Chris Bores decides to be sociopathic, invokes gaslighting.

You know there’s one thing I never quite understood. Why does being anti-someone mean having to align with others who also don’t like that person? For example, why is it necessary for people who hate AVGN to side with Irate Gamer? It’s like comparing apples and oranges, they just don’t actually have anything in common (well aside from the plagiarism that Irate Gamer did). But if you do consider the plagiarism there’s still no reason why the two should be in a competitive bracket. Angry reviewing comes in so many shapes and forms that there’s no reason to even care if someone swears a-lot in their review. Heck given that the AVGN fanbase hasn’t been recording attacking anyone lately and there hasn’t been any unprovoked attacks by them since 2007. And yet Chris Bores and others just want to keep comparing themselves to AVGN or rope him into their petty squabbles as if to say “YEAH I’m a competitor against this guy”. Let’s take a good look at the two things Irate Gamer has tried to do and couldn’t actually get away with while AVGN actually got away with (for the most part):

1. Make research mistakes
Whether you know it or not, AVGN has made quite a few research mistakes in his reviews. Had TV tropes not decided to go on a “negative means deletion” principle (which I don’t necessarily disagree with but I guess its an okay policy as after all negativity does breed edit wars), you would still be able to find a “didnotdotheresearch” page for AVGN. While its shorter than Irate Gamer’s page, there’s still glaring research fails like refusing to press the other button in the ghost buster’s run and gun sequence and then complaining that you can only shoot up. Recent years have shown that AVGN can’t see a flashing message denoting prisoners left that is intermittently shown with the timer in his aliens review. Other baffling decisions being that AVGN didn’t realize he was supposed to hold the buttons in road avenger (you’re a driving car JAMES!) or the several other things that people have pointed out over the years. What I’m trying to point out here is that the severity of mistakes is on par with Irate Gamer’s (note severity… not quantity). What helps AVGN not get flak is the fact that he doesn’t censor criticism though I should note that he hasn’t made any videos denoting any of his mistakes. Another key factor is that his mistakes tend to come in reviews where the mistake occurs as a result of lack of focus. In the ghostbusters review its clear he’s running briskly through the game; similarly in the aliens review, its fairly obvious he wants you to focus on the monstermadness material and the aliens video is just there for filler. It also helps that AVGN doesn’t use his own mistakes as basis for why the game sucks compare and contrast to Irate Gamer’s “this game sucks because I can’t remember to press the goddamn A button”. Or as MrKillultra would say (and he’s helping me proofread these) “His ‘hypocritical pacifist’ morality prevents him from attempting to kill beings who can actually fight back”.

2. Shifting focus away from the main material and taking a long time to make content
Okay hands in the air, how many of you think AVGN’s material has taken a drop in quality lately? Odds are you probably raised your hand. The reviews are shorter, they contain less jokes and in several cases, the entirety of the video was ad-libbed. Yet somehow this hasn’t caused that much of a backlash. Are people convinced that AVGN will get material back to par? Or is it more likely that don’t care as much because they like the other content that AVGN makes? For anyone who’s been following Irate Gamer lately, you’d almost certainly be aware that Irate Gamer gets a lot of flak for not producing any irate gamer episodes or heck any real worthwhile content. But what about AVGN, you know his name is angry video game nerd, so obviously he should have a lot of AVGN episodes? Well that would true for any other year than this one. AVGN has produced so little content this year in stark contrast with other years. It’s roughly one episode every 2 months and unless you count the ET episode released yesterday (oct 10, 2014), then there’s roughly 4 months where there was no content and still no content in sight. But people don’t seem to care that AVGN episodes have almost completely become phased out. Why? well they can still watch the movie reviews and “Jame’s and mike’s mondays”. And of course, Mike Matei is also making his own reviews. Let’s see how Irate Gamer decided to shift his content; he first started by not making any announcements and making shows that there were no fan support there (i.e ghost investigators, irate the 80s, scotties greenscreen adventures,etc) finally culminating in a completely unannounced venture into skylanders. Each of the new shows were made as lamely and cheaply as possible. Ghost investigators consisted of pretending to be dramati… no I mean melodramatic and irate the 80s took way too long to produce. The history of video games was also poorly produced with more crap over substance and of course stolen footage. When it came to AVGN, the main content may have dropped but the effort stayed the same. But with Irate gamer, the main content not only plummeted but the effort did too.

And yet here Chris is, still complaining that AVGN is somehow oppressing him and trying to sabotage him. Would you be more likely to make a break for it if you stopped mentioning AVGN Chris? The plagiarism might still sting but at least you could get away from that. I mean you practically did, your show has a long drawn out plot that goes nowhere and is childishly immature; you as a character are as immoral as possible and you have no support from the gaming community. That’s about as far away from AVGN as you can get. Heck throw in some stupid spiritual bullshit that is so offensive it clearly shows your delusional and you’ve succeeded in making yourself incomparable to AVGN ( Yet the claim Chris has made still stands. To him, AVGN hates his guts for daring to be original and that he never intended to hurt AVGN but AVGN started and so he must win or there’ll be 1000 years of darkness or some really unbelievable shit. Yet given by the thumbs on this recent video at least 2k people have fallen for this utter stupidity. I’m not sure which amount of these people are giving the thumbs to encourage Irate Gamer to get himself into deeper shit but I can say that in a world with 6 billion or so people, its pretty obvious you can trick at a good portion of them. You can even do so if they know better too.

Here’s a little report I’d like to share with you:

“Vaccination can, as has been proven, cause encephalitis.”

Dr. med Steintl, Berlin writing in an article ‘International Medical Policy’

Wait What? you mean those vaccinations you get every winter can cause encephalitis? And this was said by a real doctor! Holy shit this must be real and you know what it is, that doctor did in fact say that quote. And there’s dozens of website and thousands of people who tell the doctors to take their vaccines and shove it because they know the truth… “that vaccines kill people“!

HAHAHAHA. Oh I’m sorry I can’t keep misleading you like this. The doctor did in fact say this, it is true… but in 1932.

“Vaccination can, as has been proven, cause encephalitis.”

