Chris Bores and intellectual dishonesty. Cognitive dissonace edition. Special Guest ‘The AVGN BOOGEYMAN’

You know I believe I wrote at one point in this blog that the Archfiend demonstrated responsibility at least. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that he kept doing that and its pretty clear he stopped a long while ago. Continuing to harass AVGN under false pretenses that he has yet to back up is ridiculous and running the narrative that Chris Bores is a “strong” person for continuing to live a delusional fantasy is at best disgusting and at worse pathetic. What makes it worse is that a lot of opportunistic people are trying to encourage Chris to go back to the glory days where he harassed others and it might work simply because most people who don’t like Irate Gamer are smart enough to know that you don’t go watch or even comment on his work because everyone already knows it sucks and criticism is not accepted anyway. To be honest I think that Archfiend is doing this because both him and Irate Gamer have something in common. This something in common is the subscriber dilemma. Archfiend has 43k subscribers. These subscribers could not be bothered to watch his videos and his most recent videos don’t have anywhere near 10k views in week let alone 1k views a week. This generally has to do with the obvious, when you abandon the key concept that made your channel/product marketable (in Archfiend’s case it was going after real douchebags) you immediately lose a crapton of relevance and as a result your views plummet. Of course this is an issue for a lot of people particular creators who want to shift genre’s or cover other topics. Archfiend right now is just doing crappy Vlogs which is interesting to small group of people but not exactly award winning content. Irate Gamer wants to make the switch but seems like he can’t really make up his mind whether he wants to continue to act as a legitimate source of information or otherwise as a parody.

And it is for this reason why you can call the entirety of Chris’s Career and work intellectual dishonesty. But before I begin on why we can do this, let’s take a look at what intellectual honesty actually is:
From wikipedia (as they’ve taken a direct quote from a science journal)

Intellectual honesty is an applied method of problem solving, characterized by an unbiased, honest attitude, which can be demonstrated in a number of different ways, including but not limited to:

One’s personal beliefs do not interfere with the pursuit of truth;
Relevant facts and information are not purposefully omitted even when such things may contradict one’s hypothesis;
Facts are presented in an unbiased manner, and not twisted to give misleading impressions or to support one view over another;
References, or earlier work, are acknowledged where possible, and plagiarism is avoided.

Harvard ethicist Louis M. Guenin describes the “kernel” of intellectual honesty to be “a virtuous disposition to eschew deception when given an incentive for deception.”[1]

Intentionally committed fallacies in debates and reasoning are sometimes called intellectual dishonesty.

So essentially intellectual Dishonesty is the opposite of the above block quote. Therefore:
1. Personal beliefs do interfere with the pursuit of truth
2. Relevant facts are omitted even when they contradict the hypothesis
3. Facts are presented in a biased manner and twisted to give misleading impressions or to support one view over another.
4. References or earlier work are not acknowledged and plagiarism is considered acceptable

Well let’s take a look at what Chris has done and see whether or not he matches this definition. In fact, I will just use the work of batdan just to show exactly how deeply ingrained intellectual dishonesty is in his work.
1. personal beliefs do interfere with the pursuit of truth
in which Chris Bores hates contra because its hard and does not examine game mechanics or any real non-superficial feature. His biggest complaint is that the ending wasn’t spectacular, a feature that a good portion of games don’t even have because programmers are smart and focus on making gameplay with their limited MB of data.
in which chris says a very good game is crap because he can’t be bothered to actually play the game. Bonus points for re-releasing the video only to do absolutely nothing except a few special effect changes. MrKillultra tells me that the only changes were one line where he says the game doesn’t really suck but then he forgets to edit out the part where Chris then says the game totally sucks and is terrible.
in which Chris bashes a game because he can’t be bothered to look up how to perform super moves and attacks and also because he’s more interested in the cartoon show and toys than the actual game.
in which Chris repeatedly does the things that kill him and says the game sucks because it keeps killing him.

The above are from his early years and were made within 1 or 2 years of his start (2006-2007? I’m not really checking this so feel free to correct me). Here’s some more recent ones:
In which Chris just makes his own sketches while claiming he’s being historically accurate and factual. Bonus points for not even describing what happens on the screen at one point.
In which Chris doesn’t even review any mechanics of resident evil 6 because he got a review copy and thus that makes it automatically good (P.S resident evil 6 is a very frustrating and HARD game, you’d think Chris would have something to say about that).

And I can go on to make this another 7000 word article just by discussing this topic alone. To save time let’s just move to 2.

2. Relevant facts are omitted even when they contradict the hypothesis
I could use the above points but I’ll use some new ones.
In which Chris flat out states what the godzilla 2014 movie will be like based off a goddamn poster. At no point does he remark that his work is non-factual or even sensationalist.
As you can see in the actual article, the article is labeled news subheading, random pop culture. So apparently him making complete guesses about what the movie will be like without acknowledging that they are guesses counts as news. Protip: not listing your sources counts as a ommission of relevant facts.
in which Chris says the genesis was made to compete with the SNES despite the release date of the genesis being much earlier than the SNES. Bonus points for saying wikipedia sucks even though its fairly clear he uses it.
In which Chris bores throws out an Alex Jone’s esque theory that is utter garbage and disregards many key concept in the video game industry and official statements from nintendo.

Lets just say Chris omits facts… a great deal of the time.

3. Facts are presented in a biased manner and twisted to give misleading impressions or to support one view over another.
… You know I’m just gonna save time and say the above 8 articles have all of that.

