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Eric Gaede and feminism. One step forward two steps back

Wow I’m not exactly sure how to fully approach this subject.
This is something I wanted to talk about for a while now specifically the fact that Asalieri has gone full-blown anti-feminism. Is it an okay position to take? Sure, especially when you consider the highly vocal “feminists” (I’m gonna put them in quotations) who are rapidly becoming the target of jokes for their cronyist behaviour and inability to engage reality. The part that makes this discussion a problem however is that feminism has done good things… its just that it did those good things several years ago as opposed to right now.

Women have historically not had it good but I mean that’s kinda obvious but in the 1920’s femnist movements started and they resulted in wide-spread social progress. Women could work, women could vote and most importantly these changes lead to larger equality and better living conditions. It is undeniable that without feminism we would not have this blog for you to read but at the same time its undeniable that psychopaths have claimed ownership of feminism and (rather successfully I’m afraid) managed to push out all the other people who believed in it and became its new face. They did this entirely due to having unlawful relations with the media but in exchange now it seems both the media and feminism will go down as douchebags that helped ruin millions if not billions of lives thanks to their ego-centric and misanthropic behaviour. You might say that there’s no way western media and feminist agenda could affect this many people but you’d be wrong, the legislature is already there, there’s statistics that prove that in a divorce of a hetero-normative marriage, the male will be screwed; and its quite clear that even though statistics show that women get the most degrees in post-secondary education, women simply aren’t motivated enough (probably due to being told their effort won’t count or that they’re above working hard) to actually bother taking advantage of that. Third wave feminism has intentionally fallen victim to Jevon’s paradox, a paradox that states that any efficiency gained by improving a system will be lost to external factors such as increased use (though jevon’s paradox applies specifically to technological changes, its quite clear that feminism has managed to hit it without the use of technology). Women now have their right to employment, their right to vote, to make their own decisions and are now being told not to make them, not to work and not to seek employment because victimhood is apparently a better choice. And just to ensure there will be animosity between genders, females are getting severe leniency in courts while men can be accused of sexual assault with no evidence or harassment again with no evidence and get the next 10 years of their life messed up. Oh and if you complain about any of this, they’ll be pricks and claim you are misogynist woman hater because… well you know what I can’t and never will understand their insane ego-centric thought processes.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that I don’t find Asalieri’s choice to crap all over modern third wave feminism a bad idea since its an appropriate target, they do totally deserve every criticism and penalty they can get (sans death) and its also refreshing to see Eric Gaede spend time bashing something that completely deserves every criticism it gets.

Unfortunately Eric continues the tradition of “sticking it to my enemies regardless of how hypocritcal and non-self-aware I look” by not bothering to address his previous behaviours. Reviewers ADD also hits him heavy as he keeps flip-floping from being anti-feminist to playing video games to talking about #WTFU then back to making shitty RARs (which are really just thinly veiled insults towards people he doesn’t like at this point). It’s no surprise that Eric can’t keep an audience unless he’s causing drama but that won’t stop him from claiming that he doesn’t do drama or that everyone else is a just a drama queen. There’s been a large happening in his continued to crusade against Emer prevost but I’ll talk about that later.

Instead let’s view the maturity in which Eric Gaede tackles Third wave feminism.

Oh okay… he makes a character called Femfreq and then gets em killed. Well the goal was to get killed in that manner so I suppose that was okay…
I wonder if he does realize that’s a really depraved and pathetic way to act. You don’t see any of Eric’s detractors creating characters in multiplayer games called Eric Gaede and getting them killed. What made him think this was a good idea? Bonus points for this video coming right after his 1984’d video on how he doesn’t do personal attacks, drama or death wishes/fantasies.

So Eric starts the review with a misleading sequence in attempt at comedy where he acts angry that people keep taking movie classics and mangling them. The joke is that he is actually talking about another scene in a entirely different work called “legends of tomorrow” because it uses a scene that is highly reminiscent of Back to the Future. The problem is that mangling a movie classic would require remaking the movie and legends of tomorrow isn’t a remake nor does the scene in question plagiarize the back to the future scene as opposed to just appear similar. But hey humor isn’t his… well lot of things aren’t his strong set.

1:07 – 1:37

No seriously Eric attempts to pass of a 2013 event in U of T as a 2016 event reacting to James Rolfe’s recent decision to not address the new ghostbusters movie. There’s text and everything. “SJW reactions to a peaceful boycott of a movie online”. Yeah last time I checked it was SJW’s claiming that gamergate had time machines not the other way around Eric.

1:38 – 1:51 Eric shows the clip from AVGN’s video… yo numbnuts, this is the crap that gets you screwed for DMCA and youtube community guidelines. I thought you said don’t use other people’s clips?. Either way, AVGN’s clip contains the part where James says he won’t review ghostbusters because that would playing into the bile fascination. He figures that its going to suck so there’s no reason to contribute to its financial earnings.

1:52 “Quite right james” -Eric Gaede

Wait what? WHAT?

2:10 “tell the world you won’t support a shitty movie. god forbid you should incurr the wrath of dane cook feminist of the year”

You know its really sad when a guy who makes constant unfunny rape jokes is being totally accepted into the “feminist” community. What you were expecting me to criticize the quote? Sorry Dane cook sucks.

2:55 Eric Gaede rants against Devin Faraci.

Nope no criticim here. Devin Faraci can go and meet the real ISIS and see just how much more respect he really does have for them. Because according to Devin, people who want you to demonstrate decency and respect for journalistic guidelines that you’re suppose to follow in order to earn money are obviously worst than terrorists who kill and behead innocent people.

2:50 “think about how sad it is that extreme third wave feminists are hinging their hopes on fucking ghostbusters”

*sigh* Eric you’re taking this way too far again. Third Wave feminists are unlikely to be using ghostbusters as a major attack. That would imply they actually have a vested interest in having the movie succeed. Its obvious that most Third Wave feminists are doing what they do because it lets them harass people while claiming victim status as well as write clickbait and make money by being contrarian. They obviously don’t care about the long-term effects and they never have. Why else would people continue to defend Anita Sarkesian repeatedly claiming she’s the sane most feminist voice around when all she does is take money and give none back? Because the clickbait makes money, contrarian is the best form of clickbait and its easier to be a feminist when you deliberately perform actions that exacerbate the negative perception of women and get people to care less about what happens to women.

3:07 Eric talks about the female fire fighters who helped out during 9/11 and how they did not receive recognition. He asks why third wave feminism doesn’t talk about them.
“yes let’s ignore the fact that the best they are hoping for to represent women is to retread ground that was already covered by men”

Well Eric I think you’ve already answered your own question. To third wave feminist anything a man can do a women can do better, that is essentially their motto. So it shouldn’t be surprising that they think that women can and should be better than the male ghostbusters. And of course I’ve already talked about their lack of long-term thinking so really… when are you going to apologize to AVGN about your frequent attempts to pin him as a harasser and a e-beggar?

3:30 Eric talks about how he was blocked by devin faraci

Eric… Third wave feminists are pushing for safe spaces because they wish to provide the impression that women are fragile and unable to take care of themselves with government intervention. One of the tools they push for is a blockbot that automatically blocks anyone based on a guilt by association algorithm. Odds are you were subscribed to people Third wave feminists hate like Sargon of Akkad. You would know this if you did a basic google search but hey whatever you don’t even know what they want much less how they operate. Oh and uh good work on not mentioning you’re repeated attempts to hurt AVGN while employing the same tactics and end goals that third wave feminists use.

Wow that sucked. Hopefully he talk about some other feminist in a proper manner.

0:00 – 0:35 Eric wastes half a minute telling viewers that the content will be annoying and that you should watch something else.

Well gee Eric you think?

0:38- 1:02 Eric says he found another feminist that spouts the “same” propaganda and refuse to debate. Unfortunately Eric makes a slip up and accidentally says “all feminists” which means you know, all of them, and thus accidentally insults every real feminist and not the joke third wave radicals that everybody hates. I would be offended but instead he decided to take a bunch of harpy pictures and shove them on screen. I have no idea what hapry has to do with third wave feminism. Harpies are known for their propensity for punishing people who have committed misdeeds. Third wave feminism will fuck you regardless of what you’ve done just cause they feel like it so I don’t understand the point of including those pictures.

1:17 Eric links to the artist’s tumblr page and gives their name too. Because harassment is a good idea and its also a good idea to not do something sane and keep the fuck away from insane people who like harassing others (I’m being sarcastic).

2:04 Eric begins reading comics really badly. This guy has the audacity to make fun of linkara while doing voices like this… *Sigh*. The first comic contains a joke where an individual says he is sick of political correctness and that everyone is thin-skinned; but the reply is that he should get thicker skin. At least I assume it was joke because that was fucking pathetic. Eric concludes this comic was a mouthpiece and since the author thinks people should grow thicker skins, that the author should grow thicker skin if they’re offended by Eric’s commentary.

I’m sad that Eric doesn’t tear the comic apart for being stupid. I mean the joke is that being angry at people being thin skinned is a form of being thin-skinned. That’s the joke. But the problem is that political correctness really is a problem, you can be fired from a major job just because people don’t like your shirt. You can have yourself severely financially penalized just for saying “rape”. You do not solve harassment by having the victim just accept the harassment. It would be nice if Eric just pointed this out… but sadly he does not.

2:32 Eric looks at a comic where a director says to wonderwoman states that female lead movies don’t make money the joke being that several characters that were female leads in their highly successful movies standing in the background. Eric says that artist is silly because IMDB says that there is a wonderwoman movie coming out.

Yo dumbass, that comic was made in 2015 possibly earlier.
There was no news of a wonderwoman movie until recently. In addition it was unlikely that IMDB page existed back in 2015. Stop acting as if things you just found are suddenly new Eric. You did that last video its really shameful you did it again. Oh and if I were eric I’d tear this comic a new asshole by pointing out two of those characters is animated, and the one astronaut was in a succesful movie but not nearly as succesful as any male driven movie.
“Led by Sandra Bullock, “Gravity” grossed $269 million domestically, easily making it one of the most successful films of all time headlining an actress.” -http://www.goldderby.com/article/2014/cate-blanchett-oscar-speech-world-is-round-people-sandra-bullock-woody-allen-4738291506/
But then again I’m not Eric and I actually put effort into what I do so I guess it makes sense that Eric won’t bother to deconstruct the comic.

2:36 ” *eric shows a wikipedia page of films featuring wonderwoman* And there was a recent 2013 short film featuring [wonderwoman] too and of course all of these titles, thanks wikipedia”

Wow… okay Eric. What’s the difference between a real female and an animated one? Oh and neither of those movies featured wonder-woman in a predominate role. When they refer to woman driven movies they mean as the main fucking character not a goddamn side character. When feminists (third wave or not) refer to no female driven movies they are refering to live action movies with a female actor as the lead. DO you know how to properly portray the oppositions argument? Do you know how to do that Eric?

