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So yeah its been a long time hasn’t it and this article comes late well after Asalieri did his shitty rant on youtube copyright.  Before I can even begin to explain what’s wrong with Asalieri’s stance on copyright, I must first explain what’s going on and of course, my take on the matter (it would be hypocritical/confusing if I didn’t).

The current copyright crisis that youtube is going through appears to be problem with google’s inexperienced youtube programming team. Of the many copyright strikes given out, more than half of the companies don’t want their IP to be enforced. Keep in mind that not wanting your IP to be enforced is a BIG deal! Copyright law essentially states that if you fail to defend your IP within a reasonable time frame you lose the rights to your IP and any average joe can take you to court over that and make it public domain. Copyright lasts 75 or more years too (authors lifespan + 75 years), so this is a big deal. I would like to note that only the person who owns the copyright is allowed to make claims of copyright infringement (or set up a system that automatically does it for them). Since youtube is making copyright claims for companies that don’t want them doing it for them, they are violating the companies rights and patents, which is ironically, more illegal than allowing pirated movies and silent gameplay videos to exist. Like I said before, allowing someone to use your copyright and not stopping them is quick way to lose your copyright. So how about letting someone enforce a copyright that you own, but didn’t authorize them to act? This is a PR nightmare and it’s all google’s fault especially since people are well aware now that youtube isn’t in trouble for copyright infringement but rather are overstepping their bounds. The only good news is that people with content ID match only lose ad revenue and not their entire channel but that’s like saying its okay that the hurricane didn’t kill anybody; the hurricane just destroyed the dam, our water supply and all the buildings. No ad revenue, means no incentive to make videos + no ability to pay for daily needs = need another source of income = less time to make videos. Heck this article would have came way sooner if I didn’t have to work for a living. People are able to produce so much content because they get paid for it and that’s why people keep watching, because they like the content that person produces.

This also brings up an even bigger question, the ad revenue that gets earned while the video disabled is supposed to go to the company that made the claim. But the companies aren’t making the claims and never asked youtube to make claims thus now the question must be asked “where is the ad revenue going?”. If the companies aren’t aware that youtube is redirecting the ad revenue, then there’s no system in place for them to get that ad revenue. Is all the money going directly into google’s pockets? Sure looks like it from my angle.

As for the youtube people affected by this, well its time to consider either getting insurance (i.e getting managed by a company or switching to a video website that doesn’t pull stupid shit like this) or it might just be time to switch careers. You might think that’s harsh but quite frankly its either that or wait five or so months to the point they don’t have a Job and no stability. Careers come and go all the time just ask the all the bachelors of science out there doing jobs that don’t involve science (assuming they have a job to begin with). Job markets destabilize from time to time and while I’m not saying this is the apocalypse for youtube videos I am saying its getting to the point that people who aren’t already popular are probably not going to get popular. To get managed by a company you need to have connections which the average youtuber doesn’t have. Switching to another website requires you to set up the monetization system all over again and it could take months before you’re actually earning money again.  And there’s no telling when your e-career gets cut short by a copyright strike shutting down your channel or content id match shutting down revenue since there’s no telling if the same system might be adopted on dailymotion or blip or what ever it is you’re using. While you had a legitimate career before and you can definitely make a stand against youtube’s copyright bullshit, look out for yourself first by securing another source of income in the meantime. Entire sectors of industries have been completely butchered before so don’t sit there lamenting the death of your industry when you’ve got bills pay (and kids to feed). It sucks sure but that’s what happens when no one decides to fix decade old laws.

Does the above advice not apply to you? Well it applies to Angry Joe who made an 18 minute long video where he ranted against youtube since it just disabled ad revenue on a good portion of his videos.

Angry Joe makes some good points but his attempts to invoke pathos with his ‘I have 7 dollars in my wallet’ shouldn’t have been done since that just reminds viewers how much money he was making before this happened. And of course there’s his contract which should be making him a good deal of money anyway (but we must remember that the ad revenue pays for his contract so without it its a negative investment to have Angry Joe working for TGWTG/Channel Awesome).

Edit: A less stupid rant from Angry Joe is available and was not mentioned because its not really necessary for me to follow what Angry Joe is doing. Watch the following video if you wish to have more information on youtube copyright bullshit

So where does Asalieri fit into this? Well he’s being an spiteful hypocrite as usual.

I’ll be discussing the video ‘About That AJ Rant…’

Not posting the video because its disgusting (his face I mean).

Edit: Nah how can I prove my point if I don’t show the video I’m discussing? That would be like Eric Gaede who thinks that displaying a 5 year old drawing will help his case. Warning: Do not look directly at the video, you may lose your lunch… you know I did.

