Irate Gamer comes out, the finale… nope just as bad as his regular material.

Wow… where to begin? Really if anyone were to ask, I’d say that Irate Gamer has lost all relevance. Then perhaps some of you might reply that if he has lost all relevance why would I be writing about him? Well that’s the funny thing about how content works, its doesn’t really matter if someone is irrelevant or not in mainstream consciousness, they’re still capable of doing things and its worth covering as a result. I mean looking at real-life we can see plenty of topics that are critical to everyday society but are never really mentioned in casual conversation. Topics like civil infrastructure for anyone who watches “last week tonight” is a great example that relevance/mainstream consciousness doesn’t dictate importance. Imagine if everyone went stupid like Archfiend did and just arbitrarily decided to stop caring about Irate Gamer; some people think this would actually stop him but in all actuality Chris Bore’s behaviour gets worse whenever he thinks people aren’t looking. And this coming out video (yes I’m still calling it that, because there’s nothing candid or sincere about this video that merits a proper name) is a great example of the kind of crap Chris will attempt to do when he thinks he can get away with it. It makes this all the more worse since we are well aware that it was Archfiend who put him up to this. So literally the only reason I’m reviewing this piece of crap is because someone asshole enabled him to produce it. Great job Archfiend, you made someone who really should be feeling guilty and the need to improve feel no guilt or responsibility for their actions… even to the point that they literally used you as a the bullet-shield for this video (seriously archfiend response is right there on the video title, if that’s not the internet equivalent of using someone else as a bullet shield then Irate Gamer really sucks at transparency, there’s nothing in this video that requires archfiend to be mentioned).

The problem with the irrelevance concept is when its taken too far. Sure I would whole-heartedly agree that Irate Gamer is a irrelevant and completely boring. All he does is start shit and flame war while crying the victim, I’m bored now. But that doesn’t mean I let him get away with shit, that doesn’t mean its okay for Chris to do whatever he wants because he’s irrelevant. Because then we’d get shit like this video where its very clear he was trying to become relevant again by calling AVGN a evil mustache twirling villain who was oppressing him. Seriously all we need is for Chris to start a patreon. In other words, when something is irrelevant doesn’t mean you drop your guard and open the fence. It’s irrelevant because you are educated about it and when you aren’t educated about it then the topic clearly is relevant because it can hurt you if you aren’t prepared. A great example is how all this shit got started because Archfiend decided he would call AVGN a e-begger and do everything in his power to screw over AVGN.

Ironically its vigilance that seems to have screwed over Irate Gamer as most people actively avoid him and are educated about the kind of crap he regularly does. Then again, I’m not sure if its irony when its Archfiend being contradicted because I don’t know if its okay to say this but I’m pretty sure he’s a moron with no sense of ethics or reality. I’ve already written an article about Archfiend so I’m gonna stop talking about him from here on in. Instead let’s recap what happened in the last two articles (only the major parts):

1. Irate Gamer can’t remember the history of his own goddamn show
2. Irate Gamer wants to restart the feud against AVGN even though AVGN and his fans are not stupid enough to get involved with someone who is clearly just an attention whore.
3. Chris stated he’s being candid on the subject…. he’s not being candid.
4. Extreme degrees of padding is throughout this video. Its the reason why I split up the video into several articles. Expect the return of the filler conga line.
5. Chris gaslights on multiple occasions including saying that he watches many other angry reviewers and then proceeds to not name any of them.
6. To add insult to injury, Chris Bores pretty much stole AVGN’s origin story even claiming that its was a small show for friends.
7. Chris Bores said that he entered a contest where the host (Chris’s words not mine) told him in advance he’d win and but then happy video game nerd won and Chris feels “snubbed” for not winning a contest that by his own admission was rigged in his favour.
8. Chris constantly reminds people that he puts hard work into his stuff… if that’s the case then I update this blog at a superfast pace.
9. Chris Bores says there was evidence for everything he said but it has never showed up and clearly doesn’t exist…. go figure
10. 1-9 are all from the first article
11. Chris Bores continues to dodge and not explain his sockpuppet’s behaviour… you think its time to talk about the the IP trace on your ladybuggin account and you having the same address? Hmmm?
12. Chris states that the reviewing community is a cartel that keeps good people out… no Chris that’s quality control and no there’s no cartel.
13. Chris keeps saying 200 or so. 200 or so views. 200 or so subscribers. 200 or so lies
14. Chris says he doesn’t take things seriously… even though he said earlier he puts a lot of hard work. Hypocrisy is endemic as well as the “I’m not serious” retcon
15. Chris has no idea why people hate him even as he lists very acute and extremely negative things that he has done such as ripping off 200 people… or more.
16. Chris invokes the AVGN boogeyman by suggesting that a guy who literally couldn’t care less about Chris and what he does is somehow coordinating harassment against him… harassment that he doesn’t even receive anymore on the ground that people think he’s irrelevant but aren’t stupid enough to let him roam free.
16. 11 to 16 are all from the second article.

