Asalieri attempts to expose a Hater… by being a hater?

Haters… well if any minority group on the internet that no one really likes its haters. The problem of course is that language is an ever evolving term and certain words have become selective while the people using them haven’t bothered to recheck the dictionary if it means what they think it means. In addition since it is internet slang, modern dictionaries and english language professors haven’t exactly caught up with its use today. For example the oxford dictionary just describes hater as “a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing”… yeah that’s not particularly helpful, I mean you wouldn’t call the people who are angry that they’ve lost their homes, love ones and their own freedom to an abusive and totalitarian government ‘haters’ would you? Sure they might really ‘hate’ the government but ‘hater’ is a derogatory term generally meaning the hate is misplaced and petty. While I frown on the fact that only wikipedia seems to get this right but it seems that since wikipedia can be edited by anyone, they’re the first to tackle internet slang with negative connotations.

“Haters behave as such not out of jealousy, but out of the need to reduce the target of hatred’s standing….A Hater is not simply someone who offers criticism. It is sometimes used as an accusation against others with different opinions, even against those who offer constructive criticism. Furthermore, mere negativity does not make a Hater- it is negativity without a justifiable basis.” – wikipedia

Sure that’s all fine and dandy but lets see what another group produced definition source has to say

“A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.

Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesnt really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock somelse down a notch.” – Urban Dictionary

So essentially the internet can agree on 3 things when someone is hater:

1. They’re irrational
2. They do not give constructive critcism and complaints are petty.
3. They’re unhelpful to the community

Huh? does that make me a hater? After all Eric Gaede aka Asalieri has called me and the whole lot of people who hate his irresponsible antics as ‘haters’, but I get this suspicious feeling given the cosmic irony that constantly stings Eric in the ass that he isn’t using the word right. The first thing you should do before labeling someone else as a hater is to take a step back and make sure you’re not the hater (that would just be an embarrassing case of the twilight zone).

1. I give Eric a chance many many times in his videos often times pointing out what he could have done that would have saved time and made the message more clear. Though I often wonder if giving Eric the benefit of the doubt can be considered ‘rational’
2. Constructive criticism is the name of the game when I write these articles and I have written an article about double checking your sources and I always provide evidence with every complaint and suggestion
3. Alot of people actually agree with me. This blog has roughly 1k-700 views a day on average (this includes the days where I don’t do jack shit so that’s pretty good). The fact that only Eric seems to have problem with this blog and our lack of trolling (knocks on wood) indicates that people really aren’t offended by what I write and say.

Well that clearly makes 3 for 3 not a hater though this hasn’t stopped Eric from calling me a hater. Lord knows what definition Asalieri has for hater. But what about Eric aka Asalieri? The guy known for: asking critics to talk to him in PM even though he just bans people for doing that, constantly stating that the dislike bar is filled by one guy with multiple accounts (because apparently filling the dislike bar by spending hours signing into your multiple accounts is something people would do for every one of his videos), can’t make a legit criticism of the industry or other reviewers full of flaws like the Irate Gamer, says he doesn’t do death threats when being caught numerous times making death threats and generally behaves like a immature manchild with a severe ego disorder (And I’d like to note we have evidence for each and every one of these incidents)?

So is Eric a Hater?
1. Eric is definitely irrational. His complaints in the Ranting Robots RAR had him confusing the terms angry reviewing and video game reviewing as the same thing and the theme of that episode was that there wasn’t any innovation only for him to complain about innovation. During the RAR, Eric stated that he was tired of hearing about Superman 64 being a terrible game and seems to act as if he wants people to say its a good game. To make things more confusing, in a weak and not funny voice over of a robot, Eric can be heard saying “mario bros is a terrible game”. In other irrational antics, Eric’s response to someone pranking him by putting his address on a Craigslist ad was to make full of video of the prank succeeding and then giving a 5 minute rant about how his haters all suck somehow convinced that this would ensure that the prank wouldn’t happen again even though the best option would be to not film anything and thus trick people into thinking it didn’t work. This eventually backfired on Eric when I and many others suggested he faked the incident resulting in Eric refusing to talk about the issue and deleting the video. There many more incidents we could talk about but I think this has gone on for far too long.

2. Eric rarely if ever gives advice that would be considered helpful. When Angry Joe was giving his rant on youtube’s broken DMCA system, Eric stated that Angry Joe could get past the copyright system by wearing copyrighted costumes and making a show out of the copyrighted costumes. In the Irate Gamer RAR, Eric did make any criticisms about Chris Bore’s poor writing and acting instead making more jokes about Chris Bore’s body odor and weight then actual attempts to critique the irate gamer show (that’s pretty sad when you can’t critique the irate gamer show). In the ranting robots review, Eric suggested that the reviewers hire dancers and have an expensive over-glorified sock puppet speak their lines. Essentially Eric was asking the ranting robots to do something that has nothing to do with a review show in order to satisfy his complaints. In the one view wonder episode that was covered in this blog, Eric did not provide any advice or suggestions for improvement and spent the entire episode making weak jokes half of which didn’t make sense. There are many reasons why people don’t trust Eric Gaede, him being insincere, petty and unhelpful is one of them.

3. Eric is definitely not helpful to the community, often times being responsible for unwarranted mass panic then actually being a source of helpful critique or advice. When Eric received information regarding a possible mishandling of personnel at That Guy With The Glasses, Eric chose to present the information in the most inflammatory manner possible and when asked where he got such data and whether it was presented properly Eric told people to focus on the data and not on his ethics. It turned out that cruxification incident was false and Eric has simply misrepresented the issue completely and entirely and the matter was resolved in a week. Likewise when youtube decided to increase its reinforcement of copyright resulting in Angry Joe complaining about it, Eric decided to completely misrepresent what Angry Joe was saying only to a week later unintentionally admit that what Angry Joe said was correct by saying youtube copyright is bullshit and that its not fair to lose things you already have. In addition Eric completely confused the issues that Angry Joe was having with Eric’s own issues with youtube law (Eric repeatedly acted as if Angry Joe had lost an account, Angry Joe did not) while not even bothering to make sure the new youtube law acted anywhere near what Eric thought it did. When Reviewtopia decided to turn down his application due to his show being highly inflammatory and irresponsible, Eric told everyone that the website was worthless and invited the owner to a ‘nice’ discussion on skype which consisted of Eric and 3 of his crony friends throwing insult after insult towards the owners of reviewtopia without letting them explain why. The owners of reviewtopia admit it was a mistake attempting to talk to Asalieri like a sane person. On a more recent note, his new sports video constantly have their ratings disabled and comments moderated because Eric refuses to believe that people don’t want to watch pointless and error filled discussions of sports. Eric never has the interests of the community or his fans in mind as he continues to rant against whatever he seems to be in the mood for. Kudos for Eric for having a free spirit, its a shame that’s far outweighed by how much of a sociopath he is.