Dr. med Steintl, Berlin writing in an article ‘International Medical Policy’,1932

notice how I didn’t include the date in the block quote. Also I didn’t define what encephalitis is. Encephalitis is a inflammation in the brain caused by viral infection. A vaccine is a drug that contains the dead bits of the thing you are trying to defend against and is injected to let the immune system auto detect and immunize against that virus. So a vaccine that causes a viral infection would be damn near impossible because then it wouldn’t be a vaccine if it had living bits of viruses in it. This was also said a long time ago, meaning that sanitation and a lack of context on the findings would make the claim very dubious. In short, what you’ve just experienced is gaslighting, the presentation of false information to make you doubt the information you already have or even better, mislead you on an issue you didn’t know about. Gaslighting is highly effective when there are few people contradicting your claims. The key to gas-lighting is to claim anyone who tries to contradict you is a liar (or in it for self-serving reasons) while trying to pretend as if you really do care about the people you mislead. Every year there are thousands of babies and young children who are killed by viruses and diseases that the modern world has vaccines for. Their parents are convinced that taking a vaccine isn’t worth the risk but fail to consider that things like encephalitis and down syndrome have naturally occurring rates and thus fail to take into account third confounding variables simply known as luck.

Taking a look at the Irate Gamer’s recent video on his current predicament. It becomes very clear that Irate Gamer is trying to gaslight his way out of his situation. Let’s take a look at the video shall we?

First the description:

Yes this video was a long time coming. I finally open up about my rise in success on Youtube, I address the whole Avgn James Rolfe controversy and more. This is the first and last time I will be so candid on the subject. It’s been 8 years since this all went down so I am moving on after this.

Archfiends original video:…
Archfiends Follow up video:…

“long time coming”

Yeah Chris all your videos are a long-time coming. You tend to not put any real effort into your work and take weeks to produce a days worth of effort. Considering it took you 8 years to make a video that actually details your own personal ethics when it honestly shouldn’t have taken you a year, I’m not exactly sure why you’d make this video now aside from egotism.

“rise in success on Youtube”

You mean your decline in success. You were only successful for about 6 months, at which point you hit the 145k you still have now because youtube’s subscriber count glitches had the admins lock it at 145k minimum. You haven’t done anything relevant lately and there’s really no sign that you’re making any real progress. If anything, the fact that Chris has abandoned the the Irate Gamer show in turn for more skylanders shows how desperate he is for some views.

“I address the whole Avgn James Rolfe controversy and more”

And more? There’s not much here at all. You committed plagiarism, continue to feud with James Rolfe for no fucking reason and act as if AVGN is trying to shut you down. I don’t get why he writes “AVGN James Rolfe controversy” as if James Rolfe is more reputable than the term AVGN is. Did he need to specify AVGN’s name?

“This is the first and last time I will be so candid on the subject”

You haven’t ever been candid on this subject. As irategamerfanboy345, you decided to pretend that AVGN stole material from you and hacked his own account to have his start-date be earlier than yours. As ladybuggin777 you’ve done so much to redirect anger towards yourself in the hopes of making your career as a professional victim. Chris, you are the last person to claim to be serious about this subject.

“It’s been 8 years since this all went down”
So the backlash was so terrible that you can’t hide anymore. *Very slow clap*

Well the description was short and lazy, let’s see how lazy the video is.
0-0:46 Chris decides to keep repeating himself over and over again by saying how he wants to talk about things. He mentions that he’s doing these as a response to archfiend, not noting that both the videos he has listed in the description have ridiculously low amount of views. So essentially Chris is inspired to make a response to something almost nobody has seen. Chris must have learned from the Asalieri style of video making, have a really long and repetitive intro that goes no where and has very little relevance to the actual video. Don’t worry Chris, throw in some “angry reviewing is dead” bullshit too. You’re clearly trying to imitate Asalieri now.

0:47 “many times in the past I’ve wanted to do a video like this and talk about… some of the things I want to talk about in this video”

GET ON WITH IT. Goddamn this is lazy. Talk about what? This going to be 39 minutes of stumbling isn’t it?

0:52 -1:07 “One of the reasons is that I don’t feel as if I’m really good just riffing it in front of the camera. I personally feel its not my strong point, so I’ve never really done it. But… I guess… his [archfiend] video really lit a fire under my butt to actually make one of these things”

Oh great, Chris is essentially admitting that the only reason he’s doing this video is because archfiend asked him to do it. You know at one point I actually said Archfiend demonstrated responsibility, now I’m absolutely sure he doesn’t have that. For those of us that believe Irate Gamer’s crusade against AVGN is is a coordinated effort, well now Chris has essentially admitted it. The entire reason why Chris is going to gaslight his way to damsel in distress is because Archfiend asked him to do it. Remember folks Chris is the victim in all this, its not like he committed plagiarism and continued to commit plagiarism or silences and attacks critics or anything. Heck Chris hasn’t even run a fake contest like a deal dash scam or rigged giveaway contest.

1:14 “and maybe talk about the stuff I’ve been so hush hush on for so many years” Two things. Chris, you haven’t been hush hush on. You’ve made it very clear that you have a multitude of stories on why AVGN hates you. You’ve claimed you were friends, you’ve claimed he stole from you first and you’ve claimed you never stole anything AND that’s before you claimed you did steal stuff but changed your ways. Chris has been anything but silent on this issue. Do I need to mention his attempt to say all haters can’t make sandwiches? How about his own statement that said all haters have no lives?

“Specially if you’re one of those no-life haters that takes a microscope to the show”
Heck what about your superiority complex in ghost hunting where you went on an interview, barely said anything and then told everyone you owned them? (

Its very clear to just about anyone that Chris believes he is better in every way than AVGN. He doesn’t care about doing a decent job considering he uses an emulator and consistently cheats through every game he’s played. There’s been reports that Chris is a griefer in left 4 dead and there’s clear cut signs that Chris has lied about things pertaining to his education and girlfriend status. Chris has been highly egoistical and vocal, so there’s no way he’d think that we’d be surprised by what he has to say. He’s obviously going to play the victim and act as if AVGN hates him. This might sound like character assassination, but Chris isn’t exactly subtle or capable of not making it clear that he has issues pertaining to not looking like a sociopath.