As you can see a lot happened in the last two articles. You might want to re-read them as I may recall events in previous two articles.

Fun fact: If you type Irate Gamer’s coming out video you will find the archfiend video as the second result.


resuming from 17:12

17:18 Chris states that some people claimed that every single one of his 11k subscribers were faked.

Uh Chris you’ve already blown the budget for citation needed. In fact the other name I had for this video was ‘citation needed, irate gamer edition’. The simple fact of the matter is that its pointless to address arguments that you are based on overly generalized bullshit. So what if one or more of the 11k subscribers were real? The point the detractor is making isn’t that the hyperbole is true (if they are then they’re an idiot) but rather that your subscriber count doesn’t reflect your relevance as most of them appear to be fake. None of your videos get anywhere near the amount of views that reflect the amount of subscribers you apparently have.


17:26 “I just thought that was so ludicrious, that I sit there, for hours and hour and hours creating ten thousand… man I wish I had that much time”

Wow where to begin. First off Chris you said 11k subscribers… but then state your critics only accused you of creating 10k. So that would mean that by your own admission, your critics didn’t say that you created all your subscribers only that most of them are inactive and you may be involved in artificial subscriber count inflation. Second, you do have plenty of time, you’re not working, you’re are frequently caught being inactive on ladybuggin777 for hours before a video gets posted, you’re work ethic is too slow and too low effort to reflect actually working and if you did actually put in the effort, you wouldn’t be caught stealing other people’s content.

17:33 “its funny too because my mom, actually gets on youtube you know watches my stuff and interacts with some of my fans and people say ‘oh even that’s Irate Gamer'”

Seeing as this is a candid discussion by your own admission Chris, are you gonna provide evidence on how you’re not ladybuggin777? No? Well I’m not surprised. Please immediately switch the topic to Eric instead of talking about how you aren’t ladybuggin777.

17:51 “they accused even accused my friend Eric, who shows up in the videos, they accused him of being me at certain points”

Ahem bullshit, proof or I’m calling bullshit. Who in their right mind would confuse you with Eric and actually think you are the same person. And by right mind I mean not trolling you. But still I have to admire the clever hiding of the bullshit in this small segment of the video. Chris actually shows some strategic skills by mentioning ladybuggin and then lumping it with accusations, which may or may not have even been made, that were clearly false. It makes it look as if both accusations are false… even though it would take more strategic skills to not mention something would clearly raise anyone’s suspicions as to how much shit you’re pulling out of your ass.

17:55 to 18:10 FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER. Don’t you love non-scripted, non-edited raw bullshit? It’s Irate Gamer in his basic element. I haven’t seen poor speech this bad since Emer Prevost’s attempts to explain anything.

18:11 “so I wanted to reach out to James Rolfe personally and say… look… I just want to clear the air… uh… I did not copy you on purpose… you were an inspiration… uh… and a couple other things I can’t remember right now”

AHEM at 5:03
“back to the future, I always hated this game, let’s do back to the future. So that was my first review, and alot of the jokes in there, yeah they were corny, they were stupid, some stuff I borrowed from other reviews; because I didn’t know what else to do *forced laugh*”

Don’t worry Chris I understand you have problems with the English language to the point of being exceptional… in the developmentally handicapped sense of the word. I’m sure when you said inspiration you meant directly stealing from him like you admitted less than 20 minutes ago. And I’m sure those other things you can’t remember was the starting of a pointless internet feud that went nowhere and ended poorly for you as well as the many egotistical ramblings and clear attempts to defame him you have made over the years. Human beings are flawed Chris but no one exemplifies that more than you do. And of course when you said you didn’t want to copy him on purpose you obviously mean you did do it on purpose. I’m actually understanding something now. This video is literally an Irate Gamer episode. It has all the themes. There’s no consistency, frequent cut-aways to irrelevant content (I have not been mentioning the pointless crap that keeps being pointlessly edited in for visual effect of some kind?), no research, frequent factual errors and blatant egotism. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t see this before, this is literally a Irate Gamer episode with the review being of his entire career instead of a video game. But then again this is no defense, it still sucks.

