You’ve really done it this time Eric Gaede!

I really want to invoke sarcasm with an intro like “hey let’s make fun of *Tough controversial matter*” but the reality is that this isn’t funny and I will not make a joke this article. NO running gags, no jokes, nothing but pure critique.

I originally wrote nothing about the tragic incident involving the suicide of someone very dear to the youtube community. I will not lie and say I know this person, I do not and I will not name this individual because he was a better man than Asalieri ever will be and certainly wouldn’t be using someone’s suicide as a springboard. Mentioning his name next to Asalieri’s would be an insult to the man and I refuse to do so on this blog (If you honestly don’t know his name you can find out doing some research, also the evidence damning Asalieri will contain his name. His name will not be in this article and I will not approve comments that have his name in it. This is to prevent his name from linking to this article and to give his grieving family security and privacy).

Asalieri being the complete and utter bigot he is, decided that he should be a hypocrite and state that the suicide was tragic and that he feels sorry… He has not removed the video in which he calls the suicide victim a loser and Asalieri is using his suicide as an excuse to make fun of his detractors.  You do not use someone’s death as an excuse for YOUR own selfish ambitions. Asalieri doesn’t even want to take the video down at ALL. See the image linked below:


Here’s what Asalieri wrote in the description for the video he’s too stupid to take down.

“This is a video from 2012.

R.I.P. *removed name*

Regardless of the opinions expressed in this video two years ago, I have respect for the fact that this very well loved reviewer is no longer with us. Please do your part in respecting the memory of the deceased and don’t use this old video as drama fodder. I would take this video down, but as the comment section shows, there are those people who would reupload it and represent it as a recent opinion in order to personally attack me and squeeze drama where none presently exists.

What’s wrong with this?

Bolded section: I have ‘respect’!? What the fuck does that mean? Respect means positive regards of. That just means you know he died Asalieri. That doesn’t mean you understand what you’ve done wrong! You want to know what you did WRONG? You made a nice guy look like the worst person in the world for daring to have ambitions using methods THAT YOU YOURSELF have supported and continue to do. There’s not a single apology in this section and the language use is beyond Thoughtless.

Italicized section: Please do ‘YOUR’ PART? You WANT YOUR VIEWERS to do YOUR APOLOGY FOR YOU!? This is the Chris Weston Chandler of apologies. Asalieri… You didn’t make an apology… you didn’t even say you were sorry. And if you did make an apology its now ruined because you demanded something in return for it. Sorry is to mean that you are taking responsibility. Why isn’t this video down? Its because you don’t care about his suicide. In fact I am totally convinced that Asalieri has no empathy. He has no idea how much effort it takes to do anything and he shows it in ever critique he’s ever made. He said Angry Joe’s work was easy even though it takes days of straight work to get content produced. And now Asalieri doesn’t even fucking understand what an apology is. Fuck you Eric Gaede, you literally turned someone’s suicide into a bargaining chip.

The underlined section: How about an apology video!? Heck why not start with an actual apology? A SINCERE ONE. Eric is so self-centered he couldn’t even refrain from addressing his detractors in the same paragraph as an ‘apology’. That’s the bottom line here, that’s why the video will get reuploaded, and THAT’S WHY EVERYONE IS MAD AT YOU ERIC GAEDE. You didn’t write an apology by any sane definition of the word other than your self-centered view of what count as an ‘apology’. When you remove a video, its not as an apology but as a means to hide from your own reckless and irresponsible behaviour! Did you write this ‘apology’ to say that you were sorry for someone’s suicide which YOU (AND YOUR FANS) MIGHT HAVE CONTRIBUTED to? Or did you write this apology as a take that to your ‘haters’ because they think you’re “evil and vile and the devil”? It looks entirely as if it is the second case  because the video is not down and the only thing on Eric’s mind is his haters. Eric, I will repeat this once and only once: YOU JUST USED SOMEONE’S SUICIDE AS A BARGAINING CHIP TO GET PEOPLE TO STOP CRITIQUING YOU! You’ve done the one thing that would make your ‘haters’ completely correct about you. GROW UP

*Any comments that contain the suicide victim’s name will NOT be approved. Yes even if you are saying you are sorry for their loss (if you really must do it on the tribute video on TGWTG). I do not wish for the suicide victim or his family to be harassed or for them to become known simply because of the suicide and this article. Their privacy and security is to be respected.* Edit: I have finally removed all instances of the victims name from this article.

Oh and Asalieri write some more which wasn’t included in the previous article

I join the many fans of this man in mourning his loss. To friends and family of *name removed*, my condolences. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help honor his memory.”