3:18 – 6:05 Eric reads a comic that poorly represents the Anita Sarkesian situation. The comic shows a lady saying, after a long and pointless amount of statements (such as saying that she has fled from her home, which is bullshit because Briana Wu and Anita Sarkesian are different people), that “video games aren’t perfect” at which point the audience says its heresy and blasphemy. Eric makes a bunch of analogies that are generally correct in that Eric says Anita has said much more than video game’s aren’t perfect (such as video games cause rapes and shootings) and in addition Anita has not received any real threats or danger.

This part is extremely good, Eric’s analogies are spot on and don’t miss the point. He properly deconstructs Anita’s behaviour (which is that she’s getting paid to run a narrative against gamers). So this means he must fuck up right… I mean seriously he does this alot?

6:15 “[Anita’s claims] which are now widely accepted as facts”

Wait what? Anita an accepted expert? By which sane scholar? But what police department? By what academic department? Even the UN threw this shit out the door when they saw it and they have countries not known for their human rights on their human rights council!
This is a strawman. The damage that Anita has done is bad, but its no where near as bad for gamers as it is for media, for woman trying to get in the hobby and the reputation of feminism.

6:30 to 8:00 Eric reads a comic that list a bunch of women that did things (that I’m not going to bother verifying because its pointless) and then argues that woman’s history month should be a thing. Eric then wastes a minute and a half talking about height handicapped people who did things and -then argues in favor of dwarf history month. Missing the entire point of the argument but what did I expect.

8:00 “Months dedicated to a race or gender are just such a stupid idea and don’t help people learn or give a crap about these people”

*sigh* Eric you’re the person that doesn’t even want people learning about basic science considering your stance on science and education in general. You don’t really care about informing people properly or even getting the full story. A month dedicated to a race doesn’t do anything if your as short sighted as Eric is but if you actually do care about things farther than your face then a learning month can be a springboard to ideas and understanding. That is of course assuming that people actually put effort into putting information out during that month and not be like Eric here and spread bullshit with the only occasional proper moment of good work.

8:30 Eric looks at a comic that has a man saying that a woman who only cares about woman is engaging in “reverse sexism” (woah that’s a dumb term). He states that feminists should be egalitarians since they care for all people. The woman replies that he is the reason she is a feminist (woah rude much?). Eric then promptly in a display of actual understanding and sense, properly deconstructs the comic as denoting that feminist only care for themselves and not for other men and that is a real problem. He notes that the female in the comic refuses to have her egocentric thought process questioned at all. Unfortunately Eric decides to say “being a feminist isn’t about empowerment or equality or any of that stupid nonsense. Its about entitlement”

Come on Eric all you had to say was “third wave” feminist you’d have avoided any strawmanning. Come on. So close. Ugh.

10:41 Eric reads a comic where a feminist says she belives society can be equal and that men are mature and compassionate only for another woman to come in and tell her that she must hate men because she identifies as a feminist.

Now if I were Eric I would decide to simply point out that the comic is hypocritical because the entirety of the author’s other comics do nothing but pretend that men have no compassion nor that men can understand or have maturity to tackle issues. The Author cannot pretend that men are suddenly capable of solving sexism and that feminism accepts men when the rest of the comics clearly demonstrate that men cannot be trusted and will attempt to kill people for daring to question video games or refuse to hire women even though it makes money or don’t want to learn about woman who did important things in history. The author has attempted to argue that feminism is not man hating when it makes so many assumptions about the average male that it might as well have engaged in man hating. Eric hasn’t been fucking up too much, let’s see how he handles it.

11:14 Eric decides to counter the comic by talking about things that other “feminists” have done such as arguing that women should be able to occupy seats with luggage while men cannot not, getting a man fired over a shirt and misrepresenting actual data such as the wage gap they keep lying about.

Wow that has nothing to do with the comic. Great job Eric, that strawman looks fucking fantastic. You’ve interpreted an argument against people thinking feminism is about man hating into an argument that defends cronyism, lying and harassing people for no real reason. Just like to remind Eric that I put “feminism” in quotes because third wave feminism does just as much to hurt women as it does to hurt men. It makes woman look like liabilities in the workplace (since they might accuse the employer of sexism if they’re fired or ruin other co-workers productivity due to rape accusations), it also silences them (many female gamergaters have had their opinions ignored and have been harassed too) and also makes light of real woman’s right issues (all of this discussion about western female rights is a major distraction from the absolute disaster is that is woman rights in middle east).

Sadly Erics off-topic and strawman rant continues for the rest of the video. It’s very hypocritical Eric that say the “feminists” argument is disingenuous when every argument he has ever made is disingenuous.

Oh and speaking of being disingenuous.

Let’s take a look at Eric’s response to Emer Prevost. Eric, wanting to demonstrate that he wasn’t butthurt over Emer leaving him, decided to make a 3 hour long rant session where he spill a whole bunch of accustations against Emer Prevost. Emer Prevost had the video taken down because it was harassment. Eric decided to make the video above and threw out accusations such as Emer not having a job (glass houses Eric…) and Emer being a self-centered douchebag (more glasshouses Eric). Eric refuses to believe that his constant poor behaviour was causing the relationship to deteriorate for 6 months but then again just like any “feminist” Eric doesn’t have self-awareness. Unsurprisingly the entire video is an insult to Emer Prevost demonstrating once again that Eric is only really interested in starting feuds as opposed to hurting people who actually deserve it (hmmm more parallels to “feminism”).

Finally, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Eric complains about “Feminism” being self-centered and relying on censorship and misleading information while engaging the same tactics. Hopefully Eric and “Feminism” won’t team up in the near future.


Eric Gaede and Emer Prevost Break up. Eric gives more horrible advice on how to take care of youtube issues.

Yeah sorry guys, I really wanted to take a look at Asalieri’s I’m not a drama queen video but he deleted it and no one bothered to make a mirror of it. What a shame.

From what I can gather. Asalieri received a game from Emer as a gift but Asalieri decided to pretend he was hot shit and start complaining repeatedly about every aspect of the game until Emer got fed up and apparently things escalated so badly that they broke up.

"lust for drama" Then comes Asalieri hankering for drama. Right there on queue!
“lust for drama” Then comes Asalieri hankering for drama. Right there on queue!

Now I’m not exactly sure who to root for here. So I’m not rooting for anyone. I don’t like Emer because as described in a previous article, Emer has issues putting out quality content and seems to enjoy being really really lazy and resorts to contrarian-ism to be relevant. If for some reason you missed that article then here it is:


I don’t like Asalieri because… really? Really that question is so easy to answer I’m going to be very brief. Asalieri is a drama-monger who enjoys bullying and harassing others especially if he feels they are doing better than he is. He frequently doesn’t think anything through and makes complaints that make no sense and then pretends those non-sense complaints are him “calling it like he sees it”. Given his frequency to “call it like he sees it”, I get the heavy impression he’s blind. Asalieri was a key proponent of the anti-e-begging movement (which is thankfully dead) that used E-begging as an umbrella term for asking for help in return for something than using the actual definition of E-begging (which is to ask without offering anything tangible in return). It doesn’t really surprise me that Asalieri is happy to have the youtube DMCA policies because while he will frequently complain about losing his old channel because he stupidly kept harassing JFreedan which included but was not limited to conspiring with Batdamn to attempt to illegally sue JFreedan in multiple courts. You can see the long list of evidence in many of the previous articles I have written on Asalieri.


The bolded article is the one most relevant to this discussion.

“I for one will work around their system and make it work for me” – Eric Gaede on the youtube copyright system

Yeah pretty sure you didn’t manage to get the system to work for you Eric. And no having the system screw over your competitors doesn’t count as having it work for you. You know in a lot of respects I see Eric as the crabs in a boiling pot of water. You see when a crab tries to leave a pot of boiling water, the other crabs will grab that one and prevent it from leaving.

So apparently Eric’s response to youtube copyright is “as long as it fucks over the people I hate I’m okay with it because I literally don’t do anything noteworthy at all”.

Well back to the break up… Sadly since the video’s gone I can’t really have much to comment about. In the alleged video, Eric stated that he was no drama queen (because making a video about losing your friend and repeatedly insulting him and stirring up controversy doesn’t make you a drama queen right Eric?) as well as continued to insult Emer. While I don’t like Emer because of his amoral behaviour (we need only look at his still constant attempts to slander AVGN and Channel Awesome to see that) with his poor work ethic just being the icing on the cake; I still feel as if maybe Eric could make a break for it and actually get something done. I often get the impression that Eric Gaede aka Asalieri had a very negative impression on Emer Prevost aka He11sing920. But then again for all I know maybe Eric and Emer became friends not because of a toxic relationship but because they’re both assholes. Hopefully them breaking up will be for the best and we will see less stupid ass bullshit from either of them in the future.

Well that was a short article… Guess I’m gonna have to do something else. 25% of you wanted to see more Randomdce stuff. But I also think I should cover the Asalieri WTFU video. For those who don’t know what WTFU is, its a movement against youtube’s crappy copyright system. The very system that’s so broken it can get people’s videos taken down for basically no reason other than someone complained. Eric’s no stranger for saying he hates youtube but then happily bends over and to take it in the rear.

But enough about Eric’s past history let’s take a look at the video.

0:00-0:10 “Alright I’m a go quasi-radio on this one. Time is of the essence and I’m not gonna go search for too many images for this one. Sorry about that. I don’t wanna waste too much time on this one”.

Okay for starters… go quasi-radio? Was there ever fucking point to any of the images you put on constantly on your show Eric. Most of time they’re just stupid shit that can and should get you a DMCA since you don’t do anything to the pictures to make your work transformative. But at least you’re saving calories by not bothering to do something pointless. You could save even more calories by not making this stupid video but hey you said you didn’t want to waste too much time but that means you’re okay with wasting time just as long as it doesn’t pass a certain threshold (because that would take effort).

I would probably remark about the concept that Eric clearly wants to rush through the issue and not actually discuss it. But I mean that’s to be expected. I mean it goes without saying…

0:35 Eric says that he’s making this video because his friend Gaming Goose (oh well that would explain why no one watches gaming goose anymore) made a WTFU video saying that the campaign was bullshit and “thousands of people” came in to harass anyone who didn’t “toe the channel awesome party line”

Eric If you’re gonna treat the issue with such obvious contempt without explaining yourself then I think we all know why you made this video. For the drama and contrarian-ism. Let’s take a look at the views here. For starters this video as of today has 6k views, still no where near Asalieri’s subscriber count of 9k but let’s take a look at the other videos. 1.2k, less than a thousand WAY less than a thousand… hmmmm, I wonder why this video is sensation bullshit when its clear that its only thing Asalieri actually bothers to do these days?

