Jumping off the slippery slope, Asalieri and Co commit piracy and crusade against themselves. Asalieri’s pointless crusade against AVGN and lame entry into Gamergate

Okay so AVGN released a movie after all these years, a movie which lead to controversy including a noticeable dip in AVGN episode quality (generally believed to be a result of the movie taking away time to make the episodes, resulting in one too many ad lib episodes) and completely false accusations of the angry review genre dying and embezzlement. Before I address the headline, let’s take a good long look at the history of Asalieri and Co’s feud against AVGN. Asalieri is essentially the focus point here as randomdce and others are pretty much yes men who do what Asalieri tells them to do. I don’t think I need to back this up with randomdce’s schizophrenic rants about what he hates including things that he obviously has never dealt with like soccer fans. I don’t think I need to get into the reaction and review series that Emer Prevost makes where it essentially got more and more contarian until good movies were treated like shit and bad movies were considered super watchable until the incident finally hit a crisis point where one of Asalieri’s friends (Gameboob) decided he wasn’t going to let the stupid obviously false bullshit reviews continue and asked Asalieri to stop. This of course resulted in said friend being ostracized for the crime of not believing it was okay to lie to people. No instead I’m going to talk about the recent Gamergate scandal for the reason that it is recent and shows just how desperate Eric Gaede is to get more attention.

For those of us who don’t know about the gamergate scandal (there’s a lot here though so see TL,DR if you don’t care), a female developer by the alias Zoe Quinn was revealed (by her ex-boyfriend) to have had several relations with 5 people related to the gaming industry. The story went viral and people started talking about it on reddit, only to have their discussion completely banned and removed by admins and moderators who made it very clear they had a political agenda and were not supportive of free speech (and I’m not joking here, while plenty of conspiracy theories are out there with many suggesting reddit mods had sex with Zoe Quinn, there is plenty of concrete evidence of reddit mods telling people to “fuck off” and abusing the shadowban system, a system reserved to deter spam bots). The media continued its stupid trend of writing articles saying gamers are misogynist by only stating the facts that Zoe Quinn had to say and every article was just “Female dev gets harassed, gamers should be ashamed” when most people just wanted to know about the security of their information sources and whether or not transparency was an issue. The internet decides to fire back and starts investigating the things Zoe quinn does and her releationship with most of the gaming media. Ties are found between her and Anita Sarkesian and it gets revealed that she shut down a feminist charity movement because she didn’t like it not giving her more money, Zoe Quinn’s charity she ran to fund her own game jam is corrupt as all hell with money going directly to her bank account and a person steps out to say that Zoe Quinn sexually harassed them at a wedding. Enter Phil Fish who decides to call all gamers hitler, intimidate the sexually harassed person before doing what he always does and quit the internet, but not before his company’s website gets hacked and claiming he’ll sell his entire company and franchise for a very small sum of money. Zoe Quinn also claims she got hacked by “multiple hackers”… on twitter and tumblr… both known for having a system that deters multiple points of entry. Cementing Zoe Quinn’s stupid attempt to put the fire out with natural gas and kerosene, Zoe quinn’s “hacked pages” show information that is completely false including a cellphone number that is actually a number for landline phone in hawaii. This stupid attempt increased the scrutiny that gamers had towards the media white knighting and otherwise protecting only women. The media decides to continue pushing the envelope of its audience’s patience by posting articles declaring that all gamers are dead and that gamers do not exist because one female developer got harassed there fore gamers as a term doesn’t exist because…. fuck I don’t know, this what is called jumping the slippery slope and I’ll talk about this later. Actual journalists step into the fray and find research showing that Phil Fish only managed to be successful because of wide spread corruption at the awards show (most of the judges had in fact invested in his game and those judges refused to play any of the games that they had to judge, this is in addition to them delaying the awards show to further increase the prize money Phil Fish would get). Others found that Zoe Quinn had named several sites for harassing her including 4chan and wizardchan but both accusations were false because the majority of the userbase had not heard of Zoe quinn and there was no real evidence that pointed out that Zoe Quinn didn’t write the offending comments herself. Adding to the hole that the media dug themselves, many of their actual writers started anonymously posted that their opinion was being censored and that they were only allowed to write material that insulted gamers as a whole, one writer actually did step out but immediately got rebuked for doing so. This cemented the idea that the gaming media was politicized and more interested in pushing an agenda than actually informing people about video games. Making things even worse (big shock) it was found that many gamer journalists who had written positive things about Zoe Quinn had in fact paid money to her and contributed to her patreon account. Actor Adam Baldwin decides to get in on the action and tweets to #Gamergate, creating the new name for the transparency movement (it was previously quinnspiracy). The media decides to brilliantly resolve the situation making more “gamers are dead” articles and Zoe Quinn performs a just as brilliant move by screencapping a 4 chan IRC log, pretending its a secret exclusive gathering only high ranking members can access and saying that’s how the term gamergate came up with even though anyone with a brain stem knows it was Adam Baldwin. Anita Sarkesian decides to make a few moves too and claims she was harassed to the point of leaving her home and claims she called the police. This of course results in more backfire when a journalist called Milo decides to investigate by asking the actual police and the police say (surprise surprise) that Anita never filed a claim for harassment. Adding to the web of lies, Zoe Quinn stated that her game gave money to a charity only for it to be found out that said charity never got the money and that Zoe Quinn had once again monetized sympathy for her own gain. The debate on what should be done and how salvageable the gaming media really is still being debated. I’d highly reccomend visiting “knowyourmeme Gamegate”, watching the videos that internet aristocraft and Mundane Matt posted and reading the archived pages of the “gamers are dead” articles to get a better perspective on just how terrible this situation is.

TL:DR What the gaming media has committed is essentially jumping the slippery slope. When it comes to extremism and radicalism it was always start at a neutral point. No one suddenly becomes a radical asshole over night. It takes weeks if not months, if not years to get to the point where you blatantly disregard evidence and keep expressing the same opinion over and over again. When gaming media first started, we could see that people who wrote the articles gave a shit about the games they played (most of the time) but as time went on, people in the gaming media started compromising their own ideals and integrity. We started seeing reports of the gaming media outlets accepting preferential treatment from gaming companies and firing writers who didn’t give nice positive reviews in return. We started to see the formation of the boiling frog phenomenon, when small changes that eventually lead to an extreme becoming tolerated. Certain gaming “Journalists” become more and more accepting of giving up their integrity and became more focused on not writing about video games. We got hype articles that only tangentially talk about the actual product, we got articles discussing the morality from video games as if video games aren’t about the gameplay but the morals of the story, then finally we got the articles that indirectly lead this situation where basic female designs were called sexist and everything was looked at as if females were being oppressed by games. Gaming media got less and less interested in videos games over time because they allowed their focus to be perverted by bribes and clear corruption and thus found themselves more interested in creating a sexist political echo chamber in which the harassment of men is considered irrelevant but the harassment of a woman (and not women) is considered a crime necessitating a combined network of insulting articles that do more to make women look incapable of handling their own problems than actually expose real undeserved treatment towards individuals based on their gender. They’ve literally abandoned even their decency because they’re too busy trying to do things then examine whether or not they’ve done anything right; they have jumped the slippery slope, an ideological point of no return in which passing it results in no benefits for anyone.

