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Eric Gaede and feminism. One step forward two steps back

Wow I’m not exactly sure how to fully approach this subject.
This is something I wanted to talk about for a while now specifically the fact that Asalieri has gone full-blown anti-feminism. Is it an okay position to take? Sure, especially when you consider the highly vocal “feminists” (I’m gonna put them in quotations) who are rapidly becoming the target of jokes for their cronyist behaviour and inability to engage reality. The part that makes this discussion a problem however is that feminism has done good things… its just that it did those good things several years ago as opposed to right now.

Women have historically not had it good but I mean that’s kinda obvious but in the 1920’s femnist movements started and they resulted in wide-spread social progress. Women could work, women could vote and most importantly these changes lead to larger equality and better living conditions. It is undeniable that without feminism we would not have this blog for you to read but at the same time its undeniable that psychopaths have claimed ownership of feminism and (rather successfully I’m afraid) managed to push out all the other people who believed in it and became its new face. They did this entirely due to having unlawful relations with the media but in exchange now it seems both the media and feminism will go down as douchebags that helped ruin millions if not billions of lives thanks to their ego-centric and misanthropic behaviour. You might say that there’s no way western media and feminist agenda could affect this many people but you’d be wrong, the legislature is already there, there’s statistics that prove that in a divorce of a hetero-normative marriage, the male will be screwed; and its quite clear that even though statistics show that women get the most degrees in post-secondary education, women simply aren’t motivated enough (probably due to being told their effort won’t count or that they’re above working hard) to actually bother taking advantage of that. Third wave feminism has intentionally fallen victim to Jevon’s paradox, a paradox that states that any efficiency gained by improving a system will be lost to external factors such as increased use (though jevon’s paradox applies specifically to technological changes, its quite clear that feminism has managed to hit it without the use of technology). Women now have their right to employment, their right to vote, to make their own decisions and are now being told not to make them, not to work and not to seek employment because victimhood is apparently a better choice. And just to ensure there will be animosity between genders, females are getting severe leniency in courts while men can be accused of sexual assault with no evidence or harassment again with no evidence and get the next 10 years of their life messed up. Oh and if you complain about any of this, they’ll be pricks and claim you are misogynist woman hater because… well you know what I can’t and never will understand their insane ego-centric thought processes.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that I don’t find Asalieri’s choice to crap all over modern third wave feminism a bad idea since its an appropriate target, they do totally deserve every criticism and penalty they can get (sans death) and its also refreshing to see Eric Gaede spend time bashing something that completely deserves every criticism it gets.

Unfortunately Eric continues the tradition of “sticking it to my enemies regardless of how hypocritcal and non-self-aware I look” by not bothering to address his previous behaviours. Reviewers ADD also hits him heavy as he keeps flip-floping from being anti-feminist to playing video games to talking about #WTFU then back to making shitty RARs (which are really just thinly veiled insults towards people he doesn’t like at this point). It’s no surprise that Eric can’t keep an audience unless he’s causing drama but that won’t stop him from claiming that he doesn’t do drama or that everyone else is a just a drama queen. There’s been a large happening in his continued to crusade against Emer prevost but I’ll talk about that later.

Instead let’s view the maturity in which Eric Gaede tackles Third wave feminism.

Oh okay… he makes a character called Femfreq and then gets em killed. Well the goal was to get killed in that manner so I suppose that was okay…
I wonder if he does realize that’s a really depraved and pathetic way to act. You don’t see any of Eric’s detractors creating characters in multiplayer games called Eric Gaede and getting them killed. What made him think this was a good idea? Bonus points for this video coming right after his 1984’d video on how he doesn’t do personal attacks, drama or death wishes/fantasies.

So Eric starts the review with a misleading sequence in attempt at comedy where he acts angry that people keep taking movie classics and mangling them. The joke is that he is actually talking about another scene in a entirely different work called “legends of tomorrow” because it uses a scene that is highly reminiscent of Back to the Future. The problem is that mangling a movie classic would require remaking the movie and legends of tomorrow isn’t a remake nor does the scene in question plagiarize the back to the future scene as opposed to just appear similar. But hey humor isn’t his… well lot of things aren’t his strong set.

1:07 – 1:37

No seriously Eric attempts to pass of a 2013 event in U of T as a 2016 event reacting to James Rolfe’s recent decision to not address the new ghostbusters movie. There’s text and everything. “SJW reactions to a peaceful boycott of a movie online”. Yeah last time I checked it was SJW’s claiming that gamergate had time machines not the other way around Eric.

1:38 – 1:51 Eric shows the clip from AVGN’s video… yo numbnuts, this is the crap that gets you screwed for DMCA and youtube community guidelines. I thought you said don’t use other people’s clips?. Either way, AVGN’s clip contains the part where James says he won’t review ghostbusters because that would playing into the bile fascination. He figures that its going to suck so there’s no reason to contribute to its financial earnings.

1:52 “Quite right james” -Eric Gaede

Wait what? WHAT?

2:10 “tell the world you won’t support a shitty movie. god forbid you should incurr the wrath of dane cook feminist of the year”

You know its really sad when a guy who makes constant unfunny rape jokes is being totally accepted into the “feminist” community. What you were expecting me to criticize the quote? Sorry Dane cook sucks.

2:55 Eric Gaede rants against Devin Faraci.

Nope no criticim here. Devin Faraci can go and meet the real ISIS and see just how much more respect he really does have for them. Because according to Devin, people who want you to demonstrate decency and respect for journalistic guidelines that you’re suppose to follow in order to earn money are obviously worst than terrorists who kill and behead innocent people.

2:50 “think about how sad it is that extreme third wave feminists are hinging their hopes on fucking ghostbusters”

*sigh* Eric you’re taking this way too far again. Third Wave feminists are unlikely to be using ghostbusters as a major attack. That would imply they actually have a vested interest in having the movie succeed. Its obvious that most Third Wave feminists are doing what they do because it lets them harass people while claiming victim status as well as write clickbait and make money by being contrarian. They obviously don’t care about the long-term effects and they never have. Why else would people continue to defend Anita Sarkesian repeatedly claiming she’s the sane most feminist voice around when all she does is take money and give none back? Because the clickbait makes money, contrarian is the best form of clickbait and its easier to be a feminist when you deliberately perform actions that exacerbate the negative perception of women and get people to care less about what happens to women.

3:07 Eric talks about the female fire fighters who helped out during 9/11 and how they did not receive recognition. He asks why third wave feminism doesn’t talk about them.
“yes let’s ignore the fact that the best they are hoping for to represent women is to retread ground that was already covered by men”

Well Eric I think you’ve already answered your own question. To third wave feminist anything a man can do a women can do better, that is essentially their motto. So it shouldn’t be surprising that they think that women can and should be better than the male ghostbusters. And of course I’ve already talked about their lack of long-term thinking so really… when are you going to apologize to AVGN about your frequent attempts to pin him as a harasser and a e-beggar?

3:30 Eric talks about how he was blocked by devin faraci

Eric… Third wave feminists are pushing for safe spaces because they wish to provide the impression that women are fragile and unable to take care of themselves with government intervention. One of the tools they push for is a blockbot that automatically blocks anyone based on a guilt by association algorithm. Odds are you were subscribed to people Third wave feminists hate like Sargon of Akkad. You would know this if you did a basic google search but hey whatever you don’t even know what they want much less how they operate. Oh and uh good work on not mentioning you’re repeated attempts to hurt AVGN while employing the same tactics and end goals that third wave feminists use.

Wow that sucked. Hopefully he talk about some other feminist in a proper manner.

0:00 – 0:35 Eric wastes half a minute telling viewers that the content will be annoying and that you should watch something else.

Well gee Eric you think?

0:38- 1:02 Eric says he found another feminist that spouts the “same” propaganda and refuse to debate. Unfortunately Eric makes a slip up and accidentally says “all feminists” which means you know, all of them, and thus accidentally insults every real feminist and not the joke third wave radicals that everybody hates. I would be offended but instead he decided to take a bunch of harpy pictures and shove them on screen. I have no idea what hapry has to do with third wave feminism. Harpies are known for their propensity for punishing people who have committed misdeeds. Third wave feminism will fuck you regardless of what you’ve done just cause they feel like it so I don’t understand the point of including those pictures.

1:17 Eric links to the artist’s tumblr page and gives their name too. Because harassment is a good idea and its also a good idea to not do something sane and keep the fuck away from insane people who like harassing others (I’m being sarcastic).

2:04 Eric begins reading comics really badly. This guy has the audacity to make fun of linkara while doing voices like this… *Sigh*. The first comic contains a joke where an individual says he is sick of political correctness and that everyone is thin-skinned; but the reply is that he should get thicker skin. At least I assume it was joke because that was fucking pathetic. Eric concludes this comic was a mouthpiece and since the author thinks people should grow thicker skins, that the author should grow thicker skin if they’re offended by Eric’s commentary.

I’m sad that Eric doesn’t tear the comic apart for being stupid. I mean the joke is that being angry at people being thin skinned is a form of being thin-skinned. That’s the joke. But the problem is that political correctness really is a problem, you can be fired from a major job just because people don’t like your shirt. You can have yourself severely financially penalized just for saying “rape”. You do not solve harassment by having the victim just accept the harassment. It would be nice if Eric just pointed this out… but sadly he does not.

2:32 Eric looks at a comic where a director says to wonderwoman states that female lead movies don’t make money the joke being that several characters that were female leads in their highly successful movies standing in the background. Eric says that artist is silly because IMDB says that there is a wonderwoman movie coming out.

Yo dumbass, that comic was made in 2015 possibly earlier.
There was no news of a wonderwoman movie until recently. In addition it was unlikely that IMDB page existed back in 2015. Stop acting as if things you just found are suddenly new Eric. You did that last video its really shameful you did it again. Oh and if I were eric I’d tear this comic a new asshole by pointing out two of those characters is animated, and the one astronaut was in a succesful movie but not nearly as succesful as any male driven movie.
“Led by Sandra Bullock, “Gravity” grossed $269 million domestically, easily making it one of the most successful films of all time headlining an actress.” -http://www.goldderby.com/article/2014/cate-blanchett-oscar-speech-world-is-round-people-sandra-bullock-woody-allen-4738291506/
But then again I’m not Eric and I actually put effort into what I do so I guess it makes sense that Eric won’t bother to deconstruct the comic.

2:36 ” *eric shows a wikipedia page of films featuring wonderwoman* And there was a recent 2013 short film featuring [wonderwoman] too and of course all of these titles, thanks wikipedia”

Wow… okay Eric. What’s the difference between a real female and an animated one? Oh and neither of those movies featured wonder-woman in a predominate role. When they refer to woman driven movies they mean as the main fucking character not a goddamn side character. When feminists (third wave or not) refer to no female driven movies they are refering to live action movies with a female actor as the lead. DO you know how to properly portray the oppositions argument? Do you know how to do that Eric?

3:18 – 6:05 Eric reads a comic that poorly represents the Anita Sarkesian situation. The comic shows a lady saying, after a long and pointless amount of statements (such as saying that she has fled from her home, which is bullshit because Briana Wu and Anita Sarkesian are different people), that “video games aren’t perfect” at which point the audience says its heresy and blasphemy. Eric makes a bunch of analogies that are generally correct in that Eric says Anita has said much more than video game’s aren’t perfect (such as video games cause rapes and shootings) and in addition Anita has not received any real threats or danger.

This part is extremely good, Eric’s analogies are spot on and don’t miss the point. He properly deconstructs Anita’s behaviour (which is that she’s getting paid to run a narrative against gamers). So this means he must fuck up right… I mean seriously he does this alot?

6:15 “[Anita’s claims] which are now widely accepted as facts”

Wait what? Anita an accepted expert? By which sane scholar? But what police department? By what academic department? Even the UN threw this shit out the door when they saw it and they have countries not known for their human rights on their human rights council!
This is a strawman. The damage that Anita has done is bad, but its no where near as bad for gamers as it is for media, for woman trying to get in the hobby and the reputation of feminism.

6:30 to 8:00 Eric reads a comic that list a bunch of women that did things (that I’m not going to bother verifying because its pointless) and then argues that woman’s history month should be a thing. Eric then wastes a minute and a half talking about height handicapped people who did things and -then argues in favor of dwarf history month. Missing the entire point of the argument but what did I expect.

8:00 “Months dedicated to a race or gender are just such a stupid idea and don’t help people learn or give a crap about these people”

*sigh* Eric you’re the person that doesn’t even want people learning about basic science considering your stance on science and education in general. You don’t really care about informing people properly or even getting the full story. A month dedicated to a race doesn’t do anything if your as short sighted as Eric is but if you actually do care about things farther than your face then a learning month can be a springboard to ideas and understanding. That is of course assuming that people actually put effort into putting information out during that month and not be like Eric here and spread bullshit with the only occasional proper moment of good work.

8:30 Eric looks at a comic that has a man saying that a woman who only cares about woman is engaging in “reverse sexism” (woah that’s a dumb term). He states that feminists should be egalitarians since they care for all people. The woman replies that he is the reason she is a feminist (woah rude much?). Eric then promptly in a display of actual understanding and sense, properly deconstructs the comic as denoting that feminist only care for themselves and not for other men and that is a real problem. He notes that the female in the comic refuses to have her egocentric thought process questioned at all. Unfortunately Eric decides to say “being a feminist isn’t about empowerment or equality or any of that stupid nonsense. Its about entitlement”

Come on Eric all you had to say was “third wave” feminist you’d have avoided any strawmanning. Come on. So close. Ugh.

10:41 Eric reads a comic where a feminist says she belives society can be equal and that men are mature and compassionate only for another woman to come in and tell her that she must hate men because she identifies as a feminist.

Now if I were Eric I would decide to simply point out that the comic is hypocritical because the entirety of the author’s other comics do nothing but pretend that men have no compassion nor that men can understand or have maturity to tackle issues. The Author cannot pretend that men are suddenly capable of solving sexism and that feminism accepts men when the rest of the comics clearly demonstrate that men cannot be trusted and will attempt to kill people for daring to question video games or refuse to hire women even though it makes money or don’t want to learn about woman who did important things in history. The author has attempted to argue that feminism is not man hating when it makes so many assumptions about the average male that it might as well have engaged in man hating. Eric hasn’t been fucking up too much, let’s see how he handles it.

11:14 Eric decides to counter the comic by talking about things that other “feminists” have done such as arguing that women should be able to occupy seats with luggage while men cannot not, getting a man fired over a shirt and misrepresenting actual data such as the wage gap they keep lying about.

Wow that has nothing to do with the comic. Great job Eric, that strawman looks fucking fantastic. You’ve interpreted an argument against people thinking feminism is about man hating into an argument that defends cronyism, lying and harassing people for no real reason. Just like to remind Eric that I put “feminism” in quotes because third wave feminism does just as much to hurt women as it does to hurt men. It makes woman look like liabilities in the workplace (since they might accuse the employer of sexism if they’re fired or ruin other co-workers productivity due to rape accusations), it also silences them (many female gamergaters have had their opinions ignored and have been harassed too) and also makes light of real woman’s right issues (all of this discussion about western female rights is a major distraction from the absolute disaster is that is woman rights in middle east).

Sadly Erics off-topic and strawman rant continues for the rest of the video. It’s very hypocritical Eric that say the “feminists” argument is disingenuous when every argument he has ever made is disingenuous.

Oh and speaking of being disingenuous.

Let’s take a look at Eric’s response to Emer Prevost. Eric, wanting to demonstrate that he wasn’t butthurt over Emer leaving him, decided to make a 3 hour long rant session where he spill a whole bunch of accustations against Emer Prevost. Emer Prevost had the video taken down because it was harassment. Eric decided to make the video above and threw out accusations such as Emer not having a job (glass houses Eric…) and Emer being a self-centered douchebag (more glasshouses Eric). Eric refuses to believe that his constant poor behaviour was causing the relationship to deteriorate for 6 months but then again just like any “feminist” Eric doesn’t have self-awareness. Unsurprisingly the entire video is an insult to Emer Prevost demonstrating once again that Eric is only really interested in starting feuds as opposed to hurting people who actually deserve it (hmmm more parallels to “feminism”).

Finally, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Eric complains about “Feminism” being self-centered and relying on censorship and misleading information while engaging the same tactics. Hopefully Eric and “Feminism” won’t team up in the near future.


Gaming goose and WTFU… it’s called band wagon jumping… and no it doesn’t make you successful.

Gaming goose is apparently a reviewer of video games. You probably wouldn’t know this because Gaming Goose doesn’t really do reviews anymore as he apparently stopped in 2009. Gaming Goose as of current is more of a let’s player and as a let’s player his content is fairly mediocre (but that’s okay since most let’s players aren’t exactly super either. Either you’re like Slowbeef or frankomatic and just comment on playing a game or you’re like GameGrumps and comment on everything but the game. Either way its hard to build an audience unless you’ve got great personality.).

Really Gaming Goose’s major problem is a lack of focus. There are people who let’s play horror games exclusively and these people get an audience (often times very large) because its fun to watch their reactions to the horror elements of a game. There are people who exclusively play crap, like richlowtax (aka the guy who owns something awful forums) and they get an audience because seeing exotic crappy games is absolutely hilarious.

This is actually a game by the way. I’m not joking, this game exists. It’s not commerical… but still!

Gaming Goose’s content is… well its fucking everywhere to say the least. He’s pretty much Vloging at this point. Plays fallout 4 then plays Ghost and goblins. Has the audacity to call a let’s play of evil within a walkthrough while also playing some crappy russian FPS game. It’s safe to say that you’ll really no idea what he’ll be talking about it or covering and as a result its kinda hard to find an audience when you don’t have a great personality (to be fair few of us do) and have no real assurance that you’ll like the next video he puts out.

And of course its hard to talk about Gaming Goose without mentioning his attempts to jump on the AVGN hating bandwagon. He was one of the commentators on the AVGN movie commentary that Asalieri put out. I would like to remind everyone that they pirated the movie in order to do their commentary.

In addition Gaming Goose put out this disgusting video.

No I don’t understand what the joke is. Clearly Gaming Goose is attempting to do a brittney spears parody (he says “leave Irate Gamer alone” similar to the “leave Britney alone” meme/event) but quite frankly it fails because Britney Spears isn’t Irate Gamer. In addition critcism against Irate Gamer is more objective than subjective unlike the criticism that Britney Spears faced nor does Irate Gamer face severe tabloid harassment. But then again what was I expecting from this individual… actual talent?

Considering that Gaming Goose has not yet been rated using the TIR system (talent, Integrity and responsibility) I’m going to have to rate him. However its clear that he gets an F- in each category.

Talent = F- (Ability to create worthwhile content)
Barely capable of attracting an audience let alone making quality content. Fails to make anything beyond Vlog material as of 2016.

Integrity = F- (ability to stay consistent and avoid contradictions)
Clearly enjoys hypocritically stirring the pot. Doesn’t really care to stay consistent.

IN this video Gaming Goose says that games like Left4dead are not co-op because they do not have have a campaign mode. He defines co-op as working with someone to complete a goal but ignores the simple fact that in games like Left4dead you are working to survive the level. So by his definition Left4dead is qualified but he says it is not qualified. He also says that he hates that he has to research games and figure them out in order to find what content they have available. It could be the fact that he has no talent but it would help if he tried to sound a little more sarcastic.

Responsibility = F- (ability to avoid conflicts and resolve them. Good scores indicate individuals who do not start shit unless absolutely necessary)

Do I have to mention that he claims that any factual errors are a result of him trying to be funny (or as he calls it schtick?)? I see no reason for any gaming reviewer to attempt to defend the Irate Gamer nor has he given any valid explanation for why he would choose to partner up with Asalieri and attempt to harass AVGN.

I would love to write more about this but let’s be honest, we want to see his WTFU video. For those who don’t know what WTFU is about (probably because you’ve been living under a rock or maybe you’ll be reading this article several years after WTFU ended, which is doubtful but I might as well save you the googling), WTFU is a campaign to get youtube to instate proper mechanics to enforce copyright. Under the current system, anything can and will be claimed as violating a copyright and the creators ability to monetize or create content is severely hindered. The current system enables censorship of opinions by allowing reviews to be flagged and it also makes entirely original videos liable to be flagged as well. Woe to you if you are a classical music composer who wants to put your creation online for others to view, because the system is so broken that even though that video is 100% yours, it still gets flagged and you pay the price. Ironically its Let’s players who get hit hardest since they have small audiences to begin with and so generate less complains when they have to fight a copyright strike. A scene in a video game with music could get you DMCA’d even though that’s music coming from the game. Good luck if the DMCA system thinks you’ve mirrored a video game trailer when all you’re doing is playing the game and that sequence in the game was also in the trailer.

Thus its easy to see why WTFU has come to fruition this year. Even ignoring bullshit like allowing hostile, low quality and violent youtube channels to exist or giving some youtube partners way more protection than others (i.e Irate Gamer has broken many youtube guidelines and yet he has never had a problem to date). In all honesty I think this should have happened a lot sooner than it did but perhaps no one had the balls or the clout until now.

The countermovement on the other hand seems to be heavily corporate based or idiots as it appears they’ve bought out the media again.

IN the video above you’ll see that the WTFU movement has been called zombies for wanting a end to DMCA terror on youtube. I could draw parallels to gamers are dead and gamergate but let’s be honest here… the media is full of fucking idiots who think things will go away if they say they’re dead.

Given that Asalier and Co are contrarian, its unsurprising that the majority of them chose to oppose WTFU because obviously their attempts to oppose Channelawesome or any other major youtuber has clearly gone well for them in the past. What is this? Like the 50 time they’ve tried this to popular people?

This is gaming goose’s attempt on WTFU.

0:06 Gaming Goose shows a bunch of stuff that shows that he (gaming Goose) is not doing well at all. First showing a video with a high dislike ratio, several comments that are hostile, and then says he was sorry for not taking things seriously.

0:30 “I definitely should have been more adult” *Words “#Sorrynotsorry?” on screen*

Well gee I wonder why people hate you. First you don’t bother to do good work and then you make fun of your own attempt to explain yourself by saying that you’re not sorry by putting $Sorrynotsorry in the background. Are you or are you not aware that you’ve fucked up… oh wait I know the answer to that. Oh and just to let you know, Gaming Goose 1984’d his original video on WTFU. Because clearly we shouldn’t be allowed to see how badly he fucked up.

0:51 Gaming Goose says the WTFU movement is misguided and also says that the whole system is flawed.

Really Gaming Goose? care to explain why the system is flawed

1:04 “Anytime there’s a system in place, Companies and individuals will find loopholes in place…. Remember when there were star ratings and the flagging system that was going on there? People would go on and flag videos and channels, getting things taken down.”

Uh….. yeah… I don’t know how to say this but… that system is still there…. The current thumbs up and thumbs down isn’t really much different than a 5 star rating system especially since most people are just going to pick 1 star or 5 stars. The flagging system is still there. You just click the more button and then select report. It’s been less than 2 minutes and already I have the impression you have no idea what you’re talking about.

1:18 “The biggest controversy back then was whether or not people should be allowed or if it was right to have a paypal button or link… cut to today and oh things are much different.”

Ahem, E-begging and AVGN? The pro-adblocking movement that went after linkara because he wanted his ad revenue? What’s different about this? Was he being sarcastic? I don’t know because he immediately switches to another topic.

1:50 Gaming Goose attempts to explain WTFU. “1. Fair use designed to protect the person using someone else’s work from the holder’s exclusive rights”.

Wow that is an awful definition. That is quite literally the worse definition you could use. For starters that doesn’t explain the point of fair use. Secondly that’s not what fair use is. Fair use is not designed to protect someone who uses someone else’s work from the holder’s exclusive rights, it designed to allow parodies and criticism. If you refuse to do actual work or get an education then at least use google:

“In its most general sense, a fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner. – See more at: http://fairuse.stanford.edu/overview/fair-use/what-is-fair-use/#sthash.OezJC9Wx.dpuf”- Definition from people who aren’t idiots.

2:17 Gaming Goose says he has some experiences with fair use. He talks about when youtube had an invite only policy for its youtube partnership.

Oh for fuck’s sake… This is a coming out video isn’t it? This is going to be a Vlog that pretends to be an argument just like that Irate Gamer one. Ah why the hell do I keep running into these? I’m gonna start skipping to the relevant bits.

3:09 Gaming Goose says that his attempt to monetize a video was denied on the ground that he did not have persmission from the creators of the video game to stream it.

Okay see this is why you should know the terms of words before you use them. For starters, if you did a review or a let’s play or if the video game wasn’t even central to the video, then by no means does it count as copyright infringement. Youtube can be a dick about it but its being an unlawful dick. The video that gaming goose was unable to monetize was a thank you video that briefly showed tomb raider footage on the grounds (this was because gaming goose was discussing a trick that can be used to get scratched disks running). You don’t need permission because that’s fair freaking use. It counts as transformative because the video game content is being used to demonstrate that the trick works. Under no circumstances is the creators work being used for its original purpose.

4:10 “When you’re on your own you get boned alot”

Well gee, you don’t even know your own rights and didn’t seek help from a lawyer or by talking to others. I can see that you’re default position is bent over.

4:41 Gaming Goose talks about himself… well he’s been doing that a lot but here its really apparent. Is this about WTFU gaming Goose… because it sounds as if you’re just talking about yourself.

4:53 “I actually reached out to a copyright attorney because I actually wanted to know my rights” He also says that he isn’t a copyright expert… remember this part.

Somehow I get the feeling you didn’t because you didn’t define fair use properly… like at all.

5:16 “the difference is whether someone wants to take you to task for it [regarding whether or not something is fair use]”

So you got the legal answer which is, “you are only guilty of an offence if there is someone who claims a wrong has been commited by you”? You do realize that’s 2 + 2 = 4 right? Also this has nothing to do with WTFU like at all. 5 minutes in and you’ve given nothing of value. You also do realize that if someone claims you have commited copyright infringement it doesn’t mean you don’t have fair use, it means that your right to fair use is being evaluated thus you still have it unless the court finds (in a very unlikely event especially if you are a reviewer or a let’s player) that you are guilty of copyright infringement.

5:22 “Everybody is just lucky that most people haven’t taken them to task”

Okay… let me take this into a different context and translate the logic to more understanding terms. Everyone has the right to be treated as a non-criminal individual and be allowed a state known as existing. However this right can be challenged if a child and her/his family comes and accuses you of raping the former. This can be done regardless and whether or not you are put on a sex offenders list depends on whether or not someone takes you to task. Thus everybody is just lucky that no child and their family hasn’t taken to task for the crime of existing and being a target of their malevolent desires. In other words, We are all just lucky because we are all rapists who just haven’t been accused yet.

NO GAMING GOOSE, A GUILTY BEFORE PROVEN INNOCENT IS NOT THE CONCLUSION TO BE MADE HERE!. Fair USE IS A REAL THING and the fact that you didn’t define it right has ruined the rest of your video. How the fuck did you get five minutes into this discussion and not know two letters of WTFU. The FU is fair use but apparently you don’t think anyone has it because all it takes is an accusation and suddenly fair use doesn’t exist? So everyone is breaking the law and we’re in a copyright bubble? I’m not even mentioning the ego-centric portions of the review. All of this discussion has been “me me me” I haven’t heard much about his friends or anyone else at all.

5:31 “if you really wanted to be fair, you should go to court”

Okay one…. that’s not fair use. Two… are you are a rich generous millionaire? Third what the fuck does fair use have to do with court? You go to court to decide the limits of fair use. You don’t go to court to get fair use… you have that implicitly.