0:18 Asalieri says that he couldn’t resist watching Angry Joe’s video (even though he said he wouldn’t) because he’s a hypocrite who always goes back on his word. Eric Gaede says “it was 18 minutes of a grown man crying about having his favorite toy taken away” with the text on screen saying that “this is a pretty understated representation of that video”

You know what? I could write something in response like how Angry Joe’s video had a point and that its really hypocritical to dismiss someone else’s problems about youtube copyright when you’ve called it bullshit too but let just put a video here that more aptly shows what a grown man crying about having his favorite toy taken away looks like. (warning, really ugly fat guy)

Oh wait that’s Eric Gaede in this video, not bringing up a single good counter point to being shut down for harassment of another youtube partner. I love how Angry Joe actually said what was wrong with his predicament before degrading into childish pathos antics while Eric Gaede just jumps right in. I would like to note that Angry Joe is on a contract and is a professional so its not a toy he lost while Eric Gaede here just lost a channel with a pathetically low amount of subscribers, less than 1 million views (something Angry Joe gets regularly) and managed to accomplish nothing other than trolling. My guess is that in Eric Gaede’s world toy = something useful to another person but not me.

0:22 Eric Gaede says “if you want to know how to survive in the youtube of tomorrow its simple” Oh this is gonna be a treat. “Don’t use other people’s clips”

“Don’t use other people’s clips”

“Don’t use other people’s clips”

“Don’t use other people’s clips”

“Don’t use other people’s clips”

“Don’t use other people’s clips”

Sorry I can’t hear you over the extreme hypocrisy going on here

“Don’t use other people’s clips”

“Don’t use other people’s clips”

“Don’t use other people’s clips”

Holy shit I think I’m deaf from the hypocrisy. Um Eric? What’s RAR? What about the fact that you’re clearly basing your work of another person’s work. That still counts as using the other person’s work… do you know that Eric? Please E-beg for a dictionary so you can use it (and by use I mean read not, eat the pages or use to hit people). Oh and fair use called, it says you can because that’s the only way to show people you’re not lying. So folks in Eric Gaede’s world, the portion of fair use that allows you to put evidence in your review doesn’t exist but the portion that allows you to reference the work does (sweet delicious doublethink right here). Remember folks, there are words that are copyrighted too but you can use them without infringing as long as you don’t name your work after it (i.e you can say star-wars, discuss it and the characters, but you are fucking screwed if named your next novel ‘star wars’).

Edit: Words cannot be copyrighted but they can be trademarked. Its practically the same thing except it only prevents someone from using the word in their title. This got abused to death by edge games (they sued anyone who had edge in their title) which got shutdown when they tackled EA over mirror’s edge. In addition, George Lucas tried to trademark the word droids and this is why battletech is called battletech and not battledroids. TLDR: You can yell trademarked words as long as you want just don’t name anything after them. This is what is known as fair use.

0:33 Eric Gaede says “Yahtzee has been doing this for years now and with great success” Yup that explains why no one else follows his format or the fact that he has a lot of people who hate him because he’s not a real reviewer but its hard to tell otherwise (Yahtzee himself says to not take his opinions seriously). In short, no you can’t do that, that’s like saying its okay to smoke because one guy smoked a pack a day and lived to 100. Yahtzee is successful because he’s a good ranter… hey wait a minute? Eric! Don’t you hate it when people take other people’s themes? Oh what the hell Eric? why does Angry Joe’s computer read “” do you seriously fantasize about other people watching cat porn? Last video you jacked off to a mother and her kids. In Eric Gaede’s world everyone is out to satisfy their penis except Eric, because he’s above that except when he jerks off to a mother and her kids. Also in that world, its okay to fantasize about other people doing socially awkward things and its okay to pretend that your fantasy makes  them less of a person. Seriously why show that Angry Joe is watching cat porn? What does this add aside from petty hate?

1:00 Eric Gaede makes a disgusting face and mocks Angry Joe’s statement that he put a lot of work into his show and quit his job to make it work.

1:13 Eric Gaede dissects (in the loosest form of the word) the statement and says that quitting your job was a terrible Idea. Yeah because earning craptons of money for 4 years was a bad move. Oh hey Eric? What’s your occupation? Any statement on your attempts to join Reviewtopia? How about your attempts to join TGWTG? You said that last one was a lie but you resorted to lying and running away shortly after.

1:21 Eric Gaede says “Your quote on quote ‘Job’ was your vacation”. This is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve have ever heard. Yeah because working day and night, managing fans, making videos that require on average 6 hours of work for 30 minutes of footage is a vacation. So I guess going to that water slide was one hell of a work session eh Eric? I gotta love the ‘Get a REAL job’ argument here. This is like the most bigoted argument you could make, its like saying that people aren’t allowed to live their lives because they’re doing something that doesn’t bother or hurt anyone but you’re so petty that you feel that they should be miserable like you. Speaking of which Eric… what is your occupation? Encyclopedia Dramatica shows that you live on welfare and your many attempts to show that these guys lie about you have failed miserably.  Considering your track record for hypocrisy I wouldn’t be surprised if you are living off government money.