Adding to this are his RAR series, which consistently don’t provide criticism. Take a look at his RAR episode where he literally just dubbed over a guy to make hims sound mexician and the rest of episode was about pretending he had traits he did not. This included making up fantasy stories about his sex life and pretending as if he has no job. I especially love that Eric really liked making “you have no wife” jokes while at the same time complaining whenever people target his wife and make fun of him for being a loser. I wonder if Eric realizes that accepting delusional realities about other people is really shallow and pathetic.

Behold, the video where Eric just decided accepting delusional fantasy about someone is A-OKAY and definitely not a sign you are an egotistical loser with mental issues. Notice how many times Eric uses the photoshopped picture of the guy staring at a naked lady. That was his attempt at humor.

All I have to say about this episode is:

*this is where I’d begin the video review* Unfortunately the internet is out and I can’t watch videos using a public terminal (without being offensive or otherwise annoying to the people around me).

Edit: after a 2 weeks hiatus, we’re back! Though I’m not very happy about the content I’m about to watch.

Okay so let’s take a look at the description:

I aint sayin’ he’s a liar… but he ain’t lookin’ for no truth, truth.

So a few minutes ago, one of my most fervent and unrelenting haters decided to attempt to discredit me… YET AGAIN, but unlike all other times, this time I came prepared for this little eventuality. I KNEW he was going to jump on that the very second Ranting Robots decided to delete their video, and lo and behold, I finally get the chance to sock it right back to this big mouthed lying scumbag.

So, Nytroxious has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be nothing but a lying troll, who thought he would continue to abuse me from here to eternity. No more credit for you, Nytro. Go find someone else to bug, I am going to be keeping all my sources and documenting everything, because I KNOW you’re desperately trying to discredit me in some weird attempt to get me to stop doing my show.

You can bet your bottom dollar he’ll fill this video with dislikes, and to be honest, that’s just par for the course for his stupid ass.

– Eric Gaede

Wow we haven’t even started and there’s a fail in the first sentence. ‘Truth, truth’ well if Eric wants to pretend that there’s no innovation on the internet or that his personal fantasies about other people’s sex lives are funny then clearly Eric is okay with making up terms. I’d like to note this isn’t the kind of mistake you can make while typing a keyboard… or while you live in a world known as reality. It’s like he wanted to write a complex sentence but then stopped and realized… “no that would take effort”. Then he said to himself “Why the fuck should I bother to do actual work when I can just call people haters?” and then proceeded to put a period. This is not a good start. First off you can’t just begin with an inflammatory premise and then proceed to do a half-assed job. If you want to expose a hater you have to put effort, and fucking up your first sentence does not give signs of effort or talent. Eric, many people know you don’t do the research and that you are content with running into an issue, claiming to be an expert; while not demonstrating a basic degree of understanding of the subject material. The only people this is going to convince are the dumb fans who put as much effort into things as you do… that is to say the yes men who can’t do jack shit.

Other things I’d like to point out about the description:

“who thought he would continue to abuse me from here to eternity”
Uh Eric there’s something known as banned and ignore. All trolls are screwed if you use those tools effectively. Of course you don’t since you refuse to ban the people who do screw you over with false reports while banning the people who are telling you the truth; that your work is terrible and you seriously need to improve if you wish to remain at any degree relevant on youtube.

“No more credit for you, Nytro.”
You’re the only one keeping score Eric… that says a lot about what you think about “trolling”.

“You can bet your bottom dollar he’ll fill this video with dislikes”
And it has no more dislikes than any other video… FAIL. Why no Eric its not a good idea to blame everything on whoever seems to hate you at the time. Just going to leave this page here from TV tropes.
Oh and Eric you really shouldn’t be encouraging other people to bet their bottom dollar. The bottom dollar is a person’s bottom line… aka the last bit of money they have and require to live without going destitute. But then again considering the fact that Eric claims to be poor, lives in a large house, claims to have job when he clearly doesn’t (his release schedule says a lot about how much free time he has and considering that he films everything why hasn’t brought a webcam to work?), and is happy with accepting large donations (like a laptop) and constant trips to casinos; its not really surprising that Eric doesn’t care about the poor and is happy to see other people suffer for following his terrible advice.

“and to be honest, that’s just par for the course for his stupid ass.”
Really now? Let’s see what nytroxious has done recently…. NOTHING… LITERALLY NOTHING. There are a few videos but those are years old. The discussion section has nothing particularly recent with one person asking nytroxious to just report Eric for cyber-bullying which he is clearly eligible for. So apparently Eric says that nytroxious is hyperactive, very stupid and hates him. Considering that Eric just abused the fuck out of nytroxious I can safely say nytroxious hates Eric. But I don’t see any real activity or any real malicious activity against Eric. And this brings me to another one of Erics faults… the “EVERYONE IS MY ARCH ENEMY” trait. Yeah… Eric seems to be convinced that everyone who’s made fun of him is organized and are long-term rivals. Eric has even stated that I hate him more than the devil… which is hilarious because he has no idea who I am, so such claims are ridiculous. Other people who just started campaigns against him for like a month were also labeled as long-time haters and I find it really sickening that Eric is trying to make his conflicts as long-term as possible. Does he think it’ll tire out his detractor something? Because you can’t exactly stop people from having good taste and a liking for decency.

Well that’s enough about the description let’s talk about the video now shall we? Oh boy I’m going to turn the volume down because I know Eric hasn’t given a shit about audio quality.

0:02 “HELLO DEAR VIEWER” Guys I have to set my computer speakers to fucking 6% volume in order to hear Eric at “people yelling” level. This is known as ‘poor audio quality’… Is Eric trying to win the loudness war!?