And yet here Asalieri is, joining the anti-Zoe Quinn side without even a real cursory research on the subject.

Edit: wow how did I miss Eric’s face imposed on dick dastardly’s body in the video. I wonder if he understands that dick dastardly always loses despite having a clear advantage.

Okay so let’s take a look at the description. And you know what? This actually seems like he did the research, I mean wow, take a look at that description.

“Well, it’s been talked about by so many folks, I can’t help but want to check out all the hype surrounding Depression Quest. Is it a game that will revolutionize gaming?

Jesus, I sure hope not, if this is the future of gaming, then R.I.P. to gaming, cause this medium will be dead to me.

This isn’t a game. It should not be classified as one. Of course the hideousness of this game doesn’t compare to the hideousness of its’ creator, but the fact that so many online sites are bidding people to love it and praise it as great is exactly what has me and plenty other gamers worried about what lies ahead.” – Eric Gaede

I mean do I need to point out how rational this looks? Complaining about the actual problem of the gaming media hyping up crappy products that aren’t really games and are at best on rails story telling simulators? That’s surprisingly thoughtful of Eric Gaede and I honestly can’t believe he wrote something so thoughtful. Bonus points for him decrying the media’s idea on what a gamer should be.

While I do know that this article should have more AVGN in, let’s take a look at the first minute or so of the video because its pretty clear that this is a review of depression quest, a crappy visual novel esque game where the good choices are just crossed out and you make lame choices for the next 10 minutes before the game ends and you drill your ear drums out because that piano music is terrible. Its not a game and it lacks enough effort to even call it a work. Play oppression quest instead, its much more humorous.

0:00 “Today’s review is brought to you by Zoey’s Greek Yogurt, did you know it takes an average of about 5 men’s worth of labour to fill in a bucket of Zoey?” – Eric Gaede

Wow I gave him the benefit of the doubt (which I generally do anyway) and he immediately blew it. Hey Eric, you do realize that the last 2 guys haven’t actually been found and that there’s no real evidence of her banging all of them? The sex part is not true, the relations part is.

0:23 Eric continues the sex analogy and decides to be exactly the kind of people who shouldn’t be in this debate. Pro-tip: Gamegate isn’t about who Zoe Quinn had sex with but the corruption in gaming journalism.

0:40 Eric CONTINUES the sex analogy and continues to act as if the joke is funny because you know, yogurt equals semen and therefore its funny right? right? RIGHT? Loving the slippery slope we’re seeing here, its kinda hard to focus on the corrupting journalism practices when you’re clearly more involved in slut-shaming.

1:11 Eric shows that many gaming websites have provided positive press about the game depression quest. Actual good work here because that’s research, its shame Eric spent the last 40 seconds trying to play out the situation as a sex scandal.

1:17 “hello I’m Asa, I’m just your regular gamer”

Uh no you’re not Eric. You don’t play a lot of games and you definitely don’t get to call yourself a gamer when you spend a lot of time showing exactly how not a gamer you are. First off you hate AVGN and many others without any real reason behind it, the average gamer tends to have something called logic; perhaps if you didn’t jump the slippery slope and show how much of egotistical asshole and demonstrate how you are a “special snowflake” by constantly acting as if people are harassing you when all they’re doing is expressing basic opinions then maybe, just maybe you could claim to be a normal person who happens to be a gamer. Adding to what’s wrong with calling yourself a regular gamer Eric, is that you don’t understand the criteria to review a game, culminating in you not understanding why superman 64 is a terrible game and not being able to critique the Irate Gamer (who can quite literally be called anything other than a gamer). Goddamn it Eric stop doing good work and immediately ruining it with unnecessary dick dastardly statements. You don’t have to be a regular gamer to critique depression quest, its obviously not a game.

1:24 “And today we’re gonna play depression quest, which means we’re not gonna need this. [throws controller away] that makes me already kinda wary”

Oh my gosh, a PC game that doesn’t need a controller. Oh wait doesn’t a mouse constitute as a controller, it is an input device. I could construe this as anti-pc gamer sentiment but I’m gonna Eric the benefit here and assume he’s not stupid enough to insult pc gamers considering that he states he loves league of legends. But what I can’t give him a pass on is the Dick Dastardly move he’s doing here. So first you claim you’re a gamer which means you like games of all types (note that he did not say console gamer) and then show how little you actually understand the material and concepts relevant to gaming by bringing a controller to a pc game that is a visual novel. This results in a conundrum in which people who do know who Eric is will call bullshit and people who actually have knowledge in the field will shake their heads and also call bullshit. What kind of gamer is wary because a game doesn’t let him use a controller and forces him to use a mouse? Hope anyone watching this video doesn’t like RTS games, because Eric just literally stated that any game that doesn’t use a controller deserves scrutiny.

1:40 Eric points out the awards the game got and says that they make you want to play the game. He doesn’t note that none of those awards are reputable.

1:55 Eric discusses the payment options for accessing the game “pay what you want or play for free, no guesses which one I’m going with on this one”

And considering that we’re going to be discussing the AVGN movie piracy, I’m not exactly surprised. I could complain here that Eric just skipping payment but to be honest, that’s not illegal and quite frankly I don’t think he or anyone should pay money to play depression quest. But it is worth noting that Eric has already formed an opinion on the game, thus brings the first difference between AVGN and Asalieri. In an AVGN review, you get the impression that AVGN has played the game and is giving you his opinion. Asalieri acts as if he hasn’t finished playing the game or watching someone’s review but makes it clear what he already thinks of it. This makes Eric Gaede look smug and like a jackass who already knows what verdict he’s going to give but is going to act as if what he’s “uncovered” justifies his verdict. By not even considering to pay for depression quest, Eric’s already shown that he’s not impartial and that there’s really nothing the game can do for him to change his opinion. This ruins the whole “let’s go see” effect because its clear he’s already seen it. And with this I’m gonna end the review of this particular video early because it’s honestly time to talk about Asalieri’s feud with AVGN and how it all spiraled downhill for Eric as he gave up increasingly more alarming levels of decency.