5:37 “you should allow people to take you to court and you should fight your first ammendment free speech fair use rights there” *words #muhfreespeech are written on the screen*

Wow… Gaming Goose? Didn’t you say you’re not a copyright law expert? So then why are recommending a course of action over copyright? Also allow me to tear this entire argument a new asshole. You’re not allowed to press charges and go to court until several weeks after the copyright claim. You are NOT allowed to go to court when a claim is made and must wait two or more weeks until you go to court. If you watched any fucking video from Angry Joe or Mr.Enter regarding how to deal with a copyright strike you’d have known this. Most companies deliberately skirt the law so that they wait roughly 1.9 weeks and then retract their claim then make it again (even though is is entirely illegal because companies CANNOT make false claims and by doing this they are totally making false claims). They deliberately prevent you from going to court.

Let’s just put this in false sexual accusations terms again. In crazy stupid land, a child and his/her family may charge you with a sexual offense preventing you from working for the next two weeks to earn money and placing you in jail until your court hearing. Thanks to bureaucracy, it takes two weeks for a court case to happen. The child and her/his family may cancel their sexual offence accusation at any time including at the last minute preventing a court hearing. Even though there’s a law that prevents people from making false sex offence claims, we’re idiots here in crazy stupid land, the child and her/his family can go right on ahead and make another false sex offence claim and at no point will we stop jailing you for two weeks even if the number of times this has happened is in the double digits. Does this sound like a place you would like to live in?

OH and I have a FU to give you gaming Goose for putting muhfreespeech as if freespeech is something to laugh at. Freespeech is the very foundation of democratic society and the only reason you’re allowed to make the content as low quality as you have. My job depends on freespeech and without it we’d all be driving cars don’t have working brakes or functional engines but hey go ahead and make fun it gaming goose. Fuck you.

6:00 “its not a personal argument”

Gee you sure have spent a lot of time talking about yourself. Want to talk about your lawyers or you know actual people who are affected but don’t care?

6:00 – 7:00 Constantly talking about himself.

Gee Gaming goose…. Wow… this video totally isn’t about you. I don’t know if its my ears… but I’m hearing a lot of virtue signaling and masturbation.

7:41 Gaming Goose talks about how larger channels lose revenue to these copyright strikes.

7:50 *shows picture of Doug Walker* “I don’t know him [Doug Walker] I have nothing against him”

Really gee. That’s why you picked the most unflattering picture of him.

8:03 Gaming Goose says that he is not saying that Doug Walker and others that support WTFU are not caring about other channels.
“I’m just saying I don’t think they have everybodies interests at heart”

Yeah they don’t have the interests of douchebags like you and Asalieri who want the current system because it fucks over everyone else.

8:10 “They’re not really worried about other people’s stances or careers or reach on youtube”

Earth to Gaming Goose. WTFU is not about making you and other small youtubers popular. The point of WTFU is to get rid of the DMCA content ID system. One of the side effects of it is that it’ll be easier to have a youtube career.

8:27 “If that were the case this would have come up a long long time ago because it has been going on for a long time”

So Gaming Goose how old are you? Account made in 2006. And this video was made in 2016? Okay so let’s apply your logic here. Clearly you’re not worried about other people’s stances or careers because you didn’t do this as early as possible back in 2006. Hell we should go even further. Look at all those charities about saving third world children. Those should have started in middle ages back in 1500. Stupid arrogant lazy fucks. Obviously these charities don’t care about the average person because they didn’t have time machines.

Hell what’s wrong with you reader! Gaming Goose existed in 2006 and his existence was for a long time. Why weren’t you reading this article back in 2006? What didn’t you care?

No seriously I don’t even know where the hell this argument comes from. You either get the movement now or never. You don’t get to choose when and where things happen, you get the choose how you react to them. Doug Walker and all the other major players of WTFU obviously wanted this problem gone when they first encountered it. But what would campaigning back in 2006 have done? We’re still living in a world where copyright uses outdated definitions and major billion dollar industries intend to keep it that way. How would starting this campaign back in early 2000s when you don’t have the political clout, the backing or the money have done anything? The reason why its WTFU now and not back in 2006 is because both the users and the creators are tired of it. They’ve faced several years of abuse not a few months. This entire arguement reads like a 5 year old child’s “they didn’t help me when I needed so why should I help others?”. Fuck you gaming goose.

8:40 Gaming Goose says that Doug and the other should be aiming for other things other than the content id system to be fixed because that would mean they actually care about other youtubers. Instead of talking about WTFU he decides to talk about #makeyoutubegreatagain… because obviously makeyoutubegreat again is WTFU… if you like strawmen

HEY I’ve got an idea. Let’s make a video about WTFU. not talk about WTFU at all and then talk about another different hashtag. Fucking genius!

…. hmmm not exactly sure if gaming goose is retarded or stupid. Okay gaming goose. What are these other features? And how would be better than asking youtube to actually enforce the guidelines its suppose to fucking have? Not going to list any? I’m not surprised.

9:31 Gaming Goose shoots his own egocentric argument in the face by talking about how bad the content id system is. Then chooses to not talk about it any further and instead ask if it’ll make youtube great again.

Hmm well I don’t know Gaming Goose. Youtube won’t add pheripherals that stimulate the reproductive organs to cause pleasure nor will it cause hot men (or hot women) to materialize into your room and sex with you. I guess I’ll just settle for… YES YOU STUPID IDIOT. A day a youtube creator can make the content they are legally allowed to do is a day where the system fucking works. And a system that works is great.

9:45 Gaming Goose talks about egotistical solutions he proposes:
He proposes that copyright strikes don’t cause any penalties except loss of ad revenue.
“you still get your fair use, you’re still allowed to upload content and you don’t have to worry about copyright strikes”
Gaming Goose then says that this proves that WTFU is greedy because its a question of whether or not they can make money and not whether or not they can make things period

Okay for starters. That’s not fair use. No seriously that’s not fair use… like at all. Fair use states that the transformed work is practically your own and you are allowed to distribute as you wish. This is important because we have a think known as textbooks and textbooks have lots of fair use in them. From the pictures to the snippets from other texts to quotes. A textbook tends to cost $50+ to buy. If you aren’t allowed to make money because something has been content from something else then you essentially owe royalties to everything and everyone.

Let’s take this to its logical conclusion. Gaming Goose has proposed that if something you have has been determined to be someone elses, you are not allowed to make money off of it. Thus every job in the world has now been invalidated as factory workers work off a factory and thats not theirs. The engineers who made the factory don’t get paid because the building materials were not theirs nor were their ideas entirely originally. Any job involving a spoken language is now invalid because you cannot get paid because you used a language that’s not originally yours. You can’t even spend money because your money wasn’t made out of original materials either nor is currency is an original concept. Therefore you starve and you die.

But let’s provide another angle for why this is a stupid argument. Say you are Doug Walker or AVGN or whatever the content creator you are watching these days. Imagine that you could not be paid for the entertainment you provided regardless of whether or not you even used copyright content (because gaming goose’s system still doesn’t stop unlawful claims so fuck you original content creators, gaming goose hath spoken). What happens to your content? No seriously? Are you going to keep doing your sketches, your show and your funny stuff as your bones get brittle, your house gets condemned and your body dries up from malnutrition? No you’re going to quit because getting paid and by extension living are more important. I’d like to remind everyone that this was Gaming Goose’s attempt to “make youtube great again” by ensuring that any content on youtube will be low quality. I get the impression that Gaming Goose has adopted the “get a real job” mentality while ignoring the fact that not only did he try to make money on youtube but also that he clearly shows contempt for anyone successful.

10:22 “I realize at this point that no matter what I say, I’m not going to be able to help out or convince everybody else”


11:10 “My issue is that when you are talking about community and making youtube better is that there is a large set of people that this will never ever touch. This content id system doesn’t affect people who don’t use other people’s material.”

Pfffttt HAHAHAHAHAHA. OH my god you suck. You Suck. Holy shit 11 minutes in and this is your A-game? You don’t even define anybody. Not affect who? The Content ID system is so broken you could fart and it’d think you stole it.

11:23 “I don’t think this affects beauty bloggers very much”

“1) Ultra Records sues Michelle Phan—and she fights back
Michelle Phan is one of YouTube’s preeminent beauty vloggers, and her makeup tutorials have racked up over a billion views, which means the music featured in those videos gets some pretty substantial time in the spotlight.

But Phan came under fire in 2014 when Ultra Records claimed she had been using recordings of their artists without permission. The label sued Phan for the unlicensed use of their music, including Grammy-nominated DJ Kaskade. In turn, Phan countersued, arguing that she’d been under agreement with Jason Kilgore, Ultra’s senior new media manager, who had agreed by email to allow Phan to use the music with credit to the artists and links to their iTunes accounts. This agreement began in 2009, but when the label’s lawyers started issuing DMCA notices five years later (with which YouTube complied), Phan claims she lost revenue.

This feud still hasn’t been resolved, and Phan demanded a trial. To abate such disputes in the future, YouTube added measures that show creators which songs they can use and what the use of those songs does to the monetization of their videos. There’s also a plethora of rights-free music creators can use to underscore their vlogs and keep the monetization for themselves.”- http://www.dailydot.com/entertainment/youtube-scandals-2014/

Yeah beauty vloggers aren’t affected at all. They just can’t use music or do anything really entertaining. Oh and by the way, they can’t show logos either or they could get content ID’d. Don’t mention any brand names either. OH and uh gaming goose wants to say fuck you if you care about anything else that isn’t beauty vlogging.

11:47 “All of these people don’t get hit with this stuff”

Yes and all of these people aren’t even in the same genre as the other shit thats in WTFU.

11:51 “and the reason they don’t get his is because they aren’t using other people’s content”

OH god this is a repeat of Asalieri’s “don’t use other people’s clips” crap.

11:55 “I want to know how your movement [WTFU] is going to make youtube great for them [Beauty Vloggers]”

Well gee I don’t know. WTFU still isn’t going to get hot men (or women) to pop up into your room and have sex with you… I couldn’t possibly see how not getting screwed over by big corporations over false accusations that can occur for no reason could help anybody. It’s like having hand rails in industrial factories and near cliffs. Why would that help at all? What is falling to your death a thing? How does handrails make a factory a better place to work in? Likewise how does not getting screwed by big corporations who want easy ad revenue money help youtubers? We should all be like Gaming Goose and take a profound interest in accepting anal insertions.

11:57 “see my problem”


12:01 “not only is only minimally going to make it great for me. Its not even going to make it great for them at all because it doesn’t affect them”

YES mention yourself first before others. That is how you conduct yourself and make it look as if you aren’t a complete egocentric bitch. Pretend you speak for others when you don’t even know their plight their position or their stances on the issue.

Gaming goose… do you even know other beauty vloggers. Or did you take your entire argument from Asalieri?

Gaming Goose then minces words for the next minute and a half… wow that barely even talked about WTFU or even addressed it.


Oh and us by the way. When you write WTFU is not for you. The hashtag should not be WTFUNFU. It should be WTFUINFU

But either way the result is the same. You jumped head first into a bandwagon that wasn’t even going anywhere. It says alot about your character when you jump to the side that big greedy corporations take and refuse to acknowledge how fucked up your argument is in any meaningful way.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go get a rifle and a condescending dog that can laugh.

Irate Gamer comes out, the finale… nope just as bad as his regular material.

Wow… where to begin? Really if anyone were to ask, I’d say that Irate Gamer has lost all relevance. Then perhaps some of you might reply that if he has lost all relevance why would I be writing about him? Well that’s the funny thing about how content works, its doesn’t really matter if someone is irrelevant or not in mainstream consciousness, they’re still capable of doing things and its worth covering as a result. I mean looking at real-life we can see plenty of topics that are critical to everyday society but are never really mentioned in casual conversation. Topics like civil infrastructure for anyone who watches “last week tonight” is a great example that relevance/mainstream consciousness doesn’t dictate importance. Imagine if everyone went stupid like Archfiend did and just arbitrarily decided to stop caring about Irate Gamer; some people think this would actually stop him but in all actuality Chris Bore’s behaviour gets worse whenever he thinks people aren’t looking. And this coming out video (yes I’m still calling it that, because there’s nothing candid or sincere about this video that merits a proper name) is a great example of the kind of crap Chris will attempt to do when he thinks he can get away with it. It makes this all the more worse since we are well aware that it was Archfiend who put him up to this. So literally the only reason I’m reviewing this piece of crap is because someone asshole enabled him to produce it. Great job Archfiend, you made someone who really should be feeling guilty and the need to improve feel no guilt or responsibility for their actions… even to the point that they literally used you as a the bullet-shield for this video (seriously archfiend response is right there on the video title, if that’s not the internet equivalent of using someone else as a bullet shield then Irate Gamer really sucks at transparency, there’s nothing in this video that requires archfiend to be mentioned).

The problem with the irrelevance concept is when its taken too far. Sure I would whole-heartedly agree that Irate Gamer is a irrelevant and completely boring. All he does is start shit and flame war while crying the victim, I’m bored now. But that doesn’t mean I let him get away with shit, that doesn’t mean its okay for Chris to do whatever he wants because he’s irrelevant. Because then we’d get shit like this video where its very clear he was trying to become relevant again by calling AVGN a evil mustache twirling villain who was oppressing him. Seriously all we need is for Chris to start a patreon. In other words, when something is irrelevant doesn’t mean you drop your guard and open the fence. It’s irrelevant because you are educated about it and when you aren’t educated about it then the topic clearly is relevant because it can hurt you if you aren’t prepared. A great example is how all this shit got started because Archfiend decided he would call AVGN a e-begger and do everything in his power to screw over AVGN.

Ironically its vigilance that seems to have screwed over Irate Gamer as most people actively avoid him and are educated about the kind of crap he regularly does. Then again, I’m not sure if its irony when its Archfiend being contradicted because I don’t know if its okay to say this but I’m pretty sure he’s a moron with no sense of ethics or reality. I’ve already written an article about Archfiend so I’m gonna stop talking about him from here on in. Instead let’s recap what happened in the last two articles (only the major parts):

1. Irate Gamer can’t remember the history of his own goddamn show
2. Irate Gamer wants to restart the feud against AVGN even though AVGN and his fans are not stupid enough to get involved with someone who is clearly just an attention whore.
3. Chris stated he’s being candid on the subject…. he’s not being candid.
4. Extreme degrees of padding is throughout this video. Its the reason why I split up the video into several articles. Expect the return of the filler conga line.
5. Chris gaslights on multiple occasions including saying that he watches many other angry reviewers and then proceeds to not name any of them.
6. To add insult to injury, Chris Bores pretty much stole AVGN’s origin story even claiming that its was a small show for friends.
7. Chris Bores said that he entered a contest where the host (Chris’s words not mine) told him in advance he’d win and but then happy video game nerd won and Chris feels “snubbed” for not winning a contest that by his own admission was rigged in his favour.
8. Chris constantly reminds people that he puts hard work into his stuff… if that’s the case then I update this blog at a superfast pace.
9. Chris Bores says there was evidence for everything he said but it has never showed up and clearly doesn’t exist…. go figure
10. 1-9 are all from the first article
11. Chris Bores continues to dodge and not explain his sockpuppet’s behaviour… you think its time to talk about the the IP trace on your ladybuggin account and you having the same address? Hmmm?
12. Chris states that the reviewing community is a cartel that keeps good people out… no Chris that’s quality control and no there’s no cartel.
13. Chris keeps saying 200 or so. 200 or so views. 200 or so subscribers. 200 or so lies
14. Chris says he doesn’t take things seriously… even though he said earlier he puts a lot of hard work. Hypocrisy is endemic as well as the “I’m not serious” retcon
15. Chris has no idea why people hate him even as he lists very acute and extremely negative things that he has done such as ripping off 200 people… or more.
16. Chris invokes the AVGN boogeyman by suggesting that a guy who literally couldn’t care less about Chris and what he does is somehow coordinating harassment against him… harassment that he doesn’t even receive anymore on the ground that people think he’s irrelevant but aren’t stupid enough to let him roam free.
16. 11 to 16 are all from the second article.

As you can see a lot happened in the last two articles. You might want to re-read them as I may recall events in previous two articles.

Fun fact: If you type Irate Gamer’s coming out video you will find the archfiend video as the second result.


resuming from 17:12

17:18 Chris states that some people claimed that every single one of his 11k subscribers were faked.

Uh Chris you’ve already blown the budget for citation needed. In fact the other name I had for this video was ‘citation needed, irate gamer edition’. The simple fact of the matter is that its pointless to address arguments that you are based on overly generalized bullshit. So what if one or more of the 11k subscribers were real? The point the detractor is making isn’t that the hyperbole is true (if they are then they’re an idiot) but rather that your subscriber count doesn’t reflect your relevance as most of them appear to be fake. None of your videos get anywhere near the amount of views that reflect the amount of subscribers you apparently have.


17:26 “I just thought that was so ludicrious, that I sit there, for hours and hour and hours creating ten thousand… man I wish I had that much time”

Wow where to begin. First off Chris you said 11k subscribers… but then state your critics only accused you of creating 10k. So that would mean that by your own admission, your critics didn’t say that you created all your subscribers only that most of them are inactive and you may be involved in artificial subscriber count inflation. Second, you do have plenty of time, you’re not working, you’re are frequently caught being inactive on ladybuggin777 for hours before a video gets posted, you’re work ethic is too slow and too low effort to reflect actually working and if you did actually put in the effort, you wouldn’t be caught stealing other people’s content.

17:33 “its funny too because my mom, actually gets on youtube you know watches my stuff and interacts with some of my fans and people say ‘oh even that’s Irate Gamer'”

Seeing as this is a candid discussion by your own admission Chris, are you gonna provide evidence on how you’re not ladybuggin777? No? Well I’m not surprised. Please immediately switch the topic to Eric instead of talking about how you aren’t ladybuggin777.

17:51 “they accused even accused my friend Eric, who shows up in the videos, they accused him of being me at certain points”

Ahem bullshit, proof or I’m calling bullshit. Who in their right mind would confuse you with Eric and actually think you are the same person. And by right mind I mean not trolling you. But still I have to admire the clever hiding of the bullshit in this small segment of the video. Chris actually shows some strategic skills by mentioning ladybuggin and then lumping it with accusations, which may or may not have even been made, that were clearly false. It makes it look as if both accusations are false… even though it would take more strategic skills to not mention something would clearly raise anyone’s suspicions as to how much shit you’re pulling out of your ass.

17:55 to 18:10 FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER. Don’t you love non-scripted, non-edited raw bullshit? It’s Irate Gamer in his basic element. I haven’t seen poor speech this bad since Emer Prevost’s attempts to explain anything.

18:11 “so I wanted to reach out to James Rolfe personally and say… look… I just want to clear the air… uh… I did not copy you on purpose… you were an inspiration… uh… and a couple other things I can’t remember right now”

AHEM at 5:03
“back to the future, I always hated this game, let’s do back to the future. So that was my first review, and alot of the jokes in there, yeah they were corny, they were stupid, some stuff I borrowed from other reviews; because I didn’t know what else to do *forced laugh*”

Don’t worry Chris I understand you have problems with the English language to the point of being exceptional… in the developmentally handicapped sense of the word. I’m sure when you said inspiration you meant directly stealing from him like you admitted less than 20 minutes ago. And I’m sure those other things you can’t remember was the starting of a pointless internet feud that went nowhere and ended poorly for you as well as the many egotistical ramblings and clear attempts to defame him you have made over the years. Human beings are flawed Chris but no one exemplifies that more than you do. And of course when you said you didn’t want to copy him on purpose you obviously mean you did do it on purpose. I’m actually understanding something now. This video is literally an Irate Gamer episode. It has all the themes. There’s no consistency, frequent cut-aways to irrelevant content (I have not been mentioning the pointless crap that keeps being pointlessly edited in for visual effect of some kind?), no research, frequent factual errors and blatant egotism. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t see this before, this is literally a Irate Gamer episode with the review being of his entire career instead of a video game. But then again this is no defense, it still sucks.

18:25 “I sent him an email containing all this stuff”

Oh is this the email that got released to the general public because it was so poorly written and took refuge in audacity? Oh no wait its an email that doesn’t exist.

18:37 Irate Gamer says that the email told James Rolfe to not listen to people who told him Irate Gamer sucked. Irate Gamer wants to make sure that AVGN doesn’t think the rumors are true.

Yeah uh Chris? You might want to post the entirety of the email… oh wait you never actually sent this email. Not only that but how exactly do you Chris intend to convince AVGN that you didn’t plagarize him, or blatantly be an asshole to him? All chances of this are off with the poorly made and completely crappy e-begging spoof you made. Let’s not forget that you’ve been telling people that you don’t know AVGN for the longest time.

18:42 Chris says he got a reply from AVGN.

Uh NO….. no you didn’t Chris. Chris… we know you completely lack subtly and style. You have as much style and subtly as Daniel Craig as James Bond. Chris you couldn’t keep a secret if you fucking tried to. Everyone knows that Ladybuggin777 was you. Everyone knows that Irategamerfan345 was you. Everyone knew in advance that you would lie and spill bullshit in this video. Only opportunist who want to hurt people and pretend they’re self-righteous would pretend to believe you. If AVGN talked to you Chris, you would totally blab about it and not wait until many many years later to spill this.

19:01 Chris says that AVGN sent him demands.

Wow Chris…. Wow. Caustic video game reviewing is not a cartel…. wow. No one is going to believe this. Especially with no evidence. But please go on Chris, please let me know that AVGN sent supervillians like the predator (oh wait I mean preauditor, because that’s what batdamn stupidly thought the name was for that character) after you. I want to hear the full unadulterated delusion you have Chris. I then want you to ask yourself, how many times have I almost been assassinated or murdered in cold blood? Then ask yourself why anyone as popular and successful as AVGN would demand anything from you. I also recall that AVGN’s stance on you was “he doesn’t talk about me so why should I?”


19:13 Chris says that AVGN’s demand was that he acknowledge that AVGN was his inspiration.

Okay that’s not really a demand… that’s pretty much a statement of fact. You’ve even admitted in this video that AVGN was your inspiration among 200 guys you can’t name because clearly they’re important if you can’t remember their names. Also I’d like to note that AVGN has no reason to ask this because it doesn’t solve any of the problems he has with Irate Gamer. I mean if I were AVGN, being Irate Gamer’s inspiration is the last thing I would want. I would probably be more interested in stopping the blatant harassment, plagiarism and cronyism that Irate Gamer is so clearly involved in.

This also reeks of bad memory as such an email would be indistinguishable from an AVGN fan’s demands. Are you sure AVGN sent you this email Chris? Oh wait none of this actually exists considering you’ve yet to prove that any of this actually happened.

19:36 Chris says he didn’t answer the email and then after a while the email he had sent was posted online.

…. what? Okay Chris let me spell out the story you have made

  1. Chris sent AVGN an email about not listening to haters
  2. AVGN sent extortionist demands
  3. You’re email got posted online

So THIS was the email you sent that essentially consisted of “Hi I stole your stuff. I will continue to steal your stuff and I’m not sorry and I will continue to be involved in harassing you”

Why even report this story? That email you first sent was so delusional that I literally have no idea what the fuck you were thinking? Of course it would get posted online, you fucking deserved that.

19:40 Chris states that the reason why the letter was posted online was because he didn’t write back.

Oh no Chris that’s not why it was posted online. It was because it was so delusional and stupid that it deserved to be posted online. Remember that you didn’t tell anyone that you even knew of AVGN before this point. So your confession was a major reason why you deserved to have that revealed. It’s like writing a letter to the police that you robbed and murder someone and detailed in full-detail all the evidence they could use to convict you…. then act surprised when that letter shows up in court and they do in fact use the evidence you suggested they should use. Self-awareness Chris, you have none.

“Now I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen any of my reviews or ever heard of me, or heck, even like me for that matter, but I just wanted to take some time out of my busy schedule and let you know I respect your work and I do try my hardest to not copy your material. Although in my earlier reviews, I will admit, that I accidentally used some of your well known made up words in my review and I only found this out because people were telling me I did. I felt really bad about it and still do because the last thing I want to do is steal your catch phrases.” – Exact words in that letter…. why yes Chris that explains why you used AVGN’s you die die die phrase in your reviews later down the line as well as stole a whole bunch of other stuff.

19:40 – 20:00 Chris said that the move was very douchebagy (no its not Chris, but since you’re clearly plagiarizing Archfiend here why didn’t you say smarmy?”.

There is and still is no commitment to keeping non-confidential information private. At no point in that letter Chris did you put your personal address or state anything that was political. Neither did you state that you wished the information to stay confidential. You’re just mad because you got caught doing something stupid.

20:06 “I stopped watching his reviews”

Pffttt hahahahahaha Yeah no you didn’t. Because if you did you wouldn’t have been making a point to review games that AVGN was going to review or review games that AVGN reviewed later on.

20:09 “I made a point to never talk about him again, which I guess I’m breaking now”

Blatant lies. Because clearly that’s why you made e-begging the spoof and had Archfiend shouting “fuck you AVGN” in your craptastic finale?

20:22 “I saw what kind of guy I was dealing with, and you know it really hurt my feelings”

So you saw that AVGN was a smarter, more intelligent and less petty person than you and that hurt your feelings? Well boo hoo.

20:22-25:00 Massive filler TRAIN. Wow let’s talk about subscribers… YAY. PEOPLE GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THIS… oh wait they don’t.

25:13 Chris claims that AVGN rips off of Pewdiepie because AVGN made a let’s play after pewdiepie existed.

Okay several problems with this Chris. One you also do let’s plays Chris… what does that say about your hypocrisy when you’re so quick to play the AVGN stole from someone else projection card with no regards to making sure you’re not convicting yourself with your own metrics. Second, your metric sucks, pewdiepie is not why let’s plays are popular. They’ve existed way before then.

25:18 “I’ve never seen anyone make that observation”

That’s because they’re not mentally retarded. And yes I really do think Chris is special in that manner. I just sat through 5 full minutes of repetitive bullshit. I officially hate any of these pretentious coming out videos.

25:20 “I’ve been called out for a lot less”

Want to list it? Want to highlight the fact that you’re so full shit and don’t bother to build patience in your audience? People call you out more often because you don’t produce anything that would make them believe you have a semblance of competence. Someone with an IQ greater 30 would figure this out.

25:32 “the tide was turning just a little bit”

I’m sure you mean against you considering that you don’t really put any effort into your work anymore and went back to ghost hunting.

25:40 Chris says that AVGN was showing his flaws and some haters stopped hating Chris and went to hating AVGN.

No that’s not flaws Chris, that’s just hypocrisy from your haters. I mean people like Archfiend just decided to hate AVGN because it would get them clicks for being contrarian. We can see that in modern media today. Gamergate are terrorists anyone? Gamers are dead? Gamers are sexist? It’s all bullshit like AVGN is an e-beggar because its so obviously false that it falls apart under basic scrutiny.

25:40 – END Filler FILLER FILLER. Wow AVGN sure gets blamed for a lot of shit. NO Chris its not his fault that you’re too lazy to get your reviews out on time. And none of your haters are seeing the light either… that’s just your paranoid delusions tricking you into thinking you’re actually a good person when you’ve done nothing but start feuds and create crap.

OH my god you have no idea how angry I am at Chris for this video. The video just repeats in a three step pattern.

  1. Haters see the light and stopped hating me and hated AVGN instead
  2. AVGN beat me to a review because he’s malicious and hates me.
  3. I still have haters and its irrational that they hate me and not AVGN.