18:25 “I sent him an email containing all this stuff”

Oh is this the email that got released to the general public because it was so poorly written and took refuge in audacity? Oh no wait its an email that doesn’t exist.

18:37 Irate Gamer says that the email told James Rolfe to not listen to people who told him Irate Gamer sucked. Irate Gamer wants to make sure that AVGN doesn’t think the rumors are true.

Yeah uh Chris? You might want to post the entirety of the email… oh wait you never actually sent this email. Not only that but how exactly do you Chris intend to convince AVGN that you didn’t plagarize him, or blatantly be an asshole to him? All chances of this are off with the poorly made and completely crappy e-begging spoof you made. Let’s not forget that you’ve been telling people that you don’t know AVGN for the longest time.

18:42 Chris says he got a reply from AVGN.

Uh NO….. no you didn’t Chris. Chris… we know you completely lack subtly and style. You have as much style and subtly as Daniel Craig as James Bond. Chris you couldn’t keep a secret if you fucking tried to. Everyone knows that Ladybuggin777 was you. Everyone knows that Irategamerfan345 was you. Everyone knew in advance that you would lie and spill bullshit in this video. Only opportunist who want to hurt people and pretend they’re self-righteous would pretend to believe you. If AVGN talked to you Chris, you would totally blab about it and not wait until many many years later to spill this.

19:01 Chris says that AVGN sent him demands.

Wow Chris…. Wow. Caustic video game reviewing is not a cartel…. wow. No one is going to believe this. Especially with no evidence. But please go on Chris, please let me know that AVGN sent supervillians like the predator (oh wait I mean preauditor, because that’s what batdamn stupidly thought the name was for that character) after you. I want to hear the full unadulterated delusion you have Chris. I then want you to ask yourself, how many times have I almost been assassinated or murdered in cold blood? Then ask yourself why anyone as popular and successful as AVGN would demand anything from you. I also recall that AVGN’s stance on you was “he doesn’t talk about me so why should I?”


19:13 Chris says that AVGN’s demand was that he acknowledge that AVGN was his inspiration.

Okay that’s not really a demand… that’s pretty much a statement of fact. You’ve even admitted in this video that AVGN was your inspiration among 200 guys you can’t name because clearly they’re important if you can’t remember their names. Also I’d like to note that AVGN has no reason to ask this because it doesn’t solve any of the problems he has with Irate Gamer. I mean if I were AVGN, being Irate Gamer’s inspiration is the last thing I would want. I would probably be more interested in stopping the blatant harassment, plagiarism and cronyism that Irate Gamer is so clearly involved in.

This also reeks of bad memory as such an email would be indistinguishable from an AVGN fan’s demands. Are you sure AVGN sent you this email Chris? Oh wait none of this actually exists considering you’ve yet to prove that any of this actually happened.

19:36 Chris says he didn’t answer the email and then after a while the email he had sent was posted online.

…. what? Okay Chris let me spell out the story you have made

  1. Chris sent AVGN an email about not listening to haters
  2. AVGN sent extortionist demands
  3. You’re email got posted online

So THIS was the email you sent that essentially consisted of “Hi I stole your stuff. I will continue to steal your stuff and I’m not sorry and I will continue to be involved in harassing you”

Why even report this story? That email you first sent was so delusional that I literally have no idea what the fuck you were thinking? Of course it would get posted online, you fucking deserved that.

19:40 Chris states that the reason why the letter was posted online was because he didn’t write back.

Oh no Chris that’s not why it was posted online. It was because it was so delusional and stupid that it deserved to be posted online. Remember that you didn’t tell anyone that you even knew of AVGN before this point. So your confession was a major reason why you deserved to have that revealed. It’s like writing a letter to the police that you robbed and murder someone and detailed in full-detail all the evidence they could use to convict you…. then act surprised when that letter shows up in court and they do in fact use the evidence you suggested they should use. Self-awareness Chris, you have none.

“Now I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen any of my reviews or ever heard of me, or heck, even like me for that matter, but I just wanted to take some time out of my busy schedule and let you know I respect your work and I do try my hardest to not copy your material. Although in my earlier reviews, I will admit, that I accidentally used some of your well known made up words in my review and I only found this out because people were telling me I did. I felt really bad about it and still do because the last thing I want to do is steal your catch phrases.” – Exact words in that letter…. why yes Chris that explains why you used AVGN’s you die die die phrase in your reviews later down the line as well as stole a whole bunch of other stuff.

19:40 – 20:00 Chris said that the move was very douchebagy (no its not Chris, but since you’re clearly plagiarizing Archfiend here why didn’t you say smarmy?”.