1:17 “but yeah, in this video I’m gonna talk about a lot of things…”

I’m just gonna start skipping the parts he doesn’t say anything important. Expect minutes to get skipped


1:32 “so let’s rewind this thing all the way back to 2006, so that was what? 8 years ago? And *very high pitched* BACK then what I was doing… I was doing these videos called haunted investigators. It was a ghost hunting show that I was uploading to youtube. They seemed very interesting to me”

Yeah they were only interesting to you Chris.

1:32 – 2:00 hey look the filler conga-line is back. FILLER FILLER FILLER! FILLER FILLER FILLER!

2:02 “Back in that day, there were these things called angry reviews of old video games. I mean it was, the IN thing, that I just stumbled acrossed!”

First off, acrossed? Really Chris? That’s not a word! And yeah, you totally stumbled across angry reviewing in 2006 on youtube… like all one AVGN of it. Here comes the gaslight!

2:20 “I really found, something that I was inspired by”

Yeah I know, it was so influential you took direct content from someone… er I mean “200 other guys doing the same thing”.

2:23 “Yeah of course James was doing it, there was a host of others, I found armake, I think its how you pronounce that”

Oh that’s great. Chris stole from armake during the predator review but can’t be bothered to pronounce his name properly. That’s just great! Can’t wait to see how much gaslighting we’ve got here.

2:32 “But yeah, there was a host of others that I subscribed to, and watched… and um… you know I didn’t start right away. I didn’t start doing reviews in 2006”

Because you were late to the bandwagon Chris. You didn’t realize you could get views and money with plagiarism until 2007. Would be very interested in how you weren’t watching mostly AVGN reviews and how you can claim to be fans of other angry reviewers when you can’t even name them. Chris is trying to gaslight here, he’s trying to pretend that he didn’t look towards AVGN as his main influence, even though that’s so obviously the case.

2:47 “I even emailed james and armake and say, I love how you review this stuff.. of course they never wrote back to me but in my own mind I thought man it’d be cool to kinda get popular on youtube one day and do a collab with these people because they they do a great job”

Uh huh. Yeah Chris I’m not buying this one. At this point, Chris sounds like a kid who just got caught and wants to look as innocent as possible. At what point did Chris think he could steal content from these guys, claim to not know them and still become great friends who work together on things? Uh no Chris, that’s not reality works, you don’t steal content to get respect. Heck if you even tried to contact armake I’m sure the internet community would have heard about and considering the letter you wrote to James which essentially said “I may have committed plagiarism but is A-okay and I won’t do it again” followed by doing again, I’m fairly sure you hate these people for not letting you have your cake and eat it. Sorry Chris sit back down, your gaslight is denied.

3:07 Changing the subject eh Chris? “And uh I was doing the ghost videos and uh for the longest time, I did want to do these types of reviews, but I didn’t want to step on any toes. I didn’t want to do what everybody else was doing. I just didn’t want to because I knew it would lead to all the crap that happened over the next few years. But actually there was one catalyst, one thing that I ran across on youtube that told me ‘hey it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do just that'”
So what was the catalyst Chris? Keep in mind you’re gonna have to explain why it made you think plagiarism was okay and sockpuppet abuse was acceptable.

3:37 – 4:00 filler conga-line. FILLER FILLER FILLER! FILLER FILLER FILLER! FILLER FILLER FILLER! Oh and pointless flashing of videos that are unreadable at 3:38. Yes Chris keep repeating that there are many angry reviewers… but do your best not to name any of them. Because that’ll help your case right?

4:03 “and one person asked him [AVGN], do you mind that you have so people doing the exact same thing, that you’re doing. And James replied to this video, I mean this email, saying ‘yeah I find it very flattering, I don’t care if a bunch of people do this, its awesome'”
Yeah except he meant people working the same field, as in people using the formula but with their own talent set. Not people who are in it for the money, clearly don’t care for their audience and try to troll people as much as possible. The plagiarism didn’t help either. I don’t think anyone would be happy to have their work used to make money without their permission. There’s a fine line between imitator and no talent hack Chris.

4:29 “I’m seeing this and I’m like ‘*barely comprehensibile stumbling* I want to do one of these things” So that was your catalyst? AVGN said he would be okay if people tried to do schtick. That’s it? Oh I’m sorry I was kinda expecting AVGN to also say that he was okay if other people tried to steal his act, claim they were better than him and tried to harass his fans and other people. Because that would be the catalyst I would be expecting.

4:36-4:50 The filler conga line is back! FILLER FILLER FILLER! FILLER FILLER FILLER! Okay seriously, propagandists repeat themselves less than this. Did Chris just suddenly lose track of what he was talking about only 4-5 minutes in?

4:55 “back to the future, I always hated this game, let’s do back to the future. So that was my first review, and alot of the jokes in there, yeah they were corny, they were stupid, some stuff I borrowed from other reviews; because I didn’t know what else to do *forced laugh*”

Okay so your first idea on how to do anything… is to immediately steal something and claim it was your own. Keep in mind that Chris did not admit any plagiarism of AVGN for years now and in fact, he’s only indirectly admitting he’s stolen material from AVGN here. He did not say “I took stuff from AVGN’s reviews”, he said “from other reviews”. This would be equivalent to a drunk driver saying he was sorry for driving drunk but not sorry for the family he killed while driving drunk. There are some things you should prioritize in your apology Chris and it doesn’t help that by not mentioning these things, you’re essentially trying to gaslight people in thinking that you’re merely inspired by AVGN, when you’ve directly stolen things from him. I don’t even get why it has to be this hard. Chris is clearly trying to be humble here, how much more humble can you get then by admitting your own mistakes? Bonus points for not saying you were sorry for taking the material to make that review. EVEN more bonus points awarded for later claiming that AVGN stole stuff from you using your irategamerfanboy345 account.

5:13 “I posted it [back to the future review] online. Maybe five people watched it. *laughs* I mean it wasn’t really popular.”

It was popular enough for you to keep ripping of AVGN for several more reviews. It was popular enough for you to make 3 seasons of utter crap before you stopped due to ADD. This is what I mean by gaslighting, Chris Bores is not a humble person. He did not have a humble beginning. He started with youtube false flagging of any critic who spoke against him, he’s ran and continues to run troll puppet accounts to harass people and his abandoned irategamerfanboy345 went around accusing every other youtube channel of plagiarism and began advertising about Irate gamer for his channel.