Seriously… what the fuck?

Happy Holidays people and don’t waste you’re time with this stupid e-drama. Seriously I feel like I’m stuck in a time loop… one that desperately needs citations. This is quite literally a 30+ minute long Irate Gamer episode. It has no research, repetition up the ass, blatant lying and pointless hatred for other reviewers and the audience.

Randomdce’s random rants


For this article, I don’t think there will be an overarcing concept because I have already talked about reviewer’s ADHD, we’ve already talked about randomdce’s past history including his need to insult other more popular reviewers, him being a hypocrite and of course his lazyiness in both reviews and ethics (including reviews that just have a picture 3/5 displayed for 11 seconds).

Now for updates, Randomdce is now doing Reaction and reviews, a “highly original” concept that is so original, the acronyms for it are used by Eric Gaede and Emer Prevost to mean two different things. I don’t even get why they’d be friends if they’re just going to steal shit from each other. Is RAR a really freaking revolutionary acronym they must use? Is there a patent pending?

I digress, just like Emer Prevost’s RAR’s they contain no footage, consist of randomly allocated reactions (though I haven’t checked if they actually align with events in the movie, though considering if its anything like how Emer does it, it probably doesn’t) and is so interesting it barely gets any viewers. Before anyone asks, no I’m not going to do another Reaction and Review video piece by piece because we just did that last article so maybe some other article. Instead I’m gonna take a look at something we didn’t take a look at last time we saw Randomdce’s work. His deviantart “reviews” are a special kind of lazy.

Recently Randomdce has been providing E3 coverage, because obviously people care enough to hear the words of someone who isn’t really a gaming fan and doesn’t even know comic books or video games well enough to… hey wait second I see and smell an upcoming train wreck. This is going to be funny… and tragically hilarious.


“1 – Star Fox Zero.

*clears throat* Umm, yes sorry about that. I think it’s safe to say the days of Adventures/Assault and its ground combat are over. Being able to transform into a walker does harcon back to an idea from the cancelled StarFox 2 and having the Landmaster fly looks fun. I do hope it’s not just StarFox64 again but rather tries out a new take with StarFox. I’m not completely sold on the 2 screen gameplay but maybe it won’t feel so alien when I try it out first hand.

So it’s a basic reboot to the franchise…. I guess people will be happy that Krystal is no longer cannon.”

So let me get this straight… the days of ground combat are over, but the walker vehicle which was made for ground combat has just been announced and the tank is still a tank…? I don’t know what to make of this, if I wasn’t so sure that Randomdce wasn’t a gamer, I would almost be convinced he was being sarcastic. This is like writing “The gunplay in borderlands has been removed, instead they’ve added thousands of new guns with different handling and firepower”.

If its going to contain ground combat like starfox assault or new features than its not “a basic reboot to the franchise”. Just like the previous complaint I find that randomdce does not know definitions. In addition “I do hope it’s not just StarFox64 again but rather tries out a new take” is hilarious when you consider that he just mentioned a dual screen feature and looking it up on Wikipedia would tell you there’s a new helicopter and vehicles now transform… I’m pretty sure Randomdce that starfox zero won’t be starfox 64.

Perhaps the only good thing I have to say about this portion of his rant is that he did admit it was opinion (but unfortunately this is not a mitigating factor because everything is an opinion, you must try to be objective even though you can never truly succeed) and that people will be happy about Krystal not being in the game as while some of the fanbase likes her, the other does not.

“From here…. The conference Barrel Rolled into a brick wall.”

Oh really? I can’t wait to see why.

“2 – Donkey Kong and Bowser show up in Skylanders: Super Chargers.
Really sad the only major collab Nintendo are doing is with Activision, and its Skylanders tripe. I really don’t understand this Amiibo or Skylanders craze and I have been advised by my friends to avoid them like the plague.”

How exactly is this sad? Nintendo doesn’t really do collaborations (and no, adding a character or two to smash bros doesn’t count). Many companies don’t do collab projects, mostly because its risky, and you have to split the profits. It’s better to just buy out someone or hire them than to work together. If this is sad, then every other corporation in gaming is also by extension sad.

“3 – Triforce Heroes.
Really not interested.”

Nice commentary. I mean wow, this is an E3 cap and it has equal effort to polygon’s “video games are stupid of course” article. I would praise randomdce for putting just as much effort as mainstream media but that’s not really an accomplishment.

“4 – Hyrule Warriors 3DS.
If my Wii U plans don’t work out. I’ll pick this up.”

Are you seriously going to write one sentence for each game… you can’t call this a recap if you’re not going to actually comment on anything. I mean you drew a picture and everything for this piece of shit v-log in written format. This is twitter levels of insight. Is there a character cap on deviant art or something? Why bother with these E3 recaps when no one will care if you have nothing to say about the games aside from like 1 game out of 9+ and if anything you lose credibility by doing shit like this. You either put in effort or don’t bother.

“5 – Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

…. Wow.

If you look at the like/dislike bar on YT for this video…. Jesus.”

Yup he’s just going to keep not writing anything really insightful about the games at E3 by Nintendo. I’m just gonna move on to his other E3 recaps.


“Finally, we come to Sony.

80% of their fanbase consists of drooling idiots who blindly follow what Sony shits out every year, and honestly believe Sony are perfect and incapable of doing no wrong. Yes, they’re more delusional than Nintendo’s fanbase, at least they’ll acknowledge the Mario movie and the CD-I Zelda games.

Yay fanhating. I’m glad to see Randomdce has not changed in the several months if not years that passed between the last article I wrote on him and now. I just find static characters so appealing, you could say Randomdce’s character is cardboard and 2D and I wouldn’t say that’d be overly critical; I’d actually say that’d be accurate.

“I tend to notice a pattern every year with E3, or it tends to run off of a fairly typical run sheet.


Well, I’ve found all the conferences to be utter pigshit as a whole so far, can’t see how these blithering idiots will be any different.”

Okay full stop. Let me renact randomdce’s commentary on E3 conferences and see if this counts as “E3 hosts being blithering idiots”.
*list game… then immediately say you don’t care*
Xenoblade Chronicles, one of the best JRPGs, was on the last list I just covered and randomdce just glossed over it with “I’m not interested”. How the fuck is E3 consist of “blithering idiots” when you don’t know or don’t care about any of the games that get revealed there? I get the feeling randomdce doesn’t even play games especially since a recurring trend with people featured on this blog is pretending to be apart of a fanbase one is actually not apart of. Last article we saw randomdce wasn’t a comic book fan so I’m guessing this article we’ll see randomdce isn’t gaming fan. Here’s hoping he proves me wrong.

“To save some time on these little text marathons this year, I’m going to be stripping away the fat and get these down to their bare bones. So the following won’t be talked about.

1 – Useless tech specs/sales figures/non game related news. However I will make an exception in places.

2 – Cinematic teaser trailers are excluded from the summary. For they tell me next to nothing about the final product.

Considering this is Square, I doubt I’ll see any gameplay.

3 – Ignoring all of the “here’s a person in a suit” moments. Since they tell me fuck all about games.

For Sony especially, I’ve added a forth rule.

4 – All of the moments of Sony sucking their own dicks will be ignored.”

So essentially, you’re not going to make any chances to your current format? Is that a yes randomdce?

“Again, this will all be opinion based.”

Oh okay so that was a yes; this is going to suck.

“1 – The Last Guardian.
Looks good and all, but what is this about exactly? Some Buddha kid and Dogzilla pissing about in ruins?”

Oh what’s this, an E3 recap written by a dumbass who can’t do any research or a freaking glance at the actual material? Just to let people know, this game will be similar to Shadow of Collosus, you know the game where you climbed giant fucking monsters and stabbed them to death? The game that was considered a thematic masterpiece? If you don’t understand than you’re probably randomdce

“2 – Horizon: Zero Dawn.
So, Metal Gear Assassin’s Arkham Uncharted?

I’m starting to see what Razorfist means by how all these “new IP’s” are actually old games with a facelift.”

Ah I see, Horizon: Zero dawn is a sequel to Metal Gear, Assasins Creed, Batman Arkham asylum and Uncharted… because you control a character from a third person perspective? I don’t even understand what the thought process here is. If you want to be negative, you still have to explain yourself. This isn’t even opinions anymore this is just being contrarian. The idea that a game is not unique or not deserving of existing because it borrows concepts from multiple games is ridiculous. If this is the case than every game is not worth playing because they were coded using a programing language. For the record, direct plagiarism isn’t okay but a game can have similar themes without committing plagiarism. I’m totally convinced that randomdce is not a gamer.

“3 – Street Fighter V.
Always glad to see England more love, and to get Cammy Toe in HD.

…. I think I have issues. Plus Ryu being in Smash can fill my SF fix for now.”

Uh… ewwww.

“4 – No Mans Sky.
Space shooters are always fun. Still, Starfox Zero can fill that need for me so I’ll pass on this.”

Yup, randomdce is not a gamer. No mans sky is a open world, free-flight space/ground simulator. Similar to a game like parkan 1 or 2 or freelancer (though freelancer has no ground combat). How you can say that starfox, a game with on rails flight more similar to an arcade game than a simulator is a substitute for this possibly ground breaking game is beyond me. I mean we are currently in the era where kickstarter projects to get games like Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen and other open world space flight simulators get millions of dollars from the public to get funded and THERE’s STILL a craving for more open world space flight simulators. People want games like freespace 2 back but they still haven’t gotten them, how is this not interesting to you randomdce?

“5 – Dreams.
Looks fun but I have Minecraft.

6 – Fire Watch.
Ehhh, getting Slender: The Arrival flashbacks.

7 – Destiny: The Taken King.
I’ll stick with Halo thanks.”

Ah the insightful commentary is back. I know what an E3 recap needs, constant references to other games that have nothing to do with the subject. Also isn’t Destiny a cross platform game? Why would you cover this in Sony?

“8 – Revolver Studious.
It’s sad when these new ideas didn’t nearly get the same reaction as Square digging up an ancient turd like FF7. That kinda says everything about the games industry doesn’t it?”

Revolver Studious… Revolver studious… *google search… finds nothing*. Great Randomdce has gone so random that I literally have no idea what he’s talking about or whether or not he’s had a brain aneurysm. I think this is a textbook definition of ‘too far up one’s own ass’. I would care about the FF7 fanhating but quite literally I don’t even understand what prompted this comment or even what it means in relation to ‘Revolver studious’. I don’t think this just a typo for Revolver Studios either because that brings up nothing too. How do you write an E3 recap where one of the items you review isn’t on the list and you have to do the review by bringing up pointless insults to people who aren’t even related? Was it more important to insult a fanbase than actually be coherent?

“Shenmue 3 gets a free pass from me, only because the series creator was cockblocked by Sega and he just wants to finish his story. FF7 can die in a fire and take its lunatic fanbase with it”

Okay so it really WAS more important to insult fanbases than actually talk about sony because Shenmue 3 isn’t a sony game and FF7 has absolutely nothing to do with Shenmue.

“*shots fired*”

Nice shooting Randomdce! You shot yourself like 30 times! I’m not calling the ambulance and its not because I don’t want to but because they haven’t finished construction on their new psychiatric ward for maniacs like you.

“9 – Batman: Arkham Knight.

Glad they confirmed Joker’s dead and he ain’t coming back…. Or did they?

*X-Files theme*

No, he’s dead. Moving on.

Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m getting worrying signs by the Arkham series introducing fps mechanics. Granted it’s DLC but still, fuck that noise.”

The real reason why the X-Files theme is playing is because not even super geniuses can explain why randomdce wrote these E3 recaps

“10 – Call of Duty Black Ops III

Yeah, that will serve for my commentary on COD”

Randomdce just implicitedly told call of duty to go ‘die in a fire’… why do I get the feeling he’s going to play it anyway especially when he’s citing a overused horror franchise that’s getting milked just as badly as call of duty?

“11 – Disney Infinity 3.0
Eh, still not sold on this Skylanders knock off.

12 – Star Wars Battlefront.
I refer you to what I said in the EA summary.”

I will not be bothering to look at the EA summary because Mr.Kill has given my a good protip:

“13 – Uncharted 4.
Not interested. However I got a chuckle over the technical hiccups. Yes I am that petty tbh.”

At least we’re on the same page… I’m refering to the petty part not the hate all gamers part.

“Just so you understand my zero enthusiasm for FF7, Shenmue 3 and Uncharted 4 is because I have no experience with any of them” – Randomdce 2015

Then you have much credibility as mobile gamers when it comes to E3. I mean you haven’t played or even considered how important FF7, Shemue or Uncharted are to both the industry and the genre? Why even fucking cover games then? Why not just take a picture of your dick and post that? These recaps are freaking egotistical and exist only to serve your ego and it doesn’t help that you frequently frequently target fanbases in these recaps for no other reason thant because you just enjoy hating on people who have never done a thing to you. You have no experience with a major JRPG game like FF7? None? You have never played a story driven experience like Shenmue? Never? How about a third person shooter with le parkour elements like uncharted? Oh wait you admit to not playing that either! What’s the fucking point of talking about E3 or video games when you clearly don’t care about them?

Jamie Aka Archfiend’s Biggest problem, the ethos dilemna.

Logos, ethos, pathos are methods to present your argument.

Logos is the use of logic to prove your point. “Youtube Whoring is bad because bad videos get many views preventing good videos from appearing on youtube popular searches and thus ensure youtube will be saturated with bad quality, low content videos. Youtube does not care about whether a video is liked but rather as to whether or not it gets views. This stance should be changed.”

Pathos is the use of emotion (of the readers) to prove your point. “So I decided to do a search and look what we’ve got here, a bullshit video where some douchebag talks to himself for 50 minutes about pointless shit while failing to play a video game at preschool difficulty and we’re expected to rate, comment and subscribe? That’s just lazy; youtube whoring is lazy and there’s no reason why anyone should give these videos the time of day.”

Ethos is the use of authority (your own emotions and credibility) to prove your point. I don’t think I need to make up my own example here, because ethos is an argument that Archfiend is used to throwing out.

Too long didn’t watch? Archfiend says shane dawson is a douchebag for youtube whoring and near the end of the video outright says that he’s better than shane and that Archfiend is on the case. Note that he doesn’t explain why youtube whoring is bad and focuses more on himself looking good as compared to shane. Do note how he focuses on how he feels and not about the viewers or about what the audience should be feeling. Notice the emphasis in the beginning about how important it is that he himself cares about the issue.

However if you paid attention to the video… you’d see exactly where Archfiend fails to successfully make a ethos argument that doesn’t sink. There is nothing inherently wrong with an ethos argument. If famous celebrity says “Hi I’m X, Don’t do drugs kids” and doesn’t back up anything with facts, then they’re using an ethos argument. It’s not false to say “don’t do drugs” because let’s admit it, drugs abuse is problematic and the best way to avoid it is not to start at all. Likewise I don’t think you need to see charts of data to know that when the center of disease control says “don’t eat that pizza you just ordered” to not eat that pizza you just ordered. Last but not a definitive example, if environmental canada (emergency weather alert service) says to evacuate because a hurricane is coming in, you don’t argue with them asking for the facts and decide they lied and the hurricane will probably change course.

But I digress, Archfiend fails the ethos argument because he’s a hypocrite. If you’re going to achieve credibility and authority, you need to be right and stay right. Don’t have your cake and eat it. In the video you may notice that the at beginning he says he won’t critique the quality of Shane Dawson’s videos or otherwise say his videos suck.

0:30 “I just wanna say, I am not critiquing this person’s quality or content… I am not saying his videos suck… I am making this video solely… because this person is a whore to youtube.

3:42 “I watched a few of them [Shane Dawson’s videos], I don’t think they’re that entertaining”

4:49 “[Archfiend explaining why he thinks Shane Dawson doesn’t use only quality for video marketing] Because you wouldn’t get half the amount of attention that you do, if you didn’t cheat the system”

So Archfiend’s idea of not critiquing the videos is to a few minutes later immediately say the videos aren’t that great and that if Shane didn’t use misleading thumbnails and sensational titles, quality alone would not get him success. How is this not critiquing the quality of the person’s work again? Bonus points for being against sensationalist titles and misleading thumbnails but then having a title that says “Shane Dawson EXPOSED” when not exactly exposing anything that isn’t common knowledge and relying entirely on his own reputation to prove anything. You can’t EXPOSE anyone without having concrete information that is generally obscure being brought into common knowledge. Something as easy as looking at their video upload history doesn’t count as exposing anything.

I am not only one who’s noticed that Archfiend has a long running problem with putting money where his mouth is.


Now I haven’t had the time to look through all of the above links and I will assume some it may be made up. But here’s the parts I found that were proven and I want to highlight (all of them from the blogspot and are paraphrased).

1. Archfiend has a long history with blocking people and yet frequently complains when other people block him. When he blocks someone “it’s because the person was being willfully stupid and not worthwhile to talk to” but if Mike Matei blocks someone for the same reason… oh apparently its censorship and trying to shutdown criticism. If you block people for reasons then you must also assume your opponent is blocking people for the same reasons. It’s all too easy to pretend that being blocked is offensive when you omit context like “subject threaten to kill someone with a knife”. Unfortunately, Archfiend has been reported to be blocking people for much less than unlawful conduct and has been caught repeatedly blocking people to the point that the majority of the videos in the youtube playlist are about him blocking people. Videos like the “The Arch Coward” cover this topic.

2. Repeated Mixed messaging. We just saw Archfiend asking people to do their best and not demand things they’re not entitled to. Here’s Archfiend quitting Six flags because he couldn’t wait in line and follow procedure, repeatedly demanding a security guard escort through the gate. Granted there was a pass card malfunction but you can’t exactly expect to cut in line just because your card malfunctioned. The staff will be fired if they give you preferential treatment!

How about his repeat hatred for youtube whoring and posting videos with captions that don’t match the content.

His excuse for this one? He disabled the ads… and didn’t take down the video after years and years of whoring it out to get channel stats, which indirectly make him money anyway.

How about his response to real-world problems?
Well he hates youtube problems for sure.

But what about third-world problems? You know with children dying and shit?

12:18 “I really don’t care what happens to these kids in africa”

Gee rioting about AVGN is more important than kids in africa. The only good thing I could point out about this is that KONY 2012 was a pretty bad attempt at activism.

3. ADD, Attention deficit Disorder. Let’s take a look at Archfiend’s accomplishments:

Wow that was a short-list. Archfiend doesn’t set goals and doesn’t cover topics to a complete extent. What’s the point of “Archfiend being on the case” when he doesn’t anything substantial? FIVE VIDEOS, FIVE are all that he’s done on Shane Dawson AND basically all of them deal with sensationalistic titles and repeat arguments. He’s made the same amount of videos bashing Shane Dawson’s fans with a stunning FIVE, FIVE videos dedicated to insulting his fanbase for the action of the few. What’s the goal here? It’s not the inform people (as this blog’s goal is), because five videos for a topic that Archfiend has been “covering” for over 5 years (some of his videos are years apart) which means that anyone who wants to be kept up to date with Shane Dawson’s scams, are not going to happy. Likewise what has Shane Dawson accomplished since Archfiend’s first take on him in 2010?
Shane Dawson has:
Won two awards in two different ceremonies one for choice web star, one for Best Vlogger. Both in the same year (2010) that Archfiend “exposed” him.
Started a music, film and television career. This meant making several albums, a total of 3 films so far, and staring in two TV shows (for a few episodes).
Won a movie making competition, winning $250k to make another movie

Well that list is certainly bigger than Archfiend’s accomplishments… if only there was someone actually holding Shane Dawson up to scutiny because it doesn’t look like the mainstream producers or people even know that Shane Dawson engages in scam tactics. Heck when put like this I almost am ready to believe that Archfiend just flat out lied because being caught abusing the system would generally destroy your reputation especially if he was deliberately making content-less videos. I mean Shane Dawson was allowed to make a statement like this “I like the movie. The producers that I trust like the movie. The test audience liked the movie. I know I deserve to make a movie because I’ve been working my fucking ass off these last eight years on YouTube” on his craptastic movie ‘Not Cool’ and Archfiend didn’t even call him out. This is why its important to not have ADD especially when you are involved in Ethos arguments. If you say something, it has to translate into action or something tangible when you make an Ethos argument. Shane Dawson has quite literally exploded in popularity and his controversy is no where to be found. Heck I can’t even find hate blogs or other groups dedicated to exposing his mal-practices. This is problematic for Archfiend’s argument for obvious reasons:

What is deception? You know what deception is? Why would you be reading this blog if you don’t what deception is? Deception is:

“to mislead by a false appearance or statement”-dictionary.com

Now have any you taken first-year biology> don’t worry this will go back to Archfiend in a short moment. Animals also perform deception, evolution is about who can breed the most and die the least. Therefore animals that can trick other animals benefit the most. But this doesn’t work in practice, because as we all know, Humans are the top of the evolutionary chain and we do things known as COOPERATE and not deceive and back-stab (heck we actively work to screw over people who lie and deceive). I could make a list of people who lied and got screwed over and could quite literally fill an entire article. Instead I will ask a simple question: Why doesn’t deception work? If it gives an evolutionary advantage, then why didn’t that become the norm. Why don’t we have an anarchy where the most slimy and lying individuals get all the stuff and we all have to work to trick each other to get what we want. Why is it that I can walk home with my paycheck knowing that I actually got paid in real money and not monopoly money?

Because deception only works in small quantities.

Want an easy logos example? Say I offer you a car, you buy and it breaks down immediately. So I offer you another car, you buy and it breaks. I offer you a third car, this one driven by “JAMES BOND” at which point you obviously aren’t Peter Griffin and therefore aren’t falling for this.

Want real examples? The animal kingdom is a great example of societies equilibrium when it comes to deception. Every species its trying to evolve and is doing its best to not die out. So if an animal group encounters repeated deception, the members of the group will keep track of which areas are full of deception and also ways to tell. The more deception occurring within a region, the less animals are going to fall for it because they already know what happens if you do. Case in point, a study with rhesus monkeys where in group liars get punished but only if they lie too often.


Now let’s connect this back to Archfiend, if Shane Dawson regularly engages in deception and clickbait… why the fuck is he still popular and still successful?
This isn’t an unfair question. Irate Gamer is an asshole and people know it, is he successful? No! Asalieri frequently lies and misrepresent an issue, do people trust him? NOPE! But here’s Shane Dawson, he makes clickbait videos that are misleading and don’t contain the subject in the headline is he successful? Holy fucking yeah, I’d say winning 250k dollars to make movie is win freaking win. What the hell happened?

Well I can give you two answers, the simple one or the more insightful one.

The simple one: ADD and a lack of proper talent to form a countermovement. Here’s something that won’t surprise you, it takes groups of people, working together to accomplish anything substantial. There’s no major group that opposes Shane Dawson and neither is there a general consensus that Shane Dawson has committed youtube whoring or any kind of cheating.

The more insightful answer: Ethos Dilemna (come on you had to be expecting a title drop somewhere?). Ethos is important because its a great starting point to get attention. Many great products have failed due to a lack of marketing. Ever hear of a movie that failed because no one heard of it? Movies like Dark City? How about movies that sucked so badly they failed on word of mouth alone, such as afterearth? As stated earlier Ethos is the authority of the argument. If man with a tinfoil hat told you to leave your house because “there is a tornado coming to fuck you up” odds are you won’t leave because you don’t trust a conspiracy nut. But here’s the thing with the concept called “truth” it doesn’t matter who says it but the popularity, reliability and character of who ever says the “truth” is what matters when it comes to hearing it and believing it. Now I’m not saying that Archfiend is right to say Shane Dawson is a youtube whore or that anything he says could be correct but I am saying however that Archfiend has not built up any credibility, reputation or reliability of any kind. A small-time but prominent reviewer named Cartoon hero also has similar thoughts about Archfiend (namely that Archfiend used to try to be right but now is trying to justify immoral stances)

What does it mean when “Archfiend is on the case”? Why should I care if Archfiend wants to critique me or if he doesn’t like my work? What’s Archfiend’s standards? Why should I listen to this guy?
These are the questions you want to answer when you rely on ethos to prove your arguments. Hell the greatest movie critics in world could snap their fingers and a movie would be instantly hated or suddenly become a classic. There are plenty of people who hate a movie based on what a critic has said on it. Many people are still convinced that Simons Quest is the worst NES game ever based on AVGN’s early review. Going back to previous topics, gamergate is the result when all the top (mainstream) critics go mad with power, culminating in an internet wide protest against misrepresentation of gamers. Ethos is power and when you have it, your words are that much more stronger and that much more meaningful. But when you abuse your power, you lose it and with it the power in your words as well (to the point that several gaming sites have had to reform or otherwise back off with joystiq closing due to financial difficulties). Welcome to the Ethos Dilemna, you can’t change your ethics without an explanation and everything you do is under scrutiny like a politician; its like sunset boulevard “once you’ve won you have to go on winning”. If you aren’t able to act under scrutiny don’t take the job, power and responsibility that comes with being credible and well respected, because once you lose, you lose big time.

And has Archifend been “winning?”. Not by any stretch of the imagination I’m afraid. One of the things I keep hearing from Archfiend is how much he cares about other people’s fans and how he hates it when someone scams their fans because they’re so precious… except Archfiend runs a “fanboy comments” show, the entire premise of which is to insult a fandom.

Wow that was a huge break I had to take from the article. Either way lets get straight to the Archfiend’s disclosure video.

Let’s a take a look at the description… nothing really important. But I have a hunch Archfiend will make a statement involving fans. So I’m gonna make note of the fact that he links to “let’s laugh at fanboys” in his description as well as well as a bunch of screencaps of youtube comments.

0:10 “This is surreal, that’s the first 3 words I posted on a comment”
Well this is going to be great, let’s focus on some comment you made that really shouldn’t be relevant especially since you don’t really talk about anyone at all at least in a good detail.

0:10 – 0:45 After a long amount of fumbling explaining what recently happened (Chris Bores made a disclosure video… Archfiend doesn’t even mention the extreme amount of lying that occurred in that video), Archfiend proceeds to say something really stupid.

0:50 “much like chris said; in my video here you can choose to believe everything, nothing, somethings, all the things, whatever, it doesn’t really fucking matter to me at this point. Because there’s alot of things I have been sitting on here that I haven’t said about why I went after the Irate Gamer, why I changed my tide on James Rolfe the angry video game nerd, yes I am going to refer to him by name even though he’s who we shall not speak of on this channel. But anyway, just for the sake of full disclosure”

WOW where to begin. Okay first off, a whole minute has just passed and this video is a wreck. Repetition and a lack of proof-reading might make this video look more down to earth but this is a disclosure video, that means you should be professional, not misusing words, or repeating yourself and acting like a nervous wreck who’s well aware they’ve fucked up severely over the last few months. I mean seriously I am actually cutting out lines of dialogue because its repeats of previous lines just slightly rephrased. Is it too hard to say “Chris made a disclosure video, here’s mine?”. Great I’m dealing with two “disclosure” videos that have zero effort or editing put into them.

Secondly, the first sentence… is that really what you want to put on your “here’s my ethics disclosure” video? This is technically the first time Archfiend has put a video detailing his standards and moral ethics. Disregarding the fact that he said ‘everything’ twice and ‘something’ twice, telling people “you don’t fucking care” as to whether or not your message is true is essentially telling people that you don’t intend to put any effort into making your message true, reliable or factual. That’s like starting your academic essay with “I did no research, here’s my paper, please don’t stamp an F- on the page”.

