OMG big shock Eric Gaede can’t critique! Ranting Robots RAR

Alrighty then its’ been a while but that would be for two reasons.

1. Eric hasn’t really done anything that didn’t immediately backfire on him
2. Writing about the boring and unwatchable boring garbage that Eric puts out isn’t exactly necessary or important. I don’t find it offensive or otherwise notable that someone puts out a bad video or lame content. I do find that lame and distasteful attempts to start flame wars is worth writing about.

And so it wouldn’t be until roughly a week about that Eric came out of hiding and started making RAR’s even though his attempt to RAR jontron failed so badly that he had to disable ratings. I also like to note that Asalieri has 6k or so subscribers but most of his videos get way less than that. It’s almost as if he’s trying to emulate his good friend Chris Bores, who barely even gets 10k views anymore despite over 100k subscribers. People may wonder why I would bother writing about a show that quite frankly gets less than 5k viewers these days but the fact of the matter is that Eric is still trying to go back to the glory days where he could send gullible fans to attack and otherwise harass people for fun. Even now Eric is still acting as if he’s the victim and that he’s never done anything that deserves animosity. But I digress, Eric’s ego is just one of many problems that he has yet to fix over the many years he’s been doing this.

As for RAR as a whole, well I can describe it as a sick attempt to harass other people on the internet generally by trying to get his fans to go over to that person’s channel and troll them. Heck if this wasn’t the case I wouldn’t be writing these articles. The fact of the matter is that people are willing to troll and harass to uphold information that is baseless and often times wrong. Even when Eric does pick a suitable target, he makes poor critiques and doesn’t properly point out the flaws inherent in the person’s work and makes really crappy suggestions. The big 3 problems I have so far are:

1. Not making proper criticism and instead just attacking someone’s character. This show is called RAR as in Reviewing a reviewer right? So where’s the reviewing? Most of the time its just Eric making direct attacks at the person instead of pointing out their problems. How can you review a reviewer when you don’t know what a review is? This is especially bad since Eric keeps talking about how his ‘haters’ are trying to assassinate his character. Don’t throw stones if don’t want to see some of them coming right back at you Eric!

2. Not understanding terms or how reality works. Its one thing to make fun of someone because they screwed up, its another to make fun of someone for doing their job and working within the bounds of reality. Sometimes Eric just doesn’t seem to understand that there is a reality that requires things such as volunteers, hard work and compromises. For example Eric laughed at the idea that a library would need to advertise its existence; he scoffed at the idea that a library has any reason to exist with the invention of the internet and thought that library’s have BATHROOMS. If you’re too busy making jokes about what seems odd to you, perhaps you should do the research before laughing at words you don’t actually know the meaning of?

3. The misuse of the word E-begging. Oh this one is just so bad that it breaks away from complaint #2. E-begging and Eric’s blatant misuse of it has gotten Eric into a lot of trouble and it doesn’t help that he doesn’t use the term E-begging properly at all. E-begging is the act of taking money without providing conditions or otherwise providing any guarantees as to what you will do with the money. Contrary to what really stupid people are believing at the moment, e-begging has nothing to do with taking funds to make a project and definitely nothing to do with movies. Taking money with an established plan to go make a movie or some product is known as crowd funding. “But what about the jackasses who take 10,000 dollars but only use 500 bucks?” well for one that’s not e-begging that’s fraud and two there’s something known as a lawsuit for people who commit fraud. I don’t think kickstarter money is taxable so I’m definitely sure that the government is going to be pissed if people are making money by overcharging people for projects on kick-starter. But this isn’t the only problem with Eric’s usage of E-begging, because we all know it wouldn’t be Eric Gaede if he just misused the term in one manner… no no no he’s gotta misuse it in every possible way. You see E-begging is popular for 2 reasons. For starters you get a wide audience. The more important part however is that you don’t have to give your name. Why would E-begging accused people like James Rolfe and Linkara do things like crowd source a movie or ask people to stop using adblock when they could just do the same thing anonymously? What’s particularly sad about this is that Eric asked unconditionally for a laptop… which is exactly what E-begging is. So not only does Eric not know what E-begging is, he’s guilty of committing it!

Well with that list out of the way let’s watch the 13 minute RAR that Eric made on the ranting robots group. From what I can tell Ranting Robots are simply a reviewing group that uses a robot reviewer motif. They’re fairly small group going by subscribers but then again its not like that really matters because I’m sure Eric is going to hit everything on the above checklist.

warning a fat jackass takes up 90% of the video.

0-0:13 A message flashes that says “this is the real #32”. Yeah Eric because your april fools joke with the RAR on Jontron was so radically different from what you’d normally do and people just so happened to not notice it was an april fools joke. Maybe if you actually had humor then the april fools joke might not have backfired.

0:22 “I’ve been reviewing reviewers for way too long now” Oh boy where is this going? Please tell me you’re going to quit making an ass out of yourself… I would like that very much

0:30 Nope instead Eric says that youtube reviews have been around since the ‘dawn of time’ and he’s only been around since the ‘renaissance’ because youtube apparently follows human history. Oh I’ve got to love the ego here, yeah just pretend that you’re apart of the rebirth of culture. You’re so freaking cultural and unique Eric, I mean it’s almost like you joined during the period where douchebags like Chris Bores became prevalent on youtube.

0:40 “so what drives people to replicate the success of shows like AVGN” Uh Eric you said AVGN sucks… consistency? And Eric, please don’t tell me you’re going to call these guys, these ranting robots, as lack water imitators. Eric, you can’t even do the basic review format correctly.

0:50 “So I guess someone has tasted success with video game reviews haven’t they?” Oh god we’re going here aren’t we? So in case no one has noticed yet, Eric is going to pretend that ranting robots are unsuccessful talentless hacks. And this is Eric Gaede, the guy who couldn’t make a good joke if it was worth a million dollars and the guy too lazy to pick up a a dictionary. I would like to note that RAR isn’t a fresh concept either and reviewing critics has existed since the concept of dirt.