5:22 “but me and my circle of friends. Hey look at this, I think its fun, you know its in the same vain as everybody else is doing. you know I laughed at it they laughed at it. I made a couple of other videos. you know it just it… waldo, you know where’s waldo I did, goonies. It was all done in the same type of manner. You know work in the morning. do the stuff in my free time, post it online. you know me and my friends would laugh at it”

Okay STOP! Who’s your friends (I can only guess its Brad Harp or Eric allen? What do you mean by work in the morning (Chris clearly wasn’t working a full-time job, because if he was then there would be no reason to be so aggressive with his marketing)? Are you seriously attempting to steal AVGN’s origin story? This is literally the same story that AVGN made and the same one that he uses when people remind him that simon’s quest is not a horrible game (it is a confusing one however). For those not in the know, James Rolfe claimed that his first video, simon’s quest was simply made to entertain his friends, he never expected a public approval. In fact his work was circulated via VHS tape for quite some time in 2004!

“This is the #1 most often asked question I get. I made videos where I commentated on Nintendo games back in the late 80’s/early 90’s when the games were actually current. But back then, I was just pointing the camera at the TV screen and talking while I was playing them. (You can see that footage on the AVGN volume 2 DVD bonus content.)But the whole thing started as a little joke in May 2004 where I recorded an angry video game review for Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest. The whole joke was how in-depth I picked apart flaws and how mortally obsessed and angry I was over a game that was nearly 20 years old. Then I made a second video for the game Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde where I took the joke a step further by actually appearing on screen in my “nerd” persona. At the time, I didn’t even have a high speed internet to upload the videos online, so they only existed on VHS tapes, circulated around to my friends who all thought it was hilarious. Later, after YouTube was invented, I began uploading the nerd videos and they rapidly gained a fan following which prompted me to make more. It got so popular, that I decided to make it a steady series. As much as people enjoy watching, I enjoy making them and that’s why it still continues.” – AVGN FAQ… hmmm how similar is this to Chris Bore’s story?

In fact this story seems so similar that its practically plagiarism! Heck it doesn’t even make any sense. When he started he was pretty much going full overdrive with his irategamerfan345 account jumping onto people’s channels to advertise for him. I’ve received word that Jennifer Schippel (Chris’s cousin) has claimed that she was harassed by Chris Bores and she is now married to someone else and most importantly, that ladybuggin777 is a real person. Unfortunately, looking at the comments themselves, the lack of any real or identifiable form of identity (clicking to check the ID leads to a blank AOL id page) means that this is totally unreputable and has no real means of being true or false. This is what I mean by gaslighting, You don’t even have to use information that’s true or even verifiable, just saying it and trying to be sympathetic is enough for most people to believe you. Because if you don’t believe them then apparently it means you’re making fun of their tragic turn of events. This is an attempt to revise history that literally makes no sense. if its true, then we’ll have to explain how their IP address’s are the same and how Chris could read an IP logged article without leaving an IP log while simultaneously giving the worse and most non-explanatory excuses as to why their IP’s match. If its false, then obviously the occam’s razor wins again (the simplest explanation is often the correct one).

Chris seems to have realized that given recent trends, playing the victim is both profitable and does in fact work. Hence why we’re seeing Chris pretend that he never meant any harm when anyone who was there saw clear how he wanted to hurt people. This is akin to what Anita Sarkesian is doing right now, claiming that all video games need to be changed to make them “inclusive” and she’s being harassed because gamer’s aren’t “inclusive”. She doesn’t mention the fact that she took money and spent none of it on her show. She doesn’t mention that she admitted to not really playing games and she doesn’t mention that her research is totally borked. Likewise Chris has not addressed his claims that he’s a gamer, and in fact seems to not mention it all in this quote in quote “candid discussion”and he is heavily down playing his attempt to say he was the only credible source on gaming facts and news. He hasn’t mentioned his bullshit claims of not plagiarizing AVGN when he first confronted with it and hasn’t addressed his total lack of gaming skill or research. Yet somehow we supposed to buy that all the hate and animosity he has built up over the years against him, is all just one misguided belief and Chris just wanted to make a show for he and his friends and we’re not supposed to ask who his friends were or why he did all the nasty crap we know he’s done and apparently he’s brave for continuing to harass AVGN for his own damn problems and we’re supposed apologize and leave him alone and let him do his own thing (which has never worked in the past). An action plan built on a false narrative will give bad results and opens up further opportunity for stupider actionplans, its a tried and tested road paved with blood and is the reason why Science’s “do things and see if you can do them again before you make it fact” approach is the prevailing action plan we have today. If you accept a theory based on broken logic, you open yourself up for even stupider logic. The sad ironic thing is that Chris’s attempt to gain favor is to plagiarize AVGN’s origin story and to plagiarize other more successful professional victims. If Chris is going to make this discussion work, he’s going to have to go alot more indepth about his origins then “I had some friends, I did stuff and they encouraged me to do more stuff”

6:00 “There was this thing on gametrailers called out the uh the out nerd the nerd contest. At this time I had maybe 100 fans, subscribed to my channel. A lot of these fans were in the know *uses quotation mark gesture*. They knew everything that was going down. And uh They told about this out nerd the nerd contest. And they are like hey you should do… you should enter your stuff into the contest because you’re really… ummm you do a great job with editing and all this stuff… you’re skilled maybe you will get more views that way, my videos had like 200 views at this point. ”

