speech

This video pretty much covers what Asalieri did to the individual named Thatsdoable. I wouldn’t recommend looking at the screen though unless you have higher tolerance for flat out ugly mugshot than I do. Likewise he even covers what he did to the Irate Gamer sucks blog (namely he called them girls and irrelevant and then proceeded to crusade against them for the better half of a year only to ditch when he realized that the members of blog aren’t even paying attention to him).

Likewise its time to take another look his representation of the reproduction cartridge avenue of business. Last time I didn’t really say too much that damned him mainly because I can’t watch those videos for more than 10 minutes without having an urge to vomit from ugliness and also because it would be me spouting common sense knowledge that people should know. If you don’t know how a business works, you’re either Asalieri or you should be smart and not rant about something you don’t even understand. During Part 3 of the rant, Asalieri brings up an interview of another person (no bonus points for making the obvious guess about his stature, since he’s more or less an unwitting pawn in this) where the interviewee says it takes him on average a month to get a repro-game. I am only going to say this once, there is something known as customs and another big thing known as national security. It takes time for customs and border patrol to make sure that you aren’t transporting bombs or drugs or contraband. It also takes bureaucrats to write down each every package and log their senders and receivers. It takes a student applying for OSAP 6 weeks to get something done and HERE ASALIERI IS TRYING TO MAKE IT SOUND LIKE IT SHOULDN’T TAKE 4 WEEKS. HAVE YOU EVER BOUGHT SOMETHING FROM AMAZON.COM? OR ARE YOU TOO BUSY ASKING YOUR FANS FOR STUFF?

Oh and that guy Asalieri was rooting for as the go to guy for reproduction cartridge business? Not only does he charge 60% higher than his competition but he’s also dodging his bills and going on disability because he’s actually broke. Messages broadcasted by Protitus himself


September 19:

I’m broke and I need to pay bills and fix my van. I’m running a sale. Buy 3 NES repros and get 1 FREE. Buy 1 or 2 NES repros and get a discount. The price per repro is 35.00 so that’s 105.00 for 4. No painting this time. I’m sorry. Thanks.

September 27:

Hi everyone. Yesterday I had a heart attack. I went to Kawea Delta by ambulance which is 30 miles from Porterville and they put a stent into one of my arteries that collapsed. All night long I had a sandbag on groin and I couldn’t move because they were trying to clot the opening where they put the stent in. I clotted really well and only had to lie there for 4 hours instead of 6. I also had tp spend about 5 hours not moving too much before that. My lower back is hurting but I feel amazing after this. I can’t remember having this much energy. I should be going home tomorrow or the next day according to my doctor. Wish me luck.


Yup that’s right, he’s broke and that must be one hell of a great business you’ve got there when you are begging for a high workload but obviously don’t have the capital to run your business!

Hey what about that guy who threatened Encyclopedia Dramatica? You know Joey? From the last article? He’s learned so much from Asalieri that he’s funded his own E-begging scam kickstarter!

Give a hand to Asalieri everyone. He’s such a hypocrite that his closest friends are also hypocrites. But its not like Asalieri is against scamming people into buying shit. Take a look at his first video

Well that’s all the data I wanted to share with you today. Asalieri definitely wants to be a critic of some sort but they only thing he is a manipulative control freak who can’t handle the truth. Oh and here’s some data about Ben Wagner


And this just in from POPSJNRA Ben Wagner has made a youtube account pretending to be a translator and taking the credit for Hi no Tori Fansubs.

In addition someone went to Hi ni Tori fansub’s facebook page and asked them about Ben Wagner. Here were their official statements

Hi no Tori Fansubs No… he’s not the founder of our group… Nor is he a translator for Pioneer, Discotek, or whatever else he’s claiming these days. He’s a 13 year old kid making fake accounts, stealing ‘our’ and other peoples’ work… read this thread over at Toho Kingdom… you can learn alot more about him and what he is doing…”

“Hi no Tori Fansubs And if you are reading this Ben… FUCK OFF… and if you don’t there are enough people out there who know what/who you are and are going to do something about it. You can get into a lot of trouble for what you did to my friends wife. As in criminal trollin’.”

Oh and certain Tyler Preston showed up too:

Hi no Tori Fansubs Who… The TylerPreston20 kid…? He’s been a bit of a shill for Ben for some time now… and was told about him… but he chose to ignore… and ban… both annoy the shit out of me…”

So congrats Tyler! You’re also on the list of douchebags since you are enabling someone to hurt other people and also spreading misinformation. It’s one thing to be a unwitting instigator than it is to see twenty warning signs and be personally informed by several people to continue being an idiot. You do realize that by spreading this misinformation you make Ben look credible and thus are allowing him to dissolve the groups making those shows you love so much?

In addition Hi ni Tori Fansubs goes way farther than I would in describing Ben Wagner (or any person for that matter)

Hi no Tori Fansubs I’d like to add something to give anyone who still wants to hang on to Ben Wagner’s bloody, maggot infested vagina… Some food for thought. What dumbass in their right mind who was a “professional translator” who worked for Pioneer, Toei, Toshiba and every other bullshit claim he has given would compromise their career, position etc. by doing fansubbing.”