1:24 Eric says that Angry Joe enjoyed every minute of it… hold on… I can’t see anything because I’m too busy overly generalizing everything to the point that I can’t notice the important messages. Oh wait I can see now that the aneurysm stopped and blood can now flow to my brain. Eric… do you reflect on what you say? I mean its fairly obvious you do this because you like to. No one likes your rants against TGWTG or Angry Joe because people have wised up and realized ‘oh shit he’s serious’. This is just disgusting, pretending that you know everything about Angry Joe’s work ethic. How can you even prove this anyway? Is there a statement written by Angry Joe saying “Throughout my career I’ve never had a setback, never gotten angry at a coworker, its been smooth fucking sailing for 4 years”?. Acting like Angry reviewing is the easier fucking job and is fun is like saying that hollywood actors have it easy. Its wrong on so many levels and it fails to do research or show that you are even knowledgeable in the reality you claim to be from. Oh and I just realized that Angry Joe did have a career disaster in the form of his interview at the VGAs which I should note Asalieri was all over. So not only does Asalieri know his statement is a flat out lie but he even made a video that ranted on that particular subject. Its titled ‘Angry Joe and the VGAs’ and it uses footage from the event. Should I be surprised you’re being a hypocrite again Eric?

1:30 Eric Gaede solidifies the fact that he’s blatantly lying when he says “Now did you enjoy 70 hours or 80 hours a week of pointing a camera at yourself playing video games”. Wow that was the least accurate description of the Angry Joe show I’ve seen. You couldn’t get anymore off the mark if you said the Angry Joe show involved “a man riding a whale while farting rainbows”. Tell me Eric, do you even watch this show you apparently hate? This is ethnocentrism, you think that because you hate him, its all the justification you need to insult him. The Angry Joe show involves Angry Joe talking about the game while game footage plays in the background. We don’t see Angry Joe playing the game (Usually, I don’t really watch Angry Joe on a regular basis, so feel free to dispute this) and it sure as hell isn’t a happy smiling douche-bag playing games on camera. The level of ethnocentrism would be like if I tried to insult Martin Luther-king for his speech because he was black and the English language sounded funny. I’m not exaggerating either,  Eric Gaede hasn’t made a single legit reason as to why he thinks Angry Joe isn’t talented or has earned his position as his target and he sure as hell doesn’t know how Angry Joe makes his show or any portion of the actual show itself. The amount of pointless hatred for him here goes to the point of racism even though instead of being racially motivated, its ego motivated. Grow up Eric, you’ve got to know what you’re talking about before you can even speak, otherwise you’re just hurting people with false information.

1:38 Eric says its still possible to do reviews because now all you have to do is direct your audience to what you’re referencing. Okay so what if there aren’t any references? What if you’re the first reviewer? What about specific gameplay glitches or cutscenes? How would you show gameplay with this mechanism? Under youtube’s broken system gameplay videos are copyright infringement. What about let’s players? Are they just supposed to comment and leave the screen blank? Heck just linking to something still counts as copyright infringement. Go ahead link to a download of copyrighted movie and see how well that works for you. Heck link to a gamefaq FAQ and see how it goes for you. Gotta love how you don’t know anything about reviewing Eric… gee its almost as if you’re an untalented loser who hates everyone who actually knows how to review.

1:45 Eric Gaede says Angry Joe is in trouble because he let all his ‘borrowed’ footage do all the talking. Clearly game reviews in Eric Gaede’s world don’t need to show gameplay footage or even the game at all. Also what do you mean all the talking for you? Again this is Eric just plain lying about the state of affairs on Angry Joe’s Show. This is what is known as prejudice and over generalization. Eric is dismissing evidence he should know damn well by now given how he stalks people (and uses informants) but repeatedly fails to use the information he has. In Eric Gaede’s world he thinks that what he says must be true because he said it. What’s really sad here is that he does have the evidence to kick Angry Joe’s ass he just refuses to do any real work and in a way shows that Eric himself is the one crying over losing out and who really really needs to get a real job (and for all those who thought the article was over at this point, I apologize for I have a demanding job and that job prevents me from writing this blog as quickly as I would like to. This is ironic considering Mr.Eric Gaede’s hypocritical advice).

1:50 Oh boy just when I thought you couldn’t get any dumber Eric. Eric states that being able to post copyrighted material via fair use was Angry Joe’s favorite toy. Seriously? Uh Eric you do the same thing, in fact you have more copyrighted content on screen for longer times then Angry Joe does. In Eric Gaede’s world he never has to keep track of the things he himself does because ‘its in the past’ or ‘I’m fucking lazy and refuse to solve problems’ or in Mr.Killultra’s (I just love putting his name on this blog) manner of writing ‘his superior morality dictates that creating problems for other people to clean up after is good and those that contribute to the community (like Angry Joe) are wimpy and must be consumed’. I would also like to note that Eric Gaede is aptly demonstrating why this doesn’t work. In previous rants, Eric Gaede made it look like you didn’t need to see the video or the work in question to agree with him. It worked because well people are lazy and its easy to stir lazy people into a frenzy (ironically) because they’re lazy and want easy justice (this of course means that nothing really gets done). It is now  a massive failure because people now have to see the video in question to get what you are talking about and anyone who isn’t trolling will realize that you lied and have no idea what the video was actually about. There’s also the dissonance in attitude. Angry Joe puts up a very convincing argument and his attitude is way more suited to the situation than Eric’s is. Angry Joe is Angry and scared while Eric is just smug and overly confident. The problem here is that Eric is trying to give advice, and who the fuck takes advice from someone being a smug asshole?

