Jamie Aka Archfiend’s Biggest problem, the ethos dilemna.

Logos, ethos, pathos are methods to present your argument.

Logos is the use of logic to prove your point. “Youtube Whoring is bad because bad videos get many views preventing good videos from appearing on youtube popular searches and thus ensure youtube will be saturated with bad quality, low content videos. Youtube does not care about whether a video is liked but rather as to whether or not it gets views. This stance should be changed.”

Pathos is the use of emotion (of the readers) to prove your point. “So I decided to do a search and look what we’ve got here, a bullshit video where some douchebag talks to himself for 50 minutes about pointless shit while failing to play a video game at preschool difficulty and we’re expected to rate, comment and subscribe? That’s just lazy; youtube whoring is lazy and there’s no reason why anyone should give these videos the time of day.”

Ethos is the use of authority (your own emotions and credibility) to prove your point. I don’t think I need to make up my own example here, because ethos is an argument that Archfiend is used to throwing out.

Too long didn’t watch? Archfiend says shane dawson is a douchebag for youtube whoring and near the end of the video outright says that he’s better than shane and that Archfiend is on the case. Note that he doesn’t explain why youtube whoring is bad and focuses more on himself looking good as compared to shane. Do note how he focuses on how he feels and not about the viewers or about what the audience should be feeling. Notice the emphasis in the beginning about how important it is that he himself cares about the issue.

However if you paid attention to the video… you’d see exactly where Archfiend fails to successfully make a ethos argument that doesn’t sink. There is nothing inherently wrong with an ethos argument. If famous celebrity says “Hi I’m X, Don’t do drugs kids” and doesn’t back up anything with facts, then they’re using an ethos argument. It’s not false to say “don’t do drugs” because let’s admit it, drugs abuse is problematic and the best way to avoid it is not to start at all. Likewise I don’t think you need to see charts of data to know that when the center of disease control says “don’t eat that pizza you just ordered” to not eat that pizza you just ordered. Last but not a definitive example, if environmental canada (emergency weather alert service) says to evacuate because a hurricane is coming in, you don’t argue with them asking for the facts and decide they lied and the hurricane will probably change course.

But I digress, Archfiend fails the ethos argument because he’s a hypocrite. If you’re going to achieve credibility and authority, you need to be right and stay right. Don’t have your cake and eat it. In the video you may notice that the at beginning he says he won’t critique the quality of Shane Dawson’s videos or otherwise say his videos suck.

0:30 “I just wanna say, I am not critiquing this person’s quality or content… I am not saying his videos suck… I am making this video solely… because this person is a whore to youtube.

3:42 “I watched a few of them [Shane Dawson’s videos], I don’t think they’re that entertaining”

4:49 “[Archfiend explaining why he thinks Shane Dawson doesn’t use only quality for video marketing] Because you wouldn’t get half the amount of attention that you do, if you didn’t cheat the system”

So Archfiend’s idea of not critiquing the videos is to a few minutes later immediately say the videos aren’t that great and that if Shane didn’t use misleading thumbnails and sensational titles, quality alone would not get him success. How is this not critiquing the quality of the person’s work again? Bonus points for being against sensationalist titles and misleading thumbnails but then having a title that says “Shane Dawson EXPOSED” when not exactly exposing anything that isn’t common knowledge and relying entirely on his own reputation to prove anything. You can’t EXPOSE anyone without having concrete information that is generally obscure being brought into common knowledge. Something as easy as looking at their video upload history doesn’t count as exposing anything.

I am not only one who’s noticed that Archfiend has a long running problem with putting money where his mouth is.


Now I haven’t had the time to look through all of the above links and I will assume some it may be made up. But here’s the parts I found that were proven and I want to highlight (all of them from the blogspot and are paraphrased).

1. Archfiend has a long history with blocking people and yet frequently complains when other people block him. When he blocks someone “it’s because the person was being willfully stupid and not worthwhile to talk to” but if Mike Matei blocks someone for the same reason… oh apparently its censorship and trying to shutdown criticism. If you block people for reasons then you must also assume your opponent is blocking people for the same reasons. It’s all too easy to pretend that being blocked is offensive when you omit context like “subject threaten to kill someone with a knife”. Unfortunately, Archfiend has been reported to be blocking people for much less than unlawful conduct and has been caught repeatedly blocking people to the point that the majority of the videos in the youtube playlist are about him blocking people. Videos like the “The Arch Coward” cover this topic.

2. Repeated Mixed messaging. We just saw Archfiend asking people to do their best and not demand things they’re not entitled to. Here’s Archfiend quitting Six flags because he couldn’t wait in line and follow procedure, repeatedly demanding a security guard escort through the gate. Granted there was a pass card malfunction but you can’t exactly expect to cut in line just because your card malfunctioned. The staff will be fired if they give you preferential treatment!

How about his repeat hatred for youtube whoring and posting videos with captions that don’t match the content.

His excuse for this one? He disabled the ads… and didn’t take down the video after years and years of whoring it out to get channel stats, which indirectly make him money anyway.

How about his response to real-world problems?
Well he hates youtube problems for sure.

But what about third-world problems? You know with children dying and shit?

12:18 “I really don’t care what happens to these kids in africa”

Gee rioting about AVGN is more important than kids in africa. The only good thing I could point out about this is that KONY 2012 was a pretty bad attempt at activism.

3. ADD, Attention deficit Disorder. Let’s take a look at Archfiend’s accomplishments:

Wow that was a short-list. Archfiend doesn’t set goals and doesn’t cover topics to a complete extent. What’s the point of “Archfiend being on the case” when he doesn’t anything substantial? FIVE VIDEOS, FIVE are all that he’s done on Shane Dawson AND basically all of them deal with sensationalistic titles and repeat arguments. He’s made the same amount of videos bashing Shane Dawson’s fans with a stunning FIVE, FIVE videos dedicated to insulting his fanbase for the action of the few. What’s the goal here? It’s not the inform people (as this blog’s goal is), because five videos for a topic that Archfiend has been “covering” for over 5 years (some of his videos are years apart) which means that anyone who wants to be kept up to date with Shane Dawson’s scams, are not going to happy. Likewise what has Shane Dawson accomplished since Archfiend’s first take on him in 2010?
Shane Dawson has:
Won two awards in two different ceremonies one for choice web star, one for Best Vlogger. Both in the same year (2010) that Archfiend “exposed” him.
Started a music, film and television career. This meant making several albums, a total of 3 films so far, and staring in two TV shows (for a few episodes).
Won a movie making competition, winning $250k to make another movie

Well that list is certainly bigger than Archfiend’s accomplishments… if only there was someone actually holding Shane Dawson up to scutiny because it doesn’t look like the mainstream producers or people even know that Shane Dawson engages in scam tactics. Heck when put like this I almost am ready to believe that Archfiend just flat out lied because being caught abusing the system would generally destroy your reputation especially if he was deliberately making content-less videos. I mean Shane Dawson was allowed to make a statement like this “I like the movie. The producers that I trust like the movie. The test audience liked the movie. I know I deserve to make a movie because I’ve been working my fucking ass off these last eight years on YouTube” on his craptastic movie ‘Not Cool’ and Archfiend didn’t even call him out. This is why its important to not have ADD especially when you are involved in Ethos arguments. If you say something, it has to translate into action or something tangible when you make an Ethos argument. Shane Dawson has quite literally exploded in popularity and his controversy is no where to be found. Heck I can’t even find hate blogs or other groups dedicated to exposing his mal-practices. This is problematic for Archfiend’s argument for obvious reasons:

What is deception? You know what deception is? Why would you be reading this blog if you don’t what deception is? Deception is:

“to mislead by a false appearance or statement”-dictionary.com

Now have any you taken first-year biology> don’t worry this will go back to Archfiend in a short moment. Animals also perform deception, evolution is about who can breed the most and die the least. Therefore animals that can trick other animals benefit the most. But this doesn’t work in practice, because as we all know, Humans are the top of the evolutionary chain and we do things known as COOPERATE and not deceive and back-stab (heck we actively work to screw over people who lie and deceive). I could make a list of people who lied and got screwed over and could quite literally fill an entire article. Instead I will ask a simple question: Why doesn’t deception work? If it gives an evolutionary advantage, then why didn’t that become the norm. Why don’t we have an anarchy where the most slimy and lying individuals get all the stuff and we all have to work to trick each other to get what we want. Why is it that I can walk home with my paycheck knowing that I actually got paid in real money and not monopoly money?

Because deception only works in small quantities.

Want an easy logos example? Say I offer you a car, you buy and it breaks down immediately. So I offer you another car, you buy and it breaks. I offer you a third car, this one driven by “JAMES BOND” at which point you obviously aren’t Peter Griffin and therefore aren’t falling for this.

Want real examples? The animal kingdom is a great example of societies equilibrium when it comes to deception. Every species its trying to evolve and is doing its best to not die out. So if an animal group encounters repeated deception, the members of the group will keep track of which areas are full of deception and also ways to tell. The more deception occurring within a region, the less animals are going to fall for it because they already know what happens if you do. Case in point, a study with rhesus monkeys where in group liars get punished but only if they lie too often.


Now let’s connect this back to Archfiend, if Shane Dawson regularly engages in deception and clickbait… why the fuck is he still popular and still successful?
This isn’t an unfair question. Irate Gamer is an asshole and people know it, is he successful? No! Asalieri frequently lies and misrepresent an issue, do people trust him? NOPE! But here’s Shane Dawson, he makes clickbait videos that are misleading and don’t contain the subject in the headline is he successful? Holy fucking yeah, I’d say winning 250k dollars to make movie is win freaking win. What the hell happened?

Well I can give you two answers, the simple one or the more insightful one.

The simple one: ADD and a lack of proper talent to form a countermovement. Here’s something that won’t surprise you, it takes groups of people, working together to accomplish anything substantial. There’s no major group that opposes Shane Dawson and neither is there a general consensus that Shane Dawson has committed youtube whoring or any kind of cheating.

The more insightful answer: Ethos Dilemna (come on you had to be expecting a title drop somewhere?). Ethos is important because its a great starting point to get attention. Many great products have failed due to a lack of marketing. Ever hear of a movie that failed because no one heard of it? Movies like Dark City? How about movies that sucked so badly they failed on word of mouth alone, such as afterearth? As stated earlier Ethos is the authority of the argument. If man with a tinfoil hat told you to leave your house because “there is a tornado coming to fuck you up” odds are you won’t leave because you don’t trust a conspiracy nut. But here’s the thing with the concept called “truth” it doesn’t matter who says it but the popularity, reliability and character of who ever says the “truth” is what matters when it comes to hearing it and believing it. Now I’m not saying that Archfiend is right to say Shane Dawson is a youtube whore or that anything he says could be correct but I am saying however that Archfiend has not built up any credibility, reputation or reliability of any kind. A small-time but prominent reviewer named Cartoon hero also has similar thoughts about Archfiend (namely that Archfiend used to try to be right but now is trying to justify immoral stances)

What does it mean when “Archfiend is on the case”? Why should I care if Archfiend wants to critique me or if he doesn’t like my work? What’s Archfiend’s standards? Why should I listen to this guy?
These are the questions you want to answer when you rely on ethos to prove your arguments. Hell the greatest movie critics in world could snap their fingers and a movie would be instantly hated or suddenly become a classic. There are plenty of people who hate a movie based on what a critic has said on it. Many people are still convinced that Simons Quest is the worst NES game ever based on AVGN’s early review. Going back to previous topics, gamergate is the result when all the top (mainstream) critics go mad with power, culminating in an internet wide protest against misrepresentation of gamers. Ethos is power and when you have it, your words are that much more stronger and that much more meaningful. But when you abuse your power, you lose it and with it the power in your words as well (to the point that several gaming sites have had to reform or otherwise back off with joystiq closing due to financial difficulties). Welcome to the Ethos Dilemna, you can’t change your ethics without an explanation and everything you do is under scrutiny like a politician; its like sunset boulevard “once you’ve won you have to go on winning”. If you aren’t able to act under scrutiny don’t take the job, power and responsibility that comes with being credible and well respected, because once you lose, you lose big time.

And has Archifend been “winning?”. Not by any stretch of the imagination I’m afraid. One of the things I keep hearing from Archfiend is how much he cares about other people’s fans and how he hates it when someone scams their fans because they’re so precious… except Archfiend runs a “fanboy comments” show, the entire premise of which is to insult a fandom.

Wow that was a huge break I had to take from the article. Either way lets get straight to the Archfiend’s disclosure video.

Let’s a take a look at the description… nothing really important. But I have a hunch Archfiend will make a statement involving fans. So I’m gonna make note of the fact that he links to “let’s laugh at fanboys” in his description as well as well as a bunch of screencaps of youtube comments.

0:10 “This is surreal, that’s the first 3 words I posted on a comment”
Well this is going to be great, let’s focus on some comment you made that really shouldn’t be relevant especially since you don’t really talk about anyone at all at least in a good detail.

0:10 – 0:45 After a long amount of fumbling explaining what recently happened (Chris Bores made a disclosure video… Archfiend doesn’t even mention the extreme amount of lying that occurred in that video), Archfiend proceeds to say something really stupid.

0:50 “much like chris said; in my video here you can choose to believe everything, nothing, somethings, all the things, whatever, it doesn’t really fucking matter to me at this point. Because there’s alot of things I have been sitting on here that I haven’t said about why I went after the Irate Gamer, why I changed my tide on James Rolfe the angry video game nerd, yes I am going to refer to him by name even though he’s who we shall not speak of on this channel. But anyway, just for the sake of full disclosure”

WOW where to begin. Okay first off, a whole minute has just passed and this video is a wreck. Repetition and a lack of proof-reading might make this video look more down to earth but this is a disclosure video, that means you should be professional, not misusing words, or repeating yourself and acting like a nervous wreck who’s well aware they’ve fucked up severely over the last few months. I mean seriously I am actually cutting out lines of dialogue because its repeats of previous lines just slightly rephrased. Is it too hard to say “Chris made a disclosure video, here’s mine?”. Great I’m dealing with two “disclosure” videos that have zero effort or editing put into them.

Secondly, the first sentence… is that really what you want to put on your “here’s my ethics disclosure” video? This is technically the first time Archfiend has put a video detailing his standards and moral ethics. Disregarding the fact that he said ‘everything’ twice and ‘something’ twice, telling people “you don’t fucking care” as to whether or not your message is true is essentially telling people that you don’t intend to put any effort into making your message true, reliable or factual. That’s like starting your academic essay with “I did no research, here’s my paper, please don’t stamp an F- on the page”.