While I think the vagina imagery is a bit too far and I will never resort to such slander (I would prefer to use evidence and the character qualities that the evidence establishes to prove someone a jackass), the fact of the matter is that they bring up a good point; professional translators make money by translating. If you use your credentials to get access to company material and then fan-sub it for free then you are ripping off the company you work for and will get fired since you depriving your company of revenue. This has the same problem as reproduction cartridges, you are making something that ensures that the actual creative force behind the product will not be making a single cent. In fact it would be unprofessional to take material and translate it for free since a professional is one who only does work to the full extend of their occupation. I guess its not surprise that Mr.I’m a Navy Seal and I’m gonna kill you Mr.kill (ha you’re in this article now! =))

Either way, after that comment Ben Wagner decided he wanted to prove that he has no life and subsequently future by joining in on the conversation (because when you are a talentless hack, you have nothing better to do).

Should I even critique this? First off who’s exodus? Are you going isolationist like Asalieri Ben? Do you think that the only people who hate you must be organized and connected?

Secondly, ride off into the sunset… HA my ass! You aren’t content even when you do accomplish something. I’ve just received reports that you are leaving dumbass comments on the Irate Gamer sucks blog despite no evidence of them bringing you up. Your not an eye for an eye kind of guy Ben Wagner, if you were you wouldn’t be hurting people in the first place. And don’t even try to imply that you have honor to defend, you don’t.

Lastly, Ben tries to defend his actions by saying that he had to attack other people because it was the only way to get back. Ben… you are as bad as Asalieri. You attack people who have done nothing to you and you are clearly doing it for fun. The fact that you are so twisted that you fail to realize that you are the only one who can de-escalate the actions taken against you is just the icing on your stupidity. You can’t fight fire with fire when you were first one to be using fire!

Nice Ben, just tell everyone you are minor. You do realize that you can’t sue someone since you’re a kid and it’ll just get thrown out court because you’re the worst kind of kid.

Well I could write more but I think Hi no Tori did the pwning for me (which they as a victim, are every bit as entitled to dish that out), so I’ll end the article on this:

  • Hi no Tori Fansubs I wish you would just go away. But you haven’t. You continue to lie and steal. You need therapy kid. Seriously… how’s the weather in New York by the way… or your wife? Hello Ben-san – Love and Kisses: Masako Mizutani^_^

    Hi no Tori Fansubs's photo.
  • Hi no Tori Fansubs Nobody is threatening anybody… but you do have a DMCA comin’ your way. And I’m sure ‘Discotek’ would love to hear about their ‘phantom translator’… keep up the good work.
  • Hi no Tori Fansubs I can’t thank you enough for incriminating ‘YOURSELF’ and deleting your fake FB page soon after… for the people who weren’t sure if your bullshit was real or not that pretty much seals the deal. Thank You, from the bottom of my heart.
  • Scott McNutt Ben Wagner isnt too smart is he? He continues dig himself deeper and deeper. Now TP20 knows the truth straight from Ben’s mouth. See Ben when you slandered me after claiming the Ultra Q subtitles I gave you were of your creations, I then told you I would crush your world. And did crush your world. You should have apologized for stealing my Subtitles and told the truth when only I knew who you really are. But you didnt listen. Now you have once again been shamed pubically.
  • Hi no Tori Fansubs And with that… any litigious action on your part, I will own your College funds and your kids College funds… if you ever have kids of your own.
  • Hi no Tori Fansubs I see you are trying to back-track one of your many plagerisms… sorry kiddo, the DMCA is already sent.
  • Benjamin Wagner You know, I find it funny that you feel the need to constantly dignify my Existence. And than issue vague threats. I’m a 12 year old Douchebag, Punk from Pennsylvania. Yet an Ex-Army Officer (dis-honoring the Uniform by the way), feels the need to throw childish insults around.
  • Benjamin Wagner The fact is, Hi-No-Tori Fansubs are a bunch of elitist, slanderous, criminal and un-happy pricks. It’s not my fault they got to be that way.
  • Benjamin Wagner I bet August Ragone would LOVE to see how you slander him, behind close doors.
  • Benjamin Wagner What would you do with my College funds? Go Gambling in Vegas with them? At least you could just walk to the nearest Casino, gas is expensive, these days.
  • Hi no Tori Fansubs Whatever you say Ben… just go away… the jig is up, you are a fraud. Stop hangin’ around. We were done with you when we banned you from irc. You chose to continue with the lies and the stealing. This thread became a good opportunity to expose you. And you did it all on your own. Good Job! And stay in school, reading is fundamental.
  • Benjamin Wagner I apologize for what I’ve done recently, it was hardly the right thing to do.
  • Scott McNutt Ben Wagner, your apology means nothing. You are a worthless piece of trash and will always be.
Hey no fair! Scott McNutt already beat me to the correct estimation of Ben Wagner’s value!\
Oh wait one more comment
And alas folks it seems we have another Chris Weston Chandler on our hands. (Good lord there’s like 3 on this blog alone… Uh Mr.KILL? Are you okay if I keep mentioning your Alias on this blog?)