I also didn’t know that Channel Awesome counted as a political party as opposed to advocating common sense and creative freedom but hey its good to see you know exactly how to be pretentious. I also have to adore the fact that Asalieri has to play the victim here as if thousands of people saying you’re wrong and are just being contrarian for the attention are just mindless harassers. Given that the WTFU crowd easily numbers in the hundreds of thousands if this were true Eric’s video would have over 100k views and roughly over 100k dislikes. But that didn’t happen so the harassment narrative is bullshit. Let’s also ignore irony of Asalieri’s campaign against Anita Sarkesian while using the very same tactics he uses.

0:46 Eric says that people called him and gaming goose traitors for not agreeing with the hashtag. Eric says he disagrees with the hashtag because of the people, the motives and the hypocrisy.

No I agree with those people. Eric, you are on youtube. You complain about having lost your channel and frequently do illegal shit that’s not legal by youtube’s guidelines. You take content from other people’s videos and put it in yours. You take images that aren’t yours and put them in your video. By youtube guidelines the let’s plays you’ve resorted to doing would also not be legal. IT doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with the hashtag because you don’t like Channel Awesome or feel as if they’re hypocrites. You haven’t shown any indication that don’t enjoy bending over and letting youtube have its way with you. In fact you have explicited stated several years ago that this was exactly what you were okay with doing. You deserve to be called a traitor by stabbing the very people who are defending your right to make content in the back.

0:50 Eric displays a picture of Doug Walker in a M.Bison uniform and then puts the words blah blah blah muh money.

Hey Eric, I’m gonna ask this question again. You were angry because you lost 5 bucks in an online video game. You were angry because you couldn’t spend hundreds of dollars you already had on a new laptop and had to e-beg for it (under the actual definition of E-begging too). Why do you treat other people’s attempts to earn the money they have rightfully earned with such disdain?

1:00 Eric talks about Doug Walker’s motives… and by talks about motives I mean engages in sensationlist bullshit that falls apart on basic scrutiny. “His poor little chanly wanly got taken down like for what an hour?”

Okay Eric… Please take down your channel for one hour and see if you enjoy that. In fact I know you wouldn’t enjoy this because. Because an incident of similar bullshit happened to you (and you may very well have done it to yourself).

Here you got harassed for roughly an hour by people driving to your house and asking for free games on ad that was faked. In this video you gave several indications that you made the ad that caused your harassment (the first was having a grand speech prepared, the second was not doing something sensible like putting up a sign that said “ad is not real, someone faked it” and the third was taking the video down as well as actually showing your real address and of course the fourth would making the damn video because that encourages further harassment which you didn’t continue get showing that it wasn’t someone else trolling you). But the important part isn’t that you may have made the ad so you could moral grandstand but that you did not enjoy being able to do what you wanted to do for that hour or so you got harassed.

This is the same shit that happens to youtube content creators that fall afoul of youtube copyright laws. They lose a full hour or more to this bullshit that shouldn’t have even happened. This ignoring the fact that youtube copyright law may restore your channel within in the hour but you still lost profit and time to this shit. If people responded the same way Eric does to other people’s harassment then Eric’s video destroys itself. Instead of thinking about how sad it is for Content Creators to constantly deal with harassment from the DMCA, they’ll just make fun of it “because duh they just lost an hour durr hurr” wait a second… how I am supposed to feel sorry for Eric if that’s the thought process I’m supposed to have here?
“Duh Eric just lost his chanly wanly lol now all he has to do is make another one”. You know eric if you don’t want people being insensitive to you, you might want to try actually having empathy. To paraphase undertale, I know your not human but I enjoyed it better when you pretended to be one.

1:06 “funny, Doug has a history of abusing the youtube copyright system to take down people who upload clips of his show and whatever context they put it in”

So then wouldn’t Doug Walker not want to fix youtube copyright law so he could continue to do that? I don’t get what the fuck you are talking about now. You don’t enjoy his abuse of the youtube copyright law so you want to allow abuse of the copyright law by him again? He’s trying to make it so he can’t do that shit anymore. If you hate it than that’s a good thing. It’s a like a serial killer being against murder. Sure it’s hypocritical but what’s the alternative? Do you want the serial killer to go back to killing people because it keeps him consistent?

I’m also ignoring the fact that Eric has provided no evidence of any kind to support the concept that Doug has performed dishonest DMCA take downs.

1:17 “Ask your friend AVGN, where back in 2011 he had mike matei copyright flag me for running a scathing commentary of his show”

Sure let’s go ask AVGN. Let’s go ask AVGN and where’s the fair use. Oh wait AVGN isn’t apart of that. Great strawman!

10/10 Eric! Top marks for failing to realize that AVGN and Nostalgia Critic are friends but not hiveminds.

1:25 “Doug you’re a hypocite, you didn’t care about this stuff until it hit you in your wallet”

Uh Eric… get a dictionary.

“a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.” -Definition of Hypocrite http://www.dictionary.com/browse/hypocrite

So Eric… where you can you point me to the part where Doug says he has always cared about the youtube community and has always been against DMCA? Apathy is not hypocrisy. Apathy is hypocrisy only when someone says they’ve never been apathetic. I’m sorry I don’t see what is hypocritical about only caring when you’re the victim of something which I should note isn’t true in Doug’s case because he’s been dealing with youtube bullshit for years now to the point that he made his own site and specifically said youtube bullshit was the reason why he made that site. Sure you can be a hypocrite if you don’t care about something unless it hurts you but only if you explicitly tell victims to fuck off and Doug has never acted as if people who got hit by DMCA had it coming or that the DMCA system was good. Hell the only person doing that seems to you Eric. You don’t care about WTFU at all, you just want to stick it to the people you hate and get drama views. You don’t actually care about the DMCA shit AVGN and Doug have done because you don’t want to the fix the system so they can’t abuse it to hurt you again even though you complain so much about their apparent misuse of it. The only hypocrite here is you Eric.

We’re gonna be seeing this alot aren’t we?

1:42 Eric says that #WTFU is for slacktivists.

Oh that’s rich coming from you Eric. Excuse me Eric. Let’s list the campaigns you were involved in and what they accomplished. Oh and harassment isn’t an accomplishment:

TGWTG cruxifition stuff accomplishments = 0
Irate Gamer trolling accomplishments = 0
JFreedan harassment accomplishments = 2 (hurray for getting your dumb channel shutdown Oh and going outside for once! That’s also an accomplishment)
AngryJoe and Pissedjose accomplishments = 0
AVGN anti E-begging accomplishments = 0
AVGN anti cheetahment accomplishments = 0
Ever RAR every made accomplishments = 0
Campaign against Batdan and the Irate Gamer sucks blog = -2 (got owned badly by MrKillultra, started two pointless feuds with a blog that really doesn’t hurt anybody. -1 one other point for trying to defend Irate Gamer)
Campaign against Encyclopedia Dramatica accomplishments = 0
Campaign against Antia Sarkeesian accomplishments = 0 (lol you’ve done just as much as Anita has.. good work!)
Total Acheievements = 0

I guess when you are a slacktivist, you can only see other real activists as slacktivists. Oh and uh let’s ignore the fact that WTFU was acknowledged by youtube’s CEO and stuff.

1:47 “(in annoying voice) Let’s all whine over TFS and doug guys”

Hey Eric ever wonder why no one whined over your shit… its because TFS and Doug actually make good content. They make stuff that’s actually funny and doesn’t lead to harassment.

1:50 “Guys who whine who got their channels pulled for only a couple of hours”

…. Glass houses Eric…. Glass houses…

1:54 “and who surprise surprise all got reinstated”

Okay two things I want to point out here. Eric you have to date not gotten your old account back. That implies you actually did violate a rule and the fact that you will not point out the obvious fact that it was because you were actually harassing JFreedan. Getting your account reinstated means that you were wronged by the DMCA and yet no changes have been made to fix the constant sources of these wrongings. Second I’d like to the remind everyone that Eric enjoys giving out abuse but not taking any at all. Maybe if Eric was actually human, he’d have empathy and could realize that being wronged and having that wrong be corrected is still not better than never being wronged at all. Let’s also ignore the fact that there’s lost revenue and lost account privleges but hey Eric can’t shut up for more than an hour so I doubt he even understands the importance of not being able to do anything for several hours.

2:00 “But johnny two subs can go fuck himself. Youtube can’t ever pressure itself to give some nobody their channel back”

Uh Eric. There’s plenty of examples of low end youtubers getting their stuff back over DMCA claims. Heck Mr.Enter started out pretty damn small and he’s still able to fight DMCA claims. You have to remember that all these people you keep complaining about like AVGN, Nostalgia Critic, Team four Star all started small and they were dealing with DMCA back then too. But hey why fucking bother. Have another strawman.

Eric fails to realize that WTFU also protects the small people but hey DMCA fucks over the bigger people more than fucks Eric so why should he care? Empathy is for humans

2:10 “I was given 3 copyright strikes back in 2011 and like many smaller channels no one shed a tear over me”

Well that would be because you aren’t human Eric. I think at this point we’re at exhibit Z in terms of how non-empathic and ego-centric you can be.

2:17 “listen guys straight talk” [Puts an image of a middle finger on screen.

Oh great now you’re flipping off your audience. That’s great I’m totally listening to you. All the great mentors of history flip off their students when giving advice. Oh wait they don’t because they’re human.

2:19 “You want youtube to change”

Oh sweet here it comes. This isn’t going to disappoint. Eric did this several years ago he’s gonna do it again.

2:20 “Boycott youtube”


Welcome to tenacity ville. Population Eric Gaede!

So this is pretty much Eric’s argument. That we can’t do anything because we’re too weak to do anything. And now Eric you know why everyone hates you. Ever look at AVGN and Nostalgia Critic and wonder why they have hundreds of thousands of views while you barely get 500? It’s because they actually treat their audience with respect.

2:27 “the only way you’re gonna hurt a multi-million dollar corporation is to stop using their services”

Says the guy on youtube. Says the guy using those services right now. I’m expecting Nihilism soon.

2:36 “no hashtag is going to make youtube start employing human beings to run their flagging systems because that would be cost ineffective”

Hmmmm. Having robots that cause problems and make content creators protest and leave? Cost-effective
Or having humans that cost slightly more and prevent creators from getting fed up and leaving? Cost-ineffective in Eric’s stupid head
Or Shuttdown the DMCA system so that companies have to do their work and actually look for offending material so that youtube doesn’t have to pay for what companies are supposed to doing? Also Cost-ineffective in Eric’s stupid head.

Hmm I don’t know. I’m expecting Nihilism soon.