Thirdly, like Chris said? When the fuck was that? Chris never said anything about not caring about the reception to his message. In fact he made it abundantly clear that he expected his message to be taken completely seriously and did not enjoy dissenting opinion. You can tell when Chris Bores references the AVGN boogeyman. Even Chris isn’t fucking dumb enough to state that he is going to have a confession that has no thought or effort put into making it truthful or convincing! I can’t believe I’m saying this but this line was so dumb it surpasses everything that Chris has done in terms of stupidity. Even Chris isn’t thoughtless enough to say he puts no effort into things!?

Fourthly, What do you mean you haven’t said why you hated Irate Gamer? Its pretty fucking self explanatory, Chris was a plagiarist who ran around with sockpuppet accounts attacking literally every other channel. When he started, there was basically no one on youtube who wasn’t aware of or at least pissed at him. Archfiend, you called him a no talent hack and you were responsible for Chris Bore’s interview on net noise backfiring horribly. I’m pretty sure you said that you did this because you were pissed that Irate Gamer got attention by stealing from AVGN. What? You’re gonna say you were wrong? You wanna keep digging an even deeper hole that you won’t climb out of? Goddamn this is stupid.

Fifthly, Tide? What the fuck is this use of diction? Tide is not a word that represents opinion or actions. “why I changed my tide on James Rolfe” *sigh* I literally don’t know what’s more stupid. The fact that Archfiend has just used a word, a four letter word, that he literally does not know the definition of to sound smart. OR the possibility that he’s so egotistical that he thinks he’s a tidal wave. Nevertheless, someone please tell Archfiend to use a goddamn dictionary because you can’t change your tide on anything, unless you’re referring to your usage of tide sanitary products.

Sixthly (yes this screw up has this many things to point out), What is there to say about AVGN? Archfiend has made it clear what he thinks. Its called E-begging and the misuse of the term.

What super secret confession do you need to make Archfiend? Archfiend was ridiculously off the mark here. And “He who we shall not speak of” becomes a very stupid statement when you realize that Archfiend was blocked for spreading stupid garbage the like the edited IMDB page of AVGN’s movie budget


“Mike Matei WILL Block You If You Mention This On Any Video.” Hmmm I wonder why… perhaps its because you’re lying and committing libel?

Goddamn and this was in one minute. Well I know who Irate Gamer and Asalieri are learning from when it comes to making videos that bomb. Less than a minute in and we’ve got broken logic and word use, confession to lying, bringing up an event that never happened, and all with repetition and the editing skills of a dead otter. Oh god this thing is 34 minutes? I’ll do as long as I can before it becomes apparent that Archfiend is blatantly lying, blatantly using filler or my complaints become repetitive.

0:50-1:50 Filler FILLER FILLER, FILLER FILLER FILLER, it’s the same goddamn congaline! All the way from Irate Gamer’s shitty video!

1:52 “I was a fan of the Angry video game nerd”

2:40 Archfiend talks about how he saw an AVGN video on myspace and AVGN was the first person he subscribed to.

I’m honestly not surprised and anyone who knew how shitty and content poor youtube was back in the day probably wouldn’t be surprised either. Is this supposed to be a build up to “I was betrayed/broken pedestal” pathos argument. Because it really falls apart when it become apparent your standards were low.

2:50 Archfiend has trouble naming some AVGN videos and then says “Jesus Christ”

Wow that was totally necessary. Yeah I say Jesus Christ as profanity all the time I have minor memory issues (P.S this is sarcasm). I can see where Asalieri gets his Jesus Christ profanity habit from.


4:00 – 4:10 Archfiend proceeds to list a bunch of personal details about AVGN and states they relate to him… yeah… that’s not creepy at all. I don’t even know where people live, its kinda that thing I don’t need to know to critique them. The only time I checked address was just to make sure Chris’s IP address was in fact Chris’s IP address. Oh and to prank batdamn but I don’t keep track of his living location at all.

4:20 “he [AVGN] was symbol of my home state, he was a symbol of my age group, he was symbol of people like me… and I began to worship him.”
Wow Archfiend, and you dare to make let’s laugh at fanboy videos. This is as pathetic as the people who claim they never be totalitarian assholes and then proceed to invoke censorship and ignore criticism universally. The sad part about this is that AVGN doesn’t ask his fans to be rabid, and they’re not supposed to. In fact the movie AVGN recently made has that as a plot point, with AVGN afraid his fans like him to the point of worship and the end of the movie makes it clear that people aren’t fucking stupid and it actually takes effort on both the worshipped and worshipper to get to this state. Given that AVGN doesn’t ask people to anything aggressive, unlike say Asalieri or heck Archfiend himself, its entirely your fault Archfiend that you became a “fanboy”.

5:05 Archfiend talks about how Irate Gamer entered the scene and his SMB2 video was featured and how being featured makes your video so important.

YEAH NO, youtube feature system works by taking a video that was getting a lot of views and thus puts it on front page to get even more views. Sure its great to have a video featured, but youtube also featured a lot of crap (unfortunately since youtube has changed its system many times over the years, I can’t show you real evidence) including screamers, shitty one second videos and misleading thumbnail shit. If your video was already getting views without being featured, its not like getting on the frontpage was what made it super popular, because it probably already was before it was featured.

5:30 Archfiend describes the SMB2 video as “it’s alright, its okay, its a decent little review. I noticed somethings started looking similar in other different reviews”.

Uh Archfiend? What does the word plagiarism mean? Oh and what does the words manipulative editing mean? Chris Bore’s review of SMB2 was both factually incorrect and also a great deal plagiarized in terms of style and structure. Heck it begins with the blind pass song, which wasn’t cited, so its totally plagiarism!

6:20 Archfiend notes that Irate Gamer got youtube partner status while AVGN did not. He doesn’t note that it was because AVGN was in deep shit for swearing and extreme toilet humor while Chris Bores was a more “child friendly” alternative (Look executives rarely make great decisions especially if you are a youtube exec).

7:00 Archfiend says that he is disclosing the fact that he went after Chris Bores because he made money while AVGN did not. And states that he did not disclose this because it would cause a “chain reaction” in that people would accuse him of going after people just because they make money.

*Sigh* wow really? This is just full of lies. I’m not exactly sure if Archfiend is lying because he’s too fucking stupid to remember the things he’s said about Chris or too fucking stupid to understand the words he said when remembering them.

In the above video we will see Archfiend repeatedly complain that Chris Bores has stolen material from AVGN while not admitting it and taking credit and rewards for it. See 17:46 where he says “He can make a dime off a concept he did not create and not give acknowledgement to the man that did create that concept that he is milking off of

So let me get this straight? Archfiend has just said he was going to disclose a previously not known reason as to why he hated Irate Gamer even though he did in fact make it clear that he hated Irate Gamer for that reason. I have a stupid incredibly obvious disclosure to make too! I breathe air! Shocking!

Archfiend’s argument against Irate Gamer has always boiled down to the fact that Irate Gamer has gotten rewards, monetary or otherwise while AVGN has gotten less for his hard work. I can’t believe he either thinks people don’t know this or that people are so stupid they can’t figure that out. First disclosure and its something that is blatantly obvious and needs no real introduction.

7:00-9:56 Filler! Let’s waste time talking about views of money. Archfiend talks about how he makes money off videos and Irate Gamer makes money off videos. Archfiend says he feels sorry for AVGN because he didn’t get money for his work. So that’s the part where Archfiend gives his money to AVGN right? right? Also notice how Archfiend doesn’t report the amount of money he actually makes.

10:02 Archfiend says that his anger at Chris Bores was misguided because the true villain was youtube. Because youtube selected Irate Gamer to be featured and made him a sponsor. But the real kicker is this stupid line he says “Because he [Irate Gamer] was getting to a point that James rolfe was up here and Irate Gamer was down here and then the sub gap started shrinking. [thanks to youtube] This motherfucker is gonna… be bigger than James rolfe… all this is subjective and all that”.

Yeah I started chopping down on the quote. Because the real quote, the full one would be so scatterbrained that you would think I was actually lying. In fact go ahead and go and see the real clip (have adblock on) and he repeatedly changes topic and words. Its almost as if he realizes how stupid his words are halfway through to the point that he makes a disclaimer “that this is subjective”. Well of course “this is subjective” archfiend its your goddamn opinion. You’ve already told us again and again you’re against e-begging and earning money you didn’t work for, now you’re gonna say Irate Gamer is cool because what he did was legal? This is the dumbest logic ever, the idea that a criminal can be innocent because the system allowed him/her to do it. So people shouldn’t be made at the dude who made bomb threats that ended up canceling a meeting because obvious twitter is to blame because you can distribute such threats.

Also note that Archfiend runs on social justice themes… the very themes that are getting torn to pieces at this exact moment.

I find it ironic that Archfiend claims to care about justice and money when all he wants is money and fame for himself

(isn’t gamergate so topical?) I guess videogames are to blame because a school shooter shot someone and not the school shooter because it was his/her fucking decision to go kill people when they could have done literally anything else. To be clear, I’m not saying you can’t fault the system or other factors for someone’s failure to act ethically. That’s not true, you totally can, but you can’t say that the individual is innocent without some kind of proof. I’ve discussed in previous articles that Irate Gamer is consistently out to harm AVGN and his fans or anyone who doesn’t outright hate AVGN. There are plenty of instances today where we can say that the system is at fault but Chris Bore’s behaviour is not one of them. Nothing excuses outright plagiarism, nothing excuses outright lying to people in a “candid” discussion by claiming that you entered a contest where you supposedly were told you would win immediately (because that totally happens right?) and then imply that happy video game nerd cheated to win his position and AVGN “snubed” you. I would need evidence that says that AVGN told him to steal his stuff practically verbatim and a real letter from the contest runners who said he would win without question.

Wow this is depressing. 10 minutes in and the only things we’ve learned are things that are already obvious given Archfiend’s stance on e-begging and a textbook example of fundamental Attribution error. Here’s a song about a real broken system, America’s prison system.

10:45 “I should have brought more heat down on youtube than the Irate Gamer”- Archfiend

Archfiend… I don’t know how to say this politely… so I’m gonna say it bluntly. Your reputation is not stellar. You’re not exactly a trend leader and you have literally no idea how to fix the youtube system because you frequently exploit it yourself such as with the aforementioned “justin biber orgy” video. You frequently don’t write about topics in a reasonable amount of time and in terms of activism you suck immensely. Shane Dawson is running around with piles of money he won in a contest with an official statement that was literally “I worked my ass off getting here” and you’re “activism” against him didn’t get him any real backlash. People like totalbiscuit have raged against the youtube system (totalbiscuit has completely shutoff the comment system because it fails to prevent bullying) and nothing has really happened. I’d like to remind you that totalbiscuit is infinitely more popular and is considered one of the best pc critics on youtube. What the fuck could you have possibly done archfiend? Are you saying that it was better to wage one “feel good” war over another “feel good” war?

10:52 “its not like the Irate Gamer was writing letters to youtube ‘please feature my videos'”

Except… Irate Gamer clearly has connections. For one, he’s able to get job at gottgame despite clearly not being qualified or working at a decent schedule AND this is in spite of the fact that this gets the company much hatred. Second youtube frequently overlooks Irate Gamers abusive behaviour online, behaviour that would get any other person without connections banned. Look at all the crap that his Ladybuggin777 account keeps spewing out, the vast majority of that would get any other account banned. Of course we wouldn’t know about any letters written to youtube, their confidential. Irate Gamer is a very corrupt and he himself is very poor at transparency. I’ve already done an article concerning how he treats his fans and how he demands that his fans write nasty things about other people to the point that he doesn’t acknowledge people who don’t write hostile things to other people. This entire statement needs citations because for all we know, Irate Gamer had to apply for partnership somehow and he had to have done something to not get banned after all this time.

11:08-11:22 YAY more filler. Because repetition is cool. Because repetition is cool Because repetition is cool Because repetition is cool Because repetition is cool Because repetition is cool Because repetition is cool Because repetition is cool and lazy because its wastes time but not periods.

11:26 ” another reason why I’m making this video is I’m gonna link this in all my videos in an annotation just to set the record straight.”

Wow so instead of taking the videos down, you’re gonna leave them up just so you can make as many views as possible. Archfiend is against youtube whoring right? right?

11:47 Archfiend says that he will be leaving the videos as “historical documents for a lack of a better term”

Why? Those videos will be so hypocritical given your current pansy attitude and will show just how far you have fallen archfiend. Granted in retrospect you haven’t really fallen that far but at least you were right back then. Archfiend’s excuse as to why he will keep these videos is essentially “My anger was misguided because youtube is really to blame… except here’s all these videos where I show Irate Gamer’s attitude problems and Chris Bore’s direct role in being a plagiarist no talent hack”. Would this count as an example of tv trope’s ‘Unapologetic” (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheUnapologetic)? If you think Irate Gamer is innocent, which you’ve implied throughout this video by saying it was not his fault he was featured and started the stupid AVGN versus Irate Gamer internet bullshit then why keep those videos. Especially painful is what’s coming next.

12:00 “I’ve removed videos before… just for the fuck of it, its my channel I can do whatever I want”.

Hi Archfiend, can you say face first into ethos dilemna? You’ve literally just admitted you have no reason to do so and now justifying your decision by outright stating you are a hypocrite. You could have taken the video down, you should have considering that it still directs anger towards Chris Bores and not youtube. You know the majority of people don’t read youtube descriptions or use annotations. But the real reason why isn’t because its logically makes sense, or its historical like you just lied about, but because you don’t want to lose revenue or lose face. Well you’re not going to lose revenue but you’ve definitely lost face, because this is so irresponsible that you’re literally justifying your irresponsible decision with “cause I can”. I’m sure Chris Bores is so happy that you left up those videos that fucked him over and I’m glad you did because its hilarious, but unfortunately this doesn’t speak well for you archfiend especially since its clear you do these rants for the money and not for anything else like helping people. This is the worse place to use ethos and you just had to do it didn’t you?

BTW archfiend? Don’t have important things like disclosures to do?

12:48 Archfiend says he’s going back to Irate Gamer making money. YES WE KNOW HE MAKES MONEY. GET ON WITH IT.

13:42 Archfiend says that is aware of the letter that Irate Gamer wrote to AVGN but apparently he says he never really mentioned it because he thought it was a “underhanded” tactic.

Okay? Why and how would this be a “underhanded” tactic?

13:57 After the inevitable rambling and calling mike matei a fuck face (totally adds value to this video) Archfiend gets to the point several eternities later (archfiend? do you even edit?) and says “did you really have to do that. It was done just to embarrass the guy… when it was something as much as giving a personal letter to someone and then exposing it. That just kind of rubbed me the wrong way and that was one of the main reasons why I put those letters that mike matei wrote to me on my website… because I felt he had no respect for the personal rights, not that its a right or something. It’s just kind of smarmy to do what he did”

I… I don’t really know where to begin with this… this level of stupid and hypocrisy is… holy shit. I don’t think I’ve seen this level of self-defeating stupidiy from anyone else except other social justice warriors. For those who aren’t aware of the term SJW aka Social Justice Warrior, an SJW is someone who claims to care about social rights and causes but very quickly turns out to be self-conceited and egotistic to the point of only using said social cause/right to harm other people and disregarding the cause when it prevents them from hurting people.

I mean don’t get me wrong, Archfiend has been a SJW for a long time it just hasn’t gotten THIS hypocritical. This is like those anti-gamergate writers in the previous article on gamergate who state they care about women but refuse to listen to any of them while calling any crtic a misogynist even if the critic is a women.

For those of you who don’t know who Ian Miles Cheong is. Well he’s a Neo-Nazi (ex if you ask him), and he is a supporter of anti-GG and in favor of the blockbot system that blocks anyone who doesn’t agree with you while labeling them as misogynist harassers.

An SJW by any definition because he claims to care about women but is more interested in running a employment blacklist than actually helping women. Pictured above is his reaction to getting fucked over by other SJWs. SJWS are hilariously chaotic evil.

So… to recap on Archfiend’s statement.

1. Archfiend thinks posting a personal letter is wrong.
2. Archfiend believes this because it feels kinda smarmy.
3. Archfiend admits that he is okay with posting other people’s personal letters.
4. Archfiend posts Mike Matei’s personal letters on his website despite them containing no real scandalous information and does this because Mike Matei posted Irate Gamer’s letter.
5. Archfiend admits its not a personal right to post to have one’s letter remain confidential once sent.

Okay I’m just gonna post this video first that pretty much entitles my reaction to the overall analogy and how Archfiend communicated it.

Okay lets address this on a point by point basis.
Number one, its not wrong to post a personal letter if it contains scandalous information. If a politician sends me a letter saying that I am to suck his/her cock and vote for them or I will be killed then I will be all means make the letter public. Of course I should report the letter to the authorities first but it doesn’t change the fact that it will become public eventually. There’s every reason why Irate Gamer’s letter could be described as Scandalous.


I mean just fucking look at the letter itself. Irate Gamer has never contacted AVGN before this and once he does its a letter that pretty much says “I know I’ve stolen your stuff and admit it, I’ve been a fans of yours despite repeatedly telling people I’ve never heard of you, I write this letter to tell you that I don’t care that I’ve started feud that is incredibly black and white and that its totally my fault that you have any haters to begin with. Let’s work together Bye”. Who would not post this personal letter? Its the clear evidence that Irate Gamer is a liar through and through. And as a public figure, Irate Gamer should be open to accountability. But hey I don’t even need to say this outloud because in point 5 Archfiend admits that it was a perfectly valid tactic but is only wrong based on Archfiend’s ‘feelings’ of smarmy.

Speaking of which here’s point 2. Let’s define smarmy:

“behaving in a way that seems polite, kind, or pleasing but is not genuine or believable” -Webster dictionary

Yeah that doesn’t describe what happened at all. Archfiend use a dictionary before you use words that you don’t know the meaning of. The concept of posting someone’s personal message… someone’s FIRST personal message and the message from someone who currently states that he doesn’t know you and never knew you as well as hates you is no way a polite gesture. Its not smarmy because it wasn’t supposed to be polite to begin with. It would be smarmy if AVGN told Irate Gamer that his messages would be confidential but this is Irate Gamer’s first message and it was unprompted. My only guess is Archfiend wanted to use a word that sounded disgusting but picked a word that made no sense in the context of this situation because he’s an idiot who relies too much on his name and ‘authority’ than actual evidence.

Point 3 and point 4, Archfiend is okay with posting other people’s letters. Despite the fact that the letters he did post can be found here.


And GUESS what? nothing scandalous in these messages. Isn’t that great? So Archfiend is against presenting letters that aren’t supposed to confidential when its done to make a point and prove someone is lying but is perfectly okay with posting letters that contain nothing really important at all. Classic SJW behaviour. All Archfiend needs to do is preach about his feelings… oh wait he’s been doing that throughout his entire career.

point 5 is just the icing on the cake. Really I can’t believe he’s dumb enough to do this. He knew it was a bullshit complaint, he knows he’s hypcocrite for having that complain, but he’s gonna do it anyway. I am honestly sure that Archfiend is dumber than Asalieri or Irate Gamer and the majority of people watch him to see how dumb he can get. Having just seen this moment I am honestly ashamed that I ever thought Archfiend had a good track record with any of the ratings in the TIR system (talent, integrity and responsibility). Not only is this a disclosure that literally incriminates himself as a dumbass and a hypocrite but also shows just exactly how far Archfiend is willing to run with a double standard and how much of a shill he is for his friends. What? did AVGN not give you that pat on back you really really wanted Archfiend? Because that’s what this looks like. Its okay for Irate Gamer to make money but the second AVGN makes any, you make temper tantrums and why? Because AVGN dared to run a crowd funded project.

It’s been what? Fifteen minutes? I cut the quote short, Archfiend goes on for another 2 fucking minutes in conspiracy mode about how AVGN must totally be aware of everything that Mike does and must clearly care about Irate Gamer even thought Irate Gamer doesn’t stand two shits in hell of ever being relevant or popular again. Irate Gamer is as much of a cult-classic as gamer+ and yes I’m aware that gamer+ is something you’ve probably never heard of. If you’re not going to say the obvious even thought you’ve just done 15 minutes of that, I’m going to make the disclosure for you Archfiend. You only hate AVGN because he’s league more successful and popular than you. Its been that way for just about everyone you talked about. All you’re doing is trying to justify something that you already made your mind up about. This isn’t about new evidence that persuaded you, its about you trying to convince yourself to run on the dumb, manchildish path you’re still on. AVGN delievered with his movie, AVGN has not been proven to take any money he didn’t earn. You’ve had YEARS, YEARS to prove this and you didn’t. And now just like Shane Dawson, AVGN is running around with bundles of money and fame because you failed to convict him of anything tangible. What you have to disclose here Archfiend is that you failed… you failed miserably.

I’m not doing the rest of the video because I’ll summarize it right now and my complains are repetitive:

15:00 to 17:00 Filler about how Irate Gamer makes money. Seriously learn to edit Archfiend.

17:00 to 18:00 Citation needed about story of two fans of Archfiend saying they would confront Irate Gamer about his girlfriend though to be fair even if it was excessive to ask Irate Gamer about his girlfriend it doesn’t change the fact that Irate Gamer brags about having a girlfriend even when that girlfriend is his cousin. I can see why its excessive but then again my repetitive complaint that public figures deserve scrutiny still holds esepcially when as Mr.KillUltra has told me, Chris has said on his ladybuggin777 account that mothers should be sexual partners with their kids. You know Archfiend… it would probably help with your reputation is you stop trying to act as if you’re on moral high ground while you frequently use language that debunks that. Essentially, here Archfiend acts as if he cares about Irate Gamer’s life as he comes up with a story that can’t be verified about how he’s apparently a good person for telling fans to not bother Chris even though he’s done things like have radio show hosts insult the shit out of Chris by underhandedly talking to the show hosts before the show occurred. You should probably remember the things you’ve done to Chris before you try to pretend you’ve helped somebody. But then again this complaint was already made before, so you can see why I’m skipping through this.

18:00 to 19:00 Archfiend pretends selling things is wrong because you know pawning off stuff is apparently illegal. You know… no one’s forcing people to throw their money at AVGN. But again repetitive. Also repeated misuse of the word tide.

19:00 to 21:00 Archfiend clarifies this is an auction so literally there’s no point. And then Archfiend does what I totally expected him to do, complain that its not fair for the fans. Uh Archfiend you fucking target people’s fans all the fucking time. You hate people’s fans and insult them so you really can’t act as if you care about them. Do I need to post all the laugh at fanboy videos? Do I need to point out that this content frequently outnumbers the content you make about actual events? You are not the helper of little people. You literally don’t care about the starving kids in another part the world but you care about the poor fans who don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on autographed shit and the time to go to conventions. FUCK YOU.

21:00 to 22:00 Archfiend pretends youtube is somehow at fault because AVGN is now a partner even though AVGN still didn’t get paid by youtube for all the years they spent shunning him. Bonus points for saying “its not all about the money” Oh yeah Archfiend that totally isn’t what this is about. I mean not giving a shit about a charity for kids (however misguided) because you need money? Gosh I couldn’t see how money fits into any of arguments EXCEPT EVERY FUCKING ARGUMENT YOU’VE EVER MADE INCLUDING THE “DISCLOSURES” YOU’VE MADE IN THIS VIDEO. I literally do not want to do any more disclosure videos, they are long, poorly edited, full of stupid hypocritical banter and are a complete waste of time for everyone involved.

“not that everything is all about the money” – 21:44

22:00 to 23:00 Archfiend complains about the indiegogo… yeah none of his complaints make any sense. He complains that you don’t need to do an indiegogo to make his [AVGN’s] best videos… Did I use the “award you no points” video too early? I honestly think that Archfiend has some sort of parasite sucking his brain out as he gets dumber and dumber as this video progresses. Its a fucking movie you idiot! its going to be hours long and is in fact hours long. It will have shittons of props and effects. Its not going to be some regular AVGN episode with low budget. It was a fucking movie. Get that through your head archfiend.

23:00 to 24:00 Archfiend states that money asked for was too much… and doesn’t complain its too much… but instead complains that the amount of money needed seems like it was a for a well polished movie… uh Archfiend, are you having an aneurysm? No instead he just complains that he wants a shitty unpolished video because that’s what AVGN is all about and therefore James Rolfe only cares about himself. Yeah my thesis on Archfiend having internal brain parasites is undisputed.

24:00 to 25:00 Archfiend says that AVGN forgot how he got to where he is. Except you know that the movie ends with AVGN saying thanks to all his fans and you know it would be really hard to forget this when you run a crowdfunded campaign (unless you’re Tim Schafer). To be fair Archfiend probably wouldn’t know the stuff about the movie but then again it would be pretty hard to forget that it takes fans to make a crowdfunded project successful. I’m pretty sure Tim Schafer and his failed kickstarters is in deep shit right now.

25:00 to 26:00 Yay more filler. For someone who sure doesn’t care about money, he sure cares about the amount of money this movie will take. He also says that AVGN can totally make the movie without crowdfunding… because obviously Archfiend is the IRS and a top-notch accountant. Please Archfiend, you should start balancing the books for every national government in the world. Think about that archfiend, you could solve world corruption and we’d have enough money to solve world hunger… oh wait you don’t care about that problem or either of those… my bad.

26:00 to 27:00 Archfiend says that Irate Gamer sent him several letters and that he’s been in contact with Irate Gamer… oh so your responsible for his shitty coming out video. So that’s two theories right, the first one being that Archfiend has brain parasites and the second one being that Irate Gamer can’t do jack shit without someone goading him to do it first. Also citation needed and because Archfiend doesn’t want to be ethical and actually expose corruption and lying, there’s no way to prove any of this. Time fucking wasted. Archfiend says that Irate Gamer says he was a true geniune fan of AVGN and obvious Archfiend being fucking idiot whose brain is parasite infested (the infestation is hypothetical and patent pending) doesn’t question any of this. Internet Crusader turned bobblehead folks. More praising of Irate Gamer ensues and I just realized that one of Mr.Kill’s theories on Irate GAmer was that he’s secretedly a reaper from mass effect. Hmmm seems legit.

27:00 to 28:00 Apparently AVGN is losing respect and his “days are numbered”. And asks what AVGN will do from now on… UH how about resume making episodes and new content? This is like asking what will Macdonalds do after its done selling its new sandwich… uh I don’t know fucking sell more sandwiches? If you’re gonna put on your thinking cap Archfiends its fine I’m just gonna make more jokes and put less effort into bothering to understand your thought process.

28:00 to 29:00 AVGN apparently ripped of Pewdiepie because you know anyone who does a letsplay must be stealing from him. Oh except its not really let’s plays that AVGN does especially since it involves lots of editing and lots of not providing reaction shots. In fact its more like a geniune let’s play like the ones frankomatic does than a let’s play that pwediepie… but hey why let facts get in the way… let’s embrace the SJW way and let feels decide what we should believe. Archfiend also admits he wants to piss on AVGN’s fans… because you know he cared about them right?

29:00 to 30:00 Archfiend admits he was deliberately targeting AVGN’s fans. Because this defintely gells with what he said at 19 minutes in about how much he cares about how AVGN shouldn’t be abusing his fans… except when Archfiend is being an asshole to AVGNs fans.

30:00 to 31:00 Archfiend just talks about video quality and how AVGN’s videos are good and Irate Gamers are “corny”. Archfiend spends the majority of the time insulting mike matei. You know mike matei was the joker, the lion, the guy who probably asked James Rolfe to go public with AVGN material, and the guy who edits the videos right? Without mike matei there would never be AVGN. Why are you so mad at Mike Matei Archfiend?? Was it because he blocked you and didn’t let you bully him? Like literally I don’t get why he keeps saying Mike Matei is screwing over AVGN. Mike has been there since day fucking one. You get rid of mike and you get rid of the best scenes and content ever produced by AVGN.

