Randomdce: Fanhater, Yes man.

Edit: for some reason some links are missing making sentences look incomplete. If you notice any bad grammar or missing words/incomplete sentences please let me know so I can fix them. I don’t have an editor and I’m generally pressed for time so I don’t spend as much time rereading my work as I should.

Well since Asalieri isn’t doing anything, its time to take a look at some of his… associates. Now I usually don’t want to talk about people who just likes or wants to defend a work because I don’t want to set the precedent that its okay to attack people for their beliefs and who they choose to associate with. It’s a constitutional right to be able to associate with any group you wish. This is known as the “freedom of association” and it means you can choose to make anyone your friend, as long as you don’t break the law while doing so.

It’s important to keep in mind that people have the freedom to associate because let’s face it, we all don’t like the same things. There’s no way everyone has the same amount of like for a given concept (i.e how willing are you to protect the environment?) and there’s no shame in admitting you’re not fervent or that you don’t even like things that most people tend to like. There’s a lot of love for the book “1984” and while I do use the term “1984” the reality is I don’t like that book. I’m not kidding, I think the book tries too hard to get a message that is better handled in a short story than long over 100 page book. The love story was terrible and the lack of explanation on how the society works just leaves it baffling. But I digress about 1984 the story. The fact of the matter while you do have the freedom to choice what you like and don’t like (consider me apart of the 1984 kind of sucks group), you DO have to justify the things you do and the actions you make as part of that group. You can’t just say “hey look, I’m a feminist” and start punching people! Actions tend to require justification and those who don’t provide justification tend to look like “yes men”, aka “useful idiots”. The problem with being free to associate with others is when people don’t think about why they want to be in that group and why they perform actions when in that group. People want their groups to succeed and when their groups sets a precedent like “AVGN sucks” or “let’s bait that guy on the roof to jump off” people get caught in heat of the moment and end up joining in on what is essentially should be on a bad idea T-shirt. You should notice that people tend to quietly shut up and stop supporting the notions when they fully realize just exactly what they were advocating. The AVGN embezzled movie funds and the AVGN cheetahmen “scandals” are amazingly good examples of how groups can polarize people into making really stupid decisions.

I'm surprised we haven't seen a "let's bait a depressed guy into jumping off building" T-shirt. But I'm pretty sure I've seen "I support Asalieri" bad idea T-shirts.
I’m surprised we haven’t seen a “let’s bait a depressed guy into jumping off building” T-shirt. But I’m pretty sure I’ve seen “I support Asalieri” bad idea T-shirts.

So the next time you do something for a friend or a group, try and ask yourself why you did it and what exactly that accomplishes (you might also want to ask if what you did was legal, but I’m going to assume you always do legal things). If you give satisfactory answers then odds are you’re not a victim of group think.

Wow that was quite the intro, let’s not waste anymore time and talk about RandomDce. As someone who wasn’t aware of Asalieri until after a successful operation to IP log Irate gamer and his 5 closest friends, I didn’t even know randomdce existed. As of 2014-07-30 randomdce isn’t particularly popular or even influential. Based on what I’ve read about him (his tvtropes page even lists him as a fanhater), I can safely say that if I’m going to objectively rate RandomDce I’m going need to look at past work. But before I do that let’s take a look at his present work… or lack of it. Most of these videos are crappy V-Logs and several of them look like they were churned out in as little as 5 seconds of work. I mean wow, that 5 second video clearly took a lot of work. Take a look at this one:

Doesn’t that look like a review that took so much work and effort. OH AND I love the copyright infringement. Would you believe that this guy also hates Angry Joe? With this degree of effort and group-think I’m not surprised.

Wow sick burn there randomdce, surely you can show your laughter isn’t petty and pathetic by making pointless crappy videos that quite frankly make fun of people who fight the fight that even you admit you’d support in the description of the video

“I don’t support Content ID”-video description of the aforementioned video.

HAHAHA its so funny when who people fight your own battles for you get hurt or otherwise suffer because your too lazy to decide to do something. It’s crap like that which made me want to write this article. Crappy, self-indulgent and downright pointless videos that only serve to show how entitled randomdce is and how inhuman a person can behave just because they are apart of a group.