4. References or earlier work are not acknowledged and plagiarism is considered acceptable.
in Which chris says “I’ve been playing these games for 20 years; I know all the ins and outs of these games”. He never references this statement and since it was an official statement, you’d think he’d make less mistakes in the field of gaming. I should also note that Chris has called his work parodies, even though he’s completely serious with his ego.
“100 or so other people doing the same thing” – Chris Bores on whether or not AVGN inspired him.

Hmmm did he reference this statement in his “candid discussion” oh wait he didn’t.

Part the reason why intellectual dishonesty is so nasty is because authors and the idiots who defend their crappy work attempt to invoke the retcon. As mentioned earlier Chris has attempted to repeatedly say that he’s not trying to look smart and that he’s just a parody that people are to laugh at and hatred against him is bad because its prevents him from moving on. Except his actions don’t fit this narrative and even in this candid discussion we’ve seen that Chris still doesn’t own up to his mistakes and still acts as if he deserves reward for doing nothing. He was so convinced he would win that he literally though the judges watched his videos and then emailed him to say that he would win without question if he entered. So in Chris Bore’s mind, its A-okay for contest runners to critique material that wasn’t even entered.

Heck I probably wouldn’t be so pissed at intellectual dishonesty if it wasn’t so prominent today. Asalieri can very aptly be described as intellectually dishonest. Archfiend can also fit the description and Chris Bores is probably the epitome of intellectual dishonesty.

Heck intellectual dishonesty is so prominent that its even hit professional levels. I’m not sure if anyone cares about gamergate but a good portion of gamergate is about preventing the use of intellectual dishonesty. A big sticking point in the gamergate narrative is Leigh Alexander’s “Gamer’s’ don’t have to be your audience. ‘Gamers’ are over” article ( In this article all gamers are said to be dead and are refereed to as “These obtuse shitslingers, these wailing hyper-consumers, these childish internet-arguers”. The big block quote in the article says “‘Gamer’ isn’t just a dated demographic label that most people increasingly prefer not to use. Gamers are over. That’s why they’re so mad.”

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t this article is defend-able in any real fashion because let’s face it, how would this line look to you? “You are a piece of shit subhuman who should be replaced by people who are desirable to me”. You probably didn’t find that last quote particualarly appealing and before I go on I’d like to say no I don’t think you’re a piece of subhuman shit and I am glad you take the time out of your life to come read this blog. Yet somehow I see people who think “it was perfectly acceptable to phrase it in that manner because the only person who would be offended is those who fit the description” and thus in their minds its not ‘gamers are dead’ its ‘the obtuse shitslinging childish gamer is dead’ and somehow Leigh Alexander’s unprofessional garbage of an article is ‘enlightening’ and good idea of how the industry should be shaped. Essentially they claim that Leigh Alexander’s article promotes inclusivity by promoting exclusivity. Yeah I don’t know how that works either. The fact of the matter is, today we’ve seeing one too many people fail the information literacy test. YOU CANNOT take evidence and use it to state more than is actually said in the evidence. At no point has Leigh Alexander stated that she wants only one portion, specifically the nasty portion of gamers removed both in personal statement or in the freaking article.

Heck Leigh Alexander said the following in her list for reasons why she drinks:

48. Because your readership, your commenters, your followers, are largely a pack of fucking idiots with precious, wonderful, brilliant rare exceptions

Boy it certainly sounds like a plausible argument that Leigh Alexander doesn’t hate the majority of people who are here audience… I mean gamers certainly weren’t her audience right?

See the entire list here:

Yet we’ve seen this here with Chris and here with Gamergate. Chris is somehow getting supporters despite doing everything that made people hate him to begin with. People are for some reason twisting logic to make Chris seem like a good person for literally doing everything that would make him a bad person. I’ve seen crap that says Chris Bores is humble even though recent trends show that Chris is still making bullshit claims like him confirming sequels to movies or that he is a prominent video game scholar and critic. I personally don’t think that the support will last at all and in fact this is double edged sword, this ‘coming out’ (and no I’m not rephrasing that) video shows that Irate Gamer is essentially making himself irrelevant. Prominent Critics have “apologized” to him and essentially said he’s an okay guy but the people who have apologized have done nothing related to Irate Gamer for years. Archfiend hasn’t done jack shit involving Irate Gamer and neither asalieri or literally anyone who cares. Heck FFL2and3rocks aka third rate gamer didn’t even take the easy excuse to drop the topic and actually asked for evidence on whether or no the contest was rigged. Anyone claiming that past “haters” saying sorry to Chris Bores is something big need to check the history of the “hater” to begin with. The best way to drop a feud you don’t care about is just saying you never had a complaint to begin with. This is actually bad for Chris since that means his work has even less value (most of Chris’s fan come from the fact that his videos are easy to parody and insult).

But of course there’s another aspect that keeps Chris relevant. The AVGN boogeyman topic. A boogeyman is any ‘mythical’ force that can be blamed for just about any problem. You could call it scapegoating but scapegoats don’t cause power-outages, natural disasters, food shortages and in Chris Bore’s case, constructive criticism. The boogeyman is a topic that many people especially those in politics should be familiar with. For those who lived in the cold war, I’m pretty sure Soviets would be blamed for just about anything. Heck today Terrorism is used to cause all manner of bullshit decisions. Want to have your crotch scanned at the airport? no? Well sorry but a terrorist could put a bomb there so please let me scan your crotch. A boogeyman doesn’t even need to be competent either (You are more likely to be killed by a vending machine than a terrorist attack).