Thirdly, like Chris said? When the fuck was that? Chris never said anything about not caring about the reception to his message. In fact he made it abundantly clear that he expected his message to be taken completely seriously and did not enjoy dissenting opinion. You can tell when Chris Bores references the AVGN boogeyman. Even Chris isn’t fucking dumb enough to state that he is going to have a confession that has no thought or effort put into making it truthful or convincing! I can’t believe I’m saying this but this line was so dumb it surpasses everything that Chris has done in terms of stupidity. Even Chris isn’t thoughtless enough to say he puts no effort into things!?

Fourthly, What do you mean you haven’t said why you hated Irate Gamer? Its pretty fucking self explanatory, Chris was a plagiarist who ran around with sockpuppet accounts attacking literally every other channel. When he started, there was basically no one on youtube who wasn’t aware of or at least pissed at him. Archfiend, you called him a no talent hack and you were responsible for Chris Bore’s interview on net noise backfiring horribly. I’m pretty sure you said that you did this because you were pissed that Irate Gamer got attention by stealing from AVGN. What? You’re gonna say you were wrong? You wanna keep digging an even deeper hole that you won’t climb out of? Goddamn this is stupid.

Fifthly, Tide? What the fuck is this use of diction? Tide is not a word that represents opinion or actions. “why I changed my tide on James Rolfe” *sigh* I literally don’t know what’s more stupid. The fact that Archfiend has just used a word, a four letter word, that he literally does not know the definition of to sound smart. OR the possibility that he’s so egotistical that he thinks he’s a tidal wave. Nevertheless, someone please tell Archfiend to use a goddamn dictionary because you can’t change your tide on anything, unless you’re referring to your usage of tide sanitary products.

Sixthly (yes this screw up has this many things to point out), What is there to say about AVGN? Archfiend has made it clear what he thinks. Its called E-begging and the misuse of the term.

What super secret confession do you need to make Archfiend? Archfiend was ridiculously off the mark here. And “He who we shall not speak of” becomes a very stupid statement when you realize that Archfiend was blocked for spreading stupid garbage the like the edited IMDB page of AVGN’s movie budget


“Mike Matei WILL Block You If You Mention This On Any Video.” Hmmm I wonder why… perhaps its because you’re lying and committing libel?

Goddamn and this was in one minute. Well I know who Irate Gamer and Asalieri are learning from when it comes to making videos that bomb. Less than a minute in and we’ve got broken logic and word use, confession to lying, bringing up an event that never happened, and all with repetition and the editing skills of a dead otter. Oh god this thing is 34 minutes? I’ll do as long as I can before it becomes apparent that Archfiend is blatantly lying, blatantly using filler or my complaints become repetitive.

0:50-1:50 Filler FILLER FILLER, FILLER FILLER FILLER, it’s the same goddamn congaline! All the way from Irate Gamer’s shitty video!

1:52 “I was a fan of the Angry video game nerd”

2:40 Archfiend talks about how he saw an AVGN video on myspace and AVGN was the first person he subscribed to.

I’m honestly not surprised and anyone who knew how shitty and content poor youtube was back in the day probably wouldn’t be surprised either. Is this supposed to be a build up to “I was betrayed/broken pedestal” pathos argument. Because it really falls apart when it become apparent your standards were low.

2:50 Archfiend has trouble naming some AVGN videos and then says “Jesus Christ”

Wow that was totally necessary. Yeah I say Jesus Christ as profanity all the time I have minor memory issues (P.S this is sarcasm). I can see where Asalieri gets his Jesus Christ profanity habit from.


4:00 – 4:10 Archfiend proceeds to list a bunch of personal details about AVGN and states they relate to him… yeah… that’s not creepy at all. I don’t even know where people live, its kinda that thing I don’t need to know to critique them. The only time I checked address was just to make sure Chris’s IP address was in fact Chris’s IP address. Oh and to prank batdamn but I don’t keep track of his living location at all.

4:20 “he [AVGN] was symbol of my home state, he was a symbol of my age group, he was symbol of people like me… and I began to worship him.”
Wow Archfiend, and you dare to make let’s laugh at fanboy videos. This is as pathetic as the people who claim they never be totalitarian assholes and then proceed to invoke censorship and ignore criticism universally. The sad part about this is that AVGN doesn’t ask his fans to be rabid, and they’re not supposed to. In fact the movie AVGN recently made has that as a plot point, with AVGN afraid his fans like him to the point of worship and the end of the movie makes it clear that people aren’t fucking stupid and it actually takes effort on both the worshipped and worshipper to get to this state. Given that AVGN doesn’t ask people to anything aggressive, unlike say Asalieri or heck Archfiend himself, its entirely your fault Archfiend that you became a “fanboy”.

5:05 Archfiend talks about how Irate Gamer entered the scene and his SMB2 video was featured and how being featured makes your video so important.

YEAH NO, youtube feature system works by taking a video that was getting a lot of views and thus puts it on front page to get even more views. Sure its great to have a video featured, but youtube also featured a lot of crap (unfortunately since youtube has changed its system many times over the years, I can’t show you real evidence) including screamers, shitty one second videos and misleading thumbnail shit. If your video was already getting views without being featured, its not like getting on the frontpage was what made it super popular, because it probably already was before it was featured.

5:30 Archfiend describes the SMB2 video as “it’s alright, its okay, its a decent little review. I noticed somethings started looking similar in other different reviews”.

Uh Archfiend? What does the word plagiarism mean? Oh and what does the words manipulative editing mean? Chris Bore’s review of SMB2 was both factually incorrect and also a great deal plagiarized in terms of style and structure. Heck it begins with the blind pass song, which wasn’t cited, so its totally plagiarism!

6:20 Archfiend notes that Irate Gamer got youtube partner status while AVGN did not. He doesn’t note that it was because AVGN was in deep shit for swearing and extreme toilet humor while Chris Bores was a more “child friendly” alternative (Look executives rarely make great decisions especially if you are a youtube exec).

7:00 Archfiend says that he is disclosing the fact that he went after Chris Bores because he made money while AVGN did not. And states that he did not disclose this because it would cause a “chain reaction” in that people would accuse him of going after people just because they make money.

*Sigh* wow really? This is just full of lies. I’m not exactly sure if Archfiend is lying because he’s too fucking stupid to remember the things he’s said about Chris or too fucking stupid to understand the words he said when remembering them.

In the above video we will see Archfiend repeatedly complain that Chris Bores has stolen material from AVGN while not admitting it and taking credit and rewards for it. See 17:46 where he says “He can make a dime off a concept he did not create and not give acknowledgement to the man that did create that concept that he is milking off of

So let me get this straight? Archfiend has just said he was going to disclose a previously not known reason as to why he hated Irate Gamer even though he did in fact make it clear that he hated Irate Gamer for that reason. I have a stupid incredibly obvious disclosure to make too! I breathe air! Shocking!

Archfiend’s argument against Irate Gamer has always boiled down to the fact that Irate Gamer has gotten rewards, monetary or otherwise while AVGN has gotten less for his hard work. I can’t believe he either thinks people don’t know this or that people are so stupid they can’t figure that out. First disclosure and its something that is blatantly obvious and needs no real introduction.

