RandomDCE: self absorbed delusions, whining about strawmen and ranting about his own life AND LOADS AND LOADS OF HYPOCRISY

Edit: fixed some grammar and spelling mistakes. Do point any I missed.

Randomdce has many problems, most come from his lack of reading comprehension, his hankering for attention and his inability to say anything really concrete. Most of the time Randomdce feels like talking about his opponents as if he knows them thoroughly and it tends to become clear that he does not even know his opponents at all. It also doesn’t help that Randomdce appears to have a lot of problems when it comes to accepting dissenting opinions. I don’t think anyone who read the previous article didn’t notice how Randomdce attacked a guy for giving up on a show randomdce does not like, simply because the guy admitted he liked the show known as My little Pony (of all the things I expected to talk about… I never guessed MLP would be a topic).

Randomdce likes to behave as if he’s an activist, like his opinions have massive influence and that he must always crusade for a given cause. Just because the guy said he had originally liked the show, randomdce continued to rant on him using the pretense of “you didn’t give a good reason for giving up on the show, therefore you are a crybaby” even when the guy randomdce was attacking had specified that it was to save his sanity and that being harassed and misrepresented was a secondary reason. Even then, being misrepresented and harassed is a damn good reason to quit something especially if its something you can do privately. For example, if you draw a gun in public, everyone is going to pissed at you and the cops will definitely arrest you with charges that probably didn’t suit your intentions (i.e if you’re gun enthusiast, you probably drew your gun because it was fun or you like looking at guns; you definitely weren’t going to shoot someone). Whether we like it not, conformity is a good thing when it comes to social norms, if you can get the same satisfaction from drawing a gun in private as you can in public then there’s no reason to do it in public where punishments will likely occur. Likewise with the guy not liking MLP example, there’s no reason for randomdce to even bother trying to change his opinion about why he should start liking the show again. Its not hard to understand that people have personal reasons and there’s no reason to violate their privacy unless its pertinent to you or want to claim they’re being attention seekers. Does the cashier ask you why you’re buying food and the specifics behind why you didn’t purchase other types of foods? Do people ask you why you wear clothes and why you don’t wear others? Whether or not a guy likes a show or not is still up to personal preference. If human beings could communicate what actually goes on in their brains, we wouldn’t need psychology or any scientific study on consumer trends. Heck if you could INVENT a method to fully understand a person’s behavior and personality patterns even down to reactance (the need to show you’re not a puppet) and unknown situations then you’d be rich! But as it stands, people often have hard times explaining their private motivations and feelings. Its not in our place to insult people for their own preferences, but it is in our right to insult people for their anti-social tendencies and poor behavior. We might not be able to insult the human mind or even understand it, but we can insult the individuals who allow their mind to come to such poor conclusions as portraying everything as a black and white situation.

Speaking of black and white situations, Randomdce really likes to pretend that life is simple and that he clearly understands life to the fullest extent possible (protip: anyone related to Asalieri tends to have problems understanding basic concepts). Take a look at this rant randomdce made on people who liked the recent marvel movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” a movie, I haven’t watched.

Wow that's long isn't it?
Wow that’s long isn’t it?

Okay that comment was so stupid, that I literally have to take a look at this piece by piece. I mean a trainwreck of self absorbed delusional fantasy on facebook? Granted I shouldn’t be surprised, but when I heard that the internet polarizes someone’s mental instability, I didn’t think it was true.

stupid rant part 1

For starters… why the heck would you post this on someone’s facebook page? Was it necessary? I literally can’t find info on who Tiana Camacho is and even if could… I can only begin to fanthom why it would even be necessary to make such a pointless rant on the subject? Edit: Tiana Camacho is apparently some lady who randomdce started dating and then broke up with; therefore if this was before they broke up then this is self absorbed egotistical crap and if they did break up before this was posted then not only is it egotistical crap but its also harassment. That’s seriously disgusting and arrogant behavior. No one wants to hear what you think especially when you don’t have critic credentials and aren’t even going to explain why you hate the movie.