My personal favorite is the boogeyman you’ll see in Venezuela, where the USA is blamed for everything, including smuggling caused by poor management, corruption caused by their own poor management, food shortages their mismanagement caused and of course power outages that their poor management caused. Part of the reason why the reason why Boogeymen are so popular is because it is the easy answer. You don’t need to establish things like whether or not they could have even done the deed in question. They apparently hate you so much they’ll even personally come to your house every morning to pee in your cereal. The very use of a boogeyman stifles discussion and prevents critical analysis because people tend to assume you don’t make accusations without evidence. This is why information literacy is a thing and why it is important. Too many people focus on the accusation and not on whether or not the accusation has any merit.

But lets drop the introduction for now, Here’s a brief list of important information from the previous article:
1. AVGN has done a lot of things that Chris wants to do without any real backlash. i.e AVGN can make new shows and content while IG fans demand that IG only make the irategamer show. AVGN’s research mistakes (which are low in quantity but high in severity) are also not well known to the internet community which is ironic because Chris has done his best to censor critcism while AVGN has done no such thing. You’d think free expression of criticism would make it easier for people to know the mistakes AVGN has made over the years.
2. Irate Gamer has stated this is a candid discussion. He has not been very candid at all.
3. Irate Gamer said his fans are morons by saying the words “in the known” and putting them in finger quotations.
4. Irate Gamer is blaming AVGN for just about everything
5. Archfiend inspired this bullshit video that has no candid discussion and relies entirely on treating Chris like a baby and just taking his word for it.
6. Irate Gamer completely lied when he said the AVGN scammed him out of winning the out nerd the nerd contest as his content does not match the date of the contest and it makes no sense for judges to contact people and tell them to enter the contest, especially when they claim you would win well in advance. That’s indie game awards levels of corruption.
7. Chris has not explained the false flags, ladybuggin’s sockpuppet behavior or why his content takes forever to make.
8. Chris is attempting to gaslight. Gaslighting is the introduction of false information to mislead or overwrite correct information.

With that and that huge ass intro out of the way, let’s dive right back to where we were in Irate Gamer’s “coming out” party.

8:40 “So I kept making reviews”
Using plagiarized content…. gonna explain why you felt the need to steal AVGN’s lines? You still did that and you did that for years. Come on Chris you can’t be candid and not have an established structure or time. What time is this anyway. Is this still early 2008?

8:43 “*Shows clips from TMNT, then clips from mario then clips from muscle* I made the mario review, then the muscle review and at some point, I ended up getting featured on youtube *screenshot of mario video being featured*”

Sigh…. Chris when did you make the TMNT review? Do you not EVEN know when you made that review. TMNT was made well after the mario and muscle reviews. How do you not fucking know your own history, a history of which can be viewed by anyone on youtube?
*looks in depth at the screenshot*
“#42 most rated today” Wow what an achievement. You managed to be 42nd in a very small and still yet to be realized community. Holy shit
“#1 most recently featured” Holy shit, it was just recently featured. That’s not even an achievement! That’s a narrow superlative.
“#54 most viewed today” Wow and he had only 906 views. Holy shit being featured is so important.
And quite possibly, the best part of all this is that the screenshot doesn’t match the actual name of Chris Bore’s video. This is the name of Chris Bore’s yellow journalism esque video “SUPER MARIO BROS 2: The Scandal & Review- The IRATE Gamer”
Compare to the name of video in the screenshot you’ll notice a lot is off. Now I can understand why the screenshot does not match the actual video. Its pretty simple on the grounds that while Chris Bores is an egotistical jackass, he’s not an egotistical jackass who thinks ahead. Obviously no one took a screenshot of that and even if they did, it would be hard to find in the clusterfuck that is the internet. So while I admit I’m being harsh, its only because this is quite literally the first and possibly only time that Chris will show evidence in this video. And in a completely unironic twist of events, the evidence is fake, not particularly truthful and it might even have been better if he didn’t try to back it up at all. The youtube feature system has been abandoned simply because it picks videos at random and doesn’t bother to check if it was clickbait. You could have 2 second penis flash video in the feature system simply because it sucked at stopping such scams.

8:52 “Now when you get featured on youtube, back in 2007, uh this was a big deal, you showed up everywhere”
Uh no you don’t. And if you honestly believe that Chris… you’re an idiot. The reason why you’re videos showed up there was because it was one of the few game review videos on youtube, especially since AVGN got removed due to the swearing and actual shit in his videos.

9:12 “Now let me explain, a little in detail, the pecking order of youtube reviewers on youtube in 2007, Now there was indeed a pecking order. James was at the top with 25k subscribers, the second popular was Armake21 with 5k subscribers.”

*sigh* Really Chris? Do you even know what a pecking order is… are you trying to suggest that the youtube angry reviewing community is a cartel that keeps new comers out to support the existing hierarchy? Because that’s what a pecking order is, you didn’t say this was a ranking, you said this was a pecking order which means that the high rankers work together to put down the low rankers and the top gets to do whether s/he wants. OH great this is going to be a conspiracy isn’t it? Oh crap if its a conspiracy then it means that Chris will try to explain it by going into irrelevant details. Shit here comes the filler train!

9:26-11:15 FILLER FILLER FILLER! FILLER FILLER FILLER! FILLER FILLER FILLER! Hey guys you know what would be great, how about not elaborating on a stupid pecking order which is both nondescript, vague and has no relevance to anything. Seriously, Chris talks about all these people with subscriber counts… because you know subscriber count = quality and success apparently before talking about his video being featured again and how he was so surprised.

11:24 “My video went from 200 views to 10000. This was overnight.”
I know this anecdotal and thus I could make the obvious evidence or GTFO comment but I should note that this is further evidence that screenshot shown at 8:43 was faked. Either way, Exactly what the fuck are you getting at here Chris?