1:58 Eric repeats the Yahtzee argument.  So yeah folks, just because one guy did it its safe to keep doing it. One guy managed to peacefully co-exist with bears, so that’s right folks you can make your entire career out of diplomacy with bears. So what if Yahtzee says he’s not a reviewer or the fact that the bear guy got him and his girlfriend killed tragically when another group bears moved in. In Eric’s world, they did it, so clearly you, an entirely different person, will have the same result! Fucking idiot!

2:05 Eric says Razorfist doesn’t show gamefootage and does a good job reviewing games. What the fucks a razorfist? Hold on let me go research. Oh you mean this guy?

Yeah that’s not fucking game footage right there. That must be me lying and not giving you the benefit of the doubt, right Eric!? Oh and I’ve got to love how Razorfist isn’t even popular. I mean seriously how is this an example? Not only is the example wrong but Razorfist isn’t popular or influential my guess is the only reason Eric picked him is because he’s his friend. Could you name someone with a crapton of subscribers (over 1 million) who is a game reviewer and doesn’t use game footage? That would be impressive but alas Yahtzee has the subscribers, doesn’t work on youtube, and isn’t a game reviewer (he’s meant to be funny). Only in Eric’s world could you name evidence that blatantly contradicts itself and be expected to be taken seriously. “A few images and a couple of similes and he’s ready to go” wow that wasn’t even close to what Razorfist does. Hey Razorfist are you sure this guy is your friend? Razorfist’s show is about heavy metal and this features heavily through his reviews.

2:20 Eric Gaede says that Angry Joe stated in his rant that corporations are stealing his money. Eric says this is not possible as his content is no longer available. This physically harming me, the amount of no research and blatant stupidity is just alarming here. Can you fit this much stupid in the same spot? Does Eric even know how the youtube system is working right now? His videos aren’t down Eric!!! The ad revenue is being siphoned. Fucking hell how can you… why would you…. Who the fuck makes a video about a subject that contains no evidence, no truth and dares to call it advice? Eric Gaede that’s who!

Evidence :

Notice that the same video seems to be still be accessible? I also love how the screen clearly says “your video is available and playable”.  OH OH Oh my god. I think I just realized why Eric Gaede made this video. Eric is confusing his trauma with the youtube system in which his first account got banned with Angry Joe being angry at copyright content Id match. There’s no excuse here, everyone knows the videos aren’t being taken down. Unless Eric is using the same youtube search engine he was using in the previous video I reviewed there’s no excuse for not checking if Angry Joe’s videos got removed. I don’t see how you could view the entirety of Angry Joe’s rant and come out saying that his videos got removed. Eric… stop making generalizations about what is happening and get off your ass and explore and do research. Oh wait that would make the video creation process like a job and that can’t be right, not in Eric’s world!

2:32 Eric says that if you can’t talk about another person’s content without featuring it prominently then you don’t have a lot to say about it. Wow that was dumb but not surprising… not anymore. Clearly Eric subscribes to the ‘tell don’t show’ method of story telling even though he’s clearly featuring his entire rant entirely on Angry Joe’s rant to the point of naming the video ‘about angry joe’s rant’ and to the point of such high confidence that he totally misrepresented Angry Joe’s predicament. Good job Eric, you couldn’t be more of a hypocrite then you are now. Seriously its like he just wanted to talk about it but couldn’t be bothered to actually think of things to say. This is incredibly shallow and generic, yet its the stupid kind of shallow and generic. I’d expect this level of research failure from Chris Bores but then again I guess you’ve been exchanging tips.

2:47 Eric says its time for people to start using their imagination. No Eric we’ve seen what using your imagination results in. A rant about a subject that doesn’t really involve that subject but your trauma over youtube’s system and criticisms that is in no way applicable to the subject you’re criticizing but instead apply to yourself.  Add in narrow superlative examples that aren’t really examples and you’ve got a clear example of how convoluted Eric’s imagination is. I also like the fact that Eric is telling consumers who watch game reviews to just imagine because that will help them understand what the hard concrete concept of the game is like and how gameplay, controls and visuals will be like if they buy that $60 game. You can imagine that halo 4 will have Plasma Drill sniper rifles and that will never be the case. Using your imagination to envision a hard concrete concept in order to decide whether or not to make a purchase is prone to disaster. Also Eric is insinuating that Angry Joe doesn’t have creative jokes or concepts…? I am honestly convinced that Eric is talking about himself here.

Comedy time: What if the president was doing this? “Hmmm I imagine that syria is full of yellow and orange people so we should negotiate with the unicorns in order to get their oranges which will solve world hunger if we use Gerald Lightning fist to make food rainbows. Hey its your imagination, its no where near real life! But in Eric’s world imagination is the way to go when it comes to deciding on real life decisions.

3:22 Eric notes Angry Joes statement at 13:48 (angry joe’s rant) and suggests that Angry Joe go clean his room. Eric, insults are for when you are already winning the argument fatass.

3:28 Eric says that Angry Joe should start creating his own work. Hey Eric aren’t you basing this rant on Angry Joe’s work? You’re no different in fact I’d say you make your entire career on other people’s work. Oh and didn’t you post soccer footage just right before and after this video? “what a concept” says the guy who isn’t original in any shape or form. Eric, lying isn’t going to help and pretending that the state of affairs is as how you imagine it isn’t earning you any IQ points. The Angry Joe show requires creativity to make the skits to critique the game and to do practically anything. You on the other hand have used nothing but generic complaints such as “do creative work derp” or “this guy did that, therefore you can” to a situation that is very unique. What’s more uncreative, the guy who contributes to society in his own way or that guy who uses generic statements for everything, even when they don’t apply?

