Eric Gaede and feminism. One step forward two steps back

Wow I’m not exactly sure how to fully approach this subject.
This is something I wanted to talk about for a while now specifically the fact that Asalieri has gone full-blown anti-feminism. Is it an okay position to take? Sure, especially when you consider the highly vocal “feminists” (I’m gonna put them in quotations) who are rapidly becoming the target of jokes for their cronyist behaviour and inability to engage reality. The part that makes this discussion a problem however is that feminism has done good things… its just that it did those good things several years ago as opposed to right now.

Women have historically not had it good but I mean that’s kinda obvious but in the 1920’s femnist movements started and they resulted in wide-spread social progress. Women could work, women could vote and most importantly these changes lead to larger equality and better living conditions. It is undeniable that without feminism we would not have this blog for you to read but at the same time its undeniable that psychopaths have claimed ownership of feminism and (rather successfully I’m afraid) managed to push out all the other people who believed in it and became its new face. They did this entirely due to having unlawful relations with the media but in exchange now it seems both the media and feminism will go down as douchebags that helped ruin millions if not billions of lives thanks to their ego-centric and misanthropic behaviour. You might say that there’s no way western media and feminist agenda could affect this many people but you’d be wrong, the legislature is already there, there’s statistics that prove that in a divorce of a hetero-normative marriage, the male will be screwed; and its quite clear that even though statistics show that women get the most degrees in post-secondary education, women simply aren’t motivated enough (probably due to being told their effort won’t count or that they’re above working hard) to actually bother taking advantage of that. Third wave feminism has intentionally fallen victim to Jevon’s paradox, a paradox that states that any efficiency gained by improving a system will be lost to external factors such as increased use (though jevon’s paradox applies specifically to technological changes, its quite clear that feminism has managed to hit it without the use of technology). Women now have their right to employment, their right to vote, to make their own decisions and are now being told not to make them, not to work and not to seek employment because victimhood is apparently a better choice. And just to ensure there will be animosity between genders, females are getting severe leniency in courts while men can be accused of sexual assault with no evidence or harassment again with no evidence and get the next 10 years of their life messed up. Oh and if you complain about any of this, they’ll be pricks and claim you are misogynist woman hater because… well you know what I can’t and never will understand their insane ego-centric thought processes.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that I don’t find Asalieri’s choice to crap all over modern third wave feminism a bad idea since its an appropriate target, they do totally deserve every criticism and penalty they can get (sans death) and its also refreshing to see Eric Gaede spend time bashing something that completely deserves every criticism it gets.

Unfortunately Eric continues the tradition of “sticking it to my enemies regardless of how hypocritcal and non-self-aware I look” by not bothering to address his previous behaviours. Reviewers ADD also hits him heavy as he keeps flip-floping from being anti-feminist to playing video games to talking about #WTFU then back to making shitty RARs (which are really just thinly veiled insults towards people he doesn’t like at this point). It’s no surprise that Eric can’t keep an audience unless he’s causing drama but that won’t stop him from claiming that he doesn’t do drama or that everyone else is a just a drama queen. There’s been a large happening in his continued to crusade against Emer prevost but I’ll talk about that later.

Instead let’s view the maturity in which Eric Gaede tackles Third wave feminism.

Oh okay… he makes a character called Femfreq and then gets em killed. Well the goal was to get killed in that manner so I suppose that was okay…
I wonder if he does realize that’s a really depraved and pathetic way to act. You don’t see any of Eric’s detractors creating characters in multiplayer games called Eric Gaede and getting them killed. What made him think this was a good idea? Bonus points for this video coming right after his 1984’d video on how he doesn’t do personal attacks, drama or death wishes/fantasies.

So Eric starts the review with a misleading sequence in attempt at comedy where he acts angry that people keep taking movie classics and mangling them. The joke is that he is actually talking about another scene in a entirely different work called “legends of tomorrow” because it uses a scene that is highly reminiscent of Back to the Future. The problem is that mangling a movie classic would require remaking the movie and legends of tomorrow isn’t a remake nor does the scene in question plagiarize the back to the future scene as opposed to just appear similar. But hey humor isn’t his… well lot of things aren’t his strong set.

1:07 – 1:37

No seriously Eric attempts to pass of a 2013 event in U of T as a 2016 event reacting to James Rolfe’s recent decision to not address the new ghostbusters movie. There’s text and everything. “SJW reactions to a peaceful boycott of a movie online”. Yeah last time I checked it was SJW’s claiming that gamergate had time machines not the other way around Eric.