31:00 to 32:00 Archfiend continues to rant on Mike Matei. DO you want to take that to court Archfiend? He also says the movie wasn’t well received… well at least he’s right there but then again it was a B movie, that was the intention. And in addition its at 6.0 on IMDB which while technically bad its only bad if you consider it on a 3 point scale a rating scale that only really works for AAA content. For a budget film, 6.0 is pretty good.

32:00 to 33:00 More ranting on Mike Matei about how Mike Matei is a powerhungry jerk. Also Archfiend says he hates his AVGN’s fanboys except he just… you know what I really shouldn’t be surprised that Archfiend contradicted his pathos moment repeatedly.

33:00 to 34:00 Archfiend says he really wanted to make a full disclosure and that he has no ill will to AVGN or Irate Gamer even though he called AVGN a money hungry whore and tells AVGN to keep doing what he’s doing… because more hypocrisy is what we need right? That just puts the icing on this crappy video (He also says Irate Gamer should keep doing what he’s doing… because clearly its neceesary to associate AVGN to Irate Gamer). But what about the cherry on this cake?

34:15 “Some of us didn’t quit our dayjob to make youtube and the internet our full-time gig”

Because clearly Archfiend didn’t care about the money. Right? That’s why you repeatedly bring up this dead horse right Archfiend? Because people who legitimately make money using legitimate methods that you don’t deem wholesome should go fuck themselves even though you make money through the exact same method.

“not that everything is all about the money” – 21:44
“not that everything is all about the money” – 21:44
“not that everything is all about the money” – 21:44


Well let’s go back to the question “what does it mean when Archfiend is on the case”

Answer: Lots and lots of hypocrisy and SJW style ranting about money distribution and who apparently deserves what in terms of cash. Oh and lots of stupid hypocritical disclaimers that are the exact opposite like “”not that everything is all about the money” or “I don’t hate AVGN”. Oh and disclosures about things that aren’t really disclosures while not admitting things that are readily apparently but you deny with the hypocritcal disclaimers such “not that everything is all about the money”.

Eric and the irony of gamergate. The best proof ever that gamergate is not a harassment campaign.

You gamergate, I gamergate, she gamergates, he gamergates. Okay a lot of you are either one of three things on the subject that is gamergate:

1. You’re actively rooting for a side, pro or anti. Though at this point rooting for anti is equivalent of saying “I don’t like games and I wish they’d stop existing”.
2. You don’t care about the issue or just watch it for the lulz (lots of stupid statements to the point that there would be years of stupid statement dance remixes if only twitter could hold voice messages)
3. You’d wish you could care but the media blackout and propaganda campaign makes you think both sides are evil or something.

Regardless of your stance (P.S I might as well be pro-GG at this point) you’d be surprised to know that Eric is actually pro-GG though I should note that he has not explicitly picked up the banner. Though honestly if he did actually try that he’d have his ass blown off by the pro-GG anti-harassment patrol. Heck the most extremist elements that were with pro-GG when it started got their asses blown off and left. Internet Aristocrat could be considered an extremist, since his plan was to quite literally get people fired and collapse the reviewers (probably, he never actually listed the full action plan). His work was good for early gamergate related material (you need to remember that professionals who should be covering this are corrupt jackasses who care more for $$$ than the actual truth) but his work always kind of stuck me as off putting. Take a look at the first 10 seconds or so of this video and let me know if you can see what I mean.

“Sex for favors, Secrets and coverups, corruption. I know things that will blow your mind…” – Internet Aristocrat’s video
Now you might have noticed 2 things:
1. The video is from a reupload meaning the original uploader, internet Aristocrat has gone into hiding and protip: it wasn’t anti-GG that made him stop.
2. That was a very sensationalist intro that may very well hit the definition of yellow journalism.

Now you could overlook that as Internet Aristocrat taking things in jest after all this is a light and only soon to be major controversy that people thought would end with just a few people fired/pay cut and the world moves on… you know anything other than a 4+ month media siege trying to convince the public that their womanz are in danger or something in the gaming industry. Unfortunately not only did Internet Aristocrat underestimate the size and conviction of the pro-gg community, he also didn’t quite understand why he was getting flak from pro-GG members. He got sick of being questioned and put under basic scrutiny and rage quited, see his rage quit message below.

Seen by 22k of a hundred thousands strong consumer revolt. Epic fail…
In the video, if you aren’t already laughing at how much internet aristocrat overstated his importance, Internet Aristocrat complains that people weren’t extremist enough and uses buzzwords like patreon, kickstarter and e-begging… you know the same overused bullshit that only works on stupid people who don’t actually know how commerce works. Other important things to note was Internet Aristocrat’s (also known as Jim) use of slut-shaming. Now slut-shaming is very specific accusal in that anyone who slut-shames is considered a jerk for focusing on a person’s sex life and uses that person’s sex life to shame a given individual. This is of course used wrong by anti-GG because the existence of a person’s sex life is made known not to shame the individual but to point out that media outlets are going out of their (often uncharacteristically) way to hide a person’s sex life. If you don’t understand what slut shaming is then take a look at these two arguments:

Slut-Shaming “Zoe is a big fat jerk because she slept with Tom” (note Zoe is just a name, especially since ZOE Quin a real character in this event known as gamergate, is just an alias for a real person anyway)
Note how in this response, Zoe is considered a big fat jerk simply for choosing to have sex with Tom. This is slut-shaming.

Not Slut shaming “Zoe is a big fat jerk because she calls favors for positive press from Tom the reporter who complies because she had sex with him”. This is not slut-shaming because Zoe is considered a big fat jerk for using inside relationships to get ahead in her professional life. The having sex part is not the part this considered shameful, it is the unfavorable rendering of services in exchange for the sex that is considered a shameful display. In fact sex isn’t even necessary for this accusation to work, if Tom repeatedly shows preference towards Zoe in coverage even when he should not then its clear Tom is behaving unprofessionally.

How would you feel if you wrote an essay that would have made headlines and gotten awards but instead some idiot who wrote overly emotional crap got all the attention and the awards? I don’t think you’d like that very much. But the conundrum here is that the very people who promoted the idiot have the ability to silence you and completely ignore your story if you so much as step against them. You might be wondering why so few game companies and developers have stepped out against the journalists to do anything of any sort. The easy answer is that doing so is the best way to commit financial suicide. No journalists means no marketing and considering how many journalists have been indicted in the gamergate scandal, I wouldn’t be surprised if every gaming journalist was corrupt. It’s hilarious how the situation has somehow become something you’d see in a crackpot conspiracy movie.

Heck the corruption is really REALLY blatant. Here’s a journalist quite literally giving free advertising for Rockstar games (http://www.alienpickle.com/2015/01/journalists-what-not-to-do.html?m=1). Now let me remind you that critics do not get paid by the people who make the works they critique as that would represent a conflict of interest as it prevents uncensored critique. This would be equivalent to getting paid by a car company to look at their own faulty car design. If you tell the truth and ban the design for being faulty… well you’re not getting paid because the car company will stop paying you. If you lie then well you’re screwing over the consumer, the people who you’re supposed to be helping. The issue here is that most journalist care more about the benefits from being a patsy of the corporations and want to trick people into giving them ad revenue via clickbait to essentially double dip (you get money for being a corrupt jackass and money for tricking people) their income. And perhaps the biggest consequence is that you must be friends with the journalists or you’ll get negative press, essentially ensuring that you must give into the racketeering scheme if you want to be successful.

case in point. One person makes a game that they don’t like, canceled! A friend makes the same game? Totally acceptable. How many letters are in the word ‘corruption’ again?

Now at this point you’re probably wondering when I’ll talk about Asalieri. Well the important first is to establish why gamergate is such an important subject and how much effort you need to put in to treat this subject with the respect it deserves. Gamergate has been called “dead” a countless number of times by now and yet it still goes on and it doesn’t help that most gamers who realize how messed up their information’s media is have played dark souls (a game where you are a dead guy/girl and you never ever give up). So before I go see how Asalieri did on the issue, let’s take look at the common narrative that has been pushed against gamergate and see why this situation is so important and why its so problematic that the professionals are behaving like 5 year old sore losers who refuse to fire themselves even when they clear contempt for their jobs. This will take the format of Q and A

1. Q: The media frequently claims that gamergate is a harassment movement that is dedicated to keeping women out of the gaming industry. Gamergate has been accused of sending numerous death threats and has been accused of being ISIS, aka terrorists. So what does this mean?

A: Alright I’ll list the names of women who have been specifically targeted by gamergate. LW1, LW2, LW3. Not using code names for literally who 1, 2 & 3; their names are Zoe Quinn (an alias), Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkesian. 4 months is how long gamergate has been going. This is the worse harassment movement ever! Like wow, 3 women harassed? None of which have provided anything worthwhile to the industry? Zoe Quinn made one game that is a crappy text adventure that goes nowhere. Brianna Wu made a crappy mobile game that literally no one knows what the hell it even is. And last but not least, Anita Sarkesian has a confusing, hypocritical narrative about “male privilege” that seems all to similar to the “video games are satan” arguements you’d get from xenophobes and technophobes in the 90s and the research skills of Irate Gamer. Meanwhile any female developer who speaks in favor of gamergate gets harassed and sales of their work sabotaged by anti-GG members; who I should note never get called out by their own side (https://twitter.com/untimelygamer/status/537446450352115713). But let’s take a break from misogyny angle (or as gamergate members joking refer to as muh soghy knees), and let’s take a look at the terrorist accusations. There have been zero correct traces of bomb threats to real GG members. The only connection that exists is “an anonymous person made the bomb threat” and “pro GG members can be anonymous” and of course you’d have to ignore the ever wonderful “innocent until proven guilty” stuff to make this accusation. I could quite literally claim you the reader did the bomb threat or Ben Wagner did it or Irate Gamer did it and it would just as valid (that is to say… not at all) as blaming gamergate. Not helping matters is the fact that the bomb threats in question were not real and let’s face it death threats are a dime dozen, treating them with legitimacy gives the perpetrator what they want. Especially if you are Anita Sarkesian who travels with a male bodyguard squad at all times while preaching about damels in distress being really really bad.

anita new oneB7gc5p4IQAEhH3F

But wait so what’s all this fearmongering about? Why is gamergate still called terrorists, hatemongers and unreasonable? I mean let’s define terrorism for a moment okay. Terrorism is the use of violence or intimidation for political gain where political gain can be defined as any action that the user of terrorism wishes to have performed. So for example, if Evil mcjackass says he will kill 20 kids unless you read 20 really crappy clickbait articles, that’s terrorism. But terrorism doesn’t just mean threats, terrorism also means the use of intimidation so that would also mean that Evil Mcjackass would have to prevent discussion and prevent people from thinking things through, generally by causing as much panic as possible. Nothing Pro-GG has done even relates to terrorism as none of their actions can be seen as censorship. The closest could be denying ad revenue by asking sponsors to cancel their contracts but that’s not censorship as opinions are still allowed to be expressed its not as if not being sponsored by pepsi, or bandai or ‘whatever’ company prevents you from saying what you believe is necessary. IT could cause bankruptcy but that’s a financial consquence and it still doesn’t stop anyone from saying things or writing crappy articles. So pro-GG hasn’t committed terrorism, even though terrorism is a very diverse meaning and alot of actions can be ascribed under the term terrorism. But what about Anti-GG, are they using intimidation tactics?

As seen in the above link: Reddit discussion in which nearly every comment attempting to discuss the situation was shadowbanned. A shadowban is a hidden type of ban that bans the user but doesn’t inform them thus essentially locking and censoring that user from ever talking to anyone else. It’s like solitary confinement, on the internet, except this time you didn’t murder anyone or commit a criminal offense. Shadowbanning is reserved for bots because bots spam messages but aren’t human and contribute nothing to reddit other than spam and thus shadowbanning a bot would prevent the owner of the bot from realizing his bot was shutdown. So essentially a reddit moderator just used their power in the most illicit and underhanded manner possible to intimidate and prevent discussion about an issue.

But hey that’s just one instance of intimidation and censorship. Surely this wasn’t a “coordinated” effort by corrupt assholes to silence the masses? I mean a woman got harassed, sure that’s bad but no need to call the fucking army right?

HAHAHAHAH If you've been reading this blog than you'd know that "NORMAL" generally doesn't get reported here.
HAHAHAHAH If you’ve been reading this blog than you’d know that “NORMAL” generally doesn’t get reported here.

Well that’s not… right. Surely its a bit… overboard to call an entire identity dead because some people wanted to understand why game developers are not being critiqued properly? But you know maybe that’s a coincidence, after all its possible that 12 different news outlets that should be competing against each other, and not parroting each other because that’s not how competition works; probably just came to the same stance at the same time and to do so in a fashion that violates the right to associate. After all its not intimidation if you outright yell that you’re opposed to anyone who’s interested in discussing the issue and have every major face do it at the same time? Right…? RIGHT!? *calms down* Okay so let’s take a look at reporters and writers who don’t toe the line and write things about how the industry should not be trying to milk the consumers dry with crappy broken products lest we stupidly cause a second video game crash via corruption (you’d be surprised how many historical “crashes” are caused by corruption, pro-tip: just about all of them). Here’s writer Benjamin Quintero asking “when did this become media vs consumer?”.


Here’s what happened to him for writing that:

Because intimidation in the name of politicizing consumer stupidity is COOL!
Because intimidation in the name of politicizing consumer stupidity is COOL!

Well at least no one is advocating genocid…

MrKillultra notes: Notice how this journalist who gets paid for what he writes and represents his company gets no repercussions for his actions.
MrKillultra notes: Notice how this journalist who gets paid for what he writes and represents his company gets no repercussions for his actions.

OH goddamnit!

Well than I propose that there must be a secret cabal of like-minded hypocritical douchebags mostly from some dumb overpopulated american city that organizes this stupidty in the hopes that americans are too fucking stupid to notice or care; surely this overly narrow superlative mustn’t exis…

MrKillultra notes: It's funny because these 'journalists' have been caught doing this before. Can anyone say illegal monopoly?
MrKillultra notes: It’s funny because these ‘journalists’ have been caught doing this before. Can anyone say illegal monopoly?


So the media is trying to fear monger by claiming people will get hurt going so far as to compare non-violent protestors as terrorists while lying about harassment and bomb threats just so they don’t have to show accountability (because they’d probably suck at that too). They have even managed to get people demoted and fired (look it up) and have harassed several organizations that literally meet the definition feminism (star dock games, TFYC) all in the name of an ideal that even they don’t really support (kinda like certain… religious driven violent groups I might add). I’m sorry who are the terrorists here? You might want to run that one by me again media and anti-GG. Oh and don’t even get me started on what’s happening on wikipedia or the constant attempts to take actions in the name of women but without their consent.

Q: The origins of gamergate are Zoe Quinn therefore its about the harassment of Zoe Quinn
A: 4 months and on-going, many many data sheets that show Zoe Quinn (or LW1) is not a major hashtag, genetic fallacy. Next

Q: But what about us who want to talk about video games being bad for people?
A: Not to be rude but that debate has long since come and gone. Science does not support any anti-gaming theory nor and real proof that video games cause crime, misogyny or traffic accidents. In fact video games can make people feel bad for killing people http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24950172. Sorry but as much as I am pro-debate, the debate as whether video games are evil… is kinda like solipsism (look it up), its not really worth discussing because its too new, too little research, and relies too much on wide speculation that is only philosophically correct… in other words a dead end.

Not helping matters is that the discussion is pretty much a distraction technique to get money.

I mean let me ask you this, do you want to talk about women’s problems/issues when all that does it waste time and let crooks get away with scamming people, thereby essentially making women into a human body shield for these jerks, or do you want to talk about women’s issues because you care. Because you honestly do care then I’m sure you can wait until the crooks have been busted. Women were more than happy to wait for hundreds of years to get the right to vote, so I’m sure there’s no hurry or urgent need to be reckless and needlessly confrontation when it comes to women’s issues.

Q: BUT WE NEED MOAR womenz in our games
A: http://i.imgur.com/iDNxwDP.jpg
OH and as for developers, women reserve the right to pick what jobs they want and what education they pursue. Most women choose healthcare and in fact most women in western society dominate just about every field. The female wage gap is a result of female’s deciding to take breaks more often than men and also deliberately pursuing lesser fields (i.e nurse instead of doctor, or technician instead of engineer).
Case in point women are earning more degrees than ever, in your face evil non-existent and unenforceable patriarchy!

Q: So then why is gamergate important?
A: the first game industry crash occurred because people could not tell one game from the other. I mean sure there are game covers but the games themselves… how the fuck would you know what was fun and what wasn’t? There were no game reviewers back then so you literally could only rely on word of mouth and faith to buy your products. Eventually you’d buy one too many scam games, clone games (games that are too similar to another), or games that just plain sucked. Sturgeons law is that no matter how much work is generated in a field and I paraphrase here “99% of what exists will suck” and that’s true because let’s face it, you’re reading this blog post right now and not the 99% of other blog posts that exist right now. So without critics how will you find the 1% that doesn’t suck? Well back then there was no way, say hello to the crash. Consumers gave up on gaming, gaming died and people went home to watch movies and listen to music, which do have working and non-corrupt critics and reviewers. It would take the legendary effort provided by nintendo and many others to get the industry to where it is now (where it can potentially even eclipse music and video industry in terms of worth). The only thing preventing another crash is the faith of the consumer and the reviewers who are supposed to be making sure that the faith of the consumer isn’t abused and lost. But look at what’s happening now, we’re getting shitier games, less innovation, more day one DLC, less quality assurance and are even expected to lay down cash to get games we want made, and it probably will suck even then. If this doesn’t change than a second crash will occur and we can say goodbye to gaming for a long long while. Bonus points for last articles previous subject, the boogeyman (aka gamer misogynists), being the reason why no change occurred.

Q: Can we talk about Asalieri now?
A: Absolutely! Now that we’ve established a good deal of what gamergate is and why its important, let’s take a look at how Asalieri treats this important and rather critical subject! Now you might be wondering whether or not I should bring up his history and disqualify him right on the spot. After all Eric has faked his own harassment, called for the harassment of many people who didn’t deserve it, repeatedly mishandles and sensationally uses evidence, and has repeatedly shown he can’t critique and can’t take critique. But I won’t because let’s face it, a liar who says that “2 + 2 = 4” is still correct and it would be a heinous misconduct to not let Asalieri have a chance to express himself. That said, the second he fucks up… well you’re gonna see a list of things he’s done that is in no way exhaustive.

So let’s take a look at his latest video concerning gamergate. ABC vs gamers.

0:00 “so I arrive a little late to the party but in case you haven’t heard by now, ABC has out and out declared war on gamers”

What really where? http://abcnews.go.com/topics/entertainment/video-games/video-games.htm
Hmmm well there is two videos on gamergate on page 2 (as of Feb 4, 2015), but I certainly wouldn’t call it a war on gamers. Shots fired maybe.

0:24 Eric notes that ABC is censoring comments on the video. Eric also says “People like to give Fox *Shows Fox logo* a ton of crap for their onesided coverage of any topic but ABC has proven they are just as bad maybe even worse *Fox Logo gets absorbed by ABC logo*”

hmmm surprisingly good analogy there. I mean literally I can’t see anything wrong with this. Even good imagery. Keep it up Eric.

0:36 “when you start a report with *Show’s ABC clip of anchor pretending virtual violence to women is important* you can pretty much expect nothing but sensationalism from there on out”

Surprisingly good observation. Eric what the hell is wrong with you? Where’s the dick dastardly? Where’s the suddenly very unfair and non-sense critique? Did you get someone else to write this script? Did you fire the other person who wrote the previous scripts?

1:00 Eric talks about how he wanted to make a song (apparently part 2) pertaining to how many female characters there are in video games and how they aren’t simple novelties but states that he had to make this video because the ABC report ‘rubbed him the wrong way’.

While I’m pretty sure given Eric’s singing talent and song writing skills the song would suck I still have to admit that this video Eric’s made here is much better call than a pointless non-memorable song about video game characters. Gosh Eric is a on roll with the good decision making. When tasked with the decision between “Rational video and probably annoying and tasteless song” Eric made the right choice.

1:20 Eric talks about how ABC interviews would completely one-sided and how they gave the spot-light to two professional victims who “make money hand on foot advertising their alleged constant harassment which somehow forced them to ‘somehow skip town'”.

Oh come on Eric you’re on a roll here don’t fucking do this. Don’t make an egotistical comparision aka appeal to Ethos that will backfire because you’re massive hypocrite who keeps taking their extreme opinions too far to the point of posing the extreme opinions as a matter of fact.

1:29 “Ladies, I’ve had death threats too! I’ve been harassed online, falseflagged, insulted and even harassed in real life simply as a result of having a slight modicrum of notoriety online. This isn’t something you can chalk up to just gamers do this to just these two specific women. To do so is to disregard people who have gone through 100 times worse than what these two horrible people have.”

FOR FUCK’S SAKE ERIC stop trying the Ethos argument. You have not gone through any amount of actually severe harassment. You are a karma houdini in that department. The crap you’ve done, the extremist rioting you’ve attempted to incite, the many many times you’ve claimed that you’re own stupid mistakes were the fault of “haters” is beyond belief. How many times have you, Eric Gaede, labeled someone an E-begger just for having a patreon or having a kickstarter? How many times have you claimed that the high dislike ratio on your videos due to poor taste (like putting a long video of an animal being brutally murdered while voicing over it as if you like one-sided murder) was the fault of haters. This got so bad that you accused nytro, one guy, of botting to get dislikes on your video. You’ve been caught stalking other people, and even e-begging yourself (and by the actual definition of e-begging too). You’ve frequently spread information that is completely non-viable, such as the idea that AVGN was stealing kickstarter money or that TGWTG was crucifying people. You don’t get harassment because you have a slight modicrum of notoriety; you get harassment because you are an asshole with a very inflated sense of entitlement and ego. Oh and death threats? You’ve sent more of those than you’ve received Eric and you’ve taken even less interest in apologizing especially when you promised an apology to certain people. The only plus I have to say about this segment is that when you say “100 times worse” you don’t specifically say that you are one of those people. Baby steps eh Eric?

2:00 Eric imagines that if everyone sold their victim-hood for money everybody would be rich.

Except that if everyone is rich, economics 101 would dictate that everybody would be poor… huh…

2:33 Eric plays a clip from ABC showing heavily escorted Anita is. He notes that no credible threat exists and that it is “all hollywood”

Would love to make a callback to certain, faked harassment that involved people driving up to Eric’s house but Eric is right, Anita definitely doesn’t need a bodyguard. Anybody who kills her would just be proving Anita right and then she’d be a martyr and videogames would be vilified.

2:39 “Where are the rioters *REALLY LOUD*, they’re there, They’re There. You gotta believe *plays clip that just shows the parappa character dancing and saying he’s gotta believe*”

Only thing I have to say is… please for the love of god fix your audio. I should not have to playing musical chairs with the volume control to avoid having my eardrums get blown off. Also you should just show the character saying he’s gotta believe, there’s no reason to have 5 seconds of him dancing before hand.

3:16 Eric notes that the narrative is really skewed and notes the illogical connection between video games and murdering women for being women.

Not much to say here. It’s pretty solid, not looking forward to how Eric fucks this up.

3:38 Eric notes that all the threats (bomb, death, rape) are all fake and non-credible. Eric correctly notes that bomb has not been found and that a bomb threat would be worst (not the rape threat) because a bomb can kill multiple people and cause serious damage to buildings.

3:44 Eric notes that all the cops are laughing and barely taking their job seriously because they know nothing is going to happen. Eric then notes that crime could be happening all over the city and there would be less cops to deal with it because they’re busying catering to Anita’s paranoia.

4:30 Eric notes that ABC describes GTA 5 as a game where you can take a hooker and then kill her “and if that’s not enough, you have the option to run her over”. Eric doesn’t note that killing a hooker would be way worse than running her over and thus doesn’t go on a rant about how out of touch with reality the ABC coverage is. Eric does note that GTA 5 does not have a hooker centered story and that the game doesn’t really reward hooker killing especially once the cops show up. Unfortunately Eric decides to call hookers whores throughout the entirety of this rant…. Sigh because the difference between a sex worker and a lady who doesn’t keep her relational commitments just doesn’t exist in Eric’s mind. At least the commentary he’s making still works… baby steps.

5:01 Eric plays a mario 1up sound effect when the hooker gets ran over in first person driving.


5:26 Eric then plays the part of ABC coverage that talks about how women are killed in watchdogs to motivate the main character. Eric then shows images of a black guy getting shotgunned in the face (the black guy is armed) while talking about how the character who is killed to motivate the main character is randomly generated and can be a guy in some cases. My only problem is that Eric just shows the pictures of an armed black guy getting shot-gunned, that doesn’t illustrate that the character who is to be killed is a randomly generated. While what Eric says is true, he could at least back up his work with real evidence, he has the time to edit in video clips so why not show a clip from some let’s play or something (give credit where due) that shows a male character being the victim. Oh well it could be worse, Eric could be wrong and not show evidence.

5:37 Eric shows a clip where ABC news attribute the wrong games to the wrong logos, with watchdogs appearing behind the rockstar logo and GTA 5 appearing behind Ubisofts logo. Wow Eric actually found a flaw using abstract logic and communication skills. That’s a first folks.

6:05 Eric shows a clip where ABC says they have yet to receive a replay from rockstar games. Eric notes that there is no reason for Rockstar to reply since ABC clearly aren’t playing the game and ABC don’t represent the gaming audience and instead represent professional victims. Eric says that ABC isn’t giving Rockstar a fair review before giving out sensational report on them…. kinda like what you do eh Eric? Oh I’m sorry that’s uh kinda uncalled for. Apologies

6:11 Eric says that Tim Schafer is an asshole who used to be cool. Eric also hopes Tim gets what’s coming to him.

6:33 Eric shows a clip of Anita saying that video games enforce negative messages about women and Eric replies by saying that not how things work. OH and he decides to show a picture of Rudolf Hess wearing an ABC armband. Because clearly we needed god-win’s law especially in a situation where incompetence would be a better explanation than nazism. Sigh one step forward, Sixteen steps off the cliff.

7:16 Eric plays a full clip of Penn and Teller’s report on video games (even citing it too) that shows a kid playing games and not liking guns. Wow good research from Eric… OH CRAP here comes the dick dastardly moment doesn’t it?

7:55 “A lot of you are probably not going to like what I’m about to propose”
OH crap

8:02 Eric says that sensationalism and disinformation is why society is against marijuana. Here’s the quote

“is the reason we ended up with a society completely uninformed and totally against marijuana. A substance that has never killed a single person on the planet, but which only took one long campaign of disinformation to educate several generations about how evil and dangerous it allegedly is, all it takes is for this kind of narrative to pervade every inch of our media, to end up with a society that sees any and all video-games as evil and dangerous. Food for thought?”

No Eric not for food for thought you sensationalist, egocentric, fearmongering asshole. What does Marijuana have to do with this at all? Marijuana is not the only drug that gets demonized especially since the war on drugs is still ongoing (the policies are still in place) and it should be noted that while Marijuana has not directly caused a death that doesn’t mean it something you should just handing out to your kids and start puffing away. Marijuana still causes memory impairment during intoxication. It’s also bad for children who’s brains are still developing.