Okay full-stop we’ve hit bullshit central. First off Chris, you claimed this was a candid discussion… at what point was it acceptable to give about 30 seconds to your origin story. You’re supposed to tell us about yourself not about other people. You’ve spent more time talking about fans and friends you won’t name or describe and have not said anything concrete or real. Chris I sure hope you know what the quotation mark gesture means, because you just implied that all your fans don’t know shit. In fact this literally gaslighting, when Irate Gamer started the flamewar took off like a B-17 bomber. He was not small time when he made where’s waldo and Back to the future. Those are TO DATE his most successful videos in terms of views. This was the point where he skyrocketed to 145k subscribers and to say that he had only 200 views at this point is pure gaslighting! Irate Gamer hit the ground RUNNING… for a year before poor work ethics, stumbling blocks like plagiarism and common sense slowed him to crawl. These days Chris is lucky to get 100k views on a video usually getting only less than 400 views on a video but do not let Chris fool you into thinking his progression took the shape of a bellcurve, he started out strong and dropped from there; never to recover. Likewise the 100 fans is also pretty bullshit and considering that people still hate Chris now and seem to only give encouraging advice to trick him into doing something stupid (kind of like the people who try to enable Chris Weston Chandler), it’s pretty clear that he’s never really had 100 fans (lurkers who subscribe do not count). Heck given how Chris treats his fans (scam contents, mass censorship, flat out lies to them constantly) I don’t think he has 10 fans let alone a 100 (viewers sure, but not fans as in people who actually interact with you on a daily basis). Making this more dubious is the sheer fact that Chris never follows the advice of his fans and is very escentric when it comes to the things he changes. Using an obvious example, many fans have made it clear that they do not like or even want to see Skylander videos on his channel. After A LOT OF prodding Chris finally made a new channel called skylanderC but then proceeded to not make use of it, continue to publish skylander videos on his irate gamer channel and then finally abandon the account and continue to make shitty content. Going on to other examples, many people pointed various research fails in Chris’s videos and Chris has demonstrated that he can re-edit and redo his videos, he has only once removed a critical research error; in his zombies ate my neighbours review he added a line where he says the game is not bad except he forgot to remove the lines later on where he says the game is a piece of shit. Chris does not listen to his fans and its no surprise that his subscriber count has been locked and not reflective of how many people actually give a shit about his content. This makes it all the more disingenuous when Chris says the reason why he entered the contest was because fans asked him to. It’s not because he’s always trying to out-compete AVGN or seek some form of validity or that he’s a glory hog who wants attention, NOPE apparently Chris Bores has fans, none of which could be bothered to show up in a video or actually listened to the thousands of other times they’ve asked for something. He provides no evidence, not one comment or inbox mail letter, and expects us to buy this. Pure unmitigated GASlighting. Perhaps my favorite part is how Chris is literally unable to say anything substantial about his own work primarily because he blocks all criticism; “editing and all that stuff indeed”.

6:50 Chris says that someone from gametrailers emailed him and asked him to enter the contest. Okay two things wrong with this, #1 it would not be professional for the contest holder to specifically ask people to enter the contest, that’s preferential treatment and won’t happen simply because contests are supposed to be equal opportunity, otherwise its a scam. #2, Chris does not bother to list or even keep the invitation letter, because that would take effort. Where is this going exactly, this has nothing to do with your current situation Chris.

7:05 “A lot of my videos were quickly banged out that summer”
Oh I get what your’re trying to do here, you’re trying to explain why there were so many stupid, short and off topic videos on the channel… something you do every freaking year with or without a contest. Do I even need to check your list of videos Chris, this flat out lying. Just say the obvious Chris! You make those videos because they’re short, take little effort and you don’t really care about your fans or maintaining a quality standard. How is this a “candid” discussion when you’re not going to discuss things and make excuses that don’t even work?

7:10 “And I submitted all these into the out nerd the nerd contest”
WAIT WHAT? This contest happened in 2007 as seen by HVGN starting and submitting his reviews at that time (I can’t find the real contest rules though, so if any of you readers can find it please link it in the comments). Those weren’t the random and stupid videos… THIS is why you don’t be vague when talking about your own personal experience. I literally have no idea what videos Chris is talking about. The only eligible videos he could be talking about are “Ghost and goblins, Sopranos, Mission impossible” as these were made in june and july. Goonies 2, where’s waldo and Back to the future were made before june and thus couldn’t have taken place. Again, Chris knows that people are unlikely to understand what the rules of the contest were, what it even entailed or even how long it ran. Is he going to bother explaining this so people can actually believe him, Nope it wouldn’t be gaslighting if you didn’t lie!. Heck I’m not even sure if those 3 videos even count either as HVGN’s videos were released in september!

Thus there can be two conclusions here:
1. Chris has no fucking clue what he’s talking about and is trying to randomly interject some sort of tragedy into his narrative to fool people
2. Chris is trying to explain why he makes a lot of content for the first year and then immediately stopped making thing at anywhere near an acceptable rate (Kinda like me=) though I’m actually really sorry about that). This fails because it means that Chris has just stated he will only work hard if there’s a chance he could beat AVGN, considering that he’s not working hard right now… well its pretty obvious who the loser of the AVGN-Irate Gamer feud is.

7:12 “of course I used some of his [AVGN] umm, well I should say a lot of his personality traits and what not and threw those into the video to uh out nerd him basically, because that’s what the rules of the contest were”.

So let me get this straight… to beat the nerd aka AVGN, you’re gonna commit plagiarism and essentially be him. So to counter the rock in rock paper scissors, you’d use rock.

HOW DOES THAT OUTNERD THE NERD? What were the rules of the contest? Its been fucking seven minutes and you haven’t answered one question in a satisfactory manner. Chris is essentially trying to gaslight the reason why he plagiarized in the first place, he’s trying to trick people into thinking that he did not plagiarize to steal someone’s act and get famous for doing nothing but instead because the “contest rules” he won’t define said he should. I should note the winner was happy video game nerd (HVGN) and its written on HVGN’s bio, so clearly the rules were to be unique and (according to other people who know more about the event) to review a horror game. Not only that but those reviews sucked, I mean seriously, the Ghost and Goblins like to dislike bar is at 1/2 dislike. What poor sap are you trying to fool Chris?

7:29 Okay this next line was SO BAD, I have to put comments in [] and it is bolded too.

“You know I submitted them, I had people from gametrailers be like ‘OH MY GOD [These videos suck] These are great [for keeping my kids in check] you’re gonna win, if you enter [wait what?] and this other… all this other stuff”

HOLY SHIT SLIP OF THE TONGUE. Was this live stream or something, why didn’t you fucking edit that out!? “You’re gonna win IF you enter”? Why don’t you just put up a sign in the background that says “I’m having a delusional fantasy right now”. What kind of fucking contest runner would tell you that and even then why would they say “IF you enter”. So you’re telling me they watched the video before you even fucking submitted it? The icing on the cake is that Chris seems to realize that he’s lied to much and starts stopping himself after he realizes he just said that the contest runners didn’t actually watch his video (because they weren’t submitted yet) and that he’s deluded himself into thinking he was going to win. I’m sorry folks if he keeps this up I’m just going to start skip to a point where he stops talking about the contest.