“Hipsters of the cosmos”
Must have taken you all night to come up with that one randomdce. What’s particularly telling about Randomdce’s self-absorbed delusional fantasies is that the only reason he’s called it hipsters of the cosmos is because people like it and some claim to be life long fans. That’s it, there’s no reason why he called it hipsters of the cosmos and there’s even less reason to be angry about people claiming to be life long fans. Does that really bother you? Can you not sleep at night knowing that someone wasn’t a fan from day one? The only reason Randomce is complaining here is because he believes he is the “first true fan” and he can’t take it when other people enjoy things he doesn’t like (notice the paradox of being a true fan while at the same time saying the movie sucks…). I can’t believe this gets even worse, I mean shouldn’t you be happy that you now have more people to talk to about your franchise that you say you love? Speaking of which, randomdce, if you like the franchise so much and are now mad at people for saying they’re fans when they’re not, then why are you insulting the movie? Last time I checked, saying you are a true fan of something doesn’t involve insulting the thing you like. Great there’s already two major paradoxes and we’re not even past the intro section. I haven’t even talked about strawmen yet!! But don’t worry, randomdce has the perfect multiple choice answer to illustrate the bullshit that is the strawman fallacy.

stupid rant part 2

Multiple choice A: The I want to be friends with nerds claim
OH sick burn on all those non-existent people who clearly aren’t even behaving like people. I mean wow, people trying to be friends with nerds? I thought the stereotype was that nerds don’t get friends or at least get beatings? I also distinctly recall that nerds were not superior? Oh well logic is for people who are actually able to overcome egotism.

Multiple Choice B: The only care about extreme event claim by using a shitty analogy
While I do know that some people claim to be fans of a work even when they clearly are not intimate with the work or the franchise (i.e Irate Gamer) the reality is that people do this because they don’t want to stick out. How would you feel if every time you had to eat something you’d have to claim you were an enthusiast for that particular food. It’s stupid but if you’re being asked whether you like something and you just want to end the conversation, you’ll say you do and then try to leave or lay low. While its good that randomdce is noting a particular event that does occur, why the heck does this harm people and why is this bad? Most people admit they don’t read comic books because they’re too much commitment and there’s too much continuity lockout. And I don’t know if this was a surprise to most people, but people have LIVES. Attending every soccer event would be severely taxing financially and time wise too. And don’t tell me you’ll just watch it on TV? Don’t you realize that randomdce is HARDCORE(TM) he’ll just argue that you need to be there to experience it like a true fan. Think I’m being too harsh/ putting words in his mouth? He’s asking people to literally care about soccer all the time, even when the stakes are low. Remember that soccer is an international sport, even if you were watching it only on TV, you’d still need to know all the teams, all the matchups, the scores, player growth and progress and several years worth of the aforementioned. You can’t just like soccer and call yourself a fan in randomdce’s book, you’d have to meet requirements that even randomdce is guilty of not meeting. Heck I bet the only reason Randomdce is mentioning this is because of Asalieri’s recent bullshit trek into sports videos, most of which contained blatant racism and boring statements.

Multiple Choice C: The bandwagon, because people only like what is popular right?
Okay let me get this out of the way right now. What is popular is not always good and what is good is not guaranteed to be popular. If people are going to like something, they need to know about it first. There is something known as the mere exposure effect, which is an effect in which a thing that is repeatedly shown/encountered is liked more and more with each encounter. Saying that people only like things because other people are talking about it is like saying that people only like things because statistically you’re more likely to know about it. This isn’t a shameful thing unless the activity being engaged in is shameful or unlawful (i.e Everyone was rioting, therefore I stole a TV). How exactly is it shameful to like something because you heard about it from someone else. People don’t just throw mentals darts all over the place and find what they like, or just start typing up random words into google to find that next franchise they’ll be fans of. I don’t even know what’s the insult here? Is it not common knowledge that knowing about something allows you to like it? I guess you could complain that someone who just started is stating that they’re fans, but even then there would have to be a majority of people behaving like that. That would be like saying all Asalieri fans are pedophiles who jack off to a wife and her kids, its not right and it never will be. Its called the strawman fallacy because you don’t represent the diversity of opinion and behavior that people exhibit.

Multiple Choice D: Have I proven myself a sociopath yet?
Yeah let’s just say everyone who likes the movie must be an attention seeking, disingenuous, weak willed, loser who only likes what is popular. I’m sure Randomdce is a master of the art of debating.

And the last part of this particular snapshot of the rant just shows how self absorbed he is. I mean did Randomdce read over what he wrote? Why even bring megaman and marvel versus capcom into this? Why even mention DC movie fans? I mean unless I’ve been following Randomdce’s crappy Vlogs from day one, I am not going to understand the points he is trying to bring up here. If anything, this shows how unprofessional and emotional he’s being here. There’s no relevance to this topic, he just brings it up because it bothers him. Great work randomdce, you can’t even stay on topic for more than 500 words.

stupid rant 3

Congrats randomdce, do you even understand people? I mean I don’t even think you understand that people are diverse. Seriously all people who like the movie must be working a fast food job, trying hard to get laid, and people who would beat up randomdce at the schoolyard. Now granted, given what kind of an asshole randomdce is, I’m absolutely sure that most people if not everyone would attempt to inflict some degree of harm to randomdce at a school yard; but the point of randomdce’s rant was to insult the people who claim to be fans when they are not fans. Not complain about working a deadend job, being a virgin and getting beat up as a kid. Does randomdce have attention deficit disorder or something? Its rather hard to start writing about something and then suddenly shift to your childhood bullies. And to add insult to injury, bullies do not talk in leet speak.