0:51 Wow this picture is stupid. Essentially its a fisherman throwing his line into water to catch a fish and Eric has decided to just label it with stupid garbage because he’s apparently convinced that youtube angry reviewing genre has entered the apocalypse or some shit. I wonder if Eric realizes that being unnecessarily negative and harsh is one of the tenants unique to angry reviewing? But then again I’m pretty sure Eric doesn’t notice that people aren’t paying any attention to him anymore because its this kind of angry reviewing, the smug jackass who doesn’t know anything, that’s been declining recently. Actual Angry reviewing has been fairly stable. For those wonder about the picture, the fisherman is labeled wannabe reviewer, because apparently popularity is all that is important when it comes to being a reviewer; where as the murky water is labeled grim truth (Angry reviewing on youtube is hard? What? In his angry Joe critique Eric said that Angry review is easy and like a “vacation”). Finally the fish is labeled “the last tiny bit of online success reviewing has to offer anyone”. How out of touch with reality and egotistical do you have to be pretend that you can describe a genre you can’t even critique properly as “overfished”?

0:56 “this is really the snag for this quote on quote art form if you really want to call it that is that you can’t really be successful with it” Wow you’re an idiot Eric, I think you just hit every thing on the list and its barely the one minute mark! Holy shit, I can’t believe you can be this utterly stupid. Do you have evidence? Do you want to provide a statistic? This is your introduction to your essay/thesis, where is your data? There are a ridiculous amount of people who make a living being angry reviewers and it shouldn’t be surprising that supply and demand is in effect. If all the people who watch angry reviewing shows are satisfied with AVGN, Angry Joe show and all the others then its going to be harder a new comer to find a niche. You can’t pretend that this means the death of the angry reviewing genre. There’s still room for more people, it just means they need to be more talented to get more leg room. You could use a hollywood movie metaphor for this. Hollywood action movies are a dime a dozen, and its rare for them to flop even though they tend to be so goddamn generic. But then comes a movie you don’t expect, something that really changes the formula and finds an audience like inception or hurt locker. The art form known as movie making isn’t dead but its definitely over-saturated and thus requires people to think smart in order to find an audience. Same thing for angry reviewing, people are looking for innovation and something new, not the same damn crap they’ve already seen. Will Eric acknowledge that the genre of angry reviewing is going nowhere but up? Let’s see shall we?

1:06 hurray Eric admits that people with originality will make it. Unfortunately he decides to be an asshole while doing it. First off Eric decides to say people with connections will succeed and then decides to show a picture of ‘Angry Joe’ implying that Angry Joe is only successful because of his connections. Eric you do realize that Angry Joe puts quite a lot of work into his stuff right? You can’t pretend that Angry Joe is successful due to cronyism because any way you want to look at it, Angry Joe isn’t exactly a full fledged moron. AH geez don’t tell me you’re still jelly about Angry Joe being successful while you’re not! It really doesn’t breed confidence when Eric continues to pretend that he’s done nothing wrong to attract haters while he continues to bash Angry Joe without providing one iota of evidence as to what makes Angry Joe a valid target!

Eric seems to have many issues when it to comes to his jealous antics. Eric really hates it when his competition comes out ahead but this is no surprise considering that his RAR show is essentially an attempt to pinpoint competitors for sabotage actions.

If there is anyone who has a job they shouldn’t it would be Chris Bores, who’s weak work ethic really shouldn’t put him in gott game’s roster. But I digress as Eric also says that people with originality will succeed… while showing a picture of 404 not found because its not egotistical to state that everyone else lacks innovation aside from one’s self right?

1:22 Eric just decides to say that everyone else who tries to be innovative fails. Because that’s how you be a critic right? Just pretend that everyone who does anything is a failure for attempting to do something!

1:28 “If only it was 2006 again. I could experience the boom of angry reviewing” Wow you suck Eric. Angry Reviewing started in 2004… Besides why would you want to view the boom of Angry reviewing? You just said everyone else is not innovative! If you’re not convinced of innovation now, what good is going back in time to see the things you’ve already seen!? Bad Writing: Its not just for Chris Bores anymore!
I also gotta love the appeal to nostalgia fallacy here because going back in time will apparently solve things like not having innovation. Then again I guess Eric could go back in time so he wouldn’t start this shitty review show that makes no sense half the goddamn time! There’s a whole bunch of pictures that don’t have any relevance to anything. Zero wing is in there, 300 is in there, what the hell does this have to do with his message?

1:32 “AVGN’s shtick would still be fresh and hilarious” because… you’ve already seen it… what? Eric this isn’t how time travel works! Also I believe you’ve said Irate Gamer’s stuff was better than AVGN’s. In addition I would love to point out how much of a friend Eric is being here. Chris started reviewing in 2007 so essentially by saying 2006 was the peak of angry reviewing, Eric is saying that Chris was the start of Angry review’s death. Gotta love how you treat your friends Eric!

1:50 Eric says that back in 2006 people thought videogame review shows would get better but its now 2014 and they are now beyond passe. Says who? What evidence supports this statement? You know who really is passe Eric? How about you? Its been like what 2 accounts and several years and your subscriber count is about even to ranting robots? Ranting robots started a YEAR AGO. If anything this is a hell of good start for ranting robots. This is what I mean about not knowing how to critique. You can’t critique someone on the grounds that they’re genre is dead unless you prove that their genre is dead! In addition Eric’s language keeps changing from sentence to sentence. What genre is dead? Is it angry reviewing? Is it Video game reviewing? Is it reviewing in general? These are three different terms and Eric uses them interchangeably. No wonder the genre of reviewing a reviewer is dead on youtube, an idiot is plastered as its role model.

2:00 “every game you can think of has been reviewed by someone online” Really now? So can anyone tell me about times of conflict on the PC? How about Gundam G-next or battle commander on the SNES? Does it occur to Eric that he really shouldn’t talk in absolutes when he can’t prove anything? Its been 2 minutes and he hasn’t backed up his thesis. How the fuck do you manage that? I would also point out that this is the reviewer’s dibs fallacy, in that you assume that because someone else did it you can’t be innovative reviewing it. Its utter bullshit and as everyone can do things in their own unique way otherwise every student tasked on talking about a well documented phenomenon would be expelled for plagiarism.