And now a break from the madness:

Train stop 7:30 am.
“Hi you waiting for the 7:31 evidence train” – Earl
“Yeah I’ve been waiting since 12:00am, had to take a potty break because man that train conductor keeps shitting all over the place” – Tim
“I don’t think the evidence train is coming” – Earl
“It’s got to come, otherwise why make a ‘candid’ discussion about yourself and then proceed to make nothing but unwarranted self-contradicting claims” – Tim
“All I know is that if that train conductors keeps shitting like this, we’ll have enough bullshit to feed the masses” – Earl

We now return to “holy fuck what is this?” Chris Bore’s edition.

7:37-7:47 The filler conga line has come back. FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER! WHOOOHOOO why bother being actually constructive when you can repeat yourself before mentioning something really obvious

7:48 “I found out that another guy won”
Oh god please don’t tell me you’re gonna play the sore loser card. I really don’t want to see that. Please PLEASE PLEASE don’t do that.

7:56 “And I watched the video *stupid cutaway to himself looking at computer screen* and I said to myself, you gotta be kidding me, this is what won the contest? It was nothing like the nerd”
You know… you could tell people what the rules of the contest were. In fact the title was “out nerd the nerd” and you can’t do that by being the nerd. According to the HVGN “it was a contest to see who could make the best video in a style similar to the AVGN’s” ( so I’m honestly surprised that Chris didn’t realize that he was supposed to oh I don’t know, REVIEW THE GAME and not make stupid cutaway gags that suck and aren’t funny. Had to play the sore loser card didn’t you Chris?

8:06 “and uh I was kinda miffed by that”
Oh great here comes the inevitable “HVGN won a rigged contest” crap isn’t it? Let me guess are you going to explain that you ran your own rigged contests to get back at gametrailers?

8:09 “cause I put a lot of hard work and energy into this”
…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Sure

8:12 “I thought I was a lock for the winner”
So much so you delusion-ally thought the contest runners scoped you out, exclusively invited you and then repeatedly told you that you would win and they liked you so much they watched your videos without them EVEN BEING submitted. WHAT THE FUUU-

We now take a break from the madness:
Meanwhile at the trainstop
“Hey Tim look, the trains here, its 8 hours late but its here!” – Earl
“Sweet merciful god, I knew it, it was too lopsided to be true, Chris Bore’s evidence train is finally here” – Tim
“It’s not stopping! It’s not stopping!” – Earl
“Get out of the way its tipping over” – Tim
“Oh god, there’s shit everywhere”- Tim
“Who could have predicted that Chris’s anecdotal evidence train would be filled with nothing but bullshit?” – Earl

We return to the madness of the never ending diarrhea, now in 720p.

8:19 “Well I later found out that contest was rigged and uh I’m sure James had a hand in picking the winner”
Hmmm sore loser card, check. Contest was rigged check. targeting innocent people and setting them up for harassment, check. Gaslight is a go. So let me get this straight, a contest which you didn’t win constitutes as rigged despite the fact that your material does in fact suck, is no where near good or anything really like AVGN’s work if you don’t count the plagarism and contains childish and completely amateur work that literally is terrible. I keep hearing that Chris is good at editing, but editing a video isn’t that fucking hard, its not hard to arrange the bits of a video into a coherent movie. The special effects he uses is amateur and stock. Chris Bores cannot review a game let alone understand the gaming community and yet somehow he’s claiming this contest must be rigged with no evidence or any real proof. Chris… since you were aware that the contest was rigged and have been in the possession of this information for over 5 years now, you are no longer entitled to pursue or claim legal action. You should have something earlier when you found out it was rigged and thus you are essentially attempting to stir up shit for the sake of stirring up shit. Let me tell you what Willy Wonka would tell anyone stupid enough to find selfish “retribution” for your own mistakes.

8:30 “That was kinda the first time he kinda ‘snuffed’ me”
This is the epitome of lying and speaking in bad faith. It takes a special kind of sociopath to deliberately lie knowing that thousands of people will be hear it.

I said earlier in the article that I’m gonna start skipping the video if it becomes clear that Chris is just plain lying and yelling out random and completely made up bullshit. However Chris doesn’t really say anything more important after this part and just seems to rant about random bullshit I don’t care about. He mentions being featured on youtube which he claims was a big deal but it honestly isn’t. He mentions the letter he sent to AVGN and claims he had talked to AVGN a lot and then claims AVGN tried to extort him. Considering he hasn’t made any follows up you already know what I’m going to say (No evidence = no argument Chris Bores). Thus I think I should consider this article done because there’s no much more to say about Chris’s Gaslighting. At this point he’s given up all pretense of a “candid” discussion and is just flat out lying to the audience using things you can’t even verify. In addition I’ve just decided to read what Batdan has written on the matter and it turns out the contest was in august, so literally he didn’t even increase his production to do the contest leading to the high probability he didn’t even fucking enter especially if the claim that a horror game had to be reviewed as criteria is true (again I can’t prove that to be the case). Chris repeatedly claims there’s an aristocratic group deadset against him and my will to give a shit is sapped by my paperwork (which has been increased because of an increase of certain “incidents” within the city I live in) and also sapped by the fact that he’s done this already. Its not big news that Chris Bores has pretend to be a victim for a long while now. It’s practically a trend with egotists, professional victimhood. He even lies about Ladybuggin777 and despite this “candid” discussion, he couldn’t be bothered to bring his supposed mother in to share her thoughts on the matter.

So essentially
1. I did something
2. EVIL VILLANIOUS AVGN was there to do something… EVIL and stuff
3. Woe is me. (hey Chris try advertising your patreon account, its about the only thing you missed in professional victim-hood)
4. Some really weak potshots at “haters”
Repeat for 36 minutes

It literally takes me an hour for every two to three minute that passes in these videos because of how much I need to type and how much is wrong with what Chris writes. Hence the slow progress. As such I’m gonna leave poll here for whether or not you guys want a sequel article that covers the next 8 or minutes or the entire episode or something.