“This is how comic book fans like me feels”
wow and I didn’t think I’d see more symptoms of group think from you randomdce but hey I assume that human beings can and do have redeeming qualities. But just for the record lets add illusion of unanimity, the fallacy of believing that all people support you, to your list of qualities randomdce.

stupid rant part 4

I sure hope this was self parody. True fan of marvel saying fuck marvel and fuck the movie. There are ways of demonstrating reactance randomdce, saying the things you like suck is generally not one of them. Still though what a fan randomdce must be, to hate a movie just because other people might claim they are long time fans when they are not, of which would probably be like less than a dozen.

Taking a look at the comments that randomdce made to people talking to him, even randomdce states that he hates only people who claim to be major fans when they are not.

hurray for egotism

So either the dozen odd people you can easily ignore warranted such a stupid and utterly pointless rant or randomdce felt like showing he was such a major fan of comics that not only can he not take criticism like a marvel editor but has modeled his life after making stupid retcons and pointless longwinded sequences, like a marvel writer. If this was only about those people who fake being lifelong fans (aka posers) then why say “fuck marvel”? Why say “fuck this movie”? And for someone who really loves guardians of the galaxy franchise at what point was it necessary to say “fuck this franchise”? (yeah sorry about the repetition).

It’s telling that randomdce seriously hates Linkara but can’t come up with a decent explanation why (oh what a surprise!) and seriously can’t critique anything without misrepresenting something or rubbing pointless egotism into this. What’s really sad is that RandomDCE hates Linkara but he also says “fuck Joe Quesada” even though Joe quesada doesn’t do anything now and hasn’t done anything since 2011. Comic Book fan my ass randomdce, you don’t even know who’s doing what in marvel! So not only has he posted egotistical crap that makes no sense, he’s claimed to be a fan while doing everything a fan shouldn’t do (hey remember the MLP rant posted in the previous articled and discussed earlier where randomdce claim people shouldn’t give up because other people are ruining it for them…?) but also can’t even cover his own ass with a retcon statement.

Heck even randomdce notes that it stupid to post egotistical crap no one cares about; take a look at this facebook post he made referring to his ex-girlfriend Tiana Camacho (Randomdce is James thompsett):

stupidy ensues

Why put wetting themselves in public in quotations…? But I digress, a recurring theme with randomdce is that he knows what he is doing is wrong but is going to do it anyway. My guess is that he has bad influences like Asalieri but it doesn’t change the fact that writing about pointless things that most people will know is bad (the derogatory term “poser” exists for a reason) is the exact definition of pointless. Randomdce didn’t educate anyone with his rant on guardians of the galaxy. Instead he felt like mentioning his dead end job, his sexual frustrations and his childhood bullying and let’s not even get started on the sudden invoking of marvel versus capcom or saying the movie sucks for no reason. It’s even more worrying that randomdce knows that people shouldn’t make egotistical rants that have no point but then makes a double standard in which he himself is allowed to do it.

But hey let’s take a look at randomdce being a jackass to his ex-girlfriend.


“you needed to mouth off… because it makes you the bigger person…”

Ouch, randomdce just got owned by his ex-girlfriend. I mean wow, she just plain nailed him for egotism. Most people are too surprised by how blatantly stupid randomdce is to say something anywhere near as damning. But the real kicker is Randomdce’s post:

“Not to mention I set and read shitons of posts from people… like sometimes they post 70 things a day!!! And only 5 of them are worth reading!!”

Wow randomdce, do you self monitor? Surely he must notice that he too is being socially overactive, especially given how quickly he was to post right after someone tried to deflect suspicion off his earlier comment. But given randomdce’s talent, integrity and responsibility scores, well obviously he didn’t notice.
Protip: randomdce, constantly replying to people you don’t like is the equivalent of reading shit tons of posts when most of them are pointless. Making posts just to rub in your own self absorbed opinion is equally as bad.