3:06 “They [Channel Awesome] want you to keep the relevant at a time where they’re popularity is waning”

Ah here’s the Nihilism. See everyone, Channel Awesome, TFS and all the other major youtubers are simply losing power and views. That’s why there so desperate to stop the DMCA because its totally not a problem. Because clearly they’re doing poorly despite no evidence to contrary. We should all go watch the good youtubers who are totally relevant like He11sing, Asalieri or Razorfist or Randomdce. They have the hundreds of thousands of views and make so much money that can sustain high production values. I mean just look at ASalieri’s high production values that he can afford to make this video. I mean just look at audio that sounds like it was made off a dollarstore microphone and if you listen closely you can probably hear Eric giving himself a blowjob. Well to be honest I don’t know, I can’t hear him giving himself a blowjob physically but I can tell he’s doing it because this is the stupidest shit I have ever heard.

This the narrative equivalent of doubling down. Instead of bothering to fight youtube, Eric just believes that no one can do anything and therefore you shouldn’t try anything or you’re just grasping for power and manipulating people. He’s so petty he ignores the fact that all these people are fighting to protect his stupid ass from this shit. Then again he did this when Angry Joe was against DMCA so I’m not surprised he’s doing this again. I just love how he brings up the bullshit that Channelawesome is failing and irrelevant. Yes Because that thesis you brought up several years ago that predicted an imminent collapse is still valuable several years past its due date.

3:15 “the fight isn’t real, These Two have more common interests than you might think [this is written on the screen]”

Like what Eric? Like what? Don’t just write this shit on the screen and expect people to suck it down their throats without thinking. Are you honestly trying to have a discussion here or are you just making propaganda. Oh wait I already the answer.

3:20 “none of these people care for my interests or your interests”

Yes Eric mention “my interests” first before “your interests” because clearly your needs come before everyone else’s. Oh and what do you mean they don’t care about your interests? DMCA affects everyone dumbass.

3:23 “they only care about their own bottomline [insert another picture of Doug in Bison costume running off with a bag of money]”

And….? No seriously. Let’s assume that was true. Why should we not get rid of DMCA? Why not? Let’s go back to the serial killer example. The reformed Serial killer doesn’t want to kill people anymore because she hates going to jail. It’s an entirely selfish need. So I guess we should just get the serial killer to start killing people again because hey its selfish to not want to go to jail. Same thing here. I guess we should let DMCA run free to fuck everyone because some people apparently are selfish? Nice strawman.

Fuck this I’m done. Next Article is on Randomdce as a bonus for taking too long on this one

Jumping off the slippery slope, Asalieri and Co commit piracy and crusade against themselves. Asalieri’s pointless crusade against AVGN and lame entry into Gamergate

Okay so AVGN released a movie after all these years, a movie which lead to controversy including a noticeable dip in AVGN episode quality (generally believed to be a result of the movie taking away time to make the episodes, resulting in one too many ad lib episodes) and completely false accusations of the angry review genre dying and embezzlement. Before I address the headline, let’s take a good long look at the history of Asalieri and Co’s feud against AVGN. Asalieri is essentially the focus point here as randomdce and others are pretty much yes men who do what Asalieri tells them to do. I don’t think I need to back this up with randomdce’s schizophrenic rants about what he hates including things that he obviously has never dealt with like soccer fans. I don’t think I need to get into the reaction and review series that Emer Prevost makes where it essentially got more and more contarian until good movies were treated like shit and bad movies were considered super watchable until the incident finally hit a crisis point where one of Asalieri’s friends (Gameboob) decided he wasn’t going to let the stupid obviously false bullshit reviews continue and asked Asalieri to stop. This of course resulted in said friend being ostracized for the crime of not believing it was okay to lie to people. No instead I’m going to talk about the recent Gamergate scandal for the reason that it is recent and shows just how desperate Eric Gaede is to get more attention.

For those of us who don’t know about the gamergate scandal (there’s a lot here though so see TL,DR if you don’t care), a female developer by the alias Zoe Quinn was revealed (by her ex-boyfriend) to have had several relations with 5 people related to the gaming industry. The story went viral and people started talking about it on reddit, only to have their discussion completely banned and removed by admins and moderators who made it very clear they had a political agenda and were not supportive of free speech (and I’m not joking here, while plenty of conspiracy theories are out there with many suggesting reddit mods had sex with Zoe Quinn, there is plenty of concrete evidence of reddit mods telling people to “fuck off” and abusing the shadowban system, a system reserved to deter spam bots). The media continued its stupid trend of writing articles saying gamers are misogynist by only stating the facts that Zoe Quinn had to say and every article was just “Female dev gets harassed, gamers should be ashamed” when most people just wanted to know about the security of their information sources and whether or not transparency was an issue. The internet decides to fire back and starts investigating the things Zoe quinn does and her releationship with most of the gaming media. Ties are found between her and Anita Sarkesian and it gets revealed that she shut down a feminist charity movement because she didn’t like it not giving her more money, Zoe Quinn’s charity she ran to fund her own game jam is corrupt as all hell with money going directly to her bank account and a person steps out to say that Zoe Quinn sexually harassed them at a wedding. Enter Phil Fish who decides to call all gamers hitler, intimidate the sexually harassed person before doing what he always does and quit the internet, but not before his company’s website gets hacked and claiming he’ll sell his entire company and franchise for a very small sum of money. Zoe Quinn also claims she got hacked by “multiple hackers”… on twitter and tumblr… both known for having a system that deters multiple points of entry. Cementing Zoe Quinn’s stupid attempt to put the fire out with natural gas and kerosene, Zoe quinn’s “hacked pages” show information that is completely false including a cellphone number that is actually a number for landline phone in hawaii. This stupid attempt increased the scrutiny that gamers had towards the media white knighting and otherwise protecting only women. The media decides to continue pushing the envelope of its audience’s patience by posting articles declaring that all gamers are dead and that gamers do not exist because one female developer got harassed there fore gamers as a term doesn’t exist because…. fuck I don’t know, this what is called jumping the slippery slope and I’ll talk about this later. Actual journalists step into the fray and find research showing that Phil Fish only managed to be successful because of wide spread corruption at the awards show (most of the judges had in fact invested in his game and those judges refused to play any of the games that they had to judge, this is in addition to them delaying the awards show to further increase the prize money Phil Fish would get). Others found that Zoe Quinn had named several sites for harassing her including 4chan and wizardchan but both accusations were false because the majority of the userbase had not heard of Zoe quinn and there was no real evidence that pointed out that Zoe Quinn didn’t write the offending comments herself. Adding to the hole that the media dug themselves, many of their actual writers started anonymously posted that their opinion was being censored and that they were only allowed to write material that insulted gamers as a whole, one writer actually did step out but immediately got rebuked for doing so. This cemented the idea that the gaming media was politicized and more interested in pushing an agenda than actually informing people about video games. Making things even worse (big shock) it was found that many gamer journalists who had written positive things about Zoe Quinn had in fact paid money to her and contributed to her patreon account. Actor Adam Baldwin decides to get in on the action and tweets to #Gamergate, creating the new name for the transparency movement (it was previously quinnspiracy). The media decides to brilliantly resolve the situation making more “gamers are dead” articles and Zoe Quinn performs a just as brilliant move by screencapping a 4 chan IRC log, pretending its a secret exclusive gathering only high ranking members can access and saying that’s how the term gamergate came up with even though anyone with a brain stem knows it was Adam Baldwin. Anita Sarkesian decides to make a few moves too and claims she was harassed to the point of leaving her home and claims she called the police. This of course results in more backfire when a journalist called Milo decides to investigate by asking the actual police and the police say (surprise surprise) that Anita never filed a claim for harassment. Adding to the web of lies, Zoe Quinn stated that her game gave money to a charity only for it to be found out that said charity never got the money and that Zoe Quinn had once again monetized sympathy for her own gain. The debate on what should be done and how salvageable the gaming media really is still being debated. I’d highly reccomend visiting “knowyourmeme Gamegate”, watching the videos that internet aristocraft and Mundane Matt posted and reading the archived pages of the “gamers are dead” articles to get a better perspective on just how terrible this situation is.

TL:DR What the gaming media has committed is essentially jumping the slippery slope. When it comes to extremism and radicalism it was always start at a neutral point. No one suddenly becomes a radical asshole over night. It takes weeks if not months, if not years to get to the point where you blatantly disregard evidence and keep expressing the same opinion over and over again. When gaming media first started, we could see that people who wrote the articles gave a shit about the games they played (most of the time) but as time went on, people in the gaming media started compromising their own ideals and integrity. We started seeing reports of the gaming media outlets accepting preferential treatment from gaming companies and firing writers who didn’t give nice positive reviews in return. We started to see the formation of the boiling frog phenomenon, when small changes that eventually lead to an extreme becoming tolerated. Certain gaming “Journalists” become more and more accepting of giving up their integrity and became more focused on not writing about video games. We got hype articles that only tangentially talk about the actual product, we got articles discussing the morality from video games as if video games aren’t about the gameplay but the morals of the story, then finally we got the articles that indirectly lead this situation where basic female designs were called sexist and everything was looked at as if females were being oppressed by games. Gaming media got less and less interested in videos games over time because they allowed their focus to be perverted by bribes and clear corruption and thus found themselves more interested in creating a sexist political echo chamber in which the harassment of men is considered irrelevant but the harassment of a woman (and not women) is considered a crime necessitating a combined network of insulting articles that do more to make women look incapable of handling their own problems than actually expose real undeserved treatment towards individuals based on their gender. They’ve literally abandoned even their decency because they’re too busy trying to do things then examine whether or not they’ve done anything right; they have jumped the slippery slope, an ideological point of no return in which passing it results in no benefits for anyone.

And yet here Asalieri is, joining the anti-Zoe Quinn side without even a real cursory research on the subject.

Edit: wow how did I miss Eric’s face imposed on dick dastardly’s body in the video. I wonder if he understands that dick dastardly always loses despite having a clear advantage.

Okay so let’s take a look at the description. And you know what? This actually seems like he did the research, I mean wow, take a look at that description.

“Well, it’s been talked about by so many folks, I can’t help but want to check out all the hype surrounding Depression Quest. Is it a game that will revolutionize gaming?

Jesus, I sure hope not, if this is the future of gaming, then R.I.P. to gaming, cause this medium will be dead to me.

This isn’t a game. It should not be classified as one. Of course the hideousness of this game doesn’t compare to the hideousness of its’ creator, but the fact that so many online sites are bidding people to love it and praise it as great is exactly what has me and plenty other gamers worried about what lies ahead.” – Eric Gaede

I mean do I need to point out how rational this looks? Complaining about the actual problem of the gaming media hyping up crappy products that aren’t really games and are at best on rails story telling simulators? That’s surprisingly thoughtful of Eric Gaede and I honestly can’t believe he wrote something so thoughtful. Bonus points for him decrying the media’s idea on what a gamer should be.