37 thoughts on “Chris Bores decides to be sociopathic, invokes gaslighting.

  1. So, Jennifer recently came onto IG Sucks to clear the air on a few things, and Chris, on his Ladybuggin account, threatened her parents. Seriously. This is the LOWEST he has ever stooped: actually threatening peoples’ lives.

      1. It’s on her channel discussion! It’s STILL there. Jennifer said that the Buggin account is apparently really his mom’s, but regardless of whose it is or isn’t, Buggin is the one who made that comment/threat. Someone’s screencapped it in case he deletes it. I’ve already reported it, and have recommended others do the same.

      1. Where does he get all his money, his welfare check can’t be that much that he’s able to afford to fly to different parts of the world or spend late nights smoking his fatass off. Also made another video about gamergate:

        He goes after Todd not because he used Justin’s name (which Eric can’t really go after him for, because Eric never knew Justin personally) but because he was anti-gamergate.

        Also ThatsDoable made a video about Chris’ coming out video:

        He mention’s Eric’s “review” of the movie and how he, Chris and Archfiend have become Youtube whores who are now just desperate for attention.

      2. Well to be fair, if Asalieri mentioned todd’s quote on Justin, he would be screwed on the count that he didn’t exactly apologize for his harassment of jew wario. If he tries to apologize about it now… he’ll be screwed for taking his time and dragging up the topic. Thus its actually a surprisingly good move for Eric to not bring that up, even though what Todd did was exactly what I wanted to avoid: politicizing suicide!

        Still though, its only a matter of time he blows it. I haven’t seen the video, I don’t exactly have the time to watch it, so if he blows it in the video I wouldn’t be surprised.

    1. When he said “Justin wouldn’t approve” I’m sure he was referring to far right movement of Gamergate, the side that supports misogyny, death threats, stalking, and bullying women and those who stand up for them. And while some praised LordKat for his video shaming Todd for using Justin’s name for “political purposes” he also used Justin’s name in his vendetta against two people (Lindsay Ellis and Diamanda Hagan) he blames for his departure from CA according this incident:

      Three days later LordKat posts another video where he has dropped his write in campaign against Todd, Lindsay, and Diamanda after some sort of deal was struck about the incident in the like above:

      LordKat using Justin’s name as a part of revenge plot against people I’m sure he loved working with seems far worse than just using his name in tweet. Also notice how he doesn’t go after Joe who also used Justin’s name in a tweet. While I still like Todd I don’t agree with how he worded his tweet and should’ve sited the misogynistic part of the Gamergate movement.

      But as for Eric’s video, while he won’t admit it he’s become part of the far right section of Gamergate, on the comments section of his Facebook page I’ve seen him use feminazi a few times and has also said “give it awhile and these bitches will be running things”. He’s angry at Colbert for not “exposing” Anita Sarkeesian when he interviewed her and said he’s boycotting his show (although dumbass doesn’t realize Colbert’s show ends this year and that he going to be hosting the Late Show). He also refers to Gamergate as “our movement”. He also has a knee jerk reaction to anyone who’s apart of Anti-Gamergate labeling them as “special snowflakes”, when his “movement” is full of them (him included). If anything his involvement is because he’s afraid of feminism messing with his video games, he couldn’t give a shit about journalism ethics.

      1. Yeah totally agree with your analysis on what Eric’s doing. He’s essentially trying to hide in the moderate majority of gamer-gate. Which as I’ve already noted, is absolutely hilarious because he’s exactly the kind of person that caused gamergate to begin with. He’s the guy who doesn’t do research, makes ridiculous claims and demands even more ridiculous action plans and constantly changes his history regarding who did what.

        I find it rather sad that the media continues to pretend that gamergate is a misogynistic movement. Its undeniable that a misogynist could be apart of a thousands if not millions strong movement, based on easy statistics. But the idea that it makes the entire movement or even a good fraction of the movement sexist is ridiculous. The two/three people who keep claiming to be harassed by gamergate are getting no more harassment then other people do, in fact the people who are supporting gamergate have gotten worse harassment. King of pol got sent a knife in his mail with a message to kill himself and then shortly after… got a firetruck called in to mess with him. Other people who support gamergate have gotten fired from their jobs and have had their bosses contacted. Death threats are something any notable person gets. Irate Gamer has gotten them, I’ve gotten them, Batdan has gotten them, Mr.Kill has gotten them, heck even Duwango has gotten them. You so much as fart in a way that someone else doesn’t like, and you will get death threats. The threats should be taken seriously sure, but they’re not anything to write home about. None of the evidence they’ve (the three harssment claimers) shown have any direct links it to gamergate. Their narrative is collapsing and it shows as their interviews are filled with negative comments expressing disbelief that these people are represented so much while the opposition gets so little. These people are trying to do what Asalieri wants to do, rewrite history so people will like them… and just like Asalieri, they’re failing miserably!

        My guess is Asalieri will try and say “I’m the guy who picked a good target for once and look at me, I’m so awesome for helping all those poor gamers” and people will reply with “for once? What happened the other times?” and then he’ll be right back where he started. Eric may have picked a good target this time but he’s still pegged for all the other incidents he still hasn’t cleaned up yet.

  2. Oh… Oh what the hell. Okay folks, I am making it clear right now (if I haven’t already) that using anyone’s suicide/murder as a political tool is a absolute bullshit. Unfortunately, this seems to the direction that anti-GG is going. Todd may be trying to express anti-GG but given what the heads of anti-GG have just done, I don’t think Todd is going to live this one down. I mean first Anita decides to politicize a goddamn massacre than this?

    What the fuck?

  3. And on further review of what’s happened recently. Duwango you were totally correct about Internet Aristocrat screwing up.

    2 hours of him and his friends blowing it.

      1. They were drunk and said really stupid things that lead to in-fighting between other pro-GG members. It’s over now but the point duwango made is pretty freaking clear, these guys do not have their wild swings under control. To be fair though its more king of pol than internet aristocrat but that doesn’t change the fact that these two cause the incident.