2:06 “we even have a general consensus on what the worst video seems to be, insert superman 64 joke here somewhere” ………………. What? Superman64 is the worst game of all time? Really? Not ET? Not custard’s revenge? Not Ride to hell retribution? Not Guise of the wolf? Just going to pretend you know it all don’t you Eric? Could you have at least have done some fact checking? People and professionals alike cannot actually agree. Go ahead and make a search for the worse games of all time. They will have discrepancies and differences. Let’s not even begin on games that were lost to time or simply never became popular because they sucked that bad. Superman 64 and ET are well known because they have a brand name associated with them but other games like Big Rigs, Times of Conflict, Elf Bowling, Make my video and many others get glossed over despite being leagues more unplayable than Superman 64.

2:12 “Why am I bring up this obvious observation” its not an obvious observation… stop speaking in absolutes. Gosh its like editing and proofreading as well as proper thought processes were not at work here. But here comes Eric’s because statement that apparently will justify this blatant and unnecessary harassment of other youtube channels

2:21 “Because we’ve reached the point where its clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that we’ve just plain stopped trying. We’ve run out of gimmicks, angry nerd, happy nerd,… the point is we need no more review shows. But THEY just keep making more even though we’ve never heard every reviewing catchphrase and cliche” Ah I see and all this is exemplified in Ranting Robots because… well I actually don’t understand the point of these last 2 minutes and a half at all because quite literally there was nothing accomplished in these last 2 minutes and a half! I’m tried of saying this but talking in absolutes does not make it true. Eric will need to present evidence if his thesis of “Angry Reviewing being totally stagnant is to be true” after all we are living in the world where the most over-saturated video game genre ‘FPS’ is still ridiculously strong. All this statement solidifies is that Eric seems to be convinced that the apocalypse is coming. What I really don’t understand is why even bother saying this? Bashing Angry review newcomers isn’t going to solve the oversaturation problem as much as boycotting the next FPS game that isn’t Call of duty is going to stop FPS oversaturation. You can’t save the genre by driving everybody out of it!

Which brings me to my second problem with this quote. Who’s “THEY”? Was there a large memo that said “don’t make angry reviewing”? Did god come down and say there was 10 new commandments and all of them were “don’t make angry reviewing shows?”? Does the youtube user agreeement say “the creation of angry reviewing shows is prohibited?”? By saying “THEY” Eric is implying that the people in this video are somehow responsible for the oversaturation of the genre (and I’m not even convinced the genre is over-saturated) and apparently they deserve to be his victims because they know it was wrong but kept doing it. So apparently the creator of Ranting robots has made like 200 angry reviewing shows, all of which lack substance but are widely popular enough to damage the genre (like a Seltzer and Friedburg film) all of which is totally bogus because no one intentionally kills a genre and Eric is despicable for casting the crew of Ranting Robots as the villain simply because they decided to pick a hobby that is apparently popular (Seriously the only Angry reviewer I’ve seen who isn’t mainstream is charlietheatari… yeah I’m not kidding either, it would really help if Eric provided examples of the genre being overdone).

My third problem lies with the bad writing that has persisted up to this point? Is there a particular reason why Eric needed to drag this intro on and on for two minutes? Here’s what he could have done:
“We know there’s a lot of talent in the angry reviewing genre and there are many more people who do what’s popular in the hopes of making it big. But there’s a famous law out there that says “90% of everything is crap” a paraphrase of sturgeon’s law, a law pertaining to horrible over-saturation of the sci-fi fiction genre. The 10 percent is worth dying for but today we’re looking at the 90%. Let’s take a look at Ranting Robots shall we?”
There, you see? You don’t have to talk about the genre being dead or some shit you can’t prove. You don’t insult the people who are actually trying to be innovative. You don’t throw out a bunch of pointless insults to people that will get you in trouble later and most importantly you set up the review in less than a minute! How egotistical do you have to be to stretch a 15 second message to 2 minutes and half by being preachy, attempting to be an expert in a field you know nothing about, making forecasts based on no evidence and all to make fun of some group that is more successful than you are? This fucking egotistical as Eric shows us how!

3:04 “is it possible to make a show that’s even lamer and less inspired than your average guy sitting in a webcamera talking about his likes and dislikes?” Wow I don’t even know what to say. Its like Eric is trying to tell his audience something about the quality of his own show but then again that would assume Eric was trying to tell a joke when he is in fact still doing HIS GODDAMN INTRO. 3 FUCKING MINUTES TO DO AN INTRO!? I thought you were done at the 2 and half minute mark. Fuck, where’s the editing and proof reading here? Did you really need 3 minutes to say “Angry reviewing is a dying genre, many people attempt it and fail, here’s ranting robots”!? If this is fast paced I can’t want to see what slow pace is!

3:08 “Yes there is, the answer is, Ranting Robots” I honestly don’t see what’s so uninspired here about robots. Yeah I mean sure, robot voices isn’t exactly new and I’m pretty sure there’s been another review show with robots as its hosts but what exactly is wrong with this? Well let’s see what Eric says shall we?

3:24 “Yeah! Ranting Robots” Yeah I could have swore this was a review. Seriously this video is really bloated. GET ON WITH THE REVIEW ALREADY!

3:34 “Its just two guys in flimsy looking costumes… reviewing things. Okay so we’re pretty much done here right?” Wow… this is just lazy. Like what? The joke speaks for itself? I sure hope Eric realizes that wearing a costume is really fucking annoying and hard to pull off. Its hot, unbearably so and you’re lucky if you can see shit when you’re wearing that crap. I seriously don’t get the joke here. Is Eric trying to say innovation is bad? He was just ranting about how innovation is necessary and that people keep doing the same thing… now its wrong?

3:51 Eric says that the costumes are cheap and were likely found in a dumpster before cutting himself off and saying that they are worth roughly 100 dollars. Because he couldn’t have simply edited out the joke at the costumes being cheap and therefore save himself and the audience some stupidity. I am now convinced this video was not edited or otherwise proofread.

4:10 Eric just names off really generic complaints… with no respect towards the actual intent of the show. Eric just says the costumes look cheap, even though they’re fucking costumes and they cost money (which even he admits) because its A-okay just to make fun of someone because they were willing to put themselves in costume to entertain you.