12:15 “I was the second most popular reviewer on youtube and that doesn’t go unnoticed, especially by those 200 other people who have been on youtube for over a year”
OH great he is pulling the cartel conspiracy card. Hey Chris ever consider that you get a lot of flak for your poor work ethic and inability to understand the difference between critic and hate mob?

12:46 “So what happened, now all these reviewers start looking at my videos, saying who the hell is this guy.”
Yeah you had like so many reviewers looking at your stuff. Like 30 of them. That counts as all the people with low/high subscriber counts right? Look Chris, this isn’t a goddamn fairy tale, its a realistic tale that is your goddamn life. Not every bit of opposition you’ve garnered was a result of organized petty hatred that was designed to prevent you from advancing up a social hierarchy (the hierarchy of reviewing video games angrily doesn’t even seem to exist anyway, heck there’s no hierarchy for reviewing games in a noncaustic fashion). Either tell a real story or just admit your paranoid already.

13:08 After listing a bunch of excuses as to why his content sucked with examples like “I was doing the outnerd the nerd contest, all my stuff was similar to other people’s stuff [lol nice way to barely address the plagiarism Chris], I was doing it for my friends” Chris ends the hilarious excuse list with “I didn’t really take this stuff seriously”.

“I didn’t really take this stuff seriously” – Chris Bores

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT! I guess having craptons of fake sockpuppet accounts to harass other channels even remotely related to gaming, blaming AVGN for every fucking problem you’ve ever had, still running several sockpuppet accounts dedicated to harassing critics, DMCAing critics, trying and still trying to launch several franchises, marketing merchandise to the extreme, and making up more lies and excuses than even most cartoonish of liars wouldn’t make count as not taking this seriously. Yeah I’m totally convinced you didn’t take this seriously Chris, because I guess it would take effort to actually improve or understand any of the things you’ve done wrong. You make the same mistakes today that you did at the start of you fucking e-career. You’re still about harassment and egotism and you still were back then.

13:11 “But this 200 or other subscribers… er I’m sorry… so these 200 other youtube reviewers”
Okay so was it reviewers or just people or just what? Like I’m serious what!? Why always these arbitrary numbers like 200 or 50 or dozen? You were inspired by 200 other guys doing the same thing. Now Chris is claiming he’s had 200 youtube reviewers who caught him for plagiarism. I don’t even know what’s worse, the fact that he thinks he committed plagiarism 200 times or the fact that he thinks it okay to have plagiarized 200 people.


13:43 “They’re like ‘what the hell everything this guy does is a lift from me or james’ yeah well of course it was. I had 200 subscribers. I didn’t take this thing seriously.”
Okay I think I know what this video has more thumbs up than thumbs down and its because of people wanting Chris to be more forward and admit he’s horrible person with a smile while on camera. The people who thumbs up this video are like the people who encourage Chris Weston Chandler to go out into social events so they film the resulting incident. They want to enable Chris to behave like an anti-social jackass. Chris… I sure hope you are aware that you just claimed to have plagiarized up to 200 people and state that it is okay simply because you were small time. In other words, you robbed the intellectual bank and believe you should get away with it because you are a small time crook. I guess you wouldn’t mind if I stole all your cash because hey I’ve only got 200 bucks, of course I’d steal all your money. I don’t need to take things seriously right? Seeing the “I’m not serious retcon” is quite possibly the last thing I expected here. Chris if you weren’t serious, it wouldn’t have taken you this goddamn long to make a video like this. You were absolutely serious about running a campaign of harassment against any reviewers on youtube, especially AVGN. You refused to answer questions, you refused to answer critcism properly, you told many many people to go fuck themselves with one case of telling someone to shove a cactus up their ass and you’re numerous rants as Ladybuggin777 (whose existence you have not discussed yet nor have you confirmed her existence) demonstrate that the majority of your effort is heavily spent on the harassment of others. The mere fact that ladybuggin777 goes silent whenever a crappy video is about to be churned out shows exactly how much effort you put towards harassment to the expense of everything else.

14:13 “Now I’ve become the #1 villain that everybody is gunning after. They want my blood. They start making videos about me, they start calling me every name in the book.”

Oh gee I wonder why Mr.’It’s not goddamn big deal that I just stole from 200 or so people’! Gosh its like theft is a crime or something? I mean gee its kinda like stealing things and not being sorry about it shows how much of a sociopath you are. At this point I’d like to note that at no point has Irate Gamer admitted to plagiarism of any person but only of having “similar” content. What was that about intellecutal dishonesty again? Something about omission of facts?

14:20 – 15:00 Filler FILLER FILLER, Everybody join the filler conga line! I’ll tell two friends and then you tell two friends and we’ll have like a dozen people dude!

15:16 “I ended up taking psychology and philosophy in college, so I thought that the best thing I should do is shut up… I kinda maintained that silence until today.”

…………. *sigh* CAN WE GET ANY DUMBER HERE? Let’s take a look at Bore’s Biography, written by Chris Bores.

“Chris went on to attend Ashland University to major in ‘Film and Broadcasting”. Okay Chris Bores, you are attempting to major in a program that does not exist in Ashland University, and thus have taken psychology and philosophy, two programs that do nothing to help you earn a degree in your chosen field. I can buy that since that makes sense, sometimes you want to experiment before you make a choice in what you really want. The problem with this is fairly obvious, Chris you have no goddamn idea what psychology is and you clearly don’t understand philosophy. Philosophy is about putting ideas to the test based on their theoretical implications and logic in order to determine the merit. Chris absolutely enjoys not discussing ideas or criticism so if he was in fact applying philosophy then staying quiet on the issue would be incorrect. If Chris really did take first year psychology, then he would have learned absolutely nothing pertaining to social interactions and social perception as psychology in college courses tend to emphasize the memorization of historic experiments rather than how people think. In fact psychology has so little relevance as to how to manipulate or handle a hostile crowd that either Chris took post graduate studies or more accurately, Chris is attempting invoke his college education (which is clearly a failure considering that his biography lists a non-existent degree) to make himself look smart. So essentially intellectual dishonesty is in clear view at this point. Bonus points for not explaining how philosophy or psychology could be applied to come to the conclusion of declaring censorship on an issue.