0:05 “A couple of minutes ago, one of my biggest detractors” OH yeah nytroxious is so a biggest detractor. Nytroxious has done like one video two years ago that called your shit e-drama. I personally would have called your work unwatchable shit but that would be an insult to shit. Just gotta love how sensational this is, clearly this is a video about herculean battles with great accomplishments because seriously… why make a video about this?

0:16 Eric decides to read the comment in a loud voice… because clearly I should be listening to this video at 4% volume. Nytroxious’s comment is and I quote using this image:

The quote by nytroxious
The quote by nytroxious

Okay so there are several things wrong with Asalieri’s take on the quote. Refuting one point of the argument and pretend the rest aren’t problems is a chewbacca defense. If someone calls me a liar, a fool and a knave and I only refuse the fool and knave parts then I’m still screwed for being called a liar. To be fair, refuting one or two statements in an oppositions argument gives the impression that the others are wrong however that doesn’t mean anything because if all it took was one false fact to damned the rest then science would be screwed. Quite a few things in science aren’t proven for sure, for example gravity. We don’t know what molecule gravity operates on but no scientist in the world would admit that gravity isn’t a real concept. This is because all the other facts we know about gravity such as its effect and its intensity are true. So looking back at Nytroxious’s argument literally everything else is true. There is no backlash on the channel compare on contrast to whenever Eric makes a mistake and a whole months if not years worth of comments gets 1984’d on his channel’s discussion page. Eric is right to say its wrong however on the grounds that Nytroxious is using inductive reasoning, a type of reasoning in which nothing is fully proven for sure. Thus the statement rephrased from “does not exist” to “very likely does not exist”. You can’t have inductive reasoning that behaves like deductive reasoning.

Going back to what’s right on nytroxious’s comment, its perfectly acceptable for nytroxious to complain that Eric doesn’t do good research and that he lies and quote mines. After all he’s doing that right now! What was the context that Eric put for this quote again? “Biggest hater” and “moron” hmmmm? I wonder if Eric realizes that quote mining can be done by lying about the context. Heck I can do this for any famous quote except instead of being an asshole I can do it for comedic effect.

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. – Ghandi ‘Train Robber MCSTABBY’ said while beheading a chicken and stabbing buffalos in the ass

Quote mining is the act of taking a quote out of context, that includes lying about the circumstances of the quote and the traits of who said it. By saying this quote is from a biggest hater and from a moron you’ve done exactly what nytroxious said you normally do… misrepresent your opposition. Good Job Eric, you’re lack of reading between the lines has accidentally resulted in you stabbing yourself.

The other things nytroxious mentions are also completely true to someone else’s surprise since the complains seem to be completely ripped from my previous article on the subject. Indeed the kickstarter that Eric complained about was obviously fake and if it wasn’t they didn’t make any money on it. And the entire 3 minute beginning of the RAR on ranting robots was completely filler because it referred to angry reviewing… which can’t be done when you speak in monotone (or can you?).

Wow all that and we aren’t even a minute in yet… is it legal to make this many mistakes in such a short time period? Oh wait we’re not done yet… Eric doesn’t even read the entire quote instead he mis-reads it (because clearly this video isn’t rushed enough) he reads everything up to the second sentence properly but then removes the of in the third sentence. Quote mining is also changing the meaning of a sentence. “out your ass” is much different from “out of your ass”. The difference is purely semantics but I’d like to note that if anyone wants to be fair… you should read the quote PROPERLY and not make edits to because its easier for you. OH GOD this seven minutes… oh come on really?

0:38 Eric says he saved the video and that the entire video is here in its entirety. Wow I wonder if someone will tell the ranting robots about this so they can claim copyright and stolen footage complaints. Oh thank goodness the rest of the video is just shot for shot the ranting robots bible episode. I have never been so relieved to see people make fun of the bible before

*okay well there’s not much to talk about the top 20 bible mistakes episode. Its not particularly crap… but it is offensive and the ratio between funny and offensive is skewed towards offensive. The statement “not your best work” would be an understatement. Most of the complaints are pretty valid, God in the bible has a serious body count and according to some experts, a body count greater than the devil. I’m not saying god is evil… because I’m agnostic, what I am saying is that the ranting robots forgot that a valid premise isn’t exactly the same as a funny premise. Bible episode sucks and even if you agree with god being an asshole, the fact of the matter is that its the bible, you shouldn’t be taking other people’s interpretations of the text as your spiritual guidance. The bible was made so that individuals can read it and come up with their own lessons. Enlightenment comes from within not from two robots going on tangent about god’s killing sprees and odd edicts*

5:55 the ranting robots video ends and Eric says he wants to hear Nytroxious’s excuse about why he didn’t know the top 20 bible video didn’t exist… Uh Eric, there’s the key problem in that the top 20 bible video stopped existing by the time you posted your RAR. So Nytroxious’s excuse is that he didn’t have a time machine and forgot to realize he was using inductive reasoning when he made a deductive statement. That’s a fairly good excuse considering the crap you’ve done Eric. Where’s your excuse about thinking the angry reviewing genre is dead? Where’s your excuse for repeatedly quote mining people? Where’s your excuse that you still after all this time, believe you have done nothing to infuriate or otherwise believe you haven’t earned any serious amount of disrespect for your inability to be responsible? What’s your excuse for continuing to produce crappy sports related episodes that no one is convinced that you have put any real work into them to the point that you have to disable ratings for each and every one of these episodes? You hear that sizzle Eric? That’s your ass on the grill for repeatedly running from your problems and refusing to do a goddamn thing to solve any of it. I haven’t even listed half of the problems you’re still running from and refuse to settle. This is the last thing you should be trying to do Eric; you definitely shouldn’t be acting as if your critics don’t have excuses, there’s quite a few people who believe you commit child abuse and they still seem convincing because your reputation is that freaking horrible. There are plagues that are more well-received than you and I’m afraid its because you refuse to settle anything or even sincerely say you’re sorry. Even in this episode you lied and I can’t believe you would do that. Are you dick dastardly or something?

6:22 “This pretty much proves that you have some misguided idiotic grudge against me” So a guy who’s been fairly inactive expressed skepticism towards the existence of a video and now you, Eric Gaede, feel free to put words in that nytroxious hasn’t even said? Last time I checked a grudge means more than just one comment and there’s literally no way nytroxious would be crazy enough to state that you faked the entire last 5 or so minutes of ranting robots video. That’s about as unjustified as the people who say you have sex with your kids as in its completely untenable and has no real evidence to support it. Maybe just maybe Eric, if you showcased some actual insanity from nytroxious you could convince people that he really does have a grudge… but oh wait he doesn’t because he’s mostly inactive you dunce!