It’s hard to take Eric Gaede’s stance against Zoe Quinn seriously when anyone who knows a brief history of Eric’s history would know that he literally does the same things. Eric generalizes and uses sterotypes of his opponents; at one point blaming one person for 50 dislikes on a single video. He tries to start the debate with “I’m a regular gamer” when its clear he doesn’t really play games and is just taking the name to look credible. Much like Zoe Quinn, Eric tells others to harass others and has fabricated harassment against himself, claiming a two comment spree against him in the irate gamer sucks blog was harassment and even had that fake craigslist ad against him had severe signs of being faked (which he stated he contacted the police but its pretty clear that nothing has happened). Much like the gaming media, Eric has censored all debate pertaining to any flaws in his logic and completely without reason. What I’m getting at here is that because Eric has done so much bullshit and all while being completely careless, Eric Gaede has jumped the slippery slope and there’s really not much he can do even when he does pick a popular cause. Even with all the millions of gamers rallying for gamergate, Asalieri only got 6k viewers, the average amount he gets for his RARs. People say “what comes around goes around” and that literally describes the slippery slope, when you jump that slope, you’re screwed until you fix the slope or jump back up it. OF course this would require Eric to show remorse, something he doesn’t show because he’s too busy partying at the bottom of the slippery slope.*P.S If you guys really want to review the entire 20 minute video, let me know in the comments, right now I think the article is dragging on too long here*

The sad and hilarious irony here is that gamergate is about cracking down the actions of SJW’s, social justice warriors, people who put forth a crappy poorly thought-out political agenda generally involving extreme feminism or racism and harass others based on what they perceive as moral failings in that individual. With SJW’s there often isn’t evidence or even real truth behind the accusation and its reason why gaming media is considered corrupted by SJW’s because they keep writing stupid articles accusing people of moral failings on non-existent or incomplete evidence. SJW’s are also known for being completely unable to take criticism and label anyone who dissents with them someone with a moral failing (i.e SJW’s will claim anyone who disagrees is a misogynist or racist). And yet… doesn’t this really seem familiar? I mean let’s summarize what SJW’s do again.

1. Action plan is non-existent and individual is more involved in harassing people then actually fixing a social injustice
2. Individual constantly looks to insult the individual and claim they have character flaws. This generally means not addressing their argument and using mass personal attacks.
3. Does not take criticism and generally uses faulty evidence or misrepresenting evidence to insult others.

Doesn’t Eric do all of this? See what I mean by slippery slope? Now I’m not exactly sure when Eric Gaede jumped the slippery slope, the more cynical people will argue his logic was at SJW level when he started but others guess it was most likely either around the Jfreedan incident or the AVGN incident. Considering that Eric only really got massive backlash after the AVGN incident, I’m gonna take a guess that Eric jumped the slippery slope at the AVGN incident. Heck I’m not even sure if his crusade against AVGN is when it started, since his actions against TGWTG and reviewtopia are just as bad.

For those of us needing a reminder of what happened when Asalieri firsted targeted AVGN, let’s take a look at the history behind AVGN’s supposed decline.

It all started when AVGN appeared in a kickstarter for cheetahmen 2. Eric immediately stated that AVGN was pocketing money and that cheetahmen 2 kickstarter was a scam and that AVGN was e-begging. A key thing that SJW’s do is pigeon hole their opposition by applying a filter name in attempt to associate them with that action. To no one’s surprise, while the cheetahmen 2 kickstarter was a bad deal, it was not by any real definition a scam and unless someone works in the IRS, it never became known if AVGN had pocketed money and its not like it even mattered. Desperate for attention and destruction, Eric then claimed that AVGN’s indiegogo campaign to fund the AVGN movie was a scam and that AVGN was pocketing all the money just like the previous accusation. This is in my opinion where Asalieri jumped the slippery slope during his crusade against AVGN

As you can see in the video, Eric Gaede essentially took an editable IMDB page listing the AVGN movie budget, edited out the edit buttons and then claimed that AVGN was “exposed”. One of the recurring themes you will see in any my articles detailing the escapades of Asalieri is that he keeps doing unnecessary actions that completely ruin his credibility, a dick dastardly move if you will. In the cheetahmen 2 “scandal” there was indeed cause for concern because hey its cheetahmen 2, why the fuck would you pay any real amount of money to get that game? Saying AVGN was in on it was little unnecessary but the kickstarter was run by Greg Pabich a person not known for his integrity. This “e-begging movie fund embezzlement” was just way too far and it was to no one’s surprised that Eric got his ass handed to him for doctoring evidence and just flat out lying.

Then Eric decided he would get his friends in on it too because apparently a lack of evidence is not an issue when you have sheep spouting the same thing you say. Randomdce got in on it and many of his “friends” also joined in on it and to this day we still don’t really know why Eric actually hates AVGN which is completely in line with SJW behaviour anyway because its not because AVGN is actually pocketing money but rather Eric wishes he were the caustic critic that people actually gave a crap about.

Always wanting to top his own mistakes, Asalieri posted a facebook post where he included a torrent link to AVGN’s movie.

Hey its that guy who never makes a good opinion or even a decent point! Don't we just love the stuff he brings to the table?
Hey its that guy who never makes a good opinion or even a decent point! Don’t we just love the stuff he brings to the table?

Someone asked him to pay for it like a non-jackass person and he replied with:

fucking moron part 2

So let me get this straight Eric. You accuse AVGN of e-begging and stealing money and here you are Eric… stealing stuff. The slippery slope is real people, always try and watch your own damn actions before you end up a ideological train-wreck like Eric here. Its rather hilarious how the morals started from “Taking things without earning them is wrong” to “faking evidence is okay as AVGN must be the mature one who demonstrates transparency” finally ending in the bottom of the barrel “Stealing is okay as long as AVGN isn’t the one doing it”. Wow.

There are a lot of problems with his reasoning too. “No one who donated gets to actually see it for free. So screw him” So Eric… you represent all the people who financially backed the movie; as in all the people who agreed with the terms of the funding campaign and donated knowing full well they wouldn’t get to see the movie for free? Oh wait you don’t because those guys hate you because you spent the last several years lying about the project they supported. So literally not only has Eric Gaede given the middle finger to the financial backers, he also rationalizes the theft of the movie by saying he’s doing for those people he gave the middle finger to. Isn’t that nice double think? It’s like saying angry reviewing is dead while at the same time being a caustic crit… oh wait he did that. It’s like saying you care about your family but go to a water park without… oh wait he did that too. Well how about stating that you “call it like you see it” when you’re actually just lying about your motivations and your own ideal… hmmm the bottom of the slippery slope sucks doesn’t it?

“He has enough money”
You say that about everybody Eric. Your words would mean something if you actually used them when they were applicable. In addition, Eric must think he’s the IRS or something because last time I checked he’s not exactly one who makes the grade on transparency. Perhaps Mr.”I live in a large house but ask for laptops and people to buy my crap and act as if I’m poor even though I take frequent videos showing my traveling via airplane or going to a casino” should take a look in the mirror.

“just look the other way on this one, man”

NO Eric, its hard to look the other way when every time someone so much as gives you the benefit of the doubt you abuse it to cause more damage and hurt more people. This time you have literally committed a crime and are still nosing in business that’s way out of your league. You won’t get people to look the other way when you’re throwing deaththreats at other people.

