Gaming goose and WTFU… it’s called band wagon jumping… and no it doesn’t make you successful.

Gaming goose is apparently a reviewer of video games. You probably wouldn’t know this because Gaming Goose doesn’t really do reviews anymore as he apparently stopped in 2009. Gaming Goose as of current is more of a let’s player and as a let’s player his content is fairly mediocre (but that’s okay since most let’s players aren’t exactly super either. Either you’re like Slowbeef or frankomatic and just comment on playing a game or you’re like GameGrumps and comment on everything but the game. Either way its hard to build an audience unless you’ve got great personality.).

Really Gaming Goose’s major problem is a lack of focus. There are people who let’s play horror games exclusively and these people get an audience (often times very large) because its fun to watch their reactions to the horror elements of a game. There are people who exclusively play crap, like richlowtax (aka the guy who owns something awful forums) and they get an audience because seeing exotic crappy games is absolutely hilarious.

This is actually a game by the way. I’m not joking, this game exists. It’s not commerical… but still!

Gaming Goose’s content is… well its fucking everywhere to say the least. He’s pretty much Vloging at this point. Plays fallout 4 then plays Ghost and goblins. Has the audacity to call a let’s play of evil within a walkthrough while also playing some crappy russian FPS game. It’s safe to say that you’ll really no idea what he’ll be talking about it or covering and as a result its kinda hard to find an audience when you don’t have a great personality (to be fair few of us do) and have no real assurance that you’ll like the next video he puts out.

And of course its hard to talk about Gaming Goose without mentioning his attempts to jump on the AVGN hating bandwagon. He was one of the commentators on the AVGN movie commentary that Asalieri put out. I would like to remind everyone that they pirated the movie in order to do their commentary.

In addition Gaming Goose put out this disgusting video.

No I don’t understand what the joke is. Clearly Gaming Goose is attempting to do a brittney spears parody (he says “leave Irate Gamer alone” similar to the “leave Britney alone” meme/event) but quite frankly it fails because Britney Spears isn’t Irate Gamer. In addition critcism against Irate Gamer is more objective than subjective unlike the criticism that Britney Spears faced nor does Irate Gamer face severe tabloid harassment. But then again what was I expecting from this individual… actual talent?

Considering that Gaming Goose has not yet been rated using the TIR system (talent, Integrity and responsibility) I’m going to have to rate him. However its clear that he gets an F- in each category.

Talent = F- (Ability to create worthwhile content)
Barely capable of attracting an audience let alone making quality content. Fails to make anything beyond Vlog material as of 2016.

Integrity = F- (ability to stay consistent and avoid contradictions)
Clearly enjoys hypocritically stirring the pot. Doesn’t really care to stay consistent.

IN this video Gaming Goose says that games like Left4dead are not co-op because they do not have have a campaign mode. He defines co-op as working with someone to complete a goal but ignores the simple fact that in games like Left4dead you are working to survive the level. So by his definition Left4dead is qualified but he says it is not qualified. He also says that he hates that he has to research games and figure them out in order to find what content they have available. It could be the fact that he has no talent but it would help if he tried to sound a little more sarcastic.

Responsibility = F- (ability to avoid conflicts and resolve them. Good scores indicate individuals who do not start shit unless absolutely necessary)

Do I have to mention that he claims that any factual errors are a result of him trying to be funny (or as he calls it schtick?)? I see no reason for any gaming reviewer to attempt to defend the Irate Gamer nor has he given any valid explanation for why he would choose to partner up with Asalieri and attempt to harass AVGN.

I would love to write more about this but let’s be honest, we want to see his WTFU video. For those who don’t know what WTFU is about (probably because you’ve been living under a rock or maybe you’ll be reading this article several years after WTFU ended, which is doubtful but I might as well save you the googling), WTFU is a campaign to get youtube to instate proper mechanics to enforce copyright. Under the current system, anything can and will be claimed as violating a copyright and the creators ability to monetize or create content is severely hindered. The current system enables censorship of opinions by allowing reviews to be flagged and it also makes entirely original videos liable to be flagged as well. Woe to you if you are a classical music composer who wants to put your creation online for others to view, because the system is so broken that even though that video is 100% yours, it still gets flagged and you pay the price. Ironically its Let’s players who get hit hardest since they have small audiences to begin with and so generate less complains when they have to fight a copyright strike. A scene in a video game with music could get you DMCA’d even though that’s music coming from the game. Good luck if the DMCA system thinks you’ve mirrored a video game trailer when all you’re doing is playing the game and that sequence in the game was also in the trailer.