There is and still is no commitment to keeping non-confidential information private. At no point in that letter Chris did you put your personal address or state anything that was political. Neither did you state that you wished the information to stay confidential. You’re just mad because you got caught doing something stupid.

20:06 “I stopped watching his reviews”

Pffttt hahahahahaha Yeah no you didn’t. Because if you did you wouldn’t have been making a point to review games that AVGN was going to review or review games that AVGN reviewed later on.

20:09 “I made a point to never talk about him again, which I guess I’m breaking now”

Blatant lies. Because clearly that’s why you made e-begging the spoof and had Archfiend shouting “fuck you AVGN” in your craptastic finale?

20:22 “I saw what kind of guy I was dealing with, and you know it really hurt my feelings”

So you saw that AVGN was a smarter, more intelligent and less petty person than you and that hurt your feelings? Well boo hoo.

20:22-25:00 Massive filler TRAIN. Wow let’s talk about subscribers… YAY. PEOPLE GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THIS… oh wait they don’t.

25:13 Chris claims that AVGN rips off of Pewdiepie because AVGN made a let’s play after pewdiepie existed.

Okay several problems with this Chris. One you also do let’s plays Chris… what does that say about your hypocrisy when you’re so quick to play the AVGN stole from someone else projection card with no regards to making sure you’re not convicting yourself with your own metrics. Second, your metric sucks, pewdiepie is not why let’s plays are popular. They’ve existed way before then.

25:18 “I’ve never seen anyone make that observation”

That’s because they’re not mentally retarded. And yes I really do think Chris is special in that manner. I just sat through 5 full minutes of repetitive bullshit. I officially hate any of these pretentious coming out videos.

25:20 “I’ve been called out for a lot less”

Want to list it? Want to highlight the fact that you’re so full shit and don’t bother to build patience in your audience? People call you out more often because you don’t produce anything that would make them believe you have a semblance of competence. Someone with an IQ greater 30 would figure this out.

25:32 “the tide was turning just a little bit”

I’m sure you mean against you considering that you don’t really put any effort into your work anymore and went back to ghost hunting.

25:40 Chris says that AVGN was showing his flaws and some haters stopped hating Chris and went to hating AVGN.

No that’s not flaws Chris, that’s just hypocrisy from your haters. I mean people like Archfiend just decided to hate AVGN because it would get them clicks for being contrarian. We can see that in modern media today. Gamergate are terrorists anyone? Gamers are dead? Gamers are sexist? It’s all bullshit like AVGN is an e-beggar because its so obviously false that it falls apart under basic scrutiny.

25:40 – END Filler FILLER FILLER. Wow AVGN sure gets blamed for a lot of shit. NO Chris its not his fault that you’re too lazy to get your reviews out on time. And none of your haters are seeing the light either… that’s just your paranoid delusions tricking you into thinking you’re actually a good person when you’ve done nothing but start feuds and create crap.

OH my god you have no idea how angry I am at Chris for this video. The video just repeats in a three step pattern.

  1. Haters see the light and stopped hating me and hated AVGN instead
  2. AVGN beat me to a review because he’s malicious and hates me.
  3. I still have haters and its irrational that they hate me and not AVGN.

Seriously… what the fuck?

Happy Holidays people and don’t waste you’re time with this stupid e-drama. Seriously I feel like I’m stuck in a time loop… one that desperately needs citations. This is quite literally a 30+ minute long Irate Gamer episode. It has no research, repetition up the ass, blatant lying and pointless hatred for other reviewers and the audience.

34 thoughts on “Irate Gamer comes out, the finale… nope just as bad as his regular material.

  1. Good stuff. The prologue to Chris Bores is very interesting and your quick recap of him in your 16 page list is also refreshing. I hope you will complete this article by 2016. New Years and crude.

    1. Oh this article will definitely be finished before the end of the year. I can’t see any reason aside from a severe unexpected accident stopping this article from being finished.

  2. I know it’s late where I live and I’m sorry if your not interested in long documentaries. But I saw a link by a YouTuber who showed me something that to think day I felt disgusted about? I don’t normally do this until a new article is finished or not. But after I read the full 3000 comment about said individual. I think I nearly had a heart attack.

    I’m not saying you should do this after your coming out video is over? But… I lost Faith in humanity when I saw this leaked document. I hope… No! I prey to God that I will NEVER meet ProtoMario or any of his acquaintances ever again! And this is coming from a guy who’s damage when the Paris shooting massacred happened! I feel very sorry for them and I prey they will recover. ProtoMario on the other hand? I don’t wanna interact with him anymore. Not even for a drink or snack. He made me loose Faith in humanity.