” Trouble thinking and remembering
Bloodshot eyes
Dry mouth (cotton mouth)
Increased appetite (the “munchies”)
Fast heart rate
Slowed coordination ” – http://www.webmd.com/news/breaking-news/marijuana-on-main-street/is-marijuana-safe-web

“There’s no proof that smoking marijuana causes lung cancer like cigarettes do. But people who smoke pot do show signs of damage and precancerous changes in their lungs, especially if they also smoke cigarettes. And a study published in 2013 in Cancer Causes & Control found that heavy marijuana smoking might raise the risk of lung cancer.” – http://www.webmd.com/news/breaking-news/marijuana-on-main-street/is-marijuana-safe-web

“There is some evidence that occasional pot smoking can have harmful effects on the body, although the science is still too new to prove anything.”- http://www.webmd.com/news/breaking-news/marijuana-on-main-street/is-marijuana-safe-web

“Research shows marijuana may cause problems in daily life or make a person’s existing problems worse. Heavy marijuana users generally report lower life satisfaction, poorer mental and physical health, more relationship problems, and less academic and career success compared to non-marijuana-using peers. For example, marijuana use is associated with a higher likelihood of dropping out of school. Several studies also associate workers’ marijuana smoking with increased absences, tardiness, accidents, workers’ compensation claims, and job turnover.” – http://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/marijuana

“Cannabis can harm your mental health. Regular use is associated with an increased risk of developing a psychotic illness, such as schizophrenia. A psychotic illness is one where you experience hallucinations (when you see things that aren’t really there) and delusions (when you believe things that aren’t really true). Your risk of developing a psychotic illness is higher if you start using cannabis in your teens and if you have a family history of mental illness. Cannabis use has also been shown to increase the risk of a relapse in people who have schizophrenia, and could make existing symptoms worse.
Cannabis may affect your fertility. Research done in animals suggests that cannabis can disrupt sperm production in males and ovulation in females.
If you are pregnant, cannabis may harm your unborn baby. Research suggests that using cannabis during pregnancy could affect your baby’s brain development. Regularly smoking cannabis with tobacco is associated with an increased risk of your baby being born small or premature.” – http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/drugs/pages/cannabis-facts.aspx

Look I can understand that legalizing Cannabis can be a good thing, after all its not as toxic as other drugs and its rare for Cannabis to be considered the defacto cause of death again due to its lack of toxicity. But it is beyond unethical to state that this hallucinogenic drug does not post an risks and can’t hurt people. It’s called a drug for a reason, even caffeine is a bitch to deal with. A drug is anything that influences your state of mind or causes an immediately change in your body. There is no drug that doesn’t come with complications. of some sort. It also doesn’t help that scientific studies for marijuana are too new and far from conclusive as to whether or not marijuana is safe. But hey why am I even bothering to give a rundown on marijuana, its pretty obvious that mentioning out of nowhere is a severe misconduct on Eric Gaede’s part.

I get it Eric you strive to be dick dastardly by stupidly handicapping yourself at the end of every good point (and sometimes without making any good points at all). Eric, you also love drugs so I’m not surprised you wanted to get your drug abuse on. What really pisses me off here is how Eric can claim to take a stand against sensationalism and fearmongering and then immediately invoke it dick dastardly style to completely destroy and credibility or points he was trying to make. No eric, if the entire media decides to adopt a fearmongering narrative, society will not allow itself to be intoxicated with stupidity. There’s plenty of studies that show roughly 60% of people don’t trust the news or even think its accurate (http://www.globescan.com/news_archives/bbcreut_country.html#UK); in fact that number has risen to roughly ~80% as recent studies show (http://www.gallup.com/poll/171740/americans-confidence-news-media-remains-low.aspx). The gaming industry might have another crash but that’s more of financial consequence that screws over the development of new games not the gamers who can still get games that exist. Gamergate is the perfect example of how people don’t bow down to the media regardless of how many outlets join in on it. In the gamergate scandal, its pretty clear by now that every major media outlet in gaming has gone corrupt, instead of this being the end and gamers just living with the paradox of being dead yet somehow being alive; this lead to the rise of new name game enthusiast sites like gamesnosh, techraptor and so on and so forth. And last but not least, ERIC you are the LAST person who gets to talk about how we should fight against disinformation and fear-mongering when that is exactly what you do and what you did right now. Should I bring up how you said most repro-cart makers don’t deliver on their stuff without even ordering from them? Should I bring up that you did the aforementioned subject on repro-cart makers to shill out for your own friends, Leigh Alexander style? How about you stating that youtube is going to have an apocalpyse (and you shilled out for friends in the same video) and that you think you’re a martyr?

How about poor research skills all around? Like saying Alpha Omega Sin doesn’t use copyrighted footage or gameplay? How about saying that Linkara doesn’t know anything about comic books? You can’t stand against sensationalism, disinformation and poor research while still doing it Eric!

Which brings me to the title of this article (ha 6000 words in). What is character? Character is not what you do while everybody is looking, its about what you do when you think no one will stop you. It’s what you do when no one is looking. Gamergate has faced biblical levels of temptation.

Imagine if you are a gamergate person. Imagine that you area a gamer who supports games and just found out that Phil Fish won the indiecade by cheating. You also are extensively aware of the long history of corrupt journalism such as doritosgate, starcontrol 3 and other things only gamers would know.
For starters, every gamergate member is anonymous, unless they chose otherwise (at which point they’d be compromising their security). This means that quite literally anybody could get in on the harassment and start hacking away. Who’s going to care if you write “I’m gonna rape that bitch” 52k times on twitter?

To add to this, there’s people just literally goading and outright asking to be attacked. ABC news should honestly know better than to let someone who has no feminist credentials speak uncontested. Briana Wu has been allowed repeatedly to say she represents all female developers everywhere. If someone boasts, you can’t shoot me, and then get shoot and killed, who’s going to feel sorry for them? It’s ever so tempting to do what people have literally been setting you up for.

But that’s not enough temptation, no there’s even more, We have entire media claiming that your identity doesn’t exist anymore, that you’re not a person; that right of association doesn’t exist anymore. Feel like violating the peace now? There are people who have killed when their rights weren’t even been infringed on. But you’re rights have just literally been infringed on, there are loud mouthed CEO’s who say they’ll fire anyone with the hobby gaming. You’ve been declared an unperson.

Still not done yet BTW, more idiots join the fray, idiots who start a stupid board that counters your movement. You maintain that you want to treated like a human and that you don’t deserve to be harassed because Journalists don’t want to be ethical. Well these idiots fire back by just pretending everything is A-Okay. Its okay that you’re being harassed, for you see you are a misogynist. Of course they can’t prove it since they literally don’t know anything about you but its okay because they hate you and that’s all they need to commit libel. It’s fine for them to repost child porn but if you point out that a website doesn’t post child porn than it means you like child porn apparently. Nothing makes you want to get violent than the idea that you are the only sane person around. An opposition that literally exists to behave like jackasses with such a smug sense of superiority that they’re literally surprised when they’re not the majority (Gamerghazi) with such logical disconnects in their own brains that they think they are fair and just for literally banning any positive discussion about your movement. OH and it turns out that gamerghazi might very well be mocking the real-life death of a eve-online player during a terrorist attack on a US consulate in Benghazi, Libya in 2012.  Still not tempted to violence? Some of the Gamergate anti-Harassment patrol members quit because they were tired of defending people who were so stupid. Yet others continue to do the job, because people are people to them.

The temptation ain’t over yet, the journalists who are accused of being shady? Yup, they start acting like gibbering morons. “Bring back bullying” says Sam Bibble thinking all gamers are nerds yet not realizing that as a games journalist he should be a gamer too. David Gallant says that “any gamergate supporter will not get my game (paraphrasing) even if they’ve paid for it”. Backed the mighty no 9 kickstarter? Well enjoy having your paid for access revoked because of your political leanings. Watch as journalists prove you right by saying “Who hasn’t slept with a developer #AmIrite?” or as the guardian gets tips from a journalist who introduces themselves with #killallmen. Get wonderful excuses such as ‘Nathan Grayson did not have a conflict of interest with Zoe Quinn, he just said really nice things about her game, is in the credits for the game and is still friends with Zoe Quinn”. Don’t feel violent yet, don’t worry, seeing everything that made you right get ignored by every journalist who should be doing fucking job couldn’t possibly make you angry.

Then last but possibly not the last temptation, we have ‘big name’ youtubers like thunderfoot and internet Aristocrat. Thunderfoot loves to emphasize how much anger you should have at these “femenists” and Internet Aritocrat? Well he wants you to be an extremist. Even your ‘friends’ are wondering why you haven’t rioted yet. Hey here’s Asalieri calling Zoe Quinn a slut and a bitch. Doesn’t that just make you want to join in? Still no? Well then welcome to gamergate, because gamergate isn’t about rioting or harassment. Somehow, someway, millions of people avoided all these calls and cues for violence and instead sat down and said “I know that you want to kafkatrapp me, but I ain’t fucking dumb. So here’s my letter of protest and its going straight to your advertisers and I’m never visiting your website again. You can misrepresent me all you want, but at the end of the day, I’m your paycheck and this paycheck is going somewhere else.”. And here I thought the majority of people are idiots who succumb to their feelings and needs to commit violence.

I mean if gamergate was composed of pissed reactionaries of misogynists do you think anyone would have noticed John Mcintosh was using Anita as a sockpuppet?

And this is honestly the best proof that Gamergate is not a harassment campaign. Because they think for themselves and they don’t let stupid emotions get in the way of the real problem, that journalists have traded away their integrity for relations with the developer. So Eric can make as many gamergate related videos, he doesn’t represent the movement and neither does internet Aristocrat or thunderfoot. They could be hollering for blood and nothing will happen. Gamergate is full of people who passed the information literacy test, their philosophy is trust but verify which means to get information from trusted sources but try to confirm them before spreading them on. And I can’t think of a better group of people I’d want trying to fix this industry; an industry that I should note could quite literally slide into a landfill bigger than the one E.T for Atari was buried in.

“it’s all about me!”- Eric Gaede shows no guilt!

Well its been a while since we’ve talked about the antics of Eric Gaede but Eric appears to be in hiding mode since its the last phase of his slacktivist plan anyway. As a reminder its always something like this:

1. Pick someone you hate/ This subject makes me really angry!

2. Repeatedly misrepresent them

3. Act like you know something and make suggestions that will get people killed/in trouble

4. Don’t know anything about your opponent, just pretend you do

5. Run and hide. Call people haters for saying the truth

Hilariously enough, Eric Gaede’s recent escapade involving the Irate Gamer sucks blog followed this exact model. The ironic part about this is that this blog (batdansucks blog) is that it was meant to be a booby trap for Chris Bores. Did we get Chris Bores? Yeah we did but I sure wasn’t expecting to see people who were far far worse than Chris Bores. Chris Bore’s record for harassment generally involves stupid puppet accounts no one will care about and can generally be ignored but Eric has resorted to in real life harassment as shown with his antics in the Tkyle break up or the harassment with other individuals. Part of the reason why Eric Gaede gets away with most of it is his tenacity and utter delusional antics. Eric absolutely loves flat out lying to his opponents. Inexperienced people will simply double-take or otherwise consider backing off because let’s face it, you’d never expect the guy your arguing with to say something so blatantly false its like he’s giving away the argument to you. Eric never addresses the entirety of his oppositions arguments often times going for just one or two points of argument again using flimsy evidence that leaves inexperienced people scratching their heads as to how someone could be this stupid. This is known as the chewbacca defense, its not a real defense and its entirely fallacious but it works because people operate based on mood not facts so if Eric can make it *look* like his opposition is wrong even when most if not all the evidence is clear cut against him then he’ll look like the good person. Unfortunately Eric never really succeeds and tends to only make a flimsy truce because his opposition is not an idiot and simply wants to “bury hatchet” because there was no point in there being a hatchet in the first place. I’d like to point that many of Asalieri’s fan and Asalieri himself try to act as if Asalieri’s ability to get people to stop feuding with him is somehow “proof” that he’s a good person. No its not because it falls victim to the confounding variable predicament in which people who don’t know logic forget to check for a third or more factors involved in decision making. There many people who hate Asalieri but few if any of them would walk up and punch him because its illegal and its a waste of time. Why would a professional who has a career and fans to please waste time feuding with Asalieri who’s so full of himself that he thinks he still hasn’t done anything wrong and constantly breaks his promises? Oh yeah that’s right! Asalieri is well known for breaking promises (such as his promise not to make fun of TGWTG anymore or his statement that his relationship with Irate Gamer was just an april fools joke) so that makes all the truces (or I mean “Burying the hatchet” because apparently Eric likes thinking of axes) even more pointless doesn’t it?

As for Eric’s relationship with Irate Gamer? Well there’s not much to say here aside from Eric decided to be a hypocrite and its perfect for him because they both have no semblance of commitment or integrity and so they were happy to simply act as if all the fat jokes Asalieri had made about Irate Gamer was A-okay and all the insults towards Asalieri’s family were A-okay. I would like to note that that in the soon to be described event, Asalieri is still pissed because he saw one comment and it was a comment that didn’t make fun of his weight and simply described what had happened to him over the last few months.

But enough with the introduction its fairly clear Asalieri uses his relationship with Irate Gamer to target the Irate Gamer Sucks blog made especially obvious by the kinds of insults he levels at the blog. He says its “heavily censored” and full of people who hate him for no reason. Really Eric? They hate you for no logically justifiable reason? Then maybe you shouldn’t have wrote this on your fanboy’s world video (I find it funny how this one video seems to have started the point where you lost a lot of fans and got a lot of haters): “So a few days ago I read what had to have been the most batdan insane…er batSHIT insane comment I have ever read”. Yeah in case you didn’t see the cheap-shot there Batdan is the author of the blog and the entire video is exaggerating a comment to pretend Batdan is running an insane asylum. It’s a shame the video wasn’t funny either especially since the exaggerated dialogue that Eric came up with is the kind of crap that Eric Gaede encourages his fans to write and behave. Also apparently Asalieri is mad about having his comments deleted but I know that was over two years ago so why the hell he acting like that’s something to be mad about when he does the same thing and has deleted way more comments then Batdan ever has is beyond me.

As an added bonus I have the comments he attempted to make that day in january. He attempted to make three, all were deleted and the blog had visits from several of his cronies making doublethink arguements about how the people on the blog deserve to “not exist”. And I’m not joking about the doublethink because they were claiming Asalieri’s a good person but not noticing the apparent “goodness” of trying to curb freedom of speech and shutting down a blog because its different and Asalieri doesn’t like different.

Anywho here’s comment one All comments are seperated by lines to prevent you from accidently interpreting my responses as one of Eric’s really stupid comments. I’d call his comments shitposting but that would imply that Asalieri can write something that’s not stupid.

Asalieri has left a new comment on the post “Year End List: Top 11 Worst IG Moments of 2012”:

must the culprit NECESSARILY have had to have been Irate Gamer/someone related to his channel?

Jesus Christ.

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Posted by Asalieri to Irate Gamer Sucks at January 9, 2013 2:59 AM


Wow a religious swear for no reason either. FYI Asalieri is refering to Crywolf productions; a short-lived movement that focused on using DMCA takedowns on Irate Gamer parodies and detractors. Really Eric? The people who are taking down Anti-IrateGamer videos did it because they had nothing to do with Irate Gamer?

According to Eric Gaede, Irate Gamer does not hate AVGN and there no such things as radicals or delusional fanboys… other than the people he hates of course!

Here’s message two. Here Cry Wolf productions is referenced directly

Asalieri has left a new comment on the post “Year End List: Top 11 Worst IG Moments of 2012”:

Crywolf was infamous, but he had a method; basically, you had a video making fun of IG, he’d take you down. Why on Earth would an Irate Gamer fanboy decide out of the blue to false flag AVGN? This is the logical disconnect I see constantly with this blog.

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Posted by Asalieri to Irate Gamer Sucks at January 9, 2013 3:55 AM


“This is the logical disconnect I see constantly with this blog.”. Huh what? did I use the “Jackie chan what? you stupid fuck” too early? Irate Gamer is constantly feuding with AVGN. He blames AVGN for just about everything that happens to him. But then again I’m not surprised I did say That Asalieri loves flat out lying and he did here because he knows that Irate Gamer hates AVGN, that’s why he joined up with Irate Gamer and when these two joined up we got the shitty E-begging spoof and from what I’ve heard there’s a cheapshot in the latest IG episode in which a character directly says “Fuck you AVGN”. The fanboys (and I mean the fanboys, not the fanbase aka the rational people) of Irate Gamer are like Charlietheatari they write insane shit and constantly need to pretend they’re bigger than other people. Why the heck wouldn’t they false flag someone? They’ve got nothing to lose!

Oh well here’s message three. Oh this one’s rich.


Asalieri has left a new comment on the post “Year End List: Top 11 Worst IG Moments of 2012”:

was it absolutely necessary to erase my posts, Batdan? I didn’t insult anyone.

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Posted by Asalieri to Irate Gamer Sucks at January 9, 2013 11:26 AM


Yeah Eric you just said everyone has a logical disconnect aka have a problem with their brains. If only you were slightly less careless with your language or you know could stop FLAT OUT LYING then maybe your series of comments wouldn’t have been banned.

Well those three comments summed up a lot of problems that Eric Gaede has with logic and telling the truth. I am honestly surprised people actually bother to talk with Eric as opposed to simply ban him. Of course I probably won’t ever ban Eric even if he comes back because it’ll be funnier to watch Eric lie in the sheer face of defeat and then grab defeat from the jaws of defeat, polish defeat with a dirty towel and use a marker to write the word victory crudely over the words and then say he won. Eric is still pretending that I edited his comments just like I said he would and yet hilariously he has no evidence for that.

Well here comes the long one guys. The conversation at the Irate Gamer sucks blog was massive. I’ll also have to include other people’s comments and yes that means Mr.Kill ultra (frequent commentator on the Irate Gamer sucks blog) will be there though he owns Asalieri quite a lot actually. You can see the conversation here http://irategamersucks.blogspot.ca/2014/04/the-end-is-here-story-arc-is-over.html though be sure to click the load more button near the bottom of the page.


Gloin1994April 23, 2014 at 10:41 AM

I’m reading Asalieri’s comments about this blog. It’s hilarious, he says that it’s heavily censored with no freedom of speech.

And his fanboys tell Daniel Hirsch to kill himself. How mature.

Feltzer342April 23, 2014 at 6:25 PM

“Heavily censored with no freedom of speech”, my ass, Asalieri. It just goes to show how little that fat tub of lard knows about this blog, not to mention he’s saying that out of hatred and bias for BatDan.

AsalieriApril 24, 2014 at 7:13 AM

well then, let’s see how long this comment remains here, that is i1f I’m even allowed to post it! Batdan HAS deleted my posts here in the past, and he HAS banned me from posting even innocuous and inconsequential comments.


And Asalieri’s comment is still there. Smooth work Asalieri but given how much of beating you got it might have been better if you got banned. You see Batdan was actually trying to keep you from pulling your pants down and waving your dick at everyone but since you insisted so batdan let you learn the hard way. “innocuous and inconsequential comments.” Wow lying on the first comment. Nice!


Asalieri April 24, 2014 at 7:15 AM

I didn’t even use the words ‘freedom of speech’ either. I did say it’s heavily censored here, though. You should quote me correctly if you are going to be 100% objective.


It wasn’t a quote it was a paraphrase… God you’re dumb Eric Gaede. Gloin made a paraphrase, you know that thing where you state what the other person said in their own words? Hey Mr.KILL can we get a dumbass certificate here? Eric needs one badly!

Edit: Mr.KIll has provided one. and explicitedly stated it was because Eric did not uphold his end of the bargain as shown near the end of the conversation (Eric promised Mr.KILL an apology video… that video does not exist, silence is not an apology Eric).

From Mr.Kill "You've earned it Eric!"
From Mr.Kill “You’ve earned it Eric!”


AsalieriApril 24, 2014 at 7:18 AM

Nice to meet you too, Feltzer! I’m flattered you called me ‘little’, considering my well known girth! I used to hate the hell out of Batdan, for spreading lies about me. Nowadays, it’s a ‘meh’ feeling. I suspect it must be the same for him.


Uh Eric? What lies? What lies did Batdan spread about you? What do you mean its ‘meh’ feeling? You’re commenting on the blog aren’t you and you still say negative things about Batdan. Its practically a mirror of the feud Irate Gamer and AVGN here since Batdan utterly ignores you. Given that Asalieri never brings these points back up its fairly clear that he he lied again. Less than 3 comments here and he’s already fucked up but then again that’s just like the last time back in January… funny how history repeats.


Feltzer342 April 24, 2014 at 8:37 AM

Asalieri, I’ll say this to you: I apologize for my ad hominem attacks and admit I was wrong in quoting you. There, I admitted to my mistakes, so, are there going to be any hostilities between us? I wish for that not to be, and I have no desire to argue.

Mr.Kill UltraApril 24, 2014 at 9:43 AM

“banned me from posting even innocuous and inconsequential comments.”

The last comment you made said we were all mindless drones… Everywhere you go you attempt to start a fight, pretend there’s no issue at all and then leave without solving anything. Not saying that you’re doing that here but its just a general trend.

Asalieri April 24, 2014 at 10:54 AM

Feltzer, I concur with that sentiment, man. Shake?

Asalieri April 24, 2014 at 10:56 AM

Kill, I’m not even attempting to start a fight. I would, however, like it if you guys were a lot more honest about what you guys say. Not only about me, either. I can admit to having gone overboard on my channel in the past. Can you guys honestly not see that in yourselves, though?


“Hi Mr.Kill, I’m not here to start a fight I just think you guys should stop lying and being generally dishonest people and allow me to make fun of the person who provides the articles you like and you have deep problems that you can’t see because they’re problems that are deep or some shit”- Lasersquad’s paraphrasing.

So yeah here’s how you prove you not here to start a fight, tell your soon to be ass-kicker that he has issues with honesty and deep seated problems that only you can see. “I can admit to having gone overboard on my channel in the past” Asalieri will never bring this back up and will still act as if he has no problems and that Mr.Kill has no reason to be angry with him. The move in which one apologizes but does so in a petty and goal related manner is a very insincere one and essentially says to the other person that I know the things I did was bad but it was your fault so I’m cool. The worst part about this is that Mr.Kill ultra knows quite alot about the shit Asalieri has pulled in the past so this is the last kind of apology he should have gave. Unsurprisingly Mr.Kill doesn’t take this well.

Asalieri April 24, 2014 at 11:05 AM

and it’s not like I need to convince you or anything, obviously, we differ on our opinions of people. But all this namecalling back and forth, on both our ends… don’t you get sick of it? I hadn’t brought you guys up in a long time until last night, when I just decided to blurt my mind and feelings out (prompted by the fact that you guys just can’t seem to stop bringing ME up, in posts I read here from the last 3 days or so) what’s the end game here? We don’t have to get along, sure. But do we really have to take every potshot we can at each other?


So here Eric is essentially saying that the his opposition should apologize because he won’t. Nice work Eric! BTW Eric references his own ADD here in that he says he just brought up Irate Gamer sucks blog now or at least he would be referencing his ADD if his youtube channel dicussion page didn’t show that he was making fun of the Irate Gamer sucks blog for a few weeks before hand. “prompted by the fact that you guys just can’t seem to stop bringing ME up, in posts I read here from the last 3 days or so” Yeah this is bullshit, Eric is refering to a roughly two comments that make fun of him and Mr.Kill is going to tear him a new one for flat out lying here.

Mr.Kill Ultra April 24, 2014 at 12:07 PM

“you guys just can’t seem to stop bringing ME up”

Well of course you were brought up, you were in the most recent episode. You can’t pretend that you’re presence there doesn’t warrant discussion.

“I would, however, like it if you guys were a lot more honest about what you guys say.”

Unless you’re trying to say that you want us to stop talking about you and spreading evidence that supports the negative things we said about you. Seriously? Pretending that what people have said is wrong without evidence and right from the get go… Have you not learned anything from the past 20 times you’ve been in a conversation like this?

“I just decided to blurt my mind and feelings out”

I’m sorry but Asalieri, you make way too many generalizations. Its very prominent in your use of language. One or two individuals here actually talk about you and you act as if the entire blog is against you. We’re sick of this because you choose to treat as if we are in a feud when all it takes for this to end is for you to stop talking about us or otherwise stop making generalizations about the people on this blog. I mean, you seriously don’t expect people to see your channel discussion page do you? Just look at this.

“Basically, if you have anything remotely positive to say about Chris, it’s prohibited there. Now tell me how free and fair you morons are.”

How very diplomatic… The only people who get their comments deleted are the people who repeatedly cause fights and only attempt to start fights. Making complete generalizations about other people based on very anecdotal evidence is just disgusting. Even people like Johnny awesome are allowed to post here and his comments are essentially “IG ROXXORS, YOU GUYS SUXXORS”. If you have been reading these comments sections for the last 3 days you would have seen his comments.

“in posts I read here from the last 3 days or so”

Which brings me to this point, or exhibit A. Claiming that you’ve done research and that your facts are justified. Did you really read the last comments made 3 days ago? This article is less than a 2 days old. If you want to back your opinion don’t pretend that you’re well versed in the situation when you aren’t.

Then there’s crap like this comment where you completely mix two blogs.

“They aren’t THERE anymore. I remember the conversation I attempted on that blog too, where Lasersquad had the gall to alter what I was writing. How’s that for honesty?”

Lasersquad isn’t on this blog and he doesn’t run it either. And in addition you kept changing the subject in the youtube discussion. But I guess you realized you don’t want to continue a feud against a blog you don’t even read or know anything about so you wrote this:

“what’s the end game here? We don’t have to get along, sure. But do we really have to take every potshot we can at each other?”

This blog will always exists to write about the exploits of Irate Gamer. Its the only website that actually follows Irate Gamer’s work and provides criticism on it. It is a niche demographic and it has nothing to do with taking potshots at you. If you wanted to talk about the explicit state of affairs sure, but then why try to maintain we’re a totalitarian state? Why make generalizations about everyone here and pretend that you have justified point. The current state of affairs here is that we don’t like you because of you have spent more time saying how we’re apparently evil and censor people while at the same time quoting our comments out of context, and saying we have no right to exist. This has nothing to do with us hating you but rather the fact that you haven’t rescinded that rhetoric or even ramped it down a notch. In short the only reason we’re even a teensy hostile to you is based on your behavior to us. If you have something against batdan you can say it but targeting everyone else was a very undiplomatic move.


Remind me never to piss Mr.Kill off. Speaking of which this is kind of the reason why this article wasn’t made immediately, Mr.Kill practically shut Eric down. He hits practically everything I would have mentioned. Eric targeting everyone other than the people he has a beef with? check! Eric lying about just now having to do something? check! Eric not learning, Check! Eric being way more insulting than the people he’s calling out? Check!
It’s almost as if I don’t need to write an article or as if the article was written already. He’s even quoting Eric’s youtube comments (which he has now deleted just to make his claims of censorship even more hypocritical)

Mr.Kill Ultra April 24, 2014 at 12:09 PM

” They all love to say i’m a hypocrite and a lowlife, yet none of them realize any of their own hypocrisies and how they’ve actually become infinitely worse than anything i’ve ever said or done during the course of my youtube channel”

Eric if you’re trying to stop people from talking negatively about you. Calling them all hypocrites responsible for ruining your life is not the way to go. Try to at least let your opinion on youtube match the mood you are attempt establish on foreign areas. Saying they are somehow worse then despite the fact that none of us here do anything more than discuss your involvement with Irate Gamer is just sickening.