106 thoughts on “Insecurity Ho! Asalieri wants to be a critic! Update: Ben Wagner wants in too!

  1. A double dealing would be, for example, coming here and saying something like…

    “I’ve had me[sic] transgressions, on this blog, and in general. However, when I saw that with Asa, I could not stand by. And I told LadyBuggin just that. To think I was once a fan of Eric’s.” – from Laser’s article “Taking back the stage”

    But then, as in Laser’s picture of your comments, saying that you misjudged him and calling him a nice guy. Simple.

  2. speaking of the repro-making services, if things go well, in November, i will have something very special to say about it…….

  3. You know guys, i am looking at the comments Asa made on the magicka review of Angry Joe, and let me tell you something.

    This was the same time than the “Angry Joe is a douchebag” fad started, and it was propagated by douches like James Thompsett (RandomDCE), he got VERY anti TGWTG and VERY antagonistic about them around this time, because he saw what asalieri was doing and saw him as someone who he can follow or “do the favour”.

    Yes, Joe was acting angry at the end of the comments, but this people really turn off a blind eye when it came to asalieri, dodging, flipping off, and showing his presence just to cause problem and indignation, and trolling him out with his Pissed Jose “Parodies”.

    And all the sudden since he gets upset at Asa, he uses this, and makes people into thinking, “See, he gets pissy, therefore he is a douchebag”. and i love that Asa was acting like he didn’t do anything bad.

    Angry Joe has made mistakes in the past, sure, but sweet jesus, even back then he really wasn’t that bad as people and these 2 leechers were making him out to be.

  4. Here’s what Joe Hladnik had to say about you:

    “I have no words. Nothing embodies irony than claiming someone is anti-american while showcasing one’s illiteracy. It’s something that writes itself. 😀

    Also, welcome to 2012, when Jfreedan already covered this subject regarding Asa’s dad. 😀 So slooow…”

    ITT: you’re basically acknowledging that Jfreedan was in fact correct about Asa’s dad. I can’t wait till META fatass finds out about this 😀

    1. “Nothing embodies irony *MORE* than claiming someone is anti-american while showcasing one’s illiteracy.” His sentence has grammar mistakes. Sorry batdamn, but happy faces don’t replace actual grammar. Perhaps if you read books…

  5. Hey DynamiteNinja, mind if i post this quote from asa like you did on IGSUCKS?

    Quotes from Asalieri……….of course…….sigh

    “Chris is a decent guy who made ONE mistake back in the day. He imitated another guy’s review almost word for word. Then he did it one more time for good measure. He’s never been able to live that down of course, and has been hated ever since. Sure, his videos are hokey and lack good writing, but so what? Does that make him the antichrist? Can you honestly say there’s a truly good reason to shower him with hatred today? I love how people are suddenly saying that I somehow compelled him to do that Cheetahman parody. I had nothing to do with that. But I do know that he’s a good person, and I wish him the best in all his endeavors. I admire his tenacity, considering the hatred that man puts up with on a daily basis.”

    one more for now:

    “he financed his own projects, never asked for a handout. The man hasn’t started any drama with anyone, despite the numerous attacks on his person. I respect him immensely for persevering in the face of so much adversity. But people are gonna spin negatively, because well, misery loves company.”

    1. “who made ONE mistake back in the day. He imitated another guy’s review almost word for word. Then he did it one more time for good measure.”

      So he only made one mistake but he did it again? Does Asalieri know how to think or is he genetically predisposed to not read what he writes?

      1. Well, since Bores did his “E-Beggin Spoof”, Bores is suddenly A-OK on Eric’s Book.

        which brings this question:

        Does Chris Bores really had the guts to have made that video without Asalieri’s involvement, since i don’t think out of all people, Bores wanted to flat out made an attack on James on his own.

      2. It’s extremely hypocritical from Asalieri to support an e-begging scumbag, scammer (Deal-Dash) and a troll (LadyBuggin777) like Bores. He deserves all the hate he gets, because not only he can’t take criticism, but he insults others using his sockpuppet account.

  6. Oh and Speaking of Asa and Bores being best buddies:

    (From DynamiteNinja Post at IGSUCKS)

    and now Asa is in denial about his father’s commie crimes:

    “now they’re resorting to slandering my father and his work in a desperate attempt to attack me. Very mature stuff from these kids, dont’cha think? This is why i’ve resolved to ignore their immature bs, ma’am.”