While I do know that this article should have more AVGN in, let’s take a look at the first minute or so of the video because its pretty clear that this is a review of depression quest, a crappy visual novel esque game where the good choices are just crossed out and you make lame choices for the next 10 minutes before the game ends and you drill your ear drums out because that piano music is terrible. Its not a game and it lacks enough effort to even call it a work. Play oppression quest instead, its much more humorous.

0:00 “Today’s review is brought to you by Zoey’s Greek Yogurt, did you know it takes an average of about 5 men’s worth of labour to fill in a bucket of Zoey?” – Eric Gaede

Wow I gave him the benefit of the doubt (which I generally do anyway) and he immediately blew it. Hey Eric, you do realize that the last 2 guys haven’t actually been found and that there’s no real evidence of her banging all of them? The sex part is not true, the relations part is.

0:23 Eric continues the sex analogy and decides to be exactly the kind of people who shouldn’t be in this debate. Pro-tip: Gamegate isn’t about who Zoe Quinn had sex with but the corruption in gaming journalism.

0:40 Eric CONTINUES the sex analogy and continues to act as if the joke is funny because you know, yogurt equals semen and therefore its funny right? right? RIGHT? Loving the slippery slope we’re seeing here, its kinda hard to focus on the corrupting journalism practices when you’re clearly more involved in slut-shaming.

1:11 Eric shows that many gaming websites have provided positive press about the game depression quest. Actual good work here because that’s research, its shame Eric spent the last 40 seconds trying to play out the situation as a sex scandal.

1:17 “hello I’m Asa, I’m just your regular gamer”

Uh no you’re not Eric. You don’t play a lot of games and you definitely don’t get to call yourself a gamer when you spend a lot of time showing exactly how not a gamer you are. First off you hate AVGN and many others without any real reason behind it, the average gamer tends to have something called logic; perhaps if you didn’t jump the slippery slope and show how much of egotistical asshole and demonstrate how you are a “special snowflake” by constantly acting as if people are harassing you when all they’re doing is expressing basic opinions then maybe, just maybe you could claim to be a normal person who happens to be a gamer. Adding to what’s wrong with calling yourself a regular gamer Eric, is that you don’t understand the criteria to review a game, culminating in you not understanding why superman 64 is a terrible game and not being able to critique the Irate Gamer (who can quite literally be called anything other than a gamer). Goddamn it Eric stop doing good work and immediately ruining it with unnecessary dick dastardly statements. You don’t have to be a regular gamer to critique depression quest, its obviously not a game.

1:24 “And today we’re gonna play depression quest, which means we’re not gonna need this. [throws controller away] that makes me already kinda wary”

Oh my gosh, a PC game that doesn’t need a controller. Oh wait doesn’t a mouse constitute as a controller, it is an input device. I could construe this as anti-pc gamer sentiment but I’m gonna Eric the benefit here and assume he’s not stupid enough to insult pc gamers considering that he states he loves league of legends. But what I can’t give him a pass on is the Dick Dastardly move he’s doing here. So first you claim you’re a gamer which means you like games of all types (note that he did not say console gamer) and then show how little you actually understand the material and concepts relevant to gaming by bringing a controller to a pc game that is a visual novel. This results in a conundrum in which people who do know who Eric is will call bullshit and people who actually have knowledge in the field will shake their heads and also call bullshit. What kind of gamer is wary because a game doesn’t let him use a controller and forces him to use a mouse? Hope anyone watching this video doesn’t like RTS games, because Eric just literally stated that any game that doesn’t use a controller deserves scrutiny.

1:40 Eric points out the awards the game got and says that they make you want to play the game. He doesn’t note that none of those awards are reputable.

1:55 Eric discusses the payment options for accessing the game “pay what you want or play for free, no guesses which one I’m going with on this one”

And considering that we’re going to be discussing the AVGN movie piracy, I’m not exactly surprised. I could complain here that Eric just skipping payment but to be honest, that’s not illegal and quite frankly I don’t think he or anyone should pay money to play depression quest. But it is worth noting that Eric has already formed an opinion on the game, thus brings the first difference between AVGN and Asalieri. In an AVGN review, you get the impression that AVGN has played the game and is giving you his opinion. Asalieri acts as if he hasn’t finished playing the game or watching someone’s review but makes it clear what he already thinks of it. This makes Eric Gaede look smug and like a jackass who already knows what verdict he’s going to give but is going to act as if what he’s “uncovered” justifies his verdict. By not even considering to pay for depression quest, Eric’s already shown that he’s not impartial and that there’s really nothing the game can do for him to change his opinion. This ruins the whole “let’s go see” effect because its clear he’s already seen it. And with this I’m gonna end the review of this particular video early because it’s honestly time to talk about Asalieri’s feud with AVGN and how it all spiraled downhill for Eric as he gave up increasingly more alarming levels of decency.

It’s hard to take Eric Gaede’s stance against Zoe Quinn seriously when anyone who knows a brief history of Eric’s history would know that he literally does the same things. Eric generalizes and uses sterotypes of his opponents; at one point blaming one person for 50 dislikes on a single video. He tries to start the debate with “I’m a regular gamer” when its clear he doesn’t really play games and is just taking the name to look credible. Much like Zoe Quinn, Eric tells others to harass others and has fabricated harassment against himself, claiming a two comment spree against him in the irate gamer sucks blog was harassment and even had that fake craigslist ad against him had severe signs of being faked (which he stated he contacted the police but its pretty clear that nothing has happened). Much like the gaming media, Eric has censored all debate pertaining to any flaws in his logic and completely without reason. What I’m getting at here is that because Eric has done so much bullshit and all while being completely careless, Eric Gaede has jumped the slippery slope and there’s really not much he can do even when he does pick a popular cause. Even with all the millions of gamers rallying for gamergate, Asalieri only got 6k viewers, the average amount he gets for his RARs. People say “what comes around goes around” and that literally describes the slippery slope, when you jump that slope, you’re screwed until you fix the slope or jump back up it. OF course this would require Eric to show remorse, something he doesn’t show because he’s too busy partying at the bottom of the slippery slope.*P.S If you guys really want to review the entire 20 minute video, let me know in the comments, right now I think the article is dragging on too long here*

The sad and hilarious irony here is that gamergate is about cracking down the actions of SJW’s, social justice warriors, people who put forth a crappy poorly thought-out political agenda generally involving extreme feminism or racism and harass others based on what they perceive as moral failings in that individual. With SJW’s there often isn’t evidence or even real truth behind the accusation and its reason why gaming media is considered corrupted by SJW’s because they keep writing stupid articles accusing people of moral failings on non-existent or incomplete evidence. SJW’s are also known for being completely unable to take criticism and label anyone who dissents with them someone with a moral failing (i.e SJW’s will claim anyone who disagrees is a misogynist or racist). And yet… doesn’t this really seem familiar? I mean let’s summarize what SJW’s do again.

1. Action plan is non-existent and individual is more involved in harassing people then actually fixing a social injustice
2. Individual constantly looks to insult the individual and claim they have character flaws. This generally means not addressing their argument and using mass personal attacks.
3. Does not take criticism and generally uses faulty evidence or misrepresenting evidence to insult others.

Doesn’t Eric do all of this? See what I mean by slippery slope? Now I’m not exactly sure when Eric Gaede jumped the slippery slope, the more cynical people will argue his logic was at SJW level when he started but others guess it was most likely either around the Jfreedan incident or the AVGN incident. Considering that Eric only really got massive backlash after the AVGN incident, I’m gonna take a guess that Eric jumped the slippery slope at the AVGN incident. Heck I’m not even sure if his crusade against AVGN is when it started, since his actions against TGWTG and reviewtopia are just as bad.

For those of us needing a reminder of what happened when Asalieri firsted targeted AVGN, let’s take a look at the history behind AVGN’s supposed decline.

It all started when AVGN appeared in a kickstarter for cheetahmen 2. Eric immediately stated that AVGN was pocketing money and that cheetahmen 2 kickstarter was a scam and that AVGN was e-begging. A key thing that SJW’s do is pigeon hole their opposition by applying a filter name in attempt to associate them with that action. To no one’s surprise, while the cheetahmen 2 kickstarter was a bad deal, it was not by any real definition a scam and unless someone works in the IRS, it never became known if AVGN had pocketed money and its not like it even mattered. Desperate for attention and destruction, Eric then claimed that AVGN’s indiegogo campaign to fund the AVGN movie was a scam and that AVGN was pocketing all the money just like the previous accusation. This is in my opinion where Asalieri jumped the slippery slope during his crusade against AVGN

As you can see in the video, Eric Gaede essentially took an editable IMDB page listing the AVGN movie budget, edited out the edit buttons and then claimed that AVGN was “exposed”. One of the recurring themes you will see in any my articles detailing the escapades of Asalieri is that he keeps doing unnecessary actions that completely ruin his credibility, a dick dastardly move if you will. In the cheetahmen 2 “scandal” there was indeed cause for concern because hey its cheetahmen 2, why the fuck would you pay any real amount of money to get that game? Saying AVGN was in on it was little unnecessary but the kickstarter was run by Greg Pabich a person not known for his integrity. This “e-begging movie fund embezzlement” was just way too far and it was to no one’s surprised that Eric got his ass handed to him for doctoring evidence and just flat out lying.

Then Eric decided he would get his friends in on it too because apparently a lack of evidence is not an issue when you have sheep spouting the same thing you say. Randomdce got in on it and many of his “friends” also joined in on it and to this day we still don’t really know why Eric actually hates AVGN which is completely in line with SJW behaviour anyway because its not because AVGN is actually pocketing money but rather Eric wishes he were the caustic critic that people actually gave a crap about.

Always wanting to top his own mistakes, Asalieri posted a facebook post where he included a torrent link to AVGN’s movie.

Hey its that guy who never makes a good opinion or even a decent point! Don't we just love the stuff he brings to the table?
Hey its that guy who never makes a good opinion or even a decent point! Don’t we just love the stuff he brings to the table?

Someone asked him to pay for it like a non-jackass person and he replied with:

fucking moron part 2

So let me get this straight Eric. You accuse AVGN of e-begging and stealing money and here you are Eric… stealing stuff. The slippery slope is real people, always try and watch your own damn actions before you end up a ideological train-wreck like Eric here. Its rather hilarious how the morals started from “Taking things without earning them is wrong” to “faking evidence is okay as AVGN must be the mature one who demonstrates transparency” finally ending in the bottom of the barrel “Stealing is okay as long as AVGN isn’t the one doing it”. Wow.