Eric even complains about the monotone voice work because apparently retro 80s robots should talk normally… I mean wow Eric you have no taste for innovation of any kind. Why don’t you just say they don’t deserve to exist because you said so and cut the review. If you’re not going to try then why bother? There are literally not standards in his review, doing anything that isn’t generic is apparently despicable. I bet Eric hates water because its a liquid! Naming a problem that isn’t a problem because its actually a design feature is not what a critic does! Eric is old enough to know about disco robots and the sterotype of robots having monotone voices. Speaking of which, if these people are speaking in a monotone voice then how is this an angry reviewing show? Couldn’t even get this far without a logic implosion could you Eric?

Eric also just makes baseless claims about unfunny jokes. Hey Eric it might help if you showed a terrible joke… you know… like a good reviewer?

4:14 “these guys are the zenith of everything wrong with review shows” Really? Let me take a look at their work.

Huh that wasn’t bad… the humor is actually pretty meta… as in its actually there! Heck at least they talk about the material. This is actually a review show, compare contrast to RAR by Eric Gaede where even the most simple opinion is left without evidence.

4:24 “So I guess these guys woke up one morning and decided you know what we still don’t have enough crappy review shows on the internet so by god did they come up with the mother of all absolute nothing to do with video game gimmicks” OH MY GOD… the things wrong with this statement.

“So I guess these guys woke up one morning and decided you know what we still don’t have enough crappy review shows on the internet” UH WHAT? NO NO NO SERIOUSLY WHAT? Hey Eric are you really that egotistical to pretend that you know how a show as created and that everyone thinks the same way you do? All data suggests that YES is the answer but I’d also like to ask where is the evidence for the statement that there are too many crappy review shows on the internet? No one jumps into a genre because it is oversaturated but then again I wouldn’t be surprised that Eric is this fucking dumb because this is guy who promised Mr.KILL an apology and then didn’t give it!

“so by god did they come up with the mother of all absolute nothing to do with video game gimmicks” You heard him folks. I guess robots simply aren’t in video games anymore. I’d also like to note they review movies but apparently that would require Eric to waste some calories to move his mouse and push buttons on the keyboard which he e-begged for.

So I guess these robots will never ever catch on.

4:44 Eric just decides to mock the hand motion they move which can be aptly described as the stereotypical robot hand movements in which one makes karate chops forward and back. I seriously don’t get what the critique is because the hand motions have literally nothing to do with a review show. But I can’t wait to see what really terrible advice Eric gives for this!

4:56 Eric says that they should hire a group of dancers doing the robot and possibly buy their wardrobe. Because that’s what you want in a review! DANCING will be very conducive to the review! And hey let’s replace the 80’s robots costumes with spraypainted yellow shirts and skin. That’ll be healthy for everyday life! Way to be an asshole Eric, though I wasn’t expecting good advice I was expecting actual advice.

5:07 Eric suggests taking acting lessons from some random robot with programmed lines. Uh yeah I’m sure that non-sentient robot will be capable of teaching. Is there ae joke here… you know aside from Eric being utterly insane?

5:16 “Just give him [that non-sentient robot] your lines, he’ll do the acting for you. Now that is a review show I would stay glued to from here to eternity.” Please STOP LYING ERIC. I know you wouldn’t watch that in fact the monotone voice is what gives the show comedic value. What would be point of making the show more generic by giving them normal voices?

5:17-5:30 Eric decides to use his terrible audio editing skills. The sound volume goes very high to the point I’m sure I could sue Eric for ear damage. “what can be said about mario brothers, it is a terrible piece of shit. I am a robot and therefore cannot poop but playing this game I learned how HERPUERPDERPHERPU*incomprehensible shit I hate you Eric, its like you’re a sociopath or something*” Yeah I’m not exaggerating, the robot dialogue just cuts out to some weird crap that is apparently Eric’s attempt to tell a joke. The crickets that can be heard are not apart of the video but that’s because this video is ungodly awful.

Also mario brothers sucks? Seriously? And I thought Chris Bores sucks as a reviewer…

5:44 Eric mocks the fact that the Ranting robots hate games that other people hate. OH MY GOSH is Eric discovering the correlation between a game being terrible and everyone playing it hating it? NOPE Eric groans when Ranting Robots admit they hate Superman 64… because apparently its not okay to hate an obviously terrible game because…. well Eric wills it I guess.

6:03 Eric just decides to take a quote where the ranting robots say the wii virtual console sucks balls and that alot of balls are in the mouth. “As you can see, very intelligence and well thought out humor”
Eric you just said that Mario brothers was a terrible piece of shit and then had a robot talk about pooping before going incoherent. You are the last person to say anyone does not have humor. At least Eric is trying to present evidence but this is 6 minutes in, its too little too late. Hopefully Eric will show more substantial evidence because let’s face it, ball jokes aren’t exactly too generic and even then one joke does not a reviewing show make. Of course this RAR episode has yet to make a joke so I’m really concerned as to what reality Eric thinks he’s in.

6:10 Eric doesn’t present anymore evidence and decides to say that only 13 year old kids would like the show because its A-okay to be 6 minutes in and not present anything more than a quote mine as evidence. Granted the humor on the Ranting Robots show is violent and often times nasty, that would make it more adult especially when they reference things that kids would not find funny. Eric does realize that swearing and mentions of drug and sex obviously is for a mature audience right? I don’t exactly think people who like swearing are going to be 13 year olds especially if they don’t want their parents taking their computers away from them.

6:31 Eric says he’s atheist and that his stance to religion is that people can practice what they want and people shouldn’t force their religion onto others… SO you’re agnostic… because atheism means you believe religion shouldn’t exist and god is not real. Agnostic means you don’t give a shit either way. Bad writing or Eric misstating his stance? You decide!