    And of course there’s this gem:

    “I don’t blame you for ignoing all of them. They are consumed with hate and do Lucifers work like the demons they are. They are depraved, rejects, with no future before them to speak of. Consumed with envy, hate and ignorance and they post it for all to witness on that blog. Satan also, like them, attacks family ties to try to weaken us but we are stronger than all of them, Asa. We have the gift of love, tolerance, and the will to succeed in life by our own honorable deeds. They have none of these attributes and never will. Like I told you before, The IG hater bloggers are psychos and sickos and are influenced by pure evil. The prince of darkness is their lord and master. So I say, Satan get behind thee, to them all. You have no power over me and mine. You’d do best to say the same, Asa. THEY are the lowest of low! ~”

    And Asa starts up again:

    “There’s no alternative, really. Arguing with them is pointless, they don’t want to see all sides of the story, just the side that makes us all look like horrible people. In their eyes ,we’re detestable people who they wish all manner of ill will on. I used to reciprocate this feeling, and all it did was spread MORE ill will. I’m not like them. I don’t WANT to be like them; that is, miserable people looking to feel better about their own sad lot in life, complaining about people they don’t even know. I fell into that idiotic trap, all it does is breed more negativity. They can have their slander, their insults, their childish rumor mongering and their hatred. I’d rather do something productive.”

    and yet again he praises his commie father:

    “My dad is awesome. He was not a criminal, and he lived a life these bozos wouldn’t have the balls to live through. Why should we give these morons another minute of our valuable time? We’ve wasted way too much time lending an ear to their misdirected hatred.”

    and the bugged out LadyBuggin777 starts up again:

    “True Asa. I deal with them only to fuel them to type more ignorance and deception for all to witness and see them for the creaton’s they are. I garrentee those fools will crash and burn in the end and have noone to blame but themselves! Anyone with half a brain and half a heart can see right thru their hate, jealousy, and degregation. They reek of the stench of the bowels of hell. God has a way to deal with the likes of them. You do what you’ve got to do but in the end know, they will be judge with the same condition that they judged others. You live by the sword, you die by the sword, as history has proven over and over again ~ Peace to you, Asa, dear friend ~”

    have one more from her:

    “Asa, I never for one minute believed the lies they spread about your dad and/or your family!!! They spew lie apon lie ….. one more strike against their dirty souls ~”

    and remember that you should channel any anger you have from reading all this into any physical activities you participate in and release that anger. I do it myself.

    Me: Sweet Jesus, Asa is at it again at my comrades at IGSUCKS, now i am starting to believe that Asa did approached the Bores to do the “Spoof”, since he probably promised him to support him if he made that video against James Rolfe.

    i am saying this since, i don’t think Bores had the enough intelligence to have caught to the stuff that happened around that drama, he is not very bright.

    1. Seriously? We’re being compared to Satan because of what we said about Bill? When I made that comment about them treating Asa like a god, I didn’t think it would be this accurate! What is wrong in their minds? So far we have disagreeing with Eric and liking what he doesn’t like…these have got to be the most pathetic people that I’ve seen.

      “They are depraved, rejects, with no future before them to speak of.”
      Yet, all you do nod and agree with EVERY SINGLE THING Asa says. I may not like Bores or Gaede, but my life doesn’t revolve around them. I have a part time job at Wegmans, currently have college, occasionally babysitting my cousins, enjoy music and movies, practice my bass, ride my bike, hang out with my friends, go onto youtube and deviantart, and do artwork. I think I DO have a future before me. Meanwhile, the fanboys will still be sitting on their computers and go “Yeah, Asa says That Guy With the Glasses sucks heh heh…fuck that site, FUCK THAT SITE!” (yes, I just parodied his RAR mini.)

      Sorry for rambling, but it continues to amaze me how insane people can be.

  7. Everyone on this blog is a fucking psychopath. You feel the need to compensate for your awful life by attacking people you don’t know on the internet. How pathetic.

    Do us all a favor and die in a car fire.

    -Ben (The Man of Steal).

      1. And you, Kill Ultra (you know, because killing is so awesome!) need to be driving that care before the fire.

        You are one of the most narcissistic pieces of shit I have ever met. The day of reckoning will come for you.

      2. Says guy who constantly lies about himself even to the point of falsifying your education, your family, and your occupation. Not only that but you clearly don’t know me enough to even begin to insult me.

      3. Well Ben it appears that there’s no point bothering to talk to you. The only thing you bring to the table is petty insults and hypocritical ramblings. I do remind you that all I need do is remind the system of your previous status.

    1. You say that everyone on here is a psychopath, yet you tell us to go die in a car fire. The same way how Asalieri responded to two people on youtube.

      Talk about fail, dude -_-

  8. narcissistic (comparative more narcissistic, superlative most narcissistic)
    >Having an inflated idea of one’s own importance.
    >Obsessed with one’s own self image and ego.

    At what point has Ultra ever demonstrated either of these qualities? Never, that’s when. Considering how often YOU try to make us believe how great and wonderful you are with all those lies about yourself, your occupation, etc., I’d say the term “narcissistic” fits you way more that our friend Ultra here.

    tl;dr version : You’re using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    1. Thanks for that bit of logic there skyrunner. While I don’t know what’s gotten into Ben, I do believe he should consult a dictionary. But that’s not gonna happen since its clear from his behaviour that Ben is 5 years of age.

      1. What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

      2. @Ben Wagner
        I have never laughed so hard. So you’re contacting spies to “hunt down” Kill Ultra just because he said something you don’t like on the internet? Thanks for starting my morning with a smile. I needed it

    1. I like the bit where he talks about “gorilla warfare”. Well, I’d say he’s as smart as a monkey, but that’d be an insult to monkeys.