There are a lot of problems with his reasoning too. “No one who donated gets to actually see it for free. So screw him” So Eric… you represent all the people who financially backed the movie; as in all the people who agreed with the terms of the funding campaign and donated knowing full well they wouldn’t get to see the movie for free? Oh wait you don’t because those guys hate you because you spent the last several years lying about the project they supported. So literally not only has Eric Gaede given the middle finger to the financial backers, he also rationalizes the theft of the movie by saying he’s doing for those people he gave the middle finger to. Isn’t that nice double think? It’s like saying angry reviewing is dead while at the same time being a caustic crit… oh wait he did that. It’s like saying you care about your family but go to a water park without… oh wait he did that too. Well how about stating that you “call it like you see it” when you’re actually just lying about your motivations and your own ideal… hmmm the bottom of the slippery slope sucks doesn’t it?

“He has enough money”
You say that about everybody Eric. Your words would mean something if you actually used them when they were applicable. In addition, Eric must think he’s the IRS or something because last time I checked he’s not exactly one who makes the grade on transparency. Perhaps Mr.”I live in a large house but ask for laptops and people to buy my crap and act as if I’m poor even though I take frequent videos showing my traveling via airplane or going to a casino” should take a look in the mirror.

“just look the other way on this one, man”

NO Eric, its hard to look the other way when every time someone so much as gives you the benefit of the doubt you abuse it to cause more damage and hurt more people. This time you have literally committed a crime and are still nosing in business that’s way out of your league. You won’t get people to look the other way when you’re throwing deaththreats at other people.

No one can look the other way because you’ve jumped the slippery slope! You don’t care whether or not you get anything done, you’re more worried about inserting your egotistical thoughts into the matter and pretending everyone who doesn’t agree masturbates to their hate of you. You didn’t even apologize to Mr.KillUltra like you said you would. Your RAR’s are little more than a cheap attempt to harass others. Let’s face it Eric, you’re a criminal.


Eric has “reviewed”, in the loosest form possible, the AVGN movie but he decided to make a stupid video in an attempt to insult people who actually bother to check their facts

No Eric, spouting actual criticism against yourself in a childish immature voice does not work. Saying things in an attempt to deter AVGN fans you insulted with stuff like:

“*the following is read in Asa’s mocking voice, because as someone who can’t review he clearly can mock things* Asalieri you suck and I’m gonna watch your AVGN video and tell you suck because AVGN really needs me to tell him how much I love him” – Eric trying his very hardest to admit he’s never made a mistake by daring people to harass them

Hmmm where to begin with what’s wrong with this. Eric, you get like less than 1k views a day, AVGN gets millions. If you are getting harassed by AVGN fans, and I mean REAL ones, you’re getting harassed by people who clearly aren’t a majority of AVGN fans. AVGN has fans because they like to be entertained by actual humor, there’s no humor in your clear disability in knowing what you’re doing is wrong but attempting to hog attention to how wrong you are in lousy attempt to be relevant. Pointing out that you never gave real evidence concerning AVGN embezzlement is like saying you knew what you’re doing is wrong and then doing it anyway. If you want people to take your opinions seriously, stop acting as if anyone who critcizes you is fat (hey isn’t Eric really fat, if haters are fat then isn’t this a paradox?) or a fanboy. People are wising up and just plain ignoring you simply because you don’t do anything important or interesting. You see one hate video from Eric Gaede you’ve seen them all. Heck it wouldn’t be so monotonous if it wasn’t so one sided, the AVGN movie is getting some backlash simply because its a movie and the review isn’t the focus of the movie. Eric could easily gain some reputation by not being one-sided and admitting he was wrong but at the same time critiquing the movie for being longwinded and lacking focus. This was a another golden opportunity to show integrity and he missed it. Bonus points for ending the mocking with “peace and love to all my brony friends” because representing people correctly is for smart people.

The real puzzling part of this video is the ending where Eric writes two sentences. The first “Alright I give up. AVGN the movie review.”… REALLY? You only had to write one sentence and you couldn’t even make a sentence Eric? ‘AVGN the movie review’ is not a sentence! Where is the predicate? Much like like Eric’s credibility it skipped town.

The second sentence is “Coming soon, because you are asking for it so much”. Who’s asking? He has like 6k subscribers Eric and he barely even gets 1k views a day. Heck he’s already done a review, he made a rifftrax track and stupidly named it rifftrax! I’ll ask again, who’s asking Is it just about less than a dozen people like every other goddamn time Eric has been “motivated” to insert his egotism into something? It only took two negative comments about Eric for him to come over to the Irate Gamer sucks blog to get his ass handed to him! It only took him one PM to get him to make the fanboy’s world video and according to Jfreedan it took batdamn’s coaxing for Eric to come up with the dumb idea to attempt copyright fraud. Not only that but the message Eric is trying to give out is confused. Obviously Eric means by “you” its the fans but the since the entire video is about AVGN fans (or maybe Asalieri got kicked in the crotch, that would explain why he’s voice is so stupidly pitched) so it gives the impression that he’s making the video for AVGN fans even though thats like saying “you win trolls, do harass me I’ll give in some more.”. But considering how little effort Eric puts into his work, I’m not really surprised that this video sucks, doesn’t attempt to be responsible in any fashion and is literally made of copyrighted pictures. You know Eric maybe you shouldn’t repeatedly do things that give just cause for your videos being DMCA’d. People only get sympathy when they get DMCA’d when they make good content.

Below is the review itself.

Considering it starts with Eric making a smug face and how he’s already jumped slippery slope given how he has no standards for criticism or justification when it comes to slandering AVGN; its honestly no surprise that the review sucks too. Notable moments include Eric acting like the movie ticket counted as stealing even though you pay 15$ to get into film festival but hey its Eric its not like he wants to do research or anything; Yellow Journalism FTW!

It’s really jarring that Eric decides he’s gonna be pro-gamergate and then shits on a major gaming icon and makes as many bigoted statements as possible while being as much of a yellow journalist as possible. I could do a point by point deconstruction of this video but Eric has already jumped the slope, what could he possible point out that isn’t misrepresented or done improperly? He couldn’t handle Irate Gamer, he couldn’t handle Zoe Quinn destroyer of feminist charities and having watched this video he couldn’t handle AVGN at one of his most vulnerable moments. You landed at the shallow lake at the bottom of slippery slope Eric and you did a belly flop too.

Bonus points for ADD: Eric makes a minecraft video that only has gamergate material as a secondary content. You know Eric, you would probably actually be relevant if you played games like League of Legends and Minecraft during the period of time they were actually popular on youtube. Doing it now is essentially bandwagon jumping which is no surprise considering how you’re desperate for attention now.

Asalieri attempts to expose a Hater… by being a hater?

Haters… well if any minority group on the internet that no one really likes its haters. The problem of course is that language is an ever evolving term and certain words have become selective while the people using them haven’t bothered to recheck the dictionary if it means what they think it means. In addition since it is internet slang, modern dictionaries and english language professors haven’t exactly caught up with its use today. For example the oxford dictionary just describes hater as “a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing”… yeah that’s not particularly helpful, I mean you wouldn’t call the people who are angry that they’ve lost their homes, love ones and their own freedom to an abusive and totalitarian government ‘haters’ would you? Sure they might really ‘hate’ the government but ‘hater’ is a derogatory term generally meaning the hate is misplaced and petty. While I frown on the fact that only wikipedia seems to get this right but it seems that since wikipedia can be edited by anyone, they’re the first to tackle internet slang with negative connotations.

“Haters behave as such not out of jealousy, but out of the need to reduce the target of hatred’s standing….A Hater is not simply someone who offers criticism. It is sometimes used as an accusation against others with different opinions, even against those who offer constructive criticism. Furthermore, mere negativity does not make a Hater- it is negativity without a justifiable basis.” – wikipedia

Sure that’s all fine and dandy but lets see what another group produced definition source has to say

“A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.

Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesnt really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock somelse down a notch.” – Urban Dictionary

So essentially the internet can agree on 3 things when someone is hater:

1. They’re irrational
2. They do not give constructive critcism and complaints are petty.
3. They’re unhelpful to the community

Huh? does that make me a hater? After all Eric Gaede aka Asalieri has called me and the whole lot of people who hate his irresponsible antics as ‘haters’, but I get this suspicious feeling given the cosmic irony that constantly stings Eric in the ass that he isn’t using the word right. The first thing you should do before labeling someone else as a hater is to take a step back and make sure you’re not the hater (that would just be an embarrassing case of the twilight zone).

1. I give Eric a chance many many times in his videos often times pointing out what he could have done that would have saved time and made the message more clear. Though I often wonder if giving Eric the benefit of the doubt can be considered ‘rational’
2. Constructive criticism is the name of the game when I write these articles and I have written an article about double checking your sources and I always provide evidence with every complaint and suggestion
3. Alot of people actually agree with me. This blog has roughly 1k-700 views a day on average (this includes the days where I don’t do jack shit so that’s pretty good). The fact that only Eric seems to have problem with this blog and our lack of trolling (knocks on wood) indicates that people really aren’t offended by what I write and say.

Well that clearly makes 3 for 3 not a hater though this hasn’t stopped Eric from calling me a hater. Lord knows what definition Asalieri has for hater. But what about Eric aka Asalieri? The guy known for: asking critics to talk to him in PM even though he just bans people for doing that, constantly stating that the dislike bar is filled by one guy with multiple accounts (because apparently filling the dislike bar by spending hours signing into your multiple accounts is something people would do for every one of his videos), can’t make a legit criticism of the industry or other reviewers full of flaws like the Irate Gamer, says he doesn’t do death threats when being caught numerous times making death threats and generally behaves like a immature manchild with a severe ego disorder (And I’d like to note we have evidence for each and every one of these incidents)?

So is Eric a Hater?
1. Eric is definitely irrational. His complaints in the Ranting Robots RAR had him confusing the terms angry reviewing and video game reviewing as the same thing and the theme of that episode was that there wasn’t any innovation only for him to complain about innovation. During the RAR, Eric stated that he was tired of hearing about Superman 64 being a terrible game and seems to act as if he wants people to say its a good game. To make things more confusing, in a weak and not funny voice over of a robot, Eric can be heard saying “mario bros is a terrible game”. In other irrational antics, Eric’s response to someone pranking him by putting his address on a Craigslist ad was to make full of video of the prank succeeding and then giving a 5 minute rant about how his haters all suck somehow convinced that this would ensure that the prank wouldn’t happen again even though the best option would be to not film anything and thus trick people into thinking it didn’t work. This eventually backfired on Eric when I and many others suggested he faked the incident resulting in Eric refusing to talk about the issue and deleting the video. There many more incidents we could talk about but I think this has gone on for far too long.