But surely randomdce wouldn’t be arguing with people who disagree with him recently, like in 2013?

go fuck yourself says randomdce

Yeah telling people to go fuck themselves is A-okay, especially when you can’t even argue for your own work. If you’d like to see the whole conversation you can see it in the image below:



That’s a long image isn’t it? well don’t worry I’m not covering this. It essentially goes with nytroxious saying “I disagree” and randomdce just replying with personal attacks. I love the part where randomdce says everyone is entitle to their opinion why mispelling “theirs” and not letting nytroxious say anything without insulting him for it.

Well this article is getting pretty long. And it doesn’t help that contributors have literally given me years worth of evidence against randomdce. I can’t possible cover entire chatlogs of randomdce being an idiot asshole and I can’t cover entire discussion threads of randomdce being an idiot asshole. There’s already enough instances of randomdce being a self-absorbed, egotistical hypocrite here that its unnecessary for me to cover those. In the previous article we’ve already seen that randomdce makes shitty videos with no point and no relevance and today we’ve seen that randomdce doesn’t make relevant posts and loves to talk about himself and insult those around him. We can conclude that randomdce hasn’t changed from 2008 like TV tropes YMMV page says he has and that he still hates those who are fans of what he doesn’t like and that he puts so little thought into what he says and what he does that he literally violate his own stated principles constantly. I’m just going to leave another post from randomdce showing exactly what constitutes as relevant in his opinion

wow what an asshole

99 thoughts on “RandomDCE: self absorbed delusions, whining about strawmen and ranting about his own life AND LOADS AND LOADS OF HYPOCRISY

  1. I’ll be honest and say I was once a big fan of RandomDCE. I don’t remember him being this much of a dickhead. (Then again, It’s been a while since I’ve watched him) I can’t believe he turned into a douchebag. It saddens that he turned into one of the people he ranted on years ago. That’s why (like I said in the last post) I unsubbed him.

    1. Yeah I can’t quite believe why randomdce is doing this. Then again he is a narcissist, and narcissists are good at looking like normal people until close examination.

  2. I thought movies based on comic books were also meant to possibly help people get into reading said comic books. I remember Linkara’s advice form his review of Marvel’s “Ultimatum” for new readers of comic books was just to pick up title read it and then decide whether your into that title or not.

    One of the reasons DCE (as well as Eric and the rest of his goons) hates Linkara and other contributors at CA is because those guys know what they’re doing and have actually studied and paid attention to details of movies, comics, and other genre’s they review. An example being Linkara’s 300th episode and the speech he gave in part 2 of said episode. But DCE and friends mostly make videos now to just to hear themselves talk and to have their opinions echoed back at them by the yes men they call their fans. Most of them are stuck in dead end lives with nothing really going for them.

      1. Doesn’t surprise me that One176/BlackFaceKermit is being such a chodesucker for Bores. Indeed, his online history consists of sucking up to youtube drama whores. He was histerically whiteknighting Armake in another video, not long ago.

        Dunno if he’s still friends with Asa, but he still comments on the Arizona Whale’s videos,

  3. Most excellent article. I should’ve kept in mind that only a portion of the evidence would’ve done it justice, but much to my surprise, the stuff you covered were a great representation of Jimmy’s sick, twisted mindset.

    As a personal request, I was wondering if you’re open for covering just one last video before calling this topic a day?

    I also got some links of a FB argument that broke out, and yes, Eric Gaede is involved. Currently working on blurring out my name from the pics.

    1. Eventually Eric whines on the thread about people arguing him using his personal life, ad hominem, or straw man arguments for attacks.

      Someone should remind him that he does it in most of his videos. Some examples for attacks on someone’s personal life include making jokes about the Amazing Atheist’s banana incident or when he “reviewed” that one guy and dubbed over him so he could make fun of the fact he likes hentai. Ad hominem is when AJ made that video about Youtube’s new copyright system, Eric’s response included a crappy drawing of him looking up cat porn and lets not the donor video’s where he made up the guy’s name and had his “fans” send in drawings of what he believed he looked like. As for straw man arguments whenever he does a video about Kickstarter campaigns those are basically straw man arguments, since most of his viewers blindly believe him without ever getting the other side of the story and he doesn’t even go into detail about what the Kickstarters are for.

      If he doesn’t people going after him for his personal life, ad hominem, or straw man arguments than don’t use them yourself. But he’ll never listen or he’ll make up some bullshit excuse about how it’s different when he does it.

  4. Also seeing as how the AVGN Movie comes out soon, be on the look out for Hellsing920 his Reaction and Review on the movie, as a long term request of our old pal Eric, in which it will in no way be completely biased seeing as how he’s his best friend.

