And now for someone completely different… well not too different.

Well its been quite a while and I feel that its necessary to talk about individuals who have massive trouble expressing themselves. This person may be an Asalieri fan, and given by his ridiculous stance and behavior it seems highly likely that he is.

I am of course talking about Pearse Hillock an individual who seems to enjoy skirting the edge of the slippery slope lately though I dare say he’s already slid past the slope. At first the entire blog just seems to be like a parody, after all its full of stupid, runs on stupid and anyone with a brain cell would figure out its made of stupid.  Heck I wouldn’t be mad because hey that’s what this blog was when its started. It’s still called batdansucks because renaming it would get rid of the hilarious stigma that Chris Bores now has to put up with for thinking the original premise of this blog was legit.

Unfortunately, It seems the Cinema Snob Sucks blog is quite the victim of “OH shit you’re serious” disease where someone who is clearly spouting bullshit is in fact actually believing the bullshit he spouts. Unlike say other blogs that use evidence and speak the truth (or at least evidence supported interpretations), the “oh shit you’re serious” disease has a major detrimental effect on the humor and value of a blog like Cinema Snob Sucks blog. There’s a list of 3 major reasons why I’m not back to writing in the previous style this blog was in:

1. I do not like lying unless its clearly meant to be humorous and no harm done. That’s why I put bold commentary on all previous articles to let people know I’m not serious when I write thinks like ‘I sent Mr.KILL ULTRA a virus’

2. Its irresponsible, parodies like the onion can get away with it because they firmly establish themselves as humorous and as non-credible. It’s a lot less funny to make fun of someone if you realize that someone will take the joke seriously and think less of the person you made of.

3. There’s a fine line between Joke and criticism. You could say that sarcasm is the love child of joke and criticism but to be educational, especially on a written medium, you must avoid using sarcasm excessively. Sarcasm leaves the take home message vague,  and making the take home message obvious kills the humor. If I wanted to do something like, tell Eric Gaede to be man and stop worrying about his haters, sarcasm is not the way to go.

Unfortunately it seems like the writer of  cinemas snob sucks blog did not figure this out himself.

Let’s take a look at the Cinema Snob sucks blog’s first and second articles.

As you can see they’re made of stupid and can be quite humorous especially the second article with clearly photoshopped pictures. The second article even concludes by out right stating that Brad Jones (cinemas snob) is having anal sex with his friend and that they were in a law and order episode for having gay sex murder. You can’t possibly take this seriously especially with Brad Jones leaving comments at the bottom that add even more humor to the situation. Clearly “OH shit he’s serious” disease hasn’t caught on yet.

In fact on the third most recent article the following is written as a comment “It’s all for fun and games, this blog is written in this style for comedic and entertainment reasons. It’s not what I actually think about him but the criticism for his reviews is there.” – Pearse Hillock. So clearly he hasn’t caught “OH shit he’s serious” disease… RIGHT? RIGHT!?

Well here’s we need to take a deep breath and sigh, because were going straight back into morbid zone and suicide territory discussing the same incident that inspired the previous article. Just like before no naming of the suicide victim in order to leave the victim’s family and friends alone. NO COMMENTS on the suicide are allowed, condolences and the like can be placed on the tribute videos to the victim. 

I can’t post a link to the second most recent article since it contains the name of the victim. This article is just stupidity personified.

“Nobody who commits suicide deserves respect, I know im gonna get hate for this but it’s the truth ” – Pearse Hillock, second most recent article. “Oh shit he’s serious” disease detected!

So… do you wanna provide evidence for that quote? Because its not truth if you say its the truth. This blog has already talked about people like you, because the last guy we talked about said he “called it like he sees it” even when he didn’t see anything at all! This isn’t a valid or proper interpretation of suicide at all. If you meant that people who commit should not be used as martyrs or as inspirations to commit violence then not only have you not said that but you’re also making fun of every single person who has died in a voluntary fashion. Signing up for front line combat position is considered suicide, does that mean all our war hero’s don’t deserve respect? What about you, Pearse Hillock, who is stupid enough to post a statement that you KNOW will get lambasted, that’s a form of suicide too, in fact its known as reputational suicide (aka political suicide).  Pearse Hillock, you’ve not only phrased the comment in the dumbest way possible, but you’ve also written it in such a manner that it can interpreted to mean that anyone who does something they know would be detrimental (key concept of suicide) doesn’t deserve respect. And since you, Pearse Hillock, are doing something clearly detrimental and you acknowledge it, you are saying you don’t deserve respect. I haven’t even gotten into the misconceptions and broken logic yet! This is just the first line!

“He isn’t going to heaven, all those who kill themselves go to hell and that’s a fact” -The second line

Uh dude, do you even know religion? Religion is the very act of self-sacrifice. You go to church; you sacrifice your own time and money. You don’t eat certain foods; you sacrifice character and desires. You pledge your loyalty to a higher being, you sacrifice your ability to choose. Every religion has its martyrs and martyrs are people who intentionally got themselves killed to help other people. Heck the common misconception is that people commit suicide to spite other people. THEY DON’T. People commit suicide with the belief that they are helping people by ending their own existence (or at the very least, helping themselves and preserving their own purity). Don’t justify a condemning stance against suicide victims using religion, something started by someone who gave up their own life for the benefit of other people.

“Im not the only one saying this as there are many others,” Line Three, sentence fragment and comma splice detected!

Many others like who? Eric Gaede? The guy who thinks that owning haters are more important than showing respect for the dead? The only people saying this are ignorant and arrogant people like you Pearse Hillock.

“people tend to only say good when someone die’s as if you mention anything negative even if it’s the truth your an ignorant bastard.” – still line three, apostrophe for no fucking reason and lack of comma detected.