I’d like to remind everyone that my criteria for reviewing a creator/person is talent, integrity and responsibility. Talent means putting out good work and you know… filling a niche. Integrity is how one holds your beliefs and how one expresses them. Finally Responsibility is putting in effort to avoid looking like a jackass.

Talent: There is literally no point to the above 2 videos other than running a personality cult and at the subjective level, the video’s suck. I definitely wouldn’t watch those videos again because there was literally nothing in them therefore Randomdce fails (the less than 10% of subscriber view count is also a telltale sign of a lack of talent).


Integrity: Do I need to reiterate the conundrum of being Asalieri’s friend and being in the very group that Asalieri loves making fun of? Perhaps I should bring up the copious plagiarism; even the sprites aren’t original and they’re not particularly well drawn either. There’s also accusations of plagiarism according to enclopedia dramatica where apparently randomdce thought it was okay to trace animaniacs. Something I haven’t mentioned yet (there’s ALOT OF ground to cover here) is that randomdce really hates people who like anime and other things that are animated. Its telling that a lot of what randomdce has made negative reviews on is animation including dragonball Z and naruto. Even his tv tropes page (specifically the one on wingerdingerproductions) lists this:

“He Panned It, Now He Sucks: You’d think with all the popular shows and movies RandomDCE trashed (Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Kingdom Hearts, etc), no one would guess that Storm Hawks got him the most flak. ” -tvtropes

Though it seems that the troper who made that entry doesn’t realize that only reason why randomdce got flak was because his audience hates japanimation and was not okay when they realized he hated western animation or more appropriately most forms of animation. Not helping things is his ability to explain himself… or more appropriately, randomdce’s tendency to make shocking statements but choosing not to explain his stance because apparently he likes looking like an inhuman attention whore. Behold this video randomdce made when people asked him why he hated my little pony.

Yeah I love the part at the end where he says “I don’t want to talk about it or ever bring it up”. SO… WHY MAKE A VIDEO?. If you don’t want to address an issue THEN DON’T make content concerning it. TGWTG never has to talk about Asalieri and quite frankly they never need to considering how anything Asalieri does never goes anywhere. So why even admit that you hate this show if you’re not going to explain it? Don’t even make a 50 second video. Try making a 0 second video because you don’t answer questions you weren’t asked or better yet try to make it clear that your opinion does not reflect the majority. Heck I admitted I hated 1984 but at least I explained why and made it clear that other people can like the book. Don’t say things like “fuck this show” if you’re not even going to bother. Don’t make battles you’re not prepared to fight. That is an instant fail in the integrity column.

Bonus penalty points awarded for this following series of facebook messages submitted by Duwango

Kyle says he stopped watching MLP because he wanted to conserve his sanity and was tired of being harassed. Let’s see how James aka randomdce decides to respond.
Randomdce’s response is to join in on the harassment and continue to make fun of the person. I’d just like to note that this is quite literally the same as seeing a person at the edge of a roof about to jump and shouting “do a flip”. Not a joke.
Seriously randomdce? You start by making generalizations and using sterotypes? Maybe you should read the part in social psychology where they state that being apart of a group increases the likelihood you will stereotype the people you don’t like. A group you’re the leader of I might add.
Randomdce’s next move: repeat yourself 5 times in list format. Perhaps writing “the writing of the show really went down hill” once instead of rephrasing it 4 more times might have made you look less like a self-absorbed prick. I’d also like to point out the hypocrisy of telling people to choose by not allowing to choose by using their rationale as an excuse to lecture them. What part about kyle’s “Sanity” did you not read randomdce?
I’m pretty sure quitting a show to save one’s sanity is a noble endeavor.
End turn. Randomdce’s turn. Randomdce used “be an asshole who apparently responding to your statement but is actually just ranting on what he wants to talk about”.
Debates are two-sided randomdce. Take a breather and read what the other guy is actually saying. It also helps if you don’t call MLP fans mindless idiots by treating a former MLP fan like a child who cried because someone called him names.
Randomdce: “Proud of not having a social filter or any decency for that matter.”
So let me get this straight… Randomdce is not okay with people having problems with his reasons for hating things but if someone else agrees with him but doesn’t give good reasons, he’s all over him like a bear at a salmon crossing. It’s like randomdce is an asshole or something…

In case you haven’t guess already Integrity: grade F

Responsibility: Oh boy is this going to be a long one. I mean just looking at aforementioned incidents would count as a grade F. I mean randomdce can’t even make a 5 second video that isn’t offensive and annoying. It’s practically equivalent to walking on the street and yelling swear words at people. If you’re not going to put effort into justifying and politely expressing your opinions then why bother to make your opinions public? It’s not to hard to treat your opponents with respect and to avoid picking fights! Surely you can avoid hopping onto terrible bandwagons that screwed everyone who jumped on it?