  9. It’s like he doesn’t realize he’s not a threat in the least. IRL, he’s like 14 or so, isn’t he? Maybe a bit younger? This kind of behavior really drives that point home. He probably posts crap like this because he is not content with the lot he’s drawn in life, hence his constant desire to pretend to be someone he’s not.

    I mean, if one were to actually take his lies, seriously, he’s a gun-toting military man, knows Japanese, and has a supermodel girlfriend. Yeah, really Mary Sue-ing it up in this joint.

    Please Ben, continue this. I really want to see more. It always makes my day to see the crock pot of crazy you provide us every time you leave a comme… no, can’t really call it a comment. It’s more like a total mess of bull.

      1. If that’s the extent of your actual insulting, it’s no wonder you had to use a copypasta instead of coming up with something yourself: anything you come up with is lame!

        Also, this insult pretty much confirms your age being around early teens, since only people in that age group seem to think calling someone “gay” is a clever comeback. Want a tip? It’s actually both unsuccessful and immature. Here’s hoping you grow up, Ben! 😀

    1. That poor kid… here’s hoping Child Services step in and help her, there’s nothing but a terrible upbringing under those two. Yikes…

      1. The question is why hasn’t anyone tried contacting Arizona’s CPS with the various videos featuring Asa’s kids or that disturbing picture with him holding his daughter. You’d think with all CPS horror stories about them taking someone’s children over small matters it would be pretty easy to get CPS involved in Gaede household.

    2. I saw that video, and to be honest, it told me almost nothing, heck, i didn’t even think the author actually witness the opportunity to truly point out Asa’s negligence for her daughter.

      I am surprised is that Asa has not get in trouble for both what he tried to do with Jfreedan and the infamous “reverse-trolling” picture with that clown wig.

    1. By pretending to be a translator and sabotaging their work. Also by claiming that their work is yours you are taking fans away from the subbing groups and taking away their support. Seriously Ben you just copy and paste “And how am I trying to ______” its really sad how lazy and uncreative you are. You even tried to become moderator of a fansub group so you could banning people because you found it funny.

      1. I don’t see how any action of that sort (that I did not participate in) could lead to the dissolution of any Fansub Group.

      2. Then you are every bit as childish and foolish as you have been described. Oh and you are admitting that you have anti-social personality disorder. But don’t worry I can’t put in layman’s terms. What you are doing = BAD. Being Anti-social and having no empathy = Bad. You = All of the aforementioned = Bad. There that explain it to your 5 year old mind?

    1. What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

      Mcnutt? More like Fuck Nutt!

      1. Still copy-pasting because you can’t come up with anything better, huh? Have fun monkeying around with that gorilla warfare, Ben.

  10. Keep acting like the pathetic piece of shit you are and I will keep exposing you.

    Man up and become a decent person and all will be good. But you dont have it in you, you are to big of a piece of shit.

    Enjoy the public flogging Ben Wagner.

  11. You call crating a fake personas, stealing others work, slandering me, lieing to name just a few things you pulled off mark of a decent person.

    Fuck off and die already. NOBODY likes you or ever will.

    1. *lying

      See Scott, this is why I think of you as a bad person. Why do you bother harassing me, and Chris, among many others? Just let us live or horrible lives.

      1. Because Chris deserves to be harassed with all the negative crap he’s done to his fans as well as your son thinking he’s hot shit after Chris took an obvious stab at another game reviewer. Also if you want to keep all the haters away from Eric, tell him to live up to his promises and stop lunging attacks as TGWTG and James Rolfe. Sure their more recent work is hit and miss, but at least I’m not saying stuff to them 24/7 that could cause their fans, who trust James with their money to riot against me.

        Eric should just continue to do RAR’s on the crappier more obscure viewers without worrying about or even bringing up what he dislikes, and also in a format that won’t stir up controversy.

  12. You continue to slander and harass me. Stop emailing me. Stop sending me gay porn from your collection, stop making fake FB pages posing as me, stop harassing my friends and their families, etc…

    You continue to do so and I will continue to be a thorn in your side. You are PATHETIC.

    Go the fuck away.

    1. Hey POPSJNR,

      If you want to report Ben to an Internet harassment watch group, you can use this site:

      Also, you can find his IP address on this very site (, which you can include with the report. It’ll make it easier for the authorities to find him. Be sure to record any evidence of him doing so, like images of his comments and the like.

      That’s right Ben, you’re breaking the law. Cyber bullying/stalking is a crime. This is pretty low, even for an idiot like you.

      1. You should use as many of those services as possible, there’s more than that one site. That way, you guarantee something will be done.

    1. If I remember correctly, this guy went by the names Constantin Chernobyl, Joe Hladnik, Jonathan Hardwick, Jabba the Fatsky and more. Most of his channel names were impersonations of other people. Kept on switching names to avoid being flagged for it.

      He dedicated his life to defending his Youtube idols and posting crap on videos of people who dared to dislike Irate Gamer and Asalieri (I’m not exaggerating. He logs in at 5AM and starts his idiotic crusades that last almost an entire day). His trademark is adding a smiley face at the end of each one of his comments to make an impression that he doesn’t care. A pathetic person with no prospects for future. He got banned recently for bullying again, but seeing how obsessed he is, he will make another account and continue his tomfoolery.