    I sometimes have depression and sometimes I like to see the upside in people. But… I guess not?

  3. I wish I had more information about the irate gamer. But I don’t have any new evidence to support it? 😦 I can’t be helped these days. So why bother? Maybe I can see what I can do if he were to screw up again. If I see anything suspicious on his channel. I’ll let you know first! 🙂

  4. Just wondering if you saw the video on Bores begging for Amiibos? I posted that video on your last entry and I figure it could be useful once you reach the part where Bores talks about Kickstarter.

  5. Poll is now posted. Let me know if there’s any topics that aren’t on the poll. Finally please remember that I do take a quite of time (like a month or more) to produce an article generally due to being busy or due to the amount of work that actually goes into these articles.

  6. Back from retirement! lol Sorry I was gone the longest? Was busy playing with my niece and taking care of my dog. (Right now she’s sleeping on my bed like a good girl she is?) 🙂

    Anyways. Hopefully LaserSquad had a good new year with his family and crude?

    2016! Let’s a go?

    1. “I mean I love Star Wars”

      “(Unless you like the Expanded Universe which I was indifferent to)”

      Could Jimmy be any more of an inconsistent retard? Won’t even bother to check the rest of his mental gymnastic rant because he just loves to hear himself talk inside of his thick skull.

  7. Just wondering if anyone noticed that Asa took down his video about Hellsing920? Not only that, but also his video about “not making drama videos anymore”.

  8. Hello everyone, I would very much like to start the new articles but Eric has completely removed all traces of his videos and it seems no one has bothered to keep archived copies. I am looking for his “I’m a gaming channel now” video as well as his “I am not a drama whore anymore” video.

    If these cannot be found then I’m sorry but it looks like I’ll write what i can and then move on to the next topic which appears to be Randomdce.

    1. Oh wait, no i misread, i thought you were talking about Asa doing his Contrarian video regarding #WTFU.

      I did save that one on my PC just in case.

      In fact he hasn’t deleted any other videos that paint him in a bad light like the “what the donator looks like” video and others.

    2. Not too sure if this will help, but I remember posting this video a while ago.

      It had a conversation between Asa and the person that made the video. In this conversation, Asa claims that he “doesn’t want to start shit anymore”, and he doesn’t “want to be in the criticism business anymore”.

      And just in case he manage to delete his own comments on that video:

  9. You know what’s worse than the Irate Gamer? Not too much aside from his haters obsessing over him. WOW! It’s just YouTube. No one will know him in 20 years who gives a shit. Go enjoy life bro. You keep him more relevant by writing and talking about him.

    1. And congratulations, you’ve went out of your way to comment on an obscure blog, the author of which writes a grand total of 1 article every month. Also you’ve gone out of you way to pretend that because someone is easy to forget, that its acceptable to ignore the harm they’ve caused and the people they hurt. Also I noted that this was the only article that was ever going to be written about Irate Gamer due to fan request. So literally you are much ado about nothing. It’s rather telling how anti-intellectual you are that you actually bothered to name yourself truth when in all actuality you’ve just spouted absurdities and dumb memes as well as pretending that this blog keeps people relevant when it covers people who fall in obscurity for knowledge sake. All the people covered in this blog are nobodies… that’s kinda the point.

  10. The Nami, you’ve brought up Ronixis Kenny from Garou Gothic before.

    What do you think of him trashing TGWTG here? :

    Or the debate he got into here:

    Or what Lord Seth said in this thread:

    “How to write a Ronixis post:

    Step 1: Make a bunch of unsubstantiated claims or claims that are so vague they’re useless.

    Step 2: From those already-dubious claims, draw conclusions that don’t flow logically from the aforementioned claims even if they are true.

    Step 3: If someone calls you on any of the above, avoid responding to any content in their message and instead repeat steps 1 and 2 if possible.”

    To be fair, I do want to believe what Ronixis says, but he almost never offers any empirical evidence, and his writing tends to bore and/or confuse me.

    1. Sorry? I didn’t see this due to been offline for awhile. lol Yeah, I never saw those posts before, Huh? I’m also trying to find my own apartment in New York City so that I can work on Animation and have a peaceful time over there. Family drama and demons is what almost got me to stop drawing art for awhile. :/

      But has anyone notice that 8Chan is no longer online due to some BS lawsuit about a DMCA claim by the FBI or some crap like that.

      If some of you guys don’t believe me?

      (Yes, before you ask? That anon mask is my Google account and I wanna show some proof that I’m not lying when I say that it’s gone off the internet for good.)


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