Eric and the irony of gamergate. The best proof ever that gamergate is not a harassment campaign.

You gamergate, I gamergate, she gamergates, he gamergates. Okay a lot of you are either one of three things on the subject that is gamergate:

1. You’re actively rooting for a side, pro or anti. Though at this point rooting for anti is equivalent of saying “I don’t like games and I wish they’d stop existing”.
2. You don’t care about the issue or just watch it for the lulz (lots of stupid statements to the point that there would be years of stupid statement dance remixes if only twitter could hold voice messages)
3. You’d wish you could care but the media blackout and propaganda campaign makes you think both sides are evil or something.

Regardless of your stance (P.S I might as well be pro-GG at this point) you’d be surprised to know that Eric is actually pro-GG though I should note that he has not explicitly picked up the banner. Though honestly if he did actually try that he’d have his ass blown off by the pro-GG anti-harassment patrol. Heck the most extremist elements that were with pro-GG when it started got their asses blown off and left. Internet Aristocrat could be considered an extremist, since his plan was to quite literally get people fired and collapse the reviewers (probably, he never actually listed the full action plan). His work was good for early gamergate related material (you need to remember that professionals who should be covering this are corrupt jackasses who care more for $$$ than the actual truth) but his work always kind of stuck me as off putting. Take a look at the first 10 seconds or so of this video and let me know if you can see what I mean.

“Sex for favors, Secrets and coverups, corruption. I know things that will blow your mind…” – Internet Aristocrat’s video
Now you might have noticed 2 things:
1. The video is from a reupload meaning the original uploader, internet Aristocrat has gone into hiding and protip: it wasn’t anti-GG that made him stop.
2. That was a very sensationalist intro that may very well hit the definition of yellow journalism.

Now you could overlook that as Internet Aristocrat taking things in jest after all this is a light and only soon to be major controversy that people thought would end with just a few people fired/pay cut and the world moves on… you know anything other than a 4+ month media siege trying to convince the public that their womanz are in danger or something in the gaming industry. Unfortunately not only did Internet Aristocrat underestimate the size and conviction of the pro-gg community, he also didn’t quite understand why he was getting flak from pro-GG members. He got sick of being questioned and put under basic scrutiny and rage quited, see his rage quit message below.

Seen by 22k of a hundred thousands strong consumer revolt. Epic fail…
In the video, if you aren’t already laughing at how much internet aristocrat overstated his importance, Internet Aristocrat complains that people weren’t extremist enough and uses buzzwords like patreon, kickstarter and e-begging… you know the same overused bullshit that only works on stupid people who don’t actually know how commerce works. Other important things to note was Internet Aristocrat’s (also known as Jim) use of slut-shaming. Now slut-shaming is very specific accusal in that anyone who slut-shames is considered a jerk for focusing on a person’s sex life and uses that person’s sex life to shame a given individual. This is of course used wrong by anti-GG because the existence of a person’s sex life is made known not to shame the individual but to point out that media outlets are going out of their (often uncharacteristically) way to hide a person’s sex life. If you don’t understand what slut shaming is then take a look at these two arguments:

Slut-Shaming “Zoe is a big fat jerk because she slept with Tom” (note Zoe is just a name, especially since ZOE Quin a real character in this event known as gamergate, is just an alias for a real person anyway)
Note how in this response, Zoe is considered a big fat jerk simply for choosing to have sex with Tom. This is slut-shaming.

Not Slut shaming “Zoe is a big fat jerk because she calls favors for positive press from Tom the reporter who complies because she had sex with him”. This is not slut-shaming because Zoe is considered a big fat jerk for using inside relationships to get ahead in her professional life. The having sex part is not the part this considered shameful, it is the unfavorable rendering of services in exchange for the sex that is considered a shameful display. In fact sex isn’t even necessary for this accusation to work, if Tom repeatedly shows preference towards Zoe in coverage even when he should not then its clear Tom is behaving unprofessionally.

How would you feel if you wrote an essay that would have made headlines and gotten awards but instead some idiot who wrote overly emotional crap got all the attention and the awards? I don’t think you’d like that very much. But the conundrum here is that the very people who promoted the idiot have the ability to silence you and completely ignore your story if you so much as step against them. You might be wondering why so few game companies and developers have stepped out against the journalists to do anything of any sort. The easy answer is that doing so is the best way to commit financial suicide. No journalists means no marketing and considering how many journalists have been indicted in the gamergate scandal, I wouldn’t be surprised if every gaming journalist was corrupt. It’s hilarious how the situation has somehow become something you’d see in a crackpot conspiracy movie.