7:00-9:56 Filler! Let’s waste time talking about views of money. Archfiend talks about how he makes money off videos and Irate Gamer makes money off videos. Archfiend says he feels sorry for AVGN because he didn’t get money for his work. So that’s the part where Archfiend gives his money to AVGN right? right? Also notice how Archfiend doesn’t report the amount of money he actually makes.

10:02 Archfiend says that his anger at Chris Bores was misguided because the true villain was youtube. Because youtube selected Irate Gamer to be featured and made him a sponsor. But the real kicker is this stupid line he says “Because he [Irate Gamer] was getting to a point that James rolfe was up here and Irate Gamer was down here and then the sub gap started shrinking. [thanks to youtube] This motherfucker is gonna… be bigger than James rolfe… all this is subjective and all that”.

Yeah I started chopping down on the quote. Because the real quote, the full one would be so scatterbrained that you would think I was actually lying. In fact go ahead and go and see the real clip (have adblock on) and he repeatedly changes topic and words. Its almost as if he realizes how stupid his words are halfway through to the point that he makes a disclaimer “that this is subjective”. Well of course “this is subjective” archfiend its your goddamn opinion. You’ve already told us again and again you’re against e-begging and earning money you didn’t work for, now you’re gonna say Irate Gamer is cool because what he did was legal? This is the dumbest logic ever, the idea that a criminal can be innocent because the system allowed him/her to do it. So people shouldn’t be made at the dude who made bomb threats that ended up canceling a meeting because obvious twitter is to blame because you can distribute such threats.

Also note that Archfiend runs on social justice themes… the very themes that are getting torn to pieces at this exact moment.

I find it ironic that Archfiend claims to care about justice and money when all he wants is money and fame for himself

(isn’t gamergate so topical?) I guess videogames are to blame because a school shooter shot someone and not the school shooter because it was his/her fucking decision to go kill people when they could have done literally anything else. To be clear, I’m not saying you can’t fault the system or other factors for someone’s failure to act ethically. That’s not true, you totally can, but you can’t say that the individual is innocent without some kind of proof. I’ve discussed in previous articles that Irate Gamer is consistently out to harm AVGN and his fans or anyone who doesn’t outright hate AVGN. There are plenty of instances today where we can say that the system is at fault but Chris Bore’s behaviour is not one of them. Nothing excuses outright plagiarism, nothing excuses outright lying to people in a “candid” discussion by claiming that you entered a contest where you supposedly were told you would win immediately (because that totally happens right?) and then imply that happy video game nerd cheated to win his position and AVGN “snubed” you. I would need evidence that says that AVGN told him to steal his stuff practically verbatim and a real letter from the contest runners who said he would win without question.

Wow this is depressing. 10 minutes in and the only things we’ve learned are things that are already obvious given Archfiend’s stance on e-begging and a textbook example of fundamental Attribution error. Here’s a song about a real broken system, America’s prison system.

10:45 “I should have brought more heat down on youtube than the Irate Gamer”- Archfiend

Archfiend… I don’t know how to say this politely… so I’m gonna say it bluntly. Your reputation is not stellar. You’re not exactly a trend leader and you have literally no idea how to fix the youtube system because you frequently exploit it yourself such as with the aforementioned “justin biber orgy” video. You frequently don’t write about topics in a reasonable amount of time and in terms of activism you suck immensely. Shane Dawson is running around with piles of money he won in a contest with an official statement that was literally “I worked my ass off getting here” and you’re “activism” against him didn’t get him any real backlash. People like totalbiscuit have raged against the youtube system (totalbiscuit has completely shutoff the comment system because it fails to prevent bullying) and nothing has really happened. I’d like to remind you that totalbiscuit is infinitely more popular and is considered one of the best pc critics on youtube. What the fuck could you have possibly done archfiend? Are you saying that it was better to wage one “feel good” war over another “feel good” war?

10:52 “its not like the Irate Gamer was writing letters to youtube ‘please feature my videos'”

Except… Irate Gamer clearly has connections. For one, he’s able to get job at gottgame despite clearly not being qualified or working at a decent schedule AND this is in spite of the fact that this gets the company much hatred. Second youtube frequently overlooks Irate Gamers abusive behaviour online, behaviour that would get any other person without connections banned. Look at all the crap that his Ladybuggin777 account keeps spewing out, the vast majority of that would get any other account banned. Of course we wouldn’t know about any letters written to youtube, their confidential. Irate Gamer is a very corrupt and he himself is very poor at transparency. I’ve already done an article concerning how he treats his fans and how he demands that his fans write nasty things about other people to the point that he doesn’t acknowledge people who don’t write hostile things to other people. This entire statement needs citations because for all we know, Irate Gamer had to apply for partnership somehow and he had to have done something to not get banned after all this time.

11:08-11:22 YAY more filler. Because repetition is cool. Because repetition is cool Because repetition is cool Because repetition is cool Because repetition is cool Because repetition is cool Because repetition is cool Because repetition is cool and lazy because its wastes time but not periods.

11:26 ” another reason why I’m making this video is I’m gonna link this in all my videos in an annotation just to set the record straight.”

Wow so instead of taking the videos down, you’re gonna leave them up just so you can make as many views as possible. Archfiend is against youtube whoring right? right?

11:47 Archfiend says that he will be leaving the videos as “historical documents for a lack of a better term”

Why? Those videos will be so hypocritical given your current pansy attitude and will show just how far you have fallen archfiend. Granted in retrospect you haven’t really fallen that far but at least you were right back then. Archfiend’s excuse as to why he will keep these videos is essentially “My anger was misguided because youtube is really to blame… except here’s all these videos where I show Irate Gamer’s attitude problems and Chris Bore’s direct role in being a plagiarist no talent hack”. Would this count as an example of tv trope’s ‘Unapologetic” (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheUnapologetic)? If you think Irate Gamer is innocent, which you’ve implied throughout this video by saying it was not his fault he was featured and started the stupid AVGN versus Irate Gamer internet bullshit then why keep those videos. Especially painful is what’s coming next.

12:00 “I’ve removed videos before… just for the fuck of it, its my channel I can do whatever I want”.

Hi Archfiend, can you say face first into ethos dilemna? You’ve literally just admitted you have no reason to do so and now justifying your decision by outright stating you are a hypocrite. You could have taken the video down, you should have considering that it still directs anger towards Chris Bores and not youtube. You know the majority of people don’t read youtube descriptions or use annotations. But the real reason why isn’t because its logically makes sense, or its historical like you just lied about, but because you don’t want to lose revenue or lose face. Well you’re not going to lose revenue but you’ve definitely lost face, because this is so irresponsible that you’re literally justifying your irresponsible decision with “cause I can”. I’m sure Chris Bores is so happy that you left up those videos that fucked him over and I’m glad you did because its hilarious, but unfortunately this doesn’t speak well for you archfiend especially since its clear you do these rants for the money and not for anything else like helping people. This is the worse place to use ethos and you just had to do it didn’t you?

BTW archfiend? Don’t have important things like disclosures to do?

12:48 Archfiend says he’s going back to Irate Gamer making money. YES WE KNOW HE MAKES MONEY. GET ON WITH IT.

13:42 Archfiend says that is aware of the letter that Irate Gamer wrote to AVGN but apparently he says he never really mentioned it because he thought it was a “underhanded” tactic.

Okay? Why and how would this be a “underhanded” tactic?