      1. I’m going with the latter if they do, seeing as how One176 has already posted a pirated link on DHI. I’m mean, not liking a guy is one thing, but why do they want to sabotage someones career and goal in life and ruin him.

      2. @ Skids

        What, he actually did that?, can they be flagged or something?, good lord, for a group of guys who claimed to hate Asalieri, they don’t seem to still riding the hate bandwagon he created it.

        It really bugs me One176 change of alliance if you know what i mean, heck, the guy seemed to hate Bores, since he made a nice remix version of “what a shitload of fuck” that JoeyDrunko originally made, and even made a video on Game Dude Plagiarism………

        and as soon as the Anti TGWTG bandwaggon fad spore in late 2011, he slowly changed his alliance, and then Asa opened his goddamn mouth about the AVGN movie and the cheetahman incident, and boom, all the sudden, One176 is pro Bores and anti James Rolfe.

      3. @Kiki
        To be fair, They still do shit on Eric and I don’t think the guys completely shit on James, since one person has seen the movie and give the film constructive criticism and said what he liked without going “huh huh this movies gay what an e-beggar” It’s just One that’s posted the link and you know where his allegiance lies.
        They don’t share the same amount of biased hate as Eric and his cronies do.

    1. Watching this makes me regret subscribing to this hambone in the first place. I also regret agreeing with him with the whole JFreedan thing, mainly Asa and friends saying that JFreedan was violating copyright on his “Cosplay” video.

      Didn’t quite knew how fair use worked until after seeing One176’s tumblr post where he tried to justify Bores use of “Power Ranger” footage and music by saying that “This Film is Not Yet Rated” used copyrighted footage. If I remember, didn’t JFreedan and Kirby Dick, the guy that made “This Film is Not Yet Rated”, used those copyrighted footage for critiquing and documentary purposes, which is part of Fair Use? I don’t remember seeing Bores critiquing the “Power Ranger” footage and song in his review. He just used it as part of his story.

      1. Wow, good to know the alliance and moral grounds of One176, as sudden as Bores made the infamous E-begging “spoof” and Asa started his crusade, One176 pretty much sell his soul.

  5. I’m currently going against a guy who claimed the current Resurrection File episode is a waste of time. He’s been accusing me of white knighting and straw man fallacies. If anyone would mind reading and tell me if I have been using straw man correctly while arguing him.

    The guy I going against’s account name is “undeadbobop”.

    1. Look, there’s no point in arguing with him. He knows full well what he’s doing and there’s no point in changing his mind, so just let him be in his own world and defend a sociopath and not look at the bigger picture here.

  6. I’m more interested in the community reaction. If the other forum goers there are A-Okay with the posting of that pirated link then its clear sign of a toxic community which can’t be arsed to watch what its hands are doing. If there isn’t such a reaction then obviously its the work of an individual who does not reflect the group.

      1. I wonder how many people are thinking of torrenting that movie. I mean this is a crowd-funded independent movie, not a big hollywood movie. Don’t these people have any soul.

    1. While I agree with the overall message he made, the one part where he say that AVGN should show where all the money was spent doesn’t work because that would require AVGN to be a world class accountant. That would also open way too much scrutiny and anyone willing to resort to shit slinging without evidence clearly isn’t going to give a shit if you do provide contradictory evidence.

      As for letting him know who asalieri is, well its not like it matters. You can if you want to but I doubt he’ll do anything.

      1. Yep, i mean, his butt munch One176 (one of the guys seduced by the dark side) was the 1st one posting that link in his YT page, but yeah, asa…………just fuck.

      2. Jesus, shouldn’t Facebook be looking into this. Posting a torrent in the comments section is pretty retarded. Plus it’s not the first time he’s done something like this. He once tried to cam record the MLP movie, but one of the theater people confiscated his camera. he’s turning into a criminal.

      3. @Kiki
        Yeah sure make an uncensored screencap, that way its clear what torrent Asalieri posted. Otherwise it looks like we lied or something because you blur any line in a message and state something was in it. Better yet, just blur out the sub address (you know the random bits) but keep the torrent site name in it..

        So essentially have http://www.torrentbullshit.com/blurred shit so no actually find the torrent site from this website.

        This won’t exactly stop piracy but at least it’ll mean that people who pirate AVGN’s movie didn’t do so because they saw the link on an article here.

        I thought Asalieri was already a criminal especially if you consider libel and slander since few of the criticisms he makes are actually correct in terms of context. And let’s not get into his conspiracy to commit legal fraud when dealing with Jfreedan and death threats. And according to ED he has traffic tickets for speeding, also making him a technical criminal.