2. Eric rarely if ever gives advice that would be considered helpful. When Angry Joe was giving his rant on youtube’s broken DMCA system, Eric stated that Angry Joe could get past the copyright system by wearing copyrighted costumes and making a show out of the copyrighted costumes. In the Irate Gamer RAR, Eric did make any criticisms about Chris Bore’s poor writing and acting instead making more jokes about Chris Bore’s body odor and weight then actual attempts to critique the irate gamer show (that’s pretty sad when you can’t critique the irate gamer show). In the ranting robots review, Eric suggested that the reviewers hire dancers and have an expensive over-glorified sock puppet speak their lines. Essentially Eric was asking the ranting robots to do something that has nothing to do with a review show in order to satisfy his complaints. In the one view wonder episode that was covered in this blog, Eric did not provide any advice or suggestions for improvement and spent the entire episode making weak jokes half of which didn’t make sense. There are many reasons why people don’t trust Eric Gaede, him being insincere, petty and unhelpful is one of them.

3. Eric is definitely not helpful to the community, often times being responsible for unwarranted mass panic then actually being a source of helpful critique or advice. When Eric received information regarding a possible mishandling of personnel at That Guy With The Glasses, Eric chose to present the information in the most inflammatory manner possible and when asked where he got such data and whether it was presented properly Eric told people to focus on the data and not on his ethics. It turned out that cruxification incident was false and Eric has simply misrepresented the issue completely and entirely and the matter was resolved in a week. Likewise when youtube decided to increase its reinforcement of copyright resulting in Angry Joe complaining about it, Eric decided to completely misrepresent what Angry Joe was saying only to a week later unintentionally admit that what Angry Joe said was correct by saying youtube copyright is bullshit and that its not fair to lose things you already have. In addition Eric completely confused the issues that Angry Joe was having with Eric’s own issues with youtube law (Eric repeatedly acted as if Angry Joe had lost an account, Angry Joe did not) while not even bothering to make sure the new youtube law acted anywhere near what Eric thought it did. When Reviewtopia decided to turn down his application due to his show being highly inflammatory and irresponsible, Eric told everyone that the website was worthless and invited the owner to a ‘nice’ discussion on skype which consisted of Eric and 3 of his crony friends throwing insult after insult towards the owners of reviewtopia without letting them explain why. The owners of reviewtopia admit it was a mistake attempting to talk to Asalieri like a sane person. On a more recent note, his new sports video constantly have their ratings disabled and comments moderated because Eric refuses to believe that people don’t want to watch pointless and error filled discussions of sports. Eric never has the interests of the community or his fans in mind as he continues to rant against whatever he seems to be in the mood for. Kudos for Eric for having a free spirit, its a shame that’s far outweighed by how much of a sociopath he is.

Adding to this are his RAR series, which consistently don’t provide criticism. Take a look at his RAR episode where he literally just dubbed over a guy to make hims sound mexician and the rest of episode was about pretending he had traits he did not. This included making up fantasy stories about his sex life and pretending as if he has no job. I especially love that Eric really liked making “you have no wife” jokes while at the same time complaining whenever people target his wife and make fun of him for being a loser. I wonder if Eric realizes that accepting delusional realities about other people is really shallow and pathetic.

Behold, the video where Eric just decided accepting delusional fantasy about someone is A-OKAY and definitely not a sign you are an egotistical loser with mental issues. Notice how many times Eric uses the photoshopped picture of the guy staring at a naked lady. That was his attempt at humor.

All I have to say about this episode is:

*this is where I’d begin the video review* Unfortunately the internet is out and I can’t watch videos using a public terminal (without being offensive or otherwise annoying to the people around me).

Edit: after a 2 weeks hiatus, we’re back! Though I’m not very happy about the content I’m about to watch.

Okay so let’s take a look at the description:

I aint sayin’ he’s a liar… but he ain’t lookin’ for no truth, truth.

So a few minutes ago, one of my most fervent and unrelenting haters decided to attempt to discredit me… YET AGAIN, but unlike all other times, this time I came prepared for this little eventuality. I KNEW he was going to jump on that the very second Ranting Robots decided to delete their video, and lo and behold, I finally get the chance to sock it right back to this big mouthed lying scumbag.

So, Nytroxious has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be nothing but a lying troll, who thought he would continue to abuse me from here to eternity. No more credit for you, Nytro. Go find someone else to bug, I am going to be keeping all my sources and documenting everything, because I KNOW you’re desperately trying to discredit me in some weird attempt to get me to stop doing my show.

You can bet your bottom dollar he’ll fill this video with dislikes, and to be honest, that’s just par for the course for his stupid ass.

– Eric Gaede

Wow we haven’t even started and there’s a fail in the first sentence. ‘Truth, truth’ well if Eric wants to pretend that there’s no innovation on the internet or that his personal fantasies about other people’s sex lives are funny then clearly Eric is okay with making up terms. I’d like to note this isn’t the kind of mistake you can make while typing a keyboard… or while you live in a world known as reality. It’s like he wanted to write a complex sentence but then stopped and realized… “no that would take effort”. Then he said to himself “Why the fuck should I bother to do actual work when I can just call people haters?” and then proceeded to put a period. This is not a good start. First off you can’t just begin with an inflammatory premise and then proceed to do a half-assed job. If you want to expose a hater you have to put effort, and fucking up your first sentence does not give signs of effort or talent. Eric, many people know you don’t do the research and that you are content with running into an issue, claiming to be an expert; while not demonstrating a basic degree of understanding of the subject material. The only people this is going to convince are the dumb fans who put as much effort into things as you do… that is to say the yes men who can’t do jack shit.

Other things I’d like to point out about the description:

“who thought he would continue to abuse me from here to eternity”
Uh Eric there’s something known as banned and ignore. All trolls are screwed if you use those tools effectively. Of course you don’t since you refuse to ban the people who do screw you over with false reports while banning the people who are telling you the truth; that your work is terrible and you seriously need to improve if you wish to remain at any degree relevant on youtube.

“No more credit for you, Nytro.”
You’re the only one keeping score Eric… that says a lot about what you think about “trolling”.

“You can bet your bottom dollar he’ll fill this video with dislikes”
And it has no more dislikes than any other video… FAIL. Why no Eric its not a good idea to blame everything on whoever seems to hate you at the time. Just going to leave this page here from TV tropes.
Oh and Eric you really shouldn’t be encouraging other people to bet their bottom dollar. The bottom dollar is a person’s bottom line… aka the last bit of money they have and require to live without going destitute. But then again considering the fact that Eric claims to be poor, lives in a large house, claims to have job when he clearly doesn’t (his release schedule says a lot about how much free time he has and considering that he films everything why hasn’t brought a webcam to work?), and is happy with accepting large donations (like a laptop) and constant trips to casinos; its not really surprising that Eric doesn’t care about the poor and is happy to see other people suffer for following his terrible advice.

“and to be honest, that’s just par for the course for his stupid ass.”
Really now? Let’s see what nytroxious has done recently…. NOTHING… LITERALLY NOTHING. There are a few videos but those are years old. The discussion section has nothing particularly recent with one person asking nytroxious to just report Eric for cyber-bullying which he is clearly eligible for. So apparently Eric says that nytroxious is hyperactive, very stupid and hates him. Considering that Eric just abused the fuck out of nytroxious I can safely say nytroxious hates Eric. But I don’t see any real activity or any real malicious activity against Eric. And this brings me to another one of Erics faults… the “EVERYONE IS MY ARCH ENEMY” trait. Yeah… Eric seems to be convinced that everyone who’s made fun of him is organized and are long-term rivals. Eric has even stated that I hate him more than the devil… which is hilarious because he has no idea who I am, so such claims are ridiculous. Other people who just started campaigns against him for like a month were also labeled as long-time haters and I find it really sickening that Eric is trying to make his conflicts as long-term as possible. Does he think it’ll tire out his detractor something? Because you can’t exactly stop people from having good taste and a liking for decency.

Well that’s enough about the description let’s talk about the video now shall we? Oh boy I’m going to turn the volume down because I know Eric hasn’t given a shit about audio quality.

0:02 “HELLO DEAR VIEWER” Guys I have to set my computer speakers to fucking 6% volume in order to hear Eric at “people yelling” level. This is known as ‘poor audio quality’… Is Eric trying to win the loudness war!?

0:05 “A couple of minutes ago, one of my biggest detractors” OH yeah nytroxious is so a biggest detractor. Nytroxious has done like one video two years ago that called your shit e-drama. I personally would have called your work unwatchable shit but that would be an insult to shit. Just gotta love how sensational this is, clearly this is a video about herculean battles with great accomplishments because seriously… why make a video about this?

0:16 Eric decides to read the comment in a loud voice… because clearly I should be listening to this video at 4% volume. Nytroxious’s comment is and I quote using this image:

The quote by nytroxious
The quote by nytroxious

Okay so there are several things wrong with Asalieri’s take on the quote. Refuting one point of the argument and pretend the rest aren’t problems is a chewbacca defense. If someone calls me a liar, a fool and a knave and I only refuse the fool and knave parts then I’m still screwed for being called a liar. To be fair, refuting one or two statements in an oppositions argument gives the impression that the others are wrong however that doesn’t mean anything because if all it took was one false fact to damned the rest then science would be screwed. Quite a few things in science aren’t proven for sure, for example gravity. We don’t know what molecule gravity operates on but no scientist in the world would admit that gravity isn’t a real concept. This is because all the other facts we know about gravity such as its effect and its intensity are true. So looking back at Nytroxious’s argument literally everything else is true. There is no backlash on the channel compare on contrast to whenever Eric makes a mistake and a whole months if not years worth of comments gets 1984’d on his channel’s discussion page. Eric is right to say its wrong however on the grounds that Nytroxious is using inductive reasoning, a type of reasoning in which nothing is fully proven for sure. Thus the statement rephrased from “does not exist” to “very likely does not exist”. You can’t have inductive reasoning that behaves like deductive reasoning.

Going back to what’s right on nytroxious’s comment, its perfectly acceptable for nytroxious to complain that Eric doesn’t do good research and that he lies and quote mines. After all he’s doing that right now! What was the context that Eric put for this quote again? “Biggest hater” and “moron” hmmmm? I wonder if Eric realizes that quote mining can be done by lying about the context. Heck I can do this for any famous quote except instead of being an asshole I can do it for comedic effect.

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. – Ghandi ‘Train Robber MCSTABBY’ said while beheading a chicken and stabbing buffalos in the ass

Quote mining is the act of taking a quote out of context, that includes lying about the circumstances of the quote and the traits of who said it. By saying this quote is from a biggest hater and from a moron you’ve done exactly what nytroxious said you normally do… misrepresent your opposition. Good Job Eric, you’re lack of reading between the lines has accidentally resulted in you stabbing yourself.