Thus its easy to see why WTFU has come to fruition this year. Even ignoring bullshit like allowing hostile, low quality and violent youtube channels to exist or giving some youtube partners way more protection than others (i.e Irate Gamer has broken many youtube guidelines and yet he has never had a problem to date). In all honesty I think this should have happened a lot sooner than it did but perhaps no one had the balls or the clout until now.

The countermovement on the other hand seems to be heavily corporate based or idiots as it appears they’ve bought out the media again.

IN the video above you’ll see that the WTFU movement has been called zombies for wanting a end to DMCA terror on youtube. I could draw parallels to gamers are dead and gamergate but let’s be honest here… the media is full of fucking idiots who think things will go away if they say they’re dead.

Given that Asalier and Co are contrarian, its unsurprising that the majority of them chose to oppose WTFU because obviously their attempts to oppose Channelawesome or any other major youtuber has clearly gone well for them in the past. What is this? Like the 50 time they’ve tried this to popular people?

This is gaming goose’s attempt on WTFU.

0:06 Gaming Goose shows a bunch of stuff that shows that he (gaming Goose) is not doing well at all. First showing a video with a high dislike ratio, several comments that are hostile, and then says he was sorry for not taking things seriously.

0:30 “I definitely should have been more adult” *Words “#Sorrynotsorry?” on screen*

Well gee I wonder why people hate you. First you don’t bother to do good work and then you make fun of your own attempt to explain yourself by saying that you’re not sorry by putting $Sorrynotsorry in the background. Are you or are you not aware that you’ve fucked up… oh wait I know the answer to that. Oh and just to let you know, Gaming Goose 1984’d his original video on WTFU. Because clearly we shouldn’t be allowed to see how badly he fucked up.

0:51 Gaming Goose says the WTFU movement is misguided and also says that the whole system is flawed.

Really Gaming Goose? care to explain why the system is flawed

1:04 “Anytime there’s a system in place, Companies and individuals will find loopholes in place…. Remember when there were star ratings and the flagging system that was going on there? People would go on and flag videos and channels, getting things taken down.”

Uh….. yeah… I don’t know how to say this but… that system is still there…. The current thumbs up and thumbs down isn’t really much different than a 5 star rating system especially since most people are just going to pick 1 star or 5 stars. The flagging system is still there. You just click the more button and then select report. It’s been less than 2 minutes and already I have the impression you have no idea what you’re talking about.

1:18 “The biggest controversy back then was whether or not people should be allowed or if it was right to have a paypal button or link… cut to today and oh things are much different.”

Ahem, E-begging and AVGN? The pro-adblocking movement that went after linkara because he wanted his ad revenue? What’s different about this? Was he being sarcastic? I don’t know because he immediately switches to another topic.

1:50 Gaming Goose attempts to explain WTFU. “1. Fair use designed to protect the person using someone else’s work from the holder’s exclusive rights”.

Wow that is an awful definition. That is quite literally the worse definition you could use. For starters that doesn’t explain the point of fair use. Secondly that’s not what fair use is. Fair use is not designed to protect someone who uses someone else’s work from the holder’s exclusive rights, it designed to allow parodies and criticism. If you refuse to do actual work or get an education then at least use google:

“In its most general sense, a fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner. – See more at:”- Definition from people who aren’t idiots.

2:17 Gaming Goose says he has some experiences with fair use. He talks about when youtube had an invite only policy for its youtube partnership.

Oh for fuck’s sake… This is a coming out video isn’t it? This is going to be a Vlog that pretends to be an argument just like that Irate Gamer one. Ah why the hell do I keep running into these? I’m gonna start skipping to the relevant bits.