Heck the corruption is really REALLY blatant. Here’s a journalist quite literally giving free advertising for Rockstar games ( Now let me remind you that critics do not get paid by the people who make the works they critique as that would represent a conflict of interest as it prevents uncensored critique. This would be equivalent to getting paid by a car company to look at their own faulty car design. If you tell the truth and ban the design for being faulty… well you’re not getting paid because the car company will stop paying you. If you lie then well you’re screwing over the consumer, the people who you’re supposed to be helping. The issue here is that most journalist care more about the benefits from being a patsy of the corporations and want to trick people into giving them ad revenue via clickbait to essentially double dip (you get money for being a corrupt jackass and money for tricking people) their income. And perhaps the biggest consequence is that you must be friends with the journalists or you’ll get negative press, essentially ensuring that you must give into the racketeering scheme if you want to be successful.
case in point. One person makes a game that they don’t like, canceled! A friend makes the same game? Totally acceptable. How many letters are in the word ‘corruption’ again?

Now at this point you’re probably wondering when I’ll talk about Asalieri. Well the important first is to establish why gamergate is such an important subject and how much effort you need to put in to treat this subject with the respect it deserves. Gamergate has been called “dead” a countless number of times by now and yet it still goes on and it doesn’t help that most gamers who realize how messed up their information’s media is have played dark souls (a game where you are a dead guy/girl and you never ever give up). So before I go see how Asalieri did on the issue, let’s take look at the common narrative that has been pushed against gamergate and see why this situation is so important and why its so problematic that the professionals are behaving like 5 year old sore losers who refuse to fire themselves even when they clear contempt for their jobs. This will take the format of Q and A

1. Q: The media frequently claims that gamergate is a harassment movement that is dedicated to keeping women out of the gaming industry. Gamergate has been accused of sending numerous death threats and has been accused of being ISIS, aka terrorists. So what does this mean?

A: Alright I’ll list the names of women who have been specifically targeted by gamergate. LW1, LW2, LW3. Not using code names for literally who 1, 2 & 3; their names are Zoe Quinn (an alias), Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkesian. 4 months is how long gamergate has been going. This is the worse harassment movement ever! Like wow, 3 women harassed? None of which have provided anything worthwhile to the industry? Zoe Quinn made one game that is a crappy text adventure that goes nowhere. Brianna Wu made a crappy mobile game that literally no one knows what the hell it even is. And last but not least, Anita Sarkesian has a confusing, hypocritical narrative about “male privilege” that seems all to similar to the “video games are satan” arguements you’d get from xenophobes and technophobes in the 90s and the research skills of Irate Gamer. Meanwhile any female developer who speaks in favor of gamergate gets harassed and sales of their work sabotaged by anti-GG members; who I should note never get called out by their own side ( But let’s take a break from misogyny angle (or as gamergate members joking refer to as muh soghy knees), and let’s take a look at the terrorist accusations. There have been zero correct traces of bomb threats to real GG members. The only connection that exists is “an anonymous person made the bomb threat” and “pro GG members can be anonymous” and of course you’d have to ignore the ever wonderful “innocent until proven guilty” stuff to make this accusation. I could quite literally claim you the reader did the bomb threat or Ben Wagner did it or Irate Gamer did it and it would just as valid (that is to say… not at all) as blaming gamergate. Not helping matters is the fact that the bomb threats in question were not real and let’s face it death threats are a dime dozen, treating them with legitimacy gives the perpetrator what they want. Especially if you are Anita Sarkesian who travels with a male bodyguard squad at all times while preaching about damels in distress being really really bad.