OH COME the fuck on… REALLY? Randomdce is such a yes man that he joined Asalieri on the AVGN is pocketing movie money!? I mean you honestly wouldn’t expect that to be true could you? Literally no one bought that and most of the people who did, did so to troll people. It’s like throwing sexist remarks at anita sarkeesian or saying that world would end in 2013; the people on join in on these are swept up in self-absorbed fantasies made worse by group mentality. Granted I’m not saying you shouldn’t be worried if the world is going to end or that a person with poor feminist credentials is the face of feminism in video games, I am saying that its everyone’s responsibility to not behave in a manner that lets us hurt people because our beliefs dictate it. When we let our beliefs drive us to violence we are essentially rationalizing poor treatment of other people just because they choose to believe different or are the targets of our beliefs. I’m talking about the kind of self-absorbed fantasies where people tried to scam people out of their pets just because they thought the year was ending. Or the people who thought it was okay to start raping women and setting trailers on fire just because they were in a crowd and several rock bands were running a concert. It’s important that we always remember that our words and actions influence others at anytime and any place. If you can’t express a opinion or a hunch without starting a fight, then maybe you should stay off the internet.

Let’s take a look at this video shall we?

0:03 “You know… I could make a full video talking about this…”

You probably should randomdce, because being lazy isn’t going to help you here.

0:08 “I could make a too long didn’t watch video”

So you don’t want to explain yourself. You feel no one cares, yet your going to make a shitty video anyway. Seriously I don’t get randomdce. His videos are obnoxiously short given the material he’s trying to cover, is it too hard to ask for some effort, let alone any effort?

0:10 “AVGN *Cash register sound effect* movie trailer”

Wow that sound effect was unnecessary. I especially don’t see this running gag backfiring now that AVGN movie has come out and people won’t stop cheering throughout the entire film. Perhaps the cash register sound effect is the symbolic killing that AVGN has made in terms of profit, success and not getting failing grades in talent, integrity and responsiblity. I’d like to note that here randomdce is actually recording his own lines and yet his movie reviews use other movie clips and couldn’t be bothered to have him announce the score he gave and why he gave it. At this point, being bland, self absorbed and pointless is par for the course. Seriously what does the cash register sound effect accomplish? If anything its another sign that you could have put the work in but decided to save yourself some calories.

0:18 “And all the little nit-picky details surround the AVGN *cash register sound effect* movie in general”

So you know these details wouldn’t hold up in court since they’re nitpicky, which means that they are negligibly minor, but your going to make a video vilifying AVGN anyway. Can I put sound effects of a goober loser on written medium… oh wait I already did seeing as the video is embedded on this page.

0:23 “everybody else has kinda said everything that needs to be said, and I know as we speak AVGN’s *cash register sound effect* most valiant and most devoted followers are already polishing their white armors, holding aloft their exfaggyburn[what?], jumping on their ponies ready to come defend the valiant honor of princess rolfe *cash register sound effect*”

… WOW. Self-absorbed much? Yeah this 2012 somebody had better change that YMMV page on tv tropes that says he toned down his fanhater attitude. This isquite literally fan hater. I mean everyone who defends AVGN must be a MLP fan? Really? Everyone who doesn’t believe the utter lack of evidence and petty hate (seriously the main argument was AVGN GOT money, obviously we must riot about this) must be a white knight? Oh and the cash register sound effect is really annoying and if you were going comedic effect you fail and if you were trying to be convincing then making cash register sound effects makes it look like you’re the greedy one; specifically for other people’s attention.