6:29 “Go bother someone else for a change you little weasel” Wow all he asked was for some transparency and you greeted him with this message. Wow! I can’t wait to see how you react to the homeless in the street. The tone should fit the crime Eric. This was a crime of semantics… not a guy who’s been hounding you for years.

6:36 “And when you do make sure you’re not lying and exaggerating the fucking truth like you usually do you douche. Go back to what you’re good at, let me show you” Then shows a picture where a minute passes and he gains a roughly 70 dislikes… okay? That’s not evidence of anything. You get 70 dislikes on average Eric. Heck you should have seen the reaction to your “april fools” video that was much worse. You’ve got to be kidding me if you honestly think that some guy who’s been inactive and nowhere near as fucking petty to give a shit about the dislike bar would bother to use a bot. Oh and to make matters worse, the next RAR has 200 likes a number that makes no where near sense in the context of how many people actually bother to rate Eric’s RARs. To make it mores embarrassing after youtube did a bot account purge, guess what? The 200 likes dropped below 200 only to rise again shortly after. This is an even stupider attempt to slander nytroxious because this is the cold hard truth, Eric’s videos very quickly lose their watch-ability and audience. The comments on this video? most of them are two weeks old and this video is only 3 weeks old. Everyone who actually gives a shit will watch the video the day it comes out and after two or three weeks people will stop caring. These aren’t timeless classics Eric! These aren’t TGWTG videos that are incredibly entertaining and draw millions of views. These are crappy videos that were churned out in less than hour of work that are humorless and filled with ego. How can you even blame nytroxious for exaggerating the truth when that’s exactly what you did in this video. Nytroxious made several strong undeniable statements that were completely ignored just to target one statement that he had every right to make.

Now Eric feels the need to pretend that the one guy who asked a question is somehow directly and given what he implied is the only one responsible for the 70 or so people he’s pissed off over the years. Which brings me to the central problem I’ve been pointing out since the beginning. There’s no responsibility here or a commitment of any kind. What Eric has just done is just mark another person who posed skepticism and blame that person for problems that quite frankly is such a chewbacca defense that I am literally going to put a picture of chewbacca here. The worst part of all this is that Eric didn’t even use the word hater right, because nytroxidious posed legit criticism and pointed out several on going problems with his code of ethics. The only hater exposed here was you Eric.

Oh Eric. Chewbacca defense doesn’t work in a court of law. If you’re not the hater, then why did you lose your first account for harassment?

Update: Two things I want to discuss but I don’t want to make a new article about:

1. Eric’s sports videos are getting an absurd amount of thumbs up. I could call this botting but quite frankly IT IS sports time. What I am surprised about is the lack of thumbs downing. This means that people have wisely decided to not bother to express their hatred for shitty, very low budget, damn near racist videos that are apparently sports related; but not really fooling anyone into thinking Eric isn’t going to be an asshole when an opportunity presents its self. There’s good news and bad news in all this: The bad news is “people have stopped giving a shit” the good news is “people stopped giving a shit about a terrible and pointless series that literally exists to try and tire critics out”

2. Eric made a laughably terrible statement on his discussion page which surprisingly hasn’t been 1984’d. Unsurprisingly, it’s another one of those “all my critics are X, I’ve never done X” statements.

“well, particularly BECAUSE it’s those people [lasersquad, Glion1994, and Kiki], all whom can’t be bothered to give a truthful and objective criticism regarding my person, is that you can’t trust their testimony. Ask a neutral source that doesn’t have a ‘side’. And no, when you spend 2 days with a rating at 60+ and only 3-4 dislikes and then from one day to another, AFTER the bulk of the views have come in, suddenly 100 dislikes pop up, that is highly suspect. Stop trying to act as though that is not fabricated, that’s unbecoming of even you. I haven’t started anything with anyone, i’ve been a pretty neutral and peaceful guy for at least the last two years. I don’t know what you really want from me other than to be a dick, Nytro.” – Eric Gaede

“well, particularly BECAUSE it’s those people [lasersquad, Glion1994, and Kiki], all whom can’t be bothered to give a truthful and objective criticism regarding my person, is that you can’t trust their testimony”

Thats…. not even a sentence. When you put a statement inbetween commas, like it has been done in the block quote and here, the statement is considered an aside. A statement between commas is a statement provided solely for the information of a reader and the sentence can be read just fine without the statement inbetween commas. Another way of doing this is to use brackets.

For example: “When you put a statement inbetween commas, the statement is considered an aside”
See? the statement still reads properly but it has less information.

Now let’s see what happens to Eric’s first sentence
“well, particularly BECAUSE it’s those people, is that you can’t trust their testimony”

Great its like the video description, Eric couldn’t even do the first sentence without causing a massive error!
If Eric doesn’t even know how to do a comma aside… how the hell can he judge my “testimony”? And a “testimony”!? This isn’t a testimony Eric! A testimony is a statement given in court or evidence that justifies the existence of something. So not only has Eric not able to understand how to do an aside, but Eric also can’t understand what the word testimony means. This all just the first sentence folks!. Just keep pretending you are the victim Eric. That’ll do wonders for your already inflated ego! I wonder if I should point out that saying our testimony is full of lies is saying that we always lie and do so unlawfully… then again Eric has severe issues with telling the truth as almost everything he says is a lie so I’d actually be surprised if he didn’t say we lied.

“Ask a neutral source that doesn’t have a ‘side’.”
I did Eric. They quickly found out how much of a douchebag you are and how willing you are to villify people for no real reason. The people who hate you Eric were neutral at one point… Heck I was a neutral party until I found out how bad you were compared to Irate Gamer!

“And no, when you spend 2 days with a rating at 60+ and only 3-4 dislikes and then from one day to another, AFTER the bulk of the views have come in, suddenly 100 dislikes pop up, that is highly suspect”
Wow two things: 1. Eric admits his videos suck and that they have a shelf life of a day.
2. Eric seriously believes that he can call things like “bulk of views” not bothering to remember that people have their patterns and is trying to justify this… to himself… that’s just creepy.