anita new oneB7gc5p4IQAEhH3F

But wait so what’s all this fearmongering about? Why is gamergate still called terrorists, hatemongers and unreasonable? I mean let’s define terrorism for a moment okay. Terrorism is the use of violence or intimidation for political gain where political gain can be defined as any action that the user of terrorism wishes to have performed. So for example, if Evil mcjackass says he will kill 20 kids unless you read 20 really crappy clickbait articles, that’s terrorism. But terrorism doesn’t just mean threats, terrorism also means the use of intimidation so that would also mean that Evil Mcjackass would have to prevent discussion and prevent people from thinking things through, generally by causing as much panic as possible. Nothing Pro-GG has done even relates to terrorism as none of their actions can be seen as censorship. The closest could be denying ad revenue by asking sponsors to cancel their contracts but that’s not censorship as opinions are still allowed to be expressed its not as if not being sponsored by pepsi, or bandai or ‘whatever’ company prevents you from saying what you believe is necessary. IT could cause bankruptcy but that’s a financial consquence and it still doesn’t stop anyone from saying things or writing crappy articles. So pro-GG hasn’t committed terrorism, even though terrorism is a very diverse meaning and alot of actions can be ascribed under the term terrorism. But what about Anti-GG, are they using intimidation tactics?
As seen in the above link: Reddit discussion in which nearly every comment attempting to discuss the situation was shadowbanned. A shadowban is a hidden type of ban that bans the user but doesn’t inform them thus essentially locking and censoring that user from ever talking to anyone else. It’s like solitary confinement, on the internet, except this time you didn’t murder anyone or commit a criminal offense. Shadowbanning is reserved for bots because bots spam messages but aren’t human and contribute nothing to reddit other than spam and thus shadowbanning a bot would prevent the owner of the bot from realizing his bot was shutdown. So essentially a reddit moderator just used their power in the most illicit and underhanded manner possible to intimidate and prevent discussion about an issue.

But hey that’s just one instance of intimidation and censorship. Surely this wasn’t a “coordinated” effort by corrupt assholes to silence the masses? I mean a woman got harassed, sure that’s bad but no need to call the fucking army right?

HAHAHAHAH If you've been reading this blog than you'd know that "NORMAL" generally doesn't get reported here.
HAHAHAHAH If you’ve been reading this blog than you’d know that “NORMAL” generally doesn’t get reported here.

Well that’s not… right. Surely its a bit… overboard to call an entire identity dead because some people wanted to understand why game developers are not being critiqued properly? But you know maybe that’s a coincidence, after all its possible that 12 different news outlets that should be competing against each other, and not parroting each other because that’s not how competition works; probably just came to the same stance at the same time and to do so in a fashion that violates the right to associate. After all its not intimidation if you outright yell that you’re opposed to anyone who’s interested in discussing the issue and have every major face do it at the same time? Right…? RIGHT!? *calms down* Okay so let’s take a look at reporters and writers who don’t toe the line and write things about how the industry should not be trying to milk the consumers dry with crappy broken products lest we stupidly cause a second video game crash via corruption (you’d be surprised how many historical “crashes” are caused by corruption, pro-tip: just about all of them). Here’s writer Benjamin Quintero asking “when did this become media vs consumer?”.

Here’s what happened to him for writing that:

Because intimidation in the name of politicizing consumer stupidity is COOL!
Because intimidation in the name of politicizing consumer stupidity is COOL!

Well at least no one is advocating genocid…

MrKillultra notes: Notice how this journalist who gets paid for what he writes and represents his company gets no repercussions for his actions.
MrKillultra notes: Notice how this journalist who gets paid for what he writes and represents his company gets no repercussions for his actions.

OH goddamnit!

Well than I propose that there must be a secret cabal of like-minded hypocritical douchebags mostly from some dumb overpopulated american city that organizes this stupidty in the hopes that americans are too fucking stupid to notice or care; surely this overly narrow superlative mustn’t exis…

MrKillultra notes: It's funny because these 'journalists' have been caught doing this before. Can anyone say illegal monopoly?
MrKillultra notes: It’s funny because these ‘journalists’ have been caught doing this before. Can anyone say illegal monopoly?


So the media is trying to fear monger by claiming people will get hurt going so far as to compare non-violent protestors as terrorists while lying about harassment and bomb threats just so they don’t have to show accountability (because they’d probably suck at that too). They have even managed to get people demoted and fired (look it up) and have harassed several organizations that literally meet the definition feminism (star dock games, TFYC) all in the name of an ideal that even they don’t really support (kinda like certain… religious driven violent groups I might add). I’m sorry who are the terrorists here? You might want to run that one by me again media and anti-GG. Oh and don’t even get me started on what’s happening on wikipedia or the constant attempts to take actions in the name of women but without their consent.

Q: The origins of gamergate are Zoe Quinn therefore its about the harassment of Zoe Quinn
A: 4 months and on-going, many many data sheets that show Zoe Quinn (or LW1) is not a major hashtag, genetic fallacy. Next

Q: But what about us who want to talk about video games being bad for people?
A: Not to be rude but that debate has long since come and gone. Science does not support any anti-gaming theory nor and real proof that video games cause crime, misogyny or traffic accidents. In fact video games can make people feel bad for killing people Sorry but as much as I am pro-debate, the debate as whether video games are evil… is kinda like solipsism (look it up), its not really worth discussing because its too new, too little research, and relies too much on wide speculation that is only philosophically correct… in other words a dead end.