      4. Man, why do they hate him so much that they’re trying to sabotage and ruin someone’s dream. I mean I don’t like the people from TGWTG (especially Linkara) but not enough to go about posting hateful things and try to support piracy of someone’s movie. That would be borderline insane. May I remind them that the Veronica Mars movie was crowd funded the same way AVGN’s movie was, So he’s reason’s for saying “It should be free to us anyway” is kind of moot in this day of age of crowd-funding.

    1. So Emer is saying a pedo anime is better than the AVGN movie, which is like comparing apples and oranges. Someone’s clearly not right in the head, It’s almost like these guys are wanting to go to jail.

  7. Suggestion for an article, if he goes through with reviewing the AVGN movie do a review to his “review” with a some information on the cronies he joined him on it. Second do a review on his “movie” Punchdickia, where he plays his brown face character through most of the movie and his co-star (I don’t know the guy’s name) who played a mentally handicapped person. I didn’t watch the entire movie (because sitting through it might actually make you brain dead) but they eventually review a video game in movie for no reason.

    Also can I pass this image onto the Shadow Sleuth, maybe he can do an episode as well about this issue.

    1. well since I didn’t make the image, that’s not my call. That said wouldn’t really mind if you gave to them. I don’t know why those guys don’t just do text reviews. Its way faster to read then watch a video.

  8. I’m now wondering if Warcorpse666 knows that Asa’s pirating the movie? If I remembered, Asa did the same “nice guy” trick as he did to Hardcore Kid. Warcorpse666 seems to have positive thing he said about the movie and told people to pay for it.

    I also wonder if the Shadow Sleuth has that video of Asa’s conversation with Warcorpse666 as well, now that the video is private?

    BTW, good luck reporting this to Facebook. There’s no way to do it, unless you own the copyright.

  9. I had a pretty good week. Was able to trigger Asa’s circlejerk by merely pointing out their anti-Zoe hypocrisy. Notice that this was YT drama that they decided to import to FB in a grotesque attempt to silence me.

    And yes, they are perfectly okay with Argentine Thug stalking Kyle IRL.

    May this serve as yet another reminder that dissent is not tolerated by the youtube ranting.


  10. I got this screencap but i got some issue, i got the impression Asa was editing at the very last second his statement in the opening post, but not that it matters, since he cant keep consistency.

    1. Also notice the 1st highlight comment i made on this picture, is Asa claiming that James or AVGN mades insults towards his fanbase in the movie?, or is just Asa being Asa?

      1. Translation 1

        Asa: There’s actually a lot of insults towards his own fanbase in it!

        Translation 2

        LaughtonMK : But do not forget that you hate the guy since 2012 and this film looks like watching the show.

        Asa : I DO NOT HATE HIM DUDE!, but look at his movie, he interprets everyone who watches his show like imbeciles, immature, at one time he represent them as zombies and all of them utterly desperate for his autograph, NOT EVEN THE BAD GUYS WERE ABLE TO HATE HIM!, even the general had good things to say.


        You know i haven’t watched the movie (because in order to pay on vimeo i need a credit card, and i REFUSE to torrent it), but i fear that this Eric once again attempting at misrepresent something, what’s worse is that i know this is an attempt at sabotage the films by SPOILERS, or at least false lies.


  11. It is, I have watched the movie and its mostly about AVGN being worried that his opinions on bad video games are making more people play bad video games. There’s zombie scene which depicts his nightmare where fans don’t think for themselves and buy E.T the game sequel. I’m not surprised that Eric feels the need to lie and pretend there’s malice when there clearly isn’t. If AVGN thought his fans was dumb then why does the movie contain an intro depicting all the praise he’s gotten over the years to show how this movie is for his fans than anyone else?

      1. I’ll do the article once Asalieri makes it clear what his full reasons are for hating the movie. Because as it stands, making an article now would prevent asalieri from continuing to dig his a hole he can’t climb out of. That said we should pay a lot of attention to his attempts to find more reasons to hate the movie while he abandons notions of e-begging. Definitely looking forward to writing about this bout of stupidity from Eric Gaede.

    1. Why does he even care about anonymity? Its not like Eric doesn’t encourage fans to harass people. Just because you make it clear you did it and put your own life and family in the crossfire doesn’t make you smart; it makes you an idiot.

  12. One could post the uncensored image of One176’s link to torrent site on the Cinemassacre Youtube page as well as Eric’s post on his Facebook page where he supports pirated the movie, maybe that might get the ball rolling on some form of comeuppance for these douches.