3:38 Eric says that since Angry Joe has a closet full of costumes he can make a show out of it. Stop giving advice Eric, you don’t know how make a successful show or hell how to even be correct. Only in Eric’s World could someone dressing up in costumes (some of which are copyrighted material I might add like the gorn costume) still be entertaining and as informative as a game review show that showed game footage and made criticisms and showed evidence to support them. This is the equivalent of telling cheese manufacturers to put rat poison in their cheese so that less cheese will be eaten by rats. Its this naive and petty way of thinking that really creeps me out. Is Eric really so full of himself that he thinks this is good advice? Is he being sarcastic? There’s no change in voice so its clear he means it.

3:43 “if what makes your show strong is other people’s content, then what do we need you for? Cut the middle man out!” Eric do you even think about what you say? Is there no filter, no shame, no reflection? That is word for word a criticism that is already leveraged against your show. That last video you made about the thanksgiving crafts didn’t add any material or criticism to the videos featured. I would like to note that this doesn’t even apply to Angry Joe because its the character himself that makes the show worth watching. Don’t believe me? Just watch the show with the volume muted, see how well that goes for the shows entertainment value. I’m actually getting really worried about whether or not Eric has finally snapped and believes his problems are actually Angry Joe’s problems. Was Eric and Angry Joe competing for a spot at TGWTG? Because that would explain a lot. Oh and Eric stop selling perlers.

3:47 “let everyone else check out the games and find out for themselves if they like them or not” Wow Eric, you clearly want the games industry to die don’t you. And I mean it, I mean legit DIE, because that’s what caused the video game industry crash of 1983. So in Eric’s world people should be confused and overloaded with options and allow themselves to buy inferior and half-ass products. Heck why not stop there, just tell people to watch crappy and inferior youtube personalities too like yourself Eric Gaede!

Its like he doesn’t know what a review is and why its there. Does Eric not know cause and effect? Does he not know that words have influence to them? Of course he does, because he begged for a laptop and got one.

3:51 Eric says that your opinion should speak for itself. Uh Eric, opinions already do that. That’s why saying ‘in my opinion’ is a very redundant thing to say because it obvious that your opinion is your opinion and not someone else’s. Eric also says that you shouldn’t have to illustrate your opinion or its worthless. Wow, then research and graphs and statistics must be useless things. You illustrate your opinion to show the merits of your opinion. Good god read a book Eric, and do some fucking research.

While I could end the article here let’s just say I’m well aware that I’m being very redundant here when I say that Eric, you are the last person to say that especially since you’re illustrating your opinion in this very video. You’re using images and repeatedly going in depth with your biased and petty hatred of Angry Joe. An opinion without illustration would be “I hate X” or “I like X” and that’s it. If you’re trying to say don’t illustrate your opinion using copyrighted footage than not only have you not said that but its still wrong because there’s no way to prove the opinion has merit unless you show evidence. There’s a reason why text reviews have become less popular than video reviews and its because video can show evidence much better than written reviews. And before you ask me to make a video review know that I don’t have the equipment to do so.

4:30 Eric addresses the part where Joe pulls out his wallet with 7 bucks and says that google only cares about his money. Eric criticizes this by saying the same fucking thing he’s already said (you know this just weakens the argument right Eric?) by suggesting that its hypocritical to complain about not being able to make money when he uses copyrighted material. Eric you do realize that companies like Google have so much more money than the people they employ. For every dollar that Angry Joe gets I’m fairly sure that Google gets 3 times more. Angry Joe is stating that he uses material fairly as in fair use and taking away ad revenue just because google is money hungry is pathetic. Speaking of which Eric you’ve based this entire rant on Angry Joe’s rant, which is his work and thus this flawed argument applies to you. It doesn’t even help that this wasn’t Angry Joe’s argument. Just make shit up Eric, that works right?

4:40 Eric gets really personal… wow how petty. Essentially Eric says that Angry Joe shouldn’t state that he’s not in it for the money or because he loves the genre when he’s clearly doing this for money. Hey Eric…. what is your attempt to apply to reviewtopia or this image here?


The comments here show that Eric still intends to do RAR but he doesn’t want to use copyrighted footage in case he gets content ID matched. Now unless Eric is so delusional that he doesn’t know that its not a copyright strike then he clearly intends to avoid being content ID matched. But that’s the thing, being content ID matched only prevents making money and thus Eric must be in it for the money because there’s no reason to limit his own production because content ID doesn’t do jack shit for freedom of expression.

Assuming he is totally delusional, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s made it rather clear he’s in it for the money. He advertises his friends commercial products, he sells products himself and he’s asked for a laptop and pretends he’s poor when he’s not.

4:56 Eric continues to be a pompous douchebag and repeats his thesis that Angry Joe get a real job. No comment

5:07 Eric lists people who can do it without copyrighted material and adds AlphaOmegasin and moviebob to the list.