1:38 – 1:51 Eric shows the clip from AVGN’s video… yo numbnuts, this is the crap that gets you screwed for DMCA and youtube community guidelines. I thought you said don’t use other people’s clips?. Either way, AVGN’s clip contains the part where James says he won’t review ghostbusters because that would playing into the bile fascination. He figures that its going to suck so there’s no reason to contribute to its financial earnings.

1:52 “Quite right james” -Eric Gaede

Wait what? WHAT?

2:10 “tell the world you won’t support a shitty movie. god forbid you should incurr the wrath of dane cook feminist of the year”

You know its really sad when a guy who makes constant unfunny rape jokes is being totally accepted into the “feminist” community. What you were expecting me to criticize the quote? Sorry Dane cook sucks.

2:55 Eric Gaede rants against Devin Faraci.

Nope no criticim here. Devin Faraci can go and meet the real ISIS and see just how much more respect he really does have for them. Because according to Devin, people who want you to demonstrate decency and respect for journalistic guidelines that you’re suppose to follow in order to earn money are obviously worst than terrorists who kill and behead innocent people.

2:50 “think about how sad it is that extreme third wave feminists are hinging their hopes on fucking ghostbusters”

*sigh* Eric you’re taking this way too far again. Third Wave feminists are unlikely to be using ghostbusters as a major attack. That would imply they actually have a vested interest in having the movie succeed. Its obvious that most Third Wave feminists are doing what they do because it lets them harass people while claiming victim status as well as write clickbait and make money by being contrarian. They obviously don’t care about the long-term effects and they never have. Why else would people continue to defend Anita Sarkesian repeatedly claiming she’s the sane most feminist voice around when all she does is take money and give none back? Because the clickbait makes money, contrarian is the best form of clickbait and its easier to be a feminist when you deliberately perform actions that exacerbate the negative perception of women and get people to care less about what happens to women.

3:07 Eric talks about the female fire fighters who helped out during 9/11 and how they did not receive recognition. He asks why third wave feminism doesn’t talk about them.
“yes let’s ignore the fact that the best they are hoping for to represent women is to retread ground that was already covered by men”

Well Eric I think you’ve already answered your own question. To third wave feminist anything a man can do a women can do better, that is essentially their motto. So it shouldn’t be surprising that they think that women can and should be better than the male ghostbusters. And of course I’ve already talked about their lack of long-term thinking so really… when are you going to apologize to AVGN about your frequent attempts to pin him as a harasser and a e-beggar?

3:30 Eric talks about how he was blocked by devin faraci

Eric… Third wave feminists are pushing for safe spaces because they wish to provide the impression that women are fragile and unable to take care of themselves with government intervention. One of the tools they push for is a blockbot that automatically blocks anyone based on a guilt by association algorithm. Odds are you were subscribed to people Third wave feminists hate like Sargon of Akkad. You would know this if you did a basic google search but hey whatever you don’t even know what they want much less how they operate. Oh and uh good work on not mentioning you’re repeated attempts to hurt AVGN while employing the same tactics and end goals that third wave feminists use.

Wow that sucked. Hopefully he talk about some other feminist in a proper manner.

0:00 – 0:35 Eric wastes half a minute telling viewers that the content will be annoying and that you should watch something else.

Well gee Eric you think?

0:38- 1:02 Eric says he found another feminist that spouts the “same” propaganda and refuse to debate. Unfortunately Eric makes a slip up and accidentally says “all feminists” which means you know, all of them, and thus accidentally insults every real feminist and not the joke third wave radicals that everybody hates. I would be offended but instead he decided to take a bunch of harpy pictures and shove them on screen. I have no idea what hapry has to do with third wave feminism. Harpies are known for their propensity for punishing people who have committed misdeeds. Third wave feminism will fuck you regardless of what you’ve done just cause they feel like it so I don’t understand the point of including those pictures.

1:17 Eric links to the artist’s tumblr page and gives their name too. Because harassment is a good idea and its also a good idea to not do something sane and keep the fuck away from insane people who like harassing others (I’m being sarcastic).

2:04 Eric begins reading comics really badly. This guy has the audacity to make fun of linkara while doing voices like this… *Sigh*. The first comic contains a joke where an individual says he is sick of political correctness and that everyone is thin-skinned; but the reply is that he should get thicker skin. At least I assume it was joke because that was fucking pathetic. Eric concludes this comic was a mouthpiece and since the author thinks people should grow thicker skins, that the author should grow thicker skin if they’re offended by Eric’s commentary.