      There was a blog made to debunk his faulty arguments (The Chronicles of Joe Hladnik), but it no longer exists.

      1. Oh so he was referring to ‘that’ guy. An article has already been done on that loser. Joe Hladnik is Batdamn. There probably won’t be further articles on him since he’s so petty and stupid that there’s really no point in keeping track of his efforts. He’s a massive ass kisser who’s only role is mindlessly spout fallacious chewbacca defenses that don’t help him or the people he’s trying to help. He can keep switching to as many accounts as he wants (he’s currently on Jonathan Hardwick) but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s so pathetic and so powerless that its better to write about the people who influence him as opposed to demented loner himself.

      2. Oh and chronicles of Joe Hladnik has been renamed to ‘Buggin Ladybuggin’ apparently, but I can’t seem to read the blog either. Oh and the previous comment is also wrong too, Batdamn aka Jonathan Hardwick has been banned yet again for ‘attempting to impersonate someone’. And once again, its probably because he put up that stupid AVGN song parody on his about page (giving definitive evidence as to how completely talentless he is.. which is bad since the admins know who he is for sure) then probably tried to upload someone else’s videos to steal ad revenue. He has so little influence and capability that I probably shouldn’t have written an article about him. Why write about a criminal who can only shoot themselves in the foot?

  13. Does this “Jabba d’Hutski” have severe autism or something? How the fuck can you be this obsessed with Youtube comments? I guess it’s just social Darwinism at work; I’d rather have someone that retarded locked inside behind his computer all day than interacting with people.

  14. “god I hate this fat youtube user”
    (puts video of fat guy shaking his ass on youtube channel)
    fairly certain jabba d’hutski is a chubby chasing faggot who is in love with this guy. why else would you devote so much time to useless shit.

  15. Huh… I guess that would make sense. But this isn’t evidence that batdamn isn’t batdamn but rather that batdamn has quit, isn’t coming back and has been replaced by Chris Bores. Otherwise his IP address would have been the same as ladybuggin.

    1. Joe Responds:

      “Lasersquad does realize that I use proxies you can get from HideMyAss then post them on Firefox, right? 😀 Nah, he probably doesn’t. :D”

      1. But that’s just stupid since it slows down your internet. And considering how fast ‘Joe’ is posting these comments its obvious he’s not doing that. And since this ‘joe’ is LB and LB didn’t bother to protect her IP address…. the conclusion to be learned here is ‘don’t be an idiot chris, making up excuses at the last minute will fool no one, especially when the person you are trying to fool is always two steps ahead of you.’

      2. In addition… why the hell would ‘Joe’ defend himself by saying that? How does that deflect suspicions of not being ladybuggin. If anything that’s a confession to being a sockpuppet. Oh well it only makes sense anyway. The irate gamer is and has always been a one man show and anyone who wasn’t named Chris learned the definition of 1984.

      3. More responses from Joe. first this:

        “Wait, so I’m Joe again? Or is it IG? 😀 Also, you’ve just proven yourself a newbie and script kiddy if you think all proxies slow down your Internet connection. The longer you use proxies, the faster your Internet goes because it actually makes caches of commonly visited sites for easier access. You’ve humiliated yourself again. :D”

        and then this:

        “Using proxies is a confession of sockpuppetry? How? You’re not making much sense. 😀 It makes about as much as much sense as concluding I had a two-week vacation in an Asian country when you “doxxed” my IP. 😀

        You do realize you’re grasping at straws now, calling me Joe, calling me LadyBuggin, calling me IG, calling me a sockpuppet of this and that without any substantial proof whatsoever. :D”

      4. Don’t post anymore of these. I have no reason to care about a person who can’t notice apostrophes around their name and the significance of having apostrophes around a person’s name. This writing is more or less LB’s anyway. The real batdamn would have called me an AVGN fanboy and claimed I was ‘obsessed’ with something. This is just pathetic, not even funny to read. At least Batdamn could put two and two together and pretend it didn’t exist, Batdamn likes to twist the truth but this is just lying about something that anyone with a basic knowledge in the field would know isn’t true. Your internet does not go faster when you have used proxies for a long time. If you use proxies for a long time then you’ve just defeated the purpose of using a proxy in the first place and no it doesn’t save your cache of commonly visited sites since that’s illegal but your computer can keep logs of pages you have visited but big shock… it’ll need to update when it gets back which will be slow since servers double check proxies. Information will take more time to get relayed = slow.

      5. I also find it funny that Chris has done no research on how I managed to IP log him. It checks for all IPs that visit using the link. If you used a proxy it would show up on the link. It did not.

      6. You’d think Chris would actually know how you got his IP address considering you specifically stated the exact site you used. Then again, Chris’ head is lodged so far up his own bum on a regular basis anyway I guess that explains his lack of basic deduction skills.

      7. Also, has Joe even given any sort of damn about proxies or doxxing or anything like that before now? I don’t follow any of that outside of here and Irate Gamer Sucks, so I wouldn’t know personally, but I think if he had I’d have heard about it.