Oh yeah AlphaOmegasin doesn’t use copyrighted content that’s just animated series batman who is totally original… DO NOT STEAL

Totally original call of duty footage. DO NOT STEAL

5:14 “so many people are capable of telling you about something without showing you that something” Yeah I know Eric, plenty of people have called you a douchebag.

5:17 “oh god here comes the hate brigade” No shit you didn’t do any research or even had a clue what words mean. “this is the only video I’m willing to do on this subject” Oh really then, good to see there isn’t a second… oh wait there is NICE. “I bear this man absolutely no hatred at all” Yeah that’s why you told him to get a real job and pretended your problems with the youtube system were his problems. “I think he’s being ridiculous here with his misguided anger here” yeah because everyone should be okay with having their money taken away from them in Eric Gaede’s world. Hey Eric can you give me 5000 dollars so I can never give it back to illustrate my point?

“we all have our bad days” Except you Eric, you have bad days every day. Eric then says his soccer series is more rewarding than anything he’s ever produced. Running away already Eric? This is what I’m talking about when it comes to Eric and ADD. Its always like this:

1. Pick someone you hate/ This subject makes me really angry!

2. Repeatedly misrepresent them

3. Act like you know something and make suggestions that will get people killed/in trouble

4. Don’t know anything about your opponent, just pretend you do

5. Run and hide. Call people haters for saying the truth

5:43 “listen youtube is always gonna make changes and we’re always gonna hate those changes” Uh no. There are changes that people like, stop talking in absolutes. Also are you saying that its okay to let people ruin your life?

Now for his second video:

Eric essentially says that people who watch the rant videos are supporting youtube. Because you shouldn’t go to information sources to know more about the damage being done. Eric says everyone should boycott youtube… yeah because its the viewer who should do something not the producer who could just shut down their channel and move to blip or something. Eric essentially avoids noting his research failure in the previous video and just pretends that its youtube viewers fault that youtube hasn’t done anything. Hey douchebag, you do realize that it takes information distribution to spread awareness right? I don’t think Angry Joe is going to keep making videos until the situation is solved. Short-term youtube is still going to make money but quite frankly you only need to watch a rant once so its not like Angry Joe’s rant paid google millions of dollars. Heck this misses the entire point of why people were angry in the first place. This was exactly what Angry Joe was advocating and you lambasted him for it. Now you act like this is your stance to begin with? Bullshit. What about the “don’t use copyrighted material” bullshit? Not gonna defend that garbage? I guess its ‘already in the past’ isn’t it?

Oh and the video description defeats your own message ERIC!

“I’m not going to sit and cry about how youtube isn’t being fair, I for one will work around their system and make it work for me. It’s absolutely pointless to just sit there and whine about it, like Angry Joe did. What good did that do him? All he did was make you yahoos feel sorry for him, and those people with a brain basically scoffed at his futile video which anyone with half a brain knows will not move youtube’s heart.”

I for one will work around their system and make it work for me” Translation: I will allow youtube to fuck me in the ass by moving the goal posts constantly. I am too insignificant and worthless to get anything done. Perhaps if I cooperate I’ll be able make money when everyone else is off youtube. Update: Considering that Eric has resumed using copyrighted footage and video game footage, its clear that this is what Eric wants to do.

All he did was make you yahoos feel sorry for him, and those people with a brain basically scoffed at his futile video which anyone with half a brain knows will not move youtube’s heart” Translation: Collective action is worthless, be an Eric Gaede sheep and riot for about 2 days and then quit because you’re bored/an idiot. This describes about every Eric campaign ever. I would like to note that youtube copyright bullshit is what created TGWTG, which was a very successful branch off for those involved. Will Eric reference this? Nope because that requires him to move his arm and do a google search. Can’t waste calories now can we?

In a 2 minute video Eric Gaede couldn’t keep his hypocrisy out of it yet these 8 minutes of stupidity, hypocrisy and egotism show exactly just what kind of world Eric Gaede is living in.

Things I forgot to mention but totally should have:

  • In the clarification video Eric says that people should boycott youtube and stop supporting it if they hate it so much and that rant videos help youtube. Isn’t the clarification video another rant video?
  • In Eric’s world feeling sorry for Angry Joe is bad, but feeling sorry for Eric and buying him a laptop is A-OK!
  • Youtube’s changes screws over every single one of his friends yet he hasn’t mentioned feeling sorry for any of them.
  • Eric says watching youtube copyright rant videos are bad, that’s why he posted a second one.
  • Eric tells viewers to not post copyrighted material. He just posted a video that is essentially a let’s play of league of legends.

46 thoughts on “Eric Gaede’s world

  1. I believe the information about Eric being on welfare came from his former best friend Kyle from one of his comments. With him only working a part time job, whatever ad revenue he makes on youtube (of course that could change as well with the new policy), and if we assume his wife only does the pearl arts I’d take its very plausible that he’s a welfare queen.

    1. In fact, ill be honest, you shouldnt ended on the video earlier, i tought there was more, like Asalieri claiming that we need to use our imagination. (2:47)

      Oh and one again Asalieri implies that Joe worked for DelTaco, When it was obvious he worked for THIS DELL

      1. The fact that article is still password locked is a sign that its not done yet. I actually wrote that as a potential ending to the article. Boss called and said I needed to do a double shift so this article will be done some time this week. I am planning on doing the entire video.