0:41 “You know I always await that shit because its always good for a laugh”

Okay so let’s take a look at the stats of this video. Hmmm 1 k views, that’s pretty weak. 23 likes and 9 dislikes… yeah also pretty weak. So not only did this fail to make randomdce relevant or at least known, he also failed at getting any decent amount of AVGN fans pissed off or otherwise incensed enough to try logically talking him down. The intent to be jackass was here but at this rate he’s failed at even trying to start a fight. This is batdamn levels of harmless stupidity. Maybe the cash register sound effect is sound of his brain checking out of the aisle. Perhaps you should build some credibility and commitment if you want AVGN fans to rant about you rather then just randomly talking about shit to the point that barely anyone even realizes you exist. Perhaps this why randomdce has to actually harass people to get reactions because he’s unconvincing and self absorbed that people immediately realize that he’s a sociopath.

0:48 “So I decided to make a short little summary *exquisite lip smack* of what I think of the AVGN movie in general”

THEN GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!. But you know please just repeat a few hundred more times about how you want to make a short video about the AVGN movie trailer. Your responsibility score is in the negatives right now randomdce, but do smack your lips some more and make long drawn out highly punctuated sentences with an arrogant tone to show how you aren’t butthurt over the fact that AVGN is so successful that people that trust him with money. Just like Asalieri’s videos there’s plenty of filler and crap over substance.

0:53 *some really crappy drawings show up*

Wow, and here I thought Chris Weston Chandler was a bad artist. Chris Weston Chandler’s work is fucking gold compared to this. What the hell is this? Its some sort of bowling pin guy with no legs, a hat that’s bigger than his head and MASSIVE eye glasses. Oh and AVGN shows up also wearing glasses. We get it randomdce, you can’t draw eyes… unless you trace some copyrighted character. Also randomdce tries to whistle… it wasn’t very effective.

0:57 “YEAH”

OW my ears! Why the hell isn’t there decent audio quality. Its a fucking minute and a half. Why the hell do I need to reduce my volume by %50 just to not have my ears blown off during this. He had time to edit in cash register sound effects but not enough time to equalize the volume!? What’s with Asalieri and his cronies with not being able to handle sound volume? Oh and randomdce doesn’t even try to do AVGN’s voice. Its literally just him yelling, because clearly I needed to hear the smugness and arrogance exacerbated just so I can notice what kind of self absorbed prick made this video.

0:58 “I’m the fucking NERD *cash register sound effect* you gotta check out my movie trailer. Its the shit, its like diarrhea shit skittles coming out of a shit. It’s fucking great, you gotta watch this trailer…. Yeah I don’t care enough to try and follow this trash heap of an impersonation. There’s some cash register sound effects but quite frankly I don’t care. I know James Rolfe is a person and I wish randomdce would have the decency to remember that AVGN treats shit as bad so why he portray AVGN calling his movie trailer shit is beyond my capacity of thought and beyond my capacity of giving a shit. Randomdce… if you’re not going to try… I’m not going to bother quoting this

1:15 Apparently the trailer plays and a picture of AVGN… no someone’s very immature idea… I don’t even…. what?

Okay so a picture of AVGN’s face is shown accompanied by an evil laugh while money flashes over the picture of AVGN’s face. Some song plays where the lyrics are “money money money money”. Again I would love to see some maturity and effort. I mean you seriously can’t justify your own opinion using something you just made up… that’s kinda autsitic and I know I shouldn’t throwing that word around but people tend to have standards and by this point its clear that randomdce does not have standards. The crappy version of AVGN’s trailer made by randomdce runs for a good 20 seconds… because clearly that was mature and appropriate. You know there’s some thing known as moral inclusion and moral exclusion. If use moral inclusion, you include people in the list of things that your morality applies to. Randomdce has used moral exclusion, James Rolfe is not a person that randomdce applies decency to. This trailer is could legally be used as lawsuit materail and yet somehow randomdce thought this was okay; that it was acceptable to treat James Rolfe as an unperson. Because there’s no way you can justify treating a person like crap by saying they steal money when they’ve just delivered proof that they are using their money appropriately?

What was that fake bullshit trailer supposed to imply? That AVGN was still pocketing money even though the actual movie trailer shows tanks and clear expensive props and equipment? If AVGN was actually considered a person by randomdce’s moral inclusion standards, then maybe he would thought about what that movie trailer represents rather than looking at clear work involved in the trailer and dismissing as embezzlement. This is the group think disorder known as mind guard, illusion of invulnerability, diminished self awareness and sterotypical views of opponents.