    1. In the off-chance that James and Mike know about Eric if someone posts the torrent page to them, I hope they would realize to NOT give him any attention, because that’s exactly what Eric wants, hell most of the shit he does is to go “Hey look at me look at ME”

    1. So it seems posting a link and saying, “Attacking these yahoos is fruitless”, translates to, “Raise your banner, for ‘House Gaede'”.

      BTW, who’s Pedro? Was he the guy that did the fake ad?

      1. Pedro is a guy I can say has a high chance of being completely unrelated to the fake ad. That said I would like to know exactly how Eric came across the name and why he would wish death upon a person he probably doesn’t even know at all.

      2. Oh, I’m Pedro, lol. Can’t believe Eric is obsessed with me. Actually nevermind, I can believe.

        Long story short, I’ve been rilling up Asalier’s neo-facist group as of lately (Including DCE and his own subgroup). Remember that death threat screencap I posted? It seemed from a convo in which Eric kept hurling vile garbage on me, just because “I’m a troll”. I’m guessing Asa hates me because his buttbuddies told him so. Keep in mind the argument didn’t concern him whatsoever. They are the personification of online totalitarianism.


        As you can see, Eric the adolescent said I should “off myself”. And tried to blame me for misunderstanding it. He really tries his hard to become more and more repulsive as the days go by. And needless to say, his personal cult endorses that action.

        Their shoddy argument is that I’m a psycho/stalker/creep for calling them out on their Anti-Zoe Quinn hypocrisy. That is, they cry about censorship and “gaming journalism corruption” because it’s currently hip and edgy to do so, but the group itself been censoring dissenters for the longest time. As explained in the comment section for the previous article, DCE is the proto-Asalieri, as far as online sick-fuckery is concerned.

        And no, I’m not behind the “fake ad”, if you’re talking about the craigslist thing from last year. However, I did ask Kyle for more details about Asalieri’s IRL stalking, and he affirmed Eric is a welfare queen, so there’s that. My expertise has always been angering self-absorbed elitists with the blunt truth, and that’s it.

  13. @ lasersquad, Skids Your right I really shouldn’t be trying to give Eric the attention he craves. I keep telling myself this guy is going no where with his life, he lives off welfare and hasn’t done much to actually get himself noticed by anyone who’s actually important. But whenever he opens his mouth or uses any little thing someone has done just to attack them, it just infuriates me and I feel like there is nothing anyone can do to stop him.

    But than again maybe his actions are catching up with him in some way, since at one point he was saying on Facebook that his stomach was bothering him to the point he couldn’t eat or more recently that he’s suffering from back pains after lifting weights in another attempt at dieting (see how long that lasts). Maybe I just need to not concern myself with him or read about any of his recent exploits for a while.

    1. To be honest, Asalieri is practically dead in my eyes. He can’t hurt any channel anymore with how little fanbase he has left right now. Look at the amount of views he used to get in his videos (20k – 30k) compared to his today’s record. His return to discussing e-drama topics such as Quinnspiracy is the clear example of a desparate attempt to stay relevant.

      That Tkyle stalking drama was a blow he shall never recover from and the wound only gets worse, as he refuses to acknowlegde his wrongdoings. I even made a video about it on other channel, which caused epic lulz and was false-flagged by his fanbrats. But now i don’t really care about him that much. Though I admit I check out what he’s doing from time to time because it’s funny to see him struggle and play victim card at every possible moment, trying to convince his deluded fanbase that he’s somehow a great, intelligent person.

      E-drama is his life. The supposed “weekly show” he made recently was halted because there were no hate bandwagons to jump on, which is hilarious and shows how inconsistent he is in what he’s doing.

      Just watch, he’ll make about 3-4 fucking videos about AVGN’s movie and whine about his haters, milk this topic for what it’s worth and then fall into obscurity…

      1. Yeah, Eric pirating the movie isn’t going to affect James that much, since Eric has a receding fanbase and James has shown the movie in 27 theatres, all of which were sold out, plus the digital releases and then the dvd’s. At this point it’s just pathetic. Now would be a good time to turn away from the computer and focus on more important things like raising and providing for his family, getting a job and generally, move on.

      2. @Gloin1994
        “To be honest, Asalieri is practically dead in my eyes. He can’t hurt any channel anymore with how little fanbase he has left right now. ”

        You think so?, cause you know, its not like he has support and promote the pirating of the AVGN movie or something.

      1. I’d say make fun of the movie, but he’d probably call it irrelevant.

        Makes me think of Chris-chan with a wife and kids plus white knights.