No one can look the other way because you’ve jumped the slippery slope! You don’t care whether or not you get anything done, you’re more worried about inserting your egotistical thoughts into the matter and pretending everyone who doesn’t agree masturbates to their hate of you. You didn’t even apologize to Mr.KillUltra like you said you would. Your RAR’s are little more than a cheap attempt to harass others. Let’s face it Eric, you’re a criminal.


Eric has “reviewed”, in the loosest form possible, the AVGN movie but he decided to make a stupid video in an attempt to insult people who actually bother to check their facts

No Eric, spouting actual criticism against yourself in a childish immature voice does not work. Saying things in an attempt to deter AVGN fans you insulted with stuff like:

“*the following is read in Asa’s mocking voice, because as someone who can’t review he clearly can mock things* Asalieri you suck and I’m gonna watch your AVGN video and tell you suck because AVGN really needs me to tell him how much I love him” – Eric trying his very hardest to admit he’s never made a mistake by daring people to harass them

Hmmm where to begin with what’s wrong with this. Eric, you get like less than 1k views a day, AVGN gets millions. If you are getting harassed by AVGN fans, and I mean REAL ones, you’re getting harassed by people who clearly aren’t a majority of AVGN fans. AVGN has fans because they like to be entertained by actual humor, there’s no humor in your clear disability in knowing what you’re doing is wrong but attempting to hog attention to how wrong you are in lousy attempt to be relevant. Pointing out that you never gave real evidence concerning AVGN embezzlement is like saying you knew what you’re doing is wrong and then doing it anyway. If you want people to take your opinions seriously, stop acting as if anyone who critcizes you is fat (hey isn’t Eric really fat, if haters are fat then isn’t this a paradox?) or a fanboy. People are wising up and just plain ignoring you simply because you don’t do anything important or interesting. You see one hate video from Eric Gaede you’ve seen them all. Heck it wouldn’t be so monotonous if it wasn’t so one sided, the AVGN movie is getting some backlash simply because its a movie and the review isn’t the focus of the movie. Eric could easily gain some reputation by not being one-sided and admitting he was wrong but at the same time critiquing the movie for being longwinded and lacking focus. This was a another golden opportunity to show integrity and he missed it. Bonus points for ending the mocking with “peace and love to all my brony friends” because representing people correctly is for smart people.

The real puzzling part of this video is the ending where Eric writes two sentences. The first “Alright I give up. AVGN the movie review.”… REALLY? You only had to write one sentence and you couldn’t even make a sentence Eric? ‘AVGN the movie review’ is not a sentence! Where is the predicate? Much like like Eric’s credibility it skipped town.

The second sentence is “Coming soon, because you are asking for it so much”. Who’s asking? He has like 6k subscribers Eric and he barely even gets 1k views a day. Heck he’s already done a review, he made a rifftrax track and stupidly named it rifftrax! I’ll ask again, who’s asking Is it just about less than a dozen people like every other goddamn time Eric has been “motivated” to insert his egotism into something? It only took two negative comments about Eric for him to come over to the Irate Gamer sucks blog to get his ass handed to him! It only took him one PM to get him to make the fanboy’s world video and according to Jfreedan it took batdamn’s coaxing for Eric to come up with the dumb idea to attempt copyright fraud. Not only that but the message Eric is trying to give out is confused. Obviously Eric means by “you” its the fans but the since the entire video is about AVGN fans (or maybe Asalieri got kicked in the crotch, that would explain why he’s voice is so stupidly pitched) so it gives the impression that he’s making the video for AVGN fans even though thats like saying “you win trolls, do harass me I’ll give in some more.”. But considering how little effort Eric puts into his work, I’m not really surprised that this video sucks, doesn’t attempt to be responsible in any fashion and is literally made of copyrighted pictures. You know Eric maybe you shouldn’t repeatedly do things that give just cause for your videos being DMCA’d. People only get sympathy when they get DMCA’d when they make good content.

Below is the review itself.

Considering it starts with Eric making a smug face and how he’s already jumped slippery slope given how he has no standards for criticism or justification when it comes to slandering AVGN; its honestly no surprise that the review sucks too. Notable moments include Eric acting like the movie ticket counted as stealing even though you pay 15$ to get into film festival but hey its Eric its not like he wants to do research or anything; Yellow Journalism FTW!

It’s really jarring that Eric decides he’s gonna be pro-gamergate and then shits on a major gaming icon and makes as many bigoted statements as possible while being as much of a yellow journalist as possible. I could do a point by point deconstruction of this video but Eric has already jumped the slope, what could he possible point out that isn’t misrepresented or done improperly? He couldn’t handle Irate Gamer, he couldn’t handle Zoe Quinn destroyer of feminist charities and having watched this video he couldn’t handle AVGN at one of his most vulnerable moments. You landed at the shallow lake at the bottom of slippery slope Eric and you did a belly flop too.

Bonus points for ADD: Eric makes a minecraft video that only has gamergate material as a secondary content. You know Eric, you would probably actually be relevant if you played games like League of Legends and Minecraft during the period of time they were actually popular on youtube. Doing it now is essentially bandwagon jumping which is no surprise considering how you’re desperate for attention now.

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  1. I enjoyed this article, a bit on the long side, but you said what need to be said.
    I like the fact that Eric thinks he’s being smart, but really he’s thicker than pig shit.
    Wait he didn’t take his family to a water park?

      1. “He was never stalked, Asalieri appreciated his friendship and wanted to find an adult way to work out their philosophical differences by just talking to the guy”

        Oh and what a way!, by saying “don’t let me force it out of you”.

  2. ROFLMAO “Asalieri appreciated his friendship and wanted to find an adult way to work out their philosophical differences by just talking to the guy”.

    I love how he’s ignoring the insults and threats from the voice mail.

    I’m just gonna leave this video here:

  3. And that asshole will wonder why I decided to talk about him again. I promised to not talk about Asa again because I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but he disappointed me by doing this shit.

  4. I don’t know how the same people who scrutinized Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn can defend Asalieri for doing the same things the latter two have done?

    -Asa lies, like Anita and Zoe.
    -Asa slanders either a person or a group of people, like Anita and Zoe.
    -Asa plays the victim card when he gets called out for his bullshit, like Anita and Zoe.
    -Asa censors critics, like Anita and Zoe.
    -Asa barely does research, like Anita and maybe Zoe.

    Different people; different ideologies; same tactics.

    But it’s okay for the Man-Blob to do it.

    1. “I don’t know how the same people who scrutinized Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn can defend Asalieri for doing the same things the former two have done?”

      Sorry, I had to fix that comment.

    2. Arizona Whale is fighting for the “save our gaming” cause, so no matter how dreadful he is, the #lamergate sheeple will allow him to join their ranks.

      “different ideologies”

      I’ll have to object on that point. Asalieri (And by extension, nearly everyone on the #lamergate bandwagon) shares the same sanctimonious and deranged progressivism that Anita and Zoe happen to endorse and promote. I’ll begrudgingly give those two chicks some credit for being honest about their ideology, even if I find them to be horribly wrong. Needless to say, Eric can’t even be bothered to stand up for a position without showing some extreme dissoance.