Mind guard is the complete shutdown of the mind towards contradicting evidence. Randomdce won’t even consider what the movie trailer actually means or represents.

Illusion of invulnerability is pretending that ones position is irrefutable and that one is always right. The clear of effort in both the drawing and a decent representation of AVGN’s movie trailer clearly shows that randomdce has guilty of this.

Diminished self awareness… hmmm does randomdce even consider what people think of him at this point aside from pretending that everyone likes him?

Sterotypical views of opponents… so apparently everyone who doesn’t like his crappy animation displayed in this video must be a AVGN white knight and a MLP fan… Yeah randomdce, maybe you should take a look at basic social psychology. You’re running a 10 for 10 sheep on a sheep scale.

1:42 more crappy AVGN impression saying some shit about having to like that faked trailer or some shit. Then randomdce splices in an audio clip where some guy says if he’s not going to take shit seriously then I’m out and then the picture representing randomdce leave… no wait, fades out (walking animation is too much work). Then the video ends because obviously randomdce doesn’t need to explain why he thought the trailer deserved such a crappy depiction because he’s a manchild.

Yeah um randomdce? You’ve got no talent, no integrity and a manchild’s level of responsibility. That audio clip that says “if you’re not going to take this seriously, I’m out”? Yeah that applies to you randomdce. The AVGN fanbase didn’t even give a shit, not several shits, A shit about what you thought but its adorable that you’re so self-absorbed you felt the need to express your opinion in the most unfair immature manner possible. If you like using copyrighted clips in a crap over substance manner then how about I use clip that’s actually appropriate for this video and 100% of your content.

Responsibility: Grade 0 out of a possible 9824032498

Restore, Restart or Quit?

Please select quit randomdce. See I can be spontaneous and reference things too. But at least I HAVE A POINT.

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  1. Well written article as always Laser, but, would you still need the files Duwango promised, in the previous topic he left a comment saying that his friend will finally get on Skype to share pics and more info.

      1. why? is hotmail too much of a hassle? I can’t use skype I’m getting a weird error and because they removed error codes, I can’t figure out what the problem is. I could try hooking up to a public terminal or something if necessary…

  2. Since you are new, the system auto stops you and requires me to approve your comment. It’s weird but since my blog isn’t commercial, I can’t disable that.

    As for your question: Well it depends. You shouldn’t goad him into coming here, that’s just dickish. If he cares he’ll come here without coaxing.

    1. “Oh wow. Any videos you want me to look at in particular?”

      I’m going throught them myself, and I might have one or a few extra vids to upload. I can definetely affirm that all those videos have something to do, in one way or another, to DCE’s group. Expect to witness a lot of groupthink freakshow acts.

      As for the doug walker vid, I wouldn’t know. I never watched the original LP, since I’m only a casual fan of TGWTG. I wouldn’t be surprised if DCE splice shit within the video.

      Anyways, I still owe ya an email with extra stuff such as chatlogs and pics. I’m getting to it right now.

      1. Duwango, it would help if you add proper descriptions on the video uploads.

        By the by, i also have some of DCE old videos, but i need to revise what i have.

      2. As mentioned before, I haven’t seen some of the vids myself, which means they may or may not have anything to do with DCE directly. It’s up to lasersquad to decide which ones are worth including in the article.

        However, I guess it wouldn’t kill me to write descriptions for those videos, from my perosnal perspective.

        As for the videos you have, be sure to send them to me via skype so I can upload those to my account.

      3. Randomdce, trying to argue that he’s not contrarian, when the majority of his work is about being contrarian. Last time I checked, its not a norm to accuse AVGN of pocketing movie money. Nor does most of his work designed with effort and the responsibility to appeal to a wide audience.

        again I’m not exactly sure why he’s bothering to argue with someone over sonic. Seriously? If you really care about games, you’ll just wait until the game comes and not try and argue with people who might believe the game sucks.

      4. Randomdce is the personification of /v/, Because he has a woeful disinterest in life in general, all that he’s left with is to start useless flame wars about anything, especially games. Those who were around 2011 should remember the orwellian crusade DCE attempted to organize against those who dislike Capcom, in the best “dissent is not tolerated” style .