I’m sad that Eric doesn’t tear the comic apart for being stupid. I mean the joke is that being angry at people being thin skinned is a form of being thin-skinned. That’s the joke. But the problem is that political correctness really is a problem, you can be fired from a major job just because people don’t like your shirt. You can have yourself severely financially penalized just for saying “rape”. You do not solve harassment by having the victim just accept the harassment. It would be nice if Eric just pointed this out… but sadly he does not.

2:32 Eric looks at a comic where a director says to wonderwoman states that female lead movies don’t make money the joke being that several characters that were female leads in their highly successful movies standing in the background. Eric says that artist is silly because IMDB says that there is a wonderwoman movie coming out.

Yo dumbass, that comic was made in 2015 possibly earlier.
There was no news of a wonderwoman movie until recently. In addition it was unlikely that IMDB page existed back in 2015. Stop acting as if things you just found are suddenly new Eric. You did that last video its really shameful you did it again. Oh and if I were eric I’d tear this comic a new asshole by pointing out two of those characters is animated, and the one astronaut was in a succesful movie but not nearly as succesful as any male driven movie.
“Led by Sandra Bullock, “Gravity” grossed $269 million domestically, easily making it one of the most successful films of all time headlining an actress.” -
But then again I’m not Eric and I actually put effort into what I do so I guess it makes sense that Eric won’t bother to deconstruct the comic.

2:36 ” *eric shows a wikipedia page of films featuring wonderwoman* And there was a recent 2013 short film featuring [wonderwoman] too and of course all of these titles, thanks wikipedia”

Wow… okay Eric. What’s the difference between a real female and an animated one? Oh and neither of those movies featured wonder-woman in a predominate role. When they refer to woman driven movies they mean as the main fucking character not a goddamn side character. When feminists (third wave or not) refer to no female driven movies they are refering to live action movies with a female actor as the lead. DO you know how to properly portray the oppositions argument? Do you know how to do that Eric?

3:18 – 6:05 Eric reads a comic that poorly represents the Anita Sarkesian situation. The comic shows a lady saying, after a long and pointless amount of statements (such as saying that she has fled from her home, which is bullshit because Briana Wu and Anita Sarkesian are different people), that “video games aren’t perfect” at which point the audience says its heresy and blasphemy. Eric makes a bunch of analogies that are generally correct in that Eric says Anita has said much more than video game’s aren’t perfect (such as video games cause rapes and shootings) and in addition Anita has not received any real threats or danger.

This part is extremely good, Eric’s analogies are spot on and don’t miss the point. He properly deconstructs Anita’s behaviour (which is that she’s getting paid to run a narrative against gamers). So this means he must fuck up right… I mean seriously he does this alot?

6:15 “[Anita’s claims] which are now widely accepted as facts”

Wait what? Anita an accepted expert? By which sane scholar? But what police department? By what academic department? Even the UN threw this shit out the door when they saw it and they have countries not known for their human rights on their human rights council!
This is a strawman. The damage that Anita has done is bad, but its no where near as bad for gamers as it is for media, for woman trying to get in the hobby and the reputation of feminism.

6:30 to 8:00 Eric reads a comic that list a bunch of women that did things (that I’m not going to bother verifying because its pointless) and then argues that woman’s history month should be a thing. Eric then wastes a minute and a half talking about height handicapped people who did things and -then argues in favor of dwarf history month. Missing the entire point of the argument but what did I expect.

8:00 “Months dedicated to a race or gender are just such a stupid idea and don’t help people learn or give a crap about these people”

*sigh* Eric you’re the person that doesn’t even want people learning about basic science considering your stance on science and education in general. You don’t really care about informing people properly or even getting the full story. A month dedicated to a race doesn’t do anything if your as short sighted as Eric is but if you actually do care about things farther than your face then a learning month can be a springboard to ideas and understanding. That is of course assuming that people actually put effort into putting information out during that month and not be like Eric here and spread bullshit with the only occasional proper moment of good work.