6:44 Eric then plays a clip where the Ranting Robots say that human bible is nonsense because they are robots. Eric decides to say that they’ve decided to take on religion as a dicussion topic.
*FACEPALM* NO THEY DID NOT. This is quote mining. The characters in ranting robots pretend to be apathetic evil robots that wish to wipe out humanity. That’s that joke! To pad out this stupidity Eric decides to pretend even more that they spent an entire episode on the bible specifically a ‘top 20 horrible things in the bible’ episode. I cannot find or otherwise confirm that such an episode even exists and considering that no flak is present at all on the channel, the like bar or anywhere I can safely conclude that Eric is lying out of his ass.

Edit: The video does exist as the rant robots have stated the following when asked about it:

Tokusatsu Fanatic (Should I be surprised that Ben Wagner is the one doing the asking?)
20 hours ago

So what happened to the “Top 20” video about the bible video? 
10 hours ago

The Google Analytics software was showing a number of humans unsubscribing because of that video. We need as many indoctrinated humans as possible to make the Robot Uprising happen.

So yes the top 20 bible video does exist however Eric seems to have caught the video well after the creators realized it wasn’t worth it and have taken it away and thus very few people actually watched it. It doesn’t help that Eric pretends as if this is their mainstream material when even a cursory glance at their video list shows they mostly do games and not religious debates. As for how bad the video actually was… well we’ll never know because Eric says he saved the video but deletes any comments asking him to go post the damn thing so people can understand what he’s talking about!

7:22 Eric says its something you really need to see. Yeah I can’t find it Eric. I tried and I wrote down “Ranting robots Bible” and got nothing. Either the video is gone though obviously there should be a ripple effect or you quote mined them again.

8:00 Eric continues to fail to notice the ranting robots are being sarcastic.

8:34 Eric decides to advertise another person’s channel. Oh boy I love cronyism. He advertises Nonstampcollector… though I fail to see the point considering that this has nothing to do with angry reviewing. What does this have to do with Angry reviewing exactly? That bible debates are bad or something? Eric then says that the ranting robots are making a mockery atheists… that was the joke you moron! I haven’t even seen the video and I’m pretty sure it was sarcastic.

9:00 oh wow Eric says he’s actually going to take a look at one of the Ranting Robot reviews. Queue another clip with the ranting robots talking about jesus. You have ONE JOB ERIC, that is to review… not quote mine and focus on details that don’t have to do with anything! Its is a fallacy to state that all religious topics are off topic because people will start fights over them. Its kinda over folks!

9:22 Eric continues to not do his goddamn job by repeatedly pussying out when the bible is mentioned because that’s what you do as a reviewer, just piece together the parts you don’t like while ignoring that there are plenty of episodes that have nothing to do with the bible. Like the one I just posted here!

9:40 Eric says Jesus Christ for no reason. I would find this funny if Eric was actually trying to be funny as opposed to an egotistical jerk. Eric decides to say that the south park stick of truth review was very anti-religious and that they used the jew class in the game to be anti-semetic… even though it wasn’t. I’d like to note that even though Eric targeted this episode, most people found it funny and the dislike bar is relatively unchanged with an overwhelming majority of likes. Most people got the joke Eric, why didn’t you?

10:30 Eric just keeps showing them making jokes. Eric pretend that they’re shock value jokes… they’re not. you suck Eric.

11:00 Eric says they make too many prostitute jokes even though he fails to notice that robots have no reason to care about prostitutes. But hey why give a crap about humor when you just pretend that humor is the problem with the show?

11:20 Eric states that don’t actually review the game. Uh no Eric they do review game. Get off the sauce and actually watch an episode without lying about its contents.

11:32 “You’ve seen one review you’ve seen them all. If you want to hear crappy racist sex jokes delivered in monotone for 8 minutes on average…” Yeah Eric because each review is apparently the same… another trademark of you not bothering to actually do a review. Bet you watched like 3 videos and called it a day didn’t you? They don’t regularly make jew jokes (I see its only in the south park review) and racism is non-existent. Prostitute jokes are nowhere near prevalent either. Seriously all I have to do is watch a single episode and nothing Eric says is true. I’m really tired of how generic and lame these RAR’s are. It’s always this sucks, give bad advice, there’s nothing redeemable FIN.

11:50 Eric shows a clip of the ranting robots talking about the indiegogo campaign, not realizing its a sarcastic joke. The robot character even says they want a billion dollars even though the campaign asks for $500 only. The rewards are also hilarious to read but of course Eric decides to take the joke seriously and thinks they’re e-begging. Then again when Mr.Kill asked for an apology Eric thought Mr.Kill wanted a bribe.

12:28 Eric says the Ranting Robots are complete nobodies that would ruin a party. Hmmm let’s take a look at the description shall we?

“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate these guys, i’m sure they are awesome and fun-to-be-around dudes. But I wouldn’t watch their show again under the penalty of poking my scrotum with a pitchfork. Which incidentally, also adequately describes how I felt listening to their robot voicework.” -Eric

So yeah folks Eric doesn’t hate these guys but he thinks they’re total nobodies who ruin everything they touch. Gotta lie as much as possible do you Eric? I love the fact that the ranting robots are actually pretty funny and try to make jokes while Eric here is as generic and boring as possible. Could his complaints get anymore formulaic?

Eric didn’t even bother to note that the campaign ended months ago and in fact doesn’t even note what it was about. The one Eric was looking about was the ranting robots asking for a console expansion so they can do more game reviews.

There’s another one too

Boy it would really take talent if Eric were to point out that they’ve done this multiple times….

13:00 video ends with Asalieri being a smug jackass.

Well you can’t blame me for trying can you?

Major Problems with this RAR:
1. Inconsistent use of the word angry reviewing and video game reviewing. You cannot state that angry reviewing is dying and then suddenly switch between terms Eric. Angry reviewing and video game reviewing are two different things. The ranting robots are in no way even similar to AVGN either so I don’t understand why the first 3 minutes of this review was about the angry reviewing genre dying only to suddenly talk about video game reviewing as if they’re the same thing.

2. Mistaking design decisions for legit problems. This is equivalent for making fun of dark souls because its third person hack and slash game and saying you hate it because it doesn’t have a M-16 automatic assault rifle. It doesn’t help that Eric’s suggestions are terrible and had he some talent maybe it would came off as a joke; instead it came off as smug, disgusting and egotistic. Not everything is made for you Eric and maybe just maybe you should reflect that in your reviews.