Whoa whoa there slow down, you’re going two letters a second there Pearse! People like you should go 1 letter a minute or better yet just shut the fuck up. To whom does this apply to? Is Pearse Hillock trying to say its general rule not to speak ill of the dead? The reason that rule exists is because its not fair for the ignorant to judge the dead because to say a dead person is a fucking moron is to say that that person never ever redeemed himself over the course of his life span. Its also unfair to the family and friends of the dead because  they know the person a lot better than you did. All that you have demonstrated to know is that the victim committed suicide, you don’t know under what circumstances, you don’t know the motive, you said yourself you don’t even know the victim personally in the most recent article. Who are you to judge? You are an ignorant bastard because you choose to use someone’s suicide as a podium to get heard. You could have chosen any other moment to say suicide is bad… But you picked this suicide to say it.

“Cinema Snob, Spoony One and everyone else is saying goodbye and due to them personally knowing him they don’t want to say wrong and I understand that” – Line four, no comma. Its just 10 sentences and less than a 1000 words, how do have this many mistakes?

Pearse Hillock, have you ever considered that the people you mentioned (and the people you don’t hate and thus didn’t bother to name) might not have said anything bad because they didn’t have anything bad to say? The rule “don’t speak ill of the dead” only applies to the people who don’t know the victim personally; just because the rule is not broken doesn’t mean that Cinema Snob ‘and everyone else’ decided to censor themselves you prick. Pearse hillock is essentially saying that everyone else’s condolences are censored and not real opinions. How can four lines make someone look like so much of a douche?

“As you can see in the image below Ferreira attacked spoony as he will probably use this event as an excuse not to work, I don’t condone his actions but what he said is probably true. Spoony has recently been padding out his commentaries even though they take zero effort to make and upload because he is lazy.” -Series of lines that are still missing commas. Perhaps the commas should form a union or something. OH and comma splice

So some guy I don’t know did something to some other guy I don’t know and… would you mind adding some backstory here? Not everyone knows the context to the article and not everyone follows what other people do. This is bad writing because the only person who understands what’s going on are the people who can find better sources of information and don’t have to rely on a stupid guy who can’t write 4 sentences without a grammar mistake to get information. But let’s dissect that first line again in more detail. Pearse says that ferreira’s (anyone know this guy) statement that it was not okay for Spoony to ignore his job over the suicide was inappropriate but then says its likely true.  Ladies and GENTLEMEN WE HAVE DOUBLE THINK! What’s double think, its when you make an idea that contradicts another idea and then proceed to accept both even though they conflict with each other. What was the theme of this article, “I know im gonna get hate for this but it’s the truth” aka saying stupid shit because I feel the need to. What did Pearse just do “I don’t condone his actions” aka Ferreira just said what Pearse say is the truth but it wasn’t right for Ferreira to do it. Pearse can say wrong things because to him its the truth and it must be said but Ferreira can’t say wrong things even though its the truth according to Pearse. Double think, because clearly “OH shit he’s serious” is a very nasty disease to contract.In addition we’ve got more double think in that Pearse has said that suicide victims deserve no respect therefore its not okay for friends and family of the suicide victim to show respect (or in any way deviate from normal behavior). But here Pearse has implied its okay for Spoony to take time off to grieve for his dead friend. This is my personal beef with people who ‘call it like they see it’. If you want to take a stand against the pigeonholing that societal standards are forcing on you and the average person, could you at least think and make sure you’re own statements correlate with your own beliefs…? We’ve got an article that essentially says “Screw it! I need to do what’s right and to hell with the victims” and then says “But that’s wrong dude you should think of the victims” at the same time!

“The thing is that he left his wife and family behind, if he got that far in life why would he commit suicide (With a Gun) so don’t expect me or others to pity him for doing something this ignorant to what he had in life. Whatever reason he had cannot justify his actions.” -The last lines of the article.

Pearse Hillock get your fucking act together! Its almost as if you write 3 lines of the article, take a 5 hour break and then come back and write the next 3 lines.  You wrote less than 10 sentences (even counting sentence fragments) and you couldn’t keep massive grammar errors out your writing or even keep the message consistent. “The thing is that he left his wife and family behind” So you’re saying the victim should have killed them both before committing suicide? I would have a hard time finding a one person who read your article Pearse Hillock and didn’t say “Please shut the fuck up” while reading it. How far are you in life Pearse Hilllock? Are you far enough in life to realize that neither the suicide victim or his friends and family would not have wanted you to say this bullshit you call necessary fact? Every reason you gave for not respecting a suicide victim’s death is selfish in nature and practically translates to “no one feels sorry for me, so why do you feel sorry for him?” which is a message you firmly establish in the next article!

Pearse Hillock you FAIL and you demonstrate every reason why speaking ill of the dead will always be a taboo because while there are some people who can do it right there’s others like you who fuck it up so bad its worth keeping the taboo around.

Some time later I’ll cover Pearse Hillock’s bullshit article  called “the aftermath…” but for now I think I’ve seen the death of another person’s sanity all too common amongst those who subscribe to the pointless hatred of popular people. Whatever entertainment value this Cinema Snob sucks blog would and will ever have is now sullied by this atrocious article written by an author who clearly has his screws loose.

6 thoughts on “And now for someone completely different… well not too different.

  1. I am so glad you wrote this Lazer, this Hillock guy really needed to have someone like you tear him a new one.

  2. Yea I know what I write is a load of shit, I just write like that and when I act serious im just pretending. I honestly don’t even care about the shit I write about, it was just kinda like a hobby, a really bad one at that. Anyhow im just tired of doing this and stopped over a month ago.

    1. Your rampages on the youtube and google+ comment sections and repeated urge to make your message wide-spread undermine your attempt to portray your lack of seriousness. That’s all I have to say for now.

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