13:57 After the inevitable rambling and calling mike matei a fuck face (totally adds value to this video) Archfiend gets to the point several eternities later (archfiend? do you even edit?) and says “did you really have to do that. It was done just to embarrass the guy… when it was something as much as giving a personal letter to someone and then exposing it. That just kind of rubbed me the wrong way and that was one of the main reasons why I put those letters that mike matei wrote to me on my website… because I felt he had no respect for the personal rights, not that its a right or something. It’s just kind of smarmy to do what he did”

I… I don’t really know where to begin with this… this level of stupid and hypocrisy is… holy shit. I don’t think I’ve seen this level of self-defeating stupidiy from anyone else except other social justice warriors. For those who aren’t aware of the term SJW aka Social Justice Warrior, an SJW is someone who claims to care about social rights and causes but very quickly turns out to be self-conceited and egotistic to the point of only using said social cause/right to harm other people and disregarding the cause when it prevents them from hurting people.

I mean don’t get me wrong, Archfiend has been a SJW for a long time it just hasn’t gotten THIS hypocritical. This is like those anti-gamergate writers in the previous article on gamergate who state they care about women but refuse to listen to any of them while calling any crtic a misogynist even if the critic is a women.

For those of you who don’t know who Ian Miles Cheong is. Well he’s a Neo-Nazi (ex if you ask him), and he is a supporter of anti-GG and in favor of the blockbot system that blocks anyone who doesn’t agree with you while labeling them as misogynist harassers.

An SJW by any definition because he claims to care about women but is more interested in running a employment blacklist than actually helping women. Pictured above is his reaction to getting fucked over by other SJWs. SJWS are hilariously chaotic evil.

So… to recap on Archfiend’s statement.

1. Archfiend thinks posting a personal letter is wrong.
2. Archfiend believes this because it feels kinda smarmy.
3. Archfiend admits that he is okay with posting other people’s personal letters.
4. Archfiend posts Mike Matei’s personal letters on his website despite them containing no real scandalous information and does this because Mike Matei posted Irate Gamer’s letter.
5. Archfiend admits its not a personal right to post to have one’s letter remain confidential once sent.

Okay I’m just gonna post this video first that pretty much entitles my reaction to the overall analogy and how Archfiend communicated it.

Okay lets address this on a point by point basis.
Number one, its not wrong to post a personal letter if it contains scandalous information. If a politician sends me a letter saying that I am to suck his/her cock and vote for them or I will be killed then I will be all means make the letter public. Of course I should report the letter to the authorities first but it doesn’t change the fact that it will become public eventually. There’s every reason why Irate Gamer’s letter could be described as Scandalous.


I mean just fucking look at the letter itself. Irate Gamer has never contacted AVGN before this and once he does its a letter that pretty much says “I know I’ve stolen your stuff and admit it, I’ve been a fans of yours despite repeatedly telling people I’ve never heard of you, I write this letter to tell you that I don’t care that I’ve started feud that is incredibly black and white and that its totally my fault that you have any haters to begin with. Let’s work together Bye”. Who would not post this personal letter? Its the clear evidence that Irate Gamer is a liar through and through. And as a public figure, Irate Gamer should be open to accountability. But hey I don’t even need to say this outloud because in point 5 Archfiend admits that it was a perfectly valid tactic but is only wrong based on Archfiend’s ‘feelings’ of smarmy.

Speaking of which here’s point 2. Let’s define smarmy:

“behaving in a way that seems polite, kind, or pleasing but is not genuine or believable” -Webster dictionary

Yeah that doesn’t describe what happened at all. Archfiend use a dictionary before you use words that you don’t know the meaning of. The concept of posting someone’s personal message… someone’s FIRST personal message and the message from someone who currently states that he doesn’t know you and never knew you as well as hates you is no way a polite gesture. Its not smarmy because it wasn’t supposed to be polite to begin with. It would be smarmy if AVGN told Irate Gamer that his messages would be confidential but this is Irate Gamer’s first message and it was unprompted. My only guess is Archfiend wanted to use a word that sounded disgusting but picked a word that made no sense in the context of this situation because he’s an idiot who relies too much on his name and ‘authority’ than actual evidence.

Point 3 and point 4, Archfiend is okay with posting other people’s letters. Despite the fact that the letters he did post can be found here.


And GUESS what? nothing scandalous in these messages. Isn’t that great? So Archfiend is against presenting letters that aren’t supposed to confidential when its done to make a point and prove someone is lying but is perfectly okay with posting letters that contain nothing really important at all. Classic SJW behaviour. All Archfiend needs to do is preach about his feelings… oh wait he’s been doing that throughout his entire career.

point 5 is just the icing on the cake. Really I can’t believe he’s dumb enough to do this. He knew it was a bullshit complaint, he knows he’s hypcocrite for having that complain, but he’s gonna do it anyway. I am honestly sure that Archfiend is dumber than Asalieri or Irate Gamer and the majority of people watch him to see how dumb he can get. Having just seen this moment I am honestly ashamed that I ever thought Archfiend had a good track record with any of the ratings in the TIR system (talent, integrity and responsibility). Not only is this a disclosure that literally incriminates himself as a dumbass and a hypocrite but also shows just exactly how far Archfiend is willing to run with a double standard and how much of a shill he is for his friends. What? did AVGN not give you that pat on back you really really wanted Archfiend? Because that’s what this looks like. Its okay for Irate Gamer to make money but the second AVGN makes any, you make temper tantrums and why? Because AVGN dared to run a crowd funded project.

It’s been what? Fifteen minutes? I cut the quote short, Archfiend goes on for another 2 fucking minutes in conspiracy mode about how AVGN must totally be aware of everything that Mike does and must clearly care about Irate Gamer even thought Irate Gamer doesn’t stand two shits in hell of ever being relevant or popular again. Irate Gamer is as much of a cult-classic as gamer+ and yes I’m aware that gamer+ is something you’ve probably never heard of. If you’re not going to say the obvious even thought you’ve just done 15 minutes of that, I’m going to make the disclosure for you Archfiend. You only hate AVGN because he’s league more successful and popular than you. Its been that way for just about everyone you talked about. All you’re doing is trying to justify something that you already made your mind up about. This isn’t about new evidence that persuaded you, its about you trying to convince yourself to run on the dumb, manchildish path you’re still on. AVGN delievered with his movie, AVGN has not been proven to take any money he didn’t earn. You’ve had YEARS, YEARS to prove this and you didn’t. And now just like Shane Dawson, AVGN is running around with bundles of money and fame because you failed to convict him of anything tangible. What you have to disclose here Archfiend is that you failed… you failed miserably.

I’m not doing the rest of the video because I’ll summarize it right now and my complains are repetitive:

15:00 to 17:00 Filler about how Irate Gamer makes money. Seriously learn to edit Archfiend.

17:00 to 18:00 Citation needed about story of two fans of Archfiend saying they would confront Irate Gamer about his girlfriend though to be fair even if it was excessive to ask Irate Gamer about his girlfriend it doesn’t change the fact that Irate Gamer brags about having a girlfriend even when that girlfriend is his cousin. I can see why its excessive but then again my repetitive complaint that public figures deserve scrutiny still holds esepcially when as Mr.KillUltra has told me, Chris has said on his ladybuggin777 account that mothers should be sexual partners with their kids. You know Archfiend… it would probably help with your reputation is you stop trying to act as if you’re on moral high ground while you frequently use language that debunks that. Essentially, here Archfiend acts as if he cares about Irate Gamer’s life as he comes up with a story that can’t be verified about how he’s apparently a good person for telling fans to not bother Chris even though he’s done things like have radio show hosts insult the shit out of Chris by underhandedly talking to the show hosts before the show occurred. You should probably remember the things you’ve done to Chris before you try to pretend you’ve helped somebody. But then again this complaint was already made before, so you can see why I’m skipping through this.