3. The lack of humorous content. The closest thing to a joke here was something about not knowing what a peanut flavored game is and some poor voice over of a robot. You can’t say someone else is humorous when you demonstrate a clear lack of humor yourself and expect people to take your word for it. Maybe if Eric just got to the point, didn’t make jokes he can’t make work then this complaint wouldn’t be a problem.

4. Pointless advertising. What was the point of saying that Nonstampcollector was a focal point of atheist material? Wasn’t the first 3 minutes to setup the fact that these people in the review can’t do video game reviews or angry reviews? Shouldn’t you advertise someone who does video game reviews without being atheist or religiously antagonistic? Why spend time talking about a bible episode no one can find and why didn’t Eric at least cover one full episode? This is literally 13 minutes of filler.

5. Loads upon loads of non-research. Let’s check two facts here and tell me if you they’re correct.
Clouds are white. The video game review genre is dead and people really shouldn’t bother to create anymore material in the genre. The fact about clouds is easily verifiable unless you’re color blind (in which case my condolences) while its no where near clear if the video game review genre is dead. I could also talk about his statement about angry reviewing but in this video Eric clearly meant video game review genre because the ranting robots aren’t angry reviewers. The fact of the matter is that video game reviewing can’t be considered dead unless the audiences go away too. Think of disco and forced memes like the harlem shake. The audience for those have simply disappeared and no one wants to be associated with them anymore. Video game reviews? That’s like construction work in that there’s always more and more games for people to review at any given time. PC game reviewers in particular get a lot of crap to work though most of which hasn’t been reviewed yet. To say that the reviewing genre is devoid of fresh topics is just ignorant. Of course Eric could avoid the issue by saying something like “retro games have all been reviewed to death” but that’s not what he said! Likewise Eric could have been responsible and actually watched through an entire episode of Ranting robots but instead just decided to throw out generic they suck complaints demonstrating how immature and unprofessional he is. I watched through this entire video to say every single thing that was wrong with it and yet Eric couldn’t watch an 8 minute video.

One good thing I can say however is that Eric’s fans haven’t gone on a rampage. There’s no trolling assholes messing with the ranting robots as far as I can see and most if not all their videos have overwhelming likes. So score 1 for the fans of Eric as they’ve demonstrated something Eric hasn’t, Responsibility!

54 thoughts on “OMG big shock Eric Gaede can’t critique! Ranting Robots RAR

      1. Also he claims that he has deleted some videos to make himself look good

        ” took down a few videos. Do not be alarmed, I’m still uploading content, I just have no interest in arguing with assholes over subjects I stopped giving a shit about 2 years ago.
        I believe this is a reasonable approach to this whole “OMG U HAET DIS DOOD I LUV!” nonsense.”

        He has deleted per example, his original mockery of Angry Joe Youtube ID rant (yet asa’s follow-up is still up)

        But the funny thing is that MANY of his more offensive videos are still there

        1.- The video ridiculing “parodying” Linkara’s ad request video
        2.- The infamous “let’s draw stalker creepy cruel pictures of a TGWTG donor to celebrate my birthday, this doesn’t make me look like a sociopath or anything”
        3.- the RAR on Game Repro producers
        4.- the RAR 29 when he breaks his promise of not talking shit of TGWTG
        5.- The “April fools” Bores guest video…….which by the way, now that i am seeing it in full, i noticed Bores made attacks and implications against James Rolfe, THIS, this confirms my theory that Asalieri told Chris bores “what to do” don’t believe me, start watching at 0:28
        6.- The Hello AVGN Trailer video
        7.- Both the Fan boys world & Good-morning Fan-boy follow-ups
        8.- Kickstarter Nightmares “teh cheating men”, the e-begging epidemic, and the fat shark truco
        9.- the RAR on sour apple
        10.- the video when he tries to “lure” spoony
        11.- his quote mining video towards Hardcore Kid
        12.- the Dipshit Samurai J Caesar Feature! video

        I did noticed that he did took his RaR on JewWario

        sorry laser if it’s a bit too soon to post this info.

      2. No its okay. We can’t keep acting as if jewwario is some sort of taboo word. All I want to do is make sure that no page on this website becomes a google landmine because his name was mentioned here. I’m sure just writing it once or twice won’t make this blog pop up in Google searches.

        That said, its quite good that Eric took down his video. Now all we need to do is hope some radical doesn’t reupload it.

  1. I called him out about the “Top 20 Dumb Bible Quotes” video about it, and he said that the robots deleted it, and Asalieri has the video downloaded, and he would give someone the video if someone asks for it. I responded by saying that he should upload the video the video on his channel instead, so more people would believe him. After that, he removed the reply to my first comment.

  2. OMG, the pig has attacked one of my best friends.

    No seriously, he did, Nytro is my friend, and what’s worse, is that i now damn well that rat called RandomDce will have a day with this, since him (RandomDCE)) and his group (mainly HeavybassX and Hellsing) love to bully nytro and they quote mine him A LOT, if i can even tell you.

  3. Well, i saw the video, and it seems that video does exists indeed, but even that, knowing Eric, i wouldn’t be so trustful, however, even if Nytro was wrong about that video, it doesn’t meant that he failed, you wanna know why did he head the feeling that Asa lied about that video.

    Because Asa has lied before!, that’s why!, like that supposed video proof of James “confirming” he only used part of the funds for his movie, and asa keep gloating about how he had that video and was gonna show it, and never did, and then claimed it was because he “lost interest”.

    Or that Apology video he was going to give Mr Kill Ultra.

    Or how he twisted the facts about the cheetaman II kickstarter.

    Or how he quote mine’ded Angy Joe.

    Or How he lied about the death threats and switch the blame to Batdan and Hardcore-Kid and use them as scapegoats simply because they criticize him.

    Or may i remind you, “The cruxification Fiasco”

    Or how he demonized and used Jfreedan as a scapegoat to cover the fact that he attempted to get him in legal trouble falsely (the War Room)

    Or how he claimed that Kyle (not Nytro) had pot in his backyard to attempt to switch the blame on him for the Stalking.