“Stop trying to act as though that is not fabricated, that’s unbecoming of even you.”
Translation: Yes guy I am arguing fruitlessly with, you must accept my totally delusional, inconsequential and lame conspiracy theory about how my work doesn’t suck and there’s a cult hive mind that is always totally organized and interconnected that must devote its lifespan to hating my work. This conspiracy theory does not sound stupid in retrospect!

Perhaps if you actually think fully before you run these ideas in public… then maybe you wouldn’t sound like a crazy person Eric? Also what do you mean by unbecoming of you? In the video you said it was HIM that did it!

“I haven’t started anything with anyone, i’ve been a pretty neutral and peaceful guy for at least the last two years.”

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  1. look at all this text you wrote about some fat faggot on the internet. you’re possibly more pathetic then the sweaty men you whine about and write essays on lol

    1. Uh huh… Not exactly sure why you’d bother if I’m pathetic… or you think I am. Is it an insult if its possible I’m pathetic or is Eric so bad that telling him off makes it harder to call someone pathetic? Nice email by the way.

      In addition: Stop changing your username. IF you’re unwilling to pick an alias and stick with then clearly your not here to actually have a real conversation. You’ve done this 5 times and each time you’ve made a negative comment about other people who don’t like Asalieri.

    2. …and get you whine about the people trying to call out said fat dude for being an idiot. That’s even more pathetic.

      You’re Bobby Rade, aren’t you?

  2. The reason why I told Asa to upload the Ranting Robots video on his channel because he said that he would give the video to someone as long as the person asks for it. That would mean that I would have to give out my e-mail address to him, which I wouldn’t; or call him on Skype, which I wouldn’t because he’ll probably pull that whole “I’M A NICE GUY!!!” shit he pulled on warcorpse666 and SlightlyLividGaming. Yeah, I’ll admit that the complaints I gave were ripped from the previous article (sorry about that). I’ve been following Asa and his antics for years, but I’ve been quite about it until Early 2014 when I commented on RandomDCE’s video called “Google responds to Angry Joe” and called Asa a “tyrannical bully.” Then I called out Asa on his videos related to AngryJoe, YouTube Content ID, and League of Legends (the video that contradicted what he said to AngryJoe). Ever since then, I compare him and his circlejerk to the pigs from Animal Farm, compared him to Anita Sarkeesian on his channel, and calling his fanbase as a cult. I’ve been considering making a video response to him, but I’m either putting it off or don’t have the time to make it. Not to mention, since Asa’s friends with DCE (someone who I went after for years out of sheer anger until early February), and I’m worried DCE may have told him about some personal things about me, and Asa may use them against me.

    1. Holy crap, Nytro, why didn’t you say that then? that could been useful.

      Then again since DCE and his buttlickers had to appear to white knight Asa.

    2. But the truth laser, is what Nytro is saying is true, DCE is a very untrustworthy individual who loves hate, and he will be capable of giving info of Nytro to Eric as bait ammo, since DCE has demostrated in the past that he shares in common with Eric his lack of actual ethics and responsability.

      Nytro might have made mistakes of foolish thing in the past, i am not deny it as a friend of his, but the deal is, DCE is a HUGE HYPOCRITE, he has done Faaaaaaaar Worse things over teh years and has gone away with it most of the time, and the truth is, DCE has always been a jerk and a hate lover (for lack of a better word to explain DCE priorities, since he suffers from the “he should fight the monsters”, which i believe if i am not in ignorance, someone who tries to demonize others faults in attempt to make himself look noble and good while having worse faults)

      1. Based on current information about DCE, I can safely say that yes he’s not an upstanding individual. That said do you guys want an article on this guy? From what I’ve read he has severe issues with being a yes man and a jackass who has issues with people who have other opinions.

      2. DCE has been a trainwreck in his own right for quite a long time, so much that it amazes me he never received a proper Encyclopedia Dramatica article. His alliance with Arizona lo cow just happens to be the tip of the iceberg for the online freakshow that is James and his own personal circlejerk.

        Lasersquad, would you happen to have skype or at least an email where i can contact you? I can fill you up on a massive portion of DCE-related drama that happened since 2009. I’d do it here, but alas, typing on mobile is sucky.

      3. Duwango, by pure coincidence, do you have the stuff regarding him supporting chris bores on the “E-Beggin Spoof” like that image responce he made?

    3. “Yeah, I’ll admit that the complaints I gave were ripped from the previous article ”

      Ah don’t feel sorry about that. I wrote these articles to inform people and to help spread information about Eric Gaede who is trying to trick people using ridiculous censorship and “1984” policies.

  3. A bully indeed. I DO have a feeling that he has no job, given the amount of time he has to respond to every single comment ever made on his channel.

    Also, Asa says game reviewing is dead; know what’s even deader? Bible-bashing vids. Both parties are as familiar with honor-shame cultures as a senile man with advanced Alzheimer’s.

  4. After watching Overcast Sleuther’s video, I remembered that Eric went after the Amazing Atheist for the banana incident, yet he conveniently forgets that his sidekick Razorfist made a video of himself yanking it (I don’t know if the other guy next to his picture if affiliated with Eric), although I wonder if anyone ever brought up this fact to Eric. But like someone said in an earlier article friends get a free pass.

    1. That other guy is Silent Rob (Rob Lowe), an egomaniac, Razorfist’s asskisser, Internet tough-guy and a clown, according to whom swearing every sentence is a comedy gold. I remember he got popular on Youtube because of – what a surprise! – ranting about Irate Gamer. Hmmmm, who else promoted themselves this way? Ah yes, Archfiend and our dear flip-flopper, Eric. It’s funny how all those people have proven to be no better than the guy they’ve criticised.

      Oh, and he’s a huge hypocrite, just like Asa. He also railed on AVGN for being “greedy”, but created a website that gave people an access to “premium content” if they paid 5 dollars. E-begging at it’s finest.

      I used to be subscribed to this guy a long time ago. Don’t ask why. I was just dumb.

      1. Arch-fiend used to be part of an identity crisis involving him and Linkara, with Linkara insulting him for reasons that Asalieri had done involving the “Let the Ads play” video, because Archfiend and Asalieri both have similar names.

        Me and a friend had to sort out that shit with Archfiend.