  14. Still though after all the trouble we had trying to keep them from finding your name they still found it. I sure hope it wasn’t my fault but if it was I’m sorry.

    Also, I have time off so I’m wondering if I should make an article detailing what has happened so far or should I wait for more shit to pile up due to Eric’s careless antics?

    1. Nah, it’s not big deal, it ain’t your fault. Unlike those bubbled morons, I couldn’t care less for online privacy. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be using the internet in the first place. Asalieri, DCE, and the other are so emotionally attatched to the internet, it’s pretty much why everything they touch turns into shit.

      As for the article, it’s up to you, really. What exactly do you intend to cover? Whatever the case is, I can provide some more evidence again, if you want.

      1. Well obviously I’m going to covering Asalieri’s actions to the AVGN movie. But I guess I should cover all the things he’s done to AVGN in one big article.

  15. Orwellian rewrites don’t get any more sordid than this. Sadly, BlueMagus’ online activity revolves solely around this kind of totalitarian attitude.

    1. Uh broadcasting someone else’s material without paying for it or obtaining the rights to broadcast it is still stealing. You are taking away rights from someone else without paying for it and using it without given them proper compensation.

      Knowingly watching a video that was obtained illegally is still stealing. That picture is one of the dumbest pro-piracy things I have ever seen. Its not even gramatically correct either; “piracy make a copy” shouldn’t it be piracy makes a copy? Theft is obtaining anything that was supposed to be obtained using funds or other forms of compensation without actually providing that compensation. Watching a movie that you were supposed to pay for without paying for it is still stealing. It doesn’t even matter if the movie was just shared and the car “borrowing” analogy doesn’t work because if my car was taken and delivered back in the morning, I still LOST the fuel used by the thief. And NO, giving my gas back doesn’t help because I still have to deal with car maintenance, privacy issues and insurance/legal issues.

      There’s a lot wrong with this analogy and I think I’m gonna have a lot of fun writing the next article. Thanks for sharing.

      1. No problem. If you need more gasoline on BlueMagus, just refer to my previous posts, containing imgur links that showcase more of his his douching.

  16. @Skids
    Nope. I’ve been around long enough to affirm that the YT ranting community, or at least what’s left of the rotting corpse, is the most septic and vile demographic on the internet. They serve literally no purpose, other than to organize targetted harassment and shaming against anyone who dares to oppose them, playing with peoples lives, and generally causing a whole lot of unnecessary hurt. And all because special snowflakes like Asalieri can’t grasp with the simple fact the entire world doesn’t have to like him and others of his kin. The way these people even function in the slightest sense is around constant, raging narcissism.

    1. Well all that pent up bitterness and negativity has to be projected onto someone just to make them feel better about themselves, I feel sorry for people who do that. It’s like Eric rants about how that individual is a no hoper, bitter, hate-filled, pathetic loser with nothing in life, it’s like he’s saying all this to a mirror.

      1. While I doubt the rifftrax people are as bad as blizzard entertainment’s let’s shutdown small time fan groups because they’re making work that depicts our material, it doesn’t change the fact that what they are doing is using their name for publicity. Still though would anyone like to inform the rifftrax people?

  17. Okay guys new article is in progress, As per usual its “yaba” as a password (without quotes). remember if its password locked that means its not done! Feel free to post comments and stuff you want to add.

    1. I contacted RiffTrax and this was what they sent me:

      “Thanks for letting us know! Indeed, “RiffTrax” is a trademark, so they are doing something they shouldn’t be. I’ll contact them ASAP.



      I have to wonder if Eric or Emer will hold some sort of vendetta against a company for politely asking to remove there business’s name from their audio file.

      1. “Those shit-heads at RiffTrax told me take the audio file down, so i’m guessing that E-begging dipshit must of told on me. I’m gonna send my fans to attack them and make a video about them while saying it in a stupid childish voice for messing with MY fun”

        That’s the most accurate reaction I could think from them.

  18. Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
    The words in your post seem to be running off the screen in Ie.

    I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with internet
    browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know.
    The layout look great though! Hope you get the problem solved soon.

    1. To Google doodles, your message was marked as spam because the system is kinda draconian. Unfortunately I cannot change that but I was able to authorize your comment after reading it.
      As for your message:
      No idea what’s causing that. I use the standard wordpress format and can’t change it because this blog is not commercial. I also don’t notice any problems when using internet explorer my self. Perhaps it could be due to resolution or internet troubles on your end. Please make sure to zoom out and not use any font altering plugins.

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