Not helping matters is that the discussion is pretty much a distraction technique to get money.

I mean let me ask you this, do you want to talk about women’s problems/issues when all that does it waste time and let crooks get away with scamming people, thereby essentially making women into a human body shield for these jerks, or do you want to talk about women’s issues because you care. Because you honestly do care then I’m sure you can wait until the crooks have been busted. Women were more than happy to wait for hundreds of years to get the right to vote, so I’m sure there’s no hurry or urgent need to be reckless and needlessly confrontation when it comes to women’s issues.

Q: BUT WE NEED MOAR womenz in our games
OH and as for developers, women reserve the right to pick what jobs they want and what education they pursue. Most women choose healthcare and in fact most women in western society dominate just about every field. The female wage gap is a result of female’s deciding to take breaks more often than men and also deliberately pursuing lesser fields (i.e nurse instead of doctor, or technician instead of engineer).
Case in point women are earning more degrees than ever, in your face evil non-existent and unenforceable patriarchy!

Q: So then why is gamergate important?
A: the first game industry crash occurred because people could not tell one game from the other. I mean sure there are game covers but the games themselves… how the fuck would you know what was fun and what wasn’t? There were no game reviewers back then so you literally could only rely on word of mouth and faith to buy your products. Eventually you’d buy one too many scam games, clone games (games that are too similar to another), or games that just plain sucked. Sturgeons law is that no matter how much work is generated in a field and I paraphrase here “99% of what exists will suck” and that’s true because let’s face it, you’re reading this blog post right now and not the 99% of other blog posts that exist right now. So without critics how will you find the 1% that doesn’t suck? Well back then there was no way, say hello to the crash. Consumers gave up on gaming, gaming died and people went home to watch movies and listen to music, which do have working and non-corrupt critics and reviewers. It would take the legendary effort provided by nintendo and many others to get the industry to where it is now (where it can potentially even eclipse music and video industry in terms of worth). The only thing preventing another crash is the faith of the consumer and the reviewers who are supposed to be making sure that the faith of the consumer isn’t abused and lost. But look at what’s happening now, we’re getting shitier games, less innovation, more day one DLC, less quality assurance and are even expected to lay down cash to get games we want made, and it probably will suck even then. If this doesn’t change than a second crash will occur and we can say goodbye to gaming for a long long while. Bonus points for last articles previous subject, the boogeyman (aka gamer misogynists), being the reason why no change occurred.

Q: Can we talk about Asalieri now?
A: Absolutely! Now that we’ve established a good deal of what gamergate is and why its important, let’s take a look at how Asalieri treats this important and rather critical subject! Now you might be wondering whether or not I should bring up his history and disqualify him right on the spot. After all Eric has faked his own harassment, called for the harassment of many people who didn’t deserve it, repeatedly mishandles and sensationally uses evidence, and has repeatedly shown he can’t critique and can’t take critique. But I won’t because let’s face it, a liar who says that “2 + 2 = 4” is still correct and it would be a heinous misconduct to not let Asalieri have a chance to express himself. That said, the second he fucks up… well you’re gonna see a list of things he’s done that is in no way exhaustive.

So let’s take a look at his latest video concerning gamergate. ABC vs gamers.

0:00 “so I arrive a little late to the party but in case you haven’t heard by now, ABC has out and out declared war on gamers”

What really where?
Hmmm well there is two videos on gamergate on page 2 (as of Feb 4, 2015), but I certainly wouldn’t call it a war on gamers. Shots fired maybe.

0:24 Eric notes that ABC is censoring comments on the video. Eric also says “People like to give Fox *Shows Fox logo* a ton of crap for their onesided coverage of any topic but ABC has proven they are just as bad maybe even worse *Fox Logo gets absorbed by ABC logo*”

hmmm surprisingly good analogy there. I mean literally I can’t see anything wrong with this. Even good imagery. Keep it up Eric.

0:36 “when you start a report with *Show’s ABC clip of anchor pretending virtual violence to women is important* you can pretty much expect nothing but sensationalism from there on out”

Surprisingly good observation. Eric what the hell is wrong with you? Where’s the dick dastardly? Where’s the suddenly very unfair and non-sense critique? Did you get someone else to write this script? Did you fire the other person who wrote the previous scripts?