15:35 “So yeah I had 11,000 subscribers”

Okay full stop, I have several questions that needs to be asked. Were you keeping a diary Chris Bores? I know I’ve asked this one before but where are you getting these numbers? Could we get a date? When is this? I can’t identify when you had 11,000 subscribers. That’s a useless bit of data.

15:38 “I got a fan-base this is pretty neat”

So let me get this straight, your first response to getting a fanbase was “this is pretty neat” not “I have greater responsibilities” or “I have to work harder” or “I’m not small time anymore”? So how does your “I’m small 200 subscriber reviewer” excuse apply to later reviews where you still stole content like in Aladdin?

15:46 “I guess I’m gonna make more reviews. Don’t tell me not one of you out there went through the exact same thing, cuz that is a complete frigging lie. I know that anyone who gained 11,000 subscribers overnight, half of what James had would keep continuing doing what they were doing”

Except two things:

1. You said you weren’t taking this seriously. If you weren’t taking something seriously, then you wouldn’t keep doing it regardless of your success. In fact psychology shows that people are only willing to do things if they want to do them. Getting rewards tends to make the work less fun and more crappy. Of course Chris could be contradicting himself in his own goddamn excuse of a cover story. Its not like he hasn’t already contradicted himself.

2. Many people have gone through this and have given up because they didn’t feel worthy. People have returned awards because they realized they cheated or won illegitimately. The guy who flappy bird won way over 11k followers and a lot of money too but he took down his product because it wasn’t something he wanted to be known for. There are people who give up the high life because they have a conscience which is something that Chris doesn’t seem to have.

16:19 Chris says another video get featured, this time its his muscle review… wait what?

*sigh* “8:43 “*Shows clips from TMNT, then clips from mario then clips from muscle* I made the mario review, then the muscle review and at some point, I ended up getting featured on youtube *screenshot of mario video being featured*””

Okay then Chris, just exactly what the fuck did happen. Did mario get featured and then you went on to do more work? Did you make the mario review and then make the muscle review and then do several other goddamn things you can’t be bothered to explain? I don’t get it, how convoluted is this timeline. It can’t be constructed! He just said he went on to make new reviews, but he also showed the TMNT review, which came after the muscle and mario reviews. So he’s well into the reviews after TMNT? Or did he just finished the mario review, made the muscle review and the muscle review got featured because youtube was really desperate fill the vacuum that AVGN left? I don’t know Chris, because of your incredible ability to distort time and space!

16:26 “And if you thought these other 200 reviewers were pissed then, oh now they were super pissed. For one I was the very first review that had been featured on youtube. James had never been featured, armake has never been featured and I had been featured not once but twice *extreme manchild grin*”

Alright its been another 8 minutes, I need a time out. Okay Mr.’small time so Its okay to plagiarize’ Are you gonna offer an excuse as to why you plagiarized this time? It was the muscle review where you showed the bottom of the barrel comprehension of how to do a review, complete with inability to play the game and fake characters. You can’t use the “I was small time” excuse. *watches on to see answer* None? Not even going to talk about it? How am I not surprised? Bonus points for not feeling sorry for snubbing two people who he used as an influence. Most people turn down awards they didn’t earn, of course while Chris Bores is of a body weight that could be confused for many people, Chris Bores does not share a conscience like many people often have.
So essentially not only does Chris thinks it was okay to plagiarize 200 people once… he did it twice. Bonus points for the next line I’ll quote.

17:03 “Haters were coming out of the woodwork, and they weren’t just hating… They were also really dragging my name through the mud, they were spreading lies and rumors and stuff that was just not true.”
Perhaps the guy who thinks plagiarism is okay to the point that they literally snubbed the two people he took as his role models should understand exactly why he should feel bad for doing that. Also what rumors? What lies? What stuff? *watches later on* Oh some stupid shit about sockpuppets which weren’t sockpuppets . That doesn’t qualify as spreading lies and rumors when you’ve ran several sockpuppet accounts like irategamerfanboy345 and that doesn’t disqualify you from the obvious flaws that people have made known to the public. Bonus points for calling people who warn others about your behavior as haters, because hater is by definition irrational. So not only does Chris Bores think he’s doing nothing wrong, but it is also irrational to hate him for rightfully believing he’s done something wrong. For goodness sakes Chris, seek professional help. It won’t be long before you kill someone and think its okay because you hadn’t done it before.

And last but not least, a poll for viewers to decide what they want next.

55 thoughts on “Chris Bores and intellectual dishonesty. Cognitive dissonace edition. Special Guest ‘The AVGN BOOGEYMAN’

      1. well like I said, he (internet aristocrat) wasn’t exactly the best. Still sucks to see him leave, though. The big issue I have with him is that he’s trying to resort to extremism. How exactly does extremism help? Extremism causes groupthink and lack of critical analysis. We’re not going to get anywhere if we get impatient and just start saying “FUCK it, I don’t want to discuss or consider things anymore” which really conflicts with his later message to re-evaluate other people. His point on pro-GG people starting patreons and kickstarters is misplaced at least until it becomes apparently the pro-GG with patreons and kickstarters are embezzling or otherwise misspending the money. Merely having patreons and kickstarters in an anti-corruption movement complaining about the misuse of patreon and kickstarters is not hypocrisy until you misuse them.