      If you ask me, I’d rather have Anita and Zoe around than Asalieri. The former two can be easily ignored, but the latter spreads like a cancer.

      1. Apparently, you could be right, because look at the comment section on his latest video:

        It sickens me that this is probably gonna make Asa a fucking hero. HE’S NO BETTER THAN SARKEESIAN, DAMMIT!!!

  5. Based on Kyle’s comment is it possible Eric might have some sort of mental disability. Aside from a possible poor upbringing, the way he acts, and his inability to understand how the real world works (since he doesn’t understand that filming equipment isn’t cheap and sites like TGWTG and Cinemassacre have Kickstarters to buy better equipment to put out a show of better quality). I’m no psychologist but it’s just a thought, and the simple answer maybe he’s an anti-social moron who believes life has screwed him over in someway.

  6. I like how they feel the need to announce to everyone that they’re never going to visit a website again, as if people are supposed to give a shit about their internet browsing activity. The unwarranted self-importance is strong with these ideologically-challenged freakshows.

    1. I lol’d at this line

      “Not that I agree with any of the harassmen she received” – Eric Gaede

      Hmmm I wonder how the line “Today’s review is brought to you by Zoey’s Greek Yogurt, did you know it takes an average of about 5 men’s worth of labour to fill in a bucket of Zoey?” compares with Eric’s stance. It’s like watching two face, only its fat guy who’s a slacktivist instead of a fictional extremist character in batman!

      I find it hilarious that Eric keeps trying to claim that he’s a nice guy by parroting sane people but when it actually comes to action he unable to control himself and demonstrate even basic levels of decency. Actions speak louder than words Eric. Throwing statements you obviously read somewhere else in attempt to look sympathetic is just plain sad.

  7. Moar bawwwwing from the Argentine Abomination.

    No one demonizes with more vitrol than the special snowflake of Maricopa County.

    As for the video itself, this is the best that his college drama degree can produce?

      1. Jimmy has stalked and harassed people before, so exactly zero people are shocked with the fact he wants to e-date Metablob. You never know, that might finally help him get over his moronic lover’s remose with Tiana.

  8. The Manchild just posted a hate vi-, I mean “movie review” of the AVGN movie. Seeing as I refuse to give that awful, awful man any views, who will be the brave adventurer to watch it.
    BTW the image page just sums up my views of the man.

    1. I saw it, and it was terrible. He starts with reading the comments who wants him to review the AVGN movie. Then, he talks about with the history of the making of the movie by bringing up the Indiegogo campaign and how the fans paid 15 dollars to see a trailer of the movie (you know, the trailer that was shown in Screwattack’s Film Festival, in which you have to pay 15 dollars for a ticket, that both me and Kiki pointed out). Then, he said that the review was going to be biased, unlike his detractors and the gaming media (Well, of course it was going to be biased. You hate James’s guts). Then, he “reviewed” the movie (It was hardly a review. I didn’t felt like I was satisfied with it because I wasn’t properly informed about it. It was like on par with some user reviews on Metacritic in video form). Also, Asa sounded like he was insulting warcorpse666 and other AVGN fans.

      This is the same guy who reviews other reviewers, and he can’t do a proper review.

      1. I really want to see Asa review his new idol the Irate Gamer again, so we can see more reasons on why he suddenly worships him out of nowhare after years of bashing on him.

        I mean yes, the Cheetamen 2 kickstarter was a ripoff but for crying out loud James was lured into cameoimg in the video! I’m surprised Asa also doesn’t pick on Pat the NES Punk who cameoed in the video as well.

      2. @Justin
        The reason he doesn’t target Pat and the Game Chaser is because there not as popular as AVGN, even though those guys are just as guilty.
        The more popular the person is, the more people and views you’ll get.

  9. So this is where he first started using “Wolvie”:

    The irony is that this is exactly what Eric’s trying to do right now.

  10. It’s been quite for the past few days, so might as well add some new spice.

    It’s ‘almost’ like Eric has an unhealthy aversion to non-positive comments from other people.

    And here’s for more self-absorbed, delusional “I support free thinking” diarrhea from DCE and good ol’ PrinceOfMoose.


    1. feel sorry for that guy in the second picture but technically it is wrong to call someone out just based on their past work. You DO still have to connect the present work to the past work. There’s a reason why I didn’t dismiss Asalieri’s involvement right off the bat as bad. Still though, I’m surprised that most people just don’t care enough about gamergate to remind Asalieri that he has a commitment to stop throwing Zoe quinn into the debate and stop using unproven information (i.e don’t throw the word slut, we honestly don’t know how promiscuous Zoe Quinn actually is).

      Here’s hoping for the gamergate crowd that Asalieri doesn’t get spotlighted by the media and screws everyone over.

      1. Actually on further review what he wrote does not succumb to the Ad hominem fallacy. Quote dictionary: ” which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant fact about the author of or the person presenting the claim or argument”

        Eric being a censorship happy attitude, bare bone’s researching skills and constant need to be sensationalist is INDEED relevant to the question of whether or not his work in this field can be considered helpful to the pro-gamergate crowd.

        You wouldn’t trust a serial killer to be your doctor or surgeon why would you trust slacktivist Eric to handle this issue with any real care?

  11. Eric wants to make more obnoxiously high-pitched and poorly edited songs, in order to appease the new “proud gamer” fanbois he gained from the Anita song video.

    I’ll give him a bit of credit for finding a new squirrel that doesn’t revolve around viciously hurting people, but I’m sure that won’t last long. After all, everything he touches turns into shit. I’ve lost count of the numerous failed projects he pulled out of his ass over the years, such as “internet nobody news.”

    1. He’s gonna get bored once he’s run out of synonyms for “promiscuous” and “slut”. Though I don’t understand why Eric thinks this will work. The gamergate crowd is operating mostly on twitter, escapist and know your meme. They’re not quite watching many youtube videos. Oh well at least he’s not harassing someone who doesn’t deserve it for a change.

  12. There’s something strange happening on Eric’s channel, his “How An Argentine Celebrates A Goal” now has 268,878 views and several other of his videos are getting 10,000+ views. His subscriber count has gone over 7,000 as well. Seems a bit odd.

    1. Anyone wanna take bets on the following:

      1. Eric used a bot. After all he keeps talking about them, its not much of a stretch for him to have researched one and used it

      2. Youtube has imploded because reasons.

      3. Some 200k people are randomly clicking on videos because they thought it would be good. It wasn’t.

  13. I’ll react what I said earlier. Eric has already returned to his old, dreadful habit of highlighing his arrested development via “parodies”

      1. god fucking dammit youtube, why you keep being retarded when people want to embedd videos.

        but oddly enough, i am listening to one of the videos from Jonathan man and unsuprisingly, he is actually decent, what a shock.

        so i guess all the hate the guy got in his parody is just because of either the monster or Tumblrians, lets watch the original shall we?

        i got the feeling is gonna the incident with Sour Aplle again.