        There was also another video (I don’t think my contact saved it, but I’ll double check) in which Random made an incoherent comparison to comic books and videogames, and claimed people didn’t had the right to complain about Capcom’s dishonest tactics because Random, as a “proud comic book fan”, bragged that comic book fans have been throught much worse due to Marvel and DC’s own practices over the years.

        And for those who haven’t seen DCE’s pitiful tantrum on Facebook over Guardians of the Galaxy, here it is. Amusingly enough, this is the same “proud comic book fan” who still thinks Joe Quesada has a say on Marvel’s decisions.

        There is mental retardation, and then there is James Thompsett.

      5. I found the other video I mentioned, but it’s on Blip. I might reupload it on my own channel as well, just for the heck of it.

      6. That rant’s a prime example of how much DCE’s an egotistical special snowflake with unwarranted self-importance.

      7. I think someone needs a hug cause I hate seeing overly negative bitter people trying to ruin the fun for everyone. Also “The same people that beat me up at school” dude shouldn’t you keep something like that to yourself

      8. She was known as LIllylivers on YouTube, or also nauseatingly once known as the “Queen of rants”. She and RandomDCE used to e-date for around a year or so, until she ditched him for some rich brat. They still come off as “friends”, althought poor Jimmy is always throwing half assed jabs at Tiana on facebook. Lover’s remorse at it’s finest.

      9. Pretty much. She’s been dead weight for several years. I sent you those chatlogs for extra background on Jimmy, but whether they’re getting used for the article or not will remain to be seen, I suppose.

  3. Here’s a good gem from DCE, him pretending to have a neutral point on Linkara’s Ad video “of course he only saw it trough Asa’s responce”

    Take a good look at the dates, and when DCE says “i think both are right”.

    but then look at this.

    The Swine makes a “parody” on Linkara’s ad video

    the same day DCE makes his original quote, and then……

    And Finally………………

    So yeah, to much for being neutral DCE, and you get defensive when people called you a flip flopper and liar?

    i am also recaping something bigger, and it would be available for tomorrow, i hope in these days Duwango’s friend sent him the stuff.

      1. “I would take a bullet for Anita Sarkessian,” says the Man-Blob who not only disables ratings on his videos like her, but also said, “There’s no point to ratings if you’re going to stuff the ballot. It’s not indicative of the video’s quality, anyhow.” Anita gets flak for disabling ratings on her videos, but it’s okay for Asa to do it?

    1. Why is the system still making me approve your comments? I already approved you, why heck do I need to do it more than once?

      As for randomdce. It’s really freaking obvious he’s terribly weak willed. Like he doesn’t even try to be independent or actually put work into independent thought. The number of times he actually demonstrates sane rational thought can probably be counted on one’s fingers. Has anyone noticed any events where he didn’t agree with Asalieri?

      1. I was wondering if it’s okay to delete my comments if it’s possible. I just don’t want the potential of being harassed If he found out about this site. It’s just a request if possible and I thank you if you could.

      2. Well the first two comments kind of link my avatar when highlighted link to a storm artists account I used to go on and made comments on, because i didn’t realise you can type a comment without the website link after those first two comments.

  4. @Skids

    James Thompsett has a significant history of stalking people online, as well as engaging in racist acts more than once, so no one should be surprised that he turned a blind eye to, and possibly even supported Eric’s deranged antics.

  5. Not to go off topic but Eric shaved his head when Argentina lost due to a bet:

    Didn’t think it could be possible look any creeper considering Eric’s pedo-beard, but there you go.

    Also on facebook he goes off on Frozen for some reason:

    “Fuck Disney. Fuck Frozen. I’m sick of the songs, i’m sick of people’s obsession with this tripe, and Disney now gives me more reasons to boycott.”

    Posting this article in response:


    Like DCE doesn’t give much of a reason why, but then again when you’re Eric you really don’t need a reason to hate when you already hate life it self.

    1. Is he like trying to go for the Heisenberg look, cause I thought you’d have to be a criminal mastermind in order to be Heisenberg.