1:00 Eric talks about how he wanted to make a song (apparently part 2) pertaining to how many female characters there are in video games and how they aren’t simple novelties but states that he had to make this video because the ABC report ‘rubbed him the wrong way’.

While I’m pretty sure given Eric’s singing talent and song writing skills the song would suck I still have to admit that this video Eric’s made here is much better call than a pointless non-memorable song about video game characters. Gosh Eric is a on roll with the good decision making. When tasked with the decision between “Rational video and probably annoying and tasteless song” Eric made the right choice.

1:20 Eric talks about how ABC interviews would completely one-sided and how they gave the spot-light to two professional victims who “make money hand on foot advertising their alleged constant harassment which somehow forced them to ‘somehow skip town'”.

Oh come on Eric you’re on a roll here don’t fucking do this. Don’t make an egotistical comparision aka appeal to Ethos that will backfire because you’re massive hypocrite who keeps taking their extreme opinions too far to the point of posing the extreme opinions as a matter of fact.

1:29 “Ladies, I’ve had death threats too! I’ve been harassed online, falseflagged, insulted and even harassed in real life simply as a result of having a slight modicrum of notoriety online. This isn’t something you can chalk up to just gamers do this to just these two specific women. To do so is to disregard people who have gone through 100 times worse than what these two horrible people have.”

FOR FUCK’S SAKE ERIC stop trying the Ethos argument. You have not gone through any amount of actually severe harassment. You are a karma houdini in that department. The crap you’ve done, the extremist rioting you’ve attempted to incite, the many many times you’ve claimed that you’re own stupid mistakes were the fault of “haters” is beyond belief. How many times have you, Eric Gaede, labeled someone an E-begger just for having a patreon or having a kickstarter? How many times have you claimed that the high dislike ratio on your videos due to poor taste (like putting a long video of an animal being brutally murdered while voicing over it as if you like one-sided murder) was the fault of haters. This got so bad that you accused nytro, one guy, of botting to get dislikes on your video. You’ve been caught stalking other people, and even e-begging yourself (and by the actual definition of e-begging too). You’ve frequently spread information that is completely non-viable, such as the idea that AVGN was stealing kickstarter money or that TGWTG was crucifying people. You don’t get harassment because you have a slight modicrum of notoriety; you get harassment because you are an asshole with a very inflated sense of entitlement and ego. Oh and death threats? You’ve sent more of those than you’ve received Eric and you’ve taken even less interest in apologizing especially when you promised an apology to certain people. The only plus I have to say about this segment is that when you say “100 times worse” you don’t specifically say that you are one of those people. Baby steps eh Eric?

2:00 Eric imagines that if everyone sold their victim-hood for money everybody would be rich.

Except that if everyone is rich, economics 101 would dictate that everybody would be poor… huh…

2:33 Eric plays a clip from ABC showing heavily escorted Anita is. He notes that no credible threat exists and that it is “all hollywood”

Would love to make a callback to certain, faked harassment that involved people driving up to Eric’s house but Eric is right, Anita definitely doesn’t need a bodyguard. Anybody who kills her would just be proving Anita right and then she’d be a martyr and videogames would be vilified.

2:39 “Where are the rioters *REALLY LOUD*, they’re there, They’re There. You gotta believe *plays clip that just shows the parappa character dancing and saying he’s gotta believe*”

Only thing I have to say is… please for the love of god fix your audio. I should not have to playing musical chairs with the volume control to avoid having my eardrums get blown off. Also you should just show the character saying he’s gotta believe, there’s no reason to have 5 seconds of him dancing before hand.

3:16 Eric notes that the narrative is really skewed and notes the illogical connection between video games and murdering women for being women.

Not much to say here. It’s pretty solid, not looking forward to how Eric fucks this up.

3:38 Eric notes that all the threats (bomb, death, rape) are all fake and non-credible. Eric correctly notes that bomb has not been found and that a bomb threat would be worst (not the rape threat) because a bomb can kill multiple people and cause serious damage to buildings.

3:44 Eric notes that all the cops are laughing and barely taking their job seriously because they know nothing is going to happen. Eric then notes that crime could be happening all over the city and there would be less cops to deal with it because they’re busying catering to Anita’s paranoia.