    1. I still can’t seem to find the bible video and even if I didn’t if it was that bad there should have been a streisand effect for deleting it.

      Anyone think I should write a recap on that exposing a hater video?

  4. If he’s so fond of “exposing” the haters, then why won’t he adress the issues people have with him, including censorship?

    1. Alright then I’ll get on it. Though it’ll take some time simply because… well Job and family. I find it odd how Eric can put out these videos so quickly even though he claims to have a job and family to look after.

  5. apparently the video i put on, has the clip that asa was talking about, but my fear become true, DCE and his friends (heavybassX and Hellsing920) are harrassing Nytro on the comments of both that video and the original RaR on ranting robots.

    and DCE is pretty much attempting to demonize Nytro like he is the devil or something, (over stuff in the past that Nytro actually apologized and got better), well, here’s what , you need to knwo about DCE, from my responce


    Quote starts here

    as for, “how this insufferable twat would throw this horseshit at me, He11sing920, Bigal2k6, HeavybassX and Darkscream217. Making up accusations ranging from cult leaders, hive minds, opinions, blind hatrid and “They said something so I naturally hate them for it!” because God forbid this guy ever have a mind of his own”

    Nytro has made mistakes in the past, but the real deal is that you guys, specially you, DCE, seem to hate it when he actually talk about you and gave his negative opinions about you, plus let’s face it, you guys aren’t exactly the noble good guys that you delude themselves to make people believe.

    Specially you DCE, you love to pretend that you are a Savior, and a hero, and that you have NEVER done wrong in life, and you have developed an obsession to attack Nytro for everything he says and speaks his mind, All because of he call you out and your shitty attempt to be like TGWTG, remember wingerdinger, and then how you started shit with the nawkids, by calling one of his members a jailbait!?, and then using her as a scapegoat!.

    You DCE, out of all people, aren’t exactly what i would call innocent.

    Nytro hasn’t done anything bad other that pointing out a discrepancy, because he didn’t trust asa before, and who would trust Asa after all of he did in the past and got exposed!

    And now, you and your “friends” raise their ugly heads, to intimidate Nytro, and make it seem like you are the heroes and he is the fucking scum of the internet.

    what about you DCE?, all the shit you have done before?

    * Your Egotistical ways of how you ridicule people who don’t like you.

    * Your Anti-TGWTG tirade out of envy and to looj good on Asa’s Eyes.

    * Your influence on the Nawkids problems and you act like you did nothing wrong (and yes, i used to believe in you and defended you ass, which i REGRET).

    * Slandering guiptill89 as an actual pedophile over that video he made? (you said they were jokes, but you were being serious about it!, like those creepy jokes you made about him wanting to stalk children, you fucker) can belive i let you go away with that when i was your friend.

    * Quote mining Angry joe on the Anita Sarkissian incident, when he made a video saying that he didn’t condone the way people were harassing her, and you took that out of context and keep given Nightmare060 shit!

    * Siding out with Bigal when he betrayed Spax and lied to the whole internet

    * Ridiculing people for criticizing Sonic 4 and constantly referring as Fans as “fanboys”

    *Hating on MLP just because of the fan-base

    *Claiming that you have a neutral position on Linkara video on ad-blockers, only to then flip flop around and tell him to fuck off in your facebook following asalieri’s own infamous video.

    *You condemning me as a fanboy for defending james rolfe on the Chetahman incident and calling out chris bores on the infamous E-begging spoof

    *You attacking and ridiculing capocm fans for the poor treatment of megaman and the capcom trolling

    *on that point earlier, you taking out of context a notre a bout Capcom employess harrasing a woman almost to the point of suicide during that time, and then switching the hate and blame towards megaman fans because they didn’t got a megaman game

    * all your videos trolling people who didnt like UMVC3 and were pissed off about TekkenXSF and the DLC abuse

    *You being part of Sour apple leaving you tube because of Asa RaR troll bait he make, which he didn’t even reviewed sour apple, but let this to sent people to harass him, and you participated it.

    Right now i cant continue, but, DCE, i am not surprised you side it with Asa, in many ways, you slowly become like his son.

    1. And all this because someone wanted to see if Eric could do some fact checking. They do realize that being hostile to outsiders for little reason is textbook cult behavior right?

      1. and its ironic, considering that DCE attacks nytro for “claiming that DCE got white-knighted like a cult” or something along the lines, bottom line is, DCE and Asa are very similar in many ways.

        i am ashamed to admit, i used to be friends with DCE even during some of the shit he did, because i didn’t grew up a spine to confront him on his antics, because in some way, i was afraid of him and his followres attacking me.

  6. Kiki you should contact Nytro and have him flag the video and any follow up videos this scum bag and his cronies make under Youtube’s guidelines for bulling. Maybe this could lead him to losing his channel, although he’ll probably make another one.

      1. It’s not false flagging if it really is bullying. People who get false flagged are usually back in a month. And besides, isn’t Eric and Co well known for lying anyway? Either you take a stand or you let them walk over you.

  7. So calling out bullshit in religion or saying religion is stupid, is being intolerant or being a bully? Asa is a fucking idiot, I highly doubt what true intolerance is what a true bully is like. Seriously, how can you be intolerant to something that is based on intolerance? How is criticism bad, I guess he wants to drag in those christian butthurt youtube viewers as fans. He seriously, needs more people that love to play the victim because he does it so well. Again, I am not intolerant I believe religion has no place in the goverment. I don’t care if you practice it, but I will criticize your beliefs just like you do to everything else. I also think children are too young to think about religion. Parents should wait until a kid is about 15 before teaching them about theor religion. Let them make their own decision. Guess asa, thinks we are all evil…

    1. It’s more along the lines of Eric just plain labeling them as incompetent. The ranting robots put more work into their hobby then Eric does yet Eric just seems to think they do everything wrong.

      What really makes me laugh is how the recent video descriptions are still trying to act as if Eric hasn’t done anything. Generally saying “I don’t hate this guy” when both the content, behavior and overall attitude show how much of a lie that really is.