      1. Actually I think he’s going for the Egghead look, that is the ’66 Batman series villain played by Vincent Price (by the way the complete series in coming out on November 11th thought I bring that up for any Bat-Fans of this site). But that would be an insult to both the character and the iconic actor. While Eric has done some criminal things, mostly stalking from what I’ve read (not just of his former friend Kyle, but going to both Spoony and Mike Mattei’s hometowns for his crappy series), he is anything but a mastermind considering the war room plot on JFreedan failed, as well as his attempt to ruin Channel Awesome with crucifixion incident and getting Joeysixone’s failure to get his article on ED removed.

      1. In addition, holy crap, I actually thought hellsing just had contarian issues but it appears he has it pretty bad. Do all of Asalieri’s “friends” share his problems?

      2. “In addition, holy crap, I actually thought hellsing just had contarian issues but it appears he has it pretty bad. Do all of Asalieri’s “friends” share his problems?”

        For the most part, yes. There’s a reaosn why Hellsing and a few others from Asalieri/DCE’s group already have encyclopedia dramatica articles of their own. My personal favorite is one that so happens to be a personal bootlicker and friend of DCE’s.

        Be warned for lots of NSFW crap:


    1. Aaand surprise surprise Hellsing deletes the comments, pretending like nothing happened.
      No wonder Eric’s friends with all these guys, they all share their need of entitlement from everybody.

  6. It wouldn’t be the first time Emer and Eric pretended that they gave a shit about another person’s death. When the Trevyon Martin verdict came Emer put something on Twitter against Zimmerman believing he choose the right side, when in fact it divided the nation more than ever. But at least he put more effort into seeming like he cared, all Eric does when someone famous dies is put “RIP (Insert Name)”.

    Also is anyone else getting the same problem, older articles are coming before newer articles, I don’t know why this is happening?

  7. It wouldn’t be a strech to say DCE has terminal 7 brain cancer. Because telling people to go fuck themselves over Sonic is totally normal for a 29-year old.

  8. If any of you still want simple evidence that DCE is a psychopath, then allow me to personally recommend these 2 videos:

  9. Someone posted a link to Linkara’s Patreon page and here’s what Eric had to say:

    “great. You shovel money onto his coffers and he ‘reserves the right to refuse’ based on whatever excuse he can come up with. What’s the point, then?”

    Odd though Eric has his own Patreon, the welfare money he gets from the state of Arizona, he has no real set schedule for releasing video’s like others do and he himself has refused to do video’s on someone for no reason whatsoever (when some asked him to do an RAR on the Cinema Snob he just said no).

    Unlike Linkara who has people who donate money to him because they know they’ll get a quality product, all Eric has to do is sit on his fat ass receive a check which I doubt he actually spends for his kids, to put out cheap crap who know’s when.

    1. Eric… stop trying to paint people as E-beggers. It was never a working trend and the subject died before it even began. Eric you are the last person to say anyone hasn’t earned their pay or otherwise free-riding. Maybe you should use evidence before applying random labels to people from your list of word you use to slander people. Of all the people who put huge amount of work into their stuff, you pick linkara to call a money grubber? Why not pick DSP or someone who actually deserves it for a change?

      In addition taking a look at the pledges… yeah they’re not ridiculous.

      2 to 50 dollars a month. That’s essentially a subscription service and only for people who actually want to support the show. What really confounds me is how Eric consistently does things on suggestion of his “fans”, such as the fanboy’s world, the Jfreedan bullshit and the many RARs where he clearly doesn’t give a shit based on how he doesn’t list actual problems or use any real reviewing talent. Eric is even the one trying to get people to buy his products or the products of other people. Eric just doesn’t seem to even consider the possibility that the patreon idea was a suggestion from a fan that he just decided to go with. But hey its Eric, its not like his show was something he started to entertain people; because its pretty clear its just an ego project.

      1. I don’t really like Internet Aristocrat all that much.

        Most people familiar with his older identity as Jim81Jim seem to conviniently forget that he was (or still is, I don’t really care to check on what he’s been up to) a suck up to BigAl/DCE’s group and much of his early popularity came from them. Didn’t help matters that he was, prior to that, a fanboy of Armake21 and a mod of his forum when it was around in 2008, going as far as editing/deleting threads. Not to mention that he wanted people to subscribe to him based solely on the fact he supposedly was a Something Awful goon.