18:00 to 19:00 Archfiend pretends selling things is wrong because you know pawning off stuff is apparently illegal. You know… no one’s forcing people to throw their money at AVGN. But again repetitive. Also repeated misuse of the word tide.

19:00 to 21:00 Archfiend clarifies this is an auction so literally there’s no point. And then Archfiend does what I totally expected him to do, complain that its not fair for the fans. Uh Archfiend you fucking target people’s fans all the fucking time. You hate people’s fans and insult them so you really can’t act as if you care about them. Do I need to post all the laugh at fanboy videos? Do I need to point out that this content frequently outnumbers the content you make about actual events? You are not the helper of little people. You literally don’t care about the starving kids in another part the world but you care about the poor fans who don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on autographed shit and the time to go to conventions. FUCK YOU.

21:00 to 22:00 Archfiend pretends youtube is somehow at fault because AVGN is now a partner even though AVGN still didn’t get paid by youtube for all the years they spent shunning him. Bonus points for saying “its not all about the money” Oh yeah Archfiend that totally isn’t what this is about. I mean not giving a shit about a charity for kids (however misguided) because you need money? Gosh I couldn’t see how money fits into any of arguments EXCEPT EVERY FUCKING ARGUMENT YOU’VE EVER MADE INCLUDING THE “DISCLOSURES” YOU’VE MADE IN THIS VIDEO. I literally do not want to do any more disclosure videos, they are long, poorly edited, full of stupid hypocritical banter and are a complete waste of time for everyone involved.

“not that everything is all about the money” – 21:44

22:00 to 23:00 Archfiend complains about the indiegogo… yeah none of his complaints make any sense. He complains that you don’t need to do an indiegogo to make his [AVGN’s] best videos… Did I use the “award you no points” video too early? I honestly think that Archfiend has some sort of parasite sucking his brain out as he gets dumber and dumber as this video progresses. Its a fucking movie you idiot! its going to be hours long and is in fact hours long. It will have shittons of props and effects. Its not going to be some regular AVGN episode with low budget. It was a fucking movie. Get that through your head archfiend.

23:00 to 24:00 Archfiend states that money asked for was too much… and doesn’t complain its too much… but instead complains that the amount of money needed seems like it was a for a well polished movie… uh Archfiend, are you having an aneurysm? No instead he just complains that he wants a shitty unpolished video because that’s what AVGN is all about and therefore James Rolfe only cares about himself. Yeah my thesis on Archfiend having internal brain parasites is undisputed.

24:00 to 25:00 Archfiend says that AVGN forgot how he got to where he is. Except you know that the movie ends with AVGN saying thanks to all his fans and you know it would be really hard to forget this when you run a crowdfunded campaign (unless you’re Tim Schafer). To be fair Archfiend probably wouldn’t know the stuff about the movie but then again it would be pretty hard to forget that it takes fans to make a crowdfunded project successful. I’m pretty sure Tim Schafer and his failed kickstarters is in deep shit right now.

25:00 to 26:00 Yay more filler. For someone who sure doesn’t care about money, he sure cares about the amount of money this movie will take. He also says that AVGN can totally make the movie without crowdfunding… because obviously Archfiend is the IRS and a top-notch accountant. Please Archfiend, you should start balancing the books for every national government in the world. Think about that archfiend, you could solve world corruption and we’d have enough money to solve world hunger… oh wait you don’t care about that problem or either of those… my bad.

26:00 to 27:00 Archfiend says that Irate Gamer sent him several letters and that he’s been in contact with Irate Gamer… oh so your responsible for his shitty coming out video. So that’s two theories right, the first one being that Archfiend has brain parasites and the second one being that Irate Gamer can’t do jack shit without someone goading him to do it first. Also citation needed and because Archfiend doesn’t want to be ethical and actually expose corruption and lying, there’s no way to prove any of this. Time fucking wasted. Archfiend says that Irate Gamer says he was a true geniune fan of AVGN and obvious Archfiend being fucking idiot whose brain is parasite infested (the infestation is hypothetical and patent pending) doesn’t question any of this. Internet Crusader turned bobblehead folks. More praising of Irate Gamer ensues and I just realized that one of Mr.Kill’s theories on Irate GAmer was that he’s secretedly a reaper from mass effect. Hmmm seems legit.

27:00 to 28:00 Apparently AVGN is losing respect and his “days are numbered”. And asks what AVGN will do from now on… UH how about resume making episodes and new content? This is like asking what will Macdonalds do after its done selling its new sandwich… uh I don’t know fucking sell more sandwiches? If you’re gonna put on your thinking cap Archfiends its fine I’m just gonna make more jokes and put less effort into bothering to understand your thought process.

28:00 to 29:00 AVGN apparently ripped of Pewdiepie because you know anyone who does a letsplay must be stealing from him. Oh except its not really let’s plays that AVGN does especially since it involves lots of editing and lots of not providing reaction shots. In fact its more like a geniune let’s play like the ones frankomatic does than a let’s play that pwediepie… but hey why let facts get in the way… let’s embrace the SJW way and let feels decide what we should believe. Archfiend also admits he wants to piss on AVGN’s fans… because you know he cared about them right?

29:00 to 30:00 Archfiend admits he was deliberately targeting AVGN’s fans. Because this defintely gells with what he said at 19 minutes in about how much he cares about how AVGN shouldn’t be abusing his fans… except when Archfiend is being an asshole to AVGNs fans.

30:00 to 31:00 Archfiend just talks about video quality and how AVGN’s videos are good and Irate Gamers are “corny”. Archfiend spends the majority of the time insulting mike matei. You know mike matei was the joker, the lion, the guy who probably asked James Rolfe to go public with AVGN material, and the guy who edits the videos right? Without mike matei there would never be AVGN. Why are you so mad at Mike Matei Archfiend?? Was it because he blocked you and didn’t let you bully him? Like literally I don’t get why he keeps saying Mike Matei is screwing over AVGN. Mike has been there since day fucking one. You get rid of mike and you get rid of the best scenes and content ever produced by AVGN.

31:00 to 32:00 Archfiend continues to rant on Mike Matei. DO you want to take that to court Archfiend? He also says the movie wasn’t well received… well at least he’s right there but then again it was a B movie, that was the intention. And in addition its at 6.0 on IMDB which while technically bad its only bad if you consider it on a 3 point scale a rating scale that only really works for AAA content. For a budget film, 6.0 is pretty good.

32:00 to 33:00 More ranting on Mike Matei about how Mike Matei is a powerhungry jerk. Also Archfiend says he hates his AVGN’s fanboys except he just… you know what I really shouldn’t be surprised that Archfiend contradicted his pathos moment repeatedly.