  14. Actually, toward the conclusion of the original video, it seems to deliver mixed messages, and i cant figure out what is trying to say?

    isnt the original video of that women rebutting those claims of the pseudo feminist and the SJWs anyway?

    1. UH he’s anti-gamergate! He’s saying CH somers didn’t do her research. Unfortunately for him, she did and she way more credible and educated in her field than that moron or anyone else who is anti-gamergate is.

      As for why Asalieri got all the hate for picking on this guy for being an idiot. Probably has to do with the terrible song Eric made and his lack of guitar skills. Dick Dastardly is just literally flowing from Eric. Good cause, not enough thought or talent to realize that communicating criticism in song when you clearly can’t sing will backfire. Geez if this is what happens when Eric tries to critique a stupid yes man what’s gonna happen when he critiques a blathering idiot? How could you possibly throw your own advantage into the fire so often and so consistently?

      1. Well, turns out that i was wrong, the guy who make the parody is actually in the wrong side of things, such a waste of talent.

        But Asa definitely doesn’t not make himself look better in the end with his attempt at “owning” him.

        I was just afraid this might have resulted again in the incident that happened to Sour Apple, speaking of which, he actually had returned to youtube as “Jambareeque Reviews” and he has gotten a lot better with his reviews, the ones i watched were:

        – Looney Tunes Back in Action
        – Cool World
        – Fievel goes West
        – Hey Arnold the movie
        – Beavis & Butthead do America

        He is pretty good, what do you think?

      2. I know we have differing views on GamerGate, but I do love how Eric is single-handingly killing off what little momentum he gained from that Anita song. Won’t take long until he starts projective his defeciencies on immaginary “haters and trolls,” and possibly wish death upon them.

      3. @Kiki
        Don’t really know what to think. I don’t really know the guy and it’ll take a me a while to form an opinion on him mostly because I don’t have time to watch any videos for quite some time.

  15. Differing views? what you think the gamers are wrong? There’s a lot of evidence against those journalists.

    As for Eric’s stuff, I mean seriously? Why would you do that? If you don’t have an actual song written then why do it in song? Its even worse because Eric always has the volume set to high so anyone listening at a decent volume is gonna blow their ear drums!

    1. It’s not so much that I think they’re wrong, but I always hated the idea of “gamers” behaving as if they are their own distinct, priviledged class. Playing games is not a special talent, and I don’t see why anyone would mindlessly brag about being a “proud gamer.” Either way, my opinion is hardly limited to #GamerGate.

  16. To further expand on what I said about GamerGate, the bandwagon was fabricated to be used and exploited by Eric Gaede and other people of his nauseating kin, as perfectly shown by this pic. I personally find it moot to complain about Eric “hijacking” GG, because the movement has always been a farce right from the start, and it serves no real purpose other than to boost the profile of the self-serving pseudo intellectual freakshows that infest the Youtube ranting/reviewing community.

  17. Well for starters, there’s no reason why the media would post 20+ articles saying all gamers are dead because of gamer gate unless there was in fact collusion going on. There’s also the real evidence of a real exclusive email group (which shows that the reporters were colluding to control narratives and prevent coverage of important details). Go take a look yourself, the escapist has a large forum thread here:


    Or several articles written by Milo, just about the only journalist doing any real digging.



    There are very real email dumps that Milo has been releasing and there’s also the antics of those being critiqued themselves. If you were truly innocent, then why would you constantly feel the need to yell “I’m totally the victim here time and time again” like Eric Gaede would do? Stuff like faking your own doxxing to faking a bomb threat. This all real concrete evidence that something is wrong with the gaming media. If you can’t see this then there’s nothing I can show you to make you see the other way around. If you like seeing articles with such thrilling content like “if you kill a girl gamer’s avatar in a video gamer, is it rape?” or “girl character has boobs, clear misogyny” and don’t see that as an attempt to politicize and utterly cramp their own egotistic thoughts down their throat then what the hell are you doing trying to critique Eric?

    Gamergate started when Adam Baldwin tweeted a message using #gamergate. This is not a movement created by “intellectuals” who want to seem smarter than other people, because those people already had that, it was in the form of SJW feminism. The Anti-Gamergate side has done more doxxing and outright harassment than the pro-gamergate side has.


    I can understand that you don’t like (or don’t know of for people who aren’t Eric or Internet aristocrat) Eric Gaede or any of the other major people involved in pro-gamergate but that doesn’t mean you can just say their out to satisfy their own egos and earn fame. In Eric’s case this is probably the case, but we need hard evidence and so far we only have hard evidence against Eric.

    TL:DR go visit know your meme’s article on gamergate and browse around for a few hours, you’ll find there’s a lot of info you missed about gamergate. I’m not saying you’re stupid or anything since this is hard issue to support because all mainstream media has just literally enacted censorship on the issue. Kind of hard to read anything pro-gamergate when the media’s aristocracy is at stake and they will do anything to hide that fact. Just take the sign that the media is literally refusing to put out a single sane or even accurate description of gamergate’s goals as a sign that they’re scared of the logical consequences of jumping the slippery slope. It also doesn’t help that the corruption was so big it literally had over 160+ members only a small fraction of which weren’t okay with lying and running a corrupt monopoly on information.

    1. I’d be careful using breitbart.com as a source. Granted it’s their European branch, but this is the same site that contributed to ACORN be de-funded by the government by editing footage to make it look like they were aiding a prostitution operation and got a federal official fired by once again editing footage to make her appear that she was racist against white people.

      1. Well the information checks out… for now at least. I am aware that Breitbart is highly controversial for being right-wing and sensational. It’s delightfully ironic that they’re the ones putting the screws to the rather sensational (but left-wing… if you care about such details) gaming journalists.

        Its important to keep track of their reputation but far more important to watch their actions. Speaking of which, according to twitter feeds Milo has engaged in slut-shaming against pro/anti-gamergate (she is very flip floppy) Liana-K for the second time.

      2. I’ve seen sensationalism in left-wing sources quite a number of times, but they almost never get flak for it. I wonder why?

  18. Left-wing sensationalism in the gaming media? The collusion aspect shows that off. The left-wing media trying to be stupidly progressive? I”m sure they get a lot of flak just nothing as strong because the best way to describe someone being overly idealistic and optimistic is naive… and for some reason people don’t think naive counts for anything these days. In addition the word communist is also used… but it also doesn’t have that much of a sting as totalitarian or Facist. I believe part of the reason is that left-wing culture is more likely to engage is populism, which is essentially bribery to get support. Poor people are unlikely to marginalize themselves further by being right wing, I’m pretty sure most would want power that the left-wing would (hopefully) give them.

    Also most of the bile is thrown at Obama for his crazy (but hopefully successful) idea of making the healthcare sector more accessible.

