Randomdce random rants: #WTFU, Ghostbusters and gaming journalism (but not gamergate related)

Well as you might know, last article took a very long time because I believed that waiting would allow for Eric’s “I’m a gaming channel and totally not a drama queen” video to get posted. But apparently that video had so many keks in it that Eric 1984’d the video and it never got mirrored. This article is to make up for lost time.

hmmm Randomdce?

For those that don’t want to read three articles in a row. Randomdce’s lowest moments include making crap videos that essentially called AVGN an e-beggar and was made essentially to show Randomdce’s friends (like Eric Gaede, Emer Prevost, Blue Magnus) that he was better than AVGN (and likewise his friends were all doing the same thing too). Randomdce also failed to make any real commentary on video games with reviews and recaps that made no sense and were crap. His response to Angry Joe’s rant against youtube DMCA was also bottom of the barrel which comprised essentially of laughing at Angry Joe for getting screwed by youtube. Randomdce was quite a bit full of himself (and to some extent he still is) to point that he seemed desperate to make his opinion known at any cost. It doesn’t matter if it meant picking a fight with the entire My Little Pony (good lord am I writing that name here?… geez) community just to tell them he thinks the show sucks (without explaining why no less) or claiming he’s a major Marvel comic book nerd by attacking a whole bunch of non-existent people, then Joe Quesada for no reason then Marvel for no reason. It’s safe to say that a few years ago, Randomdce was definitely very random to the point that you might even call him scatterbrained.

The good news is that given a cursory glance, its clear that randomdce has generally cleaned up his act. He’s not starting stupid rants against other personalities that way better than him in terms of talent and production values. He doesn’t appear to be contrarian for the sake of it. His comics are… still bad but at least they’re staying away from bullshit political pushing (for the most part, I’ll be talking about the parts where he fucks up this article).

Randomdce has distanced himself from youtube which is probably because it’ll force him to put effort into videos when he already does alot on deviantart (with his regular updates being posted on facebook so others can see it). He seems to have put more effort into making his comics more relevant and less pushy but he still occasionally makes mistakes (as we will see later). Thus Randomdce receives the high praise of not being a total dumbass and instead current sits at the high risk of being a total dumbass (which considering Emer, Eric and literally everyone else mentioned on this blog, that’s high praise indeed).

The bad news is that bad habits are hard to break. Let’s a take a look.

“Not trying to be a hater, but filming yourself watching videos is NOT a talent!”- March 21st 2016 Randomdce

Uh Randomdce?

This is what I’m talking about when I give you an integrity score of F-. If you lack self-awareness I cannot give a score beyond an F.

and last but not least..

Really the self-insert crap needs to stop. I understand you do this as a hobby but randomdce you kinda need to actually put effort and work into your stuff if you expect people to actually want to read it. I mean seriously. For starters you have a minecraft creeper hat on your self-insert character. Then you have him pull out the chaos emeralds to do apparently transform. Then a metroid comes in for no reason… Then the lazyiness comes full circle when you have “cute yet offensive panda” (yes that’s the name randomdce gave the panda character, I’m not making that up) and you just slap the name sony onto some generic suit guy. And then you kill Sony just because they’re milking stupid people’s nostalgia. At least you had the decency to put the word Twat in the name of character who is a self-insert fanfic. I’m not defending the crappy first impression that was ghost busters but writing this awful and art this lazy isn’t praiseworthy.

More lazyiness

Aw man awesome! Dude totally look at that background. Holy shit that must have taken 5 hours to make. The characters don’t even change that much and in fact aside from a few lines on their face and some change of clothing, the characters are just copy-pasta’d into each panel. Oh and the humor is awful and prone to continuity lockout but hey what webcomic isn’t prone to such stuff?

And of course there’s his stance on WTFU… which is both hypocritical and yet at the same time picks the side he insults.


This is actually a panel from randomdce's topical comic involving deadpool. No I don't understand what the joke is.
This is actually a panel from randomdce’s topical comic involving deadpool. No I don’t understand what the joke is.

“can’t they get a real job like everyone else?”
Well randomdce… hmmm where to begin with this one. For starters they pay taxes based on their income which make their work actually a job. Second what’s your job randomdce? Because the idea that someone should get a real job can be twisted so badly that regardless of what job you have you could still be told to get a “real job”. And considering that you have in fact done this its obvious that you don’t know what a job is let alone what a real job would entail.