Underlined section: So how exactly are you mourning the loss of this individual Eric? The only thing you seem to be mourning is the fact that the haters are right about you and you’re aware of that fact. You have not made a tribute video, you have not cried and you have not wrote an apology for the harsh words you said to him or for the actions of the fans you didn’t bother to control or provide responsible information to. Writing a paragraph that doesn’t even contain a list of things you did to him and saying you “have respect for the fact that this very well loved reviewer is no longer with us” just shows that you still don’t have the courage to admit you were wrong or to even say sorry when it counts.

Bolded section: Yes just add the victim’s name to a video that makes fun of him so google searches will bring people there. I am actually tempted to watch this video and see exactly what words you used to describe him but I know its not going to be pretty. I wouldn’t even be surprised if you called him a whore or worse. Eric, this is why no one is convinced you are sorry. A murderer who kills someone with a knife and then hides the knife is no more sorry for his deed then you are. If you did remove this video we’d all be convinced you were just hiding the knife. In fact now that you refuse to admit you did anything wrong or to say that your actions were bullying you’re STILL hiding the knife!

Italicized section: They already told you what you did wrong and how you could honor the victim’s memory. Apologize for the shit you said about him, personally refute every goddamn point you made and apologize for all the irresponsible and reckless damage you did by lying. How about taking down the video you stupid idiot! So what if it gets reuploaded? there’s nothing stopping someone from doing that now and replacing the description with a translation of you really wrote. If Eric was smart, he’d just make a video that says “I take back everything I said in this video” and then take the fucking e-begging epidemic video down. If it gets re-uploaded then who the fuck cares because you admitted that you were wrong and anyone still trying to making a case is using someone’s suicide as a means to an end aka a jackass. Your hands would be clean and for once it would be hater’s fault if anything happened. By not taking down the video because “haters will reupload it” Eric has shown that the one thing more important than showing respect for the dead or showing actual empathy is pwning his haters.

18 thoughts on “You’ve really done it this time Eric Gaede!

  1. I don’t suspect you personally of doing it but with suicide cases comes the people who feel the need to find the exact reason why suicide happened. These people treat suicide as an excuse to play sleuth or as a drama story to read as entertainment. I’m just saying that out-loud because it goes for everyone.

  2. Words mean nothing if they’re not supported by actions. He still goes by his word that xxx is a dirty e-beggar and that’s why he won’t remove the video. Is it that really hard to say “I’m sorry”?

  3. The bad thing about karma is that it doesn’t happen soon enough. Look at Chris-chan for example, after years of his shenanigans a fire occurs at his house and he loses most of his possessions. Who knows how many years it will take before it comes to bite Eric in his fat ass. How can he continue to afford to live in a suburb on welfare. If he lost his house and had to move into an apartment it would probably force him to make even less videos than he does now.

    Also he made a new Kickstarter Nightmare video and like hypocrite uses footage in that video. Once again karma can’t happen soon enough.

    1. It’s true karma can take a while to hit, but it DOES happen. No matter how long the wait, considering the crap Asa’s pulled, when it does hit it will be GLORIOUS.

      I can wait.

  4. In case you want to take a break from Eric’s assholery (due to his infrequent video making schedule) you might want to check this guy out:

    Apparently this guy is but-hurt over the fact his account was flagged and took down for reposting CS videos on Youtube and now he’s throwing out crazy theories like Brad’s a closeted homosexual and etc.. This guy’s really off his rocker.

    1. Wow what an attention whore.
      “his isn’t for you to feel sorry for me or whatever your want to think, it’s just the reason why this was sort of delayed as I want to share it with you guys”

      This statement is followed by 300 words of “please feel sorry for me”

      Hey do you guys think I should do an article on this?

      1. Then it shall be done… although it will take time and I don’t have much time at the moment. Anyone have anything to add about this pearse hillock individual? Seems to be a boomerang bigot to me.

  5. Oh in addition. There’s apparently some sick joke going on at the Ed forums… I’m not really sure if this is going to make the sick joke worse, but apparently some guy is being slated to be me or some shit. The guy is calling for mercy and I’m confused as to how the interpretation got made in the first place but do you guys think I should… do something?

    1. I have decided to do nothing on this particular issue. I’m going to conclude that the guys at ED really like making odd jokes. There’s been no continuation on that thread for quite some time so I guess even ED guys get bored waiting for Eric. I did have some scathing words to say about their criticism of this article but I guess there’s no reason to say anything when its clear what ever went down in that forum will probably stay in that forum.

  6. So Eric is making a video about the death of the man whom he constantly bashes to gain more sympathy from his followers?!

    What a disgusting shithead…

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