    Sidenote: I’m not that engaged in politics. So I apologize if I haven’t represented left or right-wing thought properly.

  19. So…. Bores posted a 39-minute video on his channel that’s basically a giant whining session about how he’s better than everyone else and attempts to demonize James. Wow.

    1. Still trying to make himself relevant again and trying to get any attention left by attacking AVGN and saying the other guys are losers.
      This is DSP levels of pathetic, plus I wonder if Eric set him up to do this.

  20. prepare for evil being spewed…..

    Bores : I am i doing wight friend Isaleeree?

    James Thompseth : I don’t care (translation: i am OK with this, he is awesome!)

    Archfiend: Fuck you Haters.

    Asalieri : Laughs in Satanical cackling glee

    1. While I will agree that Mike Matei is an asshole and deserves the worst of it, IG plugging Asalieri like that ruined the entire video for me.

    1. The irate gamer’s 40 minute video! I don’t exactly have the time and I’ll be working on a project for my boss the next 2 weeks or so. But unless something Asalieri does is really worth covering more than this (all I’ve seen so far from Eric are some misrepresentations of Zoe quinn aka “literally who” if you’ve been following gamergate. It’s bad but it’s not noteworthy because Zoe Quinn bashing has run its course already), I guess I’ll probably do it.

      1. Cmon Laser, just because is long desnt mean it shoud be left unanswered (maybe that´s why he did it that long, maybe he really excpects to get away, specially since this seems likely a scheme from Archypocrite and Eric).

        This is just as vile as the E-Begging ¨Spoof¨¨.

      2. Sorry I can’t exactly quit my job either. Either way I’ve noticed that batdan is also writing a recap on the interview so here’s hoping he gets it done before I have the time to.

      1. Please don’t give up, man, 😛

        just recently i may fear that BenevolentDick had may been fallen into the scheme

        Take your time with calm my friend.

  21. Alright so good news. Apparently those hundreds documents I got to process were actually supposed to be divided amongst my other co-workers but the memo wasn’t actually given with the papers. This means I’ve done more work than I supposed to so I get some time off (they don’t want to pay premiums/piss of the union). I’ll start writing the article but there’s still a good chance it’ll be incomplete (aka password locked) for a week or so. Alright so I’ll be cover Irate Gamer’s latest “I swear I’m innocent” video and “Asalieri does gamergate”. It’ll be a double feature. Anything else you guys need me to cover?

    1. That sounds about good. After all, I’d hate to see you overload yourself with work when you’re on break. Though I will be looking forward to your view on IG’s “pity me” video. I like seeing multiple opinions on different things.

    2. for starters, you can also use BatDan’s owns for reference, and mention how people are gullible t believe Chris side of the story, despite him not showing evidence of his claims that “James demanded crap”.

      also mention what bores said about’s carmical suicide if you think is ok, the e-beggin spoof and how it just so happens that what bores said, (including his follow up to that) is the same “truth” that asalieri claimed and said in his videos, and how Bores became buddies afterwards.

      1. Which reminds me, is it alright for me to post a pastebin on what ladybuggin666’s “grand dragon” friend Krataskull said about Justin? All I could say is, it’s not pretty nice.

    3. Okay upon further review of the Eric’s stuff on gamergate. Well its the same mistakes he made here. So I’m deciding on not covering it because I’ll just be making the same statements again. Anyone really want me to cover his videos?

  22. hmmm not sure. I don’t want this site getting views or being known for talking about Justin (I mean seriously that’s like clickbait levels of bullshit). On the otherhand if it really important than it can’t be helped. I’m sure one mention or two wouldn’t cause a problem.

    1. OK, here’s the link to what Krataskull said:


      The reason I brought this up is because I’m not too sure if buggin is aware that Krataskull is posting these bigoted comments. Either way, if I were Bores or buggin, I won’t be associated with this person whether if this is trolling or not.

      1. Do you have a screencap of that? I can’t use that because its a copy-paste, there’s no reliability from a copy-paste unless the source is easily found… and its not. That said if you do, I’m DEFINITELY including that in the article.

        Remember folks the password is yaba and I’m starting as soon as I get those work breaks.

  23. Here’s a screencap of it:


    But then I noticed that it was written by “Guest”. Which could mean that someone might just say that someone else made the pastebin to make Krataskull look bad. I wish I could screencap the one he said on AngryJoe’s tribute vid, but it looks like Joe deleted the comment.

      1. “jdupkoskiFebruary 6, 2014 at 8:07 AM

        I just saw this post from one of Bores friends, Krataskull, on the AngryJoe JewWario tribute video:

        1 day ago

        I’m glad this motherfucker is dead.

        Not even sure what to say to that.”

        A shame this counts as a tertiary source at worst or a secondary source at best. Perhaps we could ask jdupkoski if he had screen-capped it?

  24. I don’t really see why Irate Gamer basically “opening up” is a good thing. Especially since he basically just confessed that he was earning profit (ad-revenue and DVD sales) off lifted/plagiarized content for years, anyone with half a brain cell should realize that is fucking illegal and there’s no justifying it.

  25. I think I might have it screen capped, but don’t really know for sure. I can check and see and get back to you when I find out.

  26. Nevermind the worthless video in itself, just read the description for it.

    “This guy in addition to boring rambling, also hates America. If that doesn’t make your red white and blue blood boil, I have no idea what will.”

    Asalieri decides to be a partiot all of a sudden, huh.

    Despite the fact he continues to defend his commie piece of shit of a father.

    Despite the fact he doesn’t even try to hide his contempt for the constitution, as his neo-facist and anti-law enforcement ways clearly demonstrate.

    Eric’s very existence is a sick joke at America’s expense.

    1. Joey? As in joeysixonesix? The guy who tried to take down Encyclopedia Dramatica because of the article on Asalieri? Also, I checked MionWalker’s channel, and there was only ONE video that was a review, and it was the one Asa was talking about. Also, when Asa was trying to make him look like some anti-American by showing the clip of Mion listing the problems America has, a lot of Americans do have complaints about what Mion was talking about. Was Asa trying to act like some Fox News correspondent? Also, I call bullshit on what Mion said about English being an easy language to learn. It’s a known fact that it’s not.

  27. uh hey guys… I’m hearing something right now about someone advocating cenorship on the irategamersucks blog just because they’re offended. Is this true? I’m also hearing that the results of my work was taken by batdan and I wasn’t cited or given credit…

    1. Well, Batdan does not want anymore discussion of gamergate in his blog due to people getting into fights, but most importantlyof the threath of that creephead who wants to shoot a school because of Anita being there for a presentation.

      If anything i think this extremist people who are on the gamergate side, are actually trying to destroy the movement by giving it a bad name, kinda like the episode in south park when the KKK decides to be in favour of the flag change just so that people would not want to be associated with the other side.

      Kind of think a bit, this pretty much describes Asalieri joining the pro-gamergate side of the debate.