  5. Alrighty guys I just took a look at randomDCE’s rap sheet and it appears that:
    1. He has issues with fans of works he doesn’t like.
    2. *SIGH* he has trouble especially from people in group 1

    Now if I were to review him, which video would you guys like me to watch?

    1. how about we start with

      Also take a look at the comments

      and here is these video

      and the Anti TGWTG videos he made during 2012-2013

      I know, you said one video, but i am not sure if you received the mail i sent you before, also, take a look at the comments of those videos, and warning, they are quite painful to watch.

      Also let’s not forget about that video supporting Asalieri harrasing SourApple with this bait troll video

      1. Only downside is that the actual videos are pretty short, mainly because he wanted to “keep it safe”, but the comments are gold to look at it

  6. Also in other news, have you seen that seemingly stupid song bastardization of Luis Miguel “Si nos Dejan” that Asa song?

    Well, prepare for a suprirse, that was a pot shot at the guys of resurrection files

  7. Some good news (for me anyway) Argentina lost the world cup to Germany. Now I’m not a fan of soccer and the only reason I followed it is to see when Argentina would drop out. Also the fact that Eric once called Germany a police state, because he called the police there assholes right in front of them for a routine check and they decided to jam him up with a more thorough search, all though I’m pretty certain if you call the police in any country assholes they’re bound to make your day miserable because they work a thankless job making sure law abiding citizens are safe at night from the dregs of society.

    1. From his Facebook:

      “12: Dad, why is that a penalty? Do Mexicans hate us that much?
      16: Effedrine? Isn’t that some sort of cough medicine? This is bullshit!
      20: This year, we’ll be… ok, no we won’t. Next time…
      24: three and out. Things will never be the same again. Fuck my life.
      28: CMON! THIS IS IT! This year… ok, fuck you Germany.
      32: CMON! THIS IS IT! This year… ok, fuck you Germany
      36: CMON! THIS IS DEFINITELY IT… ok, fuck you Germany.”

  8. Okay I’m getting quite a lot of data of randomDCE’s mistakes… I’m actually surprised at how much data there is. I mean it will take quite SOME time to get all this down in an article.

    1. Bad news guys, the cinemasnob sucks blog has been continued… apparently by the guys brother if it is to be believed. No its still not funny, not after the shit they pulled.

      1. Is his brother just as racist and has the same conspiracy (for lack of a better word) theories like him (from post I read Pearse called Joe a “Mexican jumping bean” between him and Eric neither can get Joe’s nationality right, or claiming that Brad is closeted homosexual)?

    1. Sorry it might not be for a while.
      There’s quite a lot to write and not a lot of time for me to do it.

      I’ll see what I can do but there’s a good chance the article will be done by the end of the month.

    1. Apologies for not sending the email as I claimed I would’ve. I’m still waiting for a skype friend of mine to get online so we can write down together all of the dirt info we have on DCE, complete with (I’m hoping) pics and maybe a video here and there. If there’s a deadline for the article, do let me know. I wouldn’t mind sending the message on my own, but it would be woefully defvoid of most juicy stuff.

  9. Okay guys, doing some more research and I’ve found that there’s quite a lot of fail in this “handy dandy guides” video series. Unfortunately I can’t find any videos… would anyone like to describe them?

    1. Oh man, the HDG’s, man, these were just him being very pedantic and trying to be “edgy negative” yet in many of them he got some info very wrong, mainly the ones when he talks about anime, specially the earlier ones he did on DBZ & Digimon, let me see if i still had the videos.

      I assume you are talking about his older ones from 2008 cause he started them back a while ago but on “safe Mode”

      I will try to see if i still has his old videos (probably threw them away a bit after i stop him being friends with him)

      However let me tell you the ones that caused the most damaged were his ErC’s when he ended gaining a malicious intent at the very end, and awhile ago i got the impression that he committed some Quote mining, mainly since he let one of his circle-jerk friends (PrinceofMoose) to do a VERY MEAN SPIRITED ERC on Nytro, because back in 2010 Nytro made a video regarding DCE, but Nytro didn’t feel to mention DCE to avoid problems, and DCE started showing his ego by claiming pretty much.

      “I know you are talking about me cause you don’t mention my name, grow some spine”.

      Even tough he was getting quite a lot of flack for claiming that if people mention his names a few times than once they are just doing for attention and should not be taking seriously, (many of his critics had very good points against him).

      DCE didn’t even watched the video response Moose made, but decide dto host it anyways, the video is really mean-spirited and demonizing at its best, and Moose is guity of Quote mining in the past, sadly Nytro deleted the original video he got commentated on (keep in mind, is difficult and next to impossible to find the original source videos he was commenting in his ERC’s)

      He lack the same thing Eric lacks, Responsibility and Ethics, so he just uploaded it “cause would be funny”.

      1. “Duwango, by pure coincidence, do you have the stuff regarding him supporting chris bores on the “E-Beggin Spoof” like that image responce he made?”

        I wasn’t aware DCE was sucking up to Irate Gamer now. Then again, James Thompsett has developed a shitty habit of parroting everything Eric does. Honestly, James should’ve started e-dating Eric as soon as lillylivers ditched the former for some rich kid in Miami. I’m not joking, she actually did that.

        As for his HDG’s, I used to like them……back when I foolishly thought he had some semblace of taste, commonsense and human decency. There is no difference between HDGs and ErC’s. The former is DCE attempting to to pass his worthless opinions as facts via shoddy arguments, whereas the latter is him engaging in a non-stop stream of mean-spirited, borderline psychotic attacks at anyone who dared to disagree with him. I don’t like Spax3, but he is a saint compared to James.

        Overall, I’d say RandomDCE is the proto-Asalieri, if not worse than Arizona madcow. A petulant, passive-aggressive-to-the-max manchild (Rather ironic considering how much he riled on Spax3 in his early years) who feels the need to attack random people online so he can keep a rudimentary sense of worth within himself. Everything James does and says is based on where he thinks it’s funny, or simply because he is, in his own words, bored. Much like Eric, he never admits guilt over anything. He would rather blame his psychopathic behavior on his “boredom” or, once again reminiscent of Eric, project his mental instability onto some other person who never bugged him prior.

        And he has no qualms when it comes to throwing his fans and “friends” if it means perpetuating his egomania. The usage of quotes in “friends” is intentional, because I’ve lost the count of bridges he burned down over the years due to his mindbogging tactlessness when it comes to interactions in general, both online and IRL. Of course, someone will say “but you don’t know James in real life!”. And I don’t need to. The aftermath fiasco of the NYC trip in 2009 speaks for itself.