      8. From what I know Batdamn didn’t give half a shit about my Ip trace of him. It makes sense to me, he was on vacation to the Philippines. To me it seems that Joe may have finally found something better to do with his life. And unlike most usages of that sentence, the words ‘NOT!’ has not been used. Batdamn did seem to give a shit when he was tracked by Dynamite Ninja though.

    2. And now the Jabba D’Hutski account has been take down via copyright claims. Now if only the Ladybuggin account would be taken down…

      1. It doesn’t matter how many accounts he loses, he’ll always more accounts. Hell, he could lose 50 and he wouldn’t stop.

    1. Nope, nothing’s happened recently. Now Asa is just saying he’s avoiding drama and ignoring anyone who criticizes him, and not one word about how HE’S the one who started the drama in the first place.

      1. Which is hilarious since it shows that he hasn’t learned anything and wants to resort to the “its old news” excuse when in all actuality that excuse doesn’t work because you never did anything to resolve the problem to begin with. A simple sorry would have worked but oh wait it won’t because you’re trying to avoid the issue and so you can use fallacious excuses to get away with it. If the issue was never solved in a satisfactory manner then it doesn’t matter if it took 20 years or 50 fucking years its still an issue.

    2. Well, the only information that can be considered recent is that in the ED forums, someone asked for the summary of “the War Room” transcripts, and here’s what turned out:

      “Annoncat Quote”

      [b]”[9/30/2011 21:48:06] E.P. LeGuille: These are all seperate operations, but they all have the same goal. To make him crack, and to expose him in the worst way. After, and if, we get his partnership and channel banned, we move on to the next stage. Which includes multiple, legitimate lawsuits in multiple states against him. He cannot afford the legal fees for all of them, and he will recieve at least 1 judgement against him for every case he does not attend.[/b]

      That and trying to get him in trouble for other things like dodging taxes, having a non-legitimate LLC, and other numerous things that they dox’d on him. And don’t be fooled by Asalieri saying that he had no part of The War Room, E.P. LeGuille is one of Asalieri’s script kiddy buttbuddies.”

      Of Course being ED is quite possible they took a cheap shot to JFreedan as well, but i still believe that Jfreedan wasnt really as bad as Asalieri make it out to be, after all, if you saw the “Dipshit Ceaser” ridicule attack video (i refuse to call these and similar asalieri’s videos by “parodies”) by painting him as a pedophile at the end with the joke at 2:23

      WOW, classy you piece of shit, oh and you used a convenient desperate shock jump-cut, as if that makes it ok…….

      (By the Way, Asalieri did put back the original video on his channel)

      Why am i complaining about that?, with that Asalieri has not only offended JFreedan with that uncalled garbage, he also offended otakus as well (i know that in Japan Otakus are treated as social outcasts, but here in the american continent things are different, otakus are basically the geeks of japanese animation, and i am pretty sure that a HUGE FUCK LOAD of the majority aren’t wife beating cheating pedos.

      Whatever is small or big, asalieri loves to be a sneaky bastard.

      Oh and actually, there was something recent, Roy Garbil has re-uploaded many of Asa’s old videos since Asa has been doing a “Cleaning”, not just the videos featuring Kyle anymore.

      and 2 things caught my attention

      1.- Here’s the original RAR # 15 prologue, which Asalieri edited out from the re-upload he did, why?

      (I am not sure if you cant see it by embeed mode, the video is private)

      Oh that’s right, it was a completly “Screw you BatDan” skit which in his mind was meant to be funny…….

      or more specifically, Here is Asalieri twisting the facts and demonizing and misrepresenting his opponents to make them look like shits in such a way that naive people, stupid people or worshipping trolls are supposed to sheep.

      He uses stupid voices to talk over his detractors comments to make them look like whiny manchildren, and of course his drones are not gonna think “boy, i think i should watch the original video or see the original comment for context” and assume the people being mocked are idiots, as well as is usual pot-shots at TGWTG (over the fact that one guy did a typo on TGWTG, and asalieri turned into a potshot at doug walker and TGWTG).

      And of course he lays on BatDan, by saying, ooooowwww you are a hypocrite for talking about Chris Bores for 2 years, (even tough this was before Asa porbably told Bores to attack James and therefore Best Buddies Forever) all because he says that asalieri lost it.

      3:45 “TGWTG does gives a crap about Mashables” when Dan said in that comment “who cares about Mashables”, (he was speaking just for himself by the way), and asa shows footage FROM SPOONY’S WEBSITE and claims that IS the entirity of TGWTG, why is such a bad thing to support an event, i had no flippin idea, but the point is that Asa blinds himself to not see the real point and takes out of context EVERYTHING when it comes to his detractors.

      Oh God, and of course he mocks James Rolfe as “the ones who suck”, it was supposed to be about recommending good reviewers but of course the sneaky bastard couldn’t keep it the point straight and turn it into attacks against the things he is seaking to hate/ heate’s already/ wants people to hate and theeOOOOH MYY GOD, WHY!!!!?????