      1. How exactly does censorship of the issue and not discussing it because of what an extremist did going to set the precedent that extremism isn’t okay? Anita Sarkeesian has been caught faking quite a of a death threats and its telling that she went to the game awards knowing there was a bomb threat. She doesn’t take the threats seriously and is doing it to paint gamergate with a brush. The guy didn’t even claim to be gamergate. She was getting death threats before gamergate, so I don’t see how this is any different. Heck a lot of people have gotten death threats because they’re so easy to send out. Either way I’ve been talking with Mr.Kill and while he says he’s too busy with work, he’s absolutely disgusted with being met with censorship for expressing unpopular statements on a blog that is about expressing an unpopular expression (While Irate Gamer may be hated, few people think a congregation is necessary and choose to just ignore him). Whether batdan knows this or not, this kind of action is what makes people give Irate Gamer “the benefit of the doubt” and lets him get away with his crimes. Batdan has standards to uphold and he didn’t do it.

        Also Mr.Kill informed me of this line in batdan’s article.
        “and of course you have the same IP address” – Batdan’s article on Irate Gamer’s video.

        So first he ignores my blog (which is okay because I was undercover at the time) then he refuses to even talk about it and now he’s taking the results of my work and not citing it? What the hell man?

        Oh well. I sure hope he realizes he’s really overstepped his bounds this time. Banning is for issues where an individual is shitposting. It’s not supposed to be when you don’t like hearing things that contradict your own feelings and beliefs.

    2. Plus bat-dan gave many warnings about taking the discussion outside due to people starting fights and going off-topic.

      But yeah, that reminds me something, Bigal2k6 said in his facebook that TGWTG can go fuck themselves because they are anti gamer gate (even tough its only Rap critic who make that remark about gamergate being compared to the KKK).

      I still reserve my opinion on the issue, mainly because unlike bigal, i try to be reasonable instead of me being wannabe puppet ammo for the “vultures”, i dont know what’s the stance of the whole of TGWTG.

      1. Yeah I agree, I don’t think its fair to write off an entire group just because one member expresses skepticism. It’s especially important to recognize the diversity of a movement before you paint a brush over it like that. I sure hope Rap Critic isn’t proud of labeling millions of people as bigots on par with a white supremest organization that lynched people. E

        ither way I’ll see if I can have sit-down talk with Mr.Kill after his midterms. I’ll also be getting more time to work on that article so we’ve essentially planned to share notes.

  28. Wow…I just lost total respect for BigAl. Yes, what the Rap Critic said about Gamer Gate is worse as the KKK was out of line. Hell! I believe most people that TGWTG said was out of line, but at least try to be more reasonable! Jeez, no wonder they are some people are trying to steer away from him! Face it, BigAl is becoming a puppet. I regret nothing…

    1. No, BigAl has always been a manipulative, mean-spirited freakshow. Granted, his viewerbase has thankfully evaporated, but I still view him as the poster boy for the tasteless joke that is the YT ranting community.

  29. @dynamite
    You might want to post that to gamergate on knowyourmeme. Those guys are looking for places to be able to debate without censorship. Also, given how no one felt like correcting micharion or batdan aside from MrKill, I think your debate section might be a bit empty.. Also isn’t micharion an author there?

  30. Update the on batdan plagiarism thing. He’s updated the article to give proper credit so that’s the end of that. Still though I’d suggest he’d be careful so as to not let something like that happen again.

    1. needless to say i am glad that was clarified.

      Here’s some new stuff on the article on Chris bores bullshit video when it gets completed

      Bigal mentions that there’s a screen-cap passed around about bores calling a fan “Go shove a Cactus up your ass”, and now bigal claims it was a fake, and “oh i feel so sorry, i could ruin his life, i feel bad for him”, because bigal made a video called irate gamer exposed.

      I am not sure if this series of videos are the one he’s talking about

      (the user uploaded some older videos from bigal)

      And as for the vlog itself, is basically a sugarcoated, I am sorry Chris bores over the past!

      and he doesn’t even bother to mention any flukes or any errors of the “points” that bores spewed!.

      I even commented on his video, which one of 2 things

      1.- Hell ignore it

      2.- Hell Delete it

      1. password locked right? the password is yaba

        its there to let you know that I haven’t had time to finish the article yet. Too much work and not enough time. I believe I’ve only gotten 4 minutes into the video.

  31. DCE is big into pseudo-hentai stuff at Devianart, it seems. Not a big deal, perhaps, but it’s a rather amusing detail nontheless, if not a sad one, especially when you consider that he’s a unemployed 29-year old creep who spends his time being a divisive, contrarian nerd on the internet.

    1. I’d only consider this important if he spent a lot more time shaming people like Chris Bores does “for not getting laid”. As it stands, I think he’s only done that like 1 or 2 times?

  32. i………still have no say on this, but Joe and people who don’t think highly of gamergate think is the harassment of women what’s the problem.

    the issue is that, if i am allowed to say this, you know there’s gonna be people who are using the pro-gamergate side of the debate to indeed harass women, specially when we have people like RandomDCE and Asalieri going for the sex implications and DCE’s hostile attitude.

    If its ok to suggest……….

    Would it help if we approach the anti gamergate side and try to educate them, specially about the corruption of the media, and how the terrible people on the pro side aren’t worth to take into a count and they shouldn’t represent the majority?.

    1. While it possible for people who hate women to use Gamergate as a banner for their actions, that’s more of an issue on the fact that gamergate has no membership requirements. Literally anyone can be pro-gamergate. Gamergate has actors, reporters, developers, reviewers, minorities, women, mens right’s activists, feminists and just about everyone who doesn’t want to put up with misrepresentation and bullshit. They’re a consumer revolt and if a consumer is a sexist asshole and then that one gamergater is a sexist asshole. The big question to be asked is if gamergaters on average are against misogyny and harassment and do they work together to condemn the harassment that those that claim to be of their banner commit?

      Given what I have seen and the easy experiment of posting “I’m a gamergater and I hate women #gamergate” on twitter and seeing what other gamergaters think of you; the answer is an astounding yes. The gamergate side despite not having a head leader, is organized enough to quell the innate asshole that their anonymous ranks would generate (an unprecedented miracle it seems).

      As for educating anti-gamergaters. I don’t think its necessary. Most of them just read biased media coverage and don’t bother with things like information literacy (you think I wrote that article on it for fun? Its important now isn’t it?). It’s common fact that guilt by association is not acceptable and its basic law that this is not the case either. I guess you could but it would hard to do that without coming off as some sort of apologist trying to downplay wrongdoings (even if it realistically is small).

  33. hilariously enough, the current rumors are *NOTE: RUMORS*, Angry Joe’s stint as an anti-GG has ended after several anti-gamergate trolls decided to harass him. Who knows what will happen now.

  34. sigh……………..

    You know, i really didnt gave a shit about Hagan or Todd to begin with, but i used to enjoy Lindsey………….

    Fuck those three

    Kudos LordKat, god bless you.

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