        Internet circlejekrs don’t get any more toxic than DCE’s group. This account, for instance, is a good early example of such:

    2. HOLD IT, i found the original “responce” DCE made on Nytro

      but i also encourage to listen (if you have the guts) to the one PrinceofMoose said

      (BTW, Princeofmoose is known to be a lying piece of shit, and attempted to demonize a good friend of mine and acted like a smug jerk when people call him out).

      1. While I’m tempted to defend Moose, I’m not going to do so. While he isn’t as vile as DCE (Or hell, anyone from his circlejerk), he’s not really trustworthy or smart. He has a long history of white knighing and flat-out enabling James’ group, all based on the shoddy misleading excuse of “wanting to defend his friends”. Suffice to say, Moose is incapable of taking the heat for his actions, preferring instead to demonize anyone who oposes him or anyone from the same group he is from.

        He had promised to me that he would grow out of the elitist, shrill mentality that the youtube ranting community is so known for. And saying this from experience, I doubt he was even sincere or serious about said vows. Not that he has any obligation to comply with them, but that only confirms my opinion that my interactions with him were a humongous waste of time. Such is life, I guess!

    3. Hold on to your butt dude, i found some other stuff. (you might take more time then 😛 if you need it)

      a video when he tries to confront Angry Joe (around the time he started his Anti-TGWTG tirade, and of course, because the man-blob did it)

      and another one when made before, when DCE really enjoyed jumping on the bandwagon the man-blob did, of course he will deny it)

      Man, the guy really had a sick self-importance problem.

      Oh and yet another one before, (this was done on the infamous MVC3)

      His infamous Sonic 4 rant defending that game but not showing any footage and ridiculing the people who makes who had grievances over it.

      Many of his old videos who weren’t deleted on Youtube are hosted here

  10. Funny you should bring Eric and DCE’s response to Joe’s interview, considering they’re currently friends with Chris Bores a “gamer” whose interviews are far worse than what happened to Joe.

    Also someone brought up the AVGN movie on Eric’s discussion page, we should be prepared for when he does a video about it, considering for years he claimed that AVGN was going to pocket the money, and he’ll find someway to be a dick about it considering he has been proven wrong yet again.

  11. Oh dear, one more gem to the pile, DCE quote mined Angry Joe, look at this comment.

    EXCEPT, that’s not what Joe actually said, he actually said that it is ok to criticize Anita, but is not OK to sent rape threat’s to her, THAT’S WHAT JOE WAS TALKING ABOUT!

    Funny how Jimmy thompseth put the links to the videos but everyone was sucking his penis.

    One of my friends call him out on that B.S. and of course James got all bitter.

      1. I deislike Anita as much as the other guy, but I agree with Joe about her being entitled to her opinions. But that’s beside the point.

        I never really understood James Thompsett’s obsession with Angry Joe, even as it started way back in 2010. Sure, I don’t really watch or care about Joe, but James seems to habour a grotesquely unnatural grudge towards him solely because Joe dislikes Capcom. It’s pretty telling of of DCE’s overall mental derangement.

        Having different opinions when it comes to something as insignificant as games is apparently enough reason to get James to become psychotic.Everything James does is about him wanting to shove down his arrogant opinions down on every person’s throats at every turn.

    1. Ops, I posted my other comment before reading the rest of your post about Joe. Then again, my point still stands. Anita is tame compared to the rest of the SJW

      “Funny how Jimmy thompseth put the links to the videos but everyone was sucking his penis”

      That’s his Facebook page in a nutshell. A neverending cycle of circlejerking. These comments are a prime example of the hivemind bullshit of his little personal army, not mention they’re a showcase of James’ terminal case of unwarranted self-importance and hypocrisy. I’m aware these images might be considered “personal” or whatever, so lasersquad can delete this post if he feels is necessary.

      1. My definition of personal is something that shouldn’t be normally seen with a basic google search or on a public space. Since this is his facebook page, I don’t see any problems.

      2. My definition of personal is information that can’t be found on a public space. I.e the things that you don’t risk revealing if you choose to not use the internet (i.e your favorite bar that you don’t want anyone to know about).

      3. Funny how DCE got again all petty over nytro statement, considering it was DCE the one who said that he didn’t gave MLP a chance because of the bronies, and then at first he tough the show was not just for him, only to later to flip flop, and said, “i tough the show it was shit”.

        then again DCE NEVER puts any effort on thinking.

      1. I find there are 3 problems with anita’s work but before the 3 problems… the obligatory: What the hell was with that massive sexist counter attack? That’s really messed up.

        1. Anita doesn’t do a good job of defining feminism and sexism. A lot of the times she acts as if female traits equals good but giving bad traits to a character = bad. This is a big problem because it shows that anita doesn’t like characters that look bad even though femenism is about equal rights. It shouldn’t be wrong to portray women in a diverse variety of roles. Granted you can complain when a female character is portrayed as a hooker but its not a problem if other female characters are upstanding or that the hooker character is portrayed as more than a sex worker. Its equally sexist to say all women must be upstanding, independent and combat capable because it means that females aren’t upstanding (i.e born in a abusive environment), independent (i.e needs to work with husband) or combat capable (i.e pacifist) are not women. Anita should avoid assigning male and female traits good or bad labels. femenism is about giving females the freedom to act and behave anyway they choose

        2. TOO many video game errors. Unless anita is trying to beat Irate Gamer’s fail rate, anita should at the very least play the games. If the subject disgusts her so much THEN why discuss it? No one takes surgery lessons from squeamish people who are scared of blood. Credibility means actually observing and studying what you talk about.

        3. Lack of any real effort. I’ve found reports that her scripts are written by her boyfriend and clear evidence that she’s stolen footage from other people. Now how many crediable sources of information do you listen to that commit plagiarism and don’t invest effort into their work? Not helping matters is the kickstarter which gave her huge amounts of money to… not produce her show at any adequate rate or with higher quality footage. One hopes she’s spending the 100+k on things that will help her show.

  12. “That doesn’t look like ganging up to me.”

    I didn’t literally say it was ganging, but since you mentioned, that’s exactly what it is too. But to each their own.