8:30 Eric looks at a comic that has a man saying that a woman who only cares about woman is engaging in “reverse sexism” (woah that’s a dumb term). He states that feminists should be egalitarians since they care for all people. The woman replies that he is the reason she is a feminist (woah rude much?). Eric then promptly in a display of actual understanding and sense, properly deconstructs the comic as denoting that feminist only care for themselves and not for other men and that is a real problem. He notes that the female in the comic refuses to have her egocentric thought process questioned at all. Unfortunately Eric decides to say “being a feminist isn’t about empowerment or equality or any of that stupid nonsense. Its about entitlement”

Come on Eric all you had to say was “third wave” feminist you’d have avoided any strawmanning. Come on. So close. Ugh.

10:41 Eric reads a comic where a feminist says she belives society can be equal and that men are mature and compassionate only for another woman to come in and tell her that she must hate men because she identifies as a feminist.

Now if I were Eric I would decide to simply point out that the comic is hypocritical because the entirety of the author’s other comics do nothing but pretend that men have no compassion nor that men can understand or have maturity to tackle issues. The Author cannot pretend that men are suddenly capable of solving sexism and that feminism accepts men when the rest of the comics clearly demonstrate that men cannot be trusted and will attempt to kill people for daring to question video games or refuse to hire women even though it makes money or don’t want to learn about woman who did important things in history. The author has attempted to argue that feminism is not man hating when it makes so many assumptions about the average male that it might as well have engaged in man hating. Eric hasn’t been fucking up too much, let’s see how he handles it.

11:14 Eric decides to counter the comic by talking about things that other “feminists” have done such as arguing that women should be able to occupy seats with luggage while men cannot not, getting a man fired over a shirt and misrepresenting actual data such as the wage gap they keep lying about.

Wow that has nothing to do with the comic. Great job Eric, that strawman looks fucking fantastic. You’ve interpreted an argument against people thinking feminism is about man hating into an argument that defends cronyism, lying and harassing people for no real reason. Just like to remind Eric that I put “feminism” in quotes because third wave feminism does just as much to hurt women as it does to hurt men. It makes woman look like liabilities in the workplace (since they might accuse the employer of sexism if they’re fired or ruin other co-workers productivity due to rape accusations), it also silences them (many female gamergaters have had their opinions ignored and have been harassed too) and also makes light of real woman’s right issues (all of this discussion about western female rights is a major distraction from the absolute disaster is that is woman rights in middle east).

Sadly Erics off-topic and strawman rant continues for the rest of the video. It’s very hypocritical Eric that say the “feminists” argument is disingenuous when every argument he has ever made is disingenuous.

Oh and speaking of being disingenuous.

Let’s take a look at Eric’s response to Emer Prevost. Eric, wanting to demonstrate that he wasn’t butthurt over Emer leaving him, decided to make a 3 hour long rant session where he spill a whole bunch of accustations against Emer Prevost. Emer Prevost had the video taken down because it was harassment. Eric decided to make the video above and threw out accusations such as Emer not having a job (glass houses Eric…) and Emer being a self-centered douchebag (more glasshouses Eric). Eric refuses to believe that his constant poor behaviour was causing the relationship to deteriorate for 6 months but then again just like any “feminist” Eric doesn’t have self-awareness. Unsurprisingly the entire video is an insult to Emer Prevost demonstrating once again that Eric is only really interested in starting feuds as opposed to hurting people who actually deserve it (hmmm more parallels to “feminism”).

Finally, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Eric complains about “Feminism” being self-centered and relying on censorship and misleading information while engaging the same tactics. Hopefully Eric and “Feminism” won’t team up in the near future.


56 thoughts on “Eric Gaede and feminism. One step forward two steps back

    1. I sure hope Eric doesn’t resort to stalking and intimidation. Well he’s already doing the intimidation part. It’s like they’re static characters no matter what.