  2. -Yahtzee doesn’t even review games. People don’t watch him to see game reviews, so that argument doesn’t hold water.

    -Promoting his butbuddy, Razorfag, by saying he doesn’t have to use game footage. Even though he does.

    – He tells AJ to use imagination. Like if he wasn’t using it to make skits and jokes inbetween his reviews. I guess Asa will also have to use his imagination from now on if he wants to continue his RaR series. More hypocrisy.

    – “If what makes your show strong is other people’s content, then what do we need you for? Cut the middle man out!” Says the person who build his internet infamy on using other people’s content. I laughed when I heard him saying that.

    – He then tells us to check the games for ourselves if we like them or not. Because buying blindly and heading towards biased reviews of corporations is okay.

    – He says AlphaOmegaSin can do stuff without showing footage. But he makes Let’s Plays, so he’s affected by the changes and made ID Rant as well. He then says Moviebob doesn’t use footage, but it’s wrong as well.

    – “I bear this man absolutely no hatred at all”. Do I need to show you the insults he made on the comments section of AJ’s Magicka review? Or racist parodies like Pissed Jose? What an obvious lie.

    – “Youtube will make changes and then we will get used to those changes”? GREAT IDEA! Let’s be apathic and ignore the changes Google forces on us! As long as this doesn’t concern me, I don’t care if people will lose their jobs!

    This is Asalieri’s E-Empathy, ladies and gentlemen.

    1. Maybe slightly less hypocrisy? Maybe less malice? Some sign of improvement? A little actual constructive criticism? I would be fine if he showed some understanding of the situation.

    1. Correct, a trademark is a word (or series of) that directly refers to the copyrighted material. It is one of the reasons why fair use exists as you can refer to the work and even elaborate on what happens in using its trademark (i.e the character’s name or the name of the story). But I did write that words can be copyrighted too.. this is mostly incorrect but some people have abused this (i.e edge games).

  3. this guy at first had a point of not using footage because he got trolled with bogus copyright claims at first, but then became obvious that he keep that style for lazyness.

    also that this guys doesn’t really have a good reputation anymore

    1. hmm text reviews huh? Could explain why I never heard of him doing anything else other than his hack animations and being one of Eric’s fanboys.
      I do have one question though why do these guys think that youtube is the only place to earn money doing videos? I would think with all of this Blip tv would be laughing all the way to the bank with ad revenue with new people going on their site for their videos. If they really think this is the end of AVGN, TGWTG, and Angry Joe, then they’re either really stupid or just in denial.

      1. then again this is the guy that tough becoming capcom apologist will work wonders for him, or antagonizing Angry Joe and TGWTG during 2011 and 2012 because Asa was doing it and because he was still deep hurt for the loss of Wingerdinger and him being blamed for the fall out of the NawKids group,

        And i mention his capcom fanboyism apologism specially with the douchebag harrassment the company did to one of their female employees, and what he did.

        that was so FUCKING DESPICABLE.

  4. Sorry if this is off topic, but remember when the man-blob asked his “fans” to send in crappy drawn pictures of who they believed the guy who donated 6500 dollars to Doug Walkers Indiegogo campaign:

    Yeah looks like once again Eric was dead wrong, the guy wasn’t obese or ugly. Someone should suggest on his channel a drawing contest on Eric’s reaction when he found out the guy wasn’t anything like the drawings made him out to be.

    1. Yeah I saw that video a while ago. Eric seemed pretty silent when the video was brought up on his channel discussion. I wonder why lol.

  5. You Know What, is funny that the ManBlob and his cronies, as well as jackasses like bigal2k6 are being so fucking harsh on Joe and focusing only on how he sounded in his rant rather than the message he was denouncing…………..BUT NO FUCKING BODY EVER BOTHER TO WATCH THIS FOLLOW UP

    1. Honestly what is up with these guys!? I’ve only heard of bigal from that’sdoable on his first video about the Arizona lolcow. I thought maybe he’d stop making videos since no one talks about him anymore.
      Anyways Joe brought up some good points in this video. He has some good connections with some companies and with the whole flagging the company said they had no knowledge of this so either 2 things are happening here: the company is lying to Joe or Youtube is using these companies name to try to get 100% of the ad revenue. If the 2nd choice is true youtube could be in serious trouble by doing this its not only stealing its also hurting a companies reputation which if they wanted to could send them to court for especially if they’re not getting any of the profits and another point is what Joe had said how about splitting the ad revenue. Two companies already flagged it so would youtube then split the profits 50/50 to them or will they duke it out in a cage like Joe said for the ad revenue. So they can already split everything so why not do that instead. I would say to these guys though is go to another website video and just advertise yourself there. Tell your fans I’m going to blip tv, with Joe shouldn’t be hard for him especially since he’s still on good terms with TGWTG so why not you know.

      Another thing I think does need to be address is the archfiend’s video on the subject. His first point claims that fair use can only be used on your own website. You know that’s funny because I’ve looked up multiple sources and none of them state only a website because by this logic then you can flag a video just because you don’t like it then. Fair use protects criticism which Archie loves to do. So I guess the silent Rob fanboys that flagged his videos years ago were ok to do that because you don’t have fair use Archie since youtube isn’t your website. Can’t use the fair use argument by that logic. Honestly these guys are a joke.