4:30 Eric notes that ABC describes GTA 5 as a game where you can take a hooker and then kill her “and if that’s not enough, you have the option to run her over”. Eric doesn’t note that killing a hooker would be way worse than running her over and thus doesn’t go on a rant about how out of touch with reality the ABC coverage is. Eric does note that GTA 5 does not have a hooker centered story and that the game doesn’t really reward hooker killing especially once the cops show up. Unfortunately Eric decides to call hookers whores throughout the entirety of this rant…. Sigh because the difference between a sex worker and a lady who doesn’t keep her relational commitments just doesn’t exist in Eric’s mind. At least the commentary he’s making still works… baby steps.

5:01 Eric plays a mario 1up sound effect when the hooker gets ran over in first person driving.


5:26 Eric then plays the part of ABC coverage that talks about how women are killed in watchdogs to motivate the main character. Eric then shows images of a black guy getting shotgunned in the face (the black guy is armed) while talking about how the character who is killed to motivate the main character is randomly generated and can be a guy in some cases. My only problem is that Eric just shows the pictures of an armed black guy getting shot-gunned, that doesn’t illustrate that the character who is to be killed is a randomly generated. While what Eric says is true, he could at least back up his work with real evidence, he has the time to edit in video clips so why not show a clip from some let’s play or something (give credit where due) that shows a male character being the victim. Oh well it could be worse, Eric could be wrong and not show evidence.

5:37 Eric shows a clip where ABC news attribute the wrong games to the wrong logos, with watchdogs appearing behind the rockstar logo and GTA 5 appearing behind Ubisofts logo. Wow Eric actually found a flaw using abstract logic and communication skills. That’s a first folks.

6:05 Eric shows a clip where ABC says they have yet to receive a replay from rockstar games. Eric notes that there is no reason for Rockstar to reply since ABC clearly aren’t playing the game and ABC don’t represent the gaming audience and instead represent professional victims. Eric says that ABC isn’t giving Rockstar a fair review before giving out sensational report on them…. kinda like what you do eh Eric? Oh I’m sorry that’s uh kinda uncalled for. Apologies

6:11 Eric says that Tim Schafer is an asshole who used to be cool. Eric also hopes Tim gets what’s coming to him.

6:33 Eric shows a clip of Anita saying that video games enforce negative messages about women and Eric replies by saying that not how things work. OH and he decides to show a picture of Rudolf Hess wearing an ABC armband. Because clearly we needed god-win’s law especially in a situation where incompetence would be a better explanation than nazism. Sigh one step forward, Sixteen steps off the cliff.

7:16 Eric plays a full clip of Penn and Teller’s report on video games (even citing it too) that shows a kid playing games and not liking guns. Wow good research from Eric… OH CRAP here comes the dick dastardly moment doesn’t it?

7:55 “A lot of you are probably not going to like what I’m about to propose”
OH crap

8:02 Eric says that sensationalism and disinformation is why society is against marijuana. Here’s the quote

“is the reason we ended up with a society completely uninformed and totally against marijuana. A substance that has never killed a single person on the planet, but which only took one long campaign of disinformation to educate several generations about how evil and dangerous it allegedly is, all it takes is for this kind of narrative to pervade every inch of our media, to end up with a society that sees any and all video-games as evil and dangerous. Food for thought?”

No Eric not for food for thought you sensationalist, egocentric, fearmongering asshole. What does Marijuana have to do with this at all? Marijuana is not the only drug that gets demonized especially since the war on drugs is still ongoing (the policies are still in place) and it should be noted that while Marijuana has not directly caused a death that doesn’t mean it something you should just handing out to your kids and start puffing away. Marijuana still causes memory impairment during intoxication. It’s also bad for children who’s brains are still developing.

” Trouble thinking and remembering
Bloodshot eyes
Dry mouth (cotton mouth)
Increased appetite (the “munchies”)
Fast heart rate
Slowed coordination ” –

“There’s no proof that smoking marijuana causes lung cancer like cigarettes do. But people who smoke pot do show signs of damage and precancerous changes in their lungs, especially if they also smoke cigarettes. And a study published in 2013 in Cancer Causes & Control found that heavy marijuana smoking might raise the risk of lung cancer.” –

“There is some evidence that occasional pot smoking can have harmful effects on the body, although the science is still too new to prove anything.”-

“Research shows marijuana may cause problems in daily life or make a person’s existing problems worse. Heavy marijuana users generally report lower life satisfaction, poorer mental and physical health, more relationship problems, and less academic and career success compared to non-marijuana-using peers. For example, marijuana use is associated with a higher likelihood of dropping out of school. Several studies also associate workers’ marijuana smoking with increased absences, tardiness, accidents, workers’ compensation claims, and job turnover.” –