The other things nytroxious mentions are also completely true to someone else’s surprise since the complains seem to be completely ripped from my previous article on the subject. Indeed the kickstarter that Eric complained about was obviously fake and if it wasn’t they didn’t make any money on it. And the entire 3 minute beginning of the RAR on ranting robots was completely filler because it referred to angry reviewing… which can’t be done when you speak in monotone (or can you?).

Wow all that and we aren’t even a minute in yet… is it legal to make this many mistakes in such a short time period? Oh wait we’re not done yet… Eric doesn’t even read the entire quote instead he mis-reads it (because clearly this video isn’t rushed enough) he reads everything up to the second sentence properly but then removes the of in the third sentence. Quote mining is also changing the meaning of a sentence. “out your ass” is much different from “out of your ass”. The difference is purely semantics but I’d like to note that if anyone wants to be fair… you should read the quote PROPERLY and not make edits to because its easier for you. OH GOD this seven minutes… oh come on really?

0:38 Eric says he saved the video and that the entire video is here in its entirety. Wow I wonder if someone will tell the ranting robots about this so they can claim copyright and stolen footage complaints. Oh thank goodness the rest of the video is just shot for shot the ranting robots bible episode. I have never been so relieved to see people make fun of the bible before

*okay well there’s not much to talk about the top 20 bible mistakes episode. Its not particularly crap… but it is offensive and the ratio between funny and offensive is skewed towards offensive. The statement “not your best work” would be an understatement. Most of the complaints are pretty valid, God in the bible has a serious body count and according to some experts, a body count greater than the devil. I’m not saying god is evil… because I’m agnostic, what I am saying is that the ranting robots forgot that a valid premise isn’t exactly the same as a funny premise. Bible episode sucks and even if you agree with god being an asshole, the fact of the matter is that its the bible, you shouldn’t be taking other people’s interpretations of the text as your spiritual guidance. The bible was made so that individuals can read it and come up with their own lessons. Enlightenment comes from within not from two robots going on tangent about god’s killing sprees and odd edicts*

5:55 the ranting robots video ends and Eric says he wants to hear Nytroxious’s excuse about why he didn’t know the top 20 bible video didn’t exist… Uh Eric, there’s the key problem in that the top 20 bible video stopped existing by the time you posted your RAR. So Nytroxious’s excuse is that he didn’t have a time machine and forgot to realize he was using inductive reasoning when he made a deductive statement. That’s a fairly good excuse considering the crap you’ve done Eric. Where’s your excuse about thinking the angry reviewing genre is dead? Where’s your excuse for repeatedly quote mining people? Where’s your excuse that you still after all this time, believe you have done nothing to infuriate or otherwise believe you haven’t earned any serious amount of disrespect for your inability to be responsible? What’s your excuse for continuing to produce crappy sports related episodes that no one is convinced that you have put any real work into them to the point that you have to disable ratings for each and every one of these episodes? You hear that sizzle Eric? That’s your ass on the grill for repeatedly running from your problems and refusing to do a goddamn thing to solve any of it. I haven’t even listed half of the problems you’re still running from and refuse to settle. This is the last thing you should be trying to do Eric; you definitely shouldn’t be acting as if your critics don’t have excuses, there’s quite a few people who believe you commit child abuse and they still seem convincing because your reputation is that freaking horrible. There are plagues that are more well-received than you and I’m afraid its because you refuse to settle anything or even sincerely say you’re sorry. Even in this episode you lied and I can’t believe you would do that. Are you dick dastardly or something?

6:22 “This pretty much proves that you have some misguided idiotic grudge against me” So a guy who’s been fairly inactive expressed skepticism towards the existence of a video and now you, Eric Gaede, feel free to put words in that nytroxious hasn’t even said? Last time I checked a grudge means more than just one comment and there’s literally no way nytroxious would be crazy enough to state that you faked the entire last 5 or so minutes of ranting robots video. That’s about as unjustified as the people who say you have sex with your kids as in its completely untenable and has no real evidence to support it. Maybe just maybe Eric, if you showcased some actual insanity from nytroxious you could convince people that he really does have a grudge… but oh wait he doesn’t because he’s mostly inactive you dunce!

6:29 “Go bother someone else for a change you little weasel” Wow all he asked was for some transparency and you greeted him with this message. Wow! I can’t wait to see how you react to the homeless in the street. The tone should fit the crime Eric. This was a crime of semantics… not a guy who’s been hounding you for years.

6:36 “And when you do make sure you’re not lying and exaggerating the fucking truth like you usually do you douche. Go back to what you’re good at, let me show you” Then shows a picture where a minute passes and he gains a roughly 70 dislikes… okay? That’s not evidence of anything. You get 70 dislikes on average Eric. Heck you should have seen the reaction to your “april fools” video that was much worse. You’ve got to be kidding me if you honestly think that some guy who’s been inactive and nowhere near as fucking petty to give a shit about the dislike bar would bother to use a bot. Oh and to make matters worse, the next RAR has 200 likes a number that makes no where near sense in the context of how many people actually bother to rate Eric’s RARs. To make it mores embarrassing after youtube did a bot account purge, guess what? The 200 likes dropped below 200 only to rise again shortly after. This is an even stupider attempt to slander nytroxious because this is the cold hard truth, Eric’s videos very quickly lose their watch-ability and audience. The comments on this video? most of them are two weeks old and this video is only 3 weeks old. Everyone who actually gives a shit will watch the video the day it comes out and after two or three weeks people will stop caring. These aren’t timeless classics Eric! These aren’t TGWTG videos that are incredibly entertaining and draw millions of views. These are crappy videos that were churned out in less than hour of work that are humorless and filled with ego. How can you even blame nytroxious for exaggerating the truth when that’s exactly what you did in this video. Nytroxious made several strong undeniable statements that were completely ignored just to target one statement that he had every right to make.

Now Eric feels the need to pretend that the one guy who asked a question is somehow directly and given what he implied is the only one responsible for the 70 or so people he’s pissed off over the years. Which brings me to the central problem I’ve been pointing out since the beginning. There’s no responsibility here or a commitment of any kind. What Eric has just done is just mark another person who posed skepticism and blame that person for problems that quite frankly is such a chewbacca defense that I am literally going to put a picture of chewbacca here. The worst part of all this is that Eric didn’t even use the word hater right, because nytroxidious posed legit criticism and pointed out several on going problems with his code of ethics. The only hater exposed here was you Eric.

Oh Eric. Chewbacca defense doesn’t work in a court of law. If you’re not the hater, then why did you lose your first account for harassment?

Update: Two things I want to discuss but I don’t want to make a new article about:

1. Eric’s sports videos are getting an absurd amount of thumbs up. I could call this botting but quite frankly IT IS sports time. What I am surprised about is the lack of thumbs downing. This means that people have wisely decided to not bother to express their hatred for shitty, very low budget, damn near racist videos that are apparently sports related; but not really fooling anyone into thinking Eric isn’t going to be an asshole when an opportunity presents its self. There’s good news and bad news in all this: The bad news is “people have stopped giving a shit” the good news is “people stopped giving a shit about a terrible and pointless series that literally exists to try and tire critics out”

2. Eric made a laughably terrible statement on his discussion page which surprisingly hasn’t been 1984’d. Unsurprisingly, it’s another one of those “all my critics are X, I’ve never done X” statements.

“well, particularly BECAUSE it’s those people [lasersquad, Glion1994, and Kiki], all whom can’t be bothered to give a truthful and objective criticism regarding my person, is that you can’t trust their testimony. Ask a neutral source that doesn’t have a ‘side’. And no, when you spend 2 days with a rating at 60+ and only 3-4 dislikes and then from one day to another, AFTER the bulk of the views have come in, suddenly 100 dislikes pop up, that is highly suspect. Stop trying to act as though that is not fabricated, that’s unbecoming of even you. I haven’t started anything with anyone, i’ve been a pretty neutral and peaceful guy for at least the last two years. I don’t know what you really want from me other than to be a dick, Nytro.” – Eric Gaede

“well, particularly BECAUSE it’s those people [lasersquad, Glion1994, and Kiki], all whom can’t be bothered to give a truthful and objective criticism regarding my person, is that you can’t trust their testimony”

Thats…. not even a sentence. When you put a statement inbetween commas, like it has been done in the block quote and here, the statement is considered an aside. A statement between commas is a statement provided solely for the information of a reader and the sentence can be read just fine without the statement inbetween commas. Another way of doing this is to use brackets.

For example: “When you put a statement inbetween commas, the statement is considered an aside”
See? the statement still reads properly but it has less information.

Now let’s see what happens to Eric’s first sentence
“well, particularly BECAUSE it’s those people, is that you can’t trust their testimony”

Great its like the video description, Eric couldn’t even do the first sentence without causing a massive error!
If Eric doesn’t even know how to do a comma aside… how the hell can he judge my “testimony”? And a “testimony”!? This isn’t a testimony Eric! A testimony is a statement given in court or evidence that justifies the existence of something. So not only has Eric not able to understand how to do an aside, but Eric also can’t understand what the word testimony means. This all just the first sentence folks!. Just keep pretending you are the victim Eric. That’ll do wonders for your already inflated ego! I wonder if I should point out that saying our testimony is full of lies is saying that we always lie and do so unlawfully… then again Eric has severe issues with telling the truth as almost everything he says is a lie so I’d actually be surprised if he didn’t say we lied.

“Ask a neutral source that doesn’t have a ‘side’.”
I did Eric. They quickly found out how much of a douchebag you are and how willing you are to villify people for no real reason. The people who hate you Eric were neutral at one point… Heck I was a neutral party until I found out how bad you were compared to Irate Gamer!

“And no, when you spend 2 days with a rating at 60+ and only 3-4 dislikes and then from one day to another, AFTER the bulk of the views have come in, suddenly 100 dislikes pop up, that is highly suspect”
Wow two things: 1. Eric admits his videos suck and that they have a shelf life of a day.
2. Eric seriously believes that he can call things like “bulk of views” not bothering to remember that people have their patterns and is trying to justify this… to himself… that’s just creepy.

“Stop trying to act as though that is not fabricated, that’s unbecoming of even you.”
Translation: Yes guy I am arguing fruitlessly with, you must accept my totally delusional, inconsequential and lame conspiracy theory about how my work doesn’t suck and there’s a cult hive mind that is always totally organized and interconnected that must devote its lifespan to hating my work. This conspiracy theory does not sound stupid in retrospect!

Perhaps if you actually think fully before you run these ideas in public… then maybe you wouldn’t sound like a crazy person Eric? Also what do you mean by unbecoming of you? In the video you said it was HIM that did it!

“I haven’t started anything with anyone, i’ve been a pretty neutral and peaceful guy for at least the last two years.”