        Duwango said he’d blow it and its become pretty clear he has. Hopefully he’ll realize what he did wrong or at the very least, stop embarrassing himself.

  1. I myself don’t want to even being close to sound like RandomDCE or something, but, it speaks A LOT of Jim81Jim when he now adopts this defeated attitude against gamergate and all that pretentiousness………….ALL because he did something he shouldn’t done like pissed himself and having sex in a live chat in a god forbid mainstream non porn site!

    1. Also Jim bring up the “Patreon Boogeyman” on his transparent reasons for leaving.

      I knew that moment that he succumbed too to the demonization of crowd funding.


    Suffice to say, this isn’t even a review. It’s just another textwall of white noise, in which Jimmy Thompsett engages in typical condescending, know-it-all, borderline sociopathic rant about how much he hates it when people enjoy things and have opinions of their own.

    I don’t think there’s a single paragraph in Jimmy’s verbal diarrhea where he doesn’t throw a childish jab at some unrelated entity, and/or feels like showing off his mean spitired, self-absorbed nature.

    I don’t think it would kill him to try and learn basic social skills when it comes to interacting with people in general, and hell, I don’t think Chris Bores has ever been this vicious when it comes to games.

    On a side note, lasersquad, I think it would be wise to pin this article to the top of you blog, as a way to keep the comment section rolling and up-to-date.

    1. “What got my attention at first was the game has you playing as Count Dracula”
      Uh you were playing the guy who became dracula in lords of shadow 1. Does this guy ever really know what he’s talking about? His own logic is also confusing

      “Obviously I would be fighting Satan again, but the means behind it feels off.

      Basically, I’m the self apointed “Prince of Darkness” who looks like BlueMagus after he raided Prince’s wardrobe. I am a gothic brick shit house and what am I fighting? Belmonts maybe? The Brotherhood of Light perhaps? Or maybe Alucard?”

      okay so:
      1. DCE admits he will fight satan but then thinks he will fight satan through three forces of good, all of which would most likely be happy with killing satan themselves (save for alucard who might only do it if satan flips him off first).
      2. I don’t think you know what self-appointed means randomdce. It means you picked the name which is not the case in this story as the main character is completely pissed with what he is and annoyed that everyone wants him dead despite god liking him enough to not smite him (in game, crosses have no effect, its a plot point)
      3. Seriously? Fight the belmonts? The main character is a belmont. How exactly is that going to work? Hey Gabriel Belmont, go kill yourself?

      “What is it with game developers and pharmaceutical companies? Did they sell you a bad case of asprin and are taking it out on them for revenge? Look I hate Pepsi, Television, WWE and the education system. Yet I don’t write them into my comic series in a pathetic search for a villain!”

      And here we have a classic case of projection. Talking about games here suddenly about drinks, education system, wrestling and comic books. Who needs help not inserting the things they hate? Not only that but pharmaceutical companies are the best target because pharmaceutical companies undergo the least about of public disclosure and have a history of having bad relations with the public.
      Heck only recently do they need to disclose actually relationships with other healthcare professionals.

      Still though I wonder why randomdce feels the need to invoke so many franchises and references. Does he think people will be able to follow them? Does he think it actually makes him a better critic to not boil things down to their base elements? We’ll never know.

      *also this page should now be front page. I actually had its stickied but other pages were also stickied. This has been fixed.*

    1. So eric is mad that people do not like his bandwagon “feminism” videos, that only showcase how much of an asshole and slut shaming he can be!?

      Well then, he is pretty much admitting that he is in just for views!

    1. My issue is that Archfiend did some good work back before he went on his anti-AVGN crusade. He pointed out things like the broken views system, subscriber scamming and other things that even if you hated him for being a jackass you could still see he had a point.

      Unfortunately, his anti-AVGN crusade began on a false premise (AVGN was stealing money and not spending it), which he quickly and swept under the rug once it was apparent he was wrong and now he can’t elaborate or even explain why he’s still doing it. Is it because AVGN is still stealing money? Is it because AVGN has no talent? Is it because AVGN is playing cloak and dagger is Irate Gamer? Make up your mind Archfiend, you admitted you fucked up on the movie accusation, so what’s your accusation now? Why say Irate Gamer is cool when your premise that AVGN is an asshole sank years ago? Irate Gamer will always play himself (if current trends are to go by) as the anti-thesis of AVGN even when he’s stealing directly from AVGN.

      Pretty sure he has, after all he knows the password to these articles. To be honest I don’t really know a lot about Archfiends semi-recent descent into stupidity and egotism. I only know him from his Shane Dawson and Ijustine rants, where he made some admittedly good points.

      1. Honestly, the more I think about it, the more holes I see in the Archfiend video I posted. I think you should do a post on it, lasersquad.

  3. And I’d argue that Archie does a rather decent job explaining his problems with James in that video I posted (and it has more to do with unnecessary production values than stealing).

  4. Guys, i want to show you guys this

    This comments were taken from the No-date Gamers episode of Ïrate Gamer Sucks

    i am not sure if any of you has or used to folllow the No date gamers show made by Ryan, which i used to like, but the reason i mentioned him is because, seems that even he has fallen for the whole “”oh my gosh chris was innocent all along, AVGN is indeed evil, therefore ASA WAS RIGHT”‘ BS, in fact not just him but also people like Save State Gamer have fallen for Bores lies!

    while this is a bit directed more at Asalieri, he is the one who started this horrible trend, and i want to discuss something.