“Cannabis can harm your mental health. Regular use is associated with an increased risk of developing a psychotic illness, such as schizophrenia. A psychotic illness is one where you experience hallucinations (when you see things that aren’t really there) and delusions (when you believe things that aren’t really true). Your risk of developing a psychotic illness is higher if you start using cannabis in your teens and if you have a family history of mental illness. Cannabis use has also been shown to increase the risk of a relapse in people who have schizophrenia, and could make existing symptoms worse.
Cannabis may affect your fertility. Research done in animals suggests that cannabis can disrupt sperm production in males and ovulation in females.
If you are pregnant, cannabis may harm your unborn baby. Research suggests that using cannabis during pregnancy could affect your baby’s brain development. Regularly smoking cannabis with tobacco is associated with an increased risk of your baby being born small or premature.” –

Look I can understand that legalizing Cannabis can be a good thing, after all its not as toxic as other drugs and its rare for Cannabis to be considered the defacto cause of death again due to its lack of toxicity. But it is beyond unethical to state that this hallucinogenic drug does not post an risks and can’t hurt people. It’s called a drug for a reason, even caffeine is a bitch to deal with. A drug is anything that influences your state of mind or causes an immediately change in your body. There is no drug that doesn’t come with complications. of some sort. It also doesn’t help that scientific studies for marijuana are too new and far from conclusive as to whether or not marijuana is safe. But hey why am I even bothering to give a rundown on marijuana, its pretty obvious that mentioning out of nowhere is a severe misconduct on Eric Gaede’s part.

I get it Eric you strive to be dick dastardly by stupidly handicapping yourself at the end of every good point (and sometimes without making any good points at all). Eric, you also love drugs so I’m not surprised you wanted to get your drug abuse on. What really pisses me off here is how Eric can claim to take a stand against sensationalism and fearmongering and then immediately invoke it dick dastardly style to completely destroy and credibility or points he was trying to make. No eric, if the entire media decides to adopt a fearmongering narrative, society will not allow itself to be intoxicated with stupidity. There’s plenty of studies that show roughly 60% of people don’t trust the news or even think its accurate (; in fact that number has risen to roughly ~80% as recent studies show ( The gaming industry might have another crash but that’s more of financial consequence that screws over the development of new games not the gamers who can still get games that exist. Gamergate is the perfect example of how people don’t bow down to the media regardless of how many outlets join in on it. In the gamergate scandal, its pretty clear by now that every major media outlet in gaming has gone corrupt, instead of this being the end and gamers just living with the paradox of being dead yet somehow being alive; this lead to the rise of new name game enthusiast sites like gamesnosh, techraptor and so on and so forth. And last but not least, ERIC you are the LAST person who gets to talk about how we should fight against disinformation and fear-mongering when that is exactly what you do and what you did right now. Should I bring up how you said most repro-cart makers don’t deliver on their stuff without even ordering from them? Should I bring up that you did the aforementioned subject on repro-cart makers to shill out for your own friends, Leigh Alexander style? How about you stating that youtube is going to have an apocalpyse (and you shilled out for friends in the same video) and that you think you’re a martyr?

How about poor research skills all around? Like saying Alpha Omega Sin doesn’t use copyrighted footage or gameplay? How about saying that Linkara doesn’t know anything about comic books? You can’t stand against sensationalism, disinformation and poor research while still doing it Eric!

Which brings me to the title of this article (ha 6000 words in). What is character? Character is not what you do while everybody is looking, its about what you do when you think no one will stop you. It’s what you do when no one is looking. Gamergate has faced biblical levels of temptation.

Imagine if you are a gamergate person. Imagine that you area a gamer who supports games and just found out that Phil Fish won the indiecade by cheating. You also are extensively aware of the long history of corrupt journalism such as doritosgate, starcontrol 3 and other things only gamers would know.
For starters, every gamergate member is anonymous, unless they chose otherwise (at which point they’d be compromising their security). This means that quite literally anybody could get in on the harassment and start hacking away. Who’s going to care if you write “I’m gonna rape that bitch” 52k times on twitter?