33:00 to 34:00 Archfiend says he really wanted to make a full disclosure and that he has no ill will to AVGN or Irate Gamer even though he called AVGN a money hungry whore and tells AVGN to keep doing what he’s doing… because more hypocrisy is what we need right? That just puts the icing on this crappy video (He also says Irate Gamer should keep doing what he’s doing… because clearly its neceesary to associate AVGN to Irate Gamer). But what about the cherry on this cake?

34:15 “Some of us didn’t quit our dayjob to make youtube and the internet our full-time gig”

Because clearly Archfiend didn’t care about the money. Right? That’s why you repeatedly bring up this dead horse right Archfiend? Because people who legitimately make money using legitimate methods that you don’t deem wholesome should go fuck themselves even though you make money through the exact same method.

“not that everything is all about the money” – 21:44
“not that everything is all about the money” – 21:44
“not that everything is all about the money” – 21:44


Well let’s go back to the question “what does it mean when Archfiend is on the case”

Answer: Lots and lots of hypocrisy and SJW style ranting about money distribution and who apparently deserves what in terms of cash. Oh and lots of stupid hypocritical disclaimers that are the exact opposite like “”not that everything is all about the money” or “I don’t hate AVGN”. Oh and disclosures about things that aren’t really disclosures while not admitting things that are readily apparently but you deny with the hypocritcal disclaimers such “not that everything is all about the money”.

76 thoughts on “Jamie Aka Archfiend’s Biggest problem, the ethos dilemna.

  1. Yo leasersquad? You should definitely post this video on your article cause not only does a former fan of the arch fiend told him that he was wrong about AVGN scamming money. But also shown him evidence in the Hollywood Industry about some movies like district 9 being a budget movie destroyed the arch fiend and his crazy shenanigans forever. http://youtu.be/sJhozRC60P4

    1. I find it funny the contrast between the mainstream media (gamergate is EVILES) and the youtube media. Both have their problems with rehashing (i.e 12 goddamn gamers are dead articles).

      Still though I can offer only three retorts to That’sdoable (He’s totally right about asalieri though and of course the dangers thoughtless bandwagon jumping)
      1. These subscribers will be meaningless in the long run. There’s no reason to beleive Asalieri’s new audience will stick with him when he goes back to e-begging or does something tasteless and hypocritical again. But then again who knows? Maybe Eric will stop being a douchebag… a very long shot of a maybe though. Regardless, there’s no reason to be a fit because: If Eric reforms, then yay we win. If Eric fucks up, well then no reason to be worried about “assholes getting views”
      2. Every video is someone’s first. There’s nothing wrong with repeating or rehashing the facts (although it is talentless and credit should be given when due) when it comes to spreading awareness.
      3. Show don’t tell. It’s great to show that Asalieri has a history of being an anti-science hypocritical jackass, BUT you do need to apply it to the situation. Show the people who are just repeating and taking clips from other videos. Show it, people will respect you more for it and better understand your message. It also comes off as less of a character assassination and more relevant to the issue at hand.

      1. Man what’s up with the dislike bar?
        I think people aren’t realizing he’s pro-GG and just down-voting as soon as possible.

        As for the article: Works been very heavy lately. So I apologize for the delays, I’ll get some more work done on the article within a week or so, but I’m still not sure if it will be enough to get the article finished.

      2. I think the dislikes could also be from the new “fans” that Bores gain thanks to the Archfiend and the “opening up” video, i remember thatsdoable getting thumbs down by the people who were butthurt at him for being one of the few people who called Bores horseshit and Doable even made a video about it.

    1. It’s alight. Don’t get me wrong? He could of done much worse like when he used to make over 12 parts about Super Smash Bros. Brawl during his BigAl2K6 days before Toei Animation took down his whole channel. (Even though he still has his old login account for his BigAl2k6 account.) I mean he could of just file a counterclaim on his previous account but beggars can’t be choosers? Also little fun fact when I was looking at the footage when he’s Recording his Wii U Gamepad with a camera. I’m reminded that Big Al is a lazybones with no Capture card. And a YouTube user by the of Nintendomination made a few videos of Mario Party 10 with the gamepad truly recorded on the screen. You gotta watch this video series and see what are your thoughts about it? http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOvqmpHez2EI4KF1SscBynOVWGqL3A4qI

      1. I thought it was common knowledge that everything BigAl touches turns into shit.

        It’s not by mere coincidence that, much like the Asalieri/DCE circle, his main method of staying relevant is by clutching into bandwagons. It was how he rose to fame, and more recently, BigAl is milking the #GameGate movement for all it’s worth.

        As a testament of how insanely talentless he is, I’ll just post the link to his unofficial backup channel:


  2. To the surprise of exactly zero people (well, expect for the youtube lemmings with no critical thinking on anything), Eric is being a blithering idiot again.

    “Part 2, Keep in mind, I do not mean to offend Bible believers, even though I am Atheist, if you keep your beliefs to yourself and don’t try to shove your beliefs in my face, I respect your right to believe in whatever you want.”

    Oh okay. So you attack religion without any given provocation, and to spite the other side even more, you dictate that they shouldn’t express their right to practice their faith.

    Would it kill Eric to NOT sound robotic and incoherent in everything he does and says, just for once?

  3. Kinda related, but just read this on BatDan’s blog on Bores’s Wii-U Amiibos video? It seems he’s now resorting to e-begging, by asking viewers to send him Amiibos just for a shout out. And this is the same person that made a parody on e-begging 3 years ago.

    So what will Archie’s reaction be if he found out the person he’s “white knighting” is e-begging? Seeing that’s he follows the “Animal Farm” principles, he’ll just call the person that would bring this up an “AVGN Fanboy”, and ignore it because “bashing Irate Gamer is old news”.

      1. I think you addressed the ED article thing on another article, and debunked it.

        Erin just proved himself to be a pathological liar.

  4. What makes this hilarious is that one of my criticisms of Eric is that he treats his opposition as an entire organization working together to take him out. Saying that I run or am responsible for his ED article is complete affirmation of that criticism.

  5. 40 minutes of DCE making autismal gestures and spewing gibberish.

    The youtube ranting/commentary establishment continues to lower the bar for “entertainment.” It won’t stop until the community starts to unironically view Chris-Chan’s video as genuinely good.

  6. lasersquad it’s time for us to go make Facebook account just to tell the people at the GamerGate groups how corrupt, and cunning Asi really is. I would do it myself but some anonymous hackers tried to get into my private life by hacking my account. Luckily Facebook stopped them just in a nick of time… But in order to kick out the liars in the movement, we have to post all the evidence we have about them and tell as many supports of GG not to follow idiots like Eric or his failed sex workers anymore because of the shit they did in the past. I have more evidence to prove that there’s corruption in even the big YouTubers with over 200,000 subs CENSORING no name channels! http://youtu.be/n9ciTskrwPU

    1. Guess who was in the comments of an Asaliasi video trying to ban a no name, underrated, nobody on the side of YouTube…. Proto Mario!

    2. Asalieri is not very popular as far as I known GG. On KYM absolutely no one knows him. His videos on gamergate came and went without comment. I’ll see if I can make a facebook account.

      1. Good. If you wanna find someone at GG, look up Elizabeth Fisher on Facebook. She’s a GG supporter and she may listen to what you say online. Also last time I used Facebook was over a year ago so I don’t know if that in anyway can help. But it’s worth a shot.