    Once upon a time, back in early 2013, Asa was taking notice of the comments who were being screencaped of his escapades, and at the time, the majority of them were hosted at his ED page, and at the time, Batdan and his followers actually talk about him and criticize him for his behavior.

    So Asalieri decided to make this video (the one that guy called Dukeofbelding linked in his responce to Andrew)

    in this video, asalieri makes a very, VERY sneaky at batdan, his followers, and pretty much every single individual who was screencaping his comments, basically implying that ALL of them were using that obscure Google Chrome trick to make mean comments, and use to “run people into the ground” as he was implying.

    He was basically claiming that people were just faking those horrible comments of him, and he was trying to make himself look innocent, and of fucking course he also takes a mean jab at AVGN and defending his position of “James is the devil”, which many gullible people were swallowing, but he tries to make it Ironic, you know, to give a vibe that “See guys, i don’t hate James Rolfe”.


    Aside from the very obvious intention of that part and the whole video (him demonizing BatDan and the Irate Gamer detractor side, hence why i am referencing it), i also want you to think on something.

    Why would Asa assume that people knew that trick!?, right?.

    Or here’s a much better question/

    Knowing what happened afterwards that year with Asa’s behavior, and all the things he has done.

    Would he actually knew about that trick,………….you know,…….for a reason!?

    like…………the bogus IMDB AVGN movie page perhaps!?

    I want you to think about that one. for a moment.


    (specially considering that i even read that he edited the EDIT PAGE button from IMDB on his screen, of heck, how he faked that Craft search in that awful video when he made that awful jizz joke on a craft video with kids!)


    And back to the side of BatDan being called the Boogeyman.

    i honestly want that to stop, because, in the wake of the recent events with Bores lies, when people like you me and others (dan himself and also DLA, and even That’sDoable) showcase the truth about Bores, (including that fuck awful comment towards jewario), they all get treated as just, dedicated haters, and stupid, and, “oh is just your opinion” or, “‘I don’t care (but fuck james lol)”‘ or, “‘oh man i feel so sorry for Bores, cant you see he has turned another leaf or whatever is called”‘.

    And people are still attacking Dan and his pals, (me included) like “The Evil ones”‘, and that has spreaded so fucking far with most people.

    AND, it all started when Asa pulled one of his many trick of “‘spinning the story and switching the blame”‘ on Dan (and HardcoreKid as well) around the Death threats, (which turned out to be true and asa was denying it) and got a LOT of Dan;s followers to turn against him and pretty much tearing him apart FOR SOMETHING THAT DAN WAS INNOCENT!, and of course asa just went away with his move done.

    i was probably the only one that didn’t jumped on dan’s throath for that asa trap, and i am glad i didn’t, because i would hated myself over it, condemning an innocent, because of the culprit’s ability to manipulate facts and use tactics of sensationalism and other dirty tricks.



    Also very few people actually apologized to Dan for the incident, I DID.

    I DO RESPECT BATDAN A LOT, he keep me entertained while also informed about IG escapades, specially back in 2010.

    and i hope you can see, why all the hate towards Dan and his fans, even links back to Eric and Bores.

    OH PLEASE LASER, finish the article when you can, and dont let this past (we should probably help the guys of Resurrection files too)

    1. I’ll try and get this article done by the end of the month but I can’t exactly put my career or my family behind this article in terms of priority. Besides, bigots will be bigots, with or without the completion of this article.

  5. Did Eric ever take down his “Epidemic on E-Begging” video you know the one where he put RIP JewWario but was about mocking a project Justin was working on I think (I think I might of read it here that he did).

      1. Oh wait there was period where he made the video go private or something but it appears he made it public again.

        I might have written something saying that he took down the video but its almost certainly wrong considering you can google video and watch it as of today.

    1. You know, the fact that they still have to talk about it is a sign that it was something wrong.

      Paraphrased Quote: “Eric is an okay guy because he only tells information that he believes is correct and is perfectly fine with contradicting himself.”
      Levels of delusion: High
      Reason: Eric has been contradicted many many many times before and has yet to release an apology video or take the responsible course of action and issue a retraction. You cannot claim the innocent “just doing what I thought was right card” when its clear that Eric only cares for being sensationalist and doesn’t bother to clean up his messes when he makes them.

      Paraphrased Quote: “Eric could not have stalked kyle because the only evidence is kyle and thus kyle is showing you what kyle wanted to see”
      Levels of delusion: High
      Reason: Kyle showed pretty damning evidence including a phone message that showed Eric messaging him threateningly and Eric showing up at his house. It should be noted that Eric’s first response was not to deny that he did it but to proclaim that it was okay and Kyle was being too fussy about it. Of course Kyle would be a major source of evidence, he’s the victim and the accuser, the burden of proof is on kyle. Kyle both proved what Eric had done wrong and Eric had his chance to defend himself and blew it by not understanding what he did wrong. Utter garbage and to act as if Eric is still clean in this incident is essentially be accomplices.

      Speaking of which, is the entire stream a circlejerk for Eric?

      1. well to be fair, not really, it was only Bluemagus and Hellsing who were there, tough bigal supports eric “from the sidelines”.

        the whole thing actually started at 3:13:00 (at the very end).

    1. The rest before their discussion of Eric stalking Kyle is them pretending to know what they’re talking about and condoning immature acts. But that should be expected from people who look to a man-child as their leader.

      Is there a chance in the future about doing an article on Emer (Hellsing) and his contrarian issues or the fact that his “show” is just an exercise in laziness by putting no footage of the movies he “reviews” and what he is trying to achieve in doing his show.