  1. that being said, I made a Facebook post about it, and I will post it here…

    for all the stories about Emer Prevost (A.K.A. He11sing920) been shared towards the public, allow me to share my experience with Mr. Prevost himself. Let’s go back to the year 2009, where I use to have friends to talk to, friends to hang around with, and then when I became friends with a person who Emer and his little circle had a problem with, Kristina Maria Foster (ChibiUFO), decided to flip out and tell Emer and the circle of friends about it, and she decided to unfriend me, Emer, like a manchild he is ended a friendship with me over petty shit. Now this is the first I have experience this and it’s during my downfall of the SuperRobotSoujaOG days…(yeah…how mature I was… >.> ) and during that downfall, I was having depression, leading to minor anxiety, and that’s when I was in college…trying to get my life back together…been unemployed since from 2009 to 2012…fired in 2012, and 2013, my mom passed away, and 2015, my brother passed away…I was breaking down, having PTSD…and my blind mistake was messaging Emer about how I want to kill myself…then the douchebag told me “if you want to kill yourself, by all means go do it! No one is gonna miss you”. Now keep that in mind, I was having a breakdown at that time and my anxiety went from minor to major. I was losing it after two of my closest family passed away…After that I seek help, trying to make it on my own…trying to stay strong…Now after all the storm happening, and yes I still having panic attacks and taking meds for it, I will try my best to stay positive…I have a job, I have good friends (proved that they’re people still care about me), and I’m improving my content a little better after my SuperRobotSoujaOG days…that proves that I can hold my own ground than Emer use to have. Now since it’s current, I heard that Emer burned a lot of bridges recently…I know he did with Asalieri, and keep that in mind…Asa isn’t a saint himself. He has a reputation like everyone else we know, but I can agree that Emer is a bad friend to begin with…I know some will agree, some will disagree, all I can say is that Emer needs to get his life in check before it’s too late and he will die alone. I know he might say “it’s none of my business” which is all over the internet. Emer…You’re in your mid 30s, you’re missing out life…just to prove you’re a “film critic” yet all you do is sit there commentate on films just you on camera trying to get your “point” across??? I mean this is a same guy who called Doug Walker a “talentless hack” yet you don’t know how to entertain the audience? Oh and you feature on El Rey Network doesn’t mean shit. The only thing that’s good on that channel is the Lucha Underground…I’ve been busting my ass just to find a job, trying to find work, and I finally did it…Why? I still have faith…something you never had in the first place…

    Emer Prevost…grow up…

    *mic drop*

  2. I watched the rest of the Anti-He11sing920 video that Thatsdoable didn’t cover and Eric decided touch upon his AVGN pocketed money for his movie claim.

    He now refers to it as an “opinion” and that he doesn’t need to provide proof for his “opinion”. I’m sorry but that’s an allegation, and when you make an allegation you need to provide proof. But this is Eric we’re talking about making baseless “opinions” is pretty much par for the course for him.

    1. Ya that’s the one, I don’t the know the exact point in the video (I was basically skipping ahead since without someone commenting on video, it’s just insufferable to sit through), but it’s after the first guy leaves and two other chuckle heads decide to join it.

    2. Laser, could you please delete the post with that stream, I DID NOT realize asalieri put a picture that was NSFW! i only listened to that audio just today and i was disgusted!

  3. Thanks Laser.

    God i cant fucking believe that Asalieri did such a thing on THAT particulary stream! FUCK, even the video when he responds the screenshots clearly says it clear, and yet EVERYONE in the response video was ignoring that crap!.

      1. Thank you. Considering that we’ve pretty much run out of topics, if this video is everything I think it is, we have another article.

  4. asalieri didnt just star tthis randomly going against emer. he hadnt brought him up since january. he did this once emer posted things against him in the comments of a vid thatdoable made. Also its not defintie that emer was the one who took down the stream since emer deneied it. just thought provide extra info if ure going to do an indepth discussion of the feud

      1. emer comments to j94 comment asa had these screenshots from when someone messaged emer asking about him

  5. Well for starters. Emer posting stuff against Asalieri? Emer saying he didn’t take down the video. Also any proof showing that Asalieri hasn’t talked to Emer for over 4 months (since january is what you said), would be nice considering they broke up only two months ago or so.

    1. 2 months? they broke up in january when it first got out it just randomly brough up again. if u look down here emer states he didnt tke down video as far as proof he hadnt brought up emer just that i am not aware of any vids asa posted talking about emer prior to emer posting comments on that doable page. asa said when soemone asked emer hows asa doing emer against talked against him but theres no screenshots to say thats definite.

      1. He did make a video about Emer. It was the “I’m not a drama video” that I was going to write an article about but Asalieri deleted it. The video had in its description a blurb about how Emer just suddenly decided to stop being Asalieri’s friend.

  6. yeah he did that was in january when it first came out. as far as i cano tell he didnt really do vid on emer in between when it first stated and emer posted comments on asa.

    1. te im not a drama video was not the same one as when he mentioned asas breakup. he rmeoved tht one saying he didnt want t give impression he was trying to start soemthing up with emer.

      1. i mean the vid when he was starting drama and when he mentioned his break up with emer were 2 seprate vids.