3:09 Gaming Goose says that his attempt to monetize a video was denied on the ground that he did not have persmission from the creators of the video game to stream it.

Okay see this is why you should know the terms of words before you use them. For starters, if you did a review or a let’s play or if the video game wasn’t even central to the video, then by no means does it count as copyright infringement. Youtube can be a dick about it but its being an unlawful dick. The video that gaming goose was unable to monetize was a thank you video that briefly showed tomb raider footage on the grounds (this was because gaming goose was discussing a trick that can be used to get scratched disks running). You don’t need permission because that’s fair freaking use. It counts as transformative because the video game content is being used to demonstrate that the trick works. Under no circumstances is the creators work being used for its original purpose.

4:10 “When you’re on your own you get boned alot”

Well gee, you don’t even know your own rights and didn’t seek help from a lawyer or by talking to others. I can see that you’re default position is bent over.

4:41 Gaming Goose talks about himself… well he’s been doing that a lot but here its really apparent. Is this about WTFU gaming Goose… because it sounds as if you’re just talking about yourself.

4:53 “I actually reached out to a copyright attorney because I actually wanted to know my rights” He also says that he isn’t a copyright expert… remember this part.

Somehow I get the feeling you didn’t because you didn’t define fair use properly… like at all.

5:16 “the difference is whether someone wants to take you to task for it [regarding whether or not something is fair use]”

So you got the legal answer which is, “you are only guilty of an offence if there is someone who claims a wrong has been commited by you”? You do realize that’s 2 + 2 = 4 right? Also this has nothing to do with WTFU like at all. 5 minutes in and you’ve given nothing of value. You also do realize that if someone claims you have commited copyright infringement it doesn’t mean you don’t have fair use, it means that your right to fair use is being evaluated thus you still have it unless the court finds (in a very unlikely event especially if you are a reviewer or a let’s player) that you are guilty of copyright infringement.

5:22 “Everybody is just lucky that most people haven’t taken them to task”

Okay… let me take this into a different context and translate the logic to more understanding terms. Everyone has the right to be treated as a non-criminal individual and be allowed a state known as existing. However this right can be challenged if a child and her/his family comes and accuses you of raping the former. This can be done regardless and whether or not you are put on a sex offenders list depends on whether or not someone takes you to task. Thus everybody is just lucky that no child and their family hasn’t taken to task for the crime of existing and being a target of their malevolent desires. In other words, We are all just lucky because we are all rapists who just haven’t been accused yet.

NO GAMING GOOSE, A GUILTY BEFORE PROVEN INNOCENT IS NOT THE CONCLUSION TO BE MADE HERE!. Fair USE IS A REAL THING and the fact that you didn’t define it right has ruined the rest of your video. How the fuck did you get five minutes into this discussion and not know two letters of WTFU. The FU is fair use but apparently you don’t think anyone has it because all it takes is an accusation and suddenly fair use doesn’t exist? So everyone is breaking the law and we’re in a copyright bubble? I’m not even mentioning the ego-centric portions of the review. All of this discussion has been “me me me” I haven’t heard much about his friends or anyone else at all.

5:31 “if you really wanted to be fair, you should go to court”

Okay one…. that’s not fair use. Two… are you are a rich generous millionaire? Third what the fuck does fair use have to do with court? You go to court to decide the limits of fair use. You don’t go to court to get fair use… you have that implicitly.

5:37 “you should allow people to take you to court and you should fight your first ammendment free speech fair use rights there” *words #muhfreespeech are written on the screen*

Wow… Gaming Goose? Didn’t you say you’re not a copyright law expert? So then why are recommending a course of action over copyright? Also allow me to tear this entire argument a new asshole. You’re not allowed to press charges and go to court until several weeks after the copyright claim. You are NOT allowed to go to court when a claim is made and must wait two or more weeks until you go to court. If you watched any fucking video from Angry Joe or Mr.Enter regarding how to deal with a copyright strike you’d have known this. Most companies deliberately skirt the law so that they wait roughly 1.9 weeks and then retract their claim then make it again (even though is is entirely illegal because companies CANNOT make false claims and by doing this they are totally making false claims). They deliberately prevent you from going to court.