  6. Kinda of difficult since I can I barely make through any without being completely bored, but you could start off with his review of Kickassia where seemed to make his mark by saying “Fuck you Doug Walker, and everything you stand for”. I’m not just suggesting it because I’m a fan, but if you don’t like something don’t be a complete dick about, for example when ThatsDoable weighed in on Chris’ opening up video he said he didn’t like the AVGN movie but wasn’t a dick about like Eric and even said he knew that Jame’s put a lot of effort into it. Even when people from CA review movies their not completely nasty about because most of them are characters (and only really do it when the movie they are reviewing is completely reviled).

    Or any video where he says a b or z grade movie is better than an actual movie that is well regarded by both fans and critics. I’m a fan of B-movies, but don’t go claiming they’re better than anything that is an actual masterpiece, and if your looking for a show that does a good job pointing out the good qualities of a B-movie watch Good Bad Flicks, even the host of the show states the movies he reviews are nowhere near Lynch or Bergman levels of quality but to him still have their good points.

    1. I’ve been noticing that myself over the years. I first found out about Emer when I was watching reviews on Video Brinquedo in 2012. At first, I thought he was great. But now I notice how contrarian his videos really are. He bashed so many movies that I thought were good such as Men In Black 3, the Goonies, and Scott Pilgrim and didn’t really explain his arguments well, the bashing of TGWTG is unnecessary, actually insulted the people who defended Doug during the situation with Tommy Wiseau, his rant on cellphones was downright idiotic…
      It’s one thing to enjoy some movies that got low reception (I actually liked stuff like Space Jam, The Super Mario Bros Movie, Pagemaster, We’re Back, Flubber, Santa Clause 2 just to name a few) but when you use some rather flimsy arguments (course , when there’s no footage shown to the audience, they’ll just take his word for it) to bash practically every successful film while defending every B movie that no one in the right mind would like (seriously, Catwomen?) I have to question his reviewing process. I’m still debating on commentating on Emer, but I’m not sure if there’s really anything worth covering.

  7. “feminists are censoring me!”

    whereas he sent his fanbois to attack, flag and censor others in the past.

    Eric is truly psychotic.

    1. He likes to claim that his an internet nobody, but when he’s facing a takedown he hopes that his subscribers will somehow boycott Youtube.

      “The delusion is strong with this one”

  8. I’ve a made a poll listing all the requests for new articles as of current. I’ll see if I can tackle them all eventually, but since you guys are probably well aware of the low amount of time I can dedicate to the blog, its probably for the best that you get to vote for which article you want first.

    1. Since the poll seems to indicate that Archie might be next, what is his history with AVGN (or what led him to say “Fuck You AVGN” in Chris’ “movie” more or less).

      1. He worshipped AVGN and attacked Irate Gamer solely for the views, back in the day. I think he even admitted that in a video, but I wouldn’t know for sure, because I stopped paying attention to him.

    1. If I could make a suggestion, it’s about using the term “slut-shamming”. There should at least be mention in the article that you don’t believe feminists that Eric has been targeting as sluts, as well as the fact that what Eric has been doing has been basically character assassination painting all feminists as women who believe men to be nothing more than rapists and wife beaters.

  9. So, any thoughts on the fact that Lindsey (the Nostalgia Chick), Phelous, and Andrew Dickman have all left Channel Awesome?

    Also, this article on the fall of Blistered Thumbs claims, among other things, that the BT staff wasn’t being paid and that none of the money from the TGWTG Indie Gogo campaign went to BT:

    There’s also this harsh comment regarding that article:

    1. I’ve never heard anything that showed Angryjoe as anti-GG, at worst he is neutral and at best borderlining pro-GG. That third post doesn’t even list any evidence or anything. I’ve seen this kind of crap on KYM too, with people just “assuming” that Doug Walker or Linkara are anti-GG without even quoting a statement or even looking at their actual history. I’d be surprised if they were anti-GG especially given their work ethic and how they actually apply feminism and its concepts. Not saying they’re aren’t anti-GG (we can’t prove or disprove) but I can say it would be surprising if they were.

      I’ve actually read this article before and I think it needs to go more indepth about the indiegogo campaign and whether or not 90k dollars would even save the website. It would also help if they established what problems were inherent in the coding and design of the websites as opposed to just saying there were problems (because being informative is more helpful). That said the only real mistake I see in the two articles is a lack of consistency in parts 1 and 2. Part 1 ends with “This is mostly angry Joe’s fault and the website got fucked by SJW eli” then part 2 ends with “Angry Joe worked real hard but the website got fucked by greedy executives”, do note that public opinion stated for Joe in part 1 was “Joe being bad at management” then in part 2 it states opinion was “everyone had something nice to say about the working relationships they had with … “Angry” Joe Vargas”. So… Joe is either an incompetent moron who needed to be replaced with actual talent which they couldn’t do without money or Joe is a great guy who would have done good job if they just gave him the money he needed to run the site? Being a little more clear could be more helpful or better yet just don’t include such remarks.

    2. all i gonna say on Lindsey is, Good FUCKING Riddance!

      as for Phelous and Andrew Dickman, i don’t know what their instances were to begin with……

      i dont visit channel awesome anymore, just watching Brad, Linkara, and Blockbuster Buster separately.

      1. Mike Michaud is the “CEO” of Channel Awesome, who is the head of the website and the one managing everything.

  10. So, mariotehplumber just revealed himself as a fake. Really.

    He comes clean about his entire charade and persona, actually apologizes for acting like an asshole, and washes his hands clean of the entire thing, retiring. Wow.

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