  8. well, what do you know, the Ranting Robots themselves actually replied on Asa’s RaR

    “We recently removed that video as well as some other old ones before our voice chips went through some upgrades so we could be even more annoying, humans. This is no giant conspiracy involving +Asalieri2 lying … though we are certain he misses the point of our channel entirely. Space robots should not be trusted as friends or reviewers.”

    But yeah, to be fair, why they are answering in character?.

    But even if Asalieri was saying the truth about the video, if anything this situation was more in the lines of “boy who cry wolf”, since Asa lied out of his butt in the past, in all sorts of ways, but….

    Even that is still is a matter of issue the fact that he could been replying to Nytro without harassing him and promoting Randomdce and his goons to bullying, (that’s of course assuming Asalieri would know how good people work), but now, he still attacked Nytro and harrased him, all because he wanted Asalieri to check his facts……..

    yeah, no, Asa still is fucked up horribly and cruelty.

    I mean he just had to use the video to insult Nytro and use the same dirty tricks he did in his videos quote mining IG sucks blog, and of course, that piece of shit RandomDCE and his butt lickers, would have a fest day with this, since DCE pretty much has an obsession with DCE, and you know why?

    because DCE is one of the most judgamental, self important, absolutorian and stubborn and “soberbio” individuals on the internet, and nobody truly likes him once you get him to know him really.
    DCE, seriously, you are like Asalieri Jr.

  9. Someone posted his own theory in the comment section of Eric’s video. He never had the original video to begin and one of his fans found the original video (much like how others have found his older videos and uploaded for proof of his douche bag antics) and that he used as a trap against one person who wasn’t even that big of a threat to him compared to the various “cabals” he believes are ruining his life (i.e. this blog, IG Sucks, Encyclopedia Dramatica, etc.).

  10. Looks to me like Asa’s been using Like Bots for his recent videos. The like-dislike numbers just don’t make sense in terms of consistency when compared to earlier vids. Before, he’d only get only as high as 80 likes and that takes even a few days to reach there. Now, his recent videos have ~200 or more likes out of the blue. And with his RAR 32 and 33, I noticed that the likes spiked over 100 within several minutes of uploading the video. He’s not the first to use them if he really is doing so; I’ve seen account hackers make use of the same bullshit.

    1. Huh I’ve never heard of like bots. Its possible but I haven’t heard of such a system working and I don’t think it is wise or necessary to pretend that Eric doesn’t have a fanbase. Till we have concrete evidence I will not accuse Eric of botting… though given current trends, its not exactly unlikely.

      1. On another note however, yeah its rather odd there’s been a jump in thumbs up lately and it also seems to happen when Eric is freaking out over the like and dislike bars. But then again his sports videos still have ratings disabled as opposed to an overwhelming like bar. Generally when Eric cheats he tends to do it dick dastardly style.

  11. One notable example is user mark3611. Some kid took over the account after it went dormant for more than 2 years. Removed all videos, enabled monetizing and starting uploading retarded CoD “glitch” videos. He made use of view bots, like bots and comment bots. But in his case, it was a more severe use of them. When it comes to Asa, I did find it suspect that there were 200 likes with less than 200 views. It’s not the lagging effect of youtube in this case, since if it were, there’d be a “+” beside the view count. While asa does have a fanbase, I’ve never seen it reach the point of seeing his uploads within minutes.

    I’m not flat out pointing fingers, but I wouldn’t discount such a possibility anyway. His disabling ratings on some vids could just be cover up. I’d say to keep an eye on his video activity for a while to come just to be sure.

  12. “his attempt to RAR jontron failed so badly that he had to disable ratings” that was an april fools video. christ you’re dumb

    1. Uh you do realize that the fact it was “an april fools” video was acknowledged in the article right? Perhaps you should read the entire article before making comments that don’t apply. In addition, exactly what made it a good april fools joke? The ratings were disabled because no one found it funny and they saw the RAR for what it was, a cheap attempt to make fun of jontron. I’d like to note that this is also the guy who said being friends with Irate Gamer was an aprils joke and look who’s still his friend now. Eric simply uses April fools as a cheap shield to hide behind.

      1. And before you ask, no I’m not implying you said it was a good april fools video. I’m just saying that there was no real content that made it an april fools joke. There would have to be radically different content than usual and there wasn’t.

  13. Eric Gaede being arbitrary again. Why am I not surprised?

    Since Asa plugged NoSCo, I can only assume he shares the same amount of deficiency in Biblical scholarship. I know of this one dude who’s spanked Stick Boy over and over again on that subject!

    By the way, what’s this new “WTF!?” series he started up? I’d watch one, but I’ve elected to starve him of views.

    1. He talks about football championships. Judging from the fact these videos get almost no views and ad revenue, I can tell he’ll make another drama video soon to compensate for that.

      1. Doesn’t work, the formatting gets destroyed. + my biggest problem is that I need to watch the video with audio and everything which I can’t do unless I buy a dollarstore headphones or something.

      2. Alrighty then. Apparently when I wrote internet was back, that was the perfect time for the internet to die again. Its back offically and I’ll see about getting the next post done this week. Currently its released in password form because its not done.

  14. I had another thought: if “Angry Reviewing” is dying, why does he always plug Razorfist? Shouldn’t he quit, according to the Blob?

  15. what the fuck, libraries do have bathrooms. am i reading that sentence wrong, or do i not understand the original context.

    1. Define bathroom. Unless you firmly believe that libraries are the place where one is supposed to take a shower and clean one’s self, you aren’t bothering to analyze words. Washrooms are places with toilets and sinks. A bathroom has a shower tub and toilets and sinks. Its his uncareful use of language that makes Eric’s jokes fail.

      1. The fact that Eric doesn’t seem to grasp the basic concepts of comedy make his jokes fail.

  16. Each RaR or just any random drama video Asalieri does gets more and more dislikes than the previous. But yet, Asalieri always has some sort of excuse on why he’s getting them. It’s never because he’s alienated his fanbase so many fucking times that they’re seeing through his bullshit.

  17. Have you guys heard about shadowdarktown474? These guys started a show called “Resurrection Files” where they expose Asalieri and debunk his videos by providing evidence. They’ve started from his oldest stuff in order to show how much his ego has inflated over the years..

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