      1. Correction on the last part: it was the Irate gamer that pulled his video not the silent rob fanboys.

    1. possibly… there’s no telling if he’ll come back. Chris Bores said ‘he’s taking a break’ even though he’s the one impersonating him. I don’t really know but I do know that it doesn’t matter if he comes back or not, he’s a laughingstock who can’t do anything.

      1. It’s worth noting that the many pages he’s tried to make have been totally cleared of comments and the like. Last I heard, there was NOTHING on any of them. The accounts aren’t outright banned, but there’s nothing on the pages at all. Some guys on IG Sucks are speculating YouTube finally caught on to his accounts being nothing but troll accounts and put him in his place or something.

  6. After saying that people can make a show without relying on a game footage, other people’s clips or images, Asa uploads a video of him playing League of Legends… Gee, I wonder what does it say about him?

    1. This is the comment I made on that video:

      “Maybe you’re getting a lot of dislikes is because you posted a video with GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE after you made two video about how other people, like AngryJoe, should make their shows without showing gameplay footage.

      By the way, stop confusing your critics with your fanboys.”

      I bet he’s going to remove the comment.

      1. I bet he receives a lot of dislikes because people finally saw through his bullshit. Of course he will still keep on blaming AVGN/TGWTG “fanboys” for that.

      2. Well it seems that asalieri is at step 5 on the asalieri ADD campaign process. I really hope he’s not going to restart the process back at step 1 again. The “its been resolved” excuse doesn’t work when the issue was not resolved in the slightest.

        It also appears we’re at the time where Asalieri continues to pretend that he did absolutely nothing to piss people off. You guys know the drill, no new articles until something happens.

        Last but not least, I’m surprised that few people are taking note of the fact that Asalieri confused Angry Joe’s problems with youtube with his own problems with youtube.

      3. Yeah saw that video from thatsdoable. You know Eric brings us so much laughter at him and not with him. Honestly Eric here’s a little tip for you: I know you’ve been trying real hard but you can’t seem to break old habits. Here’s what you got to do, try your best to ignore it and quit playing the victim. Stop crying like a little baby and grow up. I know that’s not going to happen and we’ll all get a laugh out of you so please continue to bring us so much joy Eric.

    1. Yes. I’m pretty sure that’s been posted here before. As for the video itself. Despite acting immature for the first 80% of the video, it really hits the nail on the head at the last part.

    1. I don’t know what to say either. I don’t know what the situation was but all we can do is pray to God for his family and friends that knew him and that he’s in heaven right now where there is no more pain and sorrow.

      1. Because you know, making Kickstarters is evil, but somehow creating two commercials for Eye of the Draconus Kickstarter because it involved his “friends” is okay. (Not to mention e-begging for laptop)

      2. Oh Dear, speaking of which, guess what?

        Asa hasn’t taken down his infamous video targeting Jewwario, and he has updated that shit-fest with this:

        “This is a video from 2012.

        R.I.P. Jew Wario.

        Regardless of the opinions expressed in this video two years ago, I have respect for the fact that this very well loved reviewer is no longer with us. Please do your part in respecting the memory of the deceased and don’t use this old video as drama fodder.

        [b]I would take this video down, but as the comment section shows, there are those people who would reupload it and represent it as a recent opinion in order to personally attack me and squeeze drama where none presently exists.[/b]”

        Look, i nor you have any intention to be or sound insensitive about this situation, Justin’s unfortunate death still a recent event, but i am criticizing Asa in some things.

        Of course you need to take the video down, out of respect, why?

        Because this was the reason You, Asa, went after BatDan and my fellow friends at Irate Gamer Sucks blog when they criticize you (including myself) for targeting wario and calling him a douche bag like he did something to you, and then making your shitty video of you misrepresenting and even quote-mining EVERY SINGLE of the comments with douchey voices, and claiming the reason they did this is because of your recent support of Chris Bores infamous E-Begging “spoof”.

        and by saying that “there are people who would re-upload it and represent it as a recent opinion”, no, rather just remind people what you did, AND NEVER APOLOGIZE for such action in the past, and hey, you could probably deleted the video only to followed up by acting like such video NEVER existed.

        and to me, sounds more like you care more about people “using it as ammo against you” rather than doing the morally correct decision, of not just taking the video down, and better acknowledge people of your newer stance and have the RESPONSIBILITY of admitting your mistakes, that you got things wrong, and apologize.

        But no, that’s just to human for him.

        well laser, seems like he couldn’t keep in safe mode for long.

      3. The video in question is called “Asa on the Ebegging Epidemic ”

        this is one case in which i feel uncomfortable of posting the link, because of the subject matter.

        oh and one last thing, Asa, if you are being so sincere and honest about your best wishes for Justin, perhaps you shouldn’t even tough on mention your problems with your critics and detractors, because that only screams mixed messages.

  7. I barely watched him, but his death saddens me nevertheless. Can’t imagine what his family and friends are going through right now.
    Rest in peace, Justin.

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