        As for his current activity as IA, I personally doubt he’s even remotely genuine about his crusade towards SJWs. If I may be blunt, the whole SJW bashing thing is really just a cheap bandwagon. It’s funny how most of the self-proclaimed “SJW haters” just so happen to be left-leaning and are really no different from the tumblr femmies, if not worse.

        Take BigAl as an example; a creep who has bashed people for being Catholics and for not liking Obama. And he, out of nowhere, jumps on the bandwagon to regurgitate talking points that have been made by other people. But that’s the Youtube ranting community for ya. I still find them to be a million times more insufferable than tumblr SJWs.

      2. Oh yeah, forgot to mention another thing: Rumor has it that Jim81Jim once made a private commentary bashing DCE’s group on request of BigAl. That alone is pretty telling of the toxicity of both sides.

      3. The impression I get from the video is that while IA might not be genuine, he does appear to be working with actual facts. That said I’m saying the fuck out of this. This really the only kind of thing that you can look at in retrospect. We don’t know if the ex-boyfriend is lying. We don’t know to what extent the relations really are between the Zoe and the gaming journalists and while evidence clear conflict of interest exists with the articles yelling sensationalist facts about her game, there’s already a lot of unprofessional ism to go around in the gaming industry. I mean we already know that anita sarkesian got awards for doing less than other people; we already have seen that journalists can’t afford to give negative reviews or publishers will burn bridges.

        The lack of coverage could mean many things; one being that reviewers don’t care enough about the incident because they kinda have jobs to do and the other being that people are just lazy and don’t want to cover this issue because of all the fact checking that needs to be done.

        As much as I see this incident as something terrible and clear misuse of the term feminism and clear sexism in that a female dev is allowed to do less than other devs simply through cronyism; I will not be covering this incident because the evidence just isn’t here yet. Here’s hoping this incident ends in the best manner possible.

  10. Okay if luck is in our favor, I’ll have free time after this week to do a new article with all the new info everyone’s supplied on DCE. Here’s hoping the boss doesn’t decide to up the quota or something.

    1. Well I’m not going to cover this, at least not until this event ends and a clear evidence is for or against Zoe Quinn. While I would like to post against Zoe quinn, for the obvious part that she and certain other “femenists” making it look like women are incapable of handling their own issues without resorting to other males to help them; Its clear by now that all it takes is one puzzle piece in the right place to totally alter the dynamic of this story. Still though I’m hoping Zoe Quinn is in the wrong here, simply because I don’t like the precedent that woman can handle their own problems and thus need other men (men they have relations with) to help them. It also doesn’t help that Phil Fish literally just told a male sex abuse victim to shut up and Zoe Quinn was involved in shutting down a feminist gaming charity.

      If Zoe Quinn is in the right, there’s heck of a lot of information missing from the the table.

    2. Well, apparently, I made fun of Asa in the comments section, and one comment accused me of being a creeper because I’m stalking a guy I don’t like over the Internet. Gee, I guess according to that logic, a lot of people on the Internet are creepers because they were “stalking” the likes of Chris-Can and DarkSydePhil.

      1. If they call you a stalker remind them, that Eric has made two videos where he goes to the hometowns of Mike Matei and Spoony respectively and where parks his car outside of his former friends house hoping for a confrontation. No you never stalked anyone while Eric has three documented cased on video of stalking.

        So the next they call you a creeper or stalker in the comments section remind them that their hero has done it three times that we know of. Then again it’s not stalking in Eric’s deranged mind.

  11. Just uploaded two more videos on DCE, both which happen to be leftovers of his presumably abandoned blip account. Consider these an extra bonus for the forthcoming 2nd article on the proto-Asalieri.

  12. Okay guys I managed to clear up some time. I’m beginning to review the information you’ve submitted. Is there a video you want/expect to be covered (P.S I will not be covering all the articles, because I have written 10k word articles before, and boy are those a bitch to write)?

  13. Whoa what? The article was still password protected today. Which is weird because right before I went to sleep yesterday I set it to public. Either way guys, whenever an article is marked password it just means I’m working on it. The password is always “yaba”, simply as a reminder that the article is not done yet. It saves me time from having to add lines like “I’m still working on this or so forth”.

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