      Asalieri at 8:01 uses a rule34 picture to mock AVGN and his fans, it’s censored yes, but is clearly him usage what is frickin shota picture!, sweet jesus WHY, and he get’s away with it?

      i am not joking people, in fact, i apologize, since i didn’t watch the video in it’s entirety until now that i was riffing it.

      UGH, and of course he did this to promote ClanoftheGreyWolf 16-bit gems, i have no problem with him and he is a nice guy, and asalieri freatured him, but i believe he was the type of person to actually question asalieri when he lose it againts james rolfe, since Roo is the type of guy who wants to avoid drama and internet feuds.

      2.- And of course there’s the video that he quote mine ThatDoable

      and here is doable’s recent video that showcase its

      UNFORTUNELY it just so happens that the assholes of google completly ruined Youtube by merging it with goggle +. which means that you do need a goggle+ account to even being able to use it, upload shit, or view comments properly, oh and it’s the same for posting comments on blogs like blogspot, (at least it happen to me)

      FUCK THAT.

      Wow this was more longer than i expected.

    3. Oh one more thing (yeah turns out stuff happened under the radar)

      Asalieri now has go all the way to revive the ridicule called “pissed Jose”

      and he uses this channel to posts his videos when he targets little kids in his “one view wonders” series, oh and here is a little gem.

      Now he is claiming that Pisssed Jose was never a parody of Angry Joe……..

      You know what’s the sad thing about it, when i used to be friends with DCE (something that i REALLY regret), i actually blindly follow his own attempt to persue Asa’s tail ride, DCE made this character obviously jumping into the Angry Joe hate bandwaggon

      I even felt like i was being a tool, because to be fair i didnt like Angry joe either……..and i didnt knew about Asa’s passive agressive trolling and harrasment toward him and the quote mining he did, and DCE spreading more hate like the little sheep of hate he is.

      Back to the Pissed Jose garbage:

      Goosifer From ED ha spointed out how Pissed Jose pretty much is a Brown Face act since Joe Vargas is actually puerto rican (born full blooded) while Asa was born in the US and only has diluded argentinian blood, “so therefore no racism” duuuurp (i got Jhohny deep whote washing vibes).

      1. Yeah I heard about pissed Jose being Angry Joe but I didn’t hear about the other stuff about his doublethink. I not sure if we need another article about double think.

  16. Hahaha apparently some ubertroll got him to remove all his videos out of embarrassment. Troll gets trolled. Best part is he’ll make a post about this because he’s obsessed with this blog, like a pathetic monkey on strings…he’s been making accounts since April LOL what a loser.

    1. Who made who remove their videos? I really only follow whatever happens on YouTube here, because I don’t want to subject myself to all that silliness personally. As such, I don’t understand who you mean.

  17. Wow, no activity huh?

    well, if anything goes about right, in the next 1 1/2 weeks ill be getting something special, and i will go back to my blog to say something special about it, and i need it to proof against Asalieri.

  18. LOL. Someone filed a privacy complaint on the “Insanity of Asalieri’s family” video. It’s most likely Bill Gaede 😛

  19. So, Norman Bores posted this on his Buggin channel. I don’t deal with this kind of crap, you have Dynamite Ninja to thank for copy-pasting this onto IG Sucks.

    “To all the friends of the IrateGamer: Please be aware that Dynamite Ninja, MrKillUltra, are taking quotes from me, Ladybuggin777, and Jabba D’Fatski, and posting them on the IG stillsucks wiki pages and the IG sucks blog and claiming that it Chris Bores’ quotes. Christopher has no knowledge of any of these said quotes and/or of Dynamite Ninja or MrKillUltra. This is all fraud and deception on their part. All quotes are property of Ladybuggin and Jabba NOT Chris Bores aka The Irate Gamer. This is an illegal act and can be tried in a court of law for defamation of character and slander, libel. Please be advised that Chris Bores is in no way involved in the wrong doings of Dynamite Ninja and MrKillUltra.
    Thank you, sincerly, Ladybuggin777 ~”

    Did you notice the weird part? lt’s this: “…taking quotes from me, Ladybuggin777, and Jabba D’Fatski”… “Buggin” actually typed this. And notice how “she” signs this wall o’ text “sincerly, Ladybuggin777” What does THAT even mean? Oh right, Chris is Buggin and this is a VERY failed attempt at trying to get people to stop reposting his garbage.

    1. “Please be advised that Chris Bores is in no way involved in the wrong doings of Dynamite Ninja and MrKillUltra.”

      Uh isn’t it kinda obvious that people who don’t like him aren’t supporters of the actions they hate? Of course MrKillultra and Dynamite Ninja aren’t censoring people and being all around unlikeable people… that’s Chris’s job!

  20. Oh boy looks like Eric broke his silence and finally made a video.
    Two things I want to comment on:
    At 6:20 how stupid Eric. Of course public libraries have commercials. They had commercials even when I was a kid in the 90’s. You can’t tell me you’ve never seen one of them on tv for your public library. Give me a break.
    8:14-8:53 boy this looks familiar where have I seen that before… um oh yeah PUNCHDICKIA! Around 11:40 of that piss poor parody. So are you saying that you’re a raciest for putting that in there Eric because that looks like the same thing to me.

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