“You can say I deserve it all you want, but in the end it only means you would have to agree with the kinds of tactics some people have resorted to.”

How exactly does saying that you deserve it mean that its okay for the “some kinds of tactics some people have resorted to”. Did you even catch the guy who did that ad you were referring to? Heck the problem in the last few quotes is here in this one too. You continually refuse to believe there’s a middle ground. But I digress, what exactly do you want Eric?

TL:DR Eric? Is there a point to this other than a weak attempt to make a truce? I can understand that you want people to stop saying negative things about you, but for that to happen you’ll have to write something sincere and meaningful; not something that makes the same mistakes that gave people legitimate cause to be mad at you.

” They all love to say i’m a hypocrite and a lowlife, yet none of them realize any of their own hypocrisies and how they’ve actually become infinitely worse than anything i’ve ever said or done during the course of my youtube channel”

Sorry but I’ve just to tear this quote a new one. Eric you have personally come to people’s houses to intimidate them, tried to abuse the legal system to sue Jfreedan over 100 times in an attempt to get him to stop his perfectly legal work, backed up broke lying repro cartridge sellers, made fun of children, have lied more times than even politicians would like to and done such sloppy work that I literally had to conclude that you were the worst person on the list of people who fell for the IP logging operation. You beat the guy who joined you in the conspiracy to sue Jfreedan and of whom was so badly reviled that he had to flee to the Caribbean and quit the internet! You beat the guy who infiltrates fansub groups and destroys them for fun! You are far far worse than a bunch of pranksters who were kind enough to arrange the prank so it hit you during the middle of day and not during the night where far worse things could have happened!

This the comment that made this article have the title “It’s all about me” Because that’s all you ever think about Eric. You only think about yourself and treat everything else as an extension of yourself. This is cheap flimsy chewbacca defense that essentially consists of “But look at all the badguys? I’m not as bad as them” who care Eric, you’re a terrible person and you still deserve the crap you get for being a terrible person. Perhaps if you didn’t do things like leak your private address to show how “tough” you are then maybe you wouldn’t be complaining but given your record for lying I’m pretty sure you set up that prank given how unnaturally unrepeatable and convenient the prank was (and you even showed your address during the video). What Eric doesn’t seem to realize is that he is responsible for the prank whether he really set up the ad or not because he was the idiot who made people angry at him and then hid behind his family and gave out his address. Tempting fate and then getting punished for it is not something to complain about especially when your many flaws are so easily found by anyone doing basic research on you.

Asalieri April 24, 2014 at 12:27 PM

you’re right, that IS Tl;dr. Gimme a second to read it all. Real quick though, you guys brought me up in the PREVIOUS post, days before I even appeared in that Irate Gamer vid. So what’s your excuse THERE, Kill? I do believe in a middle ground. Just because you refuse to see it doesn’t mean I don’t have one. What do I want? I dunno, I haven’t the faintest idea sometimes. For now, I dunno, maybe less attacks from you, less vitriol, considering i’ve toned down my own rhetoric a LOT since 2011 would be nice. A little credit for being something other than the evil sociopath you paint me as would be nice. Perhaps the honesty I asked of you would be nice? I WAS being sincere just now.


Wow Eric way to be a jackass just tell someone right away that they’re post was too long and you couldn’t read it. You know its implied that people will give you enough time to understand their message. This isn’t you’re crappy skype conversation with reviewtopia, where you and 8 or so groupies just bombarded the reviewtopia guys with name calling. I would like to add that the reviewtopia guys were promised a clear and non-hostile talk with Asalier over why he weren’t hired but apparently Eric thinks that was a “fair” conversation.

Oh and I just love how he randomly capitalizes words. It’s like all star-batman and robin where random words are bolded. The hilarious part is Asalieri thinks he’s owned Mr.Kill here because he for once is not completely lying in that he’s referencing a real comment thread. The problem is that the comment thread is less than six comments long and isn’t particularly hostile or full lies.

“Perhaps the honesty I asked of you would be nice? I WAS being sincere just now”

Smooth. You know Mr.KIll said you were undiplomatic for a reason. Giving people 0 time to meet your demands or in this case your demands for “honesty” is the exact definition of undiplomatic. Heck you just insinuated that Mr.KIll is still lying Eric… and you haven’t even read his criticism yet (just the TL:DR section) so you’re essentially proving everything he said was right in less than 4 sentences. Good job eric!

Random Man April 24, 2014 at 12:31 PM

…Y’know, Asa kind of a has a point. People on this blog HAVE gone a bit too far before (I can name at least one incident) and, to my knowledge, he hasn’t done anything all that bad recently. All he did was cameo in the Irate Gamer finale, and it’s not like he did anything bad in it – just cheer.


Eh obligatory person who wants to give Asalieri the benefit of the doubt. You know he just said that you and everyone on the blog are lying scumbags right? That you like to suck Batdan’s cock? That you don’t have lives and never will get life partners? (this is all on the youtube channel and none of these comments are deleted only the ones which got torn part by gloin and others) Yeah go ahead, give him the benefit of the clearly overwhelming doubt.

Oh well I’m probably just being mean but let’s face it, how does one be so clueless as to give someone who wants you dead, this someone having shown unflinching desire to shut you down and ensure you never get another chance to talk, a free pass? I actually read this one two or three times over just to make sure randomman wasn’t being sarcastic. Heck I actually thought a few times he was an Asalieri fan because his profiles links to his personal blog where he makes fun of reviewers (but unlike asalieri’s work it doesn’t suck!). Oh well I’m just going to conclude that in the face of inconclusive evidence, Random man is just clueless. Either way Asalieri decides to post 3 comments and does so uninterrupted. Here’s the first one:

AsalieriApril 24, 2014 at 12:43 PM

Kill, the tone on my comment section is due to your continued insistence in badmouthing me, which is about as diplomatic as your rhetoric against me has been. I give as good as I get. I wasn’t mixing blogs, by the way. The guy brought that other blog up, and I answered in turn. I can see how you’d think I was mixing them, seeing as there are times the rhetoric here rivals that blog’s style, although I do have to concede that you’re nowhere NEAR that incendiary or vitriolic. You do have members, such as Kiki, who take both blogs as holy scripture and who adhere to the hatred espoused by both. Teeny bit of hate? Come on man, read the comments of the last two posts that contain ‘asa’ in them. That’s pure vitriol, bro. DO you really find my answer to that as surprising?


“which is about as diplomatic as your rhetoric against me has been”
Mr.Kill’s rhetoric against Asalieri… What Rhetoric?

noun: rhetoric

the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.

Mr.Kill hasn’t written anything extensive or persuasive against Eric Gaede and he’s only involved to begin with because Eric Gaede got the site trolled. If anything Eric your constant statements against the members of the Irate Gamer sucks blog is rhetoric because you are trying to persuade people that that are not people but apparently simians who need to evolve (Oh yes I haven’t mentioned that Asalieri has told people that the people on the Irate Gamer sucks blog are monkeys. If anyone has a quote about the evolution part please post it in the comments below. you will be cited). Not keeping track of the argument and the things you’ve done Eric is going to let Mr.Kill utterly demolish you. Which he does, saving me the trouble of doing it. Here’s the second comment:


Asalieri April 24, 2014 at 12:54 PM

April 16th… this is 5 days before Irate Gamer put me in his review… you guys had a lengthy conversation about me two posts before this one on the blog. What prompted it? Literally, nothing. You just felt like having another go at me out of nowhere, where as usual, you misrepresent the actual events to suit whatever weird fetish you have with bringing me down. Kill, like I said. All I would want at this point is for you to give it a rest. I didn’t provoke you 9 days ago. You’re doing it of your own accord at this point. You couldn’t possibly claim *I* am causing the fights now.


Oh noes the really small comment section that is 1% of the comments posted on that page. Man the Irate Gamer sucks blog guys have gone too far especially since it was Eric’s a fanboys world video that started the fight to begin with and its laughable that Eric is still trying to flat out lie the to guy he’s apologizing to.

AsalieriApril 24, 2014 at 1:19 PM

last question for you Kill, before I leave you be;
do you agree with bringing people’s families into internet drama? do you think it’s an appropriate response to my videos to send an email to my daughter’s teacher telling her to watch out for me because I mistreat my kids? Do you agree with ED’s style of balls to the wall harassment? I’d like your genuine opinion of that kind of tactic. I want to see if you are actually reasonable, or just another guy who thrives on internet drama.


Ah the ever classic chewbacca defense. Seriously why don’t you just write “BUT WHAT ABOUT ME?”. Are you like 5 years old Eric? Can you think past yourself for a brief moment. And during that moment can you not lie? Oh well here’s the fun part. Mr.Kill had so many issues with this one that he had to write a massive response. It actually hit the character limit and is very thorough. I’d like to note that Eric has just ignored more than 9/10 of Mr.Kill’s argument against him in favor of “BUT WHAT ABOUT ME? I’M ERIC GAEDE I DESERVE SOMETHING!”.

I feel adding commentary on Mr.Kill comment so its in bold.


Mr.Kill UltraApril 24, 2014 at 2:41 PM

“which is about as diplomatic as your rhetoric against me has been”

Really? So apparently I haven’t been using evidence and have been lying? There’s difference between badmouthing and listing the truth. I’m surprised Mr.Kill didn’t notice that he had no rhetoric to begin with

“I wasn’t mixing blogs, by the way.”

Uh yeah you were. He asked about this blog and you switched to a conversation about the other blog. I can read youtube comment sections Eric… assuming you haven’t deleted that conversation PWNED, the many comments against your poorly made videos and then came here to complain about your comments being deleted years ago for being full of lying and attempting to do the same thing you’ve done here.

“April 16th… this is 5 days before Irate Gamer put me in his review… you guys had a lengthy conversation about me two posts before this one on the blog. What prompted it? Literally, nothing. ”

AHEM “Also out of curiosity, is that “Reviewing the Reviewer” fellow still around?” – Kama Oh noes Eric got exposed
Reading and research Asalieri, its kind of essential. A user asked what happened to your show and another person replied that it had falling out due to a recent incident involving stalking and harassment of a ex-friend of yours by you. My post links to a documentation of that incident. So what do you mean unprompted? Take a look it has a full start and beginning. Unprompted would be making random insults that have no relevance to you. Oh and length? Its six comments long Actually counting the comments that are anti-Eric-Gaede, its only 3 comments long! One of them is “Wait, Asa did WHAT? When did THIS happen?”. I see you like lying Eric.

” You just felt like having another go at me out of nowhere, where as usual, you misrepresent the actual events to suit whatever weird fetish you have with bringing me down.”

Nice just imply its a fetish It’s okay Mr.Kill, Eric clearly has issues considering that he envisioned that Angry Joe was jerking off to cat porn. I can’t help but think of his RAR where his hand was stuck to his mouse. Yeah I really want brain bleach for that… that’ll help convince me to stop making fun of you. Do you like pretending that your haters masturbate to thei-r hate of you?

“For now, I dunno, maybe less attacks from you, less vitriol, considering i’ve toned down my own rhetoric a LOT since 2011 would be nice”

“Kill, the tone on my comment section is due to your continued insistence in badmouthing me”

AHEM You badmouthed me first and you made a video that totally took out of context my comment to a totally insane troll. Man its like I don’t even need to point out that Asalieri is a lying asshole. Mr.Kill please write my articles

“All I would want at this point is for you to give it a rest”

You give it a rest! You can even focus on the same topic for more than week. You are a slacktivist at heart and you refuse to tackle any topic in a reasonable manner. Oh great now he’s using words I like to use.

“You couldn’t possibly claim *I* am causing the fights now.”

How funny, you’re starting another one. You came here of your own accord and brought nothing to the table but thinly veiled insults and a cheap mockery of the idea of truce. There is over 5 insults cumulative so far from Asalieri. Way to play the victim Eric!

“do you agree with bringing people’s families into internet drama?”

You apparently do. You’ve talked about other people’s families before and repeatedly bring your family into internet arguments Eric also asked one father to go die in fire and then lied saying that he never asked for people to die in a fire. You give away your own address and repeatedly ask trolls to escalate their behavior towards you I was laughing hilariously at this. I don’t think Eric has had this bad a beatdown since being called out on the Deadhorse interchange forums. Your attempt to ask me to stop talking about you is so poorly worded that its as if you are insulting my relative lack of insulting you Protip- Never say that someone is really hostile towards you when they’ve barely done anything to you. Eric learns this the hard way. FYI, listing the documentation of an incident does not count as insulting someone. I’m also pretty sure that you have said things about other people’s kids that were not particularly savoury Assuming of course you weren’t jerking off to the mother and her kids, god I really wish that didn’t happen!.

Mr.Kill UltraApril 24, 2014 at 2:41 PM

“I didn’t provoke you 9 days ago.”

Yup that’s why you never retracted your insults directed at me, everyone else here and this site I like to frequent Spoiler alert, Eric will still act as if he’s the victim. You certainly still don’t maintain or encourage the notion that we shouldn’t exist and that people should support your own opinion in making sure we don’t exist. OH wait you do. If you wanted to say you didn’t provoke me then maybe you should take down those videos that make fun of us. Hmm maybe a update video that says “these guys are okay” would be in order. Except that isn’t what has happened is it? Grievances only go away when they are dealt with. A Grievance doesn’t go away with time or in this case you picking someone else to harass for the next few weeks. Mr.Kill asks Eric several times to attempt to apologize, Eric seems to get the impression that Mr.Kill wants a bribe on the last attempt… facepalm

“last question for you Kill… Do you agree with ED’s style of balls to the wall harassment?”

ED had nothing to do with the ad Eric Unless you believe the picture of the naked guy holding a picture of the words “ED4life” a guy who is hated by ED no less. And what evidence do you have that they did? And as for the question, you didn’t answer mine. I only give what I am allowed to take Sorry Mr.Kill but Eric is morally bankrupt you shouldn’t have bothered to give anything because Eric will default even when he does have money to pay off the loan. If you can’t answer a simple question as “Is there a point to this other than a weak attempt to make a truce?” then I am not obligated to give the obvious answer to your question. “I don’t know” means this conversation is worthless you’re proving exactly why batdan banned you in the first place. I can tell you I don’t agree with your style of harassment either. Making videos that completely misrepresent an issue based on information you knew was false is terrible.

TL:DR PLZ stop lying Eric Hopefully Eric will listen to the abbreviated form of the word please… assuming he knows what PLZ means. Its not helping your case and pretending that you’re the full victim and you did nothing to provoke this is just wrong especially after you’ve claimed we are not allowed to exist. Especially after you claim we are censorship happy and still pretend that we are massive hate cult. Stop pretending that we are misrepresenting things when you are here totally out of touch with what’s going on and not even bothering to re-read what you are writing. Fetish? Really Eric? That statement throws your entire argument out the window. Oh and your changing the subject… AGAIN. You can’t claim you didn’t start the fight when you are here making accusations that are totally baseless and listing evidence that is counter to your own argument.

Last but not least “A little credit for being something other than the evil sociopath you paint me as would be nice. Perhaps the honesty I asked of you would be nice?”

If this is what you want then you’re going to have to tell me things you do well and show me evidence that will paint as you as a nice or good person. I have no evidence so to speak so to ask me to be honest and to give you credit is to ask me to tell others you are credibly evil and not likable. You might think is unreasonable but let’s face it… have you named any of good traits and made a video that shows what kind of a good person you are? You keep telling me that you don’t deserve to be harassed and that you are a good person. So why don’t you write a full post about all the good things you’ve done and I mean things that can’t be disputed. Because if someone asks me what I honestly think of you then I can only honestly reply in return based on your actions to me and your ability to not hide insults such as “my haters masturbate to their hate of me” which does not allow me to say you are a nice person and still feel honest.


Wow to recap. Mr.KIll just absolutely crushed any notion of Eric being innocent or otherwise plagued by a greater evil. In addition Mr.Kill has asked Eric to name nice things he’s done so the next time someone asks Mr.Kill about Asalieri, he can say nice things. Unforunately Eric has to send Mr.Kill an IOU.

AsalieriApril 24, 2014 at 3:09 PM

1. I am not starting a fight here. Jesus christ.
2. I never brought anyone’s family into any internet drama, this is plain false.
3. That guy clearly brought up Lasersquad’s blog, he mentioned him by name. He is talking about that blog, dude. Hence my answer, referring specifically to HIM.
4. I’ve made several videos that are completely neutral, like my world cup videos or more recently, a video about cultural differences in how we view gambling and how Europe does. It’s not like my channel is dedicated exclusively to talking about what I DONT like.
5. how do YOU know ED had nothing to do with the ad? Do you have proof to the contrary? Let’s go with what we can easily prove, then. They called my mom a whore. Appropriate? Come on now. And what was the point of digging up my little brother’s dox? Or my little girl’s teacher’s info? Do you seriously condone that? does that make them good people in your book?

there is a point to me talking to you as reasonably as I can muster, despite your belligerence. I am, against my better judgement still trying to understand you. I’m not even attacking you at the moment.

You say your personal grievance is that I made a video taking your posts out of context. Let’s work on that one, then. What harm has come to you as a result of “Megaassassin”? and what exactly did you find objectionable? I am sorry if it did cause you any problems or pain, for what it’s worth.


Hmmm my bullshit detector is going off let’s see what this translates to:
1. I’m not going to read your entire comment Mr.Kill. Instead I’m going to make religious insults because I have no ability to control my anger and prevent the writing of things that add nothing to a conversation and insult the good name of religious figures. Funny how history repeats since that’s what Eric did last time too.
2. I am lying. I like to lie. I love lying. I will say anything to pretend I have the moral highground here. Hell I’d happily punch children to prove how convicted I am to being a good person.
3. Eh I can say what ever the hell I want. IT was a youtube conversation and I’ll delete it by the end of the week while giving some cheap reply like “I don’t want to be involved anymore”
4. All the horrible things I’ve done were done a long time ago. Two days ago counts as long right? My lack of therapist says its does anyway.
5. I don’t know anything about law or the idea of “innocent unless proven guilty” I am happy to blame people over insufficient and contrary evidence because hey I’m lying to you right now. Why tell the truth when you can just lie. Its so easy, I could probably fart and that would be just as intelligible as this response.

Unfortunately my bullshit translator broke down apparently due to an overflow of bullshit. You see it was calibrated for Irate Gamer levels of bullshit but Asalieri levels of bullshit was just too overwhelming. But I digress what’s next in this heap of bullshit Eric calls a comment.

“there is a point to me talking to you as reasonably as I can muster”
Just keep lying Eric. You just said you didn’t know. That was why Mr.Kill said you were wasting his time.

“despite your belligerence.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh man that one was rich. You just said that Mr.Kill is sexually attracted to hating you. This is just lying for the sake of lying.

“I am, against my better judgement still trying to understand you”

Well the first part would involve speaking english and attempting to use real world logic. It’s tough but it involves actually understanding things and not imagining a naked lady over the content you are attempting to analyze (see Eric I gave you the benefit of the doubt by not immediately assuming you would imagine naked children or a mother and her kids in place of the naked lady).

“You say your personal grievance is that I made a video taking your posts out of context. Let’s work on that one, then. What harm has come to you as a result of “Megaassassin”? and what exactly did you find objectionable?”

Wow Eric you seriously don’t know what will happen with your bullshit fanbase and how you encourage people to treat other people as scum? Oh and I’d like to note that Mr.Kill did not know about Megaassassin and this is going to end terrible for Eric. For those who don’t know Megaassassin is essentially Mr.Kill… yeah its like pissed Jose, it’s not clever and it’s just an excuse to harass the person it’s based on. Oh man I can’t wait to see what Eric says next because he’s already fucked up royally.

AsalieriApril 24, 2014 at 3:19 PM

I will concede your right to post whatever you like about Bores, hell, this is your blog, do what you like. But I can’t in all honesty endorse it, if I did, i’d have to publicly say i’m cool with him being harassed, his mother insulted, his friends and people he’s known cross examined for the purpose of denigrating him on a public forum. Hell, i’d have to say I agree with my OWN mother being insulted, if it came down to it. You appear to have no qualms with what ED posts about folks, regardless of how skewed or slanderous it is, or even ethical, for that matter. I can’t endorse that kind of behavior.

That doesn’t mean I can’t personally try to reason with you. If I didn’t think I could reason with you, I wouldn’t bother.


“I will concede your right to post whatever you like about Bores, hell, this is your blog, do what you like. But I can’t in all honesty endorse it”

Ah yes the other bullet in the foot. Eric came to the blog and clearly said the only reason he was there was because he himself was insulted. Now he’s changing his excuse to “BUT WHAT ABOUT IRATE GAMER” except its still asking about him because Eric does not specify that Irate Gamer can’t take the abuse no he says “But I can’t in all honesty endorse it” so its not and never has been about protect his friend but more about himself because if Irate Gamer gets insulted Eric gets insulted. Ladies and gentlemen Eric has managed to contradict himself 3 times in one gramatically incorrect sentence.

1. He says its okay for Mr.Kill to write what he wants but then double’s back immediately… you can edit these before you post them Eric!
2. Forgot that he came here because he himself was insulted and said so himself.
3. Then says that he’s doing it on the Irate Gamer’s behalf when he only cares about himself. He makes this very clear in the next few comments.

Most people are content with failing once or twice. Eric seems to like failing alot courtesy of his addiction to lying about even the most trivial things.

Oh and good job insinuating that your mother aka your family is less important than that friend we all know you’ll ditch. Well here comes the next stupid comment from Eric

AsalieriApril 24, 2014 at 3:23 PM

maybe i’m just too foolish for my own good? Kill Ultra, I apologize for making you feel bad with my parody of you. My intention was to make fun of something I saw are silly, not to humiliate you. I hope you can accept that somehow.


Oh hey look Mr.Kill. Eric doesn’t find anything wrong with what he did and what’s more wants you to accept his views! That’s not an asshole move right? Man that was as great as the serial killer who said “Hey look guys I didn’t mean to kill you and I apologize for stabbing many of you 32 times. My only intention was to extract blood I thought I silly putty, not to kill you. I hope that you can accept that.”

Good attempt to feel sorry there Eric, I was totally convinced you were a sociopath with no empathy. Man you’re good at being a sociopath.

And now for Mr.KIll to say just about everything I already said

Mr.Kill UltraApril 24, 2014 at 6:30 PM

“I am not starting a fight here. Jesus christ.”

Yes escalate the rethoric by calling the name of a diety. I mean its typed speech and therefore you can control your emotions and prevent saying unnecessary swear words that would offend people who may or may not be highly religious? Surely this will be followed by a calm and not faked explanation about how you want to make amends?

“2. I never brought anyone’s family into any internet drama, this is plain false.”

Nope I guess not. So Eric, if you’ve never involved anyone’s family into internet drama why have you done a video on other people’s kids and chosen to focus on making fun of children in other videos? Oh how about this nice comment about Batdan’s love interests?

“but yeah, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to go to bed with him unless they are completely in the dark about his secret obsession with Bores”

Let’s face it Asalieri you’re allergic to the very insults you make daily.

“3. That guy clearly brought up Lasersquad’s blog, he mentioned him by name. He is talking about that blog, dude. Hence my answer, referring specifically to HIM.”

Except your the one who wrote the first comment in that thread and it explicitedly talks about THIS blog. “Every comment I ever made on your blog, attack wise OR neutral has been deleted by Batty. And I know I am not the only one who has had comments censored.” Then you said this “They aren’t THERE anymore. I remember the conversation I attempted on that blog too, where Lasersquad had the gall to alter what I was writing. How’s that for honesty?”. So either you’re saying that Lasersquad deleted your comments which is ridiculous because they’re still they and they still stink or you’re referring to batdan deleting your comments because you’d just waste everybody’s time.

“4. I’ve made several videos that are completely neutral, like my world cup videos or more recently, a video about cultural differences in how we view gambling and how Europe does. It’s not like my channel is dedicated exclusively to talking about what I DONT like.”

That’s my point. You can’t come clean without making amends. You don’t get it do you? A crime is still a crime and you never apologized you never said you were wrong and you never made amends to anyone in a worthwhile fashion. Everytime you make amends its because the other person doesn’t want to put up with you anymore, because they were intimidated by you. They don’t actually like you. Hell you so easily made up with Ben Wagner even though he’s just going to backstab you like everyone else he’s been “friends” with and this was the guy leaking photos of your wife. You don’t make amends, you don’t make hypocritical pacts.
Mr.Kill UltraApril 24, 2014 at 6:32 PM

“5. how do YOU know ED had nothing to do with the ad? Do you have proof to the contrary? Let’s go with what we can easily prove, then. They called my mom a whore. Appropriate? Come on now. And what was the point of digging up my little brother’s dox? Or my little girl’s teacher’s info? Do you seriously condone that? does that make them good people in your book?”

Easy, the legal definition of guilty is proven beyond all reasonable doubt. The only evidence you had that it was ED was some guy who was hated by ED holding a paper that said “ED 4 life”. In addition if it was ED that hates you so much then how come you haven’t gotten repeat incidents? ED is full of satirical people who don’t do anything that’s why. Maybe if 4chan or anonymous who actually have resources were against you, then you’d actually have a point. ED isn’t capable of doing anything to anyone and until you have reasonable evidence that anyone did anything YOU CAN’T pin the tail on the donkey. Anyone who hates you could have done that. Even me, or hell even Ben Wagner the guy who hated you enough to circulate photos of your wife. I’d like to remind you that Ben Wagner’s hobby is trying to get admin status on fansubbing forums to go ban everyone and kill the subbing group. He more than anyone has the dedication to do it. Don’t believe take at look at your oh so dreaded forum thread on you. Its dead! It hasn’t had an update for a while now. They weren’t and never were dedicated to harassing you anymore than just writing random crap on their wiki.

“there is a point to me talking to you as reasonably as I can muster, despite your belligerence.”

Yes listing your problems and inability to talk to people in a logical fashion counts as belligerence. Saying someone has a fetish is apparently A-Okay in your book.

“You say your personal grievance is that I made a video taking your posts out of context. Let’s work on that one, then. What harm has come to you as a result of “Megaassassin”?”

Hmmm where to start? Okay we got a large amount of trolls repeating your arguments trying to pick fights with people and they were so problematic that batdan actually shut down the comments section until they got bored. We also have quite a few people who think its okay to just pretend that its perfectly fine to say we don’t deserve to exist. And your influence has allowed people to think its okay to troll again for Irate Gamer. In addition “Megaassassin” isn’t even a codeword or a clever name; its obviously a allegory for me (Derp get it? Mega = Ultra and kill means assassin) and you link just my comments in the same video. YOU DIDN’T EVEN TRY TO HIDE OR OTHERWISE PREVENT SLANDER. Nice work Asalieri, you’ve managed to make me even more aware of how much of a jackass you were being when you made that video. You literally tried to make me synonymous with fanboyism. And yet you still act as if you haven’t done anything majorly wrong.

“I am sorry if it did cause you any problems or pain, for what it’s worth.”

Are you sorry? Are you really REALLY sorry? Because I don’t think you understand what sorry means.
Mr.Kill UltraApril 24, 2014 at 6:33 PM

“I will concede your right to post whatever you like about Bores, hell, this is your blog, do what you like. ”

Oh yeah you definitely deemed it was okay to post things about Bores… IT was just that existing was the problem you had with us. Hmmm? What about comments like this “Not an ounce of honesty, good will, honor, truth or giving a shit about any of the above exists in that basement hole they call a blog.”.