Let’s just put this in false sexual accusations terms again. In crazy stupid land, a child and his/her family may charge you with a sexual offense preventing you from working for the next two weeks to earn money and placing you in jail until your court hearing. Thanks to bureaucracy, it takes two weeks for a court case to happen. The child and her/his family may cancel their sexual offence accusation at any time including at the last minute preventing a court hearing. Even though there’s a law that prevents people from making false sex offence claims, we’re idiots here in crazy stupid land, the child and her/his family can go right on ahead and make another false sex offence claim and at no point will we stop jailing you for two weeks even if the number of times this has happened is in the double digits. Does this sound like a place you would like to live in?

OH and I have a FU to give you gaming Goose for putting muhfreespeech as if freespeech is something to laugh at. Freespeech is the very foundation of democratic society and the only reason you’re allowed to make the content as low quality as you have. My job depends on freespeech and without it we’d all be driving cars don’t have working brakes or functional engines but hey go ahead and make fun it gaming goose. Fuck you.

6:00 “its not a personal argument”

Gee you sure have spent a lot of time talking about yourself. Want to talk about your lawyers or you know actual people who are affected but don’t care?

6:00 – 7:00 Constantly talking about himself.

Gee Gaming goose…. Wow… this video totally isn’t about you. I don’t know if its my ears… but I’m hearing a lot of virtue signaling and masturbation.

7:41 Gaming Goose talks about how larger channels lose revenue to these copyright strikes.

7:50 *shows picture of Doug Walker* “I don’t know him [Doug Walker] I have nothing against him”

Really gee. That’s why you picked the most unflattering picture of him.

8:03 Gaming Goose says that he is not saying that Doug Walker and others that support WTFU are not caring about other channels.
“I’m just saying I don’t think they have everybodies interests at heart”

Yeah they don’t have the interests of douchebags like you and Asalieri who want the current system because it fucks over everyone else.

8:10 “They’re not really worried about other people’s stances or careers or reach on youtube”

Earth to Gaming Goose. WTFU is not about making you and other small youtubers popular. The point of WTFU is to get rid of the DMCA content ID system. One of the side effects of it is that it’ll be easier to have a youtube career.

8:27 “If that were the case this would have come up a long long time ago because it has been going on for a long time”

So Gaming Goose how old are you? Account made in 2006. And this video was made in 2016? Okay so let’s apply your logic here. Clearly you’re not worried about other people’s stances or careers because you didn’t do this as early as possible back in 2006. Hell we should go even further. Look at all those charities about saving third world children. Those should have started in middle ages back in 1500. Stupid arrogant lazy fucks. Obviously these charities don’t care about the average person because they didn’t have time machines.

Hell what’s wrong with you reader! Gaming Goose existed in 2006 and his existence was for a long time. Why weren’t you reading this article back in 2006? What didn’t you care?

No seriously I don’t even know where the hell this argument comes from. You either get the movement now or never. You don’t get to choose when and where things happen, you get the choose how you react to them. Doug Walker and all the other major players of WTFU obviously wanted this problem gone when they first encountered it. But what would campaigning back in 2006 have done? We’re still living in a world where copyright uses outdated definitions and major billion dollar industries intend to keep it that way. How would starting this campaign back in early 2000s when you don’t have the political clout, the backing or the money have done anything? The reason why its WTFU now and not back in 2006 is because both the users and the creators are tired of it. They’ve faced several years of abuse not a few months. This entire arguement reads like a 5 year old child’s “they didn’t help me when I needed so why should I help others?”. Fuck you gaming goose.

8:40 Gaming Goose says that Doug and the other should be aiming for other things other than the content id system to be fixed because that would mean they actually care about other youtubers. Instead of talking about WTFU he decides to talk about #makeyoutubegreatagain… because obviously makeyoutubegreat again is WTFU… if you like strawmen

HEY I’ve got an idea. Let’s make a video about WTFU. not talk about WTFU at all and then talk about another different hashtag. Fucking genius!