      2. I think it still says volumes about Asalieri when he checks to see what Emer is doing. I mean if I broke a friendship with someone and it stayed that way for over a month, I would not be checking to see if they’re talking about me at all. I’m gonna put this on e-stalking, anyone care to disagree with this interpretation?

  7. well im not sure how asa find out about comments emer posted someone could have told him or since thatdobale posted vids on asa before asa could uve found thatdobale vids and by chance saw his comments. like i said im not sure specfically how he found out about the comments.

    1. I don’t know why but the system forced me to approve your commenting status. Haven’t a clue why though, you were able to post earlier.

      Ah geez 3 hour long streams… really? Don’t those two have bills to pay? And eric makes like 4 comments on the video, totally demonstrating how detached from the situation he is.

      One question though, this was recent right?

      1. the other stream asa did with same guy got removed as well. so im curious considering this what vids u plan to use since currentlely asa emer feud most voted for next article.

      2. Even though it says indepth, indepth means I’m going to cover a video + some other elements such as comments I can find and provide the most supported history of events that may have occurred. There was no way in hell I would do a 3 hour stream for any reason when the complaint will essentially be that Asa or Emer are engaging in ad hominem attacks that only demonstrate why they should be friend to begin with.

      3. ok. yeah emer hasnt specificed why he ended it seemed asa did something but emer hasnt specific what it was. issue first got brought up emer mentioned it in stream then asa posted vid on impression he thought emer broke up. and besides that as far as i know then just them posting contents and i havent found anything speifcaly saying what defintively happend

    2. Is because those three are acting like manchildren, bitching about Silent Rob and the $5 thing. That just proves they live in the past too fuckin’ much. For all the people, Asa, Emer, PrinceofMoose, and now David Hardy are fuckin’ idiots. I’m sick of this crap, they need to get a fuckin’ life. I know PrinceofMoose is also a maniluplator along with Emer.

      Did I tell you that Steven Archer (PrinceofMoose), trying to pose as this girl name Sarah just to troll me long time ago?

  8. Hello. I was wondering if I can post something on one of your newer articles on some new videos and junk.

    I don’t know if I would? But it won’t hurt to try.

    1. password protection means the article is not done. The password is always yaba though. So just type yaba and you can see what I’ve done so far. Spoilers I haven’t done much because I have job and kids. I am not the kind of person who can claim to be poor while having the time to run 3 hour hate streams about people.

      1. ok i understand didnt know u use oen of those streams for it, maybe better to wait till entoire done before positng illw ait

  9. Apologies everyone. I simply don’t have the time to write articles for this blog anymore. Though let’s be frank, I’m pretty sure you all know what I was going to write about the Eric’s stalking behaviour and his treatment of his “friends”.

    The silver lining is that there are still plenty of other people covering what Eric does, and Eric himself is definitely at a low in terms of his ability to hurt people.

  10. Someone/some people used Asalieri’s dox and filed a complaint against him that resulted in cops coming to his house. Asa insists the complaint is false, but hasn’t gone into much more detail than that.

    He once again feigned closing his youtube channel, on July 21. Of course, it’s still up.

  11. Hey, its been awhile guys.

    Tough i am not sure if there’s still some activity on this blog, i think i will try to archive the articles just in case for future references, it was a great job of Lasersquad, who i am not sure how he is doing, i hope he is doing well.

    Just in case if anybody is interested, someone actually made a well done video dissecting the Bores Opening up video, including some obscure info like the ACTUAL guidelines on the Out Nerd the Nerd Contest

  12. Please expose MrEnter. He is the Irate Gamer of Cartoons because he copies the Nostaglica Critic and other reviewers like the Nostaglica Critic.

    1. Wow.

      After listening to him that people need to get over Sonic a long time ago because he was “past his prime,” and now hearing this, I can only shake my head. Come to think of it, their was this one guy who almost died in a car accident after I stood up to him.

      The moral of this is that life is just too short to be so negative all the time.

  13. RandomDCE and BigAl…


    It’s been so long since I heard anything from the two biggest cyberbullies that I had ever met.

    This is going to sound totally pathetic, but I am an autistic fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. Like many, I was completely sucked into the drama that was happening at the time. I’m 26 now, older and wiser. Young and impressionable at 15 I believe, my chain would be yanked constantly by these two whenever they would say something like “all Naruto fans are fanboys,” or “Sonic is a prick that needs to die.”

    Who allows arrogance and negativity to build up inside him or her like that?

    I won’t tell anyone my life story, but I know these guys on a personal level.

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