    “it was DCE the one who said that he didn’t gave MLP a chance because of the bronies”

    In James’ feeble mind, it’s all about HIM HIM HIM AND HIM. If he doesn’t like something (Which is redundant to mention, because he doesn’t like anything or anyone), he’ll feel the need to rub that in everyone else’s face, because he’ll stop at nothing to present his opinions and facts. Thus, the proto-Asalieri part I mentioned in a previous post. Here’s yet another example of his tactlessness and incapability of lettings others like what they want. And yes, reading the comments will be worth your trouble.

    1. He used to say that he doesn’t show any footage to avoid copyright claims, that could been understandable on 2008 to mid 2009……….but then it became pretty obvious that he used that as a dodge. (like in that Sonic 4 video he made when he claims that Sonic isn’t as slow as anyone says, but doesn’t show any footage, and he had a blip tv account, which for some reason he still has).

      Even Bigal calm him out on this in one video (before he lost his blip account), but bigal and DCE became friends again, after something he did to a good friend of mine.

      1. Lol bigal and dce aren’t really friends. Matter of fact, James’ friends stop being his friends when he decides they’re no longer useful for him. By this point you’ve probably guessed there’s no difference between DCE and Asalieri. It makes me wonder if Eric was just trying to emulate James’ steps into becoming the biggest pimp on Jewtube, but even that is just wishful thinking.

        While I’m at it, lemme go throught a brief rundown of bigal’s love story with DCE: As far as I know, DCE’s group got mad at Al simply because the latter was indifferent towards a certain, much-discussed (if not whored out to the max) RL incident towards lillylivers. The latter is another grotesque individual, but that’s another story I guess. I wasn’t joking when I said James’ e-mafia was about as hiveminded and bubbled as far as online circlejerks can get, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

        Not many people remember, but the same e-mafia also attempted to start it’s own forum/website venture back in late 2010, called Wingerdinger. As you may guessed, it was yet another excuse for insufferable hiveminding, with the obligtaory abuse of “delete and block” method towards any dissenters in the forum. And rumor has it that BigAl attempted to join the staff, only to be violently yelled at by James on a skype call. Like I said, it’s just a rumor, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true.

        Suffice to say, the forum was a failure, and it got hacked and closed down after a mere 3 months up. It’s pretty fucking hilarious considering James started to rage non-stop over TGWTG and similar websites not long after Wingerdinger kicked the bucket. He truly is the most cognitively challenged person ever.

      2. Well, they like Eric and Savage (Gameboob) kinda keep flip flopping every while, i remember big-al not wanting to have anything to do with DCE again after certain incident, i heard both version of the story.

        One of them being that apparently, big-al faked an anxiety attacked at DCE during a skype chat, but knowing how DCE seem bitter and hateful and even sneaky at al during 2010-2013, seems that DCE might have lied at us to make himself look innocent, specially since he was inconsistent with his side of the story, even joking at being a heart attack!, for real people.

        I didn’t knew about him harassing big-al on skype, i didn’t knew about that version, since DCE keep milking his version of the story (the one about big-al faking anxiety attack).

        I wouldnt be surprised if DCE lied about that incident.

        But yeah, they ARE friends now, again, after Big-al slammed and betrayed one of my friends and attempted to demonize him (i am not saying who he is out of respect).

  13. kiki, tell me your skype if you have one. I’d love to exchange tales with you and whatnot.

    There’s more to the Bigal thing, but alas, the article won’t be about him, so I’ll try to stay brief for now. I will say this: I’m not surprised about Bigal betraying a friend of yours. He has a long history of using people for his own benefit, including myself. And he too wanted to stay “friends” with DCE at all costs so he could use him. Those two turds deserve each other.

    Won’t be surprised if DCE lied to make himself look innocent. That’s his modus operandi with everything, hence his immense hatred towards reality and commonsense.

    DCE always had a bad habit of making skype his own personal online playground for rubbing his unwarranted self-importance on other people’s faces. I’ve never dealt with someone so uninterested, aloof, and delusional towards other people, especially those not part of his cool kids club.

  14. please, on the article, don’t forget about this

    this was painful, unfortunately DCE deleted comments including the ones from Nytro, here’s what is left.

    1. No, I deleted my own comments when YouTube gave me the choice to delete all of the comments I made in a span of over five years.

    2. I want to say something about the image you linked: DCE complained how Rolfe wants people to pay for the movie to be made and then make you pay for the DVD; however, he’s perfectly fine with Kenji Inafune for doing the same thing with Mighty No. 9. Hell, I used the same logic that Asa and DCE used on Rolfe on Facebook with Inafune and Mighty No 9, and I got lashed out for it, and Al unfriended me on Facebook. DCE just proved how inconsistent and bias he is. Then again, he’s friends with a guy who pulled a cloud8745 by begging for a new computer. Also, on the video, I remember DCE saying that in order to be white knights, they’d have to be sent by them in order to defend them. What was he implying about the AVGN’s “most valiant followers” around the 0:26 to 0:30 mark, because I’m sure as hell to my knowledge that Rolfe has never sent out anyone to defend him.

      1. Just more proof that he became Asalieri Jr by sneaking and implying things here and there.

        I know Mike Matei did speak saying that those were false rumors not to be believed, but even with the criticism people might have towards Mike, he and James rather did not wanted to talk about the drama since they are professionals, and they tought would have been the better idea.

        Also since James and Mike are professionals, in the same way James Rolfe only barely acknowledge Bores by saying “i was the first one, let’s move out”, shows him that in some cases its for the better not giving bait to people that wanted to antagonizing you in teh first place.

        However, will i do respect James and Mike decision, after all, they are Professionals and more high class celebrities than your average Youtube User who puts content, in the case of Eric, it was different, since Eric Gaede (and the people sucking to him like James Thompsett RandomDCE, the Archfiend and even Bores Himself) were really fucking and harrying James career and reputation.

  15. Quick update of sorts. My contact has finally hauled his ass to skype, and is currently compiling all the videos/chats and etc that he has on James. I’ll be sending that stuff to lasersquad sometime today. Hope I’m not too late for the party!

    1. I have no clue why its not front page but it certainly still exists. I’ll try making it a sticky. It’ll be a long while until I get the time to make another post.

  16. Just a heads up, it appears that Asalieri deleted his video on Nytroxious. I hope someone has a backup of the video somewhere.

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