…. hmmm not exactly sure if gaming goose is retarded or stupid. Okay gaming goose. What are these other features? And how would be better than asking youtube to actually enforce the guidelines its suppose to fucking have? Not going to list any? I’m not surprised.

9:31 Gaming Goose shoots his own egocentric argument in the face by talking about how bad the content id system is. Then chooses to not talk about it any further and instead ask if it’ll make youtube great again.

Hmm well I don’t know Gaming Goose. Youtube won’t add pheripherals that stimulate the reproductive organs to cause pleasure nor will it cause hot men (or hot women) to materialize into your room and sex with you. I guess I’ll just settle for… YES YOU STUPID IDIOT. A day a youtube creator can make the content they are legally allowed to do is a day where the system fucking works. And a system that works is great.

9:45 Gaming Goose talks about egotistical solutions he proposes:
He proposes that copyright strikes don’t cause any penalties except loss of ad revenue.
“you still get your fair use, you’re still allowed to upload content and you don’t have to worry about copyright strikes”
Gaming Goose then says that this proves that WTFU is greedy because its a question of whether or not they can make money and not whether or not they can make things period

Okay for starters. That’s not fair use. No seriously that’s not fair use… like at all. Fair use states that the transformed work is practically your own and you are allowed to distribute as you wish. This is important because we have a think known as textbooks and textbooks have lots of fair use in them. From the pictures to the snippets from other texts to quotes. A textbook tends to cost $50+ to buy. If you aren’t allowed to make money because something has been content from something else then you essentially owe royalties to everything and everyone.

Let’s take this to its logical conclusion. Gaming Goose has proposed that if something you have has been determined to be someone elses, you are not allowed to make money off of it. Thus every job in the world has now been invalidated as factory workers work off a factory and thats not theirs. The engineers who made the factory don’t get paid because the building materials were not theirs nor were their ideas entirely originally. Any job involving a spoken language is now invalid because you cannot get paid because you used a language that’s not originally yours. You can’t even spend money because your money wasn’t made out of original materials either nor is currency is an original concept. Therefore you starve and you die.

But let’s provide another angle for why this is a stupid argument. Say you are Doug Walker or AVGN or whatever the content creator you are watching these days. Imagine that you could not be paid for the entertainment you provided regardless of whether or not you even used copyright content (because gaming goose’s system still doesn’t stop unlawful claims so fuck you original content creators, gaming goose hath spoken). What happens to your content? No seriously? Are you going to keep doing your sketches, your show and your funny stuff as your bones get brittle, your house gets condemned and your body dries up from malnutrition? No you’re going to quit because getting paid and by extension living are more important. I’d like to remind everyone that this was Gaming Goose’s attempt to “make youtube great again” by ensuring that any content on youtube will be low quality. I get the impression that Gaming Goose has adopted the “get a real job” mentality while ignoring the fact that not only did he try to make money on youtube but also that he clearly shows contempt for anyone successful.

10:22 “I realize at this point that no matter what I say, I’m not going to be able to help out or convince everybody else”


11:10 “My issue is that when you are talking about community and making youtube better is that there is a large set of people that this will never ever touch. This content id system doesn’t affect people who don’t use other people’s material.”

Pfffttt HAHAHAHAHAHA. OH my god you suck. You Suck. Holy shit 11 minutes in and this is your A-game? You don’t even define anybody. Not affect who? The Content ID system is so broken you could fart and it’d think you stole it.

11:23 “I don’t think this affects beauty bloggers very much”

“1) Ultra Records sues Michelle Phan—and she fights back
Michelle Phan is one of YouTube’s preeminent beauty vloggers, and her makeup tutorials have racked up over a billion views, which means the music featured in those videos gets some pretty substantial time in the spotlight.

But Phan came under fire in 2014 when Ultra Records claimed she had been using recordings of their artists without permission. The label sued Phan for the unlicensed use of their music, including Grammy-nominated DJ Kaskade. In turn, Phan countersued, arguing that she’d been under agreement with Jason Kilgore, Ultra’s senior new media manager, who had agreed by email to allow Phan to use the music with credit to the artists and links to their iTunes accounts. This agreement began in 2009, but when the label’s lawyers started issuing DMCA notices five years later (with which YouTube complied), Phan claims she lost revenue.