OR this one? “Expect them to come, leave hateful comments, and then lie about me somehow deleting them even though they’re clearly there to read.”

Oh but its okay for ME to post but what about batdan’s work? Or Kiki or anyone else?

“Nah, the blog gives his life meaning, he’d never off himself and deprive himself of his 20 readers.”

Don’t give me this bullshit okay? That was utter bullshit and you get a middle eastern thumbs up for it.

“But I can’t in all honesty endorse it, if I did, i’d have to publicly say i’m cool with him being harassed, his mother insulted”

Chris Bores runs the ladybuggin777 account or is that not obvious to you? Chris has made his own mother a target of insults. Chris has been running his own sockpuppet accounts and happily trolling and harassing people. You even helped him do it. Now even Archfiend is helping him assault AVGN, a guy who has never insulted him back. Do you have a bullshit factory?

” his friends and people he’s known cross examined for the purpose of denigrating him on a public forum.”

We never have insulted his friends and relatives on the grounds they were related to him. We have made fun of his friends if they were caught engaged in trolling however.

“Hell, i’d have to say I agree with my OWN mother being insulted, if it came down to it.”

So some guy you’ve abused and only hypocritically and a surface deep level made amends with is more important than your family. Its hilarious how you contradict your own stated values of caring about your loved ones and family. Hold on, do you also run the bullshit transportation service?

“You appear to have no qualms with what ED posts about folks, regardless of how skewed or slanderous it is, or even ethical, for that matter.”

It’s a satrical and lawful site. You can’t touch them because its a legally allowed website. Heck the fact that lasersquad’s blog is still up is a sign that he didn’t lie about you. He’s running wordpress, those sites are easily taken out by legal action but you haven’t succeeded have you? Eric… you can lie all you want but the law is the law, and I will stand by law and order at all times against your bullshit company of lying. All you care about is getting money and trying to monetize your own material. You showed that during your copyright rant. Don’t give me this bullshit about ethics when you don’t have it yourself.

“That doesn’t mean I can’t personally try to reason with you. If I didn’t think I could reason with you, I wouldn’t bother. ”

Well you think you could fly… I’m surprised you haven’t tried that yet.

“maybe i’m just too foolish for my own good?”

Maybe if you used a dictionary and took more time and thought before hitting that publish button.
Mr.Kill UltraApril 24, 2014 at 6:34 PM

“Kill Ultra, I apologize for making you feel bad with my parody of you. My intention was to make fun of something I saw are silly, not to humiliate you. I hope you can accept that somehow.”

Nope not accepted. Its not funny nor could I ever understand how you would think its funny to completely misrepresent an individual. Then come over and say he is a lying idiot with a fetish and then expect him to understand. Perhaps if you came up with more clever name like Mr.fanboy or something other than a cheap low punch to the nuts of the guy you’re trying to apologize to. OR hell you know you could also do actions that show you’re sorry. You know those things? Like when Germany wanted to say it sorry it gave money to France for all the crap it went through? You know like an official apology? Other than coming to the guys place of frequent visits, conjecturing that everyone there is a stupid, censorship happy, ignorant loser from afar and then trying to say you’re sorry? Stop me if you know how to apologize properly.


Asalieri would once again shoot himself in the foot by posting Mr.Kills comment and then pretending he’s crazy. Man its like sociopath’s have trouble being good people or something…

AsalieriApril 24, 2014 at 7:08 PM

clearly, you’re not going to accept my apology and would rather continue in enmity with me (know that it’ll be all on your side, however.). Well, at least I had the gumption and the honor to try and make things right, even on your terms. I am not about to pay you money, if that’s what you’re alluding to.
I humbly and respectfully take my leave. I don’t see you as a loser. I see you as a guy with a chip on his shoulder who loves to argue for the sake of arguing rather than to make a difference. You win, I guess. Whatever ‘winning’ in this case means. Take care.


“clearly, you’re not going to accept my apology”
OH REALLY? He said “NOPE NOT ACCEPTED”. Holy crap Eric you might be onto something. I think you’ve proven the correlation between being an insincere asshole and not having your insincere piece of crap apology accepted. Scientists were stumped on the link between those two factors. I’d write more but Mr.Kill says it all.


Mr.Kill UltraApril 24, 2014 at 8:30 PM

“Well, at least I had the gumption and the honor to try and make things right, even on your terms”

I asked for an official apology video. Instead you are content with giving me nothing as I suspected you would anyway. But with your leaving I guess one thing is quite true, you’re not very good unless you have all your friends coming in and bombarding the other guy with their more superior intellect. And hopefully you’ve learned that acting as if you are superior to other person and giving them an apology expecting gratitude doesn’t exactly work.

“I humbly and respectfully take my leave”

This just in on Asalieri2’s channel

“Alright so yeah. I’m an idiot for actually thinking the guy could be reasoned with. He’s just way too happy being belligerent and too into his hatred of me to see otherwise. How sad, really.”

Ah dude you didn’t even ATTEMPT to reason with me. You need reason to reason with someone. You came in here blind, felt for the light switch, hit the fire alarm and thought it made the place more pleasant. Humble and respectful leave… Your actions speak louder then your words and lack of dictionary. Using the word gumption to describe your approach which was full of thinly veiled insults is hilarious. Shrewd and classy Asalieri, can’t wait to see if you want to continue to try and spin this situation where you clearly fucked up and still trying to say you never did. I was saving these two words for the end even though I already had sufficient cause to say these are the beginning. Fuck you.

Eric you make a mockery of the freedoms of the internet much like how your father made a mockery of freedom in reality. You’re so twisted you probably though the aforementioned was a compliment. Please leave Asalieri, you’re attempt to make an apology was hilariously weak and full of fail. Seriously? Posting negative things about the person you’re trying to apologize to on a public channel he can view at any time? Glad you’re not a diplomat!

Good job Eric you made the victim even more well aware of the crap you did to them and how involved you were in the trolling of that blog. OH and the victim told you to go fuck yourself. In fact I think you deserve another fuck you from me for being so insincere and smug during what should have been an attempt to apologize. Actions speak louder than words Eric and saying you’re sorry doesn’t mean anything when you take every opportunity to make fun of the person you’re trying to apologize to and make no attempt to understand or empathize. Eric says he’s aware of the middle ground yet here he is still targeting the Irate Gamer sucks blog even though the only reason they hate him is because he started the mess to begin with by saying they’re all fanboys! Eric flat out lies more times than I am willing to count to a person who knows that he’s lying. A sane person would only allow themselves to be caught lying once, yet here Eric is so delusional to think it was honorable to try and make things right by making the victim do the work. When Mr.Kill asked you to use a dictionary Eric he meant for you to stop being careless with your language and being insulting by doing so not to look up the words “gumption”, “honor, “respectfully” and “humbly” and use them when they don’t apply to try and make yourself look smart.

Now for the shocking moment. Eric makes a promise that he clearly seems to have broken:

AsalieriApril 24, 2014 at 10:40 PM

I’ll make that video apology for ya. Here’s hoping you’re able to accept it, seeing as it is what you demanded from me, after all. I fully expect you to take it out of context, feel insulted by it, feel the need to further insult ME for making it, and then write a 50 page essay on why I suck for having made it. Cheers.


Its been over a week and Asalieri is still insulting the blog on his youtube channel while pretending he’s the victim. Surely the apology video was just a way of saying that everything Mr.Kill said about Eric was right. I mean why make a video when you can have the real deal. Eric Gaede, egotist extraordinaire, picking fights for petty reasons and insulting people while pretending not to notice the insults he himself writes. Of course that’s not all because Asaslieri decided to keep lying but its boring and I’ll spare you the details.


Asalieri April 25, 2014 at 12:42 AM

you ever wanna talk to me, my inbox is open. I would appreciate it if you didn’t come out swinging in my videos or my comment box, that’s unnecessary to get my attention. Take care. I need some sleep.


Really gotta work on that lying problem Eric. I’m fairly sure that the people who wish to talk to Eric will never go to the PM system because they know you like to delete things and lie. The reason why people go to the comment box and video comment system is because that gives them an audience and that gives the ability to have evidence and witnesses to Eric lying and censoring everything. There so many countless examples of Eric doing this that its totally irresponsible to be claiming that the Irate Gamer sucks blog is full of delusional people and censorship when that describes his entire career. But perhaps it was wrong to give Eric any credit because he always seems to use it incorrectly. Today we’ve seen how Eric “buries the hatchet” and considering that quite a few people have apparently accepted this should we be concerned? Well the answer is no.

You see when Eric feuds with someone, that someone is generally a professional who must focus on his material and not the asshole running a petty organized grudge against you. It is no surprise that content creators happily accept the apology even though its very insincere because it means they’ve got one less fat asshole causing a ruckus and driving potential fans away. Eric’s RAR’s and his “parody” videos always precede a massive troll attack on the people featured in it. Generally the trolls are very dumb, very few even spend more than a day after or before the video because its slacktivism at its finest but the damage is still there and depending on how popular the target was the damage could take some time to fix (I.E There are still idiots who think TGWTG is going to die or Angry Joe is apparently just in it for the money). I could write entire articles about the damage Eric’s videos have done and I already have written several.

The fact that Asalieri has gotten other people he’s trolled to accept his apology is not a good thing. It is a sign that Asalieri is too much trouble to actually deal with. A reason why Eric has gotten away with so much abuse and non-stop hypocrisy over the many years he’s been doing this. But of course this doesn’t work on people who know better. Mr.Kill isn’t a content creator and he can happily tell Asalieri to go fuck himself because the enjoyment of the Irate Gamer sucks blog has nothing to do with whether a fat manblob is harassing its users. We’ve seen something we would never see five years ago when Asalieri was still lying through his teeth; people are finally beginning to tell Eric where he should shove it. It looks like all the years of lying and hypocrisy has caught up with Eric its just a shame that he refuses to learn anything even as things get worse for him.

Update: It appears that Eric is once again executing the final part of the slacktivist plan (part 5: Run away and call people haters for saying the truth). This is after he has deleted the entire dicussion he had with Gloin. At least to his credit, Asalieri removed the insults towards batdan unfortunately given that Asalieri started the fight, its still up to him to settle the matter by admitting what he did was wrong and apologizing. This isn’t settling the situation; its running from it and pretending it never happened. Mr.Kill is still waiting for that apology and if you don’t give him it don’t be surprised Eric if he makes fun of you again or you know, tell people the truth about you (and he did ask you to provide him with information as to your good deeds but you sent him an IOU). In fact you could say the situation had no changes… hmmm maybe it was because you came to group of people you insulted, continued to be smug and insulting to them, acted like you did nothing wrong and admitted you had no plan or course of action? Eric Gaede = Master of diplomacy and thinking things through.

3 days ago

Take your arguments elsewhere, folks. I am no longer interested in your idiotic forced feud.

Eric maybe you should just apologize? I mean you never resolved any of the situations you started. No one is going to let someone just leave, they have to settle the issue. Heck you wanted an apology from the Irate Gamer Sucks blog and that’s why you came there to insult them and act all smug. You started it and you continue to start it and you’ve never attempted to deescalate the situation. The entire reason why the Irate Gamer sucks blog was mad at you Eric was because you insulted sometime last January and you continued to do so since then. Its not out-dated or out of the question for people to rise up and ask you just exactly what the hell you were trying to do with statements that the people on the Irate Gamer sucks blog had hate fetishes.

Don’t act like the kyle incident is old or resolved. Kyle has not made any official statement that he is done and you Eric have not made a single statement that suggests you will never attempt to stalk again or that you aren’t the controlling manipulative jackass you were exposed as when you tried to do that. People are not haters because they decided to question or grill you about your actions on that day. They want you to stop and you have made no signs of stopping or otherwise getting your shit together. Instead you run, pretend it never happened and give people unsatisfactory answers that had this been made a criminal case, you were be found guilty in an instant. Do you want to know why Angry Joe isn’t getting flak for his issues even though you’ve made every opportunity to make fun of them and capitalize on his problems? Because unlike you Eric Gaede, Angry Joe takes responsibility and clarifies and makes full statements on the issue. How many videos have you made Eric where you clarified what happened during the many fiascoes you’ve had during your campaigns? I count none. But let’s face it, you can’t, you’re all about insulting people for the sake of insulting and its made clear by the kinds of insults you spew and how dedicated you are to focusing on yourself and how it is supposedly better than the other person. Heck you wouldn’t make one anyway because lying is so ingrained to you that you couldn’t make a decent alibi without filling it with holes that shouldn’t have been there. But hey enough about you because apparently that’s all you really think about anyway. Let’s take a look at what one of his fans had to say (P.S I will only target fans if they go way too far in their efforts to support the show they like, its one thing to like something its another thing to harass and lie for something).

2 days ago

+Marco Rossi He’s been dealing with this for years now. I’m surprised he’s lasted this long. You guys keep coming here and starting shit, even when the general discussion is no longer about people or events that make you mad. (Example: Kyle.)

Asa has to disable ratings on his videos now because there are about 50+ accounts (possibly lead by much fewer people) that follow him just so they can dislike his videos and make him look bad. What kind of person just follows a guy they hate for the sole purpose of making his life miserable?

There is no doubt in my mind that if you wanted to have a civil debate with Asa, and leave the insults out, you would actually find him easy to get along with and you would hate him far less.

Present your points with valid observations and listen to the other side of the argument, and you might get somewhere. Constantly harassing the guy with condescending comments won’t get anybody anywhere, and it just fuels this pointless feud that a lot of us have grown tired of.

Don’t worry Yo Sniper I’m not asalieri so I’m not going to make a paper thin parody of you that totally exagerates what you said in an attempt to make Asalieri fans look crazy. Some of them are but most of them are not, a brief look at the ratings bar (which has been disabled, classic Eric) would prove that. Heck the very negative comments that would be there if they weren’t deleted would also prove that the average viewer of Asalieri’s work is getting smarter (and its definitely not a result of the flynn effect).

Yo sniper, if you’ve read this article you’d know what wrong with this comment and the reason why I’m writing this last section is because its this line of thought that allows Eric to continue to live in this pretend world that is clearly destroying his life. Eric does not think things through he rarely thinks far into the future if he even bothers to think at all. Many complaints he makes about works are nonsensical and he’s chosen to ally himself with other people who don’t exactly have positive reputations. Any ONE of these things would be sufficient cause for Eric to get the amount of animosity that Irate Gamer and other hated youtube individuals get and yet it has only spiraled out of control recently. Eric Gaede is lucky that his reckless antics and irresponsible ethics have only cause this much trouble for him and yet look at his mentality; Eric gave trolls his address and his response was to show his address in a public video (crappy black box work that wasn’t even competent does not count as hiding his address, its is clearly visible for a full second in the “a spiteful prank” video) and complain about how his life is so bad and terrible while doing nothing to encourage people to not do the same thing to him again. Back at the kyle incident that yo sniper says is resolved, What was Eric’s mentality? Say that Kyle was trying to leach subscribers off him and then lie and then take down every Kyle related video while at best saying that Kyle didn’t want to be associated with him anymore. Kyle was absolutely disgusted with Eric and Eric’s attempt to get Kyle back involved stalking and intimidation. Eric has created this mindset where he is unable to notice any of the consequences of his actions and continues to do actions that will definitely cause him more problems down the line. Eric must be able to cope with criticism on his own attempting to convince that the recent wave of dislikes on his videos are from elitists (that’s what you’re implying yo sniper with the 50+ accounts with less than that number of actual people) is just telling Eric that’s its okay for him to abandon what little sensibilities he has. That its okay for him to pick popular target and yell non-sense complaints that few if any will understand. That the next video should have more clips of cats and animals being killed because all the people who hated that don’t exist. Its amazing how quickly material declines and how much creativity dies when people become convinced they are immune to criticism and that their work is just for their sake.

In addition encouraging censorship is what gives more fuels to his detractors. Eric has just deleted every comment he made including the comments involving his statements against this blog, batdan and everyone else he hates. Now people are legitimately interested in what got Eric so hissy that he deleted everything in a crude effort to hide it. This is the Streisand effect. If the people who really like Asalieri’s work want to enjoy his work in peace they should encourage him to put more effort into his work and to address criticism by actually improving himself. They should be encouraging him to spend more time looking like a real person and less time being an egotistical jerk on camera. Yet here we are, Eric has enacted censorship once again, a very vocal fan decides to back up his decision to block a conversation even though said conversation was about questioning and criticizing Eric’s morality and Eric seems convinced that its okay to pretend things don’t exist because apparently it won’t haunt it all the while ignoring the fact he promised someone an apology video, never gave and their terms was that he would apologize and the other guy would stop being hostile towards him. Current sitation = Eric has +1 or more justified enemies, minus god knows how many rational fans and Eric is still being delusional and refusing to accept his role in this mess. And here I was thinking irresponsible creators make irresponsible fanbases…

Alcholic PSA: Ben Wagner

The following information is outdated. See the bottom of the article. Ben Wagner is not the misguided person he was made out to be.

Yeah I said I would update this on a weekly basis, but it took me a week and two days…

Before I begin I would like to note that Ladybuggin777 is now saying her name is not linda despite the fact that she has been saying that he name is linda and linda is the name of Chris Bore’s mother so if she’s saying that she’s not Linda then that means she’s admitting being a fraud.

I’d also like to add that people ranked below olympic medal winning positions (i.e 1st, 2nd, 3rd) are actually capable of recovery unassisted as opposed to unlikely recovery even with assistance. The problem with people ranked below 3rd is that they seem to be very misguided and while capable of actually being responsible people, just seem to ditch logic when aggravated. But the problem is what they get aggravated over, namely Chris Bore’s work. Now you might be wondering… well that’s not to bad right? Well the problem comes from the fact that Chris Bore’s work is flamebait in and out itself and unlike the debate on extremely controversial topics, the evidence is extremely onesided (against bores) to the point of being unrealistic. But imagine if this is debate class and you got stuck defending Bores? You might be thinking “No way that’s gonna happen” but yes it will happen since people can’t decide what they’ll like or hate until they try it. I’m not necessarily saying that liking Chris Bore’s work is as random as being born gay but I am saying that the internet is a open and stupid place and there’s no guarantee that someone will see Chris Bore’s work in the same light as more contextually versed people (In layman terms: if you knew that Chris Bores work was a deliberate troll attempt to insult people and be a cheap cash grab for a douchebag to throw people off of youtube by fake DMCA charges then you probably wouldn’t like him. Now imagine if you are new to the internet and did not know that)

So let’s play a hypothetical game, try to defend Chris Bore’s shitty work. The task is already slanted against you (and the phrasing of your task is an indication of this) and not only that but there’s plenty of people with fully researched arguments ready to kick you ass in a proper discussion. Now imagine if you are the casual internet goer who just wants some guilt-free entertainment… how are you gonna defend yourself? You don’t wanna stop watching a show that you can happily say you liked now do you? So you need to do research but quite frankly the evidence shows you are completely in the wrong (Big shock! you’re the minority here!). This is where psychology comes in to fuck up your personality! Cue Negative Reinforcement! Humans will do anything to escape painful and traumatizing experiences (not counting altruism here) so as long as you can mentally justify your actions, you don’t need to give a shit. Hey look there’s that one genius (who’s actually chris Bores) named irategamerfan345 who said AVGN copied IG, hacked his account to have a different start date and they’re actually good friends who don’t hate each other (These are all real arguments from the Irate Gamer fanbase). Its brilliant because you escape the feelings of guilt and assholery by just telling people that. Even if you have to lie to yourself its okay right? Right? WRONG! The subconsious listens to every fucking thing you believe, hear and do shaping itself up to expect more of the same. The more and more you repeat to yourself that AVGN started after Irate Gamer the more you’ll believe that and similar things. Naturally this results in a lot of the stupid arguments we get from IG fans, who honestly think that they have credible information. This is also the reason why Chris Bores, Joe Haldnik and Eric Gauge are ranked in medal standings because its lies and mispresented bullshit that enables people to fall into this mentality. Believing things just to escape the truth… there’s nothing worse that can happen to a human being and there’s no worse person than someone who strives to do this to other people. This is how cults start ladies and gentlemen, it begins by lessening the evaluative threshold of the human mind on basic information.

And so it is with great regret that I announce 4th place dumbass list winner: Ben Wagner. For those who don’t know who Ben Wagner is, he’s a fairly recent figure who began by starting a youtube channel that shows short clips of Godzilla monster movies. He decided that he would join the Irate Gamer Sucks blog to share things like Photoshopped pictures of Irate Gamer’s statements about his story and tried to get people to go to his channel and watch his youtube videos (because you know that works when you decide to piss them all off right?). Ben decides to make a multi-account called David Sams to troll the blog. His first post was an attempt to get the blog trolled by Asalieri posting a video saying that Eric Gauge rapes his daughter and that he’s a horrible parent (Asalieri can say what ever he wants about how I misrepresent him but until I get evidence that he does in fact harm his family, I will not say anything about his parenting skills and assume they are adequate). But the idiot decided to take a picture of books and use it as his avatar and of course it wasn’t long before someone (Geez Mr.Kill ultra you show up a lot on this blog) by the name Mr.Kill Ultra figured out that it was Ben because duh you put a stack of books as your avatar and their in the same order as what you have as one of your photobucket pictures. Before Ben fully admitted that he was trolling he also stated that he loved buying the Cheetahmen kickstarter game and said that AVGN is totally clear of the charges leveled at him (A surprisingly nice statement but also irresponsible since Greg Pabich totally made a killing at the bank and all at Jame’s Rolfe’s expense too).

The problem with what Ben Wagner did is obvious. Irate Gamer sucks blog operates on what they can see and what information is available. They don’t make things up and if some member decides to contribute information then it’ll be accepted especially since they have no reason to believe you photo-shopped said evidence. Batdan’s no stranger to the edit button either so its no surprise that Ben Wagner’s contributions get fragged as soon as he got found out. It also didn’t help Ben Wagner since the evidence he gave came in the form of a picture with Irate Gamer supposedly saying that he was not gonna continue his stupid story. Two Irate Gamer episodes later and hey still no story. But I guess I can give Ben some slack here since I said I sent Mr.Kill ultra a virus (while undercover) and suddenly for a week or so Mr.Kill went inactive. Regardless Ben Wagner wanted to hurt the people on the Irate Gamer Sucks blog, for no reason other than the fact that they didn’t like Irate Gamer. I know I might not be one to talk considering I pretended to be an Irate Gamer fan but unlike Ben Wagner, I attempted to see if the people I was pretending to like were reasonable people. Considering that the Irate Gamer crowd didn’t give a shit that I fired people, send viruses to people and maybe even kill people, I showed a lot more of a conscience then Ben did by at least giving them a chance to show humanity (as opposed to Ben Wagner’s wonderful lying skills of saying that they constantly hate people and are AVGN motivated despite them rarely talking about AVGN and telling him off for making fun of ADHD patients).

But its the way that Ben Wagner did his undercover style trolling that really makes him worthy of being on the dumbass list. He pretended to be friends with people and as nice and amicable as possible. For those of you wondering if I’m a hypocrite, I did not ever state that I was friend to anyone and merely that I “hated” the same things they did (namely batdan and his blog) so I intentionally minimized the emotional damage I would cause and thus make the people on this list understand just how much of a dumbass they had been to not notice what I was doing (And while Asalieri may think sharing one common value equals friend in reality everyone likes living or sex, or breathing, etc. so if that was the case then everyone should be friends). Ben on the other hand wanted to cause as much emotional and psychological damage as possible. It should be noted that the tactic of pretending to be someone’s best friend and sharing hobbies and then betraying and telling them they all suck has resulted in several suicides. It also doesn’t help Ben Wager’s case that immediately afterwards he started lying and pretending as if he knew intimate secrets about members of the Irate Gamer sucks blog (because lying is fun!). Wonderful examples include saying that Mr.Kill ultra has been divorced and lives in Colorado (seriously Mr.Kill should sue for that) oh and if you want to see the rest they’re also on this blog.  Now you might be thinking that I entrapped him into saying these things but quite frankly I did not ask him to say those things but rather tell me things he knew.


“Feel free to share” was my exact words. I did tell him to say negative things about people he knows are sensitive and understanding about issues such as ADHD and moral integrity.

“Kill Ultra lives in Colorado. Sovereign64 dropped out of high school. Micharion is a brony.”

Says ben wagner, adding 2 more people  to the list of people who can sue him. Ben pretends that he is a completely legit source tricking people into accepting complete lies because quite frankly he’s a sociopath and unlike me he wasn’t acting. It should also be noted that I said I would fire two people and Ben didn’t even flitch and actually seemed amused to know that his irresponsible antics Got two people (all of which are fictional thankfully) removed from their jobs and thrown to the currently hostile job market. Those of you who read the original page of “Mr.Killultra Aka the biggest idiot” (which will be renamed… probably) would have noticed that Ben Wagner was originally listed as a Batdansucks fanboy. This was intentional and meant to get Ben Wagner to comment on the blog. Commenting on this blog will reveal your Ip address and so it came to be that commented on the blog to show that he truly was a vain arrogant asshole.

Now here comes the sad part. Its clear that on the short-lived blog that Ben Wagner had, he’s very interested in Japanese culture. Now the Irate Gamer fanbase looks extremely poorly on Japanese animation and to no one’s surprise they are very much bigots in this manner. How can you claim to be a Irate Gamer fan when you love something that they think is uber childish? Likewise with the Cheetahmen example. He claimed he had and loved the kickstarter Cheetahmen game. No one asked him to… and no one on the blog even wanted someone to admit to liking it… which makes me wonder… is Ben Wagner some sort of self-loathing Anti-IG person? One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that Ben is an alcoholic and that one of his blog posts was that he had a severe problem with alcohol consumption. None of his actions after admitting that he loves Irate Gamer make any sense to being with.

“I said I was a double agent, so that explained why I left Positive comments on Chris’ videos.

As for that, goes back to me being a Double Agent. I said Chris was putting the heat on me, they believed that. I had to tell them that it was a lie, and that I was a fan of Chris. I learned alot of secrets about how they work, details and secrets.” – Ben Wagner

When did Ben say Irate Gamer put the heat on him? I have a very good list of Ben Wagner’s comments (supplied by Mr.Kill’s subscription to blog comments) and none of them say that Chris was harassing or intimidating him. That came out of nowhere! Likewise the last part sounds like he wants to solicit sex or that he really thinks I don’t know how a blog works or how criticism works. His attempt to get back at me also failed miserably because after I revealed that I am not a fan of Chris and that he’s a jackass for lying to me he tried to make an account that had a name similar to mine (it was called lazersquad) and post comments pretending to me. Now how stupid do you have to be to go to a blogging service that is well known for being troll proof and attempt to troll it. The comment system automatically renamed him back to the first name he had and he owned himself. But his childish antics make me wonder… Is Ben Wagner Drunk when he goes his stupidity rampages? It would make sense too, since he acts like a complete narcissist thinking he ‘owns’ someone by just saying “fail” and likewise his attempt to act as if he is a wise and powerful defector sounds like someone out of a poorly written spy movie. Ben didn’t collect any useful data, he didn’t even manage to get anyone to contact him personally and aside from being a complete jackass he didn’t manage to do anything that hindered the operation of the blog. Complete drunk or utter moron?

You decide

Edit: It turns out that Ben Wagner’s obsession with Godzilla lead to him to have a clash with the Toho kingdom forum. Those people actually have the tools to trace trolls and so was only a matter of time until they found out who Ben Wagner actually was… a 12 year old kid who attempt to assume authority figures on website as a hobby. More on this later!