        Edit: whoops its still not over in fact they’re still arguing over that.

  4. laser, are you still loaded with work dude?

    because i need to be honest, you need to finish this article as soon as possible, because so many people, even people who are good in nature are succumb to this scum-fuckers lies (Chris, Eric, Archie, etc)

    some comments from the Archfiend

    and people are actually believing “the contest was rigged LOL”

    I want to ask an honest question.

    What in the name of anything good is going on!?

    Why it just so happen that all these people like Gaming Goose and One176 (BlackfacedKermit) and to lesser extent Bigal2k6 are also joining the same side as Chris/Eric and when confronted with evidence against any of them or being confronted for hypocrisy for their new “stands”?

    And even the big dipshits like Archfiend and Bores himself are on the same boat, and i DO LITERALLY MEAN, THE SAME FUCKING BOAT!.

    What are they up too?

    1. Well I can see two things aside from my still massive (sorry) workload:
      1. They all seem to be youtube ranters. This might be an attempt to start a collusive effort to gain clout on youtube. It probably won’t work though because while those people are notable, they’re not exactly super successful. I mean just look at the subscriber counts for these guys, they’re no where near popular and a niche group is not going to have a lot of clout.
      2. Professionalism. Don’t have feuds because they don’t really matter and can only lower the quality of your work. Let’s face it, deciding to go lax on Irate Gamer is not going to win you any fans. This is because it reduces the topics and categories of content that you can produce. Most people watch Irate Gamer related material to laugh at the fail and drama that surround Chris Bore’s attempts at being an internet celebrity. Thus apologizing means you lose this crowd of people and gain just about no one because no one is browsing youtube just to see apology videos. Therefore the only real reason to apologize and make up with Irate Gamer is for reputation’s sake. If you’re known for being in a feud with someone then your reputation is intertwined with that person, by apologizing; you can stop debating about a topic you don’t care about anymore and you don’t have to deal with any more feuds. I can understand that you don’t want people to be friends with Irate Gamer because that’s hypocritical but the key point here is not they are becoming friends (they’re not) but that they’re letting Irate Gamer the character die. They’re essentially saying they don’t give a shit about what Chris Bores does anymore even though what he does is roughly the same as what he did all the way back then. These apologies will screw over Irate Gamer by causing him to fade from collective consciousness. I wouldn’t be too worried about people thinking negatively of AVGN or the about the contest because as far that’s concerned, its too late for anything legally to be done and too little evidence to do anything. Chris has claimed and lied about many things and the only people willing to watch an hour long piece of crap that’s not funny would probably be the people who have deluded themselves into thinking that Chris’s work should be respected because it’s low quality (you know, the kind of people who don’t understand what quality involves or even is and why its bad to treat bad work as good). Heck look at the thumbs up on the guy who explained why HVGN won the contest, that should show you how little people think of Irate Gamer’s claim.

  5. Okay guys. Poll for new whether you want to stop talking about Irate Gamer, make a new article to cover the rest of the episode or just continue it in this one. If the continue option suceeds then the article was password locked just like before but with the same password… which is yaba.

  6. I’ll consider the poll results final on friday afternoon. It looks like it’ll be a new article, which of course will be password locked using the same password (yaba) and will probably take forever to come out =(. That said I’ll be happy to write it and the next article will probably go up to the point where he mentions the letter he sent, and look at further claims of AVGN boogeyman conspiracy. Seriously, AVGN might as well be an allegory for CIA if he’s going to be blamed for troubles like this.

    1. And the results are in. Its going to be a new article. The new article will be password locked until completion. You can check the status of the article by entering the well known password yaba

      That’s yaba without quotes or periods or capitals.

  7. If you’ve seen Eric’s recent video he’s wearing a name tag that says “Eric, Lab Technician”. I don’t know if it’s fake or real, considering he’s a community college dropout who majored in drama (that and usually name tags has the person’s family name on it). He’s current video is also terrible mainly because he shows his misogyny by calling feminists shrill harpies who will never get a man because of their feminist ideals. If I may suggest a possible topic for an article down line is how Eric’s entry into gamergate has shown him to be a misogynist.

    1. Yeah the lab technician badge seems suspect. In addition that badge lacks any identifying markings or logos, which tend to be standard. Not only that but anyone following Eric’s facebook and other… activities would know that he’s practically unemployable. Large ego, stalks friends, clear racism and bigotry, clear lack of understanding of morality and responsibility. There is literally no way Eric would be trusted with chemicals and there’s been no foreshadowing or any real explanation for how he could get such a job.

      As for calling him on misogyny. It could work but it could backfire if I’m not careful. I should note that calling people misogynists is the go to argument of the very clueless and inept anti-gamergate side. Still though there’s plenty of evidence of slut-shaming on Eric’s side and when I’m done with the irate gamer recaps I’m pretty sure I’ve have a lot to say about his… work on gamergate.

      1. Okay maybe using misogyny might have been the incorrect term, but most of his videos about Gamergate have been extremely anti-feminist and he’s all to happy to use word rape in his videos numerous times, for example his video about Bill Cosby (although he stole footage from a cartoon to make said video).

  8. ugh anti-feminist is a term to avoid using too… I totally agree that his work misrepresents the issue and relies on yellow sensationalist writing. I think its totally possible to elaborate on Eric’s work without using buzzwords like misogynist and anti-feminist. Slut-shaming is a buzzword that probably describes the majority of his work on gamergate though.

    1. but then again, even if you have legitimate reasons to use those words, the bullshit paradox is that you cant and you apparently should be frown upon because they are now “buzzwords”, almost if every single word is now a buzzword, and i am sorry, but it can be true that this is now use as a dogde to criticism, and pointing out issues that at the very least could be tweaked.

      1. Ok what i am trying to say is that, if you observe an issue and you have legit reasons to use those words, it is invalid now just because they “have become buzzwords” or “SJW throw them around like volleyball”?

  9. The issue is that people will associate you with the people who throw the words around like idiots. But then again this is Eric we’re talking about here, he’ll do that anyway. You know what? I’ll use all those words.

    I’m merely expressing a desire to not have a message shot to pieces by people who couldn’t be bothered to look past one or two words. Then again, I don’t think its worth catering to those thin-skinned people.

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