This feud still hasn’t been resolved, and Phan demanded a trial. To abate such disputes in the future, YouTube added measures that show creators which songs they can use and what the use of those songs does to the monetization of their videos. There’s also a plethora of rights-free music creators can use to underscore their vlogs and keep the monetization for themselves.”-

Yeah beauty vloggers aren’t affected at all. They just can’t use music or do anything really entertaining. Oh and by the way, they can’t show logos either or they could get content ID’d. Don’t mention any brand names either. OH and uh gaming goose wants to say fuck you if you care about anything else that isn’t beauty vlogging.

11:47 “All of these people don’t get hit with this stuff”

Yes and all of these people aren’t even in the same genre as the other shit thats in WTFU.

11:51 “and the reason they don’t get his is because they aren’t using other people’s content”

OH god this is a repeat of Asalieri’s “don’t use other people’s clips” crap.

11:55 “I want to know how your movement [WTFU] is going to make youtube great for them [Beauty Vloggers]”

Well gee I don’t know. WTFU still isn’t going to get hot men (or women) to pop up into your room and have sex with you… I couldn’t possibly see how not getting screwed over by big corporations over false accusations that can occur for no reason could help anybody. It’s like having hand rails in industrial factories and near cliffs. Why would that help at all? What is falling to your death a thing? How does handrails make a factory a better place to work in? Likewise how does not getting screwed by big corporations who want easy ad revenue money help youtubers? We should all be like Gaming Goose and take a profound interest in accepting anal insertions.

11:57 “see my problem”


12:01 “not only is only minimally going to make it great for me. Its not even going to make it great for them at all because it doesn’t affect them”

YES mention yourself first before others. That is how you conduct yourself and make it look as if you aren’t a complete egocentric bitch. Pretend you speak for others when you don’t even know their plight their position or their stances on the issue.

Gaming goose… do you even know other beauty vloggers. Or did you take your entire argument from Asalieri?

Gaming Goose then minces words for the next minute and a half… wow that barely even talked about WTFU or even addressed it.


Oh and us by the way. When you write WTFU is not for you. The hashtag should not be WTFUNFU. It should be WTFUINFU

But either way the result is the same. You jumped head first into a bandwagon that wasn’t even going anywhere. It says alot about your character when you jump to the side that big greedy corporations take and refuse to acknowledge how fucked up your argument is in any meaningful way.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go get a rifle and a condescending dog that can laugh.


9 thoughts on “Gaming goose and WTFU… it’s called band wagon jumping… and no it doesn’t make you successful.

    1. Yes. Rageaholic and his BS video on Owen Hart.

      This is the same guy who claims that he already made a video about #WTFU

      In 2009.

  1. here’s something better……………………..or rather worse, for those who dont know, James became teh targed of SJWs over his opinion on the Ghostbusters reboot, because he said he didnt wanted to see it.

    And there was a shitstorm due to special snowflakes.

    many people came here to defend James rolfe

    And bigal even made a video lambusting the idiots

    but guess what, Bigal and his friend Darkscream made a vlog about the incident, but guess who they tought would be a good idea to bring to the mix………..

    that’s right………………………………..THE PIG!


    This is Fishy as FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

      1. I don’t see them bringing up their past bullshit in this video. So its probably for the best that they’re backing up james this time around as opposed to lying about him.

        Though shame on them for failing to acknowledge that also conspired to push a narrative against him.

  2. Yea, James Rolfe has to deal with a crapstorm for not reviewing Ghostbusters. Who cares what YouTubers/Bloggers choose or not choose to make videos/reviews/Let’s Plays about. The real problem with all of this are the folks that take YouTube and creating content way too seriously to the point that they are extremist about it thinking there’s some grading system or that there’s only one path set in stone to creating content for the web in the history of the universe. Shtooopid. Way to go obsessive content nazis for wasting everyone’s time bashing each other instead of creating better content yourselves without caring what others think of it – live a little.

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