      2. Having been involved in GamerGate since the beginning, I can quite honestly say that I’ve never heard Asa’s name uttered in relation to it, and can’t imagine anyone giving any measure of a single crap about him or his opinions even if they were to come around to his particularly stinky brand of verbal bullshit. He’s not relevant in any way, shape, or form, and even less so to GamerGate and its stated purpose and goals. At best, folks would just point and laugh at the corpulent clod and then immediately resume living their lives as if they’d never encountered him.

    1. Hopefully this time his exit will be a lot more graceful than “You guys didn’t riot and kill people, you’re pussies, I’m out of here’s. Also some shitty overused debunked e-begging complaints”

      Also verified, he is coming back or at least has said he plans to.

      As for what I think: Well here’s hoping he doesn’t screw up.

      1. It’s no wonder he and Bore are best butt buddies now, both have a habit of ripping off others (for Bores it’s AVGN and Eric it’s Retsupurae), both can’t come up with original material for their own show so they rip it off from other sources without giving credit or citing where it originated from (meaning they could get in trouble legally if anyone who owns the rights actually saw their videos), and finally both put no effort to create anything worthwhile with any re-watch value (except for the most die-hard fans of theirs who for some ungodly reason finds any they make entertaining).

  7. Batdansucks. I hope you have more information on this article soon. I wanna show this to an anime fan who says he’s friends with The archfiend and religiously sucks on that video cocks. But take your time if you have enough information on The archfiend’s insanity!

  8. Nice to see that you’ve finished this article. What’s next? Emer (maybe his Catwoman RAR?)? Mores of Bores’s Opening Up video?

  9. I think big al’s humor has finally sank to a lower bottom of the sink. XD

    And how was this news again?

    I know GamerGate is against SJW’s but isn’t this consider stealing and very unethical for them to take a screen cap on Gashi Gashi’s tweets without his consent or permission to do so?

    I know he speaks Japanese but still that’s going a little to far may I add?

    (Sigh) Big Al is still an idiot. XD

    1. poll is posted. The new editor wordpress has doesn’t have the “add poll” button so you have to use a workaround to post a poll. Aside from that, I’m pretty much on whatever the heck people want me to write about.

      1. Personally, I think you should do an article on Emer (including a detailed look at his Catwoman RAR), then more of Bores’s Opening Up, and then look into Eric & Transgender Issues to see if it merits a full article.

      2. Well I can’t do it all at once so its better to let the audience decide what they’d like to see first. I’m not exactly a speedy writer and its takes a while to fact check and edit these articles. I should eventually get to cover all of them unless people lost complete interest in a given subject.

  10. I thought you were going to call this article “Thank$ for watching” which is all archfiend does when someone calls him out on his bullshit

    1. Which is even more hilarious considering that he’s against youtube whoring… when youtube whoring can be defined as making people watch videos they don’t actually like or don’t contain content of interest.

      1. I know right? There not even trying anymore. I rather go to the deepweb for news over the mainstream anyday of the week.

    1. We are living in strange times indeed but it appears to be an age where euthanasia is not a viable option and will continue to remain a non-viable option for quite some time. Outrage culture has been allowed to permeate and now we see the fruits of its labor… an article that actually makes hypocritical, nonsensical conspiracy theorists correct in both their interpretations (that jessica is being foolish) and their conclusions (that jessica’s statements are damaging due to her rep as a feminist and thus damages feminism in addition to being authoritarian and totalitarian which is also problematic).

      Oh well, a broken clock is right two times a day… unless you keep changing the settings on the clock to match the current time. Then its right as many times as you keep doing the aforementioned.

      1. What’s next? An article about Jade Helm 15 and how America will declare WW3 on our own Country…. Don’t answer that! I already know that this years going to be a disaster in our little nation known as America. Bye, bye. I’m going to Italy now to visit my grandmother. Wish me luck and thanks for the smoothies.

  11. Alrighty folks look like an article on Emer Prevost aka He11sing is a go. Anyone want to drop any information that could be relevant? Would anyone like to answer the question “Has He11sing committed any crimes (by law not metaphorical)”. My current answer is yes.

    1. Oh hey its the blog that cares about dead people except they really really don’t.

      I’ve already written something about how terrible that blog is before IIRC.

      1. Really cause I never heard of the Angry Joe Sucks blog before? Give me a short summary or synopsis on what they did to cause controversy.

  12. I remember posting this video on some of the GamerGate groups on Facebook. (Can’t remember the names at the moment?) and ironically I forgot that DCE is apart of the GamerGate movement as a ProGG…. Should I be scared now!

    1. There’s no reason to be scared. I mean I already wrote an article pertaining to this. Just because someone unpopular or stupid enters a group doesn’t mean he’ll manage to co-opt it or ruin it. People like Randomdce and Asalieri are nobodies in terms of gamergate cred. Go ahead and ask on KYM in gamergate section, no one will know who they are.

      What? is Randomdce a psychic now? Can he mind control people? The only washed out drone I see is Randomdce.

      1. But at the core of GG are questionable people like thunderf00t who is an Islamophobe, and Mr. Repzion who glorifies suicide and hits on underage girls while claiming to have the moral high ground.

        Not that I think that the anti-GG people are without sin either, mind you.

      2. I wouldn’t put Thunderf00t at the core of gamergate at all. I would put people like Sargon or Total Biscuit at the core front since they actually reflect the majority opinion.

        The big issue with this of course is not that these individuals are bad but rather that you focus on what they’ve done even though what they’ve done has nothing to with gamergate. Thunderf00t as a gamergate member has not really done anything islamophobic. I don’t even know who repzion is but he was drawn into gamergate because someone put his name in a threat made to Anita Sarkesian (which the FBI did not of course take seriously). This is the fallacy of character assasination, you pay no attention to what the individual is doing but pay attention to their past behaviour with no attempt to supplicate it to the current behaviour.

        Let me put this in ways that everyone can understand by using NAZI’s (which isn’t godwins law as godwins law is to call your opponent a nazi not mention nazi’s)
        1. Adolf Hitler liked living in large open spaces and demanded that people should have large luxurious lives
        2. Many people today would agree that you would like to have large living space to live in (you wouldn’t want to live in a closet would you?).

        1. Many Nazi’s, KKK, WBC loved living
        2. Many people like not dying
        Does this means it wrong because Adolf Hitler wanted it too? Obviously not. Does it mean that its wrong to like living because many bad people do too? I have wrote repeatedly why it is important to be information literate, its to look at the facts and not the irrelevant data that has nothing to do with the current situation. If you can tie Islamophobia to Thunderfoot’s current actions in the gamergate community than go right on ahead. I don’t even like thunderfoot as my previous article points out he’s an instigator, but my previous article also pointed that if gamergate as a whole were filled with people like thunderfoot than why hasn’t a riot been instigated? The answer is that being face within a movement does not mean you represent all of it or even hold sway within it.

        When I make fun of Briana Wu and Antia Sarkesian I do so because they do represent their movement because they call for action and the media supports them 100%. They can call for the blacklist of a developer and make up fake rape claims and boom the media is touting it like it was the truth all along. Notice how I don’t target other anti-GG members like DSP or nonjournalists? Because they are not the major actors in this, and as such are not representative of the whole movement.

  13. Thatsdoable got around to covering Eric Transphobia:

    Someone in the comments mentioned that Eric is no longer friends with Larry Bundy Jr. (Guru Larry). Can anyone confirm this?

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