To add to this, there’s people just literally goading and outright asking to be attacked. ABC news should honestly know better than to let someone who has no feminist credentials speak uncontested. Briana Wu has been allowed repeatedly to say she represents all female developers everywhere. If someone boasts, you can’t shoot me, and then get shoot and killed, who’s going to feel sorry for them? It’s ever so tempting to do what people have literally been setting you up for.

But that’s not enough temptation, no there’s even more, We have entire media claiming that your identity doesn’t exist anymore, that you’re not a person; that right of association doesn’t exist anymore. Feel like violating the peace now? There are people who have killed when their rights weren’t even been infringed on. But you’re rights have just literally been infringed on, there are loud mouthed CEO’s who say they’ll fire anyone with the hobby gaming. You’ve been declared an unperson.

Still not done yet BTW, more idiots join the fray, idiots who start a stupid board that counters your movement. You maintain that you want to treated like a human and that you don’t deserve to be harassed because Journalists don’t want to be ethical. Well these idiots fire back by just pretending everything is A-Okay. Its okay that you’re being harassed, for you see you are a misogynist. Of course they can’t prove it since they literally don’t know anything about you but its okay because they hate you and that’s all they need to commit libel. It’s fine for them to repost child porn but if you point out that a website doesn’t post child porn than it means you like child porn apparently. Nothing makes you want to get violent than the idea that you are the only sane person around. An opposition that literally exists to behave like jackasses with such a smug sense of superiority that they’re literally surprised when they’re not the majority (Gamerghazi) with such logical disconnects in their own brains that they think they are fair and just for literally banning any positive discussion about your movement. OH and it turns out that gamerghazi might very well be mocking the real-life death of a eve-online player during a terrorist attack on a US consulate in Benghazi, Libya in 2012.  Still not tempted to violence? Some of the Gamergate anti-Harassment patrol members quit because they were tired of defending people who were so stupid. Yet others continue to do the job, because people are people to them.

The temptation ain’t over yet, the journalists who are accused of being shady? Yup, they start acting like gibbering morons. “Bring back bullying” says Sam Bibble thinking all gamers are nerds yet not realizing that as a games journalist he should be a gamer too. David Gallant says that “any gamergate supporter will not get my game (paraphrasing) even if they’ve paid for it”. Backed the mighty no 9 kickstarter? Well enjoy having your paid for access revoked because of your political leanings. Watch as journalists prove you right by saying “Who hasn’t slept with a developer #AmIrite?” or as the guardian gets tips from a journalist who introduces themselves with #killallmen. Get wonderful excuses such as ‘Nathan Grayson did not have a conflict of interest with Zoe Quinn, he just said really nice things about her game, is in the credits for the game and is still friends with Zoe Quinn”. Don’t feel violent yet, don’t worry, seeing everything that made you right get ignored by every journalist who should be doing fucking job couldn’t possibly make you angry.

Then last but possibly not the last temptation, we have ‘big name’ youtubers like thunderfoot and internet Aristocrat. Thunderfoot loves to emphasize how much anger you should have at these “femenists” and Internet Aritocrat? Well he wants you to be an extremist. Even your ‘friends’ are wondering why you haven’t rioted yet. Hey here’s Asalieri calling Zoe Quinn a slut and a bitch. Doesn’t that just make you want to join in? Still no? Well then welcome to gamergate, because gamergate isn’t about rioting or harassment. Somehow, someway, millions of people avoided all these calls and cues for violence and instead sat down and said “I know that you want to kafkatrapp me, but I ain’t fucking dumb. So here’s my letter of protest and its going straight to your advertisers and I’m never visiting your website again. You can misrepresent me all you want, but at the end of the day, I’m your paycheck and this paycheck is going somewhere else.”. And here I thought the majority of people are idiots who succumb to their feelings and needs to commit violence.

I mean if gamergate was composed of pissed reactionaries of misogynists do you think anyone would have noticed John Mcintosh was using Anita as a sockpuppet?

And this is honestly the best proof that Gamergate is not a harassment campaign. Because they think for themselves and they don’t let stupid emotions get in the way of the real problem, that journalists have traded away their integrity for relations with the developer. So Eric can make as many gamergate related videos, he doesn’t represent the movement and neither does internet Aristocrat or thunderfoot. They could be hollering for blood and nothing will happen. Gamergate is full of people who passed the information literacy test, their philosophy is trust but verify which means to get information from trusted sources but try to confirm them before spreading them on. And I can’t think of a better group of people I’d want trying to fix this industry; an industry that I should note could quite literally slide into a landfill bigger than the one E.T for Atari was buried in.

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