But with some regards to not being a complete jackass, Randomdce did address this in the comments:
“If this is in refference to Deadpool’s thought balloon saying something about real jobs.

It’s being in character, cus he’d probably say that.

If people can make a living off of YT, more power to em.”

And this actually makes Randomdce look human. It as if he’s acknowledging that youtube is a hellhole and is really hard to survive in (as his failed youtube career would demonstrate) but on the otherhand it doesn’t change the fact that he still thinks it funny to make fun of people who have real jobs by saying that don’t. Deadpool would probably not say anything along those lines and would probably try to video bomb the youtubers but eh whatever its dumb joke in a comic strip that sadly seems to mostly political.

But what about Randomdce’s actual thoughts about WTFU?
“#WTFU is a subject I’m avoiding for now. Not because I disagree with what’s been said (hell I’m up for blowing the starting whistle) but I don’t use Youtube anymore and I don’t really want to take sides in this.

While I have offered some comments about it here and there, I’ll just say this as my final thought.

YES. Youtube’s content ID system is broken and now scumbags are taking advantage of the broken system.

BUT. I wonder why Doug and “The Justice League of Fair Use” are choosing to speak up now, when smaller channels have been getting assfucked as far back as 2013.”

Well its certainly a more responsible tone to take but at the same time I have to point out that no Doug and the “justice league of fair use” have not ignored the DMCA issue. They’ve been trying repeatedly to point out that DMCA sucks its just that they didn’t have enough political clout to try anything yet. Heck it bears repeating that Doug Walker made his own website to dodge youtube’s crappy system and explicitedly stated that was the case.

Ignoring things that happened don’t let you get away with putting out obviously false scepticism.

That said I did say at the begining of this article that Randomdce did for the most part clean up his act. There some bad habits left over like self-insert garbage, lack of humor or pointless snideness against people he’s rivals with but on the hand we have commentary that’s actually spot on.

“Welcome to consumerism, commercialism and capitalism Anita. You’re not going to change this simple notion by screaming on your soap box. I don’t like how comics are so I MADE MY OWN COMIC SERIES (several of them infact) Not waste peoples time in pointing out what is wrong with them in a series of videos and droning on like a buzz killing know-it-all.

Oh wait… The Handy Dandy Guides.”

Holy shit did I just see self-awareness? You know we’re not supposed to have that on this blog randomdce… For those who don’t know the handy dandy guides were self-righteous ranting disguised as “informative videos”. Randomdce deleted most of the videos (though some tended to get mirrored). So its actually quite refreshing to see someone being covered actually show some self-awareness by referencing their own mistakes.

The above is a video that he says wasn’t inspired by gamergate (as put in the disclaimer) I could do a step by step analysis but best reserved for videos that actually suck. Yes you read my words correctly, I implied that this video doesn’t suck. It points out with relative accuracy the behaviour of video game journalists over the past few years and does a good job of not being an egotistical rant or self-insert bullshit that randomdce really enjoyed doing a few years back.

I often feel as if randomdce has managed to become good enough to not require any more articles. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places. But regardless based upon what I’ve seen, I can safely say WOW what an improvement. It’s not awesome, but its not offensive, egotistical garbage… and that’s what counts.

As a bonus though… let’s all remind ourselves that randomdce still has long way to go… especially in the art department:

Completely white background… graphics on par with maplestory and look as if some of the facial expressions were in fact taken from there. The word “Equations” spelt wrong.

But hey at least the satire department is actually functioning. Compare that certain other people… I’m just amazed it didn’t suck and make me want to kill myself.

Unless I missed something that randomdce did that would make him eligible for this blog (i.e being a complete asshole, arguing in bad faith, mistreatment of others, harassment .etc) I think this might very well be the last article on him. Though it makes me wonder. Randomdce agrees with #WTFU even if he does compromise by saying he is sceptical on the motives Doug and others have. Asalieri is not a person who enjoys scepticism or anything other than complete agreement. Will we be seeing another split up in the near future?

Also on a final note. Since two things have been removed from the line up on the polls (Irate Gamer’s coming out video due to being fully covered, and randomdce for not sucking big ones as far as I know). We will need more topics. Feel free to suggest whatever topics you’d like covered. As long as its something worth critiquing its worth suggesting. It doesn’